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Date Posted:10/19/2012 07:13:30Copy HTML

I read in some posts about how thongs and other minimal swimwear  was more popular in the late 1980's and early 1990's.  I guess I am too young to have been able to appreciate the "Good Old Days".  I did some research at the library and based on the few magazines which had swimwear reviews each year that I had access to, I will admit that thongs were mentioned and even shown photographically more back then than today, and that men's swimsuits were generally skimpier and form fitting -- often racing or Speedo types -- again with the occasional reference to men's thongs and even a few pictures of men wearing thongs.  For example, one article explained that men's bikini swimwear was described by the width of the side strap, and then described the bikinis the men were modeling as being "a 3 inch bikini" or a "1 inch bikini".  They then mention that smaller sides were become more popular with the public, and that many men were wearing swimsuits smaller than "1/2 inch bikini's" (nobody mentioned different back styles on men's swimwear other than thongs or bikinis, so I wonder if  they chose to not find the backs as big of a deal as the height of the sides back then).

I know that sometimes magazines present fashions as being "mainstream" when they are little more than designers pipe dreams.  So I guess I am trying to find out more about the "Good Old Days" when thongs were more popular.  First, were they actually more popular on men and women at beaches, pools, and so forth?  I have not found any popular magazine photos from the period that actually show people wearing thongs.  It seems to me that if thongs were as popular as some people say they were that a few would be seen in crowd shots taken and published at the time.  I see the same thing happening today -- try to find a picture of a crowd of people on a beach or whatever with a few who just happen to be wearing thongs.  There are lots of shots with the thong wearer being the focus of the picture, but few that just show a crowd and just happen to show a person in a thong or topfree.

Second, I wonder if thongs were as easy to get then as some people mention.  I read people saying that a guy could purchase a thong swimsuit at Macy's back then or at other non-swimwear stores, or that women's thong swimwear was sold practically everywhere.  Was this really in all parts of the country, or was it only in places like coastal cities or resort destinations?

I have also tried to find scholarly papers or papers submitted to popular culture groups or magazines about the days when men wore skimpier swimwear and tighter clothing in general.  It almost seems that people are in denial that these fashion trends ever existed.  There are no mentions of men wearing leggings and bike-pants type sportswear in public places, although even my parent say this was common.  Almost nothing is out there mentioning thong swimwear or even skimpy shorts on men. 

Movies sometimes show some fashions from the period when they were made, but I think the people who choose the wardrobes try to find as generic of clothing as popular to prevent the movie from being dated.  A dated film might not appeal to TV networks or in aftermarket video sales.  Occasionally you will see the skimpier fashions in movies, like in the original "Jaws" (a little early for thongs) most of the young men on the beach are wearing short trunks, speedo type suits, or skimpy cutoffs.  The men wearing board short length swimwear were generally the older men -- practically over the hill.

There was some movie on the other day which was made in the late 1980s which I missed the title of but that was about the adventures of two women who spend time at a beach house.  Unlike the softcore T&A movies of that period (ie Bikini Car Wash, etc.) this film was more of a relationship film.  Each girl had only two or three swimsuits, like real women on a trip might take with them.  One women happened to have a thong swimsuit, but only wore it now and then, not every day.  They never zoomed in on her thong, and it had nothing to do with the plot of the film.  It was just a swimsuit that they happened to show in a somewhat realistic manner.

On the other extreme of movies were the ones that used thongs to promote sexy story lines and/or for humour.  These would include "My Father the Hero" and the original "Crocadile Dundee"  In these films, the thong-back suits promote the story line.  "The Bird Cage" has the great (but from what I am told was totally fabricated) scenes with roller blade skates and pedestrians (both men and women) on the streets of South Beach.  This was used for humour and to make the conservative senator uncomfortable with his surroundings.  There is a similar humorous scene in the movie "Meet the Parents" where Ben Stiller is ask to join the family in their home pool, and when he explains that he didn't bring a swimsuit, they assure him that he can use one of theirs.  The suit they leave is a Speedo type, which nobody else is wearing.  In 2000, when this film came out, this was considered very humourous I am told, but I wonder if anyone would have though so 10 or 20 years earlier.  Six years later, the movie "Borat" came out which pretty much ended the legitimacy of suspender thong swimsuits for men.  Could such a movie scene succeeded in say 1986 -- 20 years earlier?

stanpuppy #1

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/19/2012 01:37:49Copy HTML

Having lived through it...I can attest, the height of the thong was absolutely during that period.  I used to go to Fla (miami and ft. lauderdale) and at least 20% of the women (and probably 40% of young women) would be wearing thongs openly.  Both on the beach and often walking on the streets.  Man thongs were much more accepted (and prevalent).   Male bikinis were common.  I used to wear one at wave pools, beach, public pools and even tanning on the quad at my college and absolutely no fuss was made over it.   I miss those times alot...it was fun to be able to wear such items without the consternation of the masses.  
Ex_Member #2

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/19/2012 05:14:39Copy HTML

 I agree with Stan, back in the mid 80's thru early 90's I would always see other thongers on the beaches and at public pools. I used to lifeguard back in those days and it was common to see thongs. 
DoreFan #3

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/19/2012 06:13:34Copy HTML

Just as a point of reference, when I was going to elementary school back in the early 70's, our grade 5 class received swimming lessons as part of the curriculum. Every single kid wore speedo style swimsuits because that was normal swimwear.  It wasn't called speedo back then, it was just called a swimsuit. If you swim, you would wear a (speedo style) swimsuit. Bored shorts didn't exist back then, and even if it did, a kid wearing one to swim in would have been laughed at because it would be ridiculous to swim in so much clothes. 
I was too young to know about thongs in those days, so I don't know if they existed or not, but none of the kids wore one.

Grabeach #4

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/19/2012 08:50:38Copy HTML

In Australia, much more common on women. Usually pure g-strings rather than thongs. The history was of women of all ages ditching their tops, then the more confident ones rolling down their bikini bottoms further and further until they were below their cheeks, then going to a g-string. They were sold in all swimwear shops and I believe even in some of the department stores. As stated, the trend peaked in the early 90s. I (fondly!) remember once going mid week to a popular non-surf beach and of the 20 or so women near me, all were topless and about two thirds were in g-strings. It was a slow retreat from here.

