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Date Posted:09/04/2011 08:45:47Copy HTML

Yesterday it was very warm and sunny out here. Unfortunately my wife had to go to work so we could not go to the beach together. I decided to go on my own; maybe it was the last opportunity to spend an afternoon at the beach before autumn. I took my beach-towel, two bottles of water and one of my thongs and went to our local beach by bike.
The beach was rather crowded near the access, so I walked for a few 100 meters along the dunes. I found a nice place just before the clothes optional part of the beach starts; a good spot to thong in my opinion.
I put on my Muscleskins poser thong and tanned for about an hour before I decided to take a dip. I put on my shorts over my thong and walked towards the sea. There I put of my short and took a dip. Swimming in a thong feels great! I walked back to my beach-towel in my thong attending that only a few people could see I was wearing a thong.
I tanned for another hour or so, and I went home again. Sitting out at the beach at your own gets boring after a few hours.

Are there other members who go to the beach at their own, or do you always have your wife or partner to accompany you?
TonyR #1

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/04/2011 04:36:04Copy HTML

 Well had my first real Beach tong today . Sun out deserted beach on west Coast of Scotland miles of whit sand and not a sole around .Layout in my JS suit ,even tock a dip ,walked down the beach had a swim and then dog walkers appeared so went back to the dunes , Still a great experience . and just loved the feel of being out in the sun . Still not much of a tan achieved as while sun was warm , heat was not in it . Will try and post some pictures , It was a great feeling loved it . Think doing it in public would be a great thrill  . 
modelnude4u #2

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/04/2011 06:15:04Copy HTML

 I most often thong alone, as my wife is marginally tolerant, and knows that I do where thongs, but isn't too keen on joining me.  When we're in Miami, we'll spend some time on the beach together, walking along the shore and such, but then I'll spend even more while she's up in the room with a book, etc.  It all works in the end, as I think I enjoy the showing off angle more when she's not around anyway!
Ex_Member #3

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/04/2011 10:27:45Copy HTML

I always go to the beach alone, strip to a thong or change into one, and stay that way till I leave. Unless I'm reading I prefer to swim, walk, and explore, which is also a good way to meet and chat to other people. I've come across plenty of female thongers in my time but never a male thonger, which is pretty amazing given the number of male members of this board!
JM_Runs #4

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/04/2011 11:35:50Copy HTML

I am a big boy. I have been going to the beach alone since I was 6.  I was not meant to be at the seashore all by myself, but was often permitted to go wondering at large with my lunch in a plastic bag. 
One day I brought home a fish, swimming around in my empty lunch bag.  I tried to tell my mother I had found it in a puddle but she knew it was a sea fish.  She was annoyed but also a little amused.
By the time we were 7 or 8 we regularly went to the beach without parents. By 9 I was aloud to take the family sailing dingy out by myself, no parents around.  A year or two later I had my own sailboat that I sailed in the harbor and out at sea, coming home at the end of day.  Normally I was on my own but sometimes I would take a friend.

I know what you are getting at, do I sit on the beach all single and lonesum?  Sunning like a prairie dog on the lookout for trouble?  OR do I have somebody with me to talk too and keep company?

I don't go to the beach just to lay on a towel and get a sun tan.  Been there, done too much of that.  When at the beach I get enough tan just walking, swimming, biking, running, stretching and sitting around in a thong.  Most times I go because I intent to take a run on the sand, swim in the sea or drink coffee with friends.

Mostly I go alone, although sometimes I see beach friends and we hang out together under the palms.  I also take a girlfriend if one is hanging out with me that morning, or meet up with them after I run, for coffee and conversation.

For the most part, if someone is with me it is only of any interest to the locals, the ones who personally know me.  I do notice that when I am with others less people notice or seem wary.

To the locals it makes little difference who I am with.  Not so for tourists.  If I am with a women, other women are less likely to take a picture, come and introduce themselves or give an encouraging whoop when I run by. 

