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Date Posted:06/02/2010 09:40:48Copy HTML

Chairman Mao once said something like "No revolution can succeed without the involvement of the young people".  The revolution we as thongers want to have happen -- making thong swimwear more acceptable and more common -- is probably no different.  Most young people today seem to be shy about thonging, but young men seem to be the most reluctant to participate.

A couple of times a year I am involved with getting a young man started in wearing thongs.  More often than not, I think that these young men eventually stop thonging.  Nikki and I are "over the hill" in many young men's minds.  Being in our thirties, they see us as too old, even if they often mistake us for younger women when they first see us.  It probably is because we don't follow the same celebrity gossip, listen to the same music, or see the same movies or TV shows.  Most young men today mostly do not think abstractly. can not make reasonable comments on politics other than "so and so says this", etc.  Maybe as they mature they will become more interesting to us, and we will be more interesting to them.  I know that besides the fact that Nikki and I spend much of our time at the beach wearing only a piece of cloth that wouldn't cover a pack of cigarettes, they probably wouldn't be interested in us either.

Randy and Mark have young men openly ask about thonging quite often. These guys seem itching to get into thongs.  Sometimes to try out the look.  Sometimes to impress their girl friends.  If offered a thong on the spot they often will take the plunge there and then, regardless of who may see them.  Once they wear the thong for a while, they like the feel.  These young men seem more worried about the "farmer's tan" from their board shorts than the fact their butt is showing.  Many of these men will try the thong look again a few times, but quickly abandon it because of peer pressure, unflattering comments from people they don't know, or the preception they have that some may mistake them for being gay.

Twin young men moved into our cul-de-sak about a year ago. They were into skate boarding and had their ramps set up on the side of the street almost immediately after moving in.  They had the skater look -- straight shoulder length hair, dark t-shirts and of course their almost constant use of marijana.  When they came by, the amount of smoke was almost like going to a Greatful Dead concert.  It didn't take long for them to learn about Nikki and Me or our young neighbors Barb and Dawn, or about how little we wore on hot summer days.  They spent a lot of time at our end of the cul-de-sak, especially hanging out with Dawn and Barb. 

The boys were identical twins, but the girls could somehow always tell them apart, but I certainly could not.  The boys shared their cloths and everything else.  They switched their affections back and forth between Barb and Dawn frequently, sometimes several times in one day.  Anyway, eventually there came a time when the boys started using our pool.  They had sort of justified the fact that Mark and Randy wore thongs (and that Randy often used the pool in the buff) since they though that we were all nudists.  They probably were not far from the mark.  If nothing else, Randy and Nikki certainly are exhabitionists. 

When Randy gave them thongs to use in the pool (they were using their knee length torn off skater shorts) they both accepted them but only one of them wore it that day, probabally due to the encouragement of Dawn and Barb.  With the steady encouragement from Barb and Dawn, he became comfortable in his thong.  A couple of days later, the second brother shed his shorts in favor of the thong he had been given. Their parents let us know that the boys were quite proud of the fact that they were wearing thongs swimming, but saw it as a move away from the doped out skater world they were into before.  They noticed a new interest in general body building and nutriton, the use of less dope, and of course an interest in swiming they had never had before.  They were even helping around the house!  Dan and Dave's parents attributed this to the almost daily swimming at our pool, and the sunshine they got, but Randy thought it was just because the boys were happy and did not feel they had to be constant rebels.

Eventually, the time came to go to the beach.  The boys went with Barb and Dawn and for a few times wore their skater shorts.  We met them there occationally, and they were flabergasted that Randy and Mark were able to thong the whole day without issues from either other beach goers or the rangers or cops who patrolled the beach area.  With a lot of encouragement from Barb and Dawn, and maybe some from each other, they eventually wore their thongs under their shorts and one day slid their shorts off when it was time to swim.  This was the first time they went swimming at the lake in their thongs, and they generally had a good time, good enough that they tried the look again the next time they went with the girls.

Now Barb and Dawn are as much into thonging as Nikki and I are.  Barb usually goes topfree, and Dawn sometimes joins her.  Both of the girls are comfortable wearing their smallest swimwear in front of so many people.  Around Barb and Dawn, the boys were confident and didn't mind exposing their buns to the world,   After a while they tried going it alone at the beach, but they were harassed by preceived and in some cases actual put downs by other beach goers -- something that didn't happen when they were with Barb and Dawn.  Soon they would only wear their thongs when the girls tagged along, and shortly after that, they stopped wearing them altogeher, even in the safety of our back yard pool.

What happened I think was that Dan and Dave were overwhelmed by the rush of thonging, and the doors they thought wearing thongs were opening for them.  Once this rush disappeared, they found themselves being put down by others, including those in their skater group.  They felt okay wearing thongs when they thought that the thongs helped them feel more associated with Barb and Dawn, who themselves wore thongs and sometimes went topfree, but once they realized that thongs were not required for there association with the females, they no longer had a reason to thong.