With guys, Speedos were it, though I think that probably peaked a little earlier. Can't even remember what other styles were worn. As someone posted once; it was every guys right to wear Speedos to the milk bar to buy something to eat. Guys in G-strings were however another matter. Even on a mega-beach like Bondi, you would probably have only seen at best a handful on any given day.

Interestingly, although popularity has greatly decreased, tolerance of thongs may actually now be greater. As I've posted elsewhere, I've been sunning, now maybe 50 times, in the last 12 months at several suburban council owned olympic pools in a minimal g-string with only a couple of complaints. With the warmer weather in the last month or so, I've also noticed some of the younger women rolling their string bikini bottoms up into thongs, often right in front of the lifeguards. I'm positive none of the above would have been okay 20 years ago. As Thongmad often says; perhaps we worry too much.
stanpuppy #5

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/19/2012 09:45:37Copy HTML

At one point (for women)....probably in the early 90's....I would say that thong bikini's achieved the same status that thong underwear has today.   Today, a thong is just another fashion choice for women, as far as underwear is concerned.   My wife says that thongs are so common in the gym locker room that nobody even thinks twice about it.   To women, a thong is just one style of underwear that she has to choose from...some women like them...others dont, but they have elevated above the "risque" factor of earlier in the century when they were seen as scandalous.  Today...ho hum....she is wearing a thong.   They really are mainstream and women assign no notority to them.

Getting back to my orignal point....there was a period of time when thong bikinis were pretty close to mainstream (again....for women...never for men).  I would go to the local beaches here in NJ and see tons of them.   Girls would walk the beach regularly with no coverups and nobody really got that worked up about it.  I remember once the local paper did a beach shot and a girl in a thong was very prominently a part of the shot.   Then, around the later 90's thongs reverted back to the status they have today, fringe appeal to a small group.   Bummer
Ex_Member #6

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/20/2012 02:41:42Copy HTML

 Yes, we do worry too much
thong_jock #7

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/20/2012 03:26:35Copy HTML

 My policy is to never thong in any setting where families are prominent, not do I thong in front of my kids. Even though I truly love the exposure and I do like the rush of wearing a minimal swimsuit, I believe there is a time and place for everything. I will wear a speedo on the beach even if I'm the only dude wearing one and VERY RARELY ever feel the need to wear dork shorts - I simply HATE swimming or sunning in that much material/. It's a real shame we as a culture aren't more practical when it comes to beach wear, especially for men. It's insane how much clothing some people wear to the beach. Seems like a regressive movement back to Victorian messed up body issues.  Sad.
OS777 #8

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/20/2012 03:56:53Copy HTML

 I visited Bondi in May 1999 and wore thongs there on the beach with no problems or comments!  I was a foreigner from the backwater country of the USA.
The Swan #9

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/20/2012 07:21:59Copy HTML

There was a movie from the mid 1980's called "The Emerald Forest " There is hardly a scene in it where someone is not wearing a thong. 
With regards to long shorts; I think what started the trend is longer basketball shorts. Which started a trend towards longer shorts in the various sub cultures of coolness. Look at skaters and punks from the early nineties their "shorts" were long cut-offs. Remember that subculture "coolness" is in response to the parents culture.
So in the late 80's early 90's you have these long shorts being worn so that the parent can say to the child, "You look ridiculous!" Now that the long short have become normalized there will probably be a backlash against long shorts. I saw a young man the other day with his "sag on" that was wearing three pairs of boxer underwear. I'm thinking, "What the heck?" 
I've already seen the bushy bangs hairstyle come back for young men as well as low rise jeans. I guessing thongs are just around the corner.  
In the 80's and 90's at Caesar Creek there were a lot more thongs and topless women. This year I might have seen one or two topless women the whole summer. Whereas in 80's and 90's you would at least see one or two a day. 
You could buy thongs at department stores. I've bought them at Elder-Beerman, Kmart and Target. In the 70's a lot of the nylon bikini underwear that was sold, would say on the package that it could be used for swimwear. 
Another thing has happened is that every piece of clothing is now a statement of who you are. I ride a motorbike. If you look at the clothing from the 60's and 70's motorbike movies you pretty much wore your everyday clothes. Now you need a leather vest, a doo rag, et cetera. I see it bicycle riding, cross training, hiking and every other activity.  Even cooking breakfast you need a hat, an apron and some checkered pants. So if one is not wearing the trendy thing of the month, one is out of the coolness.
Yes May0826, there was more thonging and toplessness on the beaches in Ohio. Men's swim suits were square cuts for the most part, with a sprinkling of bikinis and thongs.  I actually though, feel just as comfortable wearing a thong to Caesar Creek now as I did in the 80's and 90's. 
JM_Runs #10

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/20/2012 07:46:52Copy HTML

One of the reasons I always wear a thong on Ft Lauderdale beach, and try not to be secretive but openly and publicly thonging, is in an attempt to preserve some of the liberal attitude that once permitted the beach during the 1980's and early 1990's:  A time when this was spring break capital of the world, girls wore thongs and the braver boys wore Speedos without fear. 

In those days I only had a bicycle to get around and was normally seen flying round town bicycling in a minimal very low cut swimsuit.  This was unusual, because most people did not use bicycles and it was unusual to see Speedos away from the beach.

Another thing we have lost is convertibles.  Back when the beach was car cruseable it was all the rage to get a convertible and cruse, park, cruse, in swimsuits, in the car, with the rear passengers sitting on the top of the back seat.  So you would see women in thongs on the beach and also decorating the trunks (boots) of the cruseing convertibles.

I think there was more homophobia back then, but at the same time far more men wear wearing speedos or short shorts. 

For all the years I worked in the Caribbean with mainly American customers I don't remember any negative comments about my brief swimsuits,  some of which were very brief, with just strap sides.  I do remember some women commenting positively on them.  Back in those days, around 1980, I was not openly wearing thongs around customers or on very public beaches, I did not have that level of confidence.

I think the prior posters are right, back then there were a lot more speedos on men and probably more thongs and g-strings on young women.  But to day men have the advantage of a lot less homophobia from young people and therefore if a guy thongs there is less negative reaction from young people.  I have often been cheered on by groups of young women, but sometimes by groups of young men too. 

On the flip side there seems to be more religious intolerance, the sort who think the world should be re-arranged to their religious world view.  They tend to be the ones who say "You can't do that because I don't like it' or "There should be a law..."

I still have a few swimsuits and thongs from the 1980's although most from that period have rotted out and died, or I have grown out of them. 

