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Date Posted:05/25/2003 09:17:44Copy HTML

All beaches in Greece are thong/topless-friendly. Also, there are non-nude beaches that go on and on and you can find some isolated part of them where you can sun in the nude without anyone bothering you.
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Date Posted:06/26/2003 08:34:51Copy HTML

For future reference, which beaches are better for quality of sand and water? In the travel brochures many of the greek beaches are described as "pebble beaches" - personally I prefer fine sand and clear, warm water... any recommendations? Thanks.
elp_gr #2


Date Posted:07/02/2003 10:43:31Copy HTML

Any beach that is not referred to as a "pebble beach" is sand. As for their quality, 97% of Greece's beaches are of exceptional quality, according to the European Union (they were awarded a Blue Flag), while 99% of Greece's beaches were awarded a Green Flag, meaning suitability for swimming.

If you want my personal opinion, though, try to avoid beaches that are too shallow or too crowded. These tend to get dirty and murky by early afternoon. Also, small beaches that attract too many people are best avoided.

I'll tell you about some beaches I'd rather avoid if I were you:

Nei Pori and Platamonas (Pieria region)

In the Chania county:

Aghii Apostoli (too small and too crowded)

Aghios Onoufrios (fuel storage sites are near, tankers dock in the waters and often throw their trash to the sea)

Kalathas (small and crowded; also, you're likely to see trash from tankers docking outside Aghios Onoufrios)

Stavros (particularly the beach that looks to the mountain - too small and crowded, not to mention that)

Aghia Marina (too shallow and too crowded; good in the afternoon and the morning, though)

Platanias (I've often seen tar there)

Nea Hora (OK, it's sandy. But why bother with a beach that's in the very town of Chania? The whole point of going to the beach is escaping from the city, right?)

Rethymno county:

AVOID Plakias at all costs. It's a P-O-S beach. Also, if even the slightest wind blows in the Cretan north, DON'T go to ANY beach to the south, because the winds there are far stronger, save for a few places that are not exposed too much.

Where I would go on Crete?

In the Chania county:

Paleochora (two sandy, clean beaches; one has a calm sea even when strong winds blow)

Falassarna (two EXCELLENT, sandy beaches with cool, crystal-clear waters)

Elafonissos (one of the greatest and it's also got sand)

Aghia Marina (in the morning and afternoon it's good if you don't mind its warm waters because of its shallow depth - avoid the rush hours. It's sandy, too.)

Marathi (although it's near a naval base and a commercial seaport, it's very clean and it's also sandy. There's also a number of decent taverns there)

In Rethymno county:



As for central Greece, here goes:

If you don't mind moms, grandmas and the fact that, for fear of gossip, most local girls won't even go topless, Aghiokampos is a good choice. Clean waters, lots of sand, some pebble where the waves crash, VERY long beach that goes all the way to Velika.

Also, Mesaggala is another popular choice.

In Pieria now, Skotina is considered as a good beach. However, I'd tend to avoid anything that's directly under the Thermaikos Gulf, because in the center of this gulf is Thessaloniki, which - despite its beauty - is notorious for its dirty, polluted and foul-smelling seaport that fouls a very large area.

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Date Posted:08/18/2003 03:58:08Copy HTML

How acceptable is it for guys to wear thong swimsuits in Greece?

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Date Posted:08/20/2003 05:53:55Copy HTML

I would be surprised if you were given a hard time for wearing a thong in Greece. However, your best bets are beaches with A LOT of young people and lots of flirting and partying going on at the beach bars. Of course, there's always the staple of the beaches on Mykonos island, but 90% of the beaches here wouldn't give you any trouble.

Jerry_in_san_jose #5


Date Posted:08/07/2004 03:42:28Copy HTML

Hi Everyone,

I just returned from a vacation in Greece and found a very thong friendly beach, it is Agia Prokopios Beach on the island of Naxos in Greece. This beach has to be by far the best beach I've run into, very clear water, good sand, and very thong friendly. I spent three days on the beach in a thong and didn't receive as much as a comment or snide remark about wearing a thong. The beach is devided into three parts, the north end is predominately famlies with children with very little topless, the south end is mixed family but has a high percentage of women that are topless, and the middle is pretty much nude to full bathing suits. I spent the majority of my time at the south end where the middle section started, it is easy to find since it is the last section near the middle where the sun bathing chairs are and I had no problems wearing a thong the entire time I was there.

