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Date Posted:05/02/2004 01:36:33Copy HTML

Hotel recommendations for Miami Beach.

It would help if you told us how long you expect to be in south Florida and what sort of accommodations you are looking for.

Most of the action on south beach is on the beach from 5th ST north to about 17th street.

Hotels range from not cheep and a bit tacky to very over priced. Car parking near the beach on weekends is difficult.

If you are here for more than a couple of days you may like to check out Haulover beach. With more time you could visit Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale to the north or Key West to the south. Car needed for longer trips.
yerasimos #1

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:08/12/2003 10:05:20Copy HTML

I never stayed at any waterside hotels before, but next time I go I'm considering the Doubletree Surfcomber (owned by Intercontinental/Holiday Inn chain).  I didn't enjoy my experiences in the mom-and-pop places west of Collins Ave. 

I will recommend a couple of casual places to eat and drink.  1)  Mango's Tropical Cafe, at the corner of 10th and Ocean Drive, give or take a block north or south.  I'll describe it as a Caribbean/Hispanic-themed, co-ed Hooters with much better food.  Virtually impossible to miss.  2)  Wet Willies, a couple of blocks south of Mango's, is good place to get wasted after a day at the beach (if you enjoy such inebriation) as many of their frozen drinks are made with grain alcohol.  If you're looking for 5-star restaurants I'll let others address that subject. 

Agreed with JM_Runs on the beach scene, by the way.  As a thonging couple you should be just fine there.   

Enjoy yourselves!      

delaplage #2

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/21/2003 06:13:34Copy HTML

Here is the report  for Friday Sept 9 and Saturday Sept 20 !

My wife and I stayed at the South Seas Hotel, a king-bed room with a view of the beach.  Clean, quiet, safe, great location, friendly, $99.  Yes, we will stay there next time.  Just go somewhere else for breakfast and good coffee.  Delano seems to try too hard to be cool, not worth even the same price because you'd have to put up with the attitude and beaucoup dork shorts.

On the beach, we rented lounges and an unbrella in the yellow-umbrella section in front of the hotel.  Very comfortable, good location, lots of thongs, many topless women.  At one time. we were surtrounded by thong-clad women.  As usual, I was the only thong-clad man but no one seemed to mind.  Even the 20 somethings strolling by in dork shorts did not seem to care.




ctmonline #3

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/23/2003 09:22:41Copy HTML

My wife and I stayed at the South Seas in June of this year. The hotel was a little too dated for my taste and you are right when you spoke about not eating breakfast there...it sucked.  We had a few problems at this hotel though...ants in the room, expensive valet parking(only parking choice), and the general age of the bathroom, etc. We probably will try one of the newer hotels next year. Which hotel swimming pools in South Beach permit topless sunbathing/pool use? Any info/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
sailor250 #4

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/24/2003 08:24:12Copy HTML

Reply to : ctmonline

We've stayed at the Shelborne a few times.  The pool can be used topless, though it's somewhat rare.  We've worn thongs there, often the only ones in thongs. They also have a nude sun deck in the back by the pool.  It's the only one I know of on South Beach at a hotel, aside from some private terraces you get with an expensive suite at some hotels.  It's screened off from the rest of the pool.  Last winter when we were there I noticed many of the hotels were half empty including the Shelborne, it was the world and latin american economy I thought.  That just meant I had the hot tub spa or the pool to ourselves.  On several nights I even went thongless in the spa.  A couple of years ago with warm enough water in the pool at night I skinny dipped for a while.  Later I saw someone else from the balcony doing so alone also .

Some of the hotels are like DisneyWorld, with pools filled with little kids. 

I think the Raleigh pool is topless too, never been in there during the day, but it's beautiful.  The Delano beach section has it's share of topless women and guys and girls in thongs and g strings, so I suppose the pool is game too, but it's super expensive.

 The restaurants we like best are all on Lincoln Road.  There are several good ones including Yuca.

ctmonline #5

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/30/2003 11:51:46Copy HTML

My wife and I stayed at the "South Seas" for a week back in June and I can't really say that I was too impressed with the hotel. The place seemed run-down to me. There wasn't hardly anyone at the pool or bar and the place left us with a bad impression overall. We're looking for another place to try next  June/July/August 2004 for vacation. Thanks.