That was a time when young people had grown up watching Tarzan on TV.  When the height of being a manly man was swinging through the jungle in a skimpy loin cloth, or looking like the atlas body builder. 

In 1980 the movie Blue Lagoon was released: http://www.iwannawatch.ch/2011/04/the-blue-lagoon-1980/ and any young person with hormones wanted to be the people in the film, or at least sleep with the actors.  The teen age boys dream was to have a girlfriend like Brooke Shields and the girls wanted to get their hands on Christopher Atkins. Yes the movie was a bit corny, but if you were not a teen in 1980 and missed it first time around, you can watch the movie and go back in time.  Don't watch the later remakes.

Ex_Member #11

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/21/2012 12:55:09Copy HTML

JM Runs,
I loved watching Tarzan movies and TV shows growing up. I always wanted to be running around with just a loin cloth on. When I was a teenager , I was a boy scout. They had a badge called order of the arrow.  Guys would dress up  at the ceramony in just loin cloths and head gear. One  guy wore just a small g-string and tiny flaps in front and back. It was windy- his bare  almost perfect ass was on display the entire night. I was so jealous. He was very confident and relaxed. He was amazing. I even caught my Dad staring at him.

In the 80's there was a evening show called PM magazine. It was before Entertainment tonight or extra type shows. One night they showed a hot male model showing off the latest fad, his new thong swimsuit. It was a 5 minute segment. They showed him from all angles as he layed out, walked and swam in his thong. I knew right then I had to have one. It was several years later before I saw one in the Department stores. Within weeks I had a collection of about 20 thongs. Too bad the ex didn't share my affection for thongs and I had to get away and thong alone.

I have been wearing thong swimwear almost exclusively for over 25 years. I can't imagine wearing anything else to the beach or to go swimming.
beachlion #12

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/21/2012 01:14:35Copy HTML

Being originally from Europe (Holland) de Speedo-style swimsuites for men were more or less the norm until the late 80s. Between 1970 and 1980 you could see strings on men on the fashionable beaches, especially in France but they never became mainstream. But nobody was comenting on it. In the 70s tangas for women were introduced in Europe, a stringbikini type from South-America and they became quite popular. Also topless became popular. For men the Speedos stayed the way to go. From the 90s on the swimsuits for men changed into the boardshort and the women slowly turned away from skimpy swimwear and toplessness.
From around 1980 I still have a stringbikini and a string that is still in good shape technically but is a little tight. They are from HOM and they are one of my very few non-string suits.
njbob1949 #13

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/21/2012 01:41:54Copy HTML

 I must have missed "thongs on the beach" during this period of time. If I knew about it, I would have purchased some swim thongs. From the time I learned to swim (late 1950's), I wore speedo type swimwear on the Jersey shore. During the 1980's and 1990's, I regularly stayed in or near Atlantic City for a week or two each summer. I remember very well the first string bikinis for women, but in the rear, they had a bit more material than a thong or g-string. Though I wore thongs under my bicycle shorts, I did not buy a thong swimsuit until around 1996; I purchased it from "Boby-Body." Since then, I have purchased dozens of thong/g-string swimsuits and wear them on selected beaches.  Also, in the 1990's, I started going to nude beaches. I classify beaches as being nude, thong friendly, or textile (where I wear a rio back).
stanpuppy #14

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/21/2012 09:24:27Copy HTML

NJbob......Margate was where all the thong action was...not Atlantic City.   The section of beach right in front of Lucy the Elephant was officially known as "Thong Beach".   I even have clippings of Philadelphia Magazine, proclaiming it such.   It was awesome.  I would thong there all the time.  I would usually have at least one if not two other guys in thongs on the beach with me, and there were never less than 10-15 girls.

As a testament to how time have changed, this year I have been to the Jersey shore probably 40 times (wifes family has a house down there).  I have seen one thong...on a latina women, who was sunning with her Boyfriend in Atlantic City.
nospam_TN1 #15

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/21/2012 10:19:24Copy HTML

During the experience of my own youth, I spent a lot of time on the beaches of Pensacola and Daytona, FL from the late 1980's through 1990's.  I would say the peak at those places was probably about 2% of the men and 30% of the women wearing thongs on the beach, if you didn't count the gay pride weeks.  Otherwise, there was still a substantial minority of men wearing briefs back then and that was fully accepted, as long as you didn't surf in them.  Now, Daytona is probably 0.1% of the men in thongs and 2% in briefs.
thongboy052000 #16

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/22/2012 03:50:33Copy HTML

 I only wear a thong on Fort Lauderdale beach and I only wish I was old enough to have experienced the days when they were more common. But the real problem is that more and more of our fraternity are too cowardly to wear thongs in public, and unless this trend is reversed, we'll become more and more marginalized
bmicro #17

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/22/2012 01:20:34Copy HTML

"Back in the day", growing up in the 50s and 60s, men wore bikini swimsuits as  a  matter of course. They also wore very short shorts. When I  was on the high school swim team, the way to reduce drag was to reduce the amount of cloth that you were wearing. My teammates and I were constantly trying to find the briefest bikini (typically made by Speedo) that we could get away with in competition. I must admit that drag reduction was only one reason for seeking the briefest possible swimsuit.
The rise of the surfer culture that required the wearing of baggies to protect the legs while paddling on the board led the switch to these awful suits. I never made the transition and kept my "as brief as posible" outlook on beach wear.
Ex_Member #18

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/22/2012 03:04:24Copy HTML

 I also remember back during the 80's and 90's when people would wear thongs and G-strings to "push the limits" and to express freedom and challenge the authorities and by being the one in the minimal swimsuit was a way of showing strength thru adversity.  If thongs weren't popular some cities wouldn't have had to create "thong bans" on some so called family beaches
ohiothonger #19

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/22/2012 05:08:06Copy HTML

 Mary --  I think the peak in Ohio was around 1988 when between 20-25 percent of women and 2-5 percent of men wore thongs.  As stated above, men were more likely to wear Speedo swimwear and swim shorts were not as long or baggy as the Board Shorts we have today.  While some people probably did wear thongs to "push the limits", others I think simply were interested in maximum sun exposure (not as much concern about skin cancer then) or other reasons.  I had seen thongs on men and thought they were "cool" so when I found that they were for sale at Rikes (our local Federated Department Store -- later to become Macys) I bought two pair.  They were WaterBlock suits, although they also had men's Janzen and Speedo thongs for sale that year.  They were only $7.00 each.  I later bought another thong swimsuit at Fredricks of Hollywood in the mall, that was a very embarasing experience, but which was made with blocks of fabric forming a pattern which I liked the look of compared to the solid-color WaterBlock and Speedo suits or the print fabric on the Janzen swimwear.   I even remember reading an article (in I think the Wall Street Journal) explaining that Janzen decided that men's thongs were a good way to make money from small pieces of left-over fabric from their other swimsuit lines.

