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Thongzo #51

Re:Girl discovered my thong...

Date Posted:01/31/2018 09:03:49Copy HTML

Have never had a bad reaction. Girls are either super excited and turned on or they're just kind of indifferent and don't care. Best reactions.....
1. One gal unzipped my pants and started laughing "I can't believe it!!" and then got really into it and kept going "mmm mmm mmm" as she played with the strap.....so I wore a thong the next time we were together and when it was finally on the floor and we were done, she picked it up, dangled it from her fingers and said "I love this underwear."

2. One girl noticed because she removed my pants and saw my thong tan line, ran her finger along it said "I love this tan line." 

3. Another unzipped my pants, felt the thin strap and said "You're not wearing much, are you?" and we just kept going like nothing happened. Later she asked about my underwear collection and so I would model for her every time we were together. She really got into it and was always interested to see what I was going to wear next. 
4. Finally one just stood back and looked and said "Wow! You look really hot in that!" and then reached forward to caress the bulge. 

If you wear it well and have the confidence and/or body to pull it off, it seems they really like what they see. You're definitely different than most boring guys!
NudeNArizona #52

Re:Girl discovered my thong...

Date Posted:02/01/2018 09:45:57Copy HTML

 When I was in my early 20's in the late 1980's I lived in a dormitory which had shared laundry for all residents, so one Sunday morning I got up and put my wash in a few washing machine prior to going for a run and when i got back from my run I stopped into the laundry room so I could put my wash in the dryer before going  and taking my shower.  But when I got back my laundry was not in the washer where i had left it.  So i checked a couple of the dryer's that were running and found my laundry already drying. So I go to my room and get undress and wrapped a towel around my waist and walked to the end of the hall to the showers.  After my shower I stopped by the laundry room to check the dryer and find my clothes folded sitting on top of the dryer in a neat pile and a girl waiting in the laundry room.  As I put my laundry in my basket she says "you are welcome" and I say thanks I didn't know who folded my clothes.  Then as I walked out of the laundry room she said "I like the tiny black G-string" i said thanks.  So I walk back to my room to get dressed. A few minutes later i hear a knock at my door and it's the girl from the laundry room and she's holding one of my G-strings and said "you forgot this"
Thongzo #53

Re:Girl discovered my thong...

Date Posted:02/01/2018 11:28:12Copy HTML

That's an awesome story, nude! Were there ever any interactions with this girl again?
In one of the first apartments I lived in the same thing happened to me, but I never came face to face with her person. I just went to get my laundry and it was all folded and ready to go, with my thongs and g-string sitting on top, also folded perfectly! 
NudeNArizona #54

Re:Girl discovered my thong...

Date Posted:02/02/2018 02:10:05Copy HTML

 Thongoz,  I did continue to see her around the building and every time I would see her she would smile and say "hello" Then a few weeks afterward i was walking thru the building and she and her friends were near the mailboxes when i stopped to get my mail and we started casually talking and they invited me to join them at the pool. As I was walking back to my room to get changed the girl from the laundry room said "remember i like the black one!" and none of her friends seemed to understand the comment. Until after I changed and went out to the pool and removed my shorts over my G-string exposing a very small black mesh G-string.
Thongzo #55

Re:Girl discovered my thong...

Date Posted:02/03/2018 08:45:24Copy HTML

So what happened next? Would love to know how they reacted to your mesh G!
JustAThonger #56

Re:Girl discovered my thong...

Date Posted:02/04/2018 05:23:18Copy HTML

 @NudeNArizona please, we need to know the full story.
CDNThongLover #57

Re:Girl discovered my thong...

Date Posted:02/04/2018 10:20:30Copy HTML

 My girlfriend (now my wife) found out that I wore thongs one morning after I got out of bed after having sex.  I too was nervous to wear a thong around her because I didn't know if she would like it or not.  I had a thong tan line at the time because I was using a tanning bed for a holiday to Jamaica that we were going on.  We had sex one morning and I got out of bed.  She new I had a tan line but hadn't yet seen the back.  She saw the thong outline on my ass and she was really surprised by it.  I stopped and was thinking "holy crap, here we go".  She asked me to come back to the bed so that she could see it better up close.  She checked it out very thoroughly and we had sex all over again!  She loved it!  It couldn't have gone better.  Thongs all the time now!
thonglife #58

Re:Girl discovered my thong...