The beach starts filling up around 11:00 and by 2:30pm it is packed with people. I usually arrived around 9:30am and stayed till around 4:30pm wearing a thong with no problems. I was the only male in a thong so be prepared to be the only one there in a thong if your male, there were several females in thongs from the middle to south end so you will have limited company. This beach is predominately European, I didn't notice any other americans on the beach when I was there and I walked from end to end everytime I went there.

Even if your not looking for a beach to wear a thong I highly recommend Agia Prokopios on Naxos since it is one of the best beaches I've been to. In six feet of water you can look at your feet and seem them perfectly clear. I have no idea on the range of visibility in the water but it has to be one of the best I've been to and I've been to a lot of beaches, I could not believe how clear the water was. The sand is a little course but that is probably why the water is so clean. The town is not very touristy so don't expect a lot of shopping. The people are great, the food is very cheap (about 4 Euro for Lunch for takeout) and there are restraunts around if you want a full meal. The sun bathing lounges will run about 7 Euro for the day if you want one, if you want to just use a towel, there is no charge and there are several places you can lay out. The middle section does not have sun bathing chairs/Umbrellas so if you want an umbrella to keep the sun off of you, spring for one at 6 Euro and stay in the middle section.


JM_Runs #6


Date Posted:01/15/2007 01:13:40Copy HTML

Link to nude beaches in Greece and the Greek islands. >> http://www.nude-beach-guide.com/map/greek-islands-map.htm
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Date Posted:02/06/2007 07:06:57Copy HTML

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Date Posted:06/02/2007 02:43:07Copy HTML

i am aware that there are several nude beaches in mykonos but wondering about hotel pools and beach attire for men.  are gstrings or thongs going to be acceptable on men?
JM_Runs #9


Date Posted:06/23/2007 06:05:41Copy HTML

I am off to one of the lesser known Greek islands in the next month and am only taking thong swimwear so will give an update  when I return. There are plenty of nude / naturist beaches so am not expecting a problem, Greece appears to fairly progressive, 'top-free' , thongs and nudity being accepted on appropriate beaches. Personally I am not interested in provoking a response, so am not an advocate of wearing thong swimwear where it is inappropriate, i.e. around a town or in a restaurant. There are plenty of naturist resorts if that is what people want, I would like to get thongs more accepted, not banned!
lauren1 #10


Date Posted:06/23/2007 08:02:34Copy HTML

I'm off to Kos in two weeks to get away from all this rain!! That map is really handy so I'll report back and let you know how it is on Kalymnos. Couple of new Weasels arrived in the post yesterday as my old kit is getting worn out
wr1944 #11


Date Posted:06/25/2007 05:49:46Copy HTML

@ Lauren1
Are you going to Kos or Kalymnos? I was at Kos in October last year and found it very relaxed. I stayed at Tigaki and visited all of the North-coast and the Magic beach in the South. I plan to go next October again. I am just back from a cycling-trip from Holland to North-France. Of the three weeks I could only wear a string on 6 days and walk the beaches on only on 4 days. The rest was all rain and/or cold wind.
With the high temperatures allready over there in Greece, do not overheat the people by wearing your extreme hot suits. ;-)
JM_Runs #12


Date Posted:07/07/2007 01:47:39Copy HTML

Naxos and Antiparos both get my thumbs up. Too many beaches to mention and not a problem wearing a thong on any of them. Spent an entire day visiting Antiparos including trekking down the West coast in nothing more than thong swimwear. Brilliant.
elp_gr #13


Date Posted:08/01/2007 04:09:09Copy HTML


Once upon a time, Falassarna was praised for its crystal-clear waters and for letting ordinary beachgoers, thongers and nudists to coexist. Well, not anymore. Mind you, I'm talking about the small beach here. The area where nudism is possible is rocky and its seabed is rough, while there's a lot of tar on the rocks, as well as some litter from "campers". What's worse, a not-quite-so-near-the-beach bar has opened recently and it's started renting (?) umbrellas taking up whatever free space there was after the old umbrellas. This means that you simply cannot just lay your towel town anymore, because there's no room.

