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chucko85 #101

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/12/2010 03:58:13Copy HTML

Can anyone give me an opinion on The Savoy at 425 Ocean Drive? The pool looks awesome with direct access to the beach. Are thongs and topless common at this beach and are thongs common at the pool?
sailor250 #102

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/13/2010 01:53:17Copy HTML

I can't vouch for the Savoy  hotel pool but the beach is TNT for sure- on walks have seen thongs in pretty large numbers just below 5th st this is on 4th.  Less perhaps down at 1st unless you're in Nikki Beach at the right time. This hotel south of 5th is right on the beach like those north of 15th which are on Collins

The reviews on Tripadvisor are probably above average- the usual people complaining about old building (yeah let's spend $12M to put a larger elevator in the middle of a $20M building),loud people,haphazard housekeeping,but several good reviews.  I didn't see anything to read between the lines about TNT at the pool (No "I couldn't believe there were so many women without tops at the pool can't they afford a whole bathing suit, I had to cover my husband's eyes")  The street noise on that part of ODrive may be less???  Don't know about parking if you need it. You get a beach umbrella and loungers included with you mandatory $13 resort fee so that's nice.
chucko85 #103

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/13/2010 02:03:03Copy HTML

Great comments sailor250. Thank you.
sailor250 #104

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/14/2010 01:47:18Copy HTML

I forgot to mention that earlier this year on southbeach I stopped into the Gelato shop around the corner from the Congress Hotel- it's on Collins and 11th across from Dave's cafe.  Well I didn't realize it until after I left but i was talking to DJ Pauly D and had walked onto the set of the Jersey Shore.  The place is called Leeca  Leeca.  Bit of pop culture trivia about southbeach.

About the choice of hotel- I think it's cool to be able to leave your room in a thong, walk to the pool or beach- without a cover.  I remember doing this a few times while staying at the Shelborne.  I'd just wear flip flops and bring my room card, I'd like to leave it but you need it to get into the back gate to the property.  You could go down the elevator or stairs and they used to suggest if you're in swimwear to go down to the basement on the elevator to avoid walking through the back of the lobby before walking out to the pool, you'd walk up the side of the building from a door to the pool and could exit out the back gate to the board walk and the beach.  Took a few afternoon strolls down the beach in nothing but a Dore Very Low G string, no one ever said anything but Hi.

It's cool too to have some places at the hotel where you can wear very little in semiprivate- like a nude sundeck they used to have at the pool then later on the roof at the shelborne.  But always sunned nude on the balcony there- just get a balcony on the south side of the building, sun most all day.  I'd see people over at the Raleigh doing the same thing! No one cares there. I'm good at finding out of the way places to wear just a baggie without offending anyone.
chucko85 #105

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/14/2010 05:48:56Copy HTML

Ok Sailor 250 or anyone else ... opinions on ... The Standard, Hotel Victor, or The Shore Club. Any of them have a better, sexier, topless, thong atmosphere than The Savoy?
sailor250 #106

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/14/2010 11:31:25Copy HTML

I havent stayed there but the Standard looks like fun but remember its a destination hotel its miles from the beach on the Bay side!  It's got a clothing optional part of the outdoor spa thats pretty casual, and those rooms with your own bath tub in front with only a blowing curtain to hide you look intesting. plenty of pictures of women in thongs there.
The Shore Club varies I see from sexy to family, but a pretty good location on the beach.
Dont know about the Victor.
stanpuppy #107

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/14/2010 02:52:59Copy HTML

Sailor...do you have any experiences at "The National".  Wife and I are headed there tomorrow for the week
chucko85 #108

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/14/2010 05:05:11Copy HTML

Sailor, where did you see pictures of women in thongs at The Standard? Accorinding to their web site they are only 5 minutes from SOBE. Not so bad.