Date Posted:02/05/2018 08:28:13Copy HTML

I started dating a new girl around this past Christmas time and quickly decided to let her in on my interest in wearing skimpy underwear. Initially, I just said I like briefer styles and would wear briefs or cheeky box cuts around her in the bedroom. Her reaction was very positive which was exciting for me. Now that we've been together a couple months, I decided to test the waters and started wearing thongs and g-strings knowing eventually she would notice. That didn't take long as she was undressing me in bed and discovered I was wearing a g-string. She smiled from ear to ear and said are you wearing a g-string? I asked what she thought and she said it was hot.

Since then she has been cool with my thongs and g-strings and even says she finds it sexy - that I have the body for them etc. She doesn't wear panties and doesn't even own any which is actually pretty fun. She isn't into wearing thongs but said she would wear a thong swimsuit for me.

I have dated a lot of women of all ages and never met a girl who was as supportive of men wearing skimpy clothing as she is. It's refreshing to meet a beautiful, young, twenty-something girl who is as open as this one. I  might have to keep her around.
NudeNArizona #59

Re:Girl discovered my thong...

Date Posted:02/08/2018 03:22:33Copy HTML

 ThongOz, and JustAThonger, So when i got to the pool the three girls were also arriving at the same time and we decided to take chairs together on the far side of the pool and as I picked my chair the girl who initially found my G-string in the laundry picked the chair next to mine and her friends picked chairs next to her leaving me on the end.

After laying my towel out and getting my things out I removed my shirt then my shorts revealing my sheer Black G-string which caught the attention of one of the other girls who decided to move on the other side of me for a closer look. As I sat down she commented saying "now I know what she meant by saying I like the black one" The girl from the laundry smiled and laid her stuff out and removed her cover-up exposing a very similar black thong, as her friend next to me said "I now feel overdressed" as she removed her cover-up revealing a regular bikini.

We hung out on the chairs for a while before going for a swim. As we walked to the pool the other girls who hadn't commented seemed to finally notice how brief my G-string was in the rear and commented that "Lisa's thong looks conservative, compared to his G-string".

I dove into the water first as the girls walked to the shallow end and walked down the steps into the pool, so as I swam to the shallow end and stood up and the front of the suit clung to me in the front. I'm not sure if it was the cool water or Lisa's emotion but her nipples were sticking out thru the thin fabric of her bikini top which was unlined and very thin. Her friends both giggled when they noticed Lisa's hard nipples, and Lisa then dove under water. One asked where do you buy a swimsuit like those? I said there was a store in Georgetown where they had a pretty good selection. I warned her that the store was also a sex shop and most of the people who shopped there for G-strings were strippers. When Lisa emerged from underwater she ask Lisa where she bought her suit. Lisa said she ordered it from a catalog.

We swam for a while before getting out and sunbathing more but the conversation was mostly about my G-string. The one girl was really interested. She asked me how it felt to wear something so revealing. She said "I can clearly see everything that is normally covered, but I'm OK with that!" Lisa ask her why she was so interested saying the girl "laughed when I first showed her my thong and told her I was wearing it to the pool". I told her it didn't really bother me knowing my suit was sheer, and that I actually preferred it unlined because it was more comfortable, then I told her I would take her to the shop if she wanted to go sometime.
Thongzo #60

Re:Girl discovered my thong...

Date Posted:02/14/2018 02:04:27Copy HTML

Was wearing a DA string bikini today (which is basically a thong in back) with a girl today and when she removed my pants she tugged at the string a few times but didn't say a word about it. Reached behind me once to feel if it was a thong and felt it all creeping up my backside and again said nothing. Then she got in bed and I took my pants off, but had to shut down my computer so my butt was facing her while she was in bed watching me. My DA was definitely up the butt like a thong but again she didn't say a word about it. I think she was more into me than my underwear!
Thongzo #61

Re:Girl discovered my thong...