I wore my thongs at Ceasers Creek, Buck Creek (in Springfield) and other places.  I even wore a thong on a Methodist Family Canoe Trip when I learned  the ministers daughter would be wearing a thong swimsuit too.  Yes, thongs were more common, but there were those who didn't like seeing people -- especially men -- in them.  They had not been associated with "gay" lifestyles yet in the public mind, it was only those who thought they were too relieving who complained about then.

I sometimes wonder if thongs and other extreme swimwear would be more popular and more acceptable now if they had not been pushed onto the market so fast during the Golden Years.  I wonder if swimsuits had progressed more slowly, for example 10 years of half backs then another 10 years of quarter back Rios and then thongs, if the public would have been more accepting since the change would have not been so extreme so fast.  Other trends, like long-hair on guys was a rapid change which polarized the public and took decades to get to the point where long hair on men was accepted by most people.  But the difference I think between thongs and long hair is there have always been a higher percentage of men who wore long hair -- even if not that popular -- who helped condition people to think long-hair was not an issue.  There have also been long-haired men on TV and movies who helped promote the look.  We don't have nearly as large of a percentage of thongers who show themselves off in their thongs to prove that they too are normal people.
osceola89 #20

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:11/08/2012 05:50:14Copy HTML

Yes, I still wearing Thongs and then G-Strings in the spring of 1984 and in the late 80's early 90's in Ft Lauderdale I wore my G-string at places such as Summers on the Beach, Candy Store, Button South Mark 21 and other pool bars in South Florida.  There were much more girls wearing thongs and G's in those days.  A lot more wore them around the streets then now
JM_Runs #21

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:11/08/2012 11:03:53Copy HTML

"Summers, Candy Store & The Button", all thoes fine old Fort Lauderdale beach clubs, some with pools, are long-gone. It was more wild back then, and it was normal for the bars and clubs to try and out-do each other with bikini or wet t-shirt contests all day long.  I knew girls who were really good at them, girls who hopped from one to the next trying to win as much money as they could in a day.  They knew the keys to winning were a stunning suit, a winning smile and projecting a fun open friendly attitude. A good hip wiggle did not hurt.

Back then I was not a public thonger.  Maybe I suffered from the restraints many young men suffer from, the worry about what people would think and if the girls would think I was gay. I don't remember a lot of men thonging, but I do remember a lot more women in thongs/g-strings and a bit more topless too. The difference is we now have less collage kids and less party kids, which I think means less hassle for men in thongs.

Just like many things in America, over the years the level of tolerance and acceptance for thongs seems to have gone up, at least on this beach. This may be driven by local demographic shifts or the fact that I am older, but what ever the reason, I get a lot less grief and a lot more positive comments these days, and it seems to get better each year.
gulfscuba #22

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:11/09/2012 02:02:33Copy HTML

 Those were definitely the days! I remember being at Shephard's Beach resort on Clearwater Beach and 80% of the women and 30-40% of the men would be wearing thongs or minimal swimwear. Further up the beach at the old Holiday Inn the guys and gals would line up their towels and lay out in thongs.
Thongs have been outlawed on Clearwater Beach now so don't wear one there if you go!
stanpuppy #23

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:11/09/2012 04:24:21Copy HTML

Lets look at the bright side.  I am going to suggest that thong UNDERWEAR is alot more popular these days than it was back then.  Today, thong undies for women are a very common and popular choice.  Women from about 15 to 70 can wear them without any chastizing from anyone.  They are mainstream!    While thong bikinis definately hit their heyday in the early 90's, I think the thong as undewear was still seen as risque and more for the younger ladies.  Now they are commonplace with women in their 40's-50's
leo40 #24

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:11/09/2012 08:19:55Copy HTML

One plasuable explanation I once saw for that skimpy swimwear popularity period was a popular TV documentary series about Jacques Coustau (sp.??) and his ship's French crew members, usually wearing bikinis.  When the TV series went away, so did the popularity of men's bikinis in the US.  I don't recall any thongs appearing on the series, though.  I still wear my 1 inch Speedos at the Y' pool without Jacques' permission. 
Microron #25

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:11/09/2012 09:41:21Copy HTML

I remember those years for the very slim fitting jeans that men wore ~ and frankly that I could no longer wear today some 30 odd years later! Most of the guys I swam with wore nylon type speedos... no body wore shorts to a pool... they were typically banned because any loose threads would get caught up in the fitration circulating pumps and cause damage to the seals. ~ ~ ~ In my neck of the woods, Toronto, Southern Ontario, Southern Georgian Bay... the gals usually wore a modest two piece or speedo style suit for ease of donning and doffing their wetsuits. ~ ~ I wore progressively smaller speedo type suits into the late 80's when I started wearing thongs. ~ ~ ~ Where I swim now in the Comox Valley region of Vancouver Island.. many youger girls wear bikinis to the beach and the pool... the guys have all gravitated to board shorts and a very few wear jammers fpr pool use. Board shorts are the norm for younger men at the beach ~ ~ ~ Only a few older birds like myself can be seen wearing any type suit briefer than board shorts or swimming trunks with the exception of afternoon swims at our local pools ~ ~ ~ that's when older dudes and dudettes come out to swim laps ~ ~ ~ AS for thongs... I have rarely seen another man wearing one ... and that guy is no longer in the valley! ~ ~ ~ I did see thongs on occasion at the Spanish Banks ( Vancouver) and a few pools near the Westside, Pacific Boulevard... I'm referring to thongs on men. ~ ~ ~ AND.. as for me... I continue to wear thongs at some of our quieter beaches...I've not yet broached the subject with the local pool officials ~ ~ ~ My butt and tanline is not that remarkably pretty!  ~ ~ ~ IF THERE IS REALLY ANOTHER THONGER ON NORTH VANCOUVER ISLAND ~ ~ I HAVEN'T SEEN HIM YET... and I'm the only guy in the locker room who chages in and out of a thong as underwear _ even during the winter...  BTW... my pix album has proof that this old turkey wears 'em at the beach... how about you, my friends?
John Howard #26