The worst part is that the "nudist" area (the dirty, rocky and filled with litter area, that is) has now become the home of some voyeurs and sexual predators. Today, me and my girlfriend went there to don our thongs and relax a bit. Then, some idiot gawper chatted us up, stripped down completely, started jerking off, coming closer and closer to us and even making sexual advances to my girlfriend. I had to intervene rather dynamically. This sick fuck is a friend of someone who apparently lives and works (?) in this area.


thonguk #14


Date Posted:09/09/2007 05:52:02Copy HTML

Hi, next year I am going to Santorini in Greece, has anyone been there or know what it is like and if it is a place where people wear thong swimwear?


JM_Runs #15


Date Posted:09/09/2007 10:21:54Copy HTML

My wife and I were in Santorini last October on a college alumni ancient history tour.  One afternoon I broke off from the group, rented a motor scooter and went exploring, with the main goal of finding a nice beach to go stringing and swimming.  I can heartily recommend you check out the long beach that runs from the town of Perissa south to Perivolos.  The beach a developed one, with the sand on one side of the road and shops, restaurants, aquatic rentals, etc. on the other side.  In season I'm sure it is hopping, though things were pretty much closed up for the season on my visit.  My day wasn't a great beach day, and all I saw on the beach were a few walkers, but I finally took the plunge at the south end, at Perivolos, and had a fine swim in my g-string.  Pictures I've seen prove thongs are common there.  Next time, I'd choose the extreme north end, with the big rock outcropping on your left as you arrive at the beach after passing thru town. 

If you prefer undeveloped beaches, and have your own wheels (you can get to Perissa by bus), there are other spots I'd have checked out if I'd had the time, particularly Vourvoulos.  Here's a site to check things out:  http://www.greeka.com/cyclades/santorini/santorini-beaches.htm.  Good luck! 

thonguk #16


Date Posted:09/09/2007 10:25:24Copy HTML

Thanks, luckily I am actually staying in Perissa so that might be quite ideal.


JM_Runs #17


Date Posted:09/10/2007 12:09:15Copy HTML

Lucky man!  I think you'll have a fabulous time.  Better to stay near the beach scene and have that as your focus, then make side excursions to explore the sights in Fira, Ia, and elsewhere as occasional diversions.  Doing so didn't fit the focus of our trip, and we were already off-season, anyway.  Renting a scooter at least part of the time will be fun, if you're inclined toward that type of adventure.  For me it is second nature, as we go to Bermuda a lot -- they don't rent cars to off-islanders there, so scooters are your only option if you want your own wheels.  Enjoy!

Pete01 #18


Date Posted:10/11/2007 01:30:43Copy HTML

Just posting this comment to bring my question regarding Plaka Beach, Naxos to the top of this section (I did post it as a seperate topic,  but  JM moved it to the 'Greece' topic) - any comments gratefully received.

Thanks and best regards 


JM_Runs #19


Date Posted:07/08/2008 07:13:56Copy HTML

Just to bring Greece back to the top of places to relax in a thong. I stayed in Agia Prokopios in Naxos in early June, and found a beach where I could swim, relax, get some sun in anything I liked. Although not strictly a naturist beach, where everyone would need to shed all their clothes, it was just adjacent and was actually probably more relaxed. Some people would come and have a swim naked, but not sun bathe, some people would spend most of the day in various states of dress / undress and there were families with children, teens, young adults and old 'crusties' in shorts, bikins, rios, thongs, topless, (even just one woman just bottomless) and nude. I was the only bloke in a thong that I saw, but there was never an issue. Very civilised. I was there for nearly 10 days and although plenty of people and the owners saw me swimming in a thong in the hotel pool, there seemed to be just general acceptance. I was sensitive to the fact thongs are still relatively rare, and kept the sunbathing to the beach. The Greek islands have got to be the most thong tolerant place there is.
JM_Runs #20