Since Stanpuppy asked about the National I am curious about that as well. Hope to see a report on the property when he gets back.
sailor250 #109

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/15/2010 11:12:26Copy HTML

Hey everyone here's the Standard this month.  They had several around TNT TNG with guys in thongs for an art exhibit too. That 5 min figure is 5 am with no traffic in a cab  its a distance...their shuttle I hear in unreliable.  Check out flickr I think "standard hotel" "Amanda" and
Miami  Check my resort thong posts maybe a year ago on this site under pictures and videos  search standard hotel.

video on the dock there-makes me want to tie up there

I don't know much about the National but remember it was renovated a few years ago. Good stretch of the beach next to the Delano near Lincoln for food and shopping. Stanpuppy  Let us know how it is planning a Spring trip there.

BTW everyone you can use Google to search for things on this site too, just include "thong" and maybe "standard hotel"
bmicro #110

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/15/2010 06:33:27Copy HTML

There is not one section of South Beach that is reliably the sexier, most topless, etc. This varies day by day. There is no area that always has thonged or topless sunbathers and there is no area that never has thonged or topless. The hotels that you refer to are located in different areas.
The standard is not located on South Beach by any stretch. It is on an island in the Intracoastal on the Venetian Causeway. It is primarily a destination spa. You need to take a taxi to any other location (the beach, other restaurants, etc.).
The Savoy is located at the south end of Lummus Park (the park on the oceaside of Ocean Drive that runs from 5th to 15th St.) and is the current incarnation of what was originally a beach club/hotel/residence opened by a beach club from St. Tropez. It is therefore right on the beach. It had a steep membership fee (and is no more). Its pool used to be a hot spot. It is at the beginning of the SoFi (South of Fifth) area that has become hot. You will be near some of the best restaurants (Prime 110, Prime Italian, Joe's, Reds, Devito's, Smith & Wollensky, ChinaGrill, etc.).
Hotel Victor is located in the middle of the Lummus Park area and thus requires a walk across the street and park to get to the beach (as opposed to out the back entrance). It is in the middle of the Ocean Drive restaurant and bar scene (personally, I think that most of the Ocean Drive restaurants are over-priced for what they are - thay aren't of the same quality as others like the ones that I listed above).  It is, in my impression, the best of the smaller "boutique" hotels and has a marvelous roof top pool.
The Shore Club is located about 4 blocks north of Lummus Park and is in the large hotel section that begins at 15th street where the hotels are again directly on the beach. It has a reputation as a hot spot as well, but I am not sure that it is what it once was.  This section attracts a more cosmopolitan and mature crowd and is the more "relaxed" area. by that I mean that there is less chance of encountering the occasional obnoxious individual that can't control the impulse to say something.
I would suggest that you choose your hotel based on what section of South Beach you want to stay in, the level of service you want, and the price you are willing to pay.
stanpuppy #111

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/19/2010 05:35:48Copy HTML

Just got back last night....let me take a minute to rave about THE NATIONAL hotel.  First off....you get free lounge chairs and beach towels (and umbrella if you want), all included in the price of the room (which was very reasonable).  This save you a ton of money if you would normally rent from a Boucher brothers or some other place.  The beach is in  a prime location, just a short walk from Lummas park.   The first day we were there, there were only six women from the hotel on the beach as the weather was a bit chilly.  The good new was 5 OF THEM WERE WEARING THONGS!!!!.   My wife wore a microscopic malibu strings teardrop bikini with a crystal string back.  I wore a muscleskins poser.  The other women were two spanish girls in nice little thongs, one european girl with monster boobs who was topless and in a thong, and another americal girl with small tanned boobs who was topless in a thong as well.  The next day was just as good as more than half of the women who came to the beach were wearing different styles of butt baring suits.  My wife wore nothing but malibu strings G's the entire time.  I wore nothing but muscleskins poser thongs.  I was the only male thong wearing I saw the entire trip (including when we walked down to 12th street).  I got lots of apprciative looks the entire time.  On women from the hotel was totally eyeing me up as she was laying on the lounge chair directly in front of me.  Wife only went topless one day (as the weather was not the warmest it could have been), but she has the smallest G's on the beach.  Plenty of women from the neighboring hotels also showed up in thongs, and walked around quite freely with no concern whatsoever.  Like bmicro says, sobe seems to change direction quite frequently.  Last time we were there....topless was very prevalent and thongs were rather rare.  This time, thongs were in abundance and we only saw a couple of naked boobs.  Although, I have to admit i saw one of the sexiest sights I have ever seen at sobe.  Late in the day on thursday this girl and her boyfriend came walking down the beach all the way from up near the fountainbleu.  She was topless and walking without a care in the world.  It was very brazen and she was getting alot of looks.  She walked all the way down to south pointe, turned around and walked back again.  She must have walked 5 miles all with no top on....very sext.  I have never seen a women be that brazen before (although I am sure it is quite common if you spend alot of time in sobe)

