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Date Posted:03/30/2004 08:54:38Copy HTML

I went to Glen Ivy Springs last week. It's been a few years since I've been there.

In the past there was always one or two women in addition to my wife wearing a thong and maybe a handful of other women in other skimpy/sexy swimsuits. But predominantly the crowd is pretty conservative. This is the first time I have been there during the week.

The fun part was that the crowd was about 95% women! Generally Its an adult crowd. Maybe a third were retires, and a third working age skipping work (like me) and about a third were college coed spring breakers. There were no other thongers besides myself. Although one woman had a very narrow backed Rio style suit that she pulled up like a thong when she was sunbathing.

There was absolutely no problem wearing a thong there, but I got a LOT of attention. I caught many many glances and bits of comments about me between different women and some giggles. I struck up a conversation with a group of women in the Lounge Pool who worked at the spa and were themselves having a day off at the spa. The conversation started when one of the women made a comment to another about her being jealous because my butt was better than hers. They told me that my thong was very "unusual" and they don't see guys wearing them there (or anywhere) I asked if they though it was a little too...little or not appropriate and they said "not at all, they were enjoying my view" they added that all of the other women appear to be enjoying me as well. That gave my confidence a huge boost.

The new thing at Glen Ivy that I dare to try is called "The Grotto" For an extra $20 you get to take an elevator to an underground "cave" in small group of people. I had a towel wrapped around my waist, but upon leaving the elevator they have you remove everything but your swimsuit (in my case a thong) You place all your possessions into a bin. Then you proceed to the next chamber where a gorgeous young female attendant had me spread my arms and legs while she painted a green moisturizing mud over the entire exposed portion of my body. Other attendants were painting other guests at the same time, but my attendant seemed to take longer and be more thorough than the others. (Way fun!)

Then you proceed to large warm cave-like chamber where you let the mud absorb into the skin. There are benches cast in the stone-like material where you can sit / lounge and sip ice cold water There were about a dozen women in there all covered in green and chatting.

From there you go into another chamber with little shower nooks that spray from multiple shower heads in multiple directions. Once the mud is washed off, you go into a cooling chamber, where the mud "sets" and they serve apples and green tea. Still just me and my thong chatting with the ladies!
Ex_Member #1

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:03/30/2004 10:31:42Copy HTML

Where is Glenn Ivy Springs (for those of us that dont know...)?
Tongaman #2

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:03/30/2004 11:57:23Copy HTML

Reply to : johnehr

Where is Glenn Ivy Springs (for those of us that dont know...)?
Corona California, which is East of LA and an hour North of San Diego. It's A good alternative to Palm Springs when it starts getting too hot or don't feel like driving the extra miles.
max77056 #3

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:04/11/2004 12:52:11Copy HTML

Reply to : Tongaman

A couple of other footnotes about the Glen Ivy Spa; when you are nearing Corona, California (east of LA ) there is a sign on the freeway (the i15) that says 'Glen Ivy Spa next exit' which is helpful.......you won't get lost!! Also the Spa is for guests age 16 and over which indicates it is more of an adult environment (for those of you shy around too many kiddos). The daily pass for the resort is something in the $20 to $30 range......just so you are aware that it is not inexpensive but it is a beautiful setting and people enjoy spending the day there. When I was there last year they had installed a salt water pool among the several pools to hang out at.      

Thonger #4

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:04/12/2004 03:30:28Copy HTML

I get to Glen Ivy several times a year and they continute to increase the rates.  I was last there in March and at the time the cost was $42 (fri/sat/sun) or $30 (mon-thurs).  Then you add on some food and drink.  Another $20 for the Grotto if you so desire. Plus any spa services (massages, etc).  It ain't cheap!  But I love the place.  Nobody under 16 allowed (except on the three Family Days:  Memorial Day, Labor Day and July 4th).  I went on Mother's Day one year and it took me one hour just to get in - the line was so long.   I still like Desert Hot Springs Spa as a lower cost alternative.  You can get a room and stay overnight, enjoying the place Saturday and Sunday for not much than a couple would spend to visit Glen Ivy for the day.  But DHS has kids to deal with and lots of snow birds , all of whom are not 100% thong lovers.   For me, I enjoy DHS more in the dead of summer.   This last time was the first time I failed to see another thonger at Glen Ivy??  I concur, it's mostly ladies - many in groups. 

max77056 #5

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:04/20/2004 03:19:02Copy HTML

thonger.......thanks for this update on the Glen Ivy Spa. I posted previously but I did not realize their pricing had gone up again. I always try to get and give reliable info. yes - Glen Ivy and Desert Hot Springs Spa are completely different. DHS is always a blast when I meet friends there. I have laid out there in a minimal thong with 2 ladies in t-backs with no problem. Funny thing is that after the initial shock, people go about their business and don't care which is great and the place offers inexpensive guest day passes. The views from out there are also outstanding....email me at max77056@yahoo.com if you get a chance as I have a couple of questions about Palm Springs area resorts. thanks.     
Hacket #6

