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jn9195 #151

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:08/12/2011 03:33:49Copy HTML


I've seen this happen many times in Miami.  To myself and also to others.  It seems that groups of guys will hangout at the crossovers on the boardwalk and stare at all the women and laugh at all the guys in board shorts.  I've seen this EVERY time I've went down into Miami, from 17th street and north.  We don't even go to south beach anymore, it isn't the beach that is the problem, it is getting to the beach.

petkel #152

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/14/2011 04:57:34Copy HTML

 My hubby and I were at Circa 39 a year ago...and we had a great time.  I wore my ww bottoms all the time around the pool...topless most of the time.  They are just one block from the water and you have the option of the Courtyard for a more filling breakfast.  On the beach I wore ww thong bottoms only...Collins Ave sort of the North Side of SOBE.  The elevator was the crappy part of the hold stay...very old.  Rooms are a bit small, but there is a great feel for the hotel being built in 1939...a gem!
stanpuppy #153

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/15/2011 12:12:56Copy HTML

petkel....thongs are no problem whatsoever for women in south beach.  I have seen girls walk up and down both collins and ocean in just thong bottoms.  The real question is ...what was your husband wearing.  Even in the most progressive places in this country....thonging can still be an issue for guys
Sharon73 #154

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/27/2011 12:53:49Copy HTML

Is the Ocean Palms hotel still open by haulover.  I had many a good night there after being naked on haulover all day long.  Was great to find other nudist staying there too as we all got naked together in the hotel room
luvnmythong #155

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/27/2011 01:10:40Copy HTML

Yes, Sharon, the Ocean Palm is still open.  It was purchased in June by a corporation from Argentina.   They are cleaning the place up and trying to make it more presentable.   The same staff is still there and all remains the same.   It will eventually be torn down, perhaps in a year or two.    I have stayed there once or twice a year for the past 15 years and love it!!!   If you google Ocean Palm Hotel, Sunny Isles, Florida, you can read reviews of the place from those who have recently stayed there.  
sol_y_mar #156

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/27/2011 11:59:09Copy HTML

 Seems like that hotel has weathered quite a bit the last several years. When the condo craze was hot I was sure it would be torn down like the rest of the mom and pop establishments. Long live the Ocean Palms.
modelnude4u #157

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/15/2012 06:48:17Copy HTML

 Heading back to the Dezerland on 87th & Collins next week.  It's not exactly South Beach, but it's a great spot, great price, right on the bus route anywhere, so I'll be hitting SoBe & Haulover hopefully.  The wife is pretty low key, but she lets me out to play when we're down there!  The Dezerland has been my hotel for 8 stays in the area counting this one, so it can't be too bad, but I'm pretty easy to work with.  If everything works, it's basically clean, and the staff is responsive when there ARE issues, I'm good!
erik3000 #158

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/26/2012 11:51:06Copy HTML

  Im trying to decide for a hotel. I have been in SoBe many times but looking for the perfect place is kind hard. I want to walk in my thong from the room to the beach so needs to be a ocean front, also needs to have a pool to refresh after sunset. Im trying to avoid the spring brake time so Im
thinking in the first week of march. I have make already a reservation at the National South Beach and at the Savoy. I have seen some wicked weasels photos at the Savoy and I love the heated pool and the regular pool, it is and ocean front hotel just before the Lummus park and you can walk in a thong to ocean pointe because it is almost private the beach. Also the location is in the middle of the action because is just before 5th street.  What I dont like too much is that the Tripadvisor reviews show a lot of families reviews (almost half) that I suppose that it is going tobe more for summer and spring brake. Then the National It is after Lummus park on Collings avenue same price as Savoy just beside Delano and seems to be a very hot area for thongs, the reviews are almost couples no kids, have a fantastic infinity pool near Lincoln Road and seems also a terrific place.

To make the things worse I went to SoBe yesterday just to check both places (have all day between flights) was weird walking the beach in a Jean an a shirt but have to do it. Was monday so found parking very close to the Savoy and The beach was amazing a young couple in a black thongs then about 5 more girls  in thongs no kids and very nice beach area plenty space and I told to my self that this must be the place I dont need to see more about the National. 