Anyway....great thonging trip.  Weather could have been a bit more cooperative, but all in all...we were quite happy with the short (4 day) stay
bmicro #112

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/19/2010 07:26:11Copy HTML

Glad that you had a great time stanpuppy. Sorry that I missed you. That was some pretty chilly weather that you went out in!
stanpuppy #113

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/20/2010 03:22:38Copy HTML

A little more on the trip....  Aside from the thonging, this trip was an awesome experience as far as wearing other revealing clothes as well.  Every morning, we got up and walked from The National to the Fountainbleu.  We wanted to check it out because we are thinking we might stay there on our next trip down..  I wore spandex short shorts (actually made back in the 80's by a company called "Hot Skins".  the company does not exist anymore, but the shorts are epic.  They were a fixture on the covers of fitness magazines back in the 80's/90's.)  They are alternating stripes (red/black, purple/black, yellow/black) and they have about a 3 inch inseam.  I wore them with nothing underneath and paired them with a string tank.  Michelle wore Nike micro shorts, the kind you currently see the fitness models wear on magazine covers, and a sports bra.  We walked togeather up to the Fountainbleu and then walked down to a food store on 5th st called FRESH. Typically when the weather warmed up, I took off my shirt (not that it mattered, it really didnt cover that much even when it was on.   It was totally liberating to be able to walk around with such little on and not be chastised for it.  We did get many looks, but they were of the appreciative kind, not the "oh my god..can you believe what they are wearing" kind.

Some of the days were quite chilly, so I wore long running tights by a company called HIND.  They are light blue and (believe me) they show everything underneath.  I obliged by wearing nothing underneath.  I asked my wife if it was "ok" to wear them like that.  I loved her response, she said.. "anything goes in south beach".  On the colder days she wore a nike workout top (longer than a sports bra) with her malibu strings bikini top underneath, and her wicked weasel beach pants with her malibu strings crystal back G string bottom under it). 

The best was when we went out for dinner at the fountainbleu.  I bought her a plunge top (and when i say plunge...i mean open down to the navel).  It bloused loosly over her boobs and was completely backless, so she had to be very careful if she ever bent over...LoL

South beach is my favorite city in the whole world. I love their "live and let live" attitude.  I love when you wear sexy clothes and you get looks for being sexy, as opposed to getting looks for "not wearing what everyone else has on".   Michelle and I talked very seriously about retiring to South Beach (we are no at the stage of our lives right now, where we can relocate there....but someday, I predict, we will live in southern FLA!!!!
chucko85 #114

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/22/2010 08:02:23Copy HTML

I have decided on two hotels - I have ruled out the Savoy. My decision is between the Standard and The Victor. Any thoughts for the hotel with the sexiest atmoshpere??
sailor250 #115

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/23/2010 02:05:46Copy HTML

I'd pick the Victor for the real southbeach experience.  The Standard intrigues me but I'd have to dedicate a period of time to stay there and ignor the beach and the rest of the sobe scene including Lincoln Road, clubbing is more difficult with cabs etc.  The Standard would be my "resort with Sobe attitude" choice, but wouldn't substitute for the Ocean Drive or Collins Ave area.

