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mjbean420 #51

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:07/06/2015 03:32:39Copy HTML

 I found even a small battery powered radio works wonders too.  Usually, I bring a good book, radio, drinks, snacks, and even a light meal. 
NE_OH_thonger #52

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:07/06/2015 09:40:16Copy HTML

 I usually go to the beach alone. Depending on how long I intend to be there, I usually bring a book and/or ipod. I make sure I have plenty of water. You can't have too much. But by the same token, I try not to look so occupied that people wouldn't stop and chat if they are so inclined.
32189 #53

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:07/08/2015 02:39:56Copy HTML

I usually go to the beach alone as well.  I enjoy it when my wife comes with me but she, like faceless drone's wife, gets agitated when people stare or she senses people are laughing.  I tell her nobody really cares but she cannot believe it.  So when she and I go together I usually wear board shorts.  I go enough times without her that I get a good share of thong wearing in.  She does not prefer the beach so much anyway so that gives me even more thong time on the sand.  
NudeNArizona #54

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:07/14/2015 08:01:36Copy HTML

 I used to go to the beach alone all the time especially when I worked night shifts and the wife worked during the day, I never altered my choice of swimwear.  I even would go to tan in one of my mesh baggies, and most of the time I would end up having other single ladies set up near me, and once I got to be known on the beach I would walk the beach and swim in just a baggie.  Also at times when I was applying sunscreen I would have a nice lady offer to cover my back so it wouldn't burn, which always seemed to cover my ass.....lol  One lady even asked me if I knew she could see my butthole when I layed on my stomach, and I smiled and said yes, then she asked why I covered up my front with the baggies, so I told her because the baggie is legal and nude is not, then she told me of a beach down the road where lots of people went nude, and if I'd like she would show me.  So we went to the other beach and as she said I saw about 10 people nude on a week day, and she assured me it would be more crowded on the weekends.

I continued going to the new beach for the next few years and would regularly run into the woman who showed the beach to me, as always I was nude and she always offered to put on sunscreen along with a few of her friends who would come a sit with me on the beach, funny thing I was usually the only one nude in this group
JM_Runs #55

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/07/2015 11:05:13Copy HTML

In personal experience I've never been accompanied to thong with another person at a beach or pool. I've always been on my own and in the few stories I've posted here they haven't been horrible experiences but can get quite boring (regardless the swimwear). I've done it all: reading, music, stroll, just tan, swim, etc and still I get bored. I can't deny I love wearing my thong to the beach but being alone at the beach isn't so amusing. I think this is why I lack more thonging stories. Cause I've had a lot of opportunities to thong at the beach, the heck I'm currently have a temporary job in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, the perfect beaches, and still I don't go as much as I would if it were with a friend or family member.I have tried to go with friends and family members but they're way too conservative and I respect that. I have reached out to other memebers of the ThongBoard to see if any of them have a vacation to Punta Cana to maybe met up and have an actual thong friend to thong togeather but haven't had any luck.
It's ok to be the lone thonger but I think you're less self-encouraged to thong in public when you're alone.I don't know maybe this just me or do any of you feel the same?
JM_Runs #56

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/08/2015 02:55:18Copy HTML

You're not alone.  When we go to California, it's always just me by myself, while my wife hangs out at the mall with her friend.  Sometimes true on our trips to Florida.  I'll do the same things you are doing but it's not as much fun alone.  I do not think your problems are even related to wearing thongs.  It's the society we live in.  People are aloof.  If you went to the beach wearing dork shorts like everyone else, you'd probably experience the exact same feelings.  You need some friends to have fun with, but they're hard to come by.  It's not realistic to expect one of us from this Board to meet and become close friends.  For example, I'm sure you are a great guy but swimwear choice by itself isn't much of a basis for friendship.  Another problem is that to form a friendship and go to the beach together, you pretty much need to live nearby to each other.  I've met fellow thongers at the beach in California, they were nice guys, and we exchanged pleasantries and it was a nice day, but that really was about it -- and it's unlikely ever to change, because I live 300 miles away.
Like you, I would love to meet up with a group of guys (I'd actually prefer 20-something babes in thongs, but I'll settle for guys) and just spend the day on the beach playing volleyball and tossing the frisbee around, but that's not likely to happen.  The thong meetup in Fort Lauderdale might be a good way to meet like-minded, fun people to hang out with because then you have a bunch of people together in a setting where you can talk around until you find some people you like and have something in common with and whom you want to go to the beach with.  But I've never been able to attend.  Since you are in Dominican Republic, maybe you could post something on Craigslist or the local equivalent?  Kind of like pen-pals, get a like-minded group together online and THEN meet up at the beach?
Once a year my wife and I go to the Caribbean to a nude resort with a group of friends we met at another nude resort, we hang out together, we play volleyball several times a day, we tell jokes, we dance at night, and we're all happily married and nobody cheats.  It's very relaxing and a total blast, and we look forward to that all year.  We've been to several nude resorts and always end up meeting people and having a good time.  Nudists are really fun and open people and easy to get to know at these resorts -- as a couple -- but I'll bet it would be hard to meet nudists as a single guy because mostly they are couples.  Regular nude beaches aren't really great, either, because everyone is so guarded.  But at least people there would be relatively like-minded.
Dunno if any of this helps.  But at least you know your problem is not unique.
JM_Runs #57