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:11/10/2012 06:33:45Copy HTML

 Hey Microron you are in a great shape mate, I know a lot of thirty somethings who would dream to have your bod, you obviously look after yourself, that's one of the best by products of being a thonger.
osceola89 #27

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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I remember in the late 80's early 90's seeing much more thong on women, a few more men, it was new and I think people were more tolerant, maybe thinking it was a trend, fad.  Much more Thongs at Ft. Lauderdale Beach.  I was living in a Apartment in Dania Beach at the time, I use to go out to the pool and lay out on the week days that I was off in my G-string. I got to meet a few flight attendents and others.  I had gotten to know a brazilian women and her 9 year old daughter during this time.  she would usually wear a thong and her daughter a rio cut.  It was very nonchalent and very accepting. there were other girls in thongs.  We were hanging out one day and the daugher was asking if she could go to Atlantis, the water park in Hollywood at the time.  Her mom finally said ok and then they ask me if I wanted to go.  On this day, she had on a one piece.  I decided to go and wore only my G-string there, we stayed a few hours and I had no problem with my G-string on.  I saw quite a few thongs and a couple of g-strings on girls.  I went on a few of the slides with the daughter and nobody said anything.  I think these days there would be more of a outcry against being bare ass at at Water Park with families around.  I was also in my 20's at the time.  Not sure I could do it now.  times have changed
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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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 Also, back in the late 80's I lived in a four story dormitory that had the restrooms at the end of the hallway, and I wore thongs too and from the restroom as did many of the others at the time.  It was the norm it you lived on that hallway that you went to the restroom however you were clothed in your room.  We didn't get dressed to go take a shower or go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. This was a coed hallway and girls did the same as guys, some in thongs and g-strings, some in robes, some nude however they were comfortable. This was actually when I really got into wearing minimal swimwear because we would sunbath by our pool that the dorm overlooked and would wear a little as possible. We would try to out-do one another every summer! This is also when I started shaving because of my G-strings and not wanting hair sticking out, then I didn't want it showing thru the fabric, but also because it was a statement of being uninhibited! And I loved showing off!
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 I think thongs/strings for both men and women were more popular in the early/mid 70's - for the british going on holiday to spain and greece.  There was an article on the Sun newspaper from about 1974 - it had a girl from a tv soap wearing a thong and looking not so great, a married guy wearing an overtight Hom string and looking naff and a younger guy wearing a string that was a very fine cord with a loose strip of material that formed a bit of cover at the front - he looked the best and I wanted to wear that.  Later there were tanga swimsuits for men and they stayed fairly popular and readily available in stores - often seen on beaches and at swimming pools..  At school we wore speedo types, as small as possible and preferably with a bit of hair showing at the top.  Serious swimmers and posers always took the linings out to help with speed....  C&A the large chain store used to carry a good selection of swimwear and bikinis - plenty of it thong/string, tanga or narrow sides - that closed down in the UK and pretty much removed minimal swimwear from most UK stores.
Anyway let's keep our own revolution going - the smaller the better.. - and have 'some good old days' of our own
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You bet!  Always bring thongs and strings when visiting the UK, and usually get to wear them, like sunning on Hampstead Heath, or on the beach down in Cornwall.  As an old duffer, I could have started thonging and stringing in the 70's, but recall my first time was in the early 80's, at East Beach in RI, wearing a very brief sliding g-string.  They were prevalent there then, and still are, so we're keeping the Good Old Days going.  For me, that's wherever I am, mostly now at East Beach in summer, and in Naples/south Florida in winter.
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 Not sure when this dates from - but I expect reactions haven't changed much: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdNvHfAOqYA&NR=1&feature=endscreen 
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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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nice vid! thanks,
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 @tiggerix, that video must be from around 1975-1980. At the end the seller shows a string bikini type from HOM with the old trident-style log. I bought the same model just before 1980 in blue with a small red waistband. I still have it and it is still in good shape, better than me. It still fits me but it got a little tighter. The typical male swimwear of the day in Europe was not much bigger than this tanga (as we called it in Europe), only the front and back triangles met at the side instead of being connected by a small band. I added a picture of it in my profile.
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Classic video.  I had a couple of those HOM suits in the late 70's. Fire engine red and Bright Blue.  I think I picked them up on the island of St Martin.  I also had some similar suits they were made by YSL. I got them on the island of Tortola, but they did not have such skinny side straps.
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In the early 1990s Australia, it was impossible to go to any clothes shop and not be able to buy thong bodysuits, thong bikinis and thong leotards.

Bodysuits are making a comeback with American Apparel, Black Milk, Sass and Bide, Maurie and Eve and Zimmerman all joining Wolford (who never stopped) producing bodysuits.

I don't think we'll be able to reach the stage where there was a thong option for every bikini available and leotards being legitimate exercise apparel.

At my gym there are a few bodybuilders and figure competitors who still wear leotards, but with booty shorts getting smaller and bra tops getting skimpier, who knows they might come back. My booty shorts are only slightly bigger than my thong surf shorts!

Love Bren  
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 Great vid. Why don't HOM make them like that anymore?? I used to have a blue one which was made from a scrunched type fabric which stretched when worn. I miss them!!
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Just watched the video for the first time. I wore something like this as a 17-18 year old in the mid 70s before progressing to g-strings. The video triggered a couple of long forgotten memories of two incidents at Sydney beaches at the time. One great, one not so.

The first was at Tamaramma midweek. Two early 20s women arrived just as I stood up to go for a swim. When I came back about 20 minutes later they were both sunning topless only about a metre from my towel, despite there being heaps of room elsewhere on the beach. Unfortunately I had an important appointment (a job interview) and had to leave straight away. As I picked up my stuff, one of the women said to me something like, "You're not leaving are you? We sat here for the view." She even sounded a bit sultry, like the woman at the end of the video.

The other was at Clovelly. The surf was big and blown out that day, so I stopped there for a swim because it looked sheltered. I don't think I had actually swum there before. I had only just taken my shorts and shirt off when a beach inspector (what lifeguards were called back then) came bounding over and told me I had to leave as, "Men are not allowed to wear bikinis here." I was a bit shocked at this, as several women were wearing suits of similar brevity and because it was the first time I had ever been ordered off a beach. About five years later I read that Clovelly was one of Sydney's most conservative beaches, being one of the few that still banned topless women at the time.

