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jn9195 #51

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/27/2007 04:58:29Copy HTML

I'll be visiting again this weekend if all goes well.   During my last visit, spring of 2006 I think, at one parking area around 34th street I believe, I changed a tire in a thong and only had "positive" reactions and comments.  On the day before, while returning to the parking lot at Magnolia Terrace?, which is South of Hollywood, actually MapQuest shows that as Beverley Beach., a couple from the area made rude comments about my thong. They talked very loudly saying things like "he needs to go to South Beach to wear something like that" They didn't laugh or anything, just tried to make me believe that it was not ok in that area even though I've visited all areas from Fort Lauderdale to South Beach many times (not at South Beach a lot because I can't stand the elbow-to-elbow crowds).   
cmdwxoutku #52

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:08/16/2008 09:43:40Copy HTML

Sorry a couple of other questions. Can any one recomend a reasonably priced hotel that is within walking distance of the beach? I can't see the point of spending too much on a hotel when all i need is a bed, but I don't want it to be a flee pit.

Are there any shops in Miami that seel male thongs?

many thanks
gulfscuba #53

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:08/16/2008 02:16:23Copy HTML

On my last trip I stayed at the Best Western 1050 Washington Ave. Far enough off the strip to get a good night sleep but not too far to walk. They had a continental breakfast. Be aware that most places don't have parking available and the public garage is 15 bucks a night.

We did not thong at this hotel nor did we see anyone else thonging or wearing minimal swim wear. When we were there tropical storm Noel was blowing thru and no one was using the pool or at the beach. I have no idea if this hotel is thong friendly. We only found that the price was reasonable, the rooms were clean and the staff was friendly.

cmdwxoutku #54

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:08/16/2008 02:47:56Copy HTML

Thanks Gulfscuba, good advice.

Is a car a neccessary in Miami, or a bit of a luxury? Are the beaches all served by buses?

JM_Runs #55

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:08/16/2008 08:15:26Copy HTML

This has been addressed before, in detail, with bus routs and numbers. 
In short, cars are a liablity.  Most hotels charge a fortune to park for each night.  Parking near beach is all metered and you can't relax becuase you are allways worred about when the meter runs out, so you can run back and put more money in.

There is a shuttle bus that runs every 10 to 15 minues up and down Collins Av, in a loop.  This gets you most places.  Unless you have a problem walking you will find most things within an easy walk, and the busses take over for anything a little longer.

You may think that haveing a car will save you walking from the bus stop. But you will probably fined the bus stop is closer than the nearerest open parking space, especily on Friday nights and weekends.

There are plenty of taxis and they are relitivly cheep, because they charge by the mile and the distances between the beach, hotels and resturants in SB is close.  When the weather is comfortable, a lot of people just walk and windoshop.

Save your car rental money, and car overnight parking money, and car daily metered beach parking money, and use it for one closer to the beach or for a better hotel room.

Get the buss map for miami, and read some of the older posts on SB, Miami Hotels, etc.  You will find lots of prior advice on transportation options.
bmicro #56

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:08/16/2008 08:51:35Copy HTML

 There is nothing that you would want on South Beach that you can't walk to. The only reason for a car is if you want (for some odd reason) to go to the mainland or visit the keys. Then rent a car for the day from one of the rental agencies on the beach. If you really desire mobility to get to Haulover and don't like taking the bus, rent a scooter there are plenty of places to rent them and they are the best way to get around - easy to park too.
Try some of the many small hotels on Collins below 15th St. There are a lot of them, most look clean and reasonably nice.

sailor250 #57

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:08/17/2008 02:45:55Copy HTML

I don't think you'll find a thong unfriendly hotel except the Loews which is Disney on Southbeach as far as I'm concerned.