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/08/2015 03:18:14Copy HTML

Most of the time I go to the beach is with my family and friends, I wear dork shorts with then cause they're all quite conservative when it comes to show off skin. But still we only go to type beach like 4 times a year cause our schedules don't match up.You mentioned it and I said it too, its not horrible to go to the beach alone (regardless thong or dork short) but it gets boring when alone.
Grabeach #58

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/08/2015 09:06:37Copy HTML

Other than a ten year period when my wife and I took the kids and the occasions my sister and I go when she was in town, I’ve always gone to the beach or pool on my own. While it was interesting to see my sister’s reaction (surprised but very positive) to my sunning in a g-string, overall I prefer to go on my own. A few reasons:-

1. Can go to whichever beach or pool I feel like at the time and often only decide which one when on ther way. And if I don’t feel in the mood when I get there I can go or do something else entirely.
2. Can stay as long as I like.
3. Can talk to whoever I want to for as long as it suits without feeling obliged to ‘entertain’ the person I arrived with.
4. Conversely can choose to switch off completely and ignore everybody.
5. Can discreetly people watch to my heart’s content - there is invariably something interesting to see.
6. Do all the things that Novicethonger mentions at the start, but only if I want to.

Perhaps that I am able to easily frequent a couple of dozen different locations and every so often make a point of going to a new pool helps, but I can’t remember ever being bored. I guess if it ever start to get boring then I would go less often!
JM_Runs #59

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/08/2015 11:04:20Copy HTML

 @Grabeach I guess I have to find myself at the beach cause I have gone to places on my own that are not the "norm" to go alone, like the movies, or the mentioned beach.
thinthong #60

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/09/2015 02:51:56Copy HTML

 For some reason I really love this thread.  I love the candor and the human side...
navythong #61

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/09/2015 06:29:31Copy HTML


Ofcourse you're not the only one getting a bit bored when visiting the beach on your own.
I have exactly the same. I often visit the beach on my own since my wife is not allowed to expose her skin to direct sun rays anymore.
So I have two choices: stay at home or go to the beach alone. Mostly I choose the second option, because I'm a true beach-lover.
But it's true, being on your own gets boring after a few hours.
Mostly I eat and drink something, go for a walk along the beach, if its not too crowded in my thong.
After returning from my beachwalk of about 1 hour I do some suntanning and swimming. Most of the time I take some magazines to read, but after a few hours being alone is getting bored. Depending on the temperature I mostly decide to go home after a while.
But the next time I happily go again: life is good at the beach!
ShadowT #62

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/09/2015 07:26:27Copy HTML

 I really don't mind the solitude. I tend to setup aware from the large crowds, partly to avoid families, but as much of that is to get away from the noise and people as anything else.  Even when I have my wife with me, we simply enjoy the peacefulness, with some reading, snakes and drinking water.  A lot of the time, we don't even go in the water.
JM_Runs #63

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/10/2015 08:25:21Copy HTML

It's good to hear I'm not the only one who feels like this. Thanks Navythong, ShadowT I guess I just have to find myself.
Thongzo #64

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/10/2015 09:50:32Copy HTML

I went to Playalinda beach alone, mostly because I had a free Saturday and because I didn't think any of my friends at the time would be willing to join me at a nude beach! It was nice. Being an introvert, I like being by myself sometimes whether that be nude or clothed!
big daddy thong #65