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:07/14/2004 10:54:07Copy HTML

I called Glen Ivy and asked what their policy was about thongs-- they say that the swimwear is inappropriate attire!!! I guess if you just showed up in one and no one disagrees with your attire, it's ok... But officially, it is not permitted.
Thonger #7

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:07/27/2004 02:11:27Copy HTML

I was thinking about going to Glen Ivy this weekend but just came upon the comment above about thongs now being inappropriate.  I've thonged there multiple times without a hassle but perhaps their policy has changed??  Rather than risk a spoiled day - I am now pondering the Desert Hot Springs Spa in Desert Hot Springs.

I have not been to DHS for a couple of years but in the past found it to be thong tolerant.  The town's a bit down trodden but inside the Spa complex you are isolated.

Here's a Tripadvisor.com comment from someone who wne t there in August 2003: 

"Great place to relax in the sun! The facilities are dated...but in a good way! Well maintained original structures create a nostalgic classic 50's "modern" desert resort atmosohere. The rooms are simple but clean and enclose the pool / spa area in a courtyard, Each room has a first floor patio with direct access to the pool or a second floor overlooking balcony. The service is friendly. The attitude and environment is comfortable relaxed.

The older set mix with the hip younger crowdand kids all in an eclectic kind of harmony. Great place to people watch. Or wear your skimpiest bathing suite and be seen! Women and men in thongs basque in the sun at this HOT resort!"

Another Tripadvisor.com comment, this one from June 2003:

"We just spent a "girl's shopping/spa weekend" here and had a great time. Desert Hot Springs is a dumpy little town, but the hotel was pretty well kept up and the pool area very well kept up. All of the hotel staff was great. The spa treatments & theapists were awesome, but the treatment rooms were right off the pool area where every bit of noise can be heard thus distracting us from an otherwise great massage. The restaurant is nothing to look at, but the food is surprisingly good. The pool area is a great place to people watch - everything from old men with beer guts in Speedos and very large women in thong bikinis to young adults wearing barely nothing. It's also full of locals using the mineral pools during the day. Needless to say, it's a hopping place during the day, and surprisingly quiet at night. If you're expecting luxury accommodations, skip this place, but if you'd like some top rate spa thereapies, a hotel room at a great price and some good people watching entertainment, this place is worth checking out."


Since these comments are from last summer I am hoping that things are the same.  Perhaps someone has more recent advice from someone here??


clubthongs #8

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:07/27/2004 03:47:22Copy HTML

DHS has really tried to change its image over the past few years.  With the price of real estate skyrocketing in Palm Springs, Palm Desert etc., developers are turning to DHS.  I think you will find the Spa to be a nice experience!
armand_galleon #9

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:06/11/2005 04:58:45Copy HTML

I'm going Tuesday June 12. I'll let you know how it went.
Thonger #10

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:06/23/2005 03:02:15Copy HTML


I was just wondering if you made it to Glen Ivy (or did you mean Desert Hot Springs) a few days back?  I haven't been back to Glen Ivy since I heard in a previous post that they now consider a thong to be "inappropriate attire".  I'm thinking about visiting there again and just wonder if you or anyone else has more recent  experience?  I usually make a day at Glen Ivy and then a day or two at DHS.



max77056 #11

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:10/01/2005 02:32:07Copy HTML

hey all, I spent Thursday & Friday 9/29 & 9/30 at the Glen Ivy Spa in Corona and it was a blast. I had a great time. I was not sure about the thong situation but on arrival I noticed a large buff dude walking around in a tiny green thong. I thought "way cool" and slipped off my shorts to reveal my narrow front thong from Miquel's that I bought in Lauderdale. I like swimming so I jumped in the lap pool and worked out for a long time. It was great cause the lap pool is right near the entrance and there is a short line to get in the place so everybody got a view of me and my workout. 

I ran into the thong guy in the locker room he said he is a regular there and everybody knows him. What struck me was that he was so confident  in his attire. He walked the various areas on the property clad only in his thong. At no time did he put on a towel or cover up. He even went into the Cafe and ordered a beer! Now that is confidence.

The place was like 95% women but an attendant told me they are starting to attract more men. The female crowd is diverse....ladies on a 'girls day out"  as well as married hens and some very large women but a relaxed crowd. The Spa has a lap pool, a salt water pool, mineral baths, a floating pool - where everybody floats around on a raft and "Club Mud" where you rub clay all over yourself and let it dry. The male and female locker rooms also have roman baths and wet saunas. There is also a dry sauna on the property but I did not try it. Other services such as massage are also available.....

This was a great place to thong. I think two things contribute to this; the place is adults only - no one under 16 is allowed and the mostly female population. Me thinks it gives the girls something to look at. Glen ivy is still expensive so I would suggest going early. They open about 9:30 AM but people really dont start to arrive till 10 or 11.