Win some, lose some.
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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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 A young hard body like that, with a package like that is great any year
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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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 ... I remember buying a 'Sun Blocks' (Made in California) Thong from Grace Brothers in Bondi Junction circa 1990 ... off the rack on a hanger and all for about fifteen bucks ... with a tropical print ... took it strait down to Bondi on the 380 bus, ripped the tags off and put it on in the change room in the Pavilion then strolled onto the beach as casually as my little white cheeks would allow ...
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I remember buying Sunblock brand swim bikini briefs from K-Mart in those days.  Speedo's Solar 1 was really only 1 inch over thigh back then, too.  Best of all there was the now defunct Sport Europa catalog with spring clip-on thongs, sort of like today's c-strings but with a much better grip on the body.  The rear spring reached all around to the small of your back before making contact, greatly increasing comfort and practicality for swimming.  Their ad said "It won't fall off," and it wouldn't.
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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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 Back in the late 1970's there was a Dayton, Ohio bar called the 'Pookie Pookie Lounge'.  This was a hole-in-the-wall, shopping center based place that had a Polynesian atmosphere and appealed to the younger crowd.  One of the highlights of this bar was the fact they had an indoor 'pool', actually more the size of a large hot tub.  They kept the heat up to the upper 70's most of the time, and had the 'pool' where patrons could 'swim'.  Frequently they had bikini contests (women had to keep their tops on but t-shirts were okay) and pool themed parties.  Towards the end of the 1970's many women, and even a few men, stripped down to thong swimwear and they never had any issues with management or the other patrons.  Some older men came to watch the women, but the youth generally shed their street cloths (they had locker rooms) and used the 'pool' or just hung around drinking and eating.  They had two acceptable clothing options -- street cloths that could be worn at the bar, but not elsewhere, and swimwear, that could be worn any where.  Men could not go shirtless unless they had on swimsuits.  What surprised me was that for some reason, most of the men wore speedos or once available, thong swimwear and not the more common swim shorts.  I think they had a "no cut-offs" rule, perhaps because of damage to the pumps as described above.

Like the places described in Fort Lauderdale, the place does not exist any more as a bar.  In the early 1980's they started to get complaints from neighbors who had people drive into the side streets in the area and have sex in their cars, and there were other issues too -- including under aged drinking which was common inside.

Still, I sometimes wonder if a place like this could exist today -- with men wearing swimwear that covers more than their kaki shorts and women in cheeky bikinis.  I have often thought it would be fun to open a alcohol free club along these lines, but seriously doubt if it could make a profit.

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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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 My dad used to buy Sun Block swimwear at the Rike's store, which now is Macys.  Since his birthday was in late fall, we could always find some on the close-out rack for gifts for $5.00 or so.  We only got him thongs, since that was all he wore.  The brand name was mysteriously changed to or from Water Block around 1988 or so -- I don't know why, but other than the name, the logo and tags were exactly the same, as were the cut of the swimwear.  By the early 1990's they stopped selling them locally, but we could keep buying them at beach/resort stores.  Then for some reason (again unknown) the Sun Block/Water Block brand totally disappeared and was replaced by Toto swimwear.  This line also changed names to Jordach or something like that, again with no noticeable changes to styles labeling, or anything else.

I remember when I got my first thong we were at a swimwear discount store, and they had the Sun Block or Water Block suits there.  They were totally out of men's thongs, but did have some men's bikinis.  They also had Jammers and some square cut shorts with a bulging package.  At the time, I thought this was sort of an odd look -- having a smooth, conforming suit with lower stomach, buns, legs, etc. skin tight and then a half-baseball sized projection for the man's package in the front.  The smooth legs, etc., were in keeping with the exercise and running fashions of the time, but the bulge was unique to this style swimwear.  I don't know if it was supposed to be more comfortable or what.  A guy in bike shorts or similar leggings would wear his penis conspicuously, either straight up the front or down a leg.  With the bulge, a guy was no longer showing details, only volume information.  I wonder if this look -- hiding the physical looks of a man's penis -- was the start of the 'obscure a man's body' look that eventually grew to the huge, oversize, ankle length board shorts we now have.

Another minor point -- I watched a lot of surfers in the Good Old Days, and most wore men's bikinis and a few even wore thongs in North Carolina.  The rest -- probably half -- wore more traditional men's swim shorts with legs maybe 5 inches long at most.    Then the surfers, who we were naturally very interested in since most were young guys, started wearing longer and longer board shorts or wet suit like full-body covering.  The guys in the wet suits would slip them off and still be wearing their bikinis and thongs.  I ask them about this and nobody had a good answer.  Some of the guys in wetsuits said the water was cold and the wetsuits let them surf when it was otherwise too cold, but there were still men in thongs and bikinis and board shorts out on the waves too.  The board short guys said they needed the extra material on the legs so they could sit on the board.  Again, the guys in bikini or thong styles also sat on the boards for the same length of time, and women surfers almost never wore board shorts and when they did, they were extremely short.  A couple said they needed to wear the shorts so they could keep their board wax and keys with them, but this did not explain the need for long shorts, and also seemed odd since they almost always had towels and coolers they left on shore and nobody messed with personal stuff on the beach back then, and they never applied the wax in the water, and guys in wet suits and bikini styles seemed to get along fine without the need to keep their keys and board wax on their bodies constantly.

Things were changing, but we didn't know why, the surfers who other men soon were emulating didn't seem to know why either.