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/11/2015 02:12:02Copy HTML

 Being an introvert myself, I can relate to your fellings about this situation about going alone to the beach.  I recently took a test on line and found that I was a social introvert, meaning that while I enjoyed social interaction, I needed time alone to recharge my thoughts after being with others and enjoy the introspection of solitude.
thong_jock #66

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/11/2015 02:10:53Copy HTML

 I love going to the beach and thonging alone. I have a very busy life with lots of demands on my time and there's nothing I enjoy more then stripping down to a skimpy swim thong and being almost naked in public. I do like going to the beach with friends too and typically only go with my gay friends and I always wear a thong. Kids are older now so don't go with them much anymore but when we do i wear a small speedo. Their friends tease them that their dad is so buff. Like me, they could give two shots but still I wouldn't wear a thong around them...they don't need to see dad's ass! 
mrhb2008 #67

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/11/2015 03:55:55Copy HTML

 As I posted on another thread, if you get that bored, why not bring a bag and grabber & pick up trash?  Gets you exercise, fuller tan & helps the cleanliness of the beach!
gsj #68

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/11/2015 06:40:06Copy HTML

 For many of the reasons above I usually go to the beach alone. Do my own thing, beholden to no one. Swim then sun or maybe stroll along the waters edge beachcombing, always minimally attired - great!
Grabeach #69

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/11/2015 08:14:31Copy HTML

“Why not bring a bag and grabber & pick up trash?”

This is something I’ve always done automatically, especially if there are only a couple of bits of rubbish marring an otherwise pristine beach, pool, hiking trail or park. In our case it hopefully has a benefit that others associate ‘thonger’ with ‘responsible citizen’. Unfortunately on some beaches you could get bored spending the whole day picking up trash!
briankay #70

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/13/2015 04:56:00Copy HTML

I'm OK either way. When my sister lived nearby she often went with me. And I had a beach buddy friend for a time. Even during those times I would sometimes elect not to invite them, days when I wanted to think, etc.

The beach is my primary motivation. Being with someone can be a bonus sometimes, sometimes not, but not any requirement for a good time.
JM_Runs #71

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/13/2015 05:03:13Copy HTML

If I am not out to exercise, I pickup trash to prevent boredom.  It also gives me a good reason to be walking all over the beach and I get to meet many friendly people.

bmicro #72

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/13/2015 09:00:02Copy HTML

 You might say that I am the opposite. When I am alone, going to the beach is time for some exercise, walking or jogging. I will walk/run for an hour or two and then leave. Very enjoyable and helps to keep me in shape.When I am with my wife, all she wants to do is lay out and then go into the water, lay out, go into the water repetitively. BORING.
mack_back #73

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/14/2015 08:08:33Copy HTML

Been asked that exact same question going to the beach alone....

One male did ask me on the beach seeing me all season don't i get lonely? My answer was noway, i can entertain myself to my delight without offending others.Female trainer inquisitive of my beach sunning wished to go but has nobody to partner with. Only once with fellow (platonic) male gym employee in nine years immigrating to the country the female personal trainer visited the beach. While i told her to go despite her reservations she commented going alone wasn't ideal. My comments to her she could have more fun alone yet she shook her head  no.
While i do find it better going alone despite what others think of me arriving to the same beach all summer. For whatever reason regular beach goers despise a single solo male visiting the beach they see regularly. Often speculation is assumed seeing me week in week out laying out alone as creepy.Even though i leave people alone minding my business listening to podcasts or music with earbuds. 

What i've learned people talk about three things, themselves, other people, and ideas. Often then not i overhear beach goers complain about people that can't have conversations being too pedestrian only chatting about the weather etc..Or talking with common beach goers and their conversation often ends up critiquing random newbie beach visitors.  

Hearing them talking about being bothered by the mear presence of black males or thugs sitting on the sand in their denim garb observing everyone. People with pets walking along the beach and popping in the sand burying it.Solo asian male wearing dress shoes/ polyester pants and socks  having difficulty putting up umbrella to shade from the suns rays.Some male wearing a thong laughing upon him commenting he's weird.
 What advantages i have arriving to the beach alone is most importantly time. What i mean by that is, when accompanied by a couple woman or group of people often you need to be patient waiting for everyone to arrive together. Meaning stopping to use the restroom, buying a lunch, drink stopping out of the way places for someones request, not being prepared for the beach, taking up more time waiting in lines. Missing scheduled departure times for transportation that was initially planned thus lineups begin to grow larger or impossible, being uncomfortable in mobs of crowds on buses, smells , lack of room to maneuver making it more of hardship to arrive at the beach destination etc... Had this happen to me before planing to arrive at the beach around noon but getting their at 5 or 6pm only because i was accompanied by three woman, only two of which actually visited the beach. WTF that's my reaction exactly...