JM_Runs #6

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/22/2003 10:49:32Copy HTML

My first post - thanks to the moderator for the group.

Just returned from my 3rd South Beach trip in this year (in March, April & now November).  For the first time, I took a hotel at 6th St, rather than 12th, and was pleased both by the hotel (Park Central) and the beach at 7th.  There was lots more variety in the people, and it seemed to  me a larger percentage of topless.   Not that I stay put at any particular spot - I like to spend mornings here, afternoons there, and if there's enough warmth after about 4pm, another spot then.  This means that I tend to be a pretty visible thonger, not just hiding out on a lounge chair at the back, where I notice some thongers tend to stay put all day.  I don't shy away from going to the snack stand, or the trash can, or into the water, and don't really feel like I'm the object of extraordinary attention.

I go to South Beach very specifically because I can wear a thong.  (Tell the Merchants Association!).  I do wish there were more of us, but at this point I feel no doubts or qualms about wearing it there.  I do have some questions/concerns about where the limits are, as I do wear a quite small/low thong, but I think that belongs under another topic.


riothong #7

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:02/16/2004 08:48:22Copy HTML

Hi All

I will be going to South Beach at the end of March.  I am there on business and plan to take a couple of days to tan.  I am interested in a hotel recommendaiton in the $125 to $175 range.

microanne #8

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:02/18/2004 02:16:39Copy HTML

Reply to : riothong

Hi AllI will be going to South Beach at the end of March. I am there on business and plan to take a couple of days to tan. I am interested in a hotel recommendaiton in the $125 to $175 range.

Hey riothong,

The Cardozo Hotel is great, sometimes you can get a deal there, otherwise I like the Winterhaven - small rooms, but clean and convenient.


thongfreak #9

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:02/22/2004 02:44:44Copy HTML

If you want to stay somewhere very nice in SB, try the Art Deko section of SB, the same area that they shot lots of Miami Vice scenes. We stayed in the Waldorf Towers. Decent place for the money, VERY very old hotel, lots of hystory to it, but completely refurbished.

Gstringing #10

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:02/22/2004 05:11:46Copy HTML

I have twice stayed at the Days Inn and had a great experience.  Affordable, clean and close to the action.  Pool was mostly used by children.  No rear exit from hotel to beach, must use front enterance.
Ex_Member #11

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:02/22/2004 10:15:13Copy HTML

The Park Central.  In addition to the usual booking methods (orbitz, travelocity) which are sometimes cheaper, you can book a room within your price range directly on their web site, "theparkcentral.com".  Quite decent place on Ocean Drive and at the southern end beyond the noise.  Noise central on Ocean Avenue being the Clevelander at 1020.  In the other direction, I've had good luck with rates at the Leslie, but I think that was during their remodelling phase, and may be more now.  Cardozo is nice, but I've normally found it expensive, and it always seems to be booked besides.  The porch cafe there is good, though.
sailor250 #12

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:02/28/2004 02:53:17Copy HTML

When we stay in South Beach I want to stay at a hotel where we can swim in the pool in thongs if the wind is too strong, or we want to swim at night.  Some of the hotels use their pool areas as night clubs.  The Delano has a nice pool, and thongs and beautiful bodies during the day, but at night you can't swim with a large crowd around.  Also you'll want a pool where the ladies can go topless.  Most pools of the oceanfront hotels allow this.  Some of the pools at hotels not on the water won't.

Even though Haulover Beach isn't far away, I still like to have a place to sunbathe nude if we feel like it for a few hours.  The Shelborne had a nude deck but the pool, but it was taken out, and on the most recent trip I tried out their new nude deck on the 17th floor outside the health club.  Unfortunately now you have to pay $10 to use it. (make sure they sweep it , the birds roost out there).  The deck has a great view.  You feel like you're on top of the world out there nude in the hot sun with the wind blowing!  For you self conscious, you can't be seen from the other buildings out there.  The Sagamore has a nude deck too, overlooking the pool on the beach side.  Theirs is not in the sun much of the afternoon, but at the Shelborne, since it's on the West side, it's sun all afternoon, but you can see the beach and city.  (it's right next to the big "S" on the sign)

Also I look for a hotel where they have a nice spa for the evenings, which the Shelborne has, you have some privacy. 

