<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:08/19/2018 06:43:33Copy HTML

I had been getting back to exercising and wearing gstring.  Wife mentioned the kids might see me wearing them, meaning she doesnt want the kids to see me wearing them .I told her it's just underwear.

I got my online order for some gstring today.  I was washing them and my wife saw me, not that I was trying to hide them.  I had been wearing in front of her recently.  Anyway.. She said they kinda lost thier charm.  I took it to mean she doesn't find them sexy anymore.  Kinda sad.  Anyway.. That's not going to stop me.  

Martylouie #1

Re:Getting back to thonging and gstring

Date Posted:08/19/2018 01:33:46Copy HTML

Not to be mean or anything, but maybe she meant that she doesn’t appreciate you in them? After being married for a awhile and having kids, the spark may be dampened. Does she wear thongs &g’s ? If so maybe a thong trip with just the two of you may be called for
nick12341234 #2

Re:Getting back to thonging and gstring

Date Posted:08/19/2018 02:25:34Copy HTML

She used to wear them but not often and that was before three kids. She wore them to work and when we get intimate cuz she knows I like to see her in them. Not sure if she said that to discourage me because of the kids. Of course she is also not able to get back her pre-kids weight. I feel she rather not have me wear them. The other day she mentioned.. "Whatever make you feel happy". I am envious of you guys with your significant other wanting to see you in thong/gstring!
Cloydene #3

Re:Getting back to thonging and gstring

Date Posted:08/20/2018 02:13:13Copy HTML

At least you have memories of the past with her. My wife always hated them for herself and me, but my housekeeper enjoys the space I create for more laundry since it doesn't take up much space! There is a real cool guy who currently on his Facebook page is sporting a thong being at a party having fun, Paul Terlecky. He's got a rockin' physique from intense gym time, and enjoys having sexy tan lines. Too bad being body proud and showing it is an exception today.
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