SouthBeach is like a borough of NYC, say Manhattan of the Sun culture, and the Standard is like Governor's Island- may have some of the same attitude but it's not the same place.

The Standard may be fun, keep your eyes open and may experience some interesting things but in all the number of people you'll see there is a fraction of those on the beach.
bmicro #116

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/23/2010 02:25:28Copy HTML

The Victor is one of the most beautiful "boutique" hotels in South Beach and right across the street from Lummus Park. If you want the beach, the restaurants, the club scene, and the shopping in easy access, ignore the Standard. Everything is in walking distance from the Victor, nothing is in walking distance of the Standard.
chucko85 #117

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/23/2010 08:37:45Copy HTML

Thank you all!
chucko85 #118

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/23/2010 08:44:58Copy HTML

Has anyone been to the Spa V at the Victor?Also, stanpuppy ... you speak well of the National. Should this be something I consider? I'm going to check out the web site!
stanpuppy #119

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/23/2010 09:53:37Copy HTML

Absolutely.  There were thongs on the beach, thongs at the pool and I wore mine the whole time with nothing but admiring glances from some of the female guests.  Loved it...just wish the weather was warmer.
luvbeach #120

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:04/24/2011 11:03:11Copy HTML

Has anyone ever stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 1437 COLLINS AVENUE?  My wife and I will spend a week there in June.  I wonder if Thongs are ok at the hotel pool?
JM_Runs #121

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:04/26/2011 04:02:55Copy HTML

 I don't know about the pool but the beach behind the Crown is a good topless/thong beach. That general area seems to be one of the most thong friendly places on the beach and where I see the most topless women. I was laying out in that area a few weeks ago.

Have fun!
bmicro #122

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:04/27/2011 07:44:14Copy HTML

 I agree with Noodsurfer that the beach across the street from the Crowne Plaza (aka Z Ocean Hotel) and North is the best and most comfortable area for thonging. While I have never been at their pool, I can't imagine that thongs wouldn't be OK. I have worn thongs at more than half a dozen pools (the ones that I could get into without being a registered guest) in South Beach and I have never heard a word about it.
One of my favorite restaurants (the Front Porch) has recently moved to the Z Ocean. It has good food at (surprise) reasonable prices and is a locals favorite, particularly for breakfast and lunch.
stanpuppy #123

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:04/27/2011 11:29:58Copy HTML

micro....is this area you are referring to up near the national hotel?
Gstringing #124

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/01/2011 05:29:13Copy HTML

The Days Inn on 21st is now renamed again the Seagull hotel as it was back in the 80's.  If you are at the pool there is no direct beach access, but otherwise its a great location.  I have seen many men and women in g-strings on the beach behind the hotel.  I'll be near-naked on the beach there June 26 for a few days.
JM_Runs #125

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/02/2011 05:19:38Copy HTML

Yes, The Crowne Plaza is close to the National but south a little. I have seen thongs around the National, Sagemore, Delano areas and of course all over south beach but this area just seemed a little more common place.
luvbeach #126

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/12/2011 03:37:07Copy HTML

Thanks Everyone.  I am looking forward to some beach time.  It's been years since I have been to Miami
thonglines #127

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/12/2011 06:54:50Copy HTML

I thonged at the Marseilles two days ago. It was great. Pool is open to anyone. Two girls in thongs. I felt totally comfortable even though it is tight quarters there (everyone literally right next to each other). Miami is the best. Thongs are just so commonplace that no one bats an eye. Went over to the Continental after and laid out. More spread out set up there. One woman in a thong and a few very skimpy bikini's. Security walked through and didn't say anything to me, so it's cool there too (even though I would not recommend the hotel!)
abadonmi #128

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/08/2011 11:18:42Copy HTML

Today I've inquired about thong swimwear policy at the pool of Sherry Frontenac hotel at 6565 Collins Avenue and 65th (which technically is not in South Beach but North Beach - still in Miami Beach, though...). Here is the answer:

From: Sherry Hotel < sherryhotel[at]the-beach.net >

Thank you for asking such a great question.
There is no problem with wearing thongs in the Sherry Frontenac Resort pool.