Date Posted:07/08/2008 01:11:38Copy HTML

Tigerjac, you describe the kind of environment that is my favorite, a clothing optional beach where everyone can wear as much or as little, or nothing, as they please, and everyone respects each others' choices.  Yes, very civilized!  And better than a nude beach, where people are made to feel uncomfortable if they choose not to strip.  I'll have to check if Naxos is on the itinerary of the clipper ship sailing cruise my wife are planning sometime soon on the Star Clipper.  We've sailed on it in the Caribbean and the western Mediterranean, now want to return to the Agean, truly a gorgeous area.  Thanks for the update.
JM_Runs #21


Date Posted:08/28/2008 09:51:39Copy HTML

Just returned from my honeymoon in Kefalonia. Have never worn a thong in public before untill i went for it on day 3 at Xi beach. We went to one side which was relatively quiet and i stripped down to a black Hom Ressac thong. Had no problems from anyone, there were all sorts of prople around but no-one gave me any issues. Later that day we went to another beach (Avithos) and again, although busy, no-one gave me any grief. I was the only one that i could see wearing a thong too. Will ceratinly do it again. 
7423080 #22


Date Posted:04/04/2009 01:40:49Copy HTML

many guys wear thongs in greece.  paradise island you can wear nothing or as many do, a very sexy micro.  in myconos, a small gstring will do.  i walked the streets in myconos in a tiny mesh gstring with a tee shirt and even went into several stores.  no one cares and many guys om tiny suits.  enjoy yourself in anything you want to wear.
Navel Nine #23


Date Posted:04/05/2009 02:55:50Copy HTML

 Purely a practical question ?  7423 . . . 
When going into the shops in your t-shirt, mesh thong, thongs for the feet (or sandals) etc - where did you keep your money ? 

 I doubt that the shops would welcome me without that vital element.  The ultimate task is to take that off you.

Lewi D
7423080 #24


Date Posted:04/05/2009 04:56:28Copy HTML

simple.... t shirt with a pocket.  key card, credit card, some folding money
JM_Runs #25


Date Posted:04/05/2009 11:03:09Copy HTML

Once upon a time, most men's t-shirts came with a small chest pocket to put your smokes in.  Back in the days when men smoked and had deep gravely voices.

Then the smokers started to die off, no one knows why, so t-shirts with pockets for your smokes died off too.

Now a new trend has appeared:  Some of the better t-shirts come with small IPod pockets. Sometimes it's on the front and sometimes it is hidden inside by the waist, which the dopers prefer.

There is also a number of small watertight containers that come with strings to hang around your neck. It makes you look like a latch key kid, but they work very well for a few bills and a short pencil.

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Date Posted:04/06/2009 11:57:20Copy HTML

paradise and super paradise is anything goes...in fact so it most of Myconos.   I would say that you can wear anything you want on almost any greek beach in the tourist areas.  I have gone totally nude on non-nude beaches and the only thing that happened was that other people came up to me, asked if it was ok to get naked...i said "nobody has said anything to me" and they stripped off as well.   Wife never wore a top the entrire two weeks and only wore thong bottoms, including any hotels that we happeed to stay at. 
JM_Runs #27


Date Posted:06/22/2009 03:57:27Copy HTML

We are in the process of moving to Crete and are busy getting rid of excess baggage. To this end I am scanning all my slide collection onto my computer. Imagine my surprise when I found a slide I had taken in Hydra in 1986 - most swimming there is down off the rocks / concrete platforms and we were at one near the main town. The slide shows the rear view of a young woman sitting on the rocks, topless and wearing a white thong. I have added the slide to my images in my profile.
JM_Runs #28


Date Posted:06/23/2009 01:12:34Copy HTML

Hey - I've found another one. The lady has scrunched it up a bit - previously it was a narrow triangle now it is just a narrow band running between her bum cheeks. See my profile for "Hydra" images.
eosinthesun #29