On the other hand, there is a very American tourist condition, when I am alone some people just pretend they don't see me, in the same way people pretend not to see the homeless, for fear of engagement.  But when I am with a girlfriend or others, even if it is just chatting to one of the lifeguards, I am no longer one of the 'invisible' class and people seem to feel more comfortable looking, or just accepting. 
thongshowoff #5

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/04/2011 11:38:53Copy HTML

 My wife has no interest in tanning or swimming, so I usually go on my own, and with a good book and some warm sunshine I'm perfectly happy.

Luckily there is an unofficial naturist beach not too far from here (Southerndown) so although I might start off with a thong, if it's fairly quiet I usually end up naked.  And if there aren't too many dog walking non-naturists around I usually swim naked as well which is a particularly good feeling.
skerbeach64 #6

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/05/2011 08:17:36Copy HTML

Like Thongshowoff, my wife has no interest in tanning or swimming and doesn't like the beach, and so it's solo for me too.
Have been to Southerndown but not a fan, prefer Sker Beach near Kenfig Pool, long walk from the Car Park but worth it for the peace and quiet. Usually walk along the beach in thong or g-string towards the north end then strip to sunbathe and swim. Seems to be accepted by other walkers as an unofficial naturist beach with no adverse comments.
stanpuppy #7

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/05/2011 03:01:04Copy HTML

I havent done it in years, but used to go it all the time.  No big deal at all.
NE_OH_thonger #8

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/05/2011 03:27:09Copy HTML

A couple years ago, a friend of mine wanted to come to the beach with me. I had told him that I wore thongs, but he apparently thought I was joking, as he looked absolutely appalled when I came out of the changing booth. After we left, he said he'd rather not go to the beach with me again until I got some "normal" swimwear. Been going by myself since. (He's still a good friend, and his views have softened a bit, but not enough to come to the beach with me again)
tnline #9

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/06/2011 02:59:18Copy HTML

No big deal for me .  I usually go alone and see a few friends and regulars at the beach
Thongmad #10

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/06/2011 10:07:11Copy HTML

I've always surfed, so spend a good deal of time at the beach alone. In hot weather, I will surf in a thong whenever I can, and do spend some time tanning or walking the beach alone in my thongs. I'll also do this when I travel and have time. I always talk about what I've been doing with my wife, and she knows how much I love the beach and ocean, as well as thonging.

That said, we spend a lot of time at the beach in summer as a family with our kids. We base a lot of our holiday time around the beach as well. I wear as little as possible depending on the beach. More often than not, we go to our local nude beach, where I wear a thong or g, and my wife goes topless, mostly in bikini bottoms nowdays, but sometimes thonged or g's. In our pool at home it is the same situation, depending if we have guests or not.

A bit of time by yourself is always a good thing. Especially spent at the beach thonging!
navythong #11

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/09/2011 11:47:00Copy HTML

Thanks for your replies everybody. I'm glad there are others who are going to the beach on their own. Most of the time my wife and I go together, but every now and then she has to go to work when it's beach-weather. I think its easier for me now going to the beach alone, knowing I'm not the only one who does.
hidrive #12

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/09/2011 03:37:32Copy HTML

We are fortunate to have a beach nearby for thonging.  My wife and I go together and both enjoy it.  But there are times when she can't go for some reason, so I go alone.  I much prefer that she is with me. but going alone is better than not going at all!
LakeLife #13

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/10/2011 02:54:22Copy HTML

I've gone to the beach alone, the family, or with friends. What I've noticed is that I never get hassled when I have company. When a female is with me in a bikini, there is no laughter or whispers or complaints. However, when I go alone, that's when someone will complain or take photos.
jn9195 #14

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/11/2011 03:04:06Copy HTML

I always go alone.  None of my family or friends know anything about my desire to wear thongs and they are illegal in my home state.
hotbunz1969 #15

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/11/2011 08:45:26Copy HTML

My GF is not keen on my thong wearing to say the least, so I do my tanning alone, I will sometimes attract the attention of other sunbathers and have them set up close to me, this usually ends up in a conversation and them either joining me or setting up even closer to me, I do enjoy this especially when they too are thongers. Because I tan regularly in the same spot I've become known down there and without doubt have influenced others to tan in thongs along side me. 