Had Barb and Dawn made thongs a requirement for the boys to lay out with them it may not have generated continued thong use.  Instead, they needed some type of training or mental reinforcement that wearing thongs could be "cool" within their age group and also those older.  They needed to keep their self respect, learn how to handle those who might object, and learn how to keep their thong confidence at a high level, even when surrounded by strangers. 

Can anyone tell about other young thongers, and how they kept thonging or stopped and what made them do so?

pkthong #1

Re:Getting Young Men Started in Thong Swimwear

Date Posted:06/06/2010 10:11:29Copy HTML

 Hey Traci,                  
As others have posted I really enjoy your posts, they are well thought out and articulated.

I do not know of young men who were encouraged in their thong wearing or not but I read an article in the LAS VAGAS REVIEW JORNAL the other day in the op/ed section regarding the trend of young urban males wearing "sagging pants".

The author stated that the trend started in prisons because men are not allowed to wear belts or drawstrings for fear of them being fashioned into weapons, so their pants tend to sag. Once these men are released into society they continue to sport the sag look and that it may signify sexual availability.

The opinion of the general public(myself included) is that the look is ridiculous and inappropriate. At least thongs and rio's worn at the beach or pool or other venue where swimwear is warranted cad be considered appropriate. 

He concludes the article by saying it is the opinion of the females in their peer groups that will ultimately affect the continuation of this trend. He says if the women condone this then the trend and "fashion" may never go away. If however they tell the males how ridiculous they look and that if they hear it from the majority of women they may stop.

In a way it is the converse of minimal swimwear for men. In other words minimal attire on men (in North America anyway) generally draws the ire of other men and women and ridicule as well which in turn prevents most guys from even trying to wear square cuts never mind anything smaller.

The article also mentions how the media glorify the "sag" either implicitly or explicitly. And if there is any opinion against such attire the proponent of that opinion is now called a racist or is insensitive to the styles of minorities.
Ex_Member #2

Re:Getting Young Men Started in Thong Swimwear

Date Posted:06/11/2010 01:45:38Copy HTML

When I was young in my teens by best friend and his parents got me started in minimal swimwear. Its funny if you see a few people doing something how much more normal it is.
I would go out to there cabin in the summers and they just always wore minimal swimwear thats how it was. It s interesting my thoughts at the time I thought it was really cool how nice everyone looked. They were a nice looking couple Bill and Alice  and my best  friend Ben was very use to wearing a swim bikini as standard atire. I would often see bill in the morning in a Gstring doing his mornin routine.   It just sank in to me that it was ok and we should love out bodies  and not be ashamed. So I then associated wearing minimal swimwear as being a normal.
She would wear a traditional thong or tanga bottom he would wear a bikini style swimsuit my best friend ben and i would wear our normal speedos. Then came the SKINZ catalog Ben a I were checking it out and ordered a few swim thongs smiles on our faces. When we showed them to Alice she blused and told us wea should try them on. We did she said we both look amazing we  were 17-18 at the time. So from then onS we would wear thongs as our lake cabin attire when tanning boating even tubing.

thongdk #3

Re:Getting Young Men Started in Thong Swimwear

Date Posted:06/11/2010 06:00:07Copy HTML

I'm 28 and have been wearing thongs since I was 21. But it is only recently that I have started to thong in public. Both in the local pool and on the beach. I have not had any negative comments yet, but if and when it happens it will probably affect me a lot. I really does take a lot of self-confidence to wear thongs as a young guy - to stand out from the crowd, especially on something so closely related to your bodylooks and sexuality, takes courage. The big thing for me would be to get my friends' acceptance and to be able to thong next to them on the beach. But last week I went to the beach with some friends and one of them wore a speedo. That led to several kind of negative comments. So what would happen if I wore a thong? At least it was cool that he chose to wear the speedo so maybe that is a sign, that it can be done.
stevias #4

Re:Getting Young Men Started in Thong Swimwear

Date Posted:08/10/2010 01:05:30Copy HTML

 Well i am 16 and i use thong sometimes, but never in public, cause of shame to be honest, i probably get courage and wear them always.
newtoexotic #5

Re:Getting Young Men Started in Thong Swimwear

Date Posted:10/13/2010 08:20:29Copy HTML

I would like to wear a thong in public but I can barely bring myself to wear my speedo in public, I guess it goes back the old school puritan america.  I would really like to gain the courage to do it but I am also afraid of have nagitive comments thrown my way and I am really concerned about what my g-friend will say about them.  She knows I wear them so that is no big deal I just don't want her to have to deal with it either.  I think it is just the stigma of it all I really wish that would change so those who want to can without worrying about what others think I have been wearing them since I was 16 as well speedos in public but never a thong yet :-(
zaam #6

Re:Getting Young Men Started in Thong Swimwear

Date Posted:10/14/2010 03:36:29Copy HTML

 Just do it.  I have been wearing thongs since the early 90's.  It is no big deal.  Just tell people to go to hell.
12 wheels #7

Re:Getting Young Men Started in Thong Swimwear

Date Posted:10/18/2010 03:36:04Copy HTML

Best thing I can tell you is to thong at beaches where there aren't too many people. My GF & I recently went to a sparsely-populated beach & had a nice stretch of beach to ourselves. The other option (if you can do it) is to wear your thongs somewhere where they're more accepted and where there are other people thonging - a friend's pool, a Caribbean resort or Miami's South Beach, for example. It might not guarantee that you'll never hear any negative comments - but it's certainly better than thonging at "mainstream" family/spring break/redneck beaches.