Date Posted:07/09/2009 11:43:12Copy HTML

Rhodes island in Greece is a very (and I mean very!) thong friendly island. All beaches are very tolerant to all kinds of attire. Especially the beaches in the kalithea area. There were some voyeurs around but they are very respectful and polite and I really didnt mind them staring at and admiring my naked bum. Certainly a nice place to meet nice and exciting new friends of all colors shapes and ages. I made over 30 new "friends" during my 5 days of vacation in Rhodes.
eosinthesun #30


Date Posted:08/04/2009 07:24:39Copy HTML

In my previous post, I forgot to mention Kalathos beach near Lindos village. This is another great long beach to wear thong and worship the sun. Also nudity is allowed on the left side of the beach. Not very crowded. Few cool people wear sunbathing naked when I got there and were very friendly. I made many new good friends there. I recommend it.
JM_Runs #31


Date Posted:09/19/2009 07:35:25Copy HTML

We have justed moved from the UK to live in Greece. We are renting a place in western Crete. We are fortunate that the yard in front of the house is completely secluded so I only need to wear a thong when entertaining visitors otherwise I am nude all day. We visited the local beach at Kastelli-Kissamos, in front of the Gallini Beach hotel. It was quiet enough top wear only a brief pouch with narrow elastic. Later, when the beach became quieter, I was able to sunbathe nude. It looks like if we walk a little further along the beach I will be able to sunbathe all the time and, possibly, swim whilst nude but most probably will have to wear a pouch when walking too and from the water. 
stanpuppy #32


Date Posted:09/20/2009 12:11:20Copy HTML

I have been to Mykonos, Rhodes, and Santorini and found them all to be completely tolerant of anything you want (nude, topless, thong, whatever).  I have heard that some of the beaches in the residential villiages may be less so,but any place that has an tourist influence is pretty much open game
Sunson #33


Date Posted:09/27/2009 12:13:38Copy HTML

Never been to Greece, but heard, it´s fully thong and topless friendly. Even old, fat and hairy guys wearing them, and there´s no problem.
And I guess, it is the best place in Europe to thonging.
JM_Runs #34


Date Posted:09/27/2009 03:56:03Copy HTML

We've just moved to Greece.It depends where you thong or go topless. A lot of the villages are very conservative so topless can be a problem. We have moved to Kastelli-Kissamos on Crete and have been to the local beach (near the Gallini Beach Hotel) a couple of times. I was able to sunbathe and swim in a brief pouch and even sunbathe nude for a while, in sight of hotel users. There was no problem but the rule of thumb is to assess the local situation and make an appropriate judgement.
bob4429 #35


Date Posted:09/30/2009 10:03:04Copy HTML

I hope to go to Corfu next year. The hotel has a very small beach but loads of lawned areas. I would imagine thonging would be easy here with so much space. Not so sure about the small beach though.
JM_Runs #36


Date Posted:09/30/2009 06:04:31Copy HTML

We have moved to Crete and I am able to wear a thong or g-string on our local beach at Kastelli. Today I wore a Kiniki "Gigolo" g-string when sunbathing and in and out of the water. Later I was able to go nude when the beach got a bit quieter.
wr1944 #37


Date Posted:10/01/2009 12:22:42Copy HTML

I have toured Crete for 4 weeks with my (now ex) gf about 10 year ago. It was one of my best holidays ever, especially the West part. My gf hated skimpy swimwear, so no thongs or strings. We stayed a week in a hotel at the beach in Kissamos. It was a nice corner of Crete. I hope to come back some day.
bob4429 #38


Date Posted:10/02/2009 08:49:26Copy HTML

I have a holiday guide book of Corfu and read that,  officially, nude sunbathing is illegal.  It advises discretion and to respect the sensibilities of local people when off the beach or near religious institutions. Fortunatley I prefer thonging to naturism so assume I would be OK on the beaches in my thong.

bob4429 #39


Date Posted:11/23/2009 05:47:21Copy HTML

Has anyone any information regarding thonging in or near Corfu town
stanpuppy #40


Date Posted:11/26/2009 12:22:39Copy HTML

I think it is posted that nudity is illegal throughout most of Greece.  In practice, there are many places where you can go nude and nobody will care.  I am a thonger, not a nudist, so i can wear a thong on any beach any where in the country and be fine.  Greece is very very thong tolerant.
JM_Runs #41