Though their exercise equipment is nothing special, the Shelborne has a  coed sauna in the fitness center that doesn't get much use.  Miriam the lady that runs it has put a curtain up near it, so you have privacy even outside the sauna.  I used it nude, and would slip next door to the shower for a cool off periodically. 

Not to ruin a good thing, but let's just say that this hotel's facilities aren't real busy at night, something that's attractive to the two of us, in or out of thongs.

JM_Runs #13

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:02/29/2004 04:39:11Copy HTML

The Ramada Inn is a little far north, 40th street.  You will want to walk south from there to find the main action and night life.  5th to 17th

Gstringing #14

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/03/2004 05:56:06Copy HTML

Although I havent stayed there, Ive read a lot of reviews on travel sites that people find it way overpriced.  There are however a good number of thongs behind it on the beach.

hotrod1 #15

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/04/2004 06:33:06Copy HTML

We are booked into The Loews on June 18th and 19th, following a week in Key West.  Please allow me to report on our stay after my return.  Yes, it is pricey, but for two days, we are going for it.  We have dinner reservation at "Emeril's Miami Beach", which is in The Loews Hotel.  We also plan on being included in "the good number of thongs" on the beach behind the hotel.
miaswim #16

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/04/2004 03:29:13Copy HTML

I live in Miami and can say the Loews is a thong friendly hotel... They certainly will not turn you away but in the summer months they promote a lot to families, even showing "Dive-In" movies at the pool...  Certainly on the beach you'll find other girls in thongs, but fewer and fewer guys.  The Speedos are starting to disappear from South Beach as well... more square cut and board shorts than ever.  South Beach is going very urban lately. 

For some great thonging (or nude sunbathing) you may want to try Haulover Beach located north of South Beach.  You can drive, about 8 miles along Collins Ave or even take the "S" bus all the way to the beach.

Enjoy your stay!  Maybe I'll be in town and we could go thonging together..

sailor250 #17

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/03/2004 07:48:27Copy HTML

Every time I've visited the Loew's pool it's either empty or full of spashing kids, like a Disney resort.  In some ways the whole hotel reminds me of a Disney resort put on South Beach.  It doesn t have much local character.  The guests are not international like the majority of other hotels, and this shows in their swimwear and attitudes.
hotrod1 #18

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/20/2004 11:10:55Copy HTML

Just returned from "The Loews" on Miami Beach.  We stayed Friday and Saturday, after a week in Key West.  The hotel is beautiful.  The palm lined walkways, the pool area, spectacular.  Our room was very nice.  The service was extrodinary.  Some very small bikinis but no other thongs.  We walked the beach to about 10th street and we did see several other women in thongs, no other men.  Saturday night dinner was next door from The Loew's, at Emeril's, and it was the added touch.
miaswim #19

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/20/2004 01:35:53Copy HTML

Reply to : hotrod1

Glad to hear you enjoyed the Loews.   South Beach is hardly thong friendly for guys but the boys certainly want the girls wearing them.  I've even noticed the disappearance of Speedos on South Beach.  More square cuts and board shorts over the past year.  Hope you had a chance to get up to Haulover Beach while you were here.  It's our official nude beach, but you will certainly find thongers there, especially on weekends.


hotrod1 #20

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/23/2004 12:52:04Copy HTML

Yes, we spent Saturday at Haulover and really got a great tan.  We were there from 10:00am until the thunder at about 4:00pm.  Very clean beach and the water was perfect to cool the parts that got too hot from baking in the bright sun.  I would estimate 5000 people there and 10 percent in some kind of swimwear.  We were between the two umbrella vendors near the back of the beach.  Where you there?
mnthongs13 #21

