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Date Posted:12/05/2017 06:03:40Copy HTML

Hello! My wife and I are taking a trip to this resort next year and was wondering if there are good spots on the resort to thong. I know they have a small adult pool tucked away from the big pools and thought that might be my best spot to go? Has anyone been to this resort and could tell me their experiences? I know I won’t have any issues wearing bikini’s/briefs swimwear but just wanted to wear my thongs as much as possible. I know my wife won’t have a problem wearing her thong. I’m one of those guys that if others are wearing thongs then I don’t have any problem wearing them but if I’m the only one, I don’t want to be the one everyone is laughing at. Haha
pikeman #1

Re:Grand Palladium Resort in Rivera Maya

Date Posted:12/06/2017 03:22:42Copy HTML

 I have stayed down the beach at Hidden Beach Resort and run across the beach in a thong at Palladium regularly without any notice at all. I didn't see any other men in thongs.I did see a number of women who were topless, and some in thongs. It didn't appear anyone was paying them any notice. I took the time once to investigate Palladium while in the middle of my run, and nobody deemed to notice.It seems that the view of a bare backside or breast is of little consequence. Isn't that nice?
Blackthong23 #2

Re:Grand Palladium Resort in Rivera Maya

Date Posted:12/06/2017 02:05:41Copy HTML

That’s good to hear! I get the vibe that the resort is more laid back and the people that visit are more confident in wearing what they want. That’s why we wanted to try this place out! I just want to work on a good tan in my thongs. Hopefully I can just walk around the resort in my speedo from my room to the pools or beach. 
Blackthong23 #3

Re:Grand Palladium Resort in Rivera Maya

Date Posted:06/11/2018 03:42:48Copy HTML

I just wanted to share my experience from this resort a few weeks ago. The resort was fantastic and I loved being around all kinds of people from different countries. I was curious to see how many thongers would be there because I planned to be wearing mine most of the time. 
From the first moment I walked up to the pool on the first day I noticed many women in thongs. It was great to see because I could tell it was already an open group of people that are proud to show their bodies off.

As my wife and I went to the beach and pool for the first time I notice there aren’t any male thongers, just the normal shorts and a handful of speedos. Nothing to revealing which was ok, but not great for me. So being somewhat hesitant I just left my JS bikini on when walking around the resort or getting drinks at the bar. Not one gave a second look when I wore my bikinis.

But I didn’t want to tan with the bikini on, so every day I had my skinz or JS thong on underneath. I found the beach was the best place for me to strip down to a thonging, because lots of women were thonging there and a handful were topless, so I knew I’d be ok there.

It was very refreshing that no one really cared that I was tanning in my thong. Most people just walked by without any reaction.

The pools were kind of hit or miss. Mostly louder younger crowds were at the pool so I usually wore my bikinis there. Only a few times I’d slip the speedo off and tan in my thong by the pool. Really depended on who was around and how crowded it was with kids.

Overall it was a great experience for me and I got awesome tan lines!

Something I did take away from this trip is how conservative most Americans are. I’m an American and wish we acted like people from other countries as far as being open and not worrying as much about showing our bodies. In the states most of the time in I get looks or laughed at when wearing a speedo, but there I could thong in front of people and they really did not care. That was so nice. I'm ready to go back!
pikeman #4

Re:Grand Palladium Resort in Rivera Maya

Date Posted:08/11/2018 03:10:09Copy HTML

Glad to hear you had a good time. I happen to be an American, and for the most part I find my countrymen to be a PITA. They somehow reckon they have the right to act up or harass other people.
IBuy_SheWears #5

Re:Grand Palladium Resort in Rivera Maya

Date Posted:08/11/2018 01:10:56Copy HTML

Glad you had a great time! We love the Cancun and Riviera Maya area and go back any chance we get. I'm American as well and have unfortunately noticed the same. It generally happens when you have groups of people and they think it's funny or fun to harass others.
underwater #6

Re:Grand Palladium Resort in Rivera Maya

Date Posted:08/11/2018 03:11:49Copy HTML

 Any concern with safety while vacationing in Cancun? We're going in October, staying at the Weston.

IBuy_SheWears #7

Re:Grand Palladium Resort in Rivera Maya

Date Posted:08/12/2018 06:52:04Copy HTML

I've never had a concern, been 11 times. We rarely leave the resort though. To save time at the airport, I suggest a private transfer. I've had great experiences with USA transfers and Canada Transfers.
Blackthong23 #8

Re:Grand Palladium Resort in Rivera Maya

Date Posted:08/13/2018 03:43:49Copy HTML

The resort was totally safe for us but we just stayed there and didn’t go on any excursions. Not sure about Cancun but everything seemed fine when we went.

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