Also cycling towards my beach destination keeps my time of arrival on schedule while accompanied with others they maybe on a slower gentler leisure pace for example bad bicycle, unprepared, wearing flip flops slower to walk etc...

Usually other people have their own  agenda to be relaxed and no hurry to arrive at the beach early. Only problem i find is missing prime time hours of sun worshipping 10 am - 3pm where you can tan really well and find good spot to setup camp. Others don't care or think about tanning except the voyage and fun along the way or the ramifications when arriving late. Until they arrive late around 2 pm and find the beach covered with towels no room to lay down only disgusting wet, rocky spots or uncomfortable busy locations, awful people to be around etc...
Then i stew angry getting less then ideal spot on the beach wishing we all came earlier as planned initially. If i express blame towards one or more of my friends delaying our arrival it can make for upsetting day at the beach or should i say half day. 

Also many people don't partake or interested in my so called nudist lifestyle on the beach. So arriving at a clothing optional beach with others may intrigue some females at first, for the sheer novelty or imagination seeing me nude for the first time. Doubt they would make it a habit joining me regularly to the beach together week in weekend out being they would never partake shedding their conservative swimwear.
If i were to visit a textile beach wearing a MS thong attention i would receive is impossible to relax comfortably. Earlier in my life visited family beach's wearing what i call poser/rio skinny side string swimwear considering conservative suits what i wear today. People can't handle it laughing pointing me out critiquing me of looking "this or that" or someone that should be mocked old and young alike (he never will pickup girls looking like that.. that's disgusting).While joined with friends they too would feel or hear the snide remarks telling me to put on shorts you came with giving out examples of what people are saying... If i reply i don't care of strangers opinions,  others in my group would take acception argue they care.. thus want me to wear more or shame me to take notice while they feel embarrassed for me (saying you look gay or people will consider you gay ) and if that shocking sexuality tone won't work they leave me alone, walking away discussing to leave together and calling it a day for the group or just me. Later hearing they never want to join me on the beach ever again nor want to know me as a friend or colleague because of my choice of a thong or bikini briefs being ridiculous disgusting bordering on perversion. 

Often as some people ask why i venture on the beach alone it's usually a good thing being unfettered. Don't need to leave early nor come late. Eat, lay on my towel listening to great music  or comedy podcast undisturbed.
 Somethings you got to do alone until i find some female that thinks showing your body ain't a big deal or wearing thongs on the beach cute, hot, fantastic or my gym/street attire cool. Until then  most people will feel uncomfortable around me only because they can't handle criticism about me or their issues about how they are perceived joining me.

Unless you find like minded individuals with the same beliefs or careless what haters say about you, their is no point continuing a partnership when fundamentally you both disagree on how someone should look.  So i agree with JM about "self selection" or "filter" out the people constantly picking on me for my appearance. Only disagreement with JM is it's not only political, religious ideology that separate us which can be handful of people you encounter. My experience it's 90% of female gender that can't accept the mode of my clothing style of undress. Leaves me with very low percentage of woman to choose from all of which maybe not picky of male to belong with only because of their physique or mental state...Lucky me that i choose to be alone...

AussieExPoser #74

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/15/2015 02:56:27Copy HTML

 IMHO  A single mail alone is seen as Strange Weird etc Two males together are seen as obviously Gay. But a man in a thong with a woman is quite okay. and a man in a thong with a woman in a thong is a no-brainer. 
Grabeach #75

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/15/2015 07:40:25Copy HTML


I reckon you're a bit pessimistic for a guy on his own in Australia. In my experience strange or weird is toward the negative end of the opinion range. I think 'bohemian' would be more applicable. Agree two guys in thongs would still be considered gay. From my experience with my one piece wearing sister and other conventionally clad women I've befriended at the beach, I'm don't sense I'm considered any different to when I'm on my own, though I'm sure less threatening to those who feel threatened by such things. Years back when I've had a female 'beach buddy' also wearing a thong or g-string, I think it likely we were both considered bohemian, though in that situation I wasn't usually paying much attention to what others may have been thinking!
maxpower1980 #76