Remember Southbeach is much like Manhattan with a beach- it's been called the southernmost borough so think urban.  thank God the taxis are now yellow too (but more orange tint)

A car is not necessary unless to impress.
stanpuppy #58

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:08/17/2008 01:37:25Copy HTML

Wife and I have stayed at the strand, right on ocean drive.  We both wore thongs at the pool with no issue whatsoever. 
modelnude4u #59

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:08/18/2008 12:29:38Copy HTML

 I have stayed at the Dezerland Inn several times, and never had an issue with thongs.  It's farther up the beach,81st Street, but still great, and a shuttle ride from South Beach.
islandguy #60

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/15/2008 07:22:26Copy HTML

JM, could you provide the names of Miami-area hotels allowing clothing optional around the pool and not catering to people having a specific sexual orientation?
JM_Runs #61

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/15/2008 08:07:45Copy HTML

 Sorry, I live in Fort Lauderdale and not in Miami and don't know much about hotels since I have a home here and never need to stay in one.  This is a subject the torists problably know more about than the locals.  I suspct that a lot of the hotels are thong friendly but full nudity is less common. 

Reading between the lines, it seems you are asking for a clothing optional hotel pool that is not overrun with gay men. Good Luck with that.  It seems that when ever a location in South Florida allows full nudity, (other than the traditional nudist parks), it is quickly a mecca for gay men.

Maybe someone can help you more if you say what bit of beach you want to stay near.  If you want to be by the clothing optional beach at Haulover then you should probably look around Sunny Isles. 

You might want to find out the current situation is at the  White Sands Inn in Hollywood.

bmicro #62

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/15/2008 11:05:21Copy HTML


I don't know of any hotels in the miami area that are fully clothing optional (I live here). Most in South Beach and even further north are certainly thong and g-string friendly.  There are some recommended hotels on the B.E.A.C.H.E.S web site for staying while enjoying the clothing optional beach at Haulover http://www.beachesfoundation.org/TravelShirley.html This is your best bet for enjoying nude recreation.

There used to be a hotel in North Beach that had a rooftop pool that was clothing optional, but that closed after post-hurricane renovations. I hear that there is something in Ft. Lauderdale   http://www.rooftopresort.com/

stanpuppy #63

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:01/06/2009 05:04:14Copy HTML

I would not really consider the Loews to be thong supportive.  We were there in the summer and (aside from my wife) we saw one other woman in a thong.  She was a very attractive asian woman with her husband and very small child (infant).  She wore a thong at the pool on thursay and friday during the day.  I thought it was interesting that on saturaday afternoon (prime time) she wore a bikini.  I guess she felt the vibe as well.  We overheard a group of young girls say (about my wife)...."did you see, that lady has a thong on".  I had a squarecut suit the entire time and would not have even considered a thong.  I think the Loews is trying to be a corporate and family destination, so i would not recommend it if you really want to thong at the pool.  Like i said in an earlier post, the Strand on Ocean is outstanding, no problem thonging at the (very small) pool, for either men or women.  Factually, we really dont put much emphasis on the hotels policy regarding thongs, since we cross the street and wear whatever we want anyway.
Sharon73 #64

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:01/07/2009 10:21:48Copy HTML

One could stay up the road a bit at the Ocean Palms, in Hollywood, FL.  It is very close to Haulover Beach.  I've stayed there before and loved being that close to Haulover
showoffmark #65

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:01/10/2009 03:21:19Copy HTML

We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard a couple of years ago and had no trouble with my thong at the pool. I hope htis holds true as we are heading back at the end of this month. Most sunning is usually at the beach but the first and last days there may not be enough time to go, set up etc. Easier to just run upstairs and lay out.
pkthong #66

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:02/02/2009 07:48:18Copy HTML

 In Feb 09 issue of travel and leisure magazine there is a full page ad for Fontailbleu resort in Miami. It is a stunningly beautiful woman in a white thong and nothing else. It is tastefully done and one can assume that this resort is thong friendly.
stanpuppy #67

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:02/02/2009 09:42:53Copy HTML