Date Posted:03/31/2010 05:47:53Copy HTML

Well, I am happy to report that I was able to sunbathe on a beach near Kalives in Crete yesterday. I took an NDS g-string with me however did not need to wear it since the beach was empty. It must be noted that the local hotels have not yet opened for business so I doubt I will be able to sunbathe nude or wear a g-string in a couple fo weeks' time however the expeience was extremely enjoyable, more so since I took a pciture of a frigate leaving Soda Bay without being arrested by the Greek police.
beachguy2010 #42


Date Posted:06/09/2010 03:20:05Copy HTML

I'm planning a trip to Naxos later this year, sounds like a thong won't be a problem even near Naxos town, but how about a g string or nudity?
tremendimouse #43


Date Posted:06/09/2010 12:36:01Copy HTML

Naxos town is quite built up and spread out.  A thong on any beach wont be a problem but the closer you are to the town the more likely you are to be in the minority in a thong, especially as the family type beaches and accommodation are close to town and they don't like to walk. 

Outside of Naxos town the best beaches are along the western coast.  From Agia Anna all the way down to Pyrgaki there are sandy beaches where you can wear whatever you like, or not wear if you prefer. 

Last time I was in Naxos I stayed in Kastraki a very small and quiet village in the southwest corner of the island with some places to stay almost on the beach. I wore small g-strings or went nude there all the way along the beach almost all the way to Mikra Vigla.  I walked most days nude from Kastraki to Mikra Vigla and back along the beach without a problem. Plaka beach north of Mikra Vigla and south of Agia Anna is  the most likely place you will find nude bathers.

If you stay that far out I recommend you rent a car or bike to get around and explore some of the other remote beaches on the island.

Any other questions send me  PM.
JM_Runs #44


Date Posted:06/17/2010 06:21:55Copy HTML

I live in Crete and visit the beach quite often. I use busy beaches and have no problems swimming / tanning in a g-string or thong. We visitied Georgiopoloui yesterday, in the late afternoon. It was, again, very busy and we parked ourselves near the water's edge in an area between the many hotels which line that part of the coast. I wore a g-string (Sling form Kiniki) when swimming and a thong (Troy from Kiniki) when I went for a walk along the beach. People seem to be geting more conservative these days (like after the '29 crash when ladies' hemlines dropped) - I saw only a couple of topless women. (When I first came to Greec in the 80's toplessness was very common as was nudity on some beaches). Most men were wearing trunks or swimming shorts. I did see a few nude people further back from the beach - a couple walked to the sea for a swim and there was no issue. Towards the end of the day I too went nude, again with no issue. We'll be back today and I will aim to sunbathe and swim nude from when I get there however will wear my thong again when I go for my usual walk.
JM_Runs #45


Date Posted:06/19/2010 09:56:44Copy HTML

Well, yesterday was so hot and windy it was like a blast furnace. There was no-one one the beach. This morning we went into town (Kalives) and a lady was sunbathing on the town beach. She was topless and wearing a minimal thong. I guess she and her partner were in their forties - he was wearing a pair of swimming trunks from the '50s but she seemed a bit more adventurous. Later in the day we ventured back to  Georgiopouli and parked ourselves right on the water's edge, in front of the "naturist" area. There was a fair bit of traffic walking along the beach and some people parked themselves not too far from us although it was obvious I was sunbathing nude. One couple were clothed for a while then stripped off and went for a nude swim. Excellent. Later in the day, when there was less "traffic" on the beach, some naturists came dow from the dunes behind us and went for a swim.
We will visit that beach several times a week and I will probably be able to swim and sunbathe nude however I will wear a thong when going for a walk along the beach.
The next challange is to pay a visit to the bar on the beach wearing a g-string!
I will keep you all posted.
JM_Runs #46


