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Date Posted:03/12/2011 04:53:08Copy HTML

I decided to start a new topic re Guildford Lido, as it came up elsewhere, where a pool employee 'challeneged' someone ( a guy ), about his swimwear choice, and instead of backing down, he took on the management, and appears to have won. I therefore sent an e-mail form the Guildford Lido website asking about swimwear rules re thongs, in the light that some regulars were wearing them, and it didn't seem to be an issue. It obviously is a very diificult question, as a week later, no reply. Due to lack of response, I'm going to assume it's to trivial to waste managements time on, and you can do your own thing
Rhodesthong #1

Re:Guildford Lido

Date Posted:03/13/2011 11:49:41Copy HTML

Perhaps before it was allowed because nobody had ever forced a decision to be made, and discrete thonging there would have been allowed as long as nobody else complained. Be careful you don't provoke the local council into making a (bad) decision by trying to force the issue. My opinion of local council 'officials' in the UK is that they are generally do-gooders and busybodies who want the type of job where they can make up rules for a living but only work 10 'til 4........
ukessexbob #2

Re:Guildford Lido

Date Posted:03/13/2011 03:20:16Copy HTML

Valid comment. I've long been an advocate of thong if you want to. As many have commented here before, if you just do it, it catches them out, and you are often ok, whereas, if you ask, the tendancy is to go defnsive , and say no. As far as i'm concerned, swimwear style is a free choice, why should permissuon be needed, it's as if you are highlighting it as out side the norm, which brings unwanted attention.
hotbunz1969 #3

Re:Guildford Lido

Date Posted:03/14/2011 08:33:27Copy HTML

I too have done a little further research into this, I've not emailed them, coz as Rhodesthong has said, I do not want management or Guildford council to make a rash decision and ban them! 

On looking through the Lidos and Guildford councils web site, the pool dose not open till 1st May, this may be a reason why there is no one to answer your enquiry. As I was in Guildford, I swung past the pool and read the information posted outside, good news, there is nothing to say thongs are banned!!  There are some scaffolding towers in the car park, so work is being carried out either in the gym there or in readiness for opening in May. Let's just hope it's not to change the information boards!! With new rules!!!!!

It's 4 years since I challenged them about my suit choice, and there has been no policy change since then, as far as I am aware, I have only been back a couple of times since (didn't wear one myself, circumstances just not right) but did see a couple of very brief rio style suits on a couple of ladies, I'm pretty sure if they had changed their policy this would not have been allowed, and there would have been notices up to say so. 

I'm going to check it out for myself on the first warm day after 1st May, nothing to extreme, I'll wear my black Andreas Cahling thong and see what happens!!! I won't swim in it but I will tan in it,  If I do get challenged I'll change and tell them they need to put up signs to say, no thongs. Then I'll jump in the car and shoot down to Hampton Court Lido where I know you can tan in a  thong in peace!! 

Regards PAUL
alanalan #4

Re:Guildford Lido

Date Posted:03/14/2011 12:19:11Copy HTML

Can you really tan and swim in a thong at Hampton Court Lido with no hassle. If so, I'll be there at the first opportunity. I see that it is heated and open all year round.
hotbunz1969 #5

Re:Guildford Lido

Date Posted:03/14/2011 01:14:33Copy HTML

I've never had a problem tanning at Hampton Wick lido in a thong, again I cover up if I'm going for a swim, but if you keep yourself to yourself and just tan in one, I've never had a problem. I've seen girls enter the pool in just thongs and again there has never been a problem, I personally just don't want to push the limit. I'm sure you could if you wanted to though. 
 I've been on the upper sun deck, when 2 girls joined me and stripped to thongs, I needless to say slipped my speedos off and joined them, much to there approval! 
Be aware the pool is used by a good few local schools for swimming lessons, so you might want to keep your attire appropriate when they are around, I certainly do, I don't want to get us all  banned !!! 
Another certainty is Hyde Park lido, I've seen some pretty extreme thongs down there, there was one lass down there last summer in little more than a cl*t string!!! And she went swimming in it!!! Brave lass!!!  I've worn my one-sided suits there on the higher grass level with nothing said. Very restricted opening times though, it only seems to be open for about 8-10 weeks of the summer.
Good luck and enjoy 

Regards PAUL
alanalan #6

Re:Guildford Lido

Date Posted:03/14/2011 06:28:08Copy HTML

You mention Hampton Wick. Do you mean Hampton Court ?
hotbunz1969 #7

Re:Guildford Lido

Date Posted:03/14/2011 06:50:51Copy HTML

Sorry, I referred to Hampton Court lido as Hampton Wick, the lido is in Hampton Wick so should really be called Hampton Wick lido.   

The lido that was very close to Hampton Court Palace, us now closed and a block of town houses!!!! Now that was a great pool, I have many fond teenage memories of that place!! It was the first place I saw a lass in a thong!!!! (well 3 actually, 3 French girls). I'll never forget it!!! 

Regards PAUL
johnbar5251 #8

Re:Guildford Lido

Date Posted:03/15/2011 12:19:09Copy HTML

It was called "Upper Deck" and was actually in West Molesey - near Hampton Court. Now flats. It was not in Hampton Wick - that  is near Kingston.

There is an open air pool in Hampton still.