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/24/2004 02:09:31Copy HTML

Wow, never thought I would see a posting for this!!  As it turns out I am going to be staying at the Loews Hotel next week June 28th - July 3rd.  I will be sporting my thong for sure.  After living here in the close-minded state of Minnesota, I will enjoy a week of sun and fun!  From the other post it sounds like the hotel pool may be overrun with children.  If that be the case then I guess I'll be beaching it or cruising down the boardwalk a bit away from the hotel.  I've ordered up a bunch of new swimsuits, enough to probably change twice each day! lol  Meanwhile my girlfriend is going to be stuck in a conference.  Unlucky for her, so I'll be enjoying the beach and sites all day long!  :-)
iowan #22

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:07/06/2004 10:36:26Copy HTML

You'll be fine on the whole beach at South Beach.  I've not been there in the summer yet; spring break was a little busy and spring breakers were in abundance, but still no thong issues other than the occasional comment from a distance.  The other times we've been there was in Sept. and Oct., which was nice because it's not quite as busy and crowded, a little more laid back.  My experience on the beach there, was a few other men in thongs, but not lots.  Thongs a plenty on the women though, and enough toplessness to keep it interesting!  A great place for people watching, and even if they aren't wearing a thong the bikinis are nice to look at too!

The hotels we stayed at were South Beach Best Western on 11th and Washington, and Haddon Hall on 15th and Collins, both thong friendly and close to the beach.  Nice hotels, but definitely not the modern high rise type, and not high rise in price either,  $60-$70 which is in my range.  There's so many hotels down there I think you could find any range of price and features you want.  Other than an evening dip in the pool I didn't use it much though, I use the beach for sunbathing and swimming during the day;  it's a neat scene down there, wouldn't want to be stuck in a hotel pool.  Although the pool at Best Western is right in the front courtyard, only divided from the sidewalk by a low wall, so there you're kind of still in on the street life while at the pool.  I liked that setup a lot.  Can't beat the beach though.

The worst thing about South Beach was the trash.  Man did it get bad on the weekends.  The city crews did alot to clean it up, but it's obvious most people there just don't care about their litter.  I went around picking up trash Monday morning just so I didn't feel like I was laying out in a landfill.

Good luck and post a review when you get back!


Corby Killian #23

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:07/07/2004 06:41:42Copy HTML

I stayed at the Days Inn clear up by 40th street and thonged everyday. I walked around, layed out, and went swimming in it AND NO ONE SAID A WORD! Of course I was the only guy but I didn't care. The days Inn was kinda crummy. I woul'nt reccommend that. But, you can thong anywhere from 96th street south if you want nobody cares.
mnthongs13 #24

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:07/07/2004 12:27:16Copy HTML

Back from Miami and the Loews Hotel is AWESOME!  5 Stars and the staff is very nice.  Poolside, Maggie and Emmy are awesome!!  Thong'd at the pool 3 days in a row and didn't have any problems at all.  No other men in thongs at the hotel, and there were a couple of women there with thongs and g-strings.  Not to bad, but I felt very comfortable.  Even meet some kewl people from NY/NJ.  The beach was nice as well, but there were some weird men who gave me the creeps and often invaded the "personal space" barrier with me.  So the last few days I went to the pool and didn't have any problems whatsoever!!!  GREAT PLACE!  Would go back in a hearteat.... save up your $$$ though!  Its not cheap!
modelnude4u #25

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:07/11/2004 10:15:24Copy HTML

I have stayed at the Dezerland Inn on 87th and Collins twice, and although not on  South Beach, it is very thong friendly, and the beach out behind it is not quite as crowded, but still plenty of thongs.  I walked up and down the beach for a mile or 2 each way from there in nothing but a thong almost every day and every night.  It's only a couple miles north to Haulover beach if you want to strip down all the way too.

I took a couple of my moonlight walks completely nude, and rna into a few folks, but never got a great deal of reaction. 

I would like to get back there this summer if I can pull it off(no pun intended)


sailor250 #26

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:08/21/2004 08:00:19Copy HTML

Re the National Hotel at 1677 Collins Ave.   I haven't stayed there or been in their pool during the day I've been on the beach behind there a lot.  I wouldn't think thongs would be any problem. Topless seems to be at the discretion of the hotel though widely accepted on the beach.  I've seen lots of topless at the small-medium hotels, but not at the Loews or Ritz carlton.

