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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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thong bassist

Date Posted:09/23/2006 01:07:09Copy HTML

On my cruise, I found a beach in Grand Cayman that was a great place to thong. If you're getting off at the cruise ship port, ask a taxi to take you to the quiet end of the 7 mile beach. The taxi fee is a $1 extra for this stop, but it's worth it. When you arrive at your stop, walk toward the shore line. While facing the water, head to your right. Walk down the beach for about 100 yards. When you get here, you'll notice two sand cutouts that are surrounded by trees. I had no problems here.
DavyJ #1

Re:Grand Cayman

Date Posted:09/25/2006 12:34:25Copy HTML

Good to hear that!  I was in Georgetown many years ago, and the hotel literature made a point of saying that minimal swimwear was frowned upon throughout the Cayman Islands.  Hopefully that is changing, or were you on a deserted beach with no one else around?
jaylawson #2

Re:Grand Cayman

Date Posted:11/16/2006 11:30:39Copy HTML

Hey, good effort, I live here, cant say that I'd have have the b*lls to thong in public but only because it is a small town etc etc. For visitors I'd say  'go for it' after all it is the Caribbean, British-linked or not. Frankly, I think it should be a non-issue provided that the crown jewels are covered, so hats off to ya!!
Ex_Member #3

Re:Grand Cayman

Date Posted:11/21/2006 09:06:26Copy HTML

I have gotten away with wearing a gstring at the cobalt coast resort. my girlfriend has also worn them their. She usually wears malibu strings ones.
T-Back #4

Re:Grand Cayman

Date Posted:06/14/2008 11:19:22Copy HTML

I am staying at the Westin on the Seven Mile beach.  Can you tell me if I can wear a thong?  Also, would speedos be more popular? 
orlspeedo #5

Re:Grand Cayman

Date Posted:08/10/2009 11:08:05Copy HTML

Anyone been to this area on Grand Cayman lately?  I'll be there next month while on a stop on a cruise and would like to find a nice quiet area to thong.
dmCUbare #6

Re:Grand Cayman

Date Posted:09/26/2011 03:57:03Copy HTML

Wow - no posts for over 2 years for the Grand Cayman?  Doesn't anyone go down there any more to show off their cheeks?  Regardless, my wife and I are heading there for a week vacation in mid-November and we will be thonging it, but wanted to see if anyone has any recent beach going experiences from there to share.  Thanks.
Captain_Jim #7

Re:Grand Cayman

Date Posted:09/26/2011 11:07:04Copy HTML

I've been to Grand Cayman many times and it is VERY conservative. I would not thong there at all.
dirtyd3815 #8

Re:Grand Cayman

Date Posted:12/01/2011 02:11:28Copy HTML

We went there on a cruise ship last year and took the excusion to stingray city.  Wife wore her thong out there no problem, if anything we got more personalized treatment from the guides (imagine that).  When we got back into town we actually seen a woman walking in/out of stores with a white mesh coverup over a black thong and for the few minutes we seen her nobody even batted an eye.  Granted that was only one day and it was mostly the cruise ship crowd and I'm sure the people running the stores were more concerned with making money than what one woman was wearing.  My guess is that as long as you keep it low key, not running around in some missle suit with a  look at me look at me attitude you'll probably be ok.
car57 #9

Re:Grand Cayman

Date Posted:11/07/2013 01:04:24Copy HTML

When in Grand Cayman last week went to Royal Palm Resort and while it got crowded with several cruise shops in port, I rented a floating mat and spent hours in my thong floating in the water.  Several other people floated by as well as a parasailing boat, no one said a word.  There were lots of speedos on guys but only a couple of women wearing Brazilian cut bottoms, no true thongs other than mine.
tiggerix #10

Re:Grand Cayman

Date Posted:01/08/2014 06:07:06Copy HTML

Thanks Car57 - some good info - we're off to Grand Cayman this year - glad there are at least speedos a plenty - any tips on beaches to try?  I have read that topless and nudity is prohibited by law, but would like to have some idea about what is tolerated - anyone else been lately? 
perizomato #11

Re:Grand Cayman

Date Posted:12/15/2015 12:26:07Copy HTML

 I stay in GC some days ago. I walk all 7 mile beach... only see a woman in black thong.
ChaddiusRex #12

Re:Grand Cayman

Date Posted:12/03/2017 05:12:14Copy HTML

 Hey any updates on the island?  Live in FL and looking for. Nice vacay tonget away and tan.  Gay couple too, any issues or recommendations?
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