SPR #9

Re:Guildford Lido

Date Posted:06/12/2015 12:56:14Copy HTML

Has anyone thonged at Guilford or Hampton pools recently.
I always intended to visit and it looks like I might get the chance this summer.
hotbunz1969 #10

Re:Guildford Lido

Date Posted:06/12/2015 10:53:05Copy HTML

 As you know, we haven't had much of a summer so far this year here in 'Good old Blighty', hence, I've not managed to visit either location thus far this year. 
If last year is anything to go by I'd say you're better off at the Hampton pool. Chances are you'll be the only guy in a thong but I've never had a problem. Be aware it's used by a LOT of schools for swim lessons in term time so discretion is required. Guildford lido is just a bit more 'edgy' in atmosphere, yes you can find a quiet spot on their large lawns but I've always felt I'm being watched. 

For true freedom, check out Hyde Park Lido..... Well worth the trip! 
SPR #11

Re:Guildford Lido

Date Posted:06/18/2015 03:51:51Copy HTML

Thanks for the update

I might give Hamptona go then and definitely Hyde Park Lido.

I usually go to Parliament Hill when I get the chance but thought I would try further afield

Grabeach #12

Re:Guildford Lido

Date Posted:06/18/2015 09:41:32Copy HTML

I know it's the other side of the world, but my statistics for Sydney Aquatic Centres with outdoor pools, which are our equivalent to your Lidos, may give you an idea of what to expect in a big city .

Of the 22 pools (310 visits) at which I have attempted to sun in a g-string, 8 had no problems with me sunning anywhere, 7 were okay if I wasn't in a high traffic area eg. near the entry / change rooms / kiddies pool etc, 3 asked me to cover up if there was a complaint but for that day only and 4 decided they had a blanket 'no g-strings' policy but interestingly appeared to apply it only it after someone complained.

I was always the only one in a g-string, but I have seen the occasional (maybe 1 in 15 visits) woman in a thong and 3 times non thong wearers topless.
hotbunz1969 #13

Re:Guildford Lido

Date Posted:06/19/2015 09:50:55Copy HTML


Please give more details of Parliament Hill Lido, I'm not familiar with that one, does a thong fly there? If so I might just have to give it a try. 

Cheers Paul 

SPR #14

Re:Guildford Lido

Date Posted:06/20/2015 05:57:17Copy HTML

Parliament Hill Lido seems pretty laid back.

I manage to get there about 3 or 4 times a year, Only once last summer though.
If its busy you may see 2 or 3 women in thongs or cheeky swimwear. I've never seen a man other than me thonging. 
I've never had a problem there, I wear a HOM Ressac/Ussac usually or something conservative. I never push the boundaries anyway.
I stay away from the shallow end just sunbathing or swimming in the far corner at the deep end.

It looks like I may get my first oppertunity of the year. If its not raining I hope to be there on Wednesday afternoon.

Rhodesthong #15

Re:Guildford Lido

Date Posted:08/28/2017 02:41:30Copy HTML

After having lived in Guildford for the last 17 years and never having been before I've just spent most of today at Guildford Lido with the family (so boardshorts for me...).
Saw one very hot young blonde girl in an extremely high-cut thong, and countless other cheeky bikinis on females. Very pleased that the very high-cut thongs seem to be back in fashion - they are so much better to look at! The blonde was mostly lying on her front right in the middle of lots of families and walked around once or twice - nobody bothered at all.
Pity it's the last bank holiday of the summer.... Wish I had been there before now!
hotbunz1969 #16

Re:Guildford Lido

Date Posted:08/29/2017 10:33:00Copy HTML

 @ Rhodesthong.

I don't think you have missed much in 17 years........... until 2 years I lived just down the A320 in Woking and went to college just outside Guildford in the late 80's early 90's. As college kids we used to use that pool all the time saw a good few thong bikinis on the girls and even a couple of OPT's  then after leaving college I lived in woking and  my then GF and I used to use the pool on nice days and for the adult only evening swims. 
It was when my GF's sister came to visit it all changed for me. My GF suggested that as her and her sister munched preferred to tan in thongs that I might like to wear one of mine too, her sister was totally cool with it so off we headed to the lido. 
We'd been there for a good hour or so, laid out on the grass at the top of the hill just left of the snack bar, my GF on one side her sister on the other all 3 of us in thongs and I had just turned over to sun my front when one of the lifeguards approaches and asks if I have a different style of suit!!!!! 
Work that one out...... there I am laying face up in a speedo thong with a girl either side of me buns up in not so moderate thongs........ my first reaction was to ask if he was joking lolling at the 2 bare asses either side of me, but he assured me he wasn't and that it would be appropriate for me to change......... as I didn't have another suit with me and my GF's sister not wanting to cause a scene we decided to pack up and leave but not before demanding a refund!!!! 
As it was still fairly early we headed straight down to Hampton Wick Lido and not a word was said to any of us! 
Regardless to say I've never been to Guildford Lido since, I know it was a long time ago but the double standards were ridiculous, I can only hope the council has reviewed its policy and given the staff some training. 

As lidos are few and far between now I hope they have sorted things out, all I can say is the one at Hampton Wick, though smaller, is a far better option. 

And yes your right, high cut thongs are simple the best look. 
Grabeach #17

Re:Guildford Lido

Date Posted:08/29/2017 09:26:47Copy HTML


It's likely the lifeguard received a complaint about "some GUY in a thong" when you were lying face down. He then did the minimum to appease the complainer by telling the GUY in the thong to cover up. What women were wearing was irrelevant to him. I note he didn't say anything about thongs not being allowed. Perhaps if you'd gone back a few weeks later in a thong nothing would have been said.

At my most visited pool, I've been asked three times to cover up. The other 126 times nobody cared.
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