When staying at the Shelborne at 18th last Fall the pool wasn't real crowded for it's size and one afternoon there were three guys, all in thongs, and three women, all in thongs, two topless.  It was the first time I'd been in an all thong situation.  That week there were some south american women staying there who wore gstring bottoms the whole time and didn't seem to own tops, and their tans said they never wore them.

NoTanLinesToo #27

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/22/2004 02:48:59Copy HTML

Just got back from a long weekend in South Beach.  The National Hotel's pool is fantastic, but there was not a soul there who was thonging.  I wore a string side bikini (tan thru) whenever I was there.  The beach was great and had more topless and thonged women than most of the other sections of the beach.  I was the only guy in a thong (and g-string), although there were a couple of European men in bikinis.  The crowd was definitely a little older and more sedate than the crowd around Ocean Drive and 8th St. and I didn't feel threatened or harassed in any way.  All in all, I would definitely go back to that area of South Beach.


cranl001 #28

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/16/2005 01:26:49Copy HTML

I will be spending a week at the Delano in South Beach in November and was wondering what the attitude toward male thonging is at this hotel.  Does anyone have any experience with the Delano??



sailor250 #29

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/18/2005 09:07:56Copy HTML

I can't say I've been at the pool in a thong but have been out on the beach in thier area and it's no problem!  I have only once or twice seen a guy in a thong in their beach lounges.

I remember seening a stunning woman in a thong bottom with striped waist band, she only wore the top to go inside.  I saw later at a store this was a YSL thong costing $400.

cranl001 #30

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/18/2005 11:40:31Copy HTML


Thanks for the input.  I will be at the Delano Nov. 5th -11th for buisiness and leaving the family at home.  I suppose I will pack a few thongs for the trip and if the pool isn't the place to be I'll check out the beach in front.  I will provide some insight on return if anyone is interested.

Given the price of the room (work is paying) I am not surprised at the price of peoples swim attire.  However, 400 bucks for a thong seems quite a bit over the edge.

thongbutt1 #31

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/24/2005 06:28:55Copy HTML

i was in south beach last year near the delano- cannot imagine a problem doing it there....
cranl001 #32

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/26/2005 05:20:53Copy HTML

Just a follow up to the delano.  The hotel is very nice.  The mix of people is interesting, many with a lot of attitude.  Very interesting to be a fly on the wall for a week.  The service is outstanding and just about every need can be attended to either at the pool or on the beach.

Thonging at the Delano was not a problem.  I tended to wear a Joe Snyder rio thong on the beach and at the pool a JS capri bikini.  Basically people were quite indifferent.  I doubt much would be noticed as different as normalcy is perhaps not the norm.

The pool scene is just that, it is quite a scene.  The pool lounges are right on top of the person next to you and to secure one facing the sun it must be reserved as the pool opens at 7:30.  If you arrive and the top of the lounge is turned down it has already been reserved.  This can be quite painful as most seem to get up and reserve a lounger and not return until hours later.

I think the beach is your best bet as you can maintain a bit of personal space and still be waited on by the pool staff if you request.  I found it to be more relaxing.

erik3000 #33

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/27/2005 02:42:19Copy HTML

I was in South BEach last week and the wether was cloudy and really could. I went jogging in the morning by 10 00 am and the beach was deserted just me and like 5 other running. no one in the beach with swim suit or anything else.

If you are planning to go to the beach I suggest you to choose another time, or other place. Right now can be freezy and you can waste your money. I did my college in Fort Lauderdale and I can tell you that from now till February the wether can mess up your vacations.

showoffmark #34

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/28/2005 06:37:37Copy HTML

I'm sorry to hear your experience was so bad. I've been in South Beach since Christmas and am sorry I have to leave tomorrow. The weather has been great for laying out. Staying at the Courtyard on Washington and 16th. The pool was nice and thong friendly. The 12th street beach was full but not crowded and no one cared what anyone was wearing. I was in a new Whitehall and Strom thong.
poonster #35

