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_pinkstring_ #101

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:03/03/2017 04:11:39Copy HTML

Just started thonging this year and am loving it so far. Still gaining my confidence with wearing a thong or G. So ive only been alone while wearing. I wear my speedo over my thong then remove it once out in the water, unless im on a secluded beach by my self then its only a thong and no speedo. As seen in some recent pics ive uploaded.
tanandtaut #102

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:04/03/2017 07:12:28Copy HTML

 Signing up for this thread. Lifelong thonger and nude beach devotee, usually by myself.
NudeNArizona #103

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:04/03/2017 11:20:41Copy HTML

 I have went to the beach alone many times especially during the week when I worked shift work, some were crowded beaches others were secluded.  But some of the beaches after you become familiar with the people you can eventually meet new friends.  I used to go to a beach and an older lady in her 60's would walk the beach for exercise and after a few times seeing her she would wave to me and eventually she would stop and talk to me and initially she said nothing about my G-string but after she got to know me she would make comments if I wore something new and she even would give me compliments, so as time wore on and I regularly hit the beach I wore smaller and more extreme swimsuits and the smaller they got the more time she would talk. Then finally one day she told me of a beach where I could go nude with very little traffic.  I said that I needed to try it out and a few days later I went to check it out. That afternoon while laying out I see my friend walking down the beach...
Martylouie #104

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:04/04/2017 10:27:03Copy HTML

NudeNArizona #105

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:04/04/2017 10:39:51Copy HTML


To answer your question she came walking up to me on the beach her in her normal beach attire and me laying out nude, she asked how I was enjoying the beach and I said it was nice but kinda quiet and she told me it was much busier on the weekends and I said I would like to see it then as well. She commented on finally getting to see me naked even thought it wasn't a surprise that I was completely shave from seeing most of my G-strings, but said she liked the look of complete nude. Then I asked her if she would mind applying some oil to my back and she did, then I finished applying oil and asked if she wanted to take a walk down the beach because I would like to see what was down around the bend and we just walked along the beach
Vega1210 #106

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:04/05/2017 10:38:54Copy HTML

was this a nude walk or did you put your thong back on???
NudeNArizona #107

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:04/06/2017 01:55:38Copy HTML

 Vega1210,  Yes I was nude walking and she was clothed
cmp304 #108

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:04/06/2017 05:38:22Copy HTML

 I always go to the beach alone.  I generally arrive early and pic a spot at the edge of the main beach area not too far from the water.  I do not seek out a private spot.  Depending on the day I may visit with anywhere from none to several others.  While reading this thread I realized that the conversations I've had that go beyond hello, etc are almost entirely with people that are older than me. 
NudeNArizona #109

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:04/08/2017 11:10:06Copy HTML

 cmp304,  I agree with you about not completely seeking out a private spot, at time while wearing a "legal" thong or G-string.  I have found that as long as it IS a legal suit and you are NOT completely isolated it is possible to get lost in the crowd of fellow beach goers.  But if you are in a completley private area and are "discovered" it does bring more attention.
cmp304 #110

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:04/09/2017 03:40:24Copy HTML

Key words being legal and swimsuit!  At least for me there is a comfort level knowing that what I'm wearing is allowed (hence my interest in this board).   It then becomes a matter of simply wearing a swimsuit to the beach and enjoying the day.  Over the years I've progressed to just about the smallest possible g-strings I can find and have comfortably interacted with staff, guards, rangers and other visitors without any issues.  For some reason it seems to attract  less attention to wear just a t shirt and g from the parking lot rather than having shorts to take off.  Granted I generally go to the beach on weekdays  and am lucky to have places to go that thongers, while not common, can be seen on most days.  When I first started wearing thongs I was somewhat uncomfortable and sought out more private spots.  I remember those days and now when I see someone else who has not yet become completely confident I realize how that uncertainty can actually bring more attention to yourself!
Mary0826 #111

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:04/12/2017 01:41:36Copy HTML

 As a woman, I can wear a thong or G-string to most beaches where they are legal, regardless of whether I am alone.  I can even go topfree!  I have also seen more acceptance when I do not wear shorts or a shirt, but instead just my minimal bottom.  I think that by not having other clothing with me, people do not think "cover up now" but instead maybe "I wish she had not worn so little.". Seeing you with more cloths on only makes it easier for someone to tell you to cover up.  My husband and the other men I sometimes accompany to the beach report the same thing, except that they don't see any difference between having on a T-shirt or not.  They think this is because most people accept shirtless men (at least on the beach) and don't really think adding a shirt would present much of a covering up of areas they might find objectionable.  Taking shorts off to reveal a thong or other minimal swimsuit presents the impression that either you are uncomfortable wearing a thong from your car to the beach, or that you are trying to push the limits of normality on the beach.  Neither of these messages will favor the behavior of the thonged.
cmp304 #112

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:04/12/2017 01:53:11Copy HTML

 I believe that the vast majority of people have few if any thoughts about thongs at all.    If I act "normal"  - confident, relaxed, happy, content, etc - at the beach I feel others perceive me as okay being there.