If I am out with the other half it's square cuts or if I'm lucky a bodybuilders style trunk. 

Cheers Paul
thong_jock #16

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/11/2011 02:16:17Copy HTML

 I love to go to the beach alone, especially when I meet male thongers and we enjoy each others company in our small suits.
sundog516 #17

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:10/13/2011 01:12:50Copy HTML

I grew up near corpus christi so beach is in the blood. Now, I live near Galveston and go on weds to "east beach", which is away from the seawall and tourists. I rarely have any trouble with hecklers and If I do I simply state that I defended our right to live free and I remind them that they can thank me for their freedom to bitch about my strings. Anyway, its usually a non event.
Or like the previous post, they see you and pretend you are not there, which is ok with me if they want to be anti social. But mostly I get the good mornings and smiles from most women.
alee01 #18

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:01/14/2012 07:09:32Copy HTML

I go to the beach alone a lot. Especially if I want to meet guys. If I go with another person I find less interest from other people. Alone means available and together means not, I guess. I have found if I go with a couple of neighbor chicks and make it obvious we are just friends then guys still hit on me. Like my friend Beth says, make it obvious and they will not be so shy.
Tanned Bum #19

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:01/14/2012 01:58:41Copy HTML

     If you read the thread Coastal beaches in the US, under Plum Island. I've written a few experiences with and without the wife and kids.
     When I go along, I tend to have more conversations with women. Actually its mostly with women with or without my family as company. I will have few conversations with fishmen since I am an avid fishman. Some say with a companion you would be less to get harassed, I have not had a bad experience at the beach with hecklers,rednecks or whatever. 
   The times I have to go alone is when the kids have school or sports and the wife is working. Sometimes I leave right from work to the beach. When I do go alone I will have a few magazines to catch up on reading. also I enjoy people watching and the boat traffic.

The beach I go to has a lot of single sun bathers.

stanpuppy #20

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:02/10/2012 12:41:21Copy HTML

When I was much younger, i was with a women who really did not like the sun, and really did not like the fact that I wore thong swimsuits.  As such, I would go to the beach by myself quite frequently.  This was back in the late 80's/early 90's when thongs were alot more prevalent (even for men).   The places I would go to were very thong friendly at the time (Riis Park, Jones Beach, Fire Island, Gunnison Beach and Margate NJ.  I would thong almost all the time (except at Gunnison where I went nude).  Honestly, it was not a big deal at all.  Typically, gay men wanted to talk to me.  Sometimes women would engage me in discussion, occasionally I would get laughed at by a group of teenage girls and every now and again I would get hit on in a major way by some woman/girl.   Basically, not much different than it would be today.   I actually liked going alone.  I found it very relaxing, and I could do whatever I wanted to with miminal to no hassles.   Dont get me wrong...I prefer having my topless/g-string wearing wife with me, but if you dont have one of those...alone is not too bad
bmicro #21

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:02/10/2012 03:46:02Copy HTML

I work out of my home all but two days a week and my wife works outside the home M-F and sometimes Saturday. I frequently go to the beach during a lunch or other break or when I have a stack of papers to review. Inevitably, that is alone.
No problem at any time and best if I have something to accomplish. When I am lying there working, folks generally leave me alone (which is what I want). When I take a stroll down the beach for exercise, I am often asked for pictures (primarily by women) and that frequently leads to pleasent conversations.  Going to the beach alone can be both enjoyable and productive. I will admit, however, I enjoy goint to the beach with my wife on the weekend (usually Sunday) even better.
trapking #22

