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teeback269 #51

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:01/31/2018 09:07:25Copy HTML

 I guess  I must still be living in that area then! I am the only bloke in my town who still wear them at the pool, and the ladies all smile at me!
leo40 #52

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:01/31/2018 01:28:26Copy HTML

 In those pre-internet shopping days I remember watching department store swimwear sections for the latest offerings from Speedo.  For a while they were one inch bikinis with true one inch sides instead of the much wider "one inch" of today.  Then one spring, I think around 1990, Speedo bikinis disappeared entirely in favor of Speedo Brand board shorts.  More recently, I have had a long wait in the Y' locker room for the hair dryer as some teen uses it to dry off his board shorts in order to to put jeans on over them without taking the boardies off.  That Y' is not amenable to thongs but my Sporti Euro briefs (quite scanty) are OK.The market transition to board shorts must have been engineered by swimsuit manufacturers wanting customers to ditch their more practical swimwear in favor of the new "must have" style.  Come to think of it, that was around the time of Jim Jones offering Cool Ade to his followers.
ohiothonger #53

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:06/11/2018 04:29:49Copy HTML

 The last year or two have made me think that maybe the good days for thongers might return soon.  I have seen more women and even a few more men wearing thongs than in the past, and the cheeky swimwear popular with today's women are filling a gap we had no plug for in the old days -- what to wear if you were a woman and wanted to wear less than a bikini bottom but didn't want to wear a thong.  
I just hope that the men's swimwear will start to follow the trend -- starting with shorter swim shorts, progressing to Speedo's, perhaps getting the cheeky look as well, and finally moving to thongs.  There seem to be a lot more good-looking young men, muscular or at least not overweight, than there were a few years ago.  

I see more and more young men and women hiking, swimming, and involved in healthy exercise.  I also see that many of these men and women are eating healthier food.  

When I was in college, they sold stuff like hamburgers, meat loaf, lots of bread and potato products, and other foods many would consider "bad" by today's standards.  Eating this junk put weight on and that weight took that much more to get off again.  I recently stopped by my old university and decided to get some cafeteria food.  Boy have things changed!  Food is a lot healthier looking than it used to be.  And students are eating it.  Even at the off-campus Big Boy which is a chain that made it in the 1950's and 1960's with cheese burgers, French fries, and milk shakes, the students were eating salads, baked chicken or fish, and skipping deserts.

I hope this works out for this generation.  I think of a part of the Woody Allen movie "Sleeper".  In the film, the main character is put into hibernation for several centuries.  Two of his doctors discuss his odd habits as follows:

Dr. Melik: This morning for breakfast he requested something called "wheat germ, organic honey and tiger's milk."
Dr. Aragon: [chuckling] Oh, yes. Those are the charmed substances that some years ago were thought to contain life-preserving properties.
Dr. Melik: You mean there was no deep fat? No steak or cream pies or... hot fudge?
Dr. Aragon: Those were thought to be unhealthy... precisely the opposite of what we now know to be true.
Dr. Melik: Incredible.
leo40 #54

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:06/11/2018 09:57:12Copy HTML

Prior to those bikini "good old days" there was a popular, and horrible, swimwear trend called "deck pants."  These were a somewhat less baggy version of today's dork shorts.  We will have to wait and see how long it takes the current crop of young guys to take to speedos.  At my Y' locker room I recently had to wait for the hair drier (and eventually gave up) because this young guy had on wet board shorts and wanted to put on his blue jeans.  Not wanting to take off the boardies, even in a locker room, he was trying to dry them off with the hair drier without taking them off.
ithongit #55

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:06/12/2018 06:47:46Copy HTML