But as soon as I got to the car I decided that to make a fair decision I need to check the National, and again was easy to get a public park just beside so went to the beach and was a little cramped all the beach beds because the hotels are all together I can hear the music of the Delano but the area seems to be very upscale I saw about the same quantity of thongs and a girl with his little kid in a thongs so I think that September and October are very good months to thong may be because is winter in the south or because the the kids are at school and beach are a little bet more deserted I dont know why but I have seen this pattern a lot of times.

About my decision it is going to be a hard one but I will see latter what to do may be I will trow a coin to decide. What you think that will be a better scenario by first week of march?
JM_Runs #159

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/26/2012 06:28:18Copy HTML

 I am not sure that March is the best month if trying to avoid spring break. 

While the choice of a poor hotel or crowded section of beach can spoil a vacation I am not sure focusing on having the best hotel is the answer to happiness, when a lot of what makes a vacation good happens outside the hotel.

As with all thonging, a positive attitude, a cheerful smile, a bucket of courage and warm weather make the difference.  Some people stay in the best place and have the worst time.

Vacation with fun, happy, easy going people. Bringing a wildly positive attitude and sunny disposition. If you don't have one learn how to fake it.  Don't let minor annoyances or the odd negative comment get you down or knock you off your quest for fun and enjoyment.  Unless this is a once in a lifetime wedding don't over obsess with making the most perfect choice.
bmicro #160

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/26/2012 07:23:05Copy HTML

The National is a beautiful, classic hotel. You have the areas pegged about right. The area around the National is more upscale and cosmopolitan. I am always very comfortable in a thong there. The area south of fifth has changed since all of the development down there. Second street was the model's hangout in the 90's. No longer. Many families and young folks. A little less comfortable in my estimation. However, the variation from day to day is greater than the average geographical variation.
erik3000 #161

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/26/2012 11:27:48Copy HTML

JM your the man, after reading I think that you are right, it is better to try to have fun and enjoy, most of the action it is going to happen outside, but I want a pool...and regular SoBe hotels dont have it another option is spending half and stay at miami beach but I think that half of the fun is the area, I will have a long time to think about it. maybe priceline or hotwire....

Thanks bmicro for your wise advise and I will follow, It is the first time in my life that I will pay 300+ per night for just a room and Im going to be very upset if at the end we dont feel comfortable at the area so I will stick with the National by now because JM is right. May be latter we can talk and see if we can meet, will be nice to say hi to you. 
modelnude4u #162

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/01/2012 05:43:51Copy HTML

 Just got back from Miami Beach, and again stayed at the Howard Johnson Dezerland Inn.  Not the newest or grandest, but it's right on the beach, right on the bus route (Collins) and has a hot tub, pool, beach chairs, and a shuttle north or south from the hotel.  Great price, and very thong friendly, as I wore little else for the 5 days we were there.  English is certainly a second language for most of the staff, but in general they've been very good to me every time we've stayed there.
sailor250 #163

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/08/2012 10:26:39Copy HTML

here is a guy in a thong at the congress pool on the rooftop-have stayed there many times

stanpuppy #164

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/08/2012 03:09:54Copy HTML

Of all the places I have stayed on south Beach, the national is my favorite.  The crowd seems to be very "non-judgemental".   Both wife and I have thonged all day long, at the beach and pool, with not even an eyelash being blinked.  Lots of thong company for my wife as well (at least 5 other hotel guests thonging and some topless).  I love the National...I highly recommend it
bmicro #165

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/08/2012 03:55:16Copy HTML

While I have not stayed in any of the Hotels on South Beach, I can support Stanpuppy's observation that the area around the National tends to be very "non-judgemental". They seem to attract a more cosmopolitan crowd and have many europeans. I am sure that his comments would extend to the other hotels in the vicinity (Delano, Sagamore, Ritz, Marseilles, Richmond, Raleigh, Riande, Shore Club, etc.).
louish #166

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/08/2012 06:13:39Copy HTML

I agree with all but the Ritz, which attracts a pretty conventional crowd to a chain hotel.  A high-end conventional crowd, but conventional nevertheless.  And I third the recommendation on the National -- a well-designed, peaceful, out-of-the-ordinary place.  But not for the party animal !
svqergo1 #167