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:02/10/2012 03:53:00Copy HTML

I often go with family and make a day of it but I have no problem going by myself either.   When I go by myself I relax, catch a nap, read, listen to my ipod, and catch some rays.  I don't go out of my way to meet people but do not avoid them either.
Alone or with the family, my favorite place is the beach.
John Howard #23

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:02/11/2012 09:35:22Copy HTML

 It's nice to go to the beach with my family.  When my wife also comes is even better, she helps me with looking after the boys who are starting to be a bit fearless with their boogie boards. 
If I go only with the kids, it's really exhausting, I play with them a lot in the water and when I sunbake I can not really relax and  keep looking what they are doing for their safety.
Only when I go alone I can really relax, sunbake as much as I want, and walk along the beach although not a lot because of fear of my belongings being unattended.
If I go with my wife only I can go for long walks.
I have always worn a thong with my family.   That's the only swimming suit my boys have seen me ever wearing on the beach..  Only when we took my parents in law I had to wear an Andreas Cahling rio;   it's already more than a month and the bloody tan line of that suit is still a bit obvious.     Compromises we make for the sake of  harmony in the family.

Ex_Member #24

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:02/15/2012 04:00:22Copy HTML

 When I lived close to the beach, I would frequently go to the beach alone especially when my wife was pregnant and could not stand the extended sun exposure.  On more than one occasion I would have single women/girls some in thongs some not who would come and ask to sit near me because they did not want to be bothered and just wanted to relax.  Many times my wife would come out to the beach in the late afternoon to join me before sunset, and would always get a kick out of how the women would get all frustrated when they saw her show up like they were doing something wrong by sitting near me.  She would usually just smile and comment that "no worries I know he has a nice tan/suit and i understand you don't like to sit alone" usually most times my wife would rather me sit with someone than sit alone because guys can get harassed alone as well and she knows I like my G-strings to tan in
thonglife #25

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:02/24/2012 02:30:38Copy HTML

I go alone as well as with my wife to the beach. Probably 50-50. My experiences are usually different depending on that. When I am alone at the beach in a skimpy suit, I usuually get hit on by guys. It's just a fact that a skimpy g-string or thong or even a bikini attracts cruisers. I really don't like the attention if its harassing but I accept it comes with the territory. I notice ladies are more abt to stare and setup nearby if my wife is with me though they only make small talk if I am alone. What I would like is more guys and girls in their skimpy suits to engage in friendly, non-sexual conversation and even join me or us nearby.
beachlion #26

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:02/24/2012 11:17:07Copy HTML

I lived in Holland, near the beach. For years I went alone because I like to make long beach walks and my friends don't like that at all . Now and then I would meet (female) friends at the beach near the small beach restaurants but after some time I would leave, find a more remote spot and start my walks.
thong_jock #27

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:03/04/2012 03:54:54Copy HTML

 I prefer going alone...I like the feeling of being by myself in my skimpy suit and the adventures that often occur.
steampowered #28

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:03/05/2012 11:36:39Copy HTML

I find thonging with my partner really fun. Adds an extra element to the mix and makes me a lot more comfortable being seen as a "thonging couple". but the massive confidence boost I get from thonging alone is pretty good too. being seen as the "thonging guy" instead is quite fun.

enjoy both equally, depending on my mood.
Ex_Member #29

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:08/23/2012 04:07:01Copy HTML

It's my first summer thonging at a public beach.  My girlfriend of over 10yrs. doesn't approve, but that's her problem.  So I go to the beach alone.  I'm to the point where my drawer is filled with them.  She can't understand how someone who likes females does something that she (and most people) think is so gay. 