Denise Alicea

The answer is a bit sarcastic, and I don't know who Denise Alicea actually is, but it looks like it is OK to wear thongs there.
What do you guys think?
JM_Runs #129

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/09/2011 12:17:32Copy HTML

It's Miami Beach.  Yesterday, it appeared that roughly 1/4 of all the women on the beach were wearing either thongs or thong-like swimsuits.  I really don't think I'd bother asking for those hotels in south beach.  I'm sure they've seen it many times already.  The biggest problem for staying in Miami Beach is most hotels don't have parking.  Those that do charge sometimes $20 per day, just like they do in Chicago.  The other problem is that a lot of them are poorly maintained flop houses.  You can see that by looking at the user ratings for them on the travel sites.  A rating of 2 or 3 out of 10 is not at all uncommmon, but then again, I think most of the people staying there are only sleeping in them for a few hours in the morning.  Several years ago, I stayed in the Franklin hotel and did as I typically do by sleeping from roughly midnight until 6 or 6:30 Am, then getting up and running.  While staring out on the runs, I noticed people leaving the clubs.  They literally party all night there. 

If you're flying in, just search out all the hotels on the travel sites, and you should be able to find something for less than $100 per night in the summer that is not a flop house. 
sailor250 #130

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/09/2011 01:05:23Copy HTML

$20 for parking- that's 10 years ago- the ocean drive hotels charge $35-45/night to valet your car blocks away.  If you plan ahead or get some advice you'll spend $22-25/night to park in a public garage with a discount- like at the Pelican garage in 10st block of Collins- make sure to stop at the office before you're first exit with proof of staying at a hotel in a couple block radius.  Some other city garages give discounts too.  The $15/night you save may be only 5% of your nightly hotel rate but think of it as a free thong from beachndance.com for each day.  Also you don''t have to wait for your car- I've had some valets take 1 hr from calling down to delivering the car- then a $5 -20 tip (depending on the car I'm driving- they won't let even the best car as a status symbol sit on Ocean Drive overnight or it'll get trashed)   Yep the clubs close after sunup.

regarding abadonmi's email response- keep in mind ESL- her response in Spanish or Portuguese would not have been perceived as patronizing.

Regarding the Continental Hotel at 18th on collins next to the Shelborne- it's a real dump- just heard some investors are dumping mid 8 figures to completely gut the place and reopen as a "B Hotel" in a few years- probably will close soon for construction.  Good to hear such optimism about the tourism economy there.

Regarding hotel pools - I think South Beach is the only place in the US and maybe the world where you may have an "all thongs" experience- happened to me once, 5 people in 3 different parties 3 male, 2 female (also topless) in thongs at the pool-  the only ones at the pool for a while.
luvbeach #131

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/13/2011 11:55:06Copy HTML

 I don't know what you men are talking out.  I arrived at South Beach today at the Crowne plaza (15th street South Beach).  I see hundreds of people.  I see zero men in anything less than dork shorts down to their knees (at beach and pool).  I see zero women in thongs.  The skimpiest bikini I see on a woman is 3/4 back.  I only packed minimal bikinis.  I did not take off my shorts.  I don't want to be the only one in a minimal swim suit.  That's no fun, feels incredibility awkward just thinking about it when you are actually on the beach and not in fantasy land where everyone is wearing thongs.  South beach is not what is was 10 years ago.  Maybe I need to go more toward 5th street?  maybe need to go to Haulover?  I am really disappointed
bmicro #132