Toward the end of the afternoon thong guy came by as I was sunning to say he was heading out. At this point he was in a neon yellow g-string. He had changed a couple of times during the day. There were about 10 girls on the lounges in front of me. Two of them whipped out their digital cameras and started taking photos.....I said "hey man don't move, those girls are taking your picture". He laughed and said that it happened to him a lot there. and yes.......they did take some pics of my 45 year old ass!! I'll be out there again tomorrow. Sunday 10/2.

Easy to Glen Ivy. Take the 15 South toward San Diego to the Corona area. Exit is Temescal Canyon but just look for the sign that says 'Glen Ivy Spa" next exit. 


socalthongman #12

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:10/06/2005 11:19:41Copy HTML

I just returned from Glen Ivy today, and wanted to share my experience.  Generally my experience has been consistent with Max in the previous post.  In sum, you can have a great, unhassled experience at Glen Ivy in a peaceful setting in the hills.  I have been to Glen Ivy several other times, but have been there twice in the last six weeks.   Both days were on a Thursday, but I have been there on the weekend several other times, with similar experiences.  The only thing about the weekend is that they are terribly busy.    


Both of the recent times I wore either a narrow slim thong, or a gstring.  There is no need to cover up when walking about - it has never been a problem.  Comments from the crowd appear to be non-existent - with the exception of the occasional giggle.  The worst that can happen is if someone complains.   The staff will talk to you about covering up when you are walking around, and that will be the end of it.  One time, they stated that thong wearing is not a problem, just to cover up when walking about. 


Today, I walked around very liberally in a Dore gstring - sometimes moving to a different area to lay out, sometimes visiting another pool, and then later going to the Grotto.  These experiences are posted elsewhere on this board, but needless to say, I walked straight into the front desk area, and into the Grotto with no cover up - only the gstring.  The staff did not even blink an eye, and treated me with all the respect that I probably would have gotten with more conservative swimwear.  A class act! 


The only real downside at Glen Ivy is the lack of participation.  With one exception several years ago, I have always been the only one wearing a thong.  Once I saw a girl wearing a thong, and I joked with her that at least there was one other that was bold enough to wear a thong.


Go to Glen Ivy.  With enough "advertisement" maybe others will start wearing a thong there.      

armand_galleon #13

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:06/07/2006 09:25:56Copy HTML

I'll be going next week to glen ivy and I'll post my full report when I return. I will wear a more conservative thong/speedo type with broad sides but cut short in the back, a more "booty" type of swimsuit than a full thong, or perhaps I'll have something smaller under for sunning if the weather is right.

max77056 #14

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:06/10/2006 06:47:48Copy HTML

I love that place! Wear your booty suit proudly. Since no one under 16 is allowed (except on major holidays) it's more of an adult atmosphere anyway. When I was there last fall there was a bodybuidler guy who walked around only in a thong. He even went into the restaurant clad only in his t-back!. They all know him there so the staff doesn't bat an eye. It sure made me comfortable about wearing mine. I talked to him in the locker room and he loves Glen Ivy cause there are always so many women there.....see previous posts......enjoy.  
armand_galleon #15

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:06/18/2006 06:04:15Copy HTML

Glen Ivy is a nice place. All posting seem to be correct: middle aged women on a "girl's-day-out" with maybe their younger daughters. About 20% men. For a midweek day I thought it was busier than I expected, a little too hectic for me for that relaxed spa sort of day, but very enjoyable all the same. In terms of thongs there was no other person in them other than myself and my friend, but besides maybe some long looks no one seemed to care, including staff. Nonetheless we spent most of my time sunning face down upstairs at the "terrace du solei" since I prefer a more private setting. From there we went to the grotto where the staff girls painted on us a lotion after which you sit in a warm room to absorb the essential oils of the cream. Indeed the girl did not shy from putting a couple of good coats on my butt.
It's nice to treat yourself to a day at the spa. The food is good, the prices reasonable and worth the drive out to Corona if you're in the greater Los Angeles/Orange County area.
BTW this is the warmest June in years and from now on I'll be reporting from my favorite place in Cali: Venice Beach!

socalthongman #16

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:07/06/2006 11:09:26Copy HTML

I have not been to Glen Ivy yet this year, and am itching to go again and enjoy the views and the openness to thong swimwear that I always enjoy there.  The last few visits I have worn a tiny g-string, and occasionally walk about to the restroom, and to the various pools, with no problems. 

I will likely go on Wednesday next week - but Thursday is do-able also.  Anyone else thinking about going there?  It would be good to see at least one other person there is a thong or g-string.     

socalthongman #17

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:07/11/2006 12:30:15Copy HTML

Well, I have to change my plans a bit due to work obligations.  Looks like I will be going to Glen Ivy next Wednesday  the 19th.  Sorry if it upset anyone's plans for showing up there this week.  Maybe I will see someone there next week! 
socalthongman #18

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:07/20/2006 11:55:27Copy HTML

Again, just wanted to share my experiences during my visit today.  I wore my lime green Dore gstring.  It is nearly nude! 

