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Date Posted:04/15/2018 09:32:32Copy HTML

I was watching some sort of documentary about the Gay movement and all the things that have happened in the acceptance of gays in the USA in the last decade or so.  In one part, they showed "Gay Pride" parades and other events from across the country.  While I had seen such TV footage before, I was overwhelmed by the images after watching so many events at once.

One thing that comes up on this Message Board is that some people (both thongers and non-thongers) think thongs and other minimal clothing is "gay" and this is the root of some of the resistance to wear such clothing in public places, or to accept men who dress this way.  Generally speaking, those who post on this message board insist that thongs and other minimal clothing are not gay, a fact I do agree with.  However, as I watched this consolidated news report, I realized that many -- especially those in the straight community -- have only these gay pride events to guide them about how gay men act.  These events, usually scheduled in the summer, often show participants in thongs, extremely short cut-offs and other minimal dress.  Sometimes they even show men parading around in the buff.  Can we blame a person who sees these news items and shows from thinking that gay men prefer to dress this way?  These  straight people often do not realize that they probably encounter gay men every day and don't know it, and these men rarely dress in such skimpy cloths outside an organized gay event.

I never thought about it before, but having these gay pride events streamed into our houses, probably has done more to establish or maintain the gay men wear thongs" message than most anything else.  People watching do not think about the similarities between these gay pride events and the spring break events that often include women in wet t-shirts, showing their tits, etc.  Most of these women, like most of the gays in the parades do not act this way normally but only do it as part of the excitement of the situation or because others are dressing similarly in the gay pride events.

John Howard #1

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:04/15/2018 10:43:14Copy HTML

 I agree Mary there is a perception that thongs are gay and this is stressed by the images we see in TV whenever the gay pride festivals take place.
In this time and age, at least here Down Under, that doesn't seem to bother many, let alone myself to be mistaken by a gay guy.
However I noticed something interesting;  many gay men detest the idea of wearing thongs, even speedos.  I could confirm it last year when a close friend of mine who I've know since my youthful days, came over from overseas for a holiday.  He lives half year in Germany and the other half of the year in Brazil;  he is gay and he is into bodybuilding like me.   I follow him in Instagram, and all his photos on different beaches of the world show him wearing board shorts.   I thought he could be shy and decided to wear shorts not to upset some of his conservative friends in South America.  
I took him to my gym and we had a workout and after  that a shower;   to my surprise he had the sharpest board short tan line I've seen in  a long time. I didn't mention anything, he didn't mention anything to me either and I'm sure he spotted my thong tan line.  So ironically, my gay mate wears board shorts, doesn't shave (let alone wax his chest), and wears only a necklace as jewelry.    Me the straight guy, a thong tan line, ear stud, nipple pearcing, fully waxed and c*ring.     
In my opinion, a lot of gay guys are very fashion conscious.    I don't think it is fear of being labelled gay;  they are proudly gay and they show it in any photo they share.   But for them for some reason, thongs are a fashion from the past.   Also noticed his attire,  shoes, pants, all styles that are very trendy.      And I forgot,  while I was wearing compression pants and top working out, he was wearing a t-shirt and shorts,  (expensive brands though).
Yep, thongs = gay  are definitely a strong stereotype that would probably prevail.     I like to intrigue people's perception, and don't mind if they conclude I could be gay.    Last time I engaged into a conversation with a young lady wearing also a thong at the beach showers, I called her 'sis' as we both were wearing red thongs;  she asked me if I was a stripper....  (that's another stereotype of men wearing thongs)
J_R_365 #2

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:04/15/2018 07:37:59Copy HTML

 John Howard, that is really true. My beach is pretty much a Gay beach. The large crowd that mainly comes to socialize is so fashion-conscious, everyone wears the exact same style for like three weeks, then something different. Never thongs, though. Last year, tight, racer-style trunks were popular for quite a while, I hope board shorts continue to wane.

The thongers and minimalists are pretty much their own group - both straight and gay, mostly (but not exclusively) male, and just about all over 35 years.

The Pride Parade in Chicago has really cut down on the cheesy/trashy floats, but it's still great fun. I think they're trying to tone it down due to complaints about drunk partyers in previous years.
Grabeach #3

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:04/15/2018 08:35:25Copy HTML

As far as I know, Australia has only one gay pride type of event, that being the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. This is a large and very publicised event that has been running for 40 years.