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/14/2011 07:31:48Copy HTML

Sleepless njght!
Luvbeach, I am sorry that you were so disappointed, that is a lousy emotion on vacation.
However, I think that your expectations were a bit off. Yes things have changed from the late 80's and 90's. South Beach was a mecca for models and photographers who have since moved on as trends change in the industry and South Beach has gotten more expensive. On the other hand, "The Birdcage" (referred to in another thread) was a fantasy in picturing Ocean Drive as a place where beautiful women and men all walked around in thongs. It was never like that.
You need to break yourself of self imposed feelings of awkwardness and wear what you like to wear. The beauty of South Beach is that you can wear whatever you like on the beach and not have any hassles. I reserve small bikinis as my "conservative" suits. From the 80's until today, I have spent most days on the beach being the only male in a thong. Sometimes there are other males in a thong or less around, sometimes not. I haven't heard of another beach in the US where there is a substantial proportion of men in thongs.You should see a good number of men in bikinis, but not thongs.
The number and distribution of women in thongs and/or topless varies significantly from day to day and from location to location. For any one hotel, it depends greatly on the groups that are staying there at a particular time.  The areas around 15th st just north and south  (say two to three blocks south and eight blocks north) have historically been fairly good for thonging. I was out jogging yesterday morning and saw more topless women in the early morning (four) than I usually do and a group of six women around 15th st all wearing suits from rio back to true thongs.
So throw on your most minimal suit, go out to the beach, look around, and have a great day!
JM_Runs #133

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/14/2011 02:57:25Copy HTML

Sorry to hear your hotel has no one thonging.  To some extent you just have to do it, you may feel awkward to start, but if you act confidently and don't show fear people will get over it fast.  Sometimes there are lots of thongers around, sometimes not. Mostly hotels and the beaches directly in front of the hotels are populated by tourists. Whereas people in thongs tend to be locals, who go to the beach at local times, like weekends, where their is local access points and parking.  Most locals go out early in the mornings when it is not too hot. Yesterday was a week day, very still and muggy in the early morning, so probably much more tourists than locals, and schools out...

Still, it is very rare to be on South Beach and not see some women in thongs and some going topless.  I think you need to take a walk down the beach.  Wonder south down the beach to the point park where the ships come in.  Take a stroll to the north too.   I think you will find a number of places where there are topless women, some in thongs, some not. You will probably stumble across a few men in thongs too, but maybe not. It very much depends on the time of day and day of the week.

I took some people out to Himershe Village for a drink a few nights ago.  It was happening, lots of exotic people, the street was was jumping.  Later they told me they liked it so much they went back by  themselves the following night, but it was dead.  I told them it was because the street comes is alive Fridays and Saturdays, but always dead on Sundays, all locals, not tourists. Locals have a rhythm that is not always obvious to tourists, who sometimes expect the same Disney like exuberance every day of the week.

Because it is now getting to be very hot during the middle of the days, you may find the young topless and thong women are either IN the sea, drifting around, OR in the shade around the fresh water swimming pools.  Only tourists lay out in the mid day sun. The rest of us aim to be cooler, and have cool drinks on hand.

Just put on a thong, sunscreen and a hat, then go for a walk down the beach. Ignore the funny looks. Unless you go up to Haulover there will always be more board shorts than thongers or speedos, and there will always be some young punk who says something stupid.  Have courage and just thong it. Take a walk and go see.  I am sure there are topless and thong wearing women somewhere on the beach, and probably some men too from time to time.

luvbeach #134

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/14/2011 04:40:47Copy HTML

thanks for the encouragement.  There were a couple women today in small bikinis and saw one in a thong.  I found enough courage to wear a 1/4 back bikini but I was the only guy who wasn't wearing shorts down to his knees.  Feels awakward like everyone is staring at you.  I do see a few people staring with a grin on thier face.  I guess I shouldn't worry what other's think but I wish all the men did not wear the long board shorts.
bmicro #135