Don't let other people's negative comments discourage you from wearing thongs or Speedos - it's your life, and it's your choice to wear what you want. As you get older, you'll find that your friends' opinions and comments don't matter as much as they did in your younger days. Don't pass up an opportunity to do what YOU want to do. When I was in college I dated a girl who wanted me to wear a Speedo - but I was too self-conscious at the time. Today I prefer to wear Speedos and thongs, and wish I could go back in time and start wearing them when my college GF wanted me to wear one.

The other thing that bothers me about young peoples' "opinions" is that too often they're just echoing the herd mentality and are afraid of expressing their real feelings, out of fear of what others might say about them. For example, I know that there are plenty of young girls that actually like men in minimal swimwear, but are afraid of what their friends might say if their opinion is anything other than "Ewww, gross!".

Like zaam commented above - just tell people to go to hell
youusa #8

Re:Getting Young Men Started in Thong Swimwear

Date Posted:10/26/2010 02:04:23Copy HTML

tiggerix #9

Re:Getting Young Men Started in Thong Swimwear

Date Posted:02/19/2019 03:38:58Copy HTML

came across this website - interesting opinions from young guys in Netherlands: http://m.jonginborsele.nl/Forum/Ervaring/246462?onderwerp=43 Google Chrome will translate the page - just right click anywhere on a foreign language website.
JayByrd #10

Re:Getting Young Men Started in Thong Swimwear

Date Posted:02/20/2019 02:00:50Copy HTML

That link @tiggerix posted was from a conversation from May to September of 2017. I wonder if the basic attitude has changed since then.
Endo_Rowe #11

Re:Getting Young Men Started in Thong Swimwear

Date Posted:02/22/2019 10:15:13Copy HTML

I think it's a tough endeavor to be sure, at least in North America, mainly because of the insecurity we foster in young boys. If you were a kid in the early '80s or prior, think back to what your shorts looked like in summer. Nowadays, boys grow up with knee-length shorts, and showing any bit of thigh is taboo. Gym classes went from open showers to individual showers, and now to showers optional in many places. In youth sports like wrestling, we've seen singlets increasingly replaced by shorts and tshirts. These are just a few examples of how kids get the message that the body is a source of shame. We know that kids raised around nudity are generally more comfortable with nudity, so I feel it tends to be parents imposing their own insecurities than stemming from the kids themselves. So, unless you can change the habits and attitudes of the parents, the cycle will just continue, and the resulting young adults will face the same emotional challenges many of us faced when we dared to show more of our bodies.
Mary0826 #12

Re:Getting Young Men Started in Thong Swimwear

Date Posted:02/24/2019 10:10:38Copy HTML

I guess I am spoiled. When I went to school the guys still were wearing Speedos at swim classes. Today they still do -- both in the public and private schools. "Gym Shorts" are longer than they used to be, however, they are only about mid thigh length, not knee length. I have been told that showers are Mandatory and they still have the open type showers with many squirters on the walls in both the boys and girls locker room. Because of the fact that these teens are made to wear Speedos (the girls have conservative one-piece suits), and everyone has seen them wearing them, they are not that unusual on the beaches or private swimming holes. The guys don't mind wearing the Speedos in places where their friends are, and some -- maybe one in 20 will wear a Rio or even a thong -- again without anyone saying acceptable or not. Because we see teens in Speedos and some thongs all the time, it is more likely others, even older people, will wear them. What amazed me is that these young girls are very supportive of their teen guys who wear thongs. They give them positive comments like "I like your buns" or "cute suit". I have never heard a negative comment about a guy in a thong locally from the high-school set. These girls also seem more likely to hang out with a single school ages guy if he is wearing a thong by asking him to join them, etc. This is the same type behavior that men give to women. I also see that the girls mostly wear very cheeky swimwear, and again there are quite a few thongs. A few are comfortable enough to spend time at the beach topfree -- but I think the fact I never wear a top there might be what has influenced them. I do get some questions from these kids, but it usually is things like "is topless legal" or "where did you get your thong?" The guys also seem more likely to skinny dip, especially around sundown when there are few people left at the beach. I have only seen a few girls do this, but with the guys it seems incredibly natural as they slip out of their cloths and hit the water and sometime lay out on their towels on the sand to dry off.
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