A fashion look women fell into was Capri pants.  Many women looked awful in them, but it was the rage from what I hear, and nobody complained, even when the lady did not have the body for it.  Mary Tyler Moore wore them often in the Dick van Dyke show from the early 1960's but she was in top form at the time.   On her as an example, they were the perfect woman's pant style.  Bermuda shorts were a men's fashion trend often made fun of in the older TV shows.  Even Leave it to Beaver parents made fun of Fred Ruthoford, and older, balding parent, a family friend, and workmate of Beaver's father.  I can't remember anyone ever complaining on any show about Capri pants, but Bermuda shorts were often the brunt of media jokes.  And remember that in the days of Beaver, there were only three networks, so the show was something everyone would watch if they watched TV at all.  There also is a reference in one show were Beaver's father, Ward, talks about how some guy showed up at an event in cut off jeans.  I can't remember exactly the wording, but it was obvious what he was talking about.  At the time, these were beatnik type men's beachwear.  
Where I am going with this is that things that were made fun of did not last a long time and were not as popular even then.  It was a country-wide pear pressure type situation.  The opposite happened with Bikinis and the beach movies and Elvis films and even some main stream films where teens and young women wore them and were admired by both those on the show and also the audience seeing them.  This was positive pear pressure which helped to promote the women's bikini movement.

My mom was sickly and had limited abilities to move around without a wheel chair.  One of her daytime habits was to watch an hour or two of the soap operas on at the time.  I remember that in the mid to late 1980s that some featured extremely handsome men who seemed to spend most of their time shirtless like the men on the covers of Harlequin romance paperback books marketed to the female audience.  
A few of the shows started showing hot tub scenes or sunbathing scenes and the women were usually decked out in small bikinis and the men also wore skimpier swimwear including Speedo type racing suits.  On a couple of occasions, these handsome young men were shown in Rio or even thong backed swimwear -- not for long periods, but long enough to make an impression on the women who watched the shows.  

The TV show Baywatch used to show the occasional shot which included people in minimal swimwear in the background.  If you watch older episodes, you will sometimes see guys in Speedos and even a few women in thongs.  The main male, Hasselhoff, complained to the producers that the women in thongs were upstaging him, and so after that, with the exception of Pamala Anderson, no other women were allowed to wear thongs, even in the back of the shots. 

Someone told me that they took some footage showing nude beach use and lots of minimal swimwear to use in the show that were distributed in Europe and other less restrictive countries, but I have since learned that this claim was not true.  A few times they toned down the shots and story, but they never went the other way to make them hotter. Again, no negative comments on the shows = acceptable in the "real" world.  

Today thongs in general, and especially on men are almost never shown in a positive light or even as simply another type swimwear.  My Dad used to say "When I can go to Sears and buy something, I know that it is an acceptable fashion and nobody will complain."  Sear's is now on the brink of closing down.

One men's fashion I don't understand was something they called "walk shorts".  Dozens of ads in newspapers and magazines, and even clothing patterns sold to make your own cloths at home mention walk shorts, but I don't understand what they were and why they differed from just shorts. 
Did the person who named them not have a good handle on the English language and intended to call the "walking shorts" like they had "painter's pants", or was the intention that these were shorts you would use to walk in, and if so, did they make other shorts for other purposed like "lounging shorts", "TV shorts", "Driving shorts" , "Stadium shorts" or others.  I have never seen anything like these others advertised.
Davsim #56

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:06/12/2018 12:38:54Copy HTML

I remember women wearing thong leotards on top of leggings. They mainly wore them to the gym or to aerobics classes, but occasionally you'd see a woman shopping or walking down the street wearing a thong on top. It was really sexy. Even though the skin was covered, it really defined the butt cheeks. Some even wore them with lace leggings so you could see a little butt skin.
JM_Runs #57

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:06/12/2018 01:54:36Copy HTML

ithongit - RE: "Walk shorts" - "Lounging shorts"

Actually there are shorts specifically advertised as "Lounging shorts"  - many websites aimed at men have a Lounge wear section, with shorts made for Lounging, which I suspect is some activity like pretending to be a house cat.  

What constitutes "lounge wear" varies wildly: https://www.mategear.com/collections/loungewear 

As a guy, who wears a lot of short shorts, in my mind there are definitely "Sitting Shorts". These are shorts I can sit in for a long time without discomfort, compared to other shorts that look good but are either too right or not stretchy enough for prolonged sitting.  Some shorts are fine for a five hour car drive, others, often denim without spandex, are not.  

jglgmp #58

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:06/13/2018 03:22:21Copy HTML

 Perhaps I'm wrong but I do not remember that period that fondly with respect to thongs, I'm a 61 year old male who began thonging in the early 80s and continue to this day. My perception is that in some ways it was more prevalent but only with respect to girls, not women, but girls  in their early 20s. I can not recall ever back then seeing a male in a thong. Naked yes but thong no.