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/14/2011 07:32:40Copy HTML

Went out today during my lunch hour (OK 1.5 hrs) as I was curious. Walked onto the beach @ 15th St and immediately saw a girl walking away from the refreshment stand in a thong. Set a tone for the day. Settled in in the area between the Villagio chairs and the Boucher Bros. chairs across from the Z Ocean. Two women on my right were topless and four others that I could see in my immediate vicinity were in thongs. Many were in rio or 1/4 back bikinis. Walked to 20th St to my favorite refreshment stand for a smoothie and continued on to 34th. I literally could not keep count of the number of thongs and topless women I saw along the way (had to be more than three dozen). When I got back to my stuff, one woman was playing catch with her boyfriend (husband) topless and three girls settled in just in front of the Boucher area and two stripped down to g-strings. I could keep count of the number of men in g-strings or thongs, however (1- me). This was a typical day.
I can tell by the time on your post why you haven't seen many thongs. That early in the morning most of the thong wearing ladies have not even gotten up after a night of clubbing. I rarely see thongs or topless women on my morning jogs. The best time is after 1:00.
P.S. I was in a small red crochet g-string. I did not get any negative comments and very few overt stares.
You are making progress! now put on that g-string that is in your images and go for it!  I can assure you that there will be no problem anywhere except in your mind if you let it happen. If you wait for a beach and time where all the men do not wear long board shorts, I fear that you will not enjoy thonging in this country.
sailor250 #136

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/15/2011 10:15:39Copy HTML

hotel pools vary with the guests of course. on southbeach I've found if I look around and everyone is speaking English- I may be the only one in a thong- if everyone is speaking Spanish,German, Italian there's a good chance you won't be the only one!  I've found the thonging women will go to the beach for days and never hit the pool at all.
luvbeach #137

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/15/2011 02:39:51Copy HTML

thanks Bill.  I did see girls yesterday showing off in G-strings.  But I still only see men in long board shorts.  I am afraid to wear the thong lol.  Still feel self conscious about walking to get in the water wearing my 1/4 back.  Maybe it is in my head.  My wife (who covers her ass) laughs at me because she knows I like to wear a small bikini but then when I get to the beach I worry so much.  She encourages me to wear small so that's good.  Having a wife that wants her husband in a small bikini is rare.  But she has no interest in showing her ass at the beach.
stanpuppy #138

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/16/2011 06:09:15Copy HTML

that sucks luvbeach.  My wife has no issue (and in fact...ususally encourages me) with me wearing a thong on the beach.  Honestly, she is a little more self conscious than i am.   She has no problem going topless and G (or even totally nude) at clothing optional beaches, she readily goes topless and G in south beach, but she is very remiss about wearing a thong (or even a very skimpy) bikini in family type scenario (such as the beaches of the jersey shore ...atlantic city and surroundings).  Especially if she is the only one.   I agree...it is great to have a partner who supports (or...ideally.....shares) in your desire to wear small swimwear
luvbeach #139

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/16/2011 09:35:39Copy HTML

Stanpuppy, I actually like that she wears a full bikini and I wear small.  I like to feel sexy and a bit submissive with my wife.  Showing my ass at the beach while she covers hers is an expression of that.   Maybe a bit odd but we all have our little fetishes.  I am getting braver at the beach.  I wore my 1/4 back again today.  I am paying more attention.  I saw one man walk by in a thong but except for that I am about the only man that doesn't wear shorts to their knees.  I suspect the men cringe when I walk by but the women defiantly look and some look right in your eyes and smile.  It was a fun day at the beach. I think a 1/4 back or a half back is about right at 15th street Miami Beach.  A g-string for me anyway is a bit much in this atmosphere.  Girls can get away with it but I don't have enough nerve yet.
luvbeach #140

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/17/2011 12:27:26Copy HTML

Tonight I wore the half back bikini at the same location (15th street).  As I was walking up to the water my wife saw a woman start tapping her husband's arm to get his attention and then pointing at me.  They both started laughing and the man snapped a picture of my ass with his camera.  They were not kids, probably in their early 30's. They acted like this even though the woman was wearing a thong.  The man she was with was wearing the long dork shorts.  So you get both.  Good looks and laugh at you looks. 
sailor250 #141