If I wear a shirt no one ever pays any attention to how small my thong/g string may be.  If I wear only a thong/g I do get a lot more stares.  So I tend to wear a shirt from my car to the beach.  But once I'm on the beach I don't cover and uncover myself to go to and from the water, take a walk or fill my water bottle.  

I seem to not even get a second look if I have a nice tan with minimal lines.  I think that supports the thongs are okay statement
32189 #113

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:04/15/2017 02:22:06Copy HTML

I am beginning to feel more and more like I agree with cmp304 statement that people do not really care.  When I strip down to my thong and layout it does not appear that anyone notices or cares.  I am sure they may have opinions but nothing that comes through in body language or anyone saying anything.  Being confident about it communicates to others that I belong there as much as they do and what I am doing is not wrong.  I think it may also help when the lifeguards or cops drive by, see me in a thong, and keep going without any problems.  
ithongit #114

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:04/16/2017 06:20:39Copy HTML

 Having the authority figures accepting you in a thong is the best way to be accepted.  Randy and I often not only wave at Rangers or Cops, but stand and engage them in conversations when possible.  "Why is the lake so low?", "How late is the park opened?"  "I wish the trash cans were closer to the beach.", "Is there anyone we car write to so that funds are available to get lifeguards back?.  Obviously virtually any question will work, but having a man, obviously in a thong or G-string, or a women similarly dressed and topfree, standing a few feet from the authority and chatting (people don't know what you are saying unless they are very close) enforces the legality of wearing a thong or going topfree.  And seeing enforcement people accept thongs once at a specific place usually caries over for the whole season wherever you are at.  Seeing the same reactions several places, like at several state parks, creates the impression that thongs are acceptable at all state parks.

With regards to acceptance, times have changed and after 20-25 years of anti-thong rules, people have learned that there really isn't anything wrong with thongs in themselves.  Thongs do not make men gay, and who cares about gay men now anyway?  Women who wear thongs are not automatically sluts.  None of the perverts in the newspapers or on TV wear thongs, so thong wearer are not perverts.  All the things eliminating thongs was supposed to correct never happened.

JM_Runs #115

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:04/17/2017 01:35:38Copy HTML

 Ithongit has a point:  Engage park stalf, rangers, lifeguards and police in friendly conversations. Others, curious to see if you will be told to cover up or leave will be taking notice. Then when you part company, make sure it is with friendly smiles and waves before confidently returning to thonging.

The discrete watchers will have seen the people in authority have no problems with your thong, and so they will not either. 

I find the sort of people who object to thongs tend to be the sort of people who believe in strong law and order, respecting the chain of command and accepting the decisions of the people in charge. 

A simple visual demonstration that the local authorities have no problem with thongs goes a long way to smoothing ruffled feathers. 
Tan305 #116

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:04/22/2017 08:14:41Copy HTML

 I agree with JM and Ithong it. Showing friendliness towards staff at beaches is important.
Tan305 #117

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:04/22/2017 08:22:31Copy HTML

 Eventually, you become a regular. Always use common sense, if you are a man, do not set camp too close to anyone. Respect the space of others and they will (in most cases) respect yours. I also find that weekdays are much better than weekends.
jfish #118

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:05/24/2017 12:00:38Copy HTML

 i have recently had a few great experiences.  The first one was about a month ago.  I was on the beach, i got there early and set up.  It was not crowded at all.  i gave my self about 30-40 yards from the closest person.  I had been there about an hour and was lying on my stomach, cheeks exposed when a couple sets up about 10 yards from me.  They smile an say Hi, i am thinking to rollover , but they set up there.  The eventually starts a conversion with me and offers me a beer....we all chat on and off through out the day... 
the other experience(s) was shortly after that, it was midweek and the beach was pretty empty... about an hour into my day, a girl and her dog set up about 20 yards away.  i am sitting in my beach chair at the time and watch as she strips down to a thong and settles in.  She runs with her dog up and down the beach.  it was a warm one so i head to the water.. as i am getting out she is walking back and our paths cross.  i say hello and meet the dog and her.  super nice and friendly.  we chat for awhile and then back to our camps.  i say goodbye when i leave and chat little more.
a couple weeks later, i am at the same spot an there she is walking up to where she was posted up before. Strips down to a very small thong , sees me and waves. i am laying on stomach as she walks up says hi and we chat for a while. and she invites me to come over and sit with them if i want some company...we hung out for an hour, just chatting... no mention of mine or her swimwear...relaxing....  pretty rad day.... maybe thongs are becoming more accepted... i think i am at a point where i just don't care too much what others think and cruise with confidence...  hopfully another day like this is in the future...
32189 #119