All components of my 10/06/05 post were the same today, however, this time there was a bit of participation.  Right in front of me (near the floater pool) I saw a fit, nice looking guy in a black thong.  He wore a towel most of the time, but took it off to walk to the pool, and stopped for a drink at the snack cart on the way.  I decided I was thristy, and thought it would be a good time for others to see how bold we were.  I followed, and got a ton of nervous laughs from women standing near by along the way.  No worries, I have outgrown this.  After the drink I returned to my spot, and two women just had to say something to me, but stumbled for words, and then said that I had a body that could get away with wearing a thong.  We laughed and talked briefly, and then I returned to my spot nearby.  

Within minutes, an employee told me that I would have to cover up, and I explained that I had received an email from Glen Ivy saying that thongs were permitted at the spa.  This was true - I had requested this information.  She said that someone had complained.  I asked if it was okay to wear it for sunning, and she said okay.  Then more conversation with the two woman about how one should be able to wear what they want, and postive comments from two other women walking by. 

Overall, a very nice day.  Oh, by the way, I did still walk around to the bathroom in my gstring after all this.  Just the rebel in me I guess.     

max77056 #19

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:10/01/2006 01:50:08Copy HTML

Just to confirm this remains a great spot in Southern California. The Spa allows no one under 16 so it is a relaxed adult crowd. It is mainly women......alot of whom are out for a "ladies day at the spa." I met SoCal thongman for 2 consecutive Wednedays out here and had a blast. A girlfriend from Murrietta also joined us and we and got a fair amount of attention. I wore my Skinz M4 thong and my friend wore his Dore very narrow front g-string. The front of his suit is no more than an inch wide. Wowza!  One of the days we ran into 2 brazilian girls who were fun and were showing off in their "booty" suits. Not quite thongs but they were showing off lots of arse. We took some photos with them and they were great. We enjoyed the various pools, walking about and sunning.

The attendants were friendly to us and never asked any of us to cover up. I have seen that from time to time they get male and female thongers so they are used to it. The management there had also confirmed that thongs are acceptable attire. The range of folks that visit there is wide. Everything from a younger hip fun crowd to middle aged and older women who come to soak in the hot mineral pools. Also alot of foreign visitors go to this place. They have bars around so you can have a cocktail which is nice. If you go, get there early to enjoy the whole day. Daytime passes are $35 and it's slightly more on the weekends but it is packed on the weekends. I hope to get out there again before the winter gets here.         

TBSJ_03 #20

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:10/31/2008 06:03:40Copy HTML

Hey guys, I've been thinking about making a trip to Glen Ivy in the near future.  So far the trip reports seem pretty promising.  I was just wondering if anyone has had any more recent experiences here.  I e-mailed Glen Ivy a couple days ago about whether or not thongs are considered "appropriate swimwear" and have yet to hear back from them.  If anyone has any info about the current state of Glen Ivy, that'd be great.

armand_galleon #21

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:10/31/2008 09:07:55Copy HTML

 Most customers will be middle-age Californians with disposible income (which means that they won't care what you wear as long as you're acting "normal", even then Ivy Glen may only tell you to cover up when moving around). Thongs are acceptable though not common but are clearly tolerated.

This is max77056:


JM_Runs #22

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:11/01/2008 12:00:24Copy HTML

Fantastic photos of Max and his friend among the lovely ladies.  Would sure love to visit.  Looking at all his photos posted there, I especially liked his orange mesh g-string, much like some of my own.  I've found orange mesh is just opaque enough to work, while black or white would not.  At Glen Ivy I'll bet it would work, given the revealing suits his friend favors and finds the lasses appreciating.  Thanks for sharing these URL's.

Every once in awhile I get thinking maybe I should stop wearing thongs at the beach, just too revealing for a conservative New England yankee.  But seeing this photo spread reminds me that guys who take care of their bodies look great in thongs and have good reason to want to show off the results of their hard work.  Their bodies are works of art, God-given gifts, and this is true just as much for men as for women.  So thong on!    
max77056 #23

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:11/10/2008 04:14:55Copy HTML

Armand - thanks for posting the pics. I have been meaning to do that. Just for proper credit, the tall blond guy with the very narrow front suit is socalthongman who also posts on this board. I am in some of the other photos. We had some great days at Glen Ivy last year. TBSJ, your suit will be fine at Glen Ivy and will be a non-issue. You will have a great time if you take a girlfriend as ladies love that place and the spa treatment. May also be fun if you go it alone as there are always alot of ladies at Glen Ivy. PS. I am only familair with the Corona location. I think there are a coupe of other locations but you can check the website. The Corona one on the I-15 is a beautiful setting in the Temescal Canyon.      
azcana #24