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/16/2015 09:37:22Copy HTML

I find that when by myself  females will often set up it the area of me, especially when it appears to be their first time in a tiny bottom or topless (tan lines are a giveaway), but thong with a female they are willing to set up a lot closer. Same goes for the nude beach. A beach shelter has a similar effect to a female companion why? I wish i knew.
wearsthongs #77

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/19/2015 05:59:25Copy HTML

 I prefer female company.  Even when I'm just wearing swim briefs, there is usually pointing, laughing, picture taking etc. when I am alone.  Its a totally different experience with a lady.  I live in new england, outside of boston, its not exactly south beach around here.  Times when I've been to the beach and with a friend (girl) that was also tanning in a thong, I get tip of the hats and waves from the fishermen even.  I think it's because mindset that once there a good looking lady in the mix, nothing is weird from another male's perspective.  We've all done something crazy for a good looking girl.
teeback269 #78

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/19/2015 09:29:42Copy HTML

 For many years I had female friends to go with me to the beach. Unfortunately I have reached the stage (I'll be 73 next birthday) where all my friends have either passed away, or moved on. So I go to the beach on my own, but I absolutely hate it! But I will still go, and wear my g-string with pride!
navythong #79

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/19/2015 05:45:02Copy HTML

I think wearsthongs is so right. It makes a huge difference being alone or with female campany.
But I don't let that change my mind. It influences indeed my choice which beach I'm going to.
Getting unwanted comments, pointing and laughing I find not nice to experience. I'm on the beach to have a good time, not to hear or see others having problems with my choice of swimwear.
Grabeach #80

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/20/2015 08:05:51Copy HTML

Interesting that wearthongs and navythong have noted a large difference when having female company that I have not noted. Perhaps this becomes more apparent in places (Boston?) where male thonging is generally less tolerated, whereas on Australian (specifically Sydney) beaches where no one really cares anyway, there isn't a significant difference.
JM_Runs #81

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/20/2015 09:02:49Copy HTML

I agree with Grabeach.  I think it's all in the audience.  When I was in Tulum with my wife, we got all kinds of gawkers and photographers.  Most likely midwesterners who've never seen a thong.  But I've been several times to Venice Beach by myself and nobody pays any attention. Californians have already seen it all.
John Howard #82

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/20/2015 11:51:57Copy HTML

 Idem here....5 cm Speedos at Cairns water park with wife and kids, lots of bad looks ftom middle age bald tatooed board shorts dads..... 1/2 inch Muscleskins Poser thong at St Kilda beach,  packed with people, on my own,  completely ignored.
teeback269 #83

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/21/2015 08:52:24Copy HTML

 5 cm speedos! Much, too much material!
JM_Runs #84

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:02/13/2016 12:01:34Copy HTML

 I go to the beach alone most of the time and don't mind it at all.  However, once I'm at the beach and others [with the same interest in swimwear] see that I'm wearing a thong or g-string, they usually strike up a conversation, or vice versa.  I enjoy meeting new people at the beach!
JM_Runs #85

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:11/03/2016 12:29:06Copy HTML

Last time I wrote on this thread I was a little discouraged cause I got bored on thonging alone now I really enjoy myself and I've leared how to enjoy the solitude.
Now to my new topic on going to the beach alone: when you go to the beach in public transportation, by foot, or biking and don't have a car or nearby house to safely store your belonging how do you manage to do it when taking a dip in the water or a stroll down the beach? Of corse this question is more to new beaches that your not aware of the percentage of thefts of that beach but can also apply to your go-to regular beach.
I can only speak of Juan Dolio Beach in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where on weekdays everything in a backpack and a towel over it in the shade is pretty much safe and your alone so no major worries on weekends you have to be alert and have your stuff near you at all times.
I'd like to know your methods. I personally intrested in the Miami and Fot Lauderdale beaches beach goers tips since I'll be visiting them soon and frequently but beach goers from other beaches are good to hear their safty tips too.
lauren1 #86