This does remind me of something off-topic I did to my sister one year that I still think is funny.  We must have visited every surf shop between Nags Head and Ocracoke looking for cute swimsuits (I got my first G-strings there) and checking out the guys.  At one store, three guys were trying on the thongs and kept coming over and asking which ones we liked the most.  I didn't know that this was not sanitary for them and probably against the law, and now wonder how many suits we tried on had been worn by other women.  Anyway, I had noticed at the surf shops that they always had a selection of different brands of surf board wax somewhere in the store and some they kept at the counter where you pay.  One popular brand was called "Sex Wax" and when I learned that Nikki had no idea of what surf board wax was or how it was sold, I bought a couple of tablets or cakes or whatever the round bars were called when we were buying some other things.  This brand had no directions or even the word "board wax" on the label by the way.  Anyway, as we left the store, I got one wrapped bar out of the bag and gave it to Nikki and told her she might need it if she got "lucky" that trip.  Every time I was talking to a guy in board shorts and Nikki was around, I'd ask him if he had his wax with him, or if the bump in the back pocket was from his wax, and he often would show it to us.  I was lucky that none actually used the wax when Nikki was around.  Nikki spent the rest of the vacation trying to figure out what Sex Wax was and how it was used.  I still have my bar in my memories box, but it has started to ooze some and I had to put it in a zip lock bag.  Nikki lost hers on the beach one night when we were out skinny dipping with a couple of guys.  It wasn't until we were on the way home to Ohio and Dad and Mom finally told her what I had gotten her and everyone had a huge laugh except Nikki, who is still pissed that she hauled that hunk of wax around with her night and day the whole vacation. 

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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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 I am rapidly coming to the belief that the "good old days" of thongs probably did occur, but that the news media, popular culture outlets, and others are purposefully trying to cover up this swimwear's acceptance.  I know that this might sound to some like some type of conspiracy theory, and perhaps it is.  However recent events make me think this may be have happened, but probably not with an underlying conspiracy between many people, groups, or news media as is usually requited for a true conspiracy.

First I site the way current media, employers, and others are handling the sexual abuse accusation issues that have come out in recent weeks.  There certainly is a lot of news media, both pro and con for the different people who have been accused of this abuse and those that have accused them.  Some people have admitted guilt, others deny it, and unless and until there is an admission of guilt, an appropriate investigations have been made, or perhaps even court cases won or lost, I do not want to extend my feelings about these cases.  However, it is surprising how many people and even employers are working overtime to deny their associations with these people, even if the charges have not been substantiated.  It is like they are so worried that they might be associated with a person who might get into trouble over such issues that they are backing away from these people in hoards.

In a case that seems to predate the "golden age of thonging", there is the issue of school aged children (especially boys) swimming in the nude either at their schools as part of physical education classes or team training, or as part of activities organized by the Boy Scouts or similar groups.  Again, there is very little evidence of this today, and a search on the internet would imply that the majority of people either don't believe this even happened, or are in denial that it did.  There are a few newspaper accounts from the early 1900's through sometime around the 1960's that talk about this.  There was even an article in Life Magazine, one of the most popular and influential magazines of that time period, in which boys are shown in carefully selected photos swimming in the nude in what I think was a swimming class.  (No frontal images, but some bare butts.)  The theory that nude swimming was perfectly okay seems to have started to get resistance starting around the 1950's and by 1980 was the norm, and any suggestion that nude swimming was okay in the past seems to be almost non existent today.  Similarly, sharing a common locker room and shower facilities where people stripped entirely was common but now seems to have been rejected within a decade of when nude swimming was no longer acceptable, and now is denied by many. 
In all cases the reasoning seems to be the protection of someone.  NBC is trying to protect themselves by eliminating as best they can all associations to Matt Lauer, removing awards he received from the hallways, demolishing his office, and severely limiting access to video clips of him on air.  National Public Radio has removed all mentions of Garrison Keeler from their websites, and shut down existing projects they were doing with him.  Some theater chains and distributors will not show films associated with accused personnel.  (I want to say away from the politicians!)  Movie producers, stars, musicians and others have had the same fate, again, in an apparent attempt to protect business interests from the potentially undesirable reactions of some people.  The nudity of school children seems to have been "to protect" these kids from some perceived threat, and the elimination of public change areas seem similarly motivated.

So I now wonder if the selective memories dealing with thong swimwear -- except in sexual or comic situations -- is just as much the public's attempt to avoid dealing with a topic some people might have issues with.  From what little I have read and reports on this message board, at one time thongs were more acceptable on both men and women, with many reporting that there was no negative reactions and that people accepted thongs as simply another type of swimwear. 

It is easier to not say anything or even deny it (or agree with it as appropriate) than to take on those who might object.  It takes some work to attempt to engage in a reasonable and logical conversation on any issue and such discussions do not always change people's minds.  Likewise those who do object are taking it more and more as their "right" to demand that their opinions are the only ones that are legitimate, and they often refuse to discuss issue but instead use logic with statements like "it is the right thing to do" without any true argument other than they are right and you are wrong.  When I was in college a few years ago, we had something they called "Critical Thinking" introduced in several classes.  Most student's had no idea what this was or even how to go about it -- even when it was explained again and again.  The poor instructor used simple debates that had very low levels of politics, religion, or other controversial aspects.  Discussions like "should the campus provide lunch food service to commuting students who want it and are willing to pay for it" were beyond any type of logical assessment on either side of the argument by most fellow students.

I see this more and more, and sometimes in areas where it appears to be just plain ignorance that drives a person's opinions.  In a recent conversation with a young man who actually got accreditation as an auto mechanic, I was told "no cars have ever gotten less than 20 miles per gallon" and they refused to discuss this any more, taking the "I know everything since I went to school on this topic".  It is possible that in their auto mechanic's class, they were told this, or maybe he may never have worked on a car that got less than 20 miles a gallon, but he apparently is not aware of the muscle cars from the 60's like the Camaro I sometimes drive for fun -- even if it is twice to three times as expensive to operate than my newer car.

I think this "know it all" attitude (when in reality they are basing it on their own personal experience and first-hand knowledge) may also be part of the reason the "golden age of thongs" and other things, like guys wearing bike shorts publicly in place of normal shorts or guys wearing minimal cutoffs are now denied so often -- however this does not explain why few contemporary (to the time) reports and/or internet pictures seem to be available on so many issues that used to be common but now are not.  We haven't changed our history books to show George Washington driving a car to Mt. Vernon -- yet -- but someday we may be faced with the arguments that cars have always been available. 