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:03/17/2010 07:39:24Copy HTML

I been to Glen Ivy few times and always had a nice time here..... but never I would imagine of thonging here so today I decided to pack my thong just in case.... I got here around noon, great weather 80's and sure it seem busy with a full parking lot .... after taking a few dips in the hoot pools and a swim I decided to relax and enjoy the sun I headed to the terrace which was almost empty with two women just chatting and relaxing since it was very quiet I decided to take off my shorts. I was there for about an hour with many people passing by and I think they sure saw I had a thong but never felt any odd vibes and people just kept doing what they were doing after this I wrapped myself with a towel and headed to the jacuzzi for another dip but I decided to leave the shorts behind what rush and great feeling unwrapping the towel just find myself wearing a thong. I thonged many times a the beach but there's always some kind of privacy and distance and here the total opposite, people behind you next to you and in front of you and the best thing their attitude which seems as no one care what I was wearing. I even headed to the lockers where I used their indoor jacuzzi and sauna of course wearing a thong and people did not cared. Overall I had a very nice experience maybe in my next visit I'll work the courage to use some of their other outdoor jacuzzi and swimming pool and even the mud wearing my thong.
stanpuppy #25

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:03/17/2010 11:56:12Copy HTML

THe Glen Ivy spa is noted for being very very thong friendly.  I have a female friend who goes there regularly and always wears a malibu strings G.   She is totally comfortable and never gets anything except for appreciative looks
sunnedtbuns #26

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:04/17/2010 12:02:29Copy HTML

Glen Ivy is featured in a 2010 History Channel Modern Marvels "Dirt" documentary.  It was amazing to see how many ways mud is used.  Facility looked great.  What a great way to exfoliate the skin.  Who would want to wear dork shorts or one piece suits?  I'm looking forward to visiting Glen Ivy one day!
sunnedtbuns #27

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:09/07/2010 04:46:31Copy HTML

Glen Ivy is awesome! Great visit. Sadly I did not see any other thongers during the half day I was there. I completely agree with earlier comments that the crowd is 95% women with most wearing bikinis and are spending the day visiting with their friends. When I asked an attendant if thongs were okay she said not a problem -wear whatever you are comfortable with. Everyone was having a great time!

The "Club Mud" & "The Grotto" are nice and worth a try.

An unique part of the Glen Ivy spa experience is soaking in the hot mineral pools then going to the Club Mud area and pasting red clay over your body. This is not an area for new suits or anything you want to remain white. Lounges are available to layout & let the clay dry. Once dry you are supposed to rub the dirt off which 'exfoliates' the skin. Open showers are provided to wash off any remaining mud. Unfortunately I wore a tan thru suit as a cover up & ended up tearing some of the fabric in rubbing the dried mud off.  Showering in a thong was a non-issue as I removed the left over mud and worked up my courage to sun the buns at the pool.

Next head up to the entrance to the Grotto to continue the spa experience.  The Grotto is recommended as a way to return moisture to the skin after visiting Club Mud.  Upstairs staff will register you and call for an attendant to take you down.  Once you exit the elevator below, staff will collect towels or any coverups you have into personal bins. Once covered in the green paste you enter a hot moisture (combo light sauna / moist steamroom like environment) room to allow the skin to soak the oils & butter in.  Next you enter the shower room where individual shower are set back into the rock walls. Final room is a quiet relaxation area. Staff was kind and very professional. No problems with thongs. Go earlier in the day for a discounted rate ($15-$30) and to get a reservation if it's busy weekend.

Pools are scattered across the complex. Some are in full sun while others are partial shaded. There is a spot for everyone.

Folks were very friendly.  Two thumbs up!
smoothtantush #28

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:09/24/2010 06:20:52Copy HTML

 Visited Glen Ivy yesterday for the first time and all in all it was a wonderful experience. I wore Koala Adrenaline Rush g-string, which it very light pink with a teardrop front. I walked all over the complex wearing it and never covered up. However, when I got out of the water and returned to lay out, I was approached by an attendant who very kindly told me that my suit was ok, but that it was too sheer. Thankfully, I had another suit in my bag so I changed into a purple Dore thong which I wore the rest of the day without a problem, didn't cover up once when walking to the grotto or club mud. I met a few groups of wonderful ladies who loved my thong and enjoyed looking at it and talking about it. I posed for a lot of pictures. All in all a really great day, I look forward to heading back soon.
JM_Runs #29

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:09/24/2010 08:25:35Copy HTML

It has been my experience that in most public places men can wear small suits so long as they not translucent, transparent, or sheer when wet.

It was nice of the attendant to tell you why your suit was inaproprate, so you could switch to one that was fully opaque.  Better than just being told to cover up without knowing exactly why.