Wife and i have stayed at The Strand on 10th and Ocean,  Price ranges from about 150-200.  Good value considering the location (right in the heart of SOuth beach nite life).  They have a tiny little pool on the roof with a rooftop bar as well.  They also have a tanning area next to it with about 15 or so deck chairs that looks out on the beach.  Pretty nice.  I used the pool twice.  Wore a muscleskins MPX (gray) the first time.  Wife wore a WW 453 micro G with no top. Nobody was on the roof other than us...so obviously no problems at all.  Second time we went up, i had a muscleskins MPX bright orange thong on.  Wife had a WW 457 red seude G on (again, no top)  While we were laying out, another couple came up in board shorts and a conservative two piece suit (they were probably in their early 30's).  I was just about to go in the water, so i thought i should not let their presence alter that.  I got up, walked right past them, swam in the pool for about 10 min, got out and walked back to the lounge chair.  They didnt even blink an eye.  Nice place...nice price.
showoffmark #68

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:02/03/2009 12:01:42Copy HTML

Just got back from South Beach and used the pool every day in my thong. Plenty of people each day and never a negative comment. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. This morning, my partner wanted some pictures of him against the skyline and I frankly forgot I was only in a thong. I got up and was moving around taking a few shots of him. He then took some of me. A group of three or four women were laying out and must have gotten an eyeful. One was kind enough to walk over and offer to take a picture of the two of us together. Again, no comment on the thong. She was just being friendly. Overall a VERY positive experience.
josht #69

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:08/09/2009 12:46:00Copy HTML

That's good about the Fontainbleau. I will be going to a meeting to be held there in September. The hotel was bit expensive so I am staying at the nearby Sheraton Four Points. Any information on thongs there? I guess I can crash the pool at the Fontainbleau if necessary.
stanpuppy #70

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/08/2009 06:01:22Copy HTML

Although I would not recommed it, wife has thonged at the Loews outdoor pool.  We were there for three days and there was only one other thonger the entire time (a cute asian woman with a very young baby).  She wore a conventional thong 3 of the 4 days we were there and walked freely around the entire pool area.  It should be noted on the last day (saturday), when the pool was crowded...she wore a bikini.  We normally spend the entire day on the beach, so we were only at the pool area once.  Wife wore a wicked weasel snakeskin thong (she switched out of her G bottom).  We did overhear a group of teenage girls say "Did you see that girls thong?" as if it was a bit scandalous.  Truth be told....the thongs were tolerated just fine, with no issues at all...but for the most part I would say the Loews is more of a family place.  The "thong atmosphere" was much better at the Strand ( see post above)
DavyJ #71

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/12/2009 10:27:02Copy HTML

Just got back from a few days in SoBe.  Got a great rate at the Chesterfield Hotel, a small mom and pop hotel right in the middle of the Art Deco restoration area (9'th & Collins).  It was great.  The hotel had a "sun deck" on the roof with a jacuzzi.  The first time I was up there no one else was around so I used the jacuzzi nude, along with the outdoor shower to rinse off before and afterwards.  The next time I noticed a security camera pointing right at the jacuzzi, but since no one had said anything before decided to ignore it.  No problem.  The next time there were several people there, so I simply asked if anyone minded that I didn't have my suit with me.  No one did, which was great.  And if anyone was watching the camera anywhere I never heard about it.   The beach was also great and there were plenty of thongs and topless.  Spent the entire time in my tiny thong with no problems.  Staying right down in the middle of all the "action" was certainly a unique experience which I would recommend.  But don't bring a car; it will only get in the way and you can easily walk to anything.
wvamale42 #72

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/16/2009 09:54:29Copy HTML

Girlfriend and I just got back from SoBe. We stayed at the Raleigh Hotel. In 5 days we saw no thongs at the hotel pool (and no one topless). There is a sandy area just below the pool in the hotel pool courtyard that was generally not used much (people would walk through for beach access).  We sunned in thongs (and topless) in that area without any issues several afternoons. The crowd at the pool seemed pretty conservative. At the pool, girlfriend wore a brazillian bikini and I wore a brief bikini (just weren't comfortable there in thongs although I don't think anyone would have said anything -- most guys were wearing longer shorts).  On the beach behind the Delano, she wore a thong and was topless and I wore a g-string. We saw no other guys on the beach in thongs while we were there although there were many topless women in thongs.
stanpuppy #73