If Kathy Osterman/Hollywood Beach Chicago wasn't a known gay beach I don't think we'd be allowed to wear minimal swimwear there. Or it would be a lot riskier, and the dork short and diaper people would try to chase us away.  Even though there's a silent majority who wanna see more. 
leggoon #30

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:08/25/2012 01:27:46Copy HTML

Last weekend decided I had to thong it at a state beach. It was time to quit hiding in the dune grass worrying that someone might see me. Everything I've been reading on this site indicated there wouldn't be any legal ramifications if I was at a state beach. 

A year ago was the first time getting enough courage to just walk out onto the beach in my speedo. This year, amped it up with skimpier speedos and found some nice secluded spots in the dunes away from others to strip down to my thong. That beach is definitely more family oriented with lots of moms and kids so I would never lay out in just a thong in full view of everyone. Just didn't feel it was right. The speedo I was wearing was definitely a head turner but I'm tall, have a cyclist's body and think it fits my body type. Didn't have a problem with it and most people I walked by smiled at the least and many said hello. 
I've always dreamed of wearing a thong on the beach, near the water, no fear of anyone making a fuss and being able to just pop out into the water for a dip. Searched high and low for a close by state beach in Michigan with lots of beach space. Found one and picked a spot on the far end and decided to just go for it. So glad I did. Not many beach walkers passed by and no one made any fuss. Most of the time was to myself and that was fine with me. Having people pass by wasn't any sort of 'thrill'. It was just nice to be in my most natural state of existence if that makes any sense. I prefer a thong to nothing at all. 
My ultimate goal is to be surrounded by beach goers and be able to lay out or hit the water in my thong. Summers winding down so not sure that's gonna happen this year yet. 
NE_OH_thonger #31

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:08/25/2012 02:51:20Copy HTML

It may happen on its own, leggoon. The last time I went out, I arrived an hour or so after a morning rainstorm, and the beach was completely deserted. I picked a spot right in the middle of the empty beach, and started to sun. About forty-five minutes later, other people started arriving. By the time I left, I had people on either side of me, and a group of people sitting at a picnic table just behind me off the beach. No one could miss my thong, and from the lack of complaints, no one cared. Of course your results may vary, depending on the beach and the types of people who frequent it, but confidence and being there early can make all the difference
thong_jock #32

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:08/25/2012 03:58:05Copy HTML

 Good for you, leggoon! Nothing like thonging on the beach! It's the best!
modelnude4u #33

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:08/25/2012 11:07:27Copy HTML

 My wife and I are heading to Miami Beach in about 3 weeks.  We'll certainly hit the beach together, but she always poops out early, or wants to hand out in the room after lunch for a while, and I"ll hit the beach on my own too.  She's fairly accepting of my exhibitionism, but it's much better when she's not around in general.  It will be nice to be back in an environment where thongs are more common/accepted, even if they're still not THAT common!
32189 #34

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/01/2012 02:41:03Copy HTML

I usually go to the beach alone when I thong.  I would like to invite my wife along some day.  I think she would be accepting of it but she would have a hard time getting used to the idea. 
leggoon #35

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/08/2012 02:35:23Copy HTML

Yesterday was a great day at my favorite state beach. After a 30mi bike ride, walked in the mile from another county park that doesn't charge for parking. As I approached the state beach area, saw the first guy ever wearing little or nothing. He covered up, acted like he was reading a newspaper after seeing me. I continued on without staring and was disappointed to see several people where I've been thonging it lately. In the past, I always had the area to myself.  Decided I didn't care and dropped my square-cut to reveal my brand new silver thong I had on underneath. Everyone was laying out in my direction so all eyes were on me for sure. That moment was so liberating in and of itself. Quickly hopped in the water. Couldn't wait to rinse of the sweat from my previous bike ride.  

As I emerged from the water, felt like an god walking out of the water back onto the beach. I skipped the normal walk down the populated beach to dry off(cop out yes, I know, still working on that) and laid out for some bun sunning goodness. In the several hours out there saw several dudes in either nothing at all or a thong walking past. Again, like my previous experiences, had some folks just out for a stroll who merely walked by without so much as a snicker, comment or commotion walk past me splayed out in all my silver thong glory. WOW! I love it! 