While outlandish attire for this event is very much the thing, very few believe that gays normally dress in this manner. While we were behind the USA in legalising same sex marriage (rather ironic because one of the biggest opponents to SSM in Australia was US media magnate Rupert Murdoch), we seem to be well ahead in general acceptance. It just isn't an issue any more.
ChaddiusRex #4

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:04/16/2018 10:10:42Copy HTML

I think this is borders homophobia in general, not just exclusive to thongs.  If gay pride is the epitome of being genuine and free, a homophobe might try to add is misconception that gays attribute to me wearing thongs to say " that this different group people should not be free.  When they are free they create debauchery".  Social strife by the oppressor! I think it all stems from weak insecurities and ignorance to their lack of masculinity.
bmicro #5

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:04/16/2018 12:39:34Copy HTML

 We just had the gay pride parade here in South Beach. A wonderful, fun event. Most of the groups were promoting their support (e.g. politicians), providing a venue for the gay members of their organizations to celebrate (universities, banks, food chains, etc.) or services to the LBGTQ community. There were a good number of floats that were wonderfully outrageous! Any reasonable person viewing this parade would come away with the idea that the LBGTQ community was solidly embedded in the community and was celebrating the fact that they didn't have to be "in the closet" anymore. On a swimwear note, there were very few thongs on display in the parade. John Howard is correct, films like The Birdcage aside, there is no more (perhaps even less) prevalence of thongs in the gay section of the beach than anywhere else. Who gives a s**t whether some random homophobe thinks you are gay or not anyway?
NE_OH_thonger #6

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:04/16/2018 05:39:45Copy HTML

 Thank you, bmicro! This topic seems to come up every year, or more often. Oddly, they are rarely, if ever, started by someone who is actually a member of the LGBTQ community. I am certain that it isn't your intention, but after a while of reading these over and over, they start to sound like, "The Gays are ruining wearing speedos and thongs for the rest of us."
If one has been to a Gay Pride event, you'll likely see twenty-five people in polos and khaki shorts for every guy in a speedo. Most years, I have not seen a single person in a thong (excluding myself). Yes, a lot of attention goes to the guys in speedos and thongs, the people in leather, the topless women, the drag performers, etc. We're the people who stand out. The homophobes point us out like circus freaks, and use us in their arguments against LGBTQ rights. But if one looks back at our history, most of the progress was not made by men and women in suits, but by men in dresses and women in leather on motorcycles. That is why we are where we are today, and why there are those guys in speedos, people in leather, topless women, and drag performers marching down the street along with the people in their polo shirts and khaki shorts. These are our heroes, because they are the people who by being themselves, made it possible for everyone in the LGBTQ community to be ourselves too.
Do forgive me for ranting. I just wanted to provide my feelings to this thread, as I feel like that part of the story has been glossed over
Cloydene #7

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:04/16/2018 08:29:29Copy HTML

 Fortunately, most guys who enjoy minimal swim attire today do not care what people think in regards to their sexual orientation based on what they are wearing. Men's G-strings and thongs are marketed toward gay men, but anyone can buy and wear them. 
RapidBlue #8

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:04/16/2018 08:44:56Copy HTML

 Very well said bmicro and NE_OH_thonger! I agree completely.
Mary0826 #9

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:04/19/2018 06:44:03Copy HTML

 I am sorry if I offended anyone with this thread.  I thought I would make an observation about why some (usually straight) people might find thongs and other outfits to be homophobic.  I support the LGBTQ community, but am not in this group.  I am not scared of them (like some homophobic people are).  With regards to thongs and gay-pride parades, I am basing this on what I have seen personally, and how I think some people who live a sheltered life might view such events.  Sorry, but I have not been to a gay pride parade in person, although I now think I should.  My experiences are based on what comes through the TV set.  I do not believe everything is reported accurately on TV, and see so many cases of bending the truth or trying to enforce a political standpoint.  My experience with gay pride parades has been the post-parade news reports.  Inevitably, they show these on the local TV stations, and while they do show that some of the people seem very happy to be there, they also focus on the thongs and other dress that some find objectionable.  Such dress may be in the minority, but some TV outlets make them seem to be the focus of what the Gay lifestyle is all about.  They usually go to the extreme of having the thongers appear with those pixilated squares or blurry areas covering their butt-cracks or naked breasts.  These in themselves imply something is "wrong" when they use them.  They also every couple of years find some old foggy council member or minister who puts down the whole parade and "wonders" why the city even lets them have such a decadent observance in their community.  What is said and where I was trying to go with this post was that people who live shallow lives and live their entire lives with only the portals into societies of TV and Radio talk shows are likely to confuse thong wearers as being gay, and even worse, that being gay is always bad for society.  I believe that homophobia, like many personal feelings, are often based on the opinions of others and the lack of the person carrying these feelings from becoming more opened to different ideas and thought processes.  I fully intend to check out an actual gay pride parade in person.  I believe I have no anti-gay feelings, but want to learn more about the movement than what I know now, and this seems like a good way to learn more.

Martylouie #10

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:04/19/2018 03:01:01Copy HTML

 Hmmm, TV sensationalizing what some folks may think of as scandalous attire on LBGTQ people, I’d bet the station is owned by Sinclair. 
Grabeach #11

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:04/19/2018 09:33:37Copy HTML

Mary; No need to apologise. I don't see how you could have offended anyone. You have simply commented on how people may interpret media coverage of gay pride events.  From what I've read on this board, I would think your observation is correct for many (most?) parts of the USA.