On this board we regularly suggest people do not wear suits that are transparent or that become partly sheer when whet.  There are several reasons for this:

  • The first is that in many states you are legal when the suit is not see-through and committing a crime when it is. 

  • The next is when people are arrested because their suits were see-though they are arrested for public nudity, indecent exposure or some similar offense.  Unfortunately this gets reported in the media as a thonger was arrested for indecent exposure, with a comment from an officer saying "He was exposing too much."  This leads to a general perception that wearing a thong is indecent, when the fact that it was a thong is not the underlying issue, the transparency was.

I think it was good customer service for the attendant to clearly explain to you what the issue was, and allow you to correct it.
smoothtantush #30

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

Date Posted:08/06/2011 06:04:18Copy HTML

Hadn't been to Glen Ivy in a few months and decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather this week. I spent the entire day there in a Skinz Spartan teardrop g-string. I laid out by all three pools, strolled around the entire property, went into the cafe for lunch, stood in line at the bar, in and out of the men's locker room. No problems. I also visited the grotto again which is the best! Riding down in the elevator with a very cute and kind young attendant who commented on how much she liked my suit. Once down there, another attendant painted me with mud. A few other compliments from the staff, and a few from other guests. As always, the crowd was 90% female. All in all a wonderful day in an incredibly small g-string....what more can one ask for? 
sandrhymes #31

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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Went to Glen Ivy for a day last week.  @Max77056 had said this was a beautiful and thong friendly place to go.  I had never been before, so decided to stop over for a day on my way to Palm Springs and check it out.
Got there about 9:30 on a nice warm Wednesday morning.  There was a continual stream of arrivals and the place was mostly filled up with 95% plus women by noon.  After walking around the grounds, I went into the locker room for a shower, and then headed out to find a sun lounge.  I found a place to layout by the North Pool which was about a third occupied at the time, and setup there wearing a very small g-string.  The lounges gradually filled up with arriving guests, including three girls who setup next to me and we chatted a little.

Around 1:00 a couple of attendants stopped by and informed me that Glen Ivy had recently changed their swimwear policy;  thongs and g-strings were no longer permitted, and I was asked to cover up.  At this point, numerous attendants and servers from the bar and restaurant had been walking past me for hours, so “recently” must have meant within the last hour.  Since wearing minimal swimwear had never been a problem here before, I asked why the policy was changed.  The attendants said it had been under consideration for a while; they had some complaints and decided to make the change.

I decided to leave instead of staying and having to wear shorts.  I stopped by the office to talk with the manager and explain why I was leaving and ask for a refund.  He said he was sorry I did not have a good experience at Glen Ivy and they were sorry to see me go.  When I asked for a refund, he said he could offer only offered half of it back since I had been there for four hours and he also offered a free pass to come back sometime.  I told him I wanted a full refund because they changed their minimal swimwear policy without bothering to inform their guests, and I did not want to come back again, even for free unless they again allowed minimal swimwear.  I also wouldn’t accept a partial refund, but wanted the full amount returned.  They had inconvenienced me with their policy change, and now I had to leave in the middle of the day and drive for an hour to get to Palm Springs.  If he would not refund the full amount, I would dispute the charge on my bankcard and he could argue with the bank about it.

Bottom line for me.  The place is beautiful, but it is about 95% women.  Over 50% of the women are  shroud and diaper wearing Bulging Betty’s, who spend the day talking about the 10-20 lbs they want to lose (the same ones they have wanted to lose for the last 10-20 years) while stuffing their faces from the restaurant.  I only saw one small string bikini on a girl, no thongs or g-strings.  To be fair, I can understand why some women may not like looking at someone in minimal swimwear, but to also be fair, I personally don’t like looking at bulging fat women in any type of swimwear; shroud, diaper or otherwise.  Maybe I should join in, and start complaining that I find it offensive to have to look at fat women by the pool.

In summary I have a couple (if fanciful) of suggestions in an attempt to be fair to all.  
1.    If Glen Ivy wants to ban minimal swimwear, they should also ban any woman over 145lbs; this way no one has to look at anything they don’t want to.  
2.    If they want everyone to be as happy as possible, put up a sign saying that thongs and g-strings are permitted for both sexes.  This way no one can complain because the policy is clearly stated and they can either choose to come to Glen Ivy or not.  Then if they choose to come but don’t like it, at least they can’t @@@@@@ about it, and annoy the management.
3.    Permit minimal swimwear in one or more designated areas.  This way, those that don’t like don’t see, and those that do like do see.  Personally I like this one the best.  I find wearing minimal swimwear to be an extremely motivating factor to keep the pounds off, and to get plenty of exercise.  After all, isn’t that what a spa is supposed to be all about?  To celebrate healthy living practices, and not about sitting in a hot tub all day and bitching about other people.