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/13/2012 09:14:43Copy HTML

I stayed at the Richmond a couple of weeks ago.  An older Art-Deco hotel, but it has a nice (smallish) pool, a hot tub, and direct beach access.  I thonged there with no problem, as did a couple of other guests.  I also walked around in a thong inside the hotel and in and out through the small cafe that led out to the pool area and beach.
PabloThongs #168

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/18/2012 09:22:42Copy HTML

 Does anyone have any stories, personal or anecdotal, about thonging at the Shelbourne Hotel pool? It is located up around 18th and Collins, which seems to be a very international kind of tourist area... so I thought that might be in our favor!

Any info appreciated. Thanks!

sailor250 #169

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/19/2012 12:13:08Copy HTML

Here's a repost from a few years back- I haven't stayed there since maybe 2008- they've remodeled the pool and most rooms I hear.  I stopped by once and was impressed with the job they did.

I can say that on South Beach many hotels are thong friendly.  We've stayed at the Shelbourne Beach Resort at 18th and Collins many times and have worn thongs and g strings at the pool and in the sauna and hot tub without any issues.    The hotel used to have a deck in the lawn enclosed by only shrubs that was for nude sunbathing - some people walking by could see, never stared, but after several years it was taken out, it didn't seem to be used too much- each time I used it I rarely saw anyone else there.  Then they started using a rooftop deck but that didn't get much use either.  Anyway around the pool is no trouble for thongs.  Once there on a visit during the Fall I can say I was a part of an all thong pool.  There were two other guys in thongs, and two women in G strings, one topless there beside me in a g string.  During Spring Break there can be hundreds of college students around the pool, few thongs.  I've seen thongs, and topless sunbathing at the Sagamore, Raleigh , and Delano hotels, in addition to the beach.  I've walked miles up and down the beach in just a g string.  You'll see women topless in gstrings doing the same
erik3000 #170

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/09/2013 12:52:16Copy HTML

 Im in south beach, I booked the National following the board recommendation but it is under renovation and Im not going to pay a hefty price for a place in construction so cancelled and  made a bid on Hotwire and got 5 days on the James Royal Palm at 16 street and 3 days on the Perry on 23rd street. The perry's beach area was awesome on my left I had 3 french TNT girls in front of me another 4 girls 2 regulars one topless and one TNT and on my right also another girl in a thong the beach was not so wide but was fine. Then I moved to the James and during the week had a grate time and some thong/topless company on the resort but after thursday got some issues like going to a hot tube on the afternoon and then ending with about 10 kids on the tube, convention people, spring breakers and a very cramped place but that didn't stop me. I thonged at the pool and hot tube also in and out the beach also went to my room in a thong and tee with half butt out and I know that caused some stares but didnt mind. I never walked on the beach in a thong I just wore my speedo over the thong and got some comments on the beach. Posted some pics on the Aimoo flickr group if some one is interested. Today im going to walk by the National to see what I'm missing...   
thongcouplewv #171

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/09/2013 01:29:40Copy HTML

We stayed at The Raleigh last year. Nice hotel but overpriced.  No thongs at the pool. In fact, there actually was a screaming kid at the pool most of the time we were there. The restaurant overlooks the pool.  There is a sandy area below the pool in the hotel "enclosure". We would wear gstrings there in the afternoon undisturbed (we were the only ones in that area). We also wore gstrings and she went topless on the beach at the motel. Didn't see any other thongers. There were a few gawkers and a couple of 20 something girls tried to not be noticed taking our pics.
jn9195 #172

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/09/2013 05:19:36Copy HTML


Would you care to explain/define your "TNT" abbreviation?  That must be some new slang that hasn't made it all around yet.