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:01/10/2017 06:03:33Copy HTML

 oops I'm a bit out of date here as I see this thread is a year old. Anyway, thonging alone? I'm lucky that I get a lot more free time than my b/f and get to travel for work so it's off to the beach whenever possible. Now a confession, so it's great going with my b/f and he encourages me to show off in ways I wouldn't if I were alone, but when it's just me I find its an irresistible buzz. maybe it's the frisson of danger or greater shock value. I've even asked him to pretend we're not together to gauge any reactions for example if I walk the beach in various states of undress. Yes the company is always nice, but I don't get bored because I keep active (walking, yoga) at the beach and when I'm alone I usually attract the attention of the opposite sex - so funny how some guys will act like it's nothing unusual when I know full well that if I were covered up they wouldn't have noticed me. x k
Sharon73 #87

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:01/11/2017 12:39:34Copy HTML

So true, it is a vibe or a buzz or an excitement of going alone to the beach in a thong and going topless as the attention from guys is much more.
Mary0826 #88

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:01/11/2017 01:44:47Copy HTML

 I think it is funny how guys act when I wear a thong and especially when I go topfree too.  Some are downright crude, starting their conversation with a comment on what is showing.  Others work in a discussion and approval of my outfit after awhile.  But the ones I think are funniest are the guys who can talk to you for an hour and openly are checking out your tits and/or buns, but at the same time try to act like it is no big deal that you are topfree and wearing a thong, never mentioning it.  If you ask these guys about it with a question like "Do you think I should wear a top (or traditional bikini bottom) at this beach?" they respond like they didn't even notice you were wearing so little, sometimes even saying they didn't notice that you were topfree or wearing a thong...

Guys and nudity are so funny, but I love them anyway.

lauren1 #89

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:01/11/2017 02:13:49Copy HTML

So true. I've not had any crude or negative opening chat up lines, but often a guy might say he loves my bikini (even though it's not even one half of a bikini), which is I guess quite cute and not as leery as saying how to tiny it is...Although that topic can come around ;-)
Grabeach #90

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:01/11/2017 07:33:16Copy HTML

Wow, four posts in a row from the ladies. That has to be a record!
lauren1 #91

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:01/12/2017 01:36:34Copy HTML

 Now then Grabeach, you're a naughty boy...you should know better than to interrupt when the girls are chattering ;-)K x
String_guy #92

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:01/13/2017 12:23:55Copy HTML

 Yeah Grabeach, be quiet! lol
John Howard #93

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:01/14/2017 02:54:33Copy HTML

 Going to the beach alone.....
Not that easy if you are a male and you bump into a group of 2+ people, which could feel like a crowd if they are uneducated young macho bravado men.....
However, here it comes the challenge.
the other day, and many days by the way, i have noticed young and middle age ladies sunbaking wearing tiny bikinis or cheeky bikinis on the beach..... on their own,  sunbaking on the middle of the beach,  turning around to show their semi naked bums,  and sometimes ever taking off their tops.

And I thought,  wtf!!!,,,here there are these brave ladies, alone,  being assertive and doing what they want to do:  to sun their bodies to the full.Of course, and I can testify that,  there are plenty of males who are imbeciles and can't help to walk past again and again to oggle them and salivate looking at their bodies,  these guys are  usually fully clothed and wearing even shoes;   they are real peasts and are so mentally limited that they believe that by doing that, or even worse by saying something rude to that woman, they would say "take me I'm yours".....

And here we are, not all of us, but some of us males,  who are thongers and sun lovers,  choosing areas of the beach a bit hidden and remote,  because we don't have the guts to do what the girls do, and we chicken out.   We  can't digest the idea of 3 or 4 young immature males yelling abuse at us,  we  would not appreciate other males with their girlfriends laughing at us saying "to wear a thong he must be gay"......but what we don't realise is that many women would perhaps not approve the male thong thing, but the idea of being bold enough to wear it in public, is very attractive to them, because confidence in men  IS attractive to women.And if everyone around us think that we must be gay because we wear a thong, then so be it, I might be gay, so what?  Times have changed, let's take advantage of this.

Yep, this was my new year's resolution, and I have followed it 100%.... I now choose the most populated area of the beach, in the middle for everyone to see what I am wearing.   Thanks to these gutsy ladies,   If they can put up with the  abuse and unwanted attention, why can't we too.  We are not delicate flowers aren't we... lol

And by the way,  all these ladies have something in common;   they all wear headphones......I reckon it helps!!!!!!!