If anyone was offended, I'd suggest it would be because we have lost sight of the fact that how we view ourselves may not be how others view us.
NE_OH_thonger #12

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:04/19/2018 10:01:11Copy HTML

I understand where you're coming from, Mary0826. No, the usual coverage of Gay Pride events tends to be about 30-60 seconds on the evening news, with video edited to attract attention and/or create controversy. Relatively few outlets, outside the major cities, will show the whole parade live and as close to unedited as the FCC allows. In response to that, some Prides are making themselves "family-friendly", trying to cut down or prohibit outright the guys in swimsuits and underwear, and topless women. Cleveland has taken that route. I can't really blame them, though I much prefer the more open Pride events like in Columbus. I'm glad to hear that you want to learn more about the LGBTQ community, and I hope you get the opportunity to visit a Pride event.
RapidBlue #13

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:04/20/2018 12:47:00Copy HTML

 If anyone has not been to a pride pride parade, I encourage you to attend one. They are a fabulous event. While the video on TV may be skewed the real parade is much more lively, uplifting and humanizing.  Having been to several parades in multiple cities I can say that my experience has been one of seeing a select number of people in thongs/topfree, while most are in either great costumes or in Street clothing. Honestly it doesn’t matter what your orientation is. Every parade I have been to has been open and accepting of all.
John Howard #14

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:04/20/2018 12:51:09Copy HTML

 I believe you just summarised it in 2 words: create controversy.
More than the issue of regarding a thong as gay or straight, the people in charge of the broadcasting of the event intend to create controversy.   And blurring a pair of glutes which are the continuation of the hamstring,  also helps.
J_R_365 #15

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:04/20/2018 01:43:20Copy HTML

 TV likes to tart things up because people watch it. Monty Python had a skit about this where a man is presenting a documentary about Mollusks. The couple watching threatens to turn it off, so the presenter starts describing the lurid sex life of clams. He stops to ask if that's better, to which the couple reply, "Disgusting! But much more interesting!"
Endo_Rowe #16

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:04/24/2018 04:34:38Copy HTML

 I am a gay man and I have to agree. Two years ago, when I was still in the closet, I had an argument with my dad after he went on some rant about gay men  wanting to prance around the street half-naked and promote promiscuity. I was disgusted by his comments, but at the same time, he lives a sheltered life and what he sees on TV dramatically shapes his view of reality.

Truth be told, nearly all of the gay men I know wouldn't be caught dead in anything that doesn't extend to at least mid-thigh. They were even a little shocked when I busted out a bikini brief on a recent vacation.

Most participants in gay pride events dress much like everyone else.Unfortunately, "normal" isn't what sells. 
nospam_TN1 #17

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:06/21/2018 12:37:15Copy HTML

 At this point, if you made a Venn diagram of (1) gay people and (2) men who prefer to wear minimal swimwear (thongs, briefs, and g-strings), the area of overlap would be very small.  The LGBT movement has changed its priorities to focus primarily on marriage.  At this point, the two movements are completely decoupled.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #18

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:06/26/2018 03:26:47Copy HTML

 I went to the San Francisco Gay Pride parade yesterday.   It was unusually warm yesterday downtown SF.  There was the usual amount of skin showing in the parade.  When we left the grandstands and went to walk around the festival there were many women walking around in just a thong.  Lots of bare tops.  Also quite a few guys walking around naked as usual.  I was surprised by the number of people in just a thong.  It was a great day for people watching.  My date who used to live in SF but never went to a pride festival said it was a great show being in the crowd.   I've gone 4 times and this is the first time I have paid for grandstand seats.  Besides getting an unobstructed view of the parade the grandstands have their own toilets.  I think the $90 for the two seats were worth the price of having clean toilets.  You get your hand stamped at the grandstands so if you're walking around the festival you can always go back in to use the toilets.
elvis1977 #19

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:07/07/2018 11:46:03Copy HTML

 can a man and woman celebrate and watch pride wearing only a swimthong and flipflops a friend wants to know
curiousfun #20

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:07/08/2018 02:35:00Copy HTML

I consider all of you friends. Supporting gay pride is suporting other humans. Power to all people!!!!!!
Beached_Santa_Cruz #21

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:07/08/2018 03:11:21Copy HTML

 I would think that it would depend where you are.  SF a definite yes, Santa Cruz, maybe, San Jose probably not.
MNluvthongs #22

Re:Gay Pride Events Promote Sterotypes

Date Posted:07/09/2018 03:07:23Copy HTML

How strange it is that cities can allow no holds barred gay pride events with gay men marching down the street and doing other things in just jock straps and bondage outfits but thongs are not allowed on city beaches??
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