P.S.  It’s amazing that a facility like Glen Ivy that does not allow children can have this kind of a problem with an “adults” only facility.  You can go to almost any hotel in Palm Springs like the Renaissance by Marriott, the Hilton (where kids are at the pools – the kids could care less what the adults are doing or wearing; they are concerned about more important things like never getting out of the pool, or who can make the biggest splash) or one of the numerous adult boutique hotels, and not have any problem wearing the smallest of swimwear.  I think the difference is:
1.  Since minimal swimwear is clearly permitted by the management, no one bothers to complain.  
2.  It’s a far more sophisticated, upscale and svelte crowd; who probably expect to see something a little exotic at times.  After all it is PALM SPRINGS!

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Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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Sandrhymes sorry for your disappointment. At least your bold enough to complain to management but it probably was heard on deaf ears. They probably just hearing you out was only trying to being polite and amuse you.
Like your premise of not allowing woman over 145lbs or above entrance... Lol.... love that idea!.. because it's so true..

I do understand the dilemma many facilities don't spell out what sort of swimwear is allowed.   Or in my case confuse you or write it so that makes no sense. Such as european rubber fitted swimwear coverage allowed, or better yet Non Continental North American swimwear allowed.

Maybe you could wear something skimpier then a normal thong in front but with a rio back coverage this way it is more bold then a moderate thong. Or better yet no lining in some sheer when wet underwear that gets the complainer upset even more then a moderate thong.
abczyxabczyx #33

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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I called Glen Ivy last week to make sure that thongs and g-strings were allowed.  They said that as long as your essentials are covered, you are fine.  I went there the the following day and wore a g-string (while walking around) with no issue.
sailor250 #34

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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Huh?  This disconnect with the previous post is puzzling- however it's possible some manager was making his own rules for sandrhymes?  Or some higher management was around and wouldn't or didn't approve.  Or there were complaints from some of those heavy consuming food customers that spurred action that day?   OR the second poster was actually there before SR .

 I hate it when management won't level with you if there's a customer service problem- many times you figure it out and they end up looking dishonest and if it's a place you're prone to try again they 've lost all credibility - have had this happen with hotels- not with thong issues but the manager or shift manager ends up looking stupid!

If the phone call said "no problem" after someone else was told to cover up then the person on the phone may be misinformed- but to go there and be treated differently is interesting.
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Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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I'm confused by the conflicting statements as well, not by the posters but by Glen Ivy, unless they've changed thier policy in the week between when abczyxabczyx wore a g-string. An earlier post by smoothtantush said he was once asked to cover up a thong he'd been wearing up to the point he went in the water only to change into a 'more appropriate' thong that was not sheer when wet.

It seems that management at Glen Ivy is succumbing to the whimsical requests of certain guests that object to seeing people in thongs. What, never seen a pair of butt cheecks? Don't care for the look? ...just look away!

I was thinking about going to Glen Ivy this Friday, 8/4 to continue working on the fabulous tan that I got from the South Florida sun while attending, but after reading how mangement apparently waivers back n forth based on the petulant demands of some prudes, I'm not so sure about making  the 45 minute drive each way only to be possibly turned away for even wearing a thong/g-string that in no way is suggestive, dry or wet!
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Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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This is a tough one.....I have not been to Glen Ivy in a couple of years so I am not sure if something may have happened. I know if a hard core guest complains to the management, then they may ask someone to put on shorts when they walk around, etc. because they do not want a complaining fool bothering them. When I was there a couple of years ago, I went 3 or 4 times in one week and there was a bodybuilder (male) in a thong for 2 of those days and he walked about freely and even went into the restaurant in his thong. I thought that was pretty gutsy. I overheard the staff say he was a regular there when anyone made any comment. I agree that it's a shame if they changed their "official policy." Personally, I would try it again and then if it is an issue, have a very brief rio available which would probably still annoy prudes - but you would be covered. I would not let it ruin my good time. I respect sandrhymes for standing his ground but what a bummer experience.
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Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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I think Max77056 has sound advice. 

In my experience, when a policy appears to be discretionary then a positive attitude and friendliness can often bridge the gap.

Sandy appears to have taken umbrage, demanded a full refund and refused to return.  For him it was thonging or nothing.

I totally understand the frustration of being told your actions are controlled by some anonymous persons complaint,
but that is the way it often is on private property. In the end they are just making a choice of which customer they wish to keep.

Maybe others will have a better time, and with luck not trigger a complaint, but it would be wise to take a second suit, maybe a speedo or 1/2 back, just in case some one does complain and they do ask you to cover up a bit more. That way it does not ruin your entire day.