Date Posted:06/30/2010 04:38:40Copy HTML

Was there yesterday afternoon / evening. Not too busy but still wore a Kiniki G-string for swimming and tanning and then thong for my usual walk along the beach. There were a couple of nudists around but they kept in the dunes. Later, when it had become even quieter I dispensed with the g-string and was able to tan and swim nude (however my wife wore her swimsuit) although people were still walking along the beach. The nudists also came down to the water for a swim and felt relaxed enough to walk around. None of the clothed beachgoers seemed bothered. In fact it was obvious that I was nude since I was standing at the water's edge yet a family with small kids set down not far from us although the beach was pretty quiet by then and they could have gone anywhere.
I noticed a girl sunbathing further along the beach but did not pay much attention to her. As the sun sank lower in the sky she packed up her towel in her backpack and set off home along the beach and it was only when she passed us that I realised that she was wearing a thong bikini. That moment was like discovering mankind is not alone in the universe. 
JM_Runs #47


Date Posted:07/02/2010 06:35:04Copy HTML

Things are definitely looking up. We went back to Georgiopouli beach again yesterday afternoon. It was a bit quieter than on previous visits such that I was able to sunbathe and swim nude from the start however I wore my Scales (from Kiniki) G-string for my customary walk along the beach. The family with the small kids which we saw last time arrived again and set down next to us again so they obviously have no objection to minimal swimwear or nudity.  They are not Greek, an Eastern european language was spoken, so perhaps that has something to do with it. Another couple with kidswho seem to visit the beach around the same time but go to the dunes to sunbathe nude whilst their kids play on the beach also parked themselves near us rather than in the dunes. A couple of other nudists walked from the dunes to the water for a swim but I did not see anyone wearing a thong this time.
JM_Runs #48


Date Posted:07/02/2010 08:49:06Copy HTML

Went to the beach again this afternoon. The usual suspects were there - naturists in the dunes coming down to the water for a swim, nude couple (two guys by the way) with kids and eastern European family, again parked themselves near us although it was obvious I was naked again. I sunbathed and swam nude for over 2 hours then went for a walk along the beach wearing my Scales g-string. It was quite quiet and I saw a young lady using a beach shower. I thought she was nude (she had her back to me) but she was in fact wearing a g-string bikini. Her male partner wore square-cut swimming trunks. She was showering because they were leaving the beach. Pity. On my return trip I considered it was so quiet that I removed my g-string and walked the last 100 or so yards in the nude. I saw one couple walking along the beach towards me but I decided to be brave - we exchanged nods and that was that. When I returned to our sunbathing spot another couple with small baby sat down near us. They both stripped nude and played in the water with the babe.
JM_Runs #49


Date Posted:07/03/2010 09:26:20Copy HTML

... because we are off on holiday for a couple of weeks.
Today was quiet again. We were again joined by the east European family (obviously they have no problem with my nudity since the beach is 9 kms long but they always choose to set down beside us). A couple of nudists from the dunes went swimming but other than that no other sightings of nudists or people wearing thongs or g-strings. A couple of girls sunbathing topless on the sunbeds were a welcome sight. One appeared to be pointing a camera in my direction when I passed on my return trip so you may see me on facebook soon - presumably Sailor250 will post the link! It was so quiet I decided to walk the beach in a brief posing pouch. I am shaved "down below" so I was able to slide it so that it just covered the essentials (see latest pic in profile).
My greatest challenge will be to wear an NDS g-string with sliding pouch on my next beach walk in a couple of weeks' time, when we return. This has very thin elastic and a small cotton pouch such that I will be all but naked. Not sure if I have the courage to walk the beach in that since, I will appear naked until people get very close. Perhaps I will leave it until nearer the end of the day. What do you think>
JM_Runs #50


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Hi there. We have returned from our 2 week break and the forst thing we did after unpacking was to head off to the beach. It was a littlw windy so not so many people around but a steady stream of people walking along the beach. I spotted a couple of older ladies (md-40s?) wearing thong bikinis, one girl sunbathing wearing only a thong and, a girl and a guy each wearing a g-string (standing in a crowd of young girls, all of whom were wearing standard bikinis).
I was the only nudist at the water's edge but saw a couple of guys nude in the dunes. I managed some walks along the beach - one in my NDS g-string which is VERY brief,  a Kiniki teardrop style g-string, and for the final walk in the evening, completely nude.
An excellent day.
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