OS777 #94

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:01/14/2017 03:19:32Copy HTML

 Is going to the beach or park to enjoy sun and the experience of being in public wearing a thong your idea of fun? I hope so.  For persons of either sex, try making the visit of sunbathing your enterprise.  To live in fear or doubt is not living. It helps if one thinks of being alone, even if one is not. Focus on the day and the delights of being there devoid of perceived disapprovals.  If you can wrap your mind around that concept you will soon see the truth of this view.  No one really cares who and what you are and what you wear.  If it happens that they go into cardiac arrest...  well they should have been left hooked up to life support. They are dead anyway. In that vein anyone who is not living with passion during each and every moment of their awakened life is indeed dead and absent without leave from the graveyard.
32189 #95

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:01/15/2017 05:45:40Copy HTML

I agree with OS777 that nobody really cares what you are wearing.  They have their own lives to tend to.  I know there are times when people actually do say something either to me or to who they are with.  But then it is done and over and most people do not have the time or care to focus on what I am doing.  One time I was laying out in my thong and the two people next to me had a brief conversation about thong wearing.  I was close enough to where I could hear them casually talking.  And the woman just said, "I don't care if he or others wear thongs, it is just something I would not do."  And the guy with her just seemed to agree and shortly thereafter they started talking about something else.  That is just one example of my experience in thonging alone.  
Sybok #96

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:01/15/2017 07:02:38Copy HTML

 It really shouldn't bother anyone else but the wearer. 
ithongit #97

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:01/16/2017 01:19:02Copy HTML

 I agree with the concept that wearing a thong or going topfree if you are a woman SHOULD not be that big of a deal to others.  In reality, I think most other beach goers really don't care (at least the places where I go which are considered 'thong friendly'.  But unfortunately, there is that person or group who feel it is their responsibility to tell you that they don't like what you are showing.  Even in places where thongs and topfree looks on women are legal, these people take on getting you to cover up or making you feel uncomfortable their goal.  The reason why they feel this way -- religious teachings that people should dress modestly, fear of offending other people, excessive opportunities for skin cancer, bad influences for youth or others, fear of gays or others who are different, or whatever -- has little to do with their approach, which usually is to complain to someone.  Often this is an official such as a law enforcement person, others on the beach (perhaps to build community support) or the person who is committing the 'offensive' act themselves.

I have been thonging long enough to say that at least in Ohio, the complaints seem to have peaked a few years ago, and now they are very few and far between.  I have gone years with only one or two complaints here at most each year.  My sister, husband, brother-in-law, and friends who usually thong have reported the same trend -- complaints are down, acceptance seem to be up.

There have always been people who comment on our thongs -- often in a complimentary way.  I really appreciate a 'cute swimsuit' or 'nice tan' comment from a stranger -- especially when it comes spontaneously and the person proceeds to wander off and do their own thing.  A few people still laugh or make fun of our thongs, but after a few minutes most of these people quiet down and accept you as just another beach goer.

I remember a time when well organized groups of people would do everything in their power to get you to cover up or leave.  This included direct intimidation through negative remarks and arguments directly with the thonger, attempts to stir up trouble by making up issues about you and then reporting them to the officials (once a group of these people scattered pop cans and cigarette butts around the area where we were laying out then complained about us as being 'litter bugs' to the officials.  Showing the officials that we didn't have that brand of pop in our large cooler and we had no cigarettes at all convinced him that someone else was the trouble maker.  But there have been times and places where even the officials who knew that thonging and topfreedom were legal, but harassed those who engaged in these practices by standing or parking near the thongers as if trying to catch them doing something wrong.  Others would follow us out of the parking lot and write a citation for a minor driving infraction like speeding, crossing the center line (even though there were bicycles or pedestrians on the side of the highway, and the line crossing did not endanger anyone in the oncoming lane.  They have ask for identity cards on the beach then harassed any thonger who happened to have left his identity cards in the car.  The list of harassments of thongers used in the past is long, but fortunately, the current trend towards more acceptance of thongers has minimized or eliminated virtually all thonging complaints in the Ohio area.
Certain beaches
JM_Runs #98

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:01/16/2017 07:05:10Copy HTML