erik3000 #173

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/09/2013 07:23:56Copy HTML

JN, TNT means Thong and Topless,
JM_Runs #174

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/09/2013 09:55:14Copy HTML

 TNT, brilliant!!! That's how we roll!!
lindros #175

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/02/2013 01:08:49Copy HTML

Last Friday night I stayed at the Miami Beach Resort on 48th & Collins. The hotel was absolutely outstanding in every way from the decor to the condition to the breakfast bar, to the price as well. The hotel is right on the beach, you can go from your hotel room to the pool in just a thong if you take the elevator to the lower lobby. I wore a g-string at the pool with no issues. The pool had a mix of people (Americans, Europeans, Latinas, couples,singles, families, kids, etc...). There were two other women wearing thongs but no topless. I was slightly concerned about the two American families that had 4 tween daughters, but I could tell none of them cared. The pool manager was out several times collecting towels, straightening out chairs, etc, but also didn't bat an eye at my swimwear. So this place is an option if you want a lower priced hotel in great condition that's thong friendly and outside the noise & glitter of South Beach.

Also, FWIW, I've found that Miami Beach has the same percentage of thong wearers as South Beach (although the total numbers favor SOBE since there are just more patrons overall on SOBE). After visiting the Miami Beach area several times I've found the 48th street area to typically have a high concentration of thong wearers. Another pocket of thong wearers seems to occur around 54th-56th street. While I've also seen topless women on Miami Beach the percentages are higher on South Beach for topless viewing.

PS, if you want good pizza order from Venezia. Pizza is excellent, especially if you're used to NY style pizza, and they deliver fast.
lindros #176

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/11/2013 02:41:21Copy HTML

I had a few questions regarding swimming pools at hotels in Miami Beach:

1) I noticed that many of the hotels post that the pool closes at a surprisingly early hour (like 8pm or sunset). Do you know if these cutoff hours are typically enforced at the hotels?

2)Have you ever gone swimming in Miami Beach pools after cutoff hours and have gotten in trouble? If so, which hotels?

3) Has anyone tried skinny dipping in Miami hotels at night after the official closing hours? If so, which hotels?

sailor250 #177

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/11/2013 11:24:36Copy HTML

See my post of 3.20.11 on the other South Beach thread. 

 Well now Congress Hotel now locks up the pool after about midnight and doesn't open it until after 6 am so I can't even get in an early morning swim.

I think it would be cool to swim at the Breakwater pool - look it up on their website- it has a glass front full length right on Ocean Drive!!

I've heard some good things about the roof top pool at "the Hotel" on 5th and Collins which backs up to Ocean Drive.  Good crowd and vibe during the day and some access at night too- so I hear.
DavyJ #178

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/15/2013 02:07:41Copy HTML

The Chesterfield (9'th & Collins) has a rooftop jacuzzi that I used nude back in 2009 with no problem, even when others were there (see post 10/12/2009).  I don't remember if they had any "hours", but I know I was there well past 8 PM.  Don't know the current scene, though.
flthongbutt #179

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/15/2013 03:02:58Copy HTML

yeah, we did the Congress this spring. kinda of a newly redone, yet psychotic sort of interior design plan... like shoehorning a new hotel into a crumblinb old one...
it was pretty ok, the rooftop pool made it for me. i laid out there one day, and had a latina lady and her kids laying out beside me.... they DO have cameras up there, but it wasnt a problem. they also have a private area to layout in one floor below.... walked from the room thru the lobby to the pool in my thong... parking is a big problem though... i parked at a parking lot at 15th and walked back.... when you're on the roof, you have a great view of the water, and it's interesting to show off a little in front of all the other rooftop pool people from other nearby hotels... all in all, a pretty ok place, just old, noisy, and overpriced.... 
lindros #180

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:01/09/2014 02:46:28Copy HTML

In this post I'd like to keep track of all the hotels in Miami Beach / South Beach that heats their swimming pools in the winter season. This time of year pools with no heat are too chilly for my blood even in Miami.

If you've stayed at a Miami/SOBE hotel in winter and can confirm by experience (not word of mouth) whether a hotel heats or does not heat their pool, kindly send me a message and I'll update this post accordingly. That way anybody planning a trip can make use of this info if pool swimming is important.

Hotels with heated pool:

Four Stars Sheraton (can swim any hour, also has hot tub)
South Seas Hotel (can swim till midnight)
Grand Beach Hotel (has three heated pools and four hot tubs)

Hotels without heated pool:

Mimosa Hotel
Deauville (however they do have a hot tub)
JM_Runs #181

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:01/09/2014 05