I'll begin with men in general and me specifically. Back then when I started I began with a womens thong bikini bottom not because I got any pleasure in wearing women's bikinis but because I simply couldn't find a mans thong which obviously fits better. Perhaps I was just not looking in the right place. It was my GF at the time who eventually found mens thongs while on a trip to Brazil. She remarked that the mens selections were quite limited while the ones for women were unlimited.

Fast forward to the internet era and the mens choices are almost unlimited. Prints, colors , sizes ranging from modest to micro and extreme.  Back in the 80s none of the current options existed. Yes Speedo suits were more popular than today but thongs on men no, at least in my opinion. My current collection is in the 30+ range and I'm adding more all the time.

Sadly the double standard still and always will exist. Fine for women but not men. The same women who loved Chris Akeins or George of the jungle in loin cloths would be the first to admonish a man never mind their husband or significant other if they wore them. Men now have more choices if not freedom to thong.

As for women it has also changed. Thankfully it is no longer limited to girls but now includes women, mature women in their 40s and 50s. My SO is 52 and hates NOT being able to wear a thong on the beach, pool or boat. And women as well have more high quality choices. Wicked Weasel, Malibu Strings and others make thongs, g string suits of amazing quality. Manufactures like them did not exist in the 80s and 90s. Additionally Victoria's Secret, VERY mainstream, offers thongs or at least a reasonable facsimile. SI shows them each year although I do wish they would do us all a favor and also feature older women as models. But that's a whole other topic. 

Bottom line in my opinion is that yes in a way there are fewer thongs, maybe. But I believe the culture has changed. In my tropical travels I have witnessed about as many men as was the case in the alleged "golden age", but more and different women. I now see mothers and daughters. I also see more women who may, in their mind or the mind of another, might not have the "perfect hard body" wearing thongs or going topless because THEY want to. BRAVO ladies.

Men as I said fight the double standard. We were at a resort in Mexico this past February and it was all most all adults and I wore my thongs on the beach and in a section of the pool. On the third day two other guys began wearing them. At the pool bar they thanked me for setting the standard. 
Maybe I was not paying attention but I didn't see that era as anything special.
Mary0826 #59

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:06/15/2018 04:08:48Copy HTML

 I find this topic very interesting, and this is why I started it.  I think that many people, men and women, missed at least the beginning of this movement due to the limited availability of thong swimwear in local store.  Certain stores in larger towns, or some beach-front communities might have had them for sale at even an early date.  However, may if not most people had to go through what now seems like a ridiculous process to get their thongs.  First you would have to see them to learn about the look to start with.  This could be in person or in a magazine of other publication.  Heaven knows, they were not shown in the media of main-stream films.  Next, you would have to find someplace that sold them.  At first they might have been available locally only "dirty magazine" stores which were often patronized by people you really were not interested in being around.  A few places like Fredrick's of Hollywood sold them after a while in mall stores that while still having the stigma of being a sex oriented store, at least did not have the undesirables people around.  The other place to get them was mail order.  Sear's Montgomery Wards, and other places did not sell them in their popular catalogs, so you would have to order them from ads in the backs of magazines.  Some suppliers did not advertise the thongs directly, but instead listed their catalogs, which you would have to write to get, and in some cases even pay to see.  A few vendors sold thongs and similar swimwear in pseudo swimwear magazines.  These sometimes made it onto the shelves of bigger news stands. These "magazines" were often marketed like a Sports Illustrated swimwear special editions, except there was no advertising and the only thing the models wore were swimwear from that one manufacturer.  (Venus  did this.)  Then you might have to wait a week or two for your order for a catalog to get to the vendor, another week or two for the catalog to arrive, and they once you decide what you want, perhaps another week to send the order back to the vendor, and another week or more to get the thong.  Instead of five minutes and a few clicks on the computer, you could spend anyplace from two to eight weeks to place your order and get it back. Complicating the issue was that some places did not take credit cards (there were no debit card then) and you would have to send a check (which would take another week to 10 days to clear) or get a money order (which involved going someplace and sometimes telling some stranger that you wanted to a money order made out to "Bare it all" or whatever the business name was.