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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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 Mary is correct about much of this. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA in the '70s and '80s, which even now is still very conservative when it comes to clothing and swimwear styles. Years ago I heard two separate stories from two men 20-30 years older than me. One said he joined a men's(?) health club back in the '70s to lose some weight. He found, to his own personal horror, that all the men swam in the pool nude. He just couldn't do it, so after one day at the club, he quit. The other story was from a man I did business with for 20+ years. He told me that a block from my job was where he went to school as a kid. The boys and girls had separate gym and swimming classes. At least in the boys' swim classes, they all swam in the nude, and it was no big deal.
I personally recall buying a Speedo brand bikini swimsuit in 1979. Even though my family protested, they reluctantly accepted it, and I wore it in our pool and sometimes at other pools. It was readily acceptable swimwear, but not overly common. In swimming class, some wore them, but I was too self conscious to do so there. I noticed a big change in attitudes about smaller swimwear on men starting in about 1990. Everyone seemed to get gradually more homophobic, I think due to the AIDS crisis, and the public tide of opinion went against the men's bikini.
As to thongs in Pittsburgh, there's not much to tell! In all the years I've swam and sunned in the rivers, and at both public and private pools, I've seen two men in thongs, and neither was me. I thonged at one or two very remote places at sunrise or sunset a few times. I saw maybe 15 women in thongs ever, anywhere, and five of them were coming off one boat at Point State Park. I feel bad I missed what ever greater thong acceptance there was elsewhere, but it sure never really occurred in Pittsburgh.
Like Mary said, there seems to be a denial of the past acceptance of smaller swimwear or nudity. I'm concluding that there has always been a certain amount of fake news, media, and education. These don't always reflect reality, but are trying to push some agenda or opinion not necessarily held by the majority of the public. I think most people are willing to live and let live about a lot of things, including swimwear choice. However, they don't want to publicly appear to be out of step with public opinion. So what people say publicly or how strongly they say it may differ from what they actually say or do privately.
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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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 I would have to agree that 1985 - 1995 was the PRIME of thong wearing and acceptance. I was 18 in 1985 and back then and I fondly remember seeing many girls wearing thongs at the pool where I life guarded.  I used to wear a speedo while working along with the other guards that was the required swimsuit for male guards back then. The female guards wore one piece swimsuits with the high leg openings. Since this was a private swim club they didn't allow cut-offs, or shorts that weren't genuine swimsuits.  So when I was not working I would wear a thong and hang-out with my friends which back then was considered confident in my appearance and not considered offensive.  Also, when they would rent the pool out for private parties, those renting the pool would hire life guards for the event and during those events we were free to wear what we wanted and didn't have to wear our life guard uniform swimsuits. So on those occasions I along with other life guards would wear what we wanted and more than once i wore a thong or even a G-string with no issues, and girls would even request it or encourage it.
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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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 mbannon,  I also grew up in the Burgh and during the "Good Old Days" when thongs went mainstream. I started wearing thongs at the South Park and Settlers Cabin wave pool during that time in the 80's.  I got a few sideways looks and raised eyebrows from time to time but only a few people bitched to the lifeguards.  Like you mentioned, the best places where on the river, private and hotel pools or other remote swimming holes.  The 80's also ushered in the aerobics fitness craze.  I would wear my thong over my tights and exercise unitards.  I got nothing but positive feedback from the ladies at the gym.  I also did aerobic contests in single and team events wearing my thong over my spandex bike shorts or unitard outfit.   I did wear my thong to the pool, sauna, steam room and whirlpool area for quite sometime until the other gym goers complained to management, so I had to stop. Overall Pittsburgh has very conservative prejudiced views of a guy wearing a thong in public.  They think it's gay and not manly.  Boardshorts rule, unless you are a competitive swimmer then speedos are OK.
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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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 In 1982, I was in college and on Spring Break in the Fort Meyers area. We visited Fort Meyers Beach on the first day and at least 20% of the men on the beach were wearing thongs. I liked the look and went to a shop on the beach and purchased two thongs which I wore the rest of the time in the area at Fort Meyers Beach as well as Sanibel Island and Captiva Island where, again, many men were wearing thongs or g strings. Upon my return to the Midwest I noticed that most beaches had at least 10% of the male beach population  wearing thongs and most department stores had one or two racks of men's swimwear thongs. I seem to recall that Gazelle was a popular brand for men's thongs.
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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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 clubthongs,  I remember when I was at Myrtle Beach back in the mid to late 80's there were tons of young adults both guys and girls wearing thongs and that let to them imposing the "anti-thong" ordinance.  The first time I went out on the beach people in thongs and went to a local shop and bought a thong along with my cousin who I went on vacation with and we were them the entire time, because we were young and free spirited.
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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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 Reading through this thread, and "10 years ago " thread, I think that there's one major change that's being missed: The Internet.

Back in the early/mid 90's my ( at the time ) wife and I would look forward to vacations in the Caribbean and Florida where we would gleeful shed our clothes and sun our buns ( and her boobs ) with confidence in the knowledge that "We'll never see any of these people again"

Nowadays, that's not the case. With digital photography, social media, and group-think/peer pressure mentality, people just don't feel as "free" A seasoned top-free/minimal swimwear individual may not care, but "newbies" who may think about trying it can't help but fear the "consequences" of being recognized on someone's FB/Insta account.
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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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I was searching in the internet  about the fashion of mens underwear during the 80s and 90s, because i wanted to confirm my belief that during these two decades mens thongs were much more popular than today. i was very glad to find this : https://www.pinterest.com.au/voygrant/80s-90s-mens-underwear-swimwear/
if you have time to check it you will be suprised by two things : 1) the big popularity of men thongs.this site contains mainly underwear catalogs of the time, a lot o indepented photos but also  -this is the most amazing- underwear advertisement in various magazines...the most spectacular for me was a advertisement in a magazine about athletes where a thong bodysuit was proposed as the best solution for the active athletes!! 2)the most importand was that all the thongs were there for men to wear.the masculinity of the wearers was undoubted !!! i am saying this because in our days we "have" to prove our masculinity when we are wearing our thongs in public or to fight with our girlfriends issues about our thonging.check this forum and you will see how many threats are about this kind of subjects.....
For me the most beautifull sight from this link, was the self-confidence of wearing a thong and the most intresting? if you check this link you will see that thongs are being advertising with the other types of underwear, such as boxer, string bikinis etc...so in these days thong considered to be   just a  another type of underwear.something that today we struggling to convice the others.( i am member also in the german thong site :  stringtangaforum.net    and also there many threats are about the opinion of the others who might see the member in thong etc)...in our forum look how many threats or how many posts are connected with the other people reaction towards thonging... if you count them you will be suprised!
and something at the end....the popularity of thongs was so vast , so if you read the underwear descriptions you will see that it was so much common to notice , in every front high cut brief or bikini , that it is a full back and not a thong!!! AMAZING...SIMPLY AMAZING!!

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