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Date Posted:09/11/2010 01:39:35Copy HTML

Hi all, just curious who live on the Gold Coast and if so where do you usually go to the beach wearing a thong to sun.
thongbiker #1

Re:Gold Coast Australia - contacts

Date Posted:09/11/2010 03:40:59Copy HTML

I was in Gold Coast last year , i wore my thongs every day on the beach no problem , but the best place where to be is the spit beach (between south port and labrador ocean front)
have fun there
dareap #2

Re:Gold Coast Australia - contacts

Date Posted:09/26/2010 06:52:40Copy HTML

im in brisbane if u wanted to go sometime
rustathong #3

Re:Gold Coast Australia - contacts

Date Posted:02/15/2011 12:38:27Copy HTML

I live in brisbane & ask the same Question. Even have tried to look it up on the net.
I will  be taking "thongbiker" advice & try 'thonging' at the spit.
I am also a advid (Strsight) thong wearer day in & day out. Most comfy underwear ever worn !!!
likesasses #4

Re:Gold Coast Australia - contacts

Date Posted:09/09/2011 04:53:02Copy HTML

I usually head to the spit or main beach when the weather is good. I usually see a couple of other thong wearers, but not too many. No body seems to really mind what you wear at these two areas.
Thongmad #5

Re:Gold Coast Australia - contacts

Date Posted:09/14/2011 12:04:12Copy HTML

I've posted a bit about this in the 'Thonging Overseas' section under Austrlian Beaches somewhere...

Main Beach is good, especially up toward the southern end. On my last holiday there, I was thonging near four other guys, and one woman.
The Spit is also OK, but I think the reason you don't see so many these days is just fashion.
Another quiet spot is over the other side of the spit in the sheltered boat area, well up from SeaWorld. There is a spot there where quite a few nude photo shoots used to be done. Good spot when the beach is too windy as it's very protected (that's why the yachties like it)
thenextthong #6

Re:Gold Coast Australia - contacts

Date Posted:09/15/2011 09:23:29Copy HTML

I have a question regarding Main Beach and the Spit.

I've never actually been to either of these locations but I have heard much positive feedback on their suitability for thonging. But is that with regard to the actual physical quality of the beach? (e.g. nice scenery, closer to nature), or is it because there are fewer people there and thus more private and less staring or potential negative attention?
marliho #7

Re:Gold Coast Australia - contacts

Date Posted:11/04/2011 12:01:00Copy HTML

I was at the Spit today, wearing my Joe Snyder Clip. I was flying my kite....there was no harassment. If you see me on the coast flying my kite come & say hi. Ciao, marli
Thongmad #8

Re:Gold Coast Australia - contacts

Date Posted:11/09/2011 10:39:01Copy HTML

I think they are frequented by thongers because they are a bit out of the way, more so the Spit. Main Beach is on the main road, but well north of the Cavill Avenue circus, so tends to be quieter and more relaxed. The Spit is a little walk over to the beach, and for 99% of the Surfer's area, you don't have to walk, so people can't be bothered. And as far as 'privacy' goes, there are no high-rise looking over you!
likesasses #9

Re:Gold Coast Australia - contacts

Date Posted:11/10/2011 05:06:02Copy HTML

I've been going to main beach lately parking near the surf club and setting up a bit north of surf club in the mornings around 9.30am. Today I decided to just wear my black thong, hat and sunnies from the car to the beach, along the beach to my set up spot. I usually have shorts and shirt on while walking to my spot. It felt great walking along the beach in just my thong. I passed a few walkers, but no one seems to really mind. I set up, sunbaked, read, went for two swims and headed back to the car around 11.30am. I decided to do the same as I did on the way, just wear my black thong, hat and sunnies along the beach to the car. The beach had more people on it now, but that made the walk even more exhilirating. I walked passed two ladies near the water and another five walking the other way. No one seems to mind. Lastly near the exit I pass a young lady and she is having a real good look on my way passed. I venture up the exit and walk to the car. Looking forward to doing it again soon.
rustathong #10

Re:Gold Coast Australia - contacts

Date Posted:11/11/2011 02:17:57Copy HTML

I went on Sunday 6th. I went down the track opposite sea world just up from the main entrance. walked up the beach a little and went thonging there. was good as not to much traffic & there were topless sunbathers around aswell which seemed to take some of the attention off me which was good.
Still got plenty of looks tho and a couple of longer looks and a couple of longer looks but they were hot females so that was fine. as i have posted in another thread. 
aussiesf86 #11

Re:Gold Coast Australia - contacts

Date Posted:12/06/2018 05:59:34Copy HTML

Looking for mates to sun with last week of January 2019. 19th to the 27th. The Spit for sure and open to hitting other spots for gstring and nudist days in the sun
aussiesf86 #12

Re:Gold Coast Australia - contacts

Date Posted:01/21/2019 09:08:19Copy HTML

Was at the Spit Sunday. Planning on being there again Wednesday Thursday and Friday. Saturday the Spit or maybe venture to kings beach. Looking for gstring buddies
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