Many men did what JGLGMP did -- try on a women's thong, and sometimes it was so uncomfortable or for some other reason the man decided to give up thongs there and then.   Yes, men's bikini swimwear was more popular, and in some ways, I don't think men thought it was as extreme to go from a Speedo to a thong, but the lack of swimwear made doing it right harder to do.  

One of the factors which have been mentioned in previous posts on this thread is that thong swimwear was available in local stores.  When Macy's and other major retailers started carrying thongs for men (and women) the ability to get thongs issue quickly disappeared.  But this seems to have taken from 5 to 10 years after the start of thong swimwear being acceptable,  These stores have pretty much gotten out of the thong business -- especially those for men, but a guy can order a thong from Amazon or some other place and have it delivered in two days or so.  Still, there is a bit of a delay, and this has made spur-of-the-moment decisions to try a thong less likely.  This also has made the dare to buy and wear one a bit less likely.  And it has also made it impossible to actually see what you are getting instead of a picture of what you are getting.  Major stores also tended to sell better quality swimwear, while today's Internet sales, especially those from Asia, often are badly made or simply look bad.

And just like now, there were places where people wearing thongs was more acceptable. I have no way of mapping where these places were, but form those who have mentioned places in their posts, it appears that many that were thong friendly then, are more likely to be thong friendly now.
beachlion #60

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:06/18/2018 05:23:57Copy HTML

 I kept clippings from a Dutch newspaper where a department store, "de Bijenkorf " that is somewhat like Macy's, was advertising G-strings for men and women. That was in 1976 for women and in 1977 also for men. In 1980, I wore a G-string in St Tropez and I was not the only guy in a string. The norm was something like a Speedo then and maybe 1 in 10 or 20 guy had a string or thong in that region. In the Netherlands I saw just a few at some popular beaches. So the Good Old Days period in Europe was a decade earlier.
The Swan #61

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:06/21/2018 02:21:29Copy HTML

 I believe I had my first thongs in the late 70's definitely by the time I met my wife in 1980. We lived in the Cincinnati-Dayton OH area.
Back when I was lifting weights for exercise, before I owned an old house, I would see lotsa of women in thongs at the gym late 1980's.Also most of the aerobic exercise shows on television had thonging women on them. I don't think Denise Austin ever wore one or Lilias the yoga lady but pretty much all the other shows had women with them on.

I think the last time I bought a thong at a department store was at Target about 2006.
JM_Runs #62

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:06/21/2018 02:00:20Copy HTML

I had forgotten about all the lycra clad TV exercise shows. Daily reality TV long before before Reality TV.

Who was the man from Hawaii who always had thong clad models on a lava flow cliff top? 
VegasThong702 #63

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:06/21/2018 06:16:42Copy HTML

I think his name was Gilad. I enjoyed many mornings watching that.
The Swan #64

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:06/23/2018 04:21:33Copy HTML

 `Oh yes Gilad, he always had a couple thonged women. There used to be a lady from North or South Carolina on PBS she had an assistant who wore a thong leotard. And locally there was a guy who used to host a short lived show called something like, "Midnight Stretch" He always wore a full length body suit with nothing under neath it. and when he would give one his thonged assistants a kiss you could see  he was excited to to see kiss them. It was too funny.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #65

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:06/23/2018 05:00:15Copy HTML

 I dated a woman about 4 years ago who was a "pool girl" on Magnum PI.  She also used to be a swimsuit model in Hawaii.  She's the one I'm kissing in one of my pics.  Too bad she was so hung up on wanting me to get rid of everything in my house that would remind me of my late wife.  She even insisted I get rid of all of my Christmas ornaments that I've collected with my late wife for the 36 years we were married.
Mary0826 #66

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:06/23/2018 08:01:49Copy HTML

 There were a few Baywatch shows where women are shown in thongs.  Then David Hasselhoff complained about these young women stealing the spotlight from him and made the producers eliminate thong swimwear entirely from the show -- with the exception of Pamela Anderson who they showed thonging in the sun at least once.