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/16/2009 11:52:25Copy HTML

The area behind the Delano is usually where we set up when we go to SoBe.  It is pretty much as you describe....fairly conservative, but tolerant of just about anything.  I always wear my muscleskins MP thong (and sometimes the MPX-Torpedo....but not very often).  Wife is always topless in a wicked weasel g-string bottom.  We both walk about and go in the ocean this way (sometimes she puts her top on to go in the ocean....sometimes not).  Everybody is totally cool.  Just like you said....I am almost always the only guy in a thong.  There are tons of topless women.  Thongs (on women) are not as common as topless,but my wife definately has company (although her micro suit companions are usually thong girls, not g-stringers)
JM_Runs #74

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/18/2009 07:22:40Copy HTML

We stayed at the trump international a week ago.  We didn't wear thongs at the pool in the day, we did at night and people didn't mind, most were interested.  We did wear our thongs, her WW and my muscleskins at the hotel beach and it seemed fine.  At night on the beach we wore thongs also, and some nights just walked around naked!  That was fun, we only ran into a few people and just got some whistles or stares, no problem though.  
modelnude4u #75

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/19/2009 12:27:17Copy HTML

 The wife and I just got back from SoBe, and stayed at the Howard Johnson Dezerland, which is actually in Surfside, a ways north up the beach.  I made it clear to her from day zero that I would not wear anything other than a thong to the beach or the pool, but I'd be good and cover up with some very small, thin shorts when going through the lobby area.  Absolutely no issues, but few other thongers seen either.  The guy at the shack that checked out the lounge chairs for the beach seemed to get to know us pretty early, maybe because I stood out, but he certainly didn't seem to have any problems with it, nor did anyone else.  I ran every morning down Collins Ave in just my thong, and only got 1 honk, otherwise, you'd think I was fully dressed, or they'd already seen it all.

I too took some moonlight or pre-sunrise strolls on the beach in the nude, and only ran into people a couple of times.  The last morning, I was sure I was still alone, but there were two ladies in the water right near the shore as I walked by.  Since we were only a few feet apart, they saw everything, including a very sharp thong tan line.  There was a brief giggle between them, then one said good morning.  It startled me a bit, but I said good morning back, apologized for my lack of clothing.  She told me that it was no problem, I had made their morning. 
I love Miami Beach!
DavyJ #76

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/19/2009 02:06:13Copy HTML

Where is the Raleigh Hotel?  I ask because your experience (no one else in thongs or topless) was quite different from mine.  It has been my experience that the farther North you go the more conservative beachwear becomes (excluding Haulover, of course).  I was on the beach at 8'th or 9'th St.; were you well north of that area?
solargod #77

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/19/2009 03:07:00Copy HTML

Only been to SoBe once, last year, and we laid out near 12th street, apparently in the "gay" beach area.  Lots of guys in regular speedos, but none in thongs.  I think I was wearing the skimpiet suit there, a Skinz fitted bikini, with 1/2 inch sides.  In retrospect I should have worn a thong!
Sharon73 #78

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/21/2009 05:02:53Copy HTML

i usually stay at the Ocean Palms - real close to the nude beach area
wvamale42 #79

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/23/2009 09:50:24Copy HTML

DavyJ...The Raleigh is on the corner of 18th I believe
stanpuppy #80

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/23/2009 12:37:40Copy HTML

DavyJ.  I have worn thongs with no problem up as far as 18th st.  Wife was topless in a g-string as well.  While she had lots of topless company, there were only 1 or 2 other women in thongs.  I was the only guy,but nobody could have cared less.
DavyJ #81

