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Date Posted:01/18/2016 02:13:30Copy HTML

Hello fellow thongers, I just got out of the hospital after a 5 day stay.  This was my first ever hospital stay.  I ending up getting cellulitis and epididymitis. The cellulitis started at the base of the scrotum and got infected.  It led to epididymitis which is a swelling of a tube around the testicle. This was caused by a nick from shaving and it got infected.  Everything swelled up and they had to pump me full of anti-biotics.  I've been shaving for years and this is the first time it has ever happened, of course in the worst place possible.  Be careful when you're shaving the area.  Make sure you rinse the blade often and change the blade often.  Don't ever press.  I have always been careful but obviously not careful enough. I'm doing a lot better now and even got back to exercising.  The epididymitis is still present but has gone down a lot.  I have a follow up appointment with the doctor to make sure everything is on track. Here's a link to avoid this, hope this never happens to anyone: http://www.healthline.com/health/epididymitis#TestsandDiagnosis4

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Re:Got a bad skin infection

Date Posted:01/20/2016 02:51:12Copy HTML

 Wow hope you're feeling better.  I know that skin infections are a risk and that's why I try to clean and shave at the same time.  I've been using a shower and shave gel which should clean and disinfect the skin while lubricating for shaving.  So far have avoided the dreaded bumps which I understand are little inflamed follicles.
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