BRUCE FRETTS October 08, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT in Entertainment (online)

David Hasselhoff has made an important decision: There will be no more derriere-baring thongs allowed on Baywatch, his sun-soaked, flesh-filled syndicated series about L.A. lifeguards. ”We had some graphic shots of 19- year-old girls in thongs walking down the beach, and I said, ‘No one’s going to be looking at my scene if this ass walks behind me!”’ Hasselhoff says while screening dailies on the VCR in his trailer at L.A.’s Will Rogers State Beach. ”I’m not even going to be looking at my scene! I’m going to be looking at the ass!”

I wonder if Baywatch had shown thongs or even more thongs if this would have been a positive, even if somewhat fictional, influence on viewers to wear thongs -- obviously the timing (1993) was a time when thongs were in use, but something was holding people back from wearing them.  I will always think that the two steps to make thongs more popular again is (1) Show people wearing them in the media in a positive (or at least neutral) way.  Don't make them too sexy or the butt [pun intended] of jokes.  (2) Get more people to wear them in public places and not get harassed.  This will help those afraid to try out thongs feel a little more comfortable.
John Howard #67

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:06/23/2018 02:51:59Copy HTML

@Mary0826,interesting story about Baywatch;  its a pity thongs were eliminated from the show;   it wouldn't surprise me that Hasselholf complained about the girls' thongs getting all the attention.   It always called my attention Hasselholf's legs,  they were too skinny he was in desperate need of good squat workouts.   Even wearing a pair of conventional speedos would make him stand out by chicken legs.
NudeNArizona #68

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:07/04/2018 02:45:22Copy HTML

 When I was in high school between junior and senior year I dated a girl who had a pool and she was the baby of her family with older siblings already out of the house and her mom bought her true G-string bikinis for her summer. Her parents worked and her mom would ask me to come over during the day so she wouldn’t be alone. So one day when I arrived she handed me a thong in a bag as a present to wear in the pool “little did she know once she went to work we were naked the entire day” but when her parents were around we wore our thongs as well when other friends were around.
J_R_365 #69

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:07/04/2018 01:26:38Copy HTML

 NudeNArizona, she was probably aware, but was "Keeping up appearance of decorum".

One thing I've learned from getting older (I'm 63) is that old farts are not as stodgy as I though, they just have less energy to act on it :-)

I find these days that people about 25 seem to be quite stodgy. For instance, last weekend, when it was so beastly hot here [Okay, I realize I'm saying that to someone from Arizona], as I was heading home I was sitting on the concrete in the shade changing from my sandals to street shoes, there was a couple about 25 sitting next to me. I overheard them talking about trips they had made during college.

She had been to Barcelona, and was describing the beach there: "There's one end that's mostly tourists, and the other end locals. As you walk down the beach, you see less and less swimsuits, until everyone's naked."

He  seemed slightly scandalized. "Ohhh, I don't think I could EVER go to a nude beach!"
NudeNArizona #70

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:07/04/2018 05:58:11Copy HTML

 J_R_365, As you mention it you are probably right that her mother knew what we were doing alone. Because for one this her mother had put her on the pill and she also was the one who bought her the G-strings and I don’t know if you remember the Ujena G-strings from back then were all unlined and her first one was white which was very sheer when wet and her mom never said a word of her walking around practically naked and since it was tie side even when her mom was home all she would do is lay it across if someone came out to the pool.. I remember one afternoon when we were in the pool swimming naked her older sister dropped by to swim and when she arrived Lynn was in the house gettin drinks when her sister caught us off guard by walking thru the side gate. She came over to the pool and my thong was on the lounger as she walked up she didn’t say anything until Lynn walked out of the hous naked and laughed and said I see you are growing up!
sagitaurus2000 #71