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/31/2005 03:47:41Copy HTML

I was at South Beach on Dec 24... altho there were a few people, I didn't see the tons of thong-clad people/topless people as expected.... oh well.. perhaps it was too cold for most people?
sol_y_mar #36

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:01/03/2006 03:29:51Copy HTML

Thongs on south beach are pretty scarce any time of the year. Hard to believe the most tolerant of all beaches in Florida or the US for that matter and you rarily see anyone in a thong. It may have to do with the fact that European sunbathers are not as common on south beach as they once were.
JM_Runs #37

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:01/03/2006 05:52:36Copy HTML

Re:  "Thongs on south beach are pretty scarce any time of the year."  No kidding,  This is JANUARY in the Northen Hemespher this is called it's WINTER TIME!! 

It may be positivly tropical for you folks from the snow belt, but we locals find the weather a little chilled. 

P.S.  Most of us work in the week. 

SeaDooThonger #38

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:01/04/2006 08:49:05Copy HTML

My wife and I visted South beach three times in October & November and we saw lots of thongs. It depends on the day of the week and the weather. One of the days was a sunday and it was sunny and nice. It would say that 50% of the women were either topless or thonging it was the most amazing thing we have ever seen on an American beach. We saw about 3 guys in thongs early in the morning I wore mine and got some great comments. My wife wore her thong all day. We saw a couple groups of families with little kids and the women were wearing thongs. South beach is crazy, we even saw two topless girls in thongs makingout in the ocean right in front of everyone.



macafl #39

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:02/05/2006 10:01:39Copy HTML

I will be in Miami in a few weeks and although I plan to spend most of my days on the beach, I would like to be able to wear my my thong or g-string at the hotel pool as well in case I want a break from the beach or take an evening swim or hit the whirlpool.  What hotels should I consider?
erik3000 #40

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:02/08/2006 02:06:25Copy HTML

I went to south beach  last october in two ocations (wensday and sunday )and I need to agree that It was crazy, after I rented the car at the airport the first thing that did was to drive to SoBe to see the ambience and what I saw on wensday was COOL, a hot girl rolerblading like at 3 pm in a thong like nothing is going on, I get exited, then I look to the other side and saw a waitress  coverded with a see thru tight and  you can see clearly that she was wearing a thong. I was dressed and mom and dad reserved a hotel in Fort Lauderdale  so they were wathing for us so I told to my wife, I dont want to live this place without see the beach., ? dont have my swim suit so im just going to see the beach?we parked the car and then we spend like 5 minutes.

I went back on sunday and I need to agre that not too much boys were in thong but a lot of girls do it and some of thems are g strings. I saw families with small kids and the mom in thong and topless. so is a nice beach if the weather is ok. My cruse departed like at 5 so I spend just like 2 hours, so I didnt enjoyed the beach.

shavedthong #41

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:07/10/2006 08:45:50Copy HTML

Has anyone stayed at either The Standard or The Raleigh?  Looking to get away for a couple days.  Thanks.
JM_Runs #42

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:01/12/2007 01:02:28Copy HTML

What hotels that are on the beach or very close to the beach in Miami that are thong friendly? I'm planning a vacation (hopefully)this year and I want to be close the beach for a few days either in South Beach or further up Miami Beach. But I wonder which hotels you could lounge in the hot tub or even use the pool etc, etc in thong or small g-string.
JM_Runs #43

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:01/12/2007 02:07:12Copy HTML

Check out Modelnude4u's recent post in Hotel Thonging under Personal Experiences.  Sounds good to me, especially after checking out the website of the hotel he mentioned.
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Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

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Has anyone had experience with the "Standard Hotel" (formerly Lido Spa Hotel) on Miami Beach?  It's a hotel on an island on the Venetian Causeway near Miami Beach near South Beach.  I had heard of it but a recent article in the Wall St. Journal on "DIY Spas" brought it to my attention with a review of the spa there.