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/23/2009 01:10:36Copy HTML

I think we all agree that there are no problems with thongs or topless anywhere.  WVAmale had noted there were no thongs or topless at the Raleigh pool and I was suggesting there might be some farther South, although perhaps any hotel pool will be more conservative than the adjacent beach.  Of course this will also vary considerably from visit to visit due to many factors.
SlidingG #82

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/07/2009 03:46:40Copy HTML

 Just made a reservation at The Park Central for a couple of nights in early January.  It's at Ocean Drive and 6th.  Anyone stayed there?  How's the thonging/stringing scene, both at the hotel and on the beach across the street?  We're on our way to Barbados for a few days, including a week-long clipper ship sailing cruise south thru the Grenadines.  Don't plan to wear more than a thong after Miami, but doubt anything less will fly, so I hope SoBe will be my chance to get an overall base tan, with thong lines over top thereafter.  Thanks for any help anyone can offer.    
stanpuppy #83

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/07/2009 06:21:54Copy HTML

Have not stayed at the park central, but have stayed at the Strand, which is practically right next door.  I wore a muscleskins MP thong on their rooftop pool and wife wore one of her many ww g-strings.   No problems at all, and their were some other people at the pool as well...we were not always alone.  As far as that section of beach goes, I think it is about the best on south beach for thongs.  I am not a south beach expert, as we only travel there 1 or 2x a year on vacation.  You may want to check with bmicro or eimeo or someone who lives there year around, but my experience is that 5th st beach is the absolutele best.  The crowd seems to be mostly latin/brazilian.  We have always seen many many thongs on very young and hot girls there.  It is also the only section where I have seen guys in thongs (other than me).  I am not at all partial to baggies, but i would presume you would be fine wearing one there.  Wife walks around there topless in a G, all the time.  I walk about freely in my muscleskins.   Great stretch of beach...you will have a great time!!!!
sailor250 #84

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/08/2009 03:47:53Copy HTML

The thing to remember about South Beach is that it's more laid back for nudity than you might think by looking around nowadays.

If you think you're the only one in a thong look around a while later and you'll probably see more.  If one woman takes off her top more follow.

The hotel pools (except the  Loews ) are mostly pretty liberal.  I've worn G strings without any problem at three of them.  In the evening I get even more daring- wearing a sheer white thong that's not covering anything- looks like a thong tanline and no one objects.  Have worn semikini and Manhood baggie suits at the pools.  Only issue I ever had was when some women took closeup pictures of my wet suit oogled them back at the room and next day the husband is mad at me.
SlidingG #85

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/08/2009 04:50:55Copy HTML

 Sounds encouraging, thanks, guys.  Will be nice to have some company, even if I have to lead the way.  It's the coed angle that really appeals, can hardly wait.  Amazing my wife agreed to stay at SoBe, though the Park Central is a Historic Hotel of America, we're into that kind of stuff.  
stanpuppy #86

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/08/2009 08:20:32Copy HTML

Ditto what sailor said about the loews.  My wife wore a thong there, but she was the only one (and she definately got "noticed", and not necessarily in an appreciative "wow she has a hot little body type of way"....more in a "can you believe she wore that here" type of way.  I wore a bikini, but would not even think to wear a thong.   Like I said, The Strand is my choice, but i am sure (as sailor says) that there are many other excellent choices as well
DavyJ #87

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/09/2009 02:52:52Copy HTML

SlidingG:   Anything should be ok in that area; hotel and beach.  My hotel was between 8'th and 9'th and I walked the beach probably at least down to 5'th.  There were definitely more thongs and topless than even at the Caribbean resorts.
bmicro #88

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/10/2009 04:52:22Copy HTML


The Park Central is a beautiful looking hotel with a fine restaurant and bar. You will have a great time. As far  as micro swimwear tolerance goes, anywhere from 1st St up to haulover (108 st) is fine.  The area across from your hotel is a younger crowd and, particularly on the weekdays will be great. The area 14st and north tends to be more mature, european, and cosmopolitan. There is not a bad spot!
Have a great time and hope that the weather cooperates.
sailor250 #89

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:01/31/2010 02:52:59Copy HTML

Standard hotel in Miami is a couple of miles from the Atlantic on Biscayne Bay on an island next to Miami Beach.