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/17/2011 02:27:12Copy HTML

Remember some of the laughs are really giggles not necessarily disapproving just the way some react socially with their spouse or friends or how they react when surprised.  With that said they do see thongs on guys as a novelty or "clown act" rather than just having a good time.  In talking to some women on south beach - usually from out of town and many times from S America they say - thongs on guys are rare we never see them- some say they're "not right", once said that the look should be reserved for women.
John Howard #142

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/17/2011 09:32:08Copy HTML

 Couldn't agree more with sailor's comment....I would also add the 'pack' mentality when these things happen.
If the woman who laughed did see you when she was alone, she probably wouldn't have laughed that much.  Unless you were wearing a pink thong with flowers and laces at the sides, or you had the body of Seinfeld's Newman, she would probably have admired your confidence (yes, many women admire confident men).
If the boyfriend in dork shorts saw you when alone at the beach, he would probably laughed less because of your courage and because you have a trim athletic body.
When people are in groups they tend to try to amuse each other, and use anything they can see around.Pointing at "the man in the thong" couldn't be an easier target.

Thumbs up for you luvbeach.

luvbeach #143

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/17/2011 05:48:10Copy HTML

Now that my wife saw people laughing at me and taking a picture of my ass she doesn't want me to wear a small bikini anymore at the regular Miami beach.  She doesn't want to be with a man who they are laughing at and calling gay (so she thinks).  US people suck.  My wife is from Asia.  I spend half my life in Asia for my business.  This is her first USA beach experience.  Before we would go to an Asian beach together where every man wears a speedo.  She did not mind that I wore a 1/2 back or 1/4 back to an Asian beach because she thought it was fashion and no one acted like these USA jerks.  Now that she has experienced the reality of a USA beach she doesn't want me to be the only man on the beach with his ass hanging out. 

sol_y_mar #144

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/18/2011 02:42:29Copy HTML

 In all the years I went to Miami Beach I never once had an experience like that. Sure every once in a while some tourist would make a remark but it never went past that. Miami Beach is know for its toleranceof thongs, even on men.
luvbeach #145

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/18/2011 10:49:54Copy HTML

maybe not in the tourist area.  You get rednecks from all over
orangeb #146

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:07/20/2011 01:33:43Copy HTML

 Anyone have any experience or knowledge about the Z Ocean Hotel in South Beach?
orangeb #147

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:07/20/2011 05:13:40Copy HTML

 Also any information about the Dream Hotel would be appreciated.
bmicro #148

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:07/20/2011 09:57:10Copy HTML

The Z Ocean hotel is a condo/hotel located at the north end of Ocean Drive (15th St.) across the street from the beach. It has gone through four management companies in its four year history but appears to have settled down. The building is rather new (not Art Deco) and I have heard that the rooms are large and nice. It is the home of the Front Porch Cafe, a local favorite.
The Dream is a newly created hotel incorporating two rather nice Art Deco buildings. It is on Collins Avenue, one more block from the beach. Don't know much more about it.
orangeb #149

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:07/21/2011 08:33:28Copy HTML

 Thanks for that information.  Can you elaborate on the difference in the areas of the beach between the two hotels?  Is one place better than the other for my wife and I looking to enjoy south beach?

bmicro #150

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:07/21/2011 10:01:21Copy HTML

Not much difference really. The Dream is at Collins and 11th. You would walk one block to Ocean and then across Lummus Park to get to the beach. The stretch of the beach @ 12th st is the area where many gays congregate (no problem unless that bothers you). Easy walk to other areas. South of there is where there is a high concentration of young people. The Z Ocean is located on Ocean near 15th. You walk across Lummus Park to get to the beach. Personally, I think that the area from there north is the more sophisticated and cosmopolitan section with fewer chances of coming across obnoxious types. These distinctions pretty much disappear on weekdays. South Beach generally refers to the section south of about 24th St., but the same casual acceptance of thongs, going topless, etc. extends to all of Miami Beach and beyond.

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