Re:  "I agree with OS777 that nobody really cares what you are wearing."  Sometimes that is true.  That has been my experience at SoBe, Haulover (textile) area, and Venice Beach, CA (multiple times).  On my last trip to Venice Beach, a much older couple set up 20' away from me and never said a word, either derogatory or pleasant -- just ignored me.  I've walked Venice in my g-string several times, including from the Washington St. parking lot to Ketch and back, and nobody ever said a word.  Great comfort level.  OTOH, I won't repeat my earlier posts about my awful experience in Tulum.  My theory is that SoBe and Venice have a lot of locals and tourists who came there to wear their own daring swimwear, so thongs don't even make them blink, whereas Tulum was in mid-Winter and it seemed to be full of Midwestern tourists who came there specifically to gawk.  It might be different in Tulum in summer but why bother when there are Florida and California?
mack_back #99

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:01/16/2017 08:38:07Copy HTML

Beg to differ as to no surprise for some on this forum. My experiences taught me people come to the beach to relax, get away from the everyday preoccupations at work etc.. So in that vain people tend to gawk men checking out female bodies dressed in scantily clad bikinis. While woman looking at fit young males that subscribe to their type of man, dork short wearing fit swimmer tall bodies they can oggle. 

If you start to stick out any form or fashion wearing less fabric eyes  fingers are pointed towards you. Believed in people surely looked when i arrived at the beach staking my claim initially, intrigued in who is neighbouring them for the afternoon like it or hate it... 
In my case i always thought the first impression was the only thing people cared about and went on with their day. Little did i know it's not true. Yes, people on the beach get preoccupied texting chatting with their group of friends. Soon that gets boring and people tend to naturally observe their surroundings for unique and interesting vistas or people. 

Had many people come up to me describing my appearance apologizing asking me questions or making comments trying not to offend. In most cases these people seen me many times observing the minutia details of what i do laying on my beach towel. Never did i realize i was being watched so carefully by couples and discussions about me continued. Although i sensed people staring upon me but always thought they are prudes not use to seeing someone like myself looking bold and oblivious what people thought.

What unnerved me often at the beach is groups of young people discussing me watching waiting for me to do something funny or reaction they could discuss. For example the wind was blowing in my direction and could overhear these young group two guys and couple females discuss me. As i lay on my towel found it ridiculous how much they chatted or observed me as if they had nothing to do or talk about. Thought they would get bored and chat about other stuff which eventually did picking on other people. As i rose from blanket suddenly others in the group began to nudge, prod one female saying, here is the moment of truth you've been waiting for with giggles, "he's getting up". As i walked towards the water i could see eyes were entirely on me by the entire group. Later i came back to lay down i seen the group being fragmented and only two stayed observing me. The male commenting i must be gay. While the female disagreeing saying i was only different still admiring me. At one point i overheard her say to her friend, "Oh! i so much want to sit on him now... Being i was laying out on my back entirely nude...
My location surroundings is important where i decide to go. If i visit a family beach only need to wear what everyone wears dark navy dork shorts thus i stand out less and blend in the surroundings and forgotten. If i want to be seen and talked about being exhibitionist i wear neon colored poser thong walking along the beach or showering to be seen. While knowing how comfortable i look nude or in a thong i relish the attention.  Seeing the reactions  open mouth, draw dropping in aw or shocked disbelief stares.

Love one of my favourite times at the beach i like to share. Seen this group of seven or eight settling on the beach from their yacht offshore. There was a hot female in the group wearing a green thong bikini oblivious to anyone surrounding her. Yet i sensed she knew her thong got attention and everyone approved how great she looked none could come close to her style and appearance. Enjoy the challenge showing off being compared to other thongers. So i walk passed the group with not being noticed to my sugrin. As i double back from my beach walk, finally someone from the group points me out. Everyone stares except the hot green thonging diva preoccupied with herself and the group. Then she finally looks as everyone tells her again, again with big grins. She finally lifts her head as i come passing by in her line of sight at the water's edge. The reaction on her face was priceless she was totally stunned thinking she was only one wearing a thong that looked great. She observed me for awhile in shock while the group laughed upon her reaction. As i walked further away someone from the group commented she isn't only one looks hot in a thong.. 
modelnude4u #100

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:03/01/2017 08:27:49Copy HTML

 I love going to the beach alone.  My wife doesn't share, or fully support my swimwear choices, so she'd rather not be there anyway.
My recent 4 day trip to Miami was the perfect example of this in motion.  I got to decide what to wear, where to go, and just how naughty I wanted to be at any point.   Stop in a bar wearing nothing but a thong to have a beer? Sure, why not?  Walk down Lincoln Road in only tiny Soffee  shorts, with whale tail tan lines showing for everyone?  Hell yes!  Everyone should take a trip like that at least once.
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