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:05/24/2017 10:36:43Copy HTML

that's awesome jfish!  you have had some good experiences in thong swimsuits.  
NudeNArizona #120

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:07/04/2017 01:15:37Copy HTML

 I used to work a lot of night shifts and had days to my self since my wife worked days, so I would go to the beach very regularly along.  I also got to know many of the other regulars, and I would wear which ever suit I felt like and most frequently I would wear my baggies since they didn't cause tan lines, but my baggies weren't nearly as sheer as some of my fishnet G-strings. 

Then one day I wore a very open fishnet G-string and a lady who was a regular beach walker came walking down the beach and as she was walking by she smiled and said hello then she came walking right up to wear I was laying out and stood at my feet talking to me as I laid on my back.  Then she said she loved my fishnet but was surprised I had on strings since she was used to my baggies.  I said I wanted to get a tan tru the fabric so she said why not just go nude!

I said I didn't want to have the cops called on me. She said probably nobody would notice since everyone who was a regular had seen me laying out in my baggies and since I looked nude from the rear most of the time, and they knew I had on a baggie, they probably wouldn't notice if I just turned over when they were walking by.

So this did make sense then she continued her walk, so I gave it a thought. It was a Tuesday and not even fishermen were fishing today. So I got up to go to the water and decided to remove my G-string and go cool off.  About an hour later the next person came walking down the beach and I got a little nervous.  Then as they passed by and there was no issue I was more at ease: However I did have my baggie handy in case of emergency!

Then a little while later the lady who I had spoken with earlier was walking back down the beach with the lady who I had seen walk by earlier and they came up to where I was laying.  They said that as they were walking up the beach it didn't look any different from her view than it normally looked, and I heard her say to her friend that I wore the baggies to get rid of tan lines.  Apparently her friend told her she saw a nude guy lying on the beach and she was going to prove to her friend that I was actually clothed.  This is when she came up and asked me if I would mind rolling over and showing her friend I wasn't nude, and at that second she noticed my baggie laying on my towel, and I kinda smiled and she just laughed and said never mind.  I said thanks.

Then she asked if I minded if they laid their stuff out near me, and I said as long as you don't mind.  Then they spread their towels out next to me and started getting undressed and she removed her top to reveal she wasn't wearing a bra. Next she removed her sarong and laid it down to reveal a tiny G-string then she removed her G-string and started putting on her lotion.

I was surprised to see her friend remove her sundress to reveal she was completely naked underneath and the sat on her towel and started applying lotion as well.  Then she said to me that the reason she always went further down the beach is because she always laid out nude by herself. Now she had met a friend who also enjoyed nude sun bathing. So this morning when she saw my suit on and I told her I wanted to get an all-over tan she called her friend to come to the beach. When her friend told her she had seen my nude they decided to come visit. 

At this point I rolled over to talk to them and we regularly would spend time sunbathing together and eventually we had a few others join us, and the local fishermen would even give us warning if they saw somebody coming that they didn't recognize.
kiyoothong #121

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:07/04/2017 03:18:00Copy HTML

 I was by myself at Wreck Beach in Vancouver. I was the only male thonger there. I saw a lot of female thongers, but they were with their partners.
Anyway, I always go to the beach alone, and I always sport a thong on the beach. I try to set up next to a thonger so that she or he could comment on my thong, but so far I have received nothing from others.
The problem I have is, I don't know how to start a conversation. I feel like those who are alone don't want to be disturbed, and those who already have company are already having fun. So my question is, how do you approach others on the beach? I know it takes practice, but any tips?
NudeNArizona #122

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:07/04/2017 04:07:20Copy HTML

I have found that starting a conversation is no difference if I am nude or in a thong or wearing street clothes,  if you are comfortable just start the conversation naturally and don't make it a point to mention what either you are wearing or the other person is wearing or in some cases Not-Wearing.
navythong #123

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:08/24/2017 05:06:06Copy HTML

At the start of every new thonging season, I have to kick myself to go to the beach alone. If I went there two or three times I like it again and want to go every time the weather is OK (which is not so often in the Netherlands, so I take every chance I get). The first few times I kinda feel a mixture between lonely and being looked at. I think a guy who's on the beach without company is less 'normal' then a woman without company. Maybe it's just my feeling  and it is only something in my imagination. Anyhow the hesitation has disappeared again and I enjoy my beach visits very much!
Tomorrow very nice beach weather is forecasted, so I'm looking forward to hit the beach.
mbannon #124