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:07/22/2018 05:00:00Copy HTML

 some information about swimwearyou need a translation app      (deepl.com)

sagitaurus2000 #72

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:07/22/2018 05:09:31Copy HTML

 at the end of the 80's and beginning of the 90's the blossoming time for scarce swimwear was you could buy it almost everywhere where you could buy swimwear. 
with the underwear there were only for men thongs, none for boys, with the women the choice was always very large and with the girls there were for 2-3 years even models from an age of 6, which disappeared however fast as this certain moral apostles then in the media badly talked 
meanwhile thongs for men are almost only available in sexshops or on the internet, just as with scarce swimwear for menfor women the selection has also become smaller as far as swimwear is concerned but still available
for germany, however, it is better off, there the people are more open for thongs and other scarce swimsuits
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
LoveMyThongs #73

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:07/29/2018 05:15:31Copy HTML

My wife started in 1988 and her sisters way before. The styles were different but at the beach it was no big deal but thong underwear was still new. I started in 1993 and it was more prevalent in porn with gay porn stars and there were some incredible tan lines. I feel now it’s more accepted as more and more women are going thongs. Still not a ton of men but even now at the dermatologist or just for a check ups, doctors and nurses don’t say anything. If I go to the tanning salon I’m one of the few guys who wears a thong. I have some tan line pics from the early 90’s and the bigger styles definitely stood out
LoveMyThongs #74

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/12/2018 10:44:10Copy HTML

In back to school with mark Harmon, check the movie title, one of his students is a male stripper and there’s scene where he’s in a thong. When I first started wearing them in 1992 at 18, they were more high cut and the beach thongs had fuller backs. I remember watching some gay porn with my gf and both guys had these crazy thong tan lines and one was the same style as mine. I then discovered more guys in thongs with tan lines in porn then but not really now. Women have always had them in that industry I think since the mid - late 80’s Surf magazines had reef ads with girls in thongs up to the mid 2000’s too but rarely more than that. In the SI shoot it’s seems that’s all they wear
ithongit #75

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/13/2018 04:38:10Copy HTML

SI went through a period of no (obvious) thongs. They showed thongs in the 1970's(?) and definately had them in the 1980's and 1990's. Then for some reason thongs lost their popularity as beachwear for women in the late 1990's and 2000's. You could go years and never see a bun. But at the same time, they seemed to be more open to showing a woman's breasts or implying that women should swim topfree. Never a totally bare breast, but a fish-net or see through top or even a wet T-shirt would show nipples. Now we get the best of both worlds -- topfree or semi exposed breasts and thongs! I saw somewere that SI swimwear issue sales were more women than men. Hopefully the women who see the current range of swimwear that SI features will think about wearing less and more minimal swimwear, such as the cheeky and extreme cheeky (and even true thongs) will become popular again.
Mary0826 #76

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/28/2018 04:14:41Copy HTML

I remember digging into swimwear trends at the library. One magazine, perhaps Time or some other prominate publication had a discussion of thongs and their popularity in the early 1980's. They had a lot of people quote that they liked wearing so little and saw nothing wrong with the look. The magazine even made a prediction that someday soon, with swimwear getting so small, the trend had no place to go -- except total nudity. Of course it is obvious this never occured, and there are many posts elsewhere presenting many theories about why thongs lost their popularity -- especially since they were more popular at one time and the number of thongers started to grow.
Ronniejohn46 #77

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:10/28/2018 06:59:06Copy HTML

I admit that I haven't read the voluminous discourse on this subject in this forum. Perhaps someone has mentioned this before. But, it seems to me that the fashion industry has driven the styles of swimwear available as well as shorts for men. Lots of fabric in a clothing item means more income for raw material producers and the manufacturers and set the price accordingly. Then, too, there is the myopic aversion of men wearing more abbreviated clothing because of "modesty.". Consider health clubs with " no nudity" in the locker room. I guess U.S. morals don't extend to our behavior towards one-another. Me? I wear mid-thigh or shorter shorts, narrow sided swim wear, and g-strings.
ohiothonger #78