Date Posted:02/23/2018 04:41:28Copy HTML

Was with a new gal today and as she undid my pants and pulled them down I was wearing a blue Joe Snyder thong. She knew it right away, because the straps are so tiny and she kind of smirked but slipped them down and continued doing her thing.
Then, when we were done and I was getting dressed, I reached for my thong off the floor and she said, "Do you always wear speedo style underwear?" And I said "Yep, pretty much." Then told her I have all kinds of underwear. Thongs, boxers, bikinis. Just into it, that's all. And she just kinda shrugged and said "Hey, that's cool. You like what you like." Then told me she couldn't wear a thong all day because she finds them uncomfortable. But then we moved onto the next topic and it was all no big deal! 
nick12341234 #62

Re:Girl discovered my thong...

Date Posted:08/15/2018 08:04:00Copy HTML

I knew a girl in college. She was interested in me. We went out a number of times. We were watching a movie at a theater (the avenger) and she kept touching my thigh. I finally grabbed her hand and glided her hand down my pants. She felt my gstring, took back a little and then checked out the rest of my gstring. She was happy.
sailor250 #63

Re:Girl discovered my thong...

Date Posted:10/07/2018 08:02:35Copy HTML

Video of a girl talking about guys and thongs and letting women know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49GXS5QEqSs
Mary0826 #64

Re:Girl discovered my thong...

Date Posted:10/10/2018 01:02:21Copy HTML

Finding out a guy wears thongs is so exciting to me. First, I love them of course, but it also means that they are usually the type of guy I like being with. There was a guy who worked at a place I worked one summer. He had the long hair I love on a man, and since there was no dress code, usually wore T-shirts or tank tops and some type of sports short. He worked in the crib where they stored materials for use in the office and various other non-productive activities, like maintenance screws and tools. Some things like expensive power tools they signed out for a day or so and the person who signed them out had to bring them back or get charged for them I was working in a department that did welding, and I had to get some tools and parts to keep the old welder that I used running parts for production. This is when I first met this cute guy. I got permission to put a small lamp -- sort of like a desk lamp with a magnifying glass in it on the welder so I could pre-inspect the parts visually, and I had to get a big drill to put a hole in a heavy metal plate. Living on a farm I knew what I had to do, and how to do it from all the equipment we modified to keep the farm running. I went in and checked out a heavy duty drill and drill bit, and when the guy bent over to get the drill off the bottom shelf, his shorts rode down, and I could see the top few inches of his thong underwear. I thought it was cool, and since their wasn't anyone around, I said "cute thong" when he brought the drill over. He got all embarased and said he didn't usually wear thongs to work but was planning on going swimming at Lake St. Mary's on his way home. (This was before the water turned toxic.) That evening, I went out of my way to go to the beach at Lake St. Mary's but he was not there. The next day, he was back working the crib again, but was wearing much shorter (and sexier) running/jogging pants that had about a one inch inseam and were split on the sides so the material opened up as he moved his legs. I was bringing back the drill and since the place was abandoned again, I ask him if he was wearing his thong again. He sort of got this funny smaile on his face and said he did have one on. When he bent down to put the drill away, his shorts slid down his legs even more than the ones he wore the day before. "Does my thong meet with your approval?" he ask as he bent down letting me see something approaching a G-string running up the small of his back. I gave him a compliment, and again he said he was going to stop by the Lake St. Mary's beach on his way home. I ask him were he would be at, and he told me he was going to the small beach in town, and not the larger beach which was more popular with people from out-of-town. I went over to the right beach after work, and he was laying out, sunning his buns and listening to a radio or something. There were about ten other people on the beach, and none seemed to mind what he had on, which was as close to a G-string as a guy could go without it being an actual G-string. I came over, said "cute buns" and we laid out, both in our thongs. I had only recently started thonging in public, but did slip my top off for a while since another women on the beach was topfree. Overall, it was nice to have a fellow thonger to lay out with, and the fact we both wore thongs became our little secret. Mary
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