Maybe it would be wise to go there with the intention of enjoying the entire environment and services provided, what ever you are wearing, and not just using it as a place where you can strut a thong, in case that day you can't.
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Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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Yes, I usually carry a bikini or boyshorts style tan thru suit with me to places like this so you'll be prepared.  It worked for me at Tao Beach in Vegas- didn't get tanlines despite being told to cover up.  You end up with your G string tanline anyway!
calsunlover #39

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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Well, I'm not intending to be walking around in my thong around the grounds (ie RR, restaurant, etc), I'd wear some short, loose cover-up cotton shorts to do that! I'd just like to be be able to thong on my lounge chair face-up/down and dip in the pool for a cool down. You'd have to essentially be hovering over and looking down directly at me to complain...don't think that should ever be a problem with anyone!
sandrhymes #40

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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As a follow-up to my previous post, I was contacted by another board member who it turns out was there on the same day I was, but in another part of the facility.  He was also asked to cover up, and told of the policy change. I respect the right of the manager of the facility to set the rules as he deems necessary, just as I respect my right to choose to go there or not. 

I asked to speak with him and ask for a refund for several reasons (and did so politely without umbrage).  I had driven out of my way (I was on the way to Palm Springs) to go here for the day because I wanted to thong, and without there being any attempt by the management to inform me as a guest of any swimwear policy change, I was now being asked to change out of a suit I had already spent 4 hours in. I had a choice of where to go to thong, and could have just as easily gone on to PS if I had known in advance that it would be a problem at Glen Ivy, so I was now being inconvenienced.  Thirdly, I wanted to let the management know that while there maybe some customers that object to minimal swimwear, there are others who would like to wear it (and who I think should deserve equal consideration).  If I had just meekly covered up, or left without saying anything, the complainers would have won, and the management would have felt like they did not have to even give any thonging customers a second thought.  Asking for a refund was just a way of demonstrating that I felt it was just as important to me to be able to wear a minimal suit, as it was for other customers to object to it; and that both points of view could potentially have an economic consequence.

If you want to try Glen Ivy again for thonging, I would recommend calling ahead and asking about their policy (when I tried emailing them, they never responded - probably they want to avoid putting anything into writing).  This way you let them know they have a potential customer(s) that want to thong, and that you may choose to visit or not depending on their policy.  Tell them that you have heard from other visitors and on discussion boards that their swimwear policy appears to be whimsical and arbitrary.  This lets them know their policies are being discussed by a group of potential customers, and not just one or two people.  Ask them to post in their "Policies and General Information" section what is allowed instead of the "appropriate swimwear must be worn at all times".  What the heck does that mean?

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Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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Sorry, I was a bit judgmental. I would have felt equally put out if that had happened to me. Especially if I had thonged there before, believed that their policy allowed thongs and had spent the first part of the day in thongs.
smoothtantush #42

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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 So sorry to hear this report. As I've posted before, while I haven't been to Glen Ivy in a year or so, I've always had fabulous experiences, even when I've had a run in with the staff or management. As Calsunlover mentioned, my first visit, I wore a sheer pink g-string that was almost completely transparent when wet, in retrospect, not the best choice. A staff member very kindly told me that it was too sheer. I changed into a red, non-sheer g-string and had a wonderful day. On subsequent visits, I've worn my very minimal Skinz Spartan teardrop g-string. Laying out, walking all over the grounds, in the restaurant at the bars, spa, pretty much anywhere and everywhere with nothing but positive looks and comments. I love Glen Ivy and would hate to think they've changed. 
smoothtantush #43

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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 Headed out to Glen Ivy this weekend and thought I'd report. I wore a Koala "Dark Side" g-string without any problems. I was there all day and laid out by the main pool and in the water. Walked all over the resort, even out to my car at one point, without a single issue. Some very positive comments from other guests and the usual cell phone photos, etc. 
Went to ClubMud and the Grotto and had no problems and enjoyed lunch in the restaurant/bar. All in all a delightful day at Glen Ivy in one of the smallest suits I own. 
brocker36 #44

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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 Any other recent reports about how little one can wear at Glen Ivy?  Either from your own experience or seeing other people?
smoothtantush #45

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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 I was out at Glen Ivy today, it was a beautiful day, in the low 80's, great crowd. Got there early and spent the entire day in my Koala "Power Slut G-string" without any negative comments or problems. I laid by the main pool and spend an hour or so on a raft in the middle of the pool. Walked over the cafe and to Club Mud at one point. The Grotto is the best, riding the elevator down with the staff, one of the attendants complimented me and then another did while they were brushing my ass with the mud. As always, a fabulous day at Glen Ivy in a tiny suit.  
brocker36 #46

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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 smoothtan, how busy is it during the week?  Is there a need pay to reserve chairs?
smoothtantush #47

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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 busy enough, but no need to reserve
20897 #48

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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 Has anyone gone to Glen Ivy this year. Looking for an update before I go in April. Thanks!
smoothtantush #49

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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 was there about a month ago, great as ever!
shavedm #50

Re:Glen Ivy in California - East of LA and an hour North of San Diego

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 I just messaged Glen Ivy about Thongs and G-Strings I asked if it was appropriate swimwear there reply was "Any swimsuit was acceptable". I am hoping to get there soon. 
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