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

Date Posted:11/11/2018 03:15:20Copy HTML

I have no statistics to back this up, but I think thong popularity especially on men can be broken down into a few sub-catagories: Number of men who owned a thong swimsuit -- even if they never wore it in public or only wore in in public a time or two. Maybe 20% at most. Number of men who would wear a thong swimsuit occationally -- a few times a season or only in places where thonging was more popular. Maybe 10 %. Number of men who would wear thong swimwear as openly and without concern for what others think -- Maybe 5%. Number of men who would wear thong swimwear litterally all the time when swimwear was required unless restricted by laws or rules -- 2 to 3 percent. I suspect that all catagories have dropped at least by half or maybe even a quarter. As I said, I have no data to support this conclusion, only some guesswork and knowledge from the period. In all cases, these numbers would be averages for all men in thee US/Canada/Austrailia or whatever. A beach where thongs are very popular would offset ones where thongs are rarely or never worn.
ithongit #79

Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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I think a major percentage of men's thongs are purchased as part of a dare or gag gift. I think these were more common when we were furthest away from thong acceptability. It is like other dare things -- doing something nobody else would do (whatever it is) is more of a dare than doing something that is more common or at least more acceptable. Still, I would think that maybe a quarter to a third of all men's thong sales are for dare purposes. Occationally, a guy will say "Hey, that was sort of cool" for whatever reason they liked wearing the thong, but usually, they are more interested in fulfilling their part of the dare (doing it) than truely trying to see what a thong is all about. One of the best things a woman can do for a guy in a thong is lavish him with compliments. This will make an uncomfortable experience more tollerable and perhaps even pleasant. You can teach a dog to go to his crate by telling him what you want him to do and then put a treat in it. Soon the dog will associate going into the crate in a positive light. Men are not dogs (most of the time they are wolves!) but everyone likes to be complimented, and serious positive compliments can do magic to get someone to like what they thought they might not. The other thing is that thong wearing men seem to start with something that is way too tight. They assume that tight must be better and less likely to come off. While this might be true some of the time, more often, a tight thong will be so uncomfortable that the man will get scared away from trying them again.
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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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Interesting this. My first brief attire was a HOM string sided bikini bought back in 1978 when first available. Certainly revealing at the time but too much cover, particularly the back by my current standards.

Then as now I just wanted to be minimally attired when swimming/sunning. I well remmber folding the back panel to reduce cover.

Never looked back in forty years!

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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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"everyone likes to be complimented, and serious positive compliments can do magic" A lot of men report a positive comment made when they first tried thongs made difference to their lifelong adoption of thongs.
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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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I grew up wearing a Speedo at the beach and pool. I remember being young and wanting the brief to be smaller. I would roll down the waist and roll up the sides and back to expose as much skin as possible. Then along came smaller suits. I jumped on them as soon as I saw them. The string sides and half back to quarter back styles had me. It wasn’t long before I was pulling the back to as small as possible/thong like. When I first saw an ad for men’s thong swim I am as out to find one the next day. That was 1987 for me. While the first suits didn’t fit great, I was hooked. As online retailers set up, I started purchasing more and more. The Speedo stores carried their thong and when they went under I bought 10 as they closed the doors. For the longest time I was the only one at the beach in a thong suit, still am much of the time. But what a thrill it was back then. The women loved it. I had countless women taking photos with me, approaching me and talking with me. Then it seemed like overnight the only acceptable beach wear was board shorts. It is refreshing to see that the options are opening a little more. But those early days were so much fun. Yet the suits I have now fit so much better.
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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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> I think a major percentage of men's thongs are purchased as part of a dare or gag gift. That's not remotely close to accurate.
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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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> I think a major percentage of men's thongs are purchased as part of a dare or gag gift.That's not remotely close to accurate. Sure it is. My first one was a gag gift. So was my best mates. He never wore his. I never stopped wearing mine
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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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Say what you want about them but the Kardashians have been thongers since the "old" days! Look at this snap of Kim in 1994 in a thong on the beach! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6501567/Kim-Kardashian-shares-rare-bikini-flashback-photo-Kourtney.html
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Re:Good Old Days circa 1985 - 1995

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 I remember the weekend Bikini contests at Ho Jos Lauderdale BTS. There would be days that you would see 75-100 thongs and gstrings. A lot of the dancers from Solid Gold and Pure Platinum showed up and some brought there boyfriends who also danced. You hardly see young guys in bikinis anymore but back then there were a lot of well-built young guys in their early 20s wearing the smallest g strings imaginable. The girls were really friendly esp if you bought them a drink.

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