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:08/25/2017 04:18:52Copy HTML

I normally hang out with very conservative people, as we share most of our values in common. When it comes to smaller shorts, smaller swimwear, and nudity, I'm rather sure that my opinion is far different! I have made my opinions known to some, but don't see the few that know my true feelings wanting to follow up and join me. Due to that, and the difficulty coordinating time off together, it's the RARE moment in the last 20 years that I've gone to a pool or beach with anyone. When I have, I've been happier to have the company than wear a minimal swimsuit. My largest piece of swimwear is a Speedo Surfrunner pair of running/swim shorts. The funny thing is, my Speedo Surfrunner swimshorts only have a 2" inseam, so are usually smaller than what most guys wear anyway. I have, and have worn: those shorts, a squarecut, two midcuts, two racing briefs, and two different thongs. What I wear depends on a variety of factors, but I favor the thongs overall. If no one were around, I'd wear a thong or go nude if it's legal.
I went to Edgewater Park in Cleveland, Ohio for years, sometimes five days a week. I quickly got to the point where I only wore a thong while on the beach. While there, I often hung out with Dave, who introduced me to legal Ohio thonging, and another guy who only wore a bikini racing suit. Once I spent time with a man and woman thonging couple, the lady being topless as well. It was all good. Other than that, I always go alone (no wife or girlfriend), and am alone while there. I've found it far easier to approach people to socialize with at clothing-optional/nude places than at any other pool or beach.
If your choice is to not go, or go alone, I say GO! You need to live your life and find enjoyment in it for yourself, even if no one shares your interest. In the end, you'll be glad that you did.
modelnude4u #125

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:08/26/2017 01:52:01Copy HTML

 I've generally thonged by myself, whether at the beach, or a park, pool, etc.  My wife has never been thrilled with my swimwear choices, although she loves me in thongs, and the tan lines.  She just doesn't want anyone else to see them!  Not because she's jealous, but more embarrassed, or concerned legally or socially.  Once I get past that, I find my own times & places to thong without her, and without getting arrested.  I do find that in a place like Miami Beach, I'm even more likely to talk to women when I'm wearing a thong.  They are more likely to initiate a conversation than they would be if I was just an average guy in an average suit.  And once I get past the thong in public hurdle, I am more confident when wearing one.  If I can wear a thong in public, I can surely do damn near anything!
jfish #126

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:06/25/2018 10:35:52Copy HTML

 The past couple of times I have been to the beach solo, I have had a few people come up to me. 2 ladies came up and just struck up a conversation. One was running the beach and stopped and just talked about how beautiful the day was, one asked  if she could borrow some sunblock. The other was a guy asking me to catch his sail for kite surfing. This kinda gives me the impression that a guy in a thong is becoming more accepted, or at the least gives me more comfort knowing that it seems like less of a big deal. Cheers
NudeNArizona #127

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:07/04/2018 10:22:15Copy HTML

 When we lived in Hawaii I worked mostly night shift and my wife worked straight days so most of the time I went to the beach alone. So one day I’m laying out nude in a secluded spot away from everyone keeping to myself. A little while later I see a group of ladies around 6 walking toward where I was laying not really paying attention to anything but their conversation so I was just laying on my towel hoping they would just pass without incident. But as luck would have it one of the ladies noticed me on my towel and started walking over toward me. So I immediately grabbed for a towel to cover up with as I hear her call out to me “you are fine” then I recognize her as a lady I had spoken with a few days earlier. Come to find out she had told her friends about seeing me nude on this beach and they had wanted to see for themselves.
nick12341234 #128

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:08/20/2018 08:11:51Copy HTML

I had always gone to the beach alone to sunbath, always in a thong/gstring. One exception is the time I took a girl along. I think I was in a thong. Another time I asked a girl to a nude beach but she didn't want to, saying only boyfriend/husband/God should see her naked.
NudeNArizona #129

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:08/30/2018 12:46:14Copy HTML

I have also found many people who you meet at the beach while alone admire your courage or confidence by going alone and especially in a minimal g-string or less. I also believe they are less threatened by your appearance and usually curious to see what I’m wearing and then I will just say hello as they come to see me closer.
teeback269 #130

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/01/2018 09:18:53Copy HTML

I go alone because I have no choice! My lady friend passed away two years ago, since then I have been going on my own. Local ladies don't seem to want to go to the beach!
beachlion #131

Re:Going to the beach alone

Date Posted:09/02/2018 07:18:26Copy HTML

I have to go alone to the beach. I live in Allentown and the nearest beach is Sandy Hook. I like it quiet so I go to the north tip at the bay side. You have to walk for 20 minutes over soft sand so most people I know don't want to go through that extreme exercise. ;)
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