Haven't stayed there but know where it is.  Check out the reviews on TripAdvisor.  It seems like it might be a cool place if you go with the right attitude.  Its funky and fun not five stars.  The Hamam for mud baths is clothing optional  coed and I understand rather visible to others. I've posted some thong wearing pictures from there, but I hear they won't let you take pictures around the pool--makes some want to take pictures even more.  Heard topless is common there.
stanpuppy #90

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/07/2010 07:33:38Copy HTML

Wife and I have stayed at The Strand right on Ocean Drive, and both wore thongs to their rooftop pool.  Wife tanned topless as well.  Nary a word was said by anybody.  Oddly enough, we are on our way down there next week.  We will be staying at The National (a couple blocks up from the Strand).  The only place I dont really recommend is The Loews.  Wife wore a thong 2 of the 3 days we stayed there.  Only one other girls wore one as well.  I didnt really feel comfortable because of the vibe that was given off (very family oriented and seemed like  a place for corporate receptions and such.).  It didnt have the hot/sexy vibe you generally get from south beach.  

Anyway...we rarely spend any time at the hotel pools anyway.  Once you hit the beach...anything goes...thong until your heart is content.  I am packing my muscleskins poser thongs, and wife has her malibu strings crystal back teardrop g-strings ready to go!!!!!!!!!
chucko85 #91

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/07/2010 08:22:54Copy HTML

Where on the beach in SOBE do you see the sexiest atmosphere?

bmicro #92

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/07/2010 10:33:45Copy HTML

There is great variability from day to day all along South Beach in terms of what the sexiest section is. Overall, however, I find that the area from 14th St to about 24th St is the more cosmopolitan and open. This is the area behind the mostly expensive hotels.  As Stanpuppy said, almost any hotel will be fine as you will probably want to spend most of your time on the beach.
In addition to the National, that area includes the Sagamore, the Ritz-Carlton, the Delano, the Shore Club, the Shelborne, the Richmond, the Surfcomber, The W, the Setai, etc. There are some boutique hotels on Ocean Drive that are nice, like the Victor, the Tides.  Most of those listed above are a bit expensive, however. If you want to go inexpensive, the Winter Haven on 14th St. or the Pelican just down the street are good bets (don't expect the Ritz, though).
sailor250 #93

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/08/2010 11:30:15Copy HTML

I see that The Strand Hotel has changed owners sold by the Desires group and now is called Congress Hotel after the original name of one of their buildings.  I don't know if much has changed, but they promised some minor renovations to the 2007 major renovations.
The Shelborne in undergoing a long major renovation project for guest rooms which is causing complaints about noise dirt and traffic.
If you want to be at the south end of Ocean Drive consider "the hotel" at 5th st they have a rooftop pool too.
chucko85 #94

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/08/2010 03:40:05Copy HTML

What street to what street is the true South Beach area? Which hotels cater to kids and should be shyed away from? Are any of the hotels across the street from the beach worth it? I'm looking for the main area where thongs and topless are common place. I have four days alone with the wife and no kids. I don't want to waste time looking for hte best spot once I get there. I want to know in advance so everything can be planned and ready!!
bmicro #95

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/08/2010 04:27:12Copy HTML

 You will get a lot of opinions and arguments regarding that question. In my opinion, the "true" South Beach extends from first to about 30th St (The Palms). The beach get a bit narrower from The W (22nd St) to The Palms (30th St). The only area that is real predictable is the gay section around 12th St. The Palace at 12th and Ocean is a major hangout. There is no reliable "best section" for thongs and topless. Its all good.  By the way, if you are expecting wall to wall topless and thongs, you will be disappointed. While common, minimal swimwear is not in the majority.
Worth it is in the eyes and wallet of the beholder. If you like luxury, try the Ritz-Carlton or the Setai. I also made a few suggestions as to low price hotels on Ocean Drive.