Later that night as I went to bed feeling that slight kiss of the sun on my skin , thought to myself what a glorious day that had been. That's how every day should end!!!!!
32189 #36

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:10/26/2012 07:19:10Copy HTML

Even though i go to the beach on my own I bring along a book and some math puzzles to pass the time.  It works great for me.  I also take pictures or text people.  Good news is my wife is open to my thonging and wants to go thonging with me.  Hopefully she will come out with me someday soon. 
32189 #37

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:10/26/2012 07:24:44Copy HTML

Leggoon, that is an awesome experience you had.  It sure is freeing to just thong freely.  I am yet to see another male thonger but I hope someday too to see one so I can finally know that I am not the lone beach thonger. 
thonglife #38

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:10/26/2012 12:50:34Copy HTML

I would estimate I've thonged alone about half of the overall time I've spent at the beach over the past 5 years while my wife was with me the other half. At the end of the day, I'm there to tan, relax and show-off. I can do all three alone or with my wife. The difference is when she is with me, I have her to stare at in her little thongs :) and I believe it shows others we are a happy, normal couple. When I'm alone, I tend to receive more unsolicited attention from both sexes.

On a populated beach, she prefers I wear a bikini that covers my buns but doesn't mind me wearing a thong/g-string or sheer suit when we are on a more desolate beach. So if I want to wear a skimpy suit around other beach goers, I'm usually alone. Funny I guess.
OS777 #39

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:10/26/2012 03:52:19Copy HTML

 How realistic is it to expect others who are basically conformists (excepting clothing optional or exclusive resorts) to be open enough to wear swim attire out of the 'norm?'  Get a life!  The reason you should be going to the beach should be for yourself and not for anyone else. If there are other like-minded individuals ... well so be it! To expect others to frequent that beach who dress according to your preferences is quite unrealistic. I don't go to beaches with any expectations other than pleasant weather and temperatures. Beyond those expectations I don't expect anything! My happiness or hope for additional rewards are not predicated on validation from others. Thus I achieve what I go to accomplish.. a pleasant day (most often by myself) wearing what I care to wear.  Should others perchance upon me and feel comfortable in my proximity let it be of mutual benefit. I do not come to create a revolution of mores!  I came to express my individuality not to banter others into submitting to my likes. I usually leave a day at the beach or lake with the sense of accomplishment for having a great few hours or days.  I don't leave disappointed not having a companion/accomplice in the clandestine activity of wearing a forbidden garment in a public place.
32189 #40

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:10/29/2012 02:56:43Copy HTML

You make some good points OS777.  I believe that thonging should be done for ourselves and simply because we want to do it, not to impress or implore others.  But if others can find encouragement or strength they would not have had by seeing me thong then I think that is pretty cool.  Seeing an ideology shift can be pretty neat, especially if you have something, or think you have something, to do with it.
gsj #41

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:10/29/2012 05:37:43Copy HTML

I am usually at the beach alone simply through circumstances. I wear minimal attire because that is what I prefer. Degree of brevity depends on how crowded, family beach & etc. Maximum would be a string sided bikini irrespective of company
OS777 #42

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:10/29/2012 08:47:00Copy HTML

Dudes & Dudettes...  2013 is going to be all about me!  To do anything less would be a travesty. I have it in mind to order a assortment of shaftsuits from Dore (Missiles), a wide assortment of DeBoi XXX Xtreme suits, some insanely creative Koala gear, as well as some more insanely tiny Jovana innovations. Then I am finally off to a few uncharted destinations to break in those lines of 2013 swim/beach/& sun wears. Where I go the fainthearted scurry for the security of a densely wooded forest or the darkest of subterranean depths. I go where only the individual supersedes the constraints of self-imposed limits. Beyond the end of any paved or ungraded roads. Beyond the narrow footpaths that lead to the realms of where Buddhas burst their bands and experienced self-realization. Yes it is the infinite distance that an intrepid travel must journey. The great unknown. The 'point-of-no-return' that resides between an individuals ears yet seems to most an impossible distance, too dangerous a sojourn to embark on. It is there that I will plant my standard. Let you imagination remain unlimited and your soul soar higher than the bravest of eagles.
beachlion #43