It's a two story place on the Bay waterfront.  It has Spa facilities that you can use or not use, but it seems to have some unique things.  It's not on the beach but seems like a relaxing place for a couple to go.  Many of the rooms have outdoor rooms screened off by guaze type curtains.  Many have outdoor soaking tubs that you can of course use nude.  The spa has a "mud bath" area where you strip down and put mud over yourself or each other, and lay out in the sun, then shower it off.  This area is clothing optional though "swimsuits required" I heard is posted elsewhere.  Some reviews I read said that swimsuits are not always in view--most women are topless everywhere.  I'd think there'd be thongs everywhere too.They have a huge infinity pool on the bay, a bayside sundeck, pool deck and hot tub spas out there.  The place is a little expensive but not like many "Spa" hotels.


Here are some reviews.  Any other reviews anyone finds might be helpful.



Of course many reviewers think the curtains around the outdoor baths are not modest enough, and think that clothing optional coed mud bathing isn't comfortable. (several have said the mud ruined their suits--duh it soaks in your skin).  One reviewer said because of construction they moved dining tables around the pool deck and put people dining in front of the mud bath area so I guess if diners don't mind nudity then it's an open place.

Check out the candid traveller photos on tripadvisor, it looks like they don't light the pool area like a prison yard at night--more romantic and makes skinny dipping possible.  The outdoor rooms would be great for romance and the place may be great for a honeymoon or second honeymoon.

I know it's not near the TNT SouthBeach or clubs but if you heard of this place in another location it would be great....maybe a good place to go before or after several days staying right on South Beach.

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Good places for a guy to thong, anywhere on the Beach. The beach around 12th street is the gay area if that is your orientation. I have found that the areas between 17th and Collins Park (20th street) attract a more mature, european crowd (this is where the Delano, National, Setai, etc. are located). I have never had any problems anywhere along the beach from South Beach to Ft. Lauderdale. The South Beach area is generally considered to be south of 25th street or so.

As for Hotels, the ones listed above and the Ritz Carlton, Regency, and Victor are fabulous (and expensive). One nice and not that outrageous Hotel on Ocean Drive that I know of is the Ocean Steps on about 13th street. It also houses Hosteria Romana which is a wonderful and fun Italian restaurant. The Pelican (home of Front Porch - best place for breakfast) seems nice as does the Park Central around 7th street. On the low end are hotels like Aqua, and the Clay Hotel on Washington.  Don't miss Espanola Way, a unique street off of Washington south of 15th. It is just like many of the small european streets, like Rue Mercier in Lyon.




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I can say that on South Beach many hotels are thong friendly.  We've stayed at the Shelbourne Beach Resort at 18th and Collins many times and have worn thongs and g strings at the pool and in the sauna and hot tub without any issues.    The hotel used to have a deck in the lawn enclosed by only shrubs that was for nude sunbathing - some people walking by could see, never stared, but after several years it was taken out, it didn't seem to be used too much- each time I used it I rarely saw anyone else there.  Then they started using a rooftop deck but that didn't get much use either.  Anyway around the pool is no trouble for thongs.  Once there on a visit during the Fall I can say I was a part of an all thong pool.  There were two other guys in thongs, and two women in G strings, one topless there beside me in a g string.  During Spring Break there can be hundreds of college students around the pool, few thongs.  I've seen thongs, and topless sunbathing at the Sagamore, Raleigh , and Delano hotels, in addition to the beach.  I've walked miles up and down the beach in just a g string.  You'll see women topless in gstrings doing the same.
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I live in Miami Beach and thus have not personally stayed in many of the hotels. I do know that the entire area is thong friendly and the hotels are as well. I have been in the Loews pool and pool bar in a g-string and a slingshot (the slingshot story is part of another post) as well as the Sagamore in a g-string and the National in a thong. I doubt that any hotel would give you a hard time wearing most anything.  Have a great stay and enjoy South Beach.
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I have stayed at the Days Inn South Beach, and my micro G was no problem.
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We stayed at The Savoy in the summer of '06 and thongs were common on the beach in front of our hotel. My gf wore a Malibu String thong every day we were there at the beach and the pool. I wore a thong during the weekdays but found the crowd a bit too rowdy over the weekend so I switched to a bikini. Most of the ladies also kept their tops on over the weekend too.
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I stayed at the Marriott South Beach last year and thonged on the beach in front of the hotel and at the hotel pool with no issue whatsoever. Enjoy your stay in Florida.
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