sailor250 #96

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

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Keep in mind that south of 15th st the hotels are ON the beach, so you can walk out the back of the pool area across the paved "boardwalk" on to the sand-  though it's a little unusal to do this only in a thong but I've done it many times.  On Ocean Drive you've got to cross the street and sidewalk to your hotel and the west side sidewalks are often crowded like fifth ave. wall to wall people so you'd stand out in a thong- I usually wrap a towel around my waist. 

About "kids" there are young people all over- and like all ages some wilder than others.  You'll find "kids" in all price ranges of hotels.  Mostly everyone is respectful.  If you're looking for quiet at night and a good night's sleep you won't get it at most Ocean Drive hotels- there are too many nightclubs and restaurants with loud music.  Even in highrise hotels on Collins you'll have some music noise at night from pool/patio parties and the noise carries.  Traffic noise on Collins can be like Manhattan lots of horns, and whether you like it or not lots of loud motorcycles and exotic cars roaring around- can you tell the difference between a Lambo Gallardo V10 and a Ferrari F430 V8 at 2 am from your room?  you will after a few days.

Officially I believe the "Southbeach" north limits are about 26th st. according to marketing. This neighborhood does have a lot of "beautiful people" residents.  Somewhere I remember reading there were 77 or something professional models PER SQUARE BLOCK, mostly drawn by the fashion industry and atmosphere. Of course on the beach people are from the hotels, from elsewhere in Miami too.

Want to maybe spot a celebrity on the beach? check out the beach at the Delano to the Raleigh- you'll find several papparazi photographers hanging out ready to get that shot of Jennifer Aniston in a bikini you'll see in the tabloids.

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So 15th and south is on the beach. 15th and north are across the street. It's been four and a half years since I have been there and we have never stayed directly on South Beach. I'm not gay, so my wife and I will avoid 12th. Any hotels 15th and south with mid range pricing that stand out to anyone as the place to be?

The beach from the Delano to the Raleigh sounds cool. Is that where the hotels are across the street or on the beach.

Can't till April. Think I am going to go late i nthe month to make sure we miss all the spring break atmoshpere.
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 Correction. Lummus Park runs along the beach from 5th to 15th st. Hotels on Ocean Drive in this area will be across the street. Hotels on Ocean Drive (odd numbered) will be on the beach. Hotels on Collins Ave (odd numbered) north of 15th St will be on the beach.

There is a Days Inn on Collins at 21st right next to the Setai that might be reasonable. Also check the Royal Palm just north of 15th. I gave you a list earlier, try them online. Naturally, staying right on the beach carries a premium. The hotels that I suggested earlier (Winter Haven and  Pelican) are reasonable but are on the park and require the across the street walk.
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No- understand Ocean Drive  fronts the beach from 15 south, the hotels on Collins front the beach from 15 north so follow those street addresses when looking.  Collins is one block inland 15 south.

A few of us have had good luck at the Congress Hotel 10-11th st on Ocean Drive.  If you have a car there the Pelican Garage which is directly behind the hotel on Collins gives discounted rate, $20/night for hotel guests ask at the office.   Otherwise parking will be $25-50/night other places. Try the pool on the roof day or night.
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 Sailor 250 described the situation on Ocean Drive from 15th down to 5th street in his 12/8 post where you have to cross the street and the park to get to the beach. I don't really call this "fronts the beach". This is not the case on Ocean south of 5th or Collins north of 15th where, if the hotel is on the oceanside, you can walk out the back directly across the beachwalk and to the beach. You may want to check it out on Google Earth or Mapquest to see what we are talking about.
This section of Ocean Drive is the major restaurant and party area (not the clubs) with the concentration being 10th and south (e.g. the Clevelander, Fat Tuesday, Mangos, etc.)
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