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:10/29/2012 08:55:55Copy HTML

Be sure you have an Internet-connection in your cell so we can send supporting messages to break the monotony of prison life. ;)Much courage, on way or the other.
OS777 #44

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:10/29/2012 09:03:52Copy HTML

Hay Beachlion  "Busting Out"...  an expression of throwing off the shackles of indecisiveness and moving forward with a quickened stride to total emancipation from what conformists deem is their standard.  A winter get together in a fairly warm weather city as is Houston where a spandex convention has yet to be held is what the expression "Busting Out"  means.  No, sorry but prison is too confining for my taste in self-expression of pool wear.
beachlion #45

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:10/29/2012 09:29:46Copy HTML

About 4 hours in Spain but that is another story, not related to swimgear. And it was way before the age of Internet, a telephone was already a problem there and then.
beachlion #46

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:10/30/2012 01:52:23Copy HTML

That "busting out" drive is something I can relate to. Last summer, when I was in Holland to pack my stuff for emigration to the USA, I felt the same when I went to my local beach. After almost 2 years in the USA, I had first to get used to wearing strings in public but then I started to wear skimpier strings than usual. The last few days I went into the water in white strings and came out totally see-thru. That were exciting moments.
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Re:Going to the beach alone

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Today and yesterday I went to the beach alone again, since my wife is not allowed to expose her skin to intense sunlight anymore.
I like going to the beach very much, so being there alone is much better then not being there at all.
I took something to eat and read and took a few beach walks in one of my Muscleskins Poser thongs.
I walked along the more quiet part of the beach along the water line.  Walking in my thong makes me feel good and relaxing.
After a few hours I went home again in a good mood. I think my of these beach visits will follow!
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Re:Going to the beach alone

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My wife will happily go to nude beaches and nude resorts and has no problems at all, which is one reason why we tend to aim for C/O beaches.  However, she gets greatly upset by people staring, giggling, and photographing me when I wear thongs on a textile beach.  In fact, she gets far more upset about this than I do.  She gets absolutely livid at those people and since she can't control them, it ultimately comes down to pressure on ME to wear something more conventional.  OTOH, she likes to go to LA to visit her friends and have girlie time, and since I'm always the designated driver anyway, that's my chance to head to Venice Beach and thong it (there being no C/O beaches that aren't two hours from Culver City).  Being by myself is not a problem; I'll bring a book and go for thong walks and do body surfing or whatever.  I kind of like going by myself because I don't have to spend two hours getting everything together, and if I do get any hassles, they are easily ignored because nobody else is getting upset except (maybe) me.  And I've worn my thongs at textile beaches enough now that I'm kind of getting used to it and now I'm enjoying shocking people.  Weird, I know.  LOL
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Re:Going to the beach alone

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 I almost always go to the beach alone. First I don't have a partner. Second the last woman I was with was not fond of the beach. Third I like being there alone, people watching, reading a book, swimming, etc. I rarely have any hassles from people. I have met some nice women that way as well. 
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Re:Going to the beach alone

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Once my son was old enough to go surfing with his friends and my daughter decided the beach wasn't her thing, I've almost always go on my own. My wife prefers shopping (thankfully without me) to the beach or pool. She knows that at times I have female 'beach buddies' who may wear a thong and/or be topless, but still encourages me to go.

Virtually the only time I don't go alone is when my sister and I get together and go the beach or to a suburban pool. She thinks it great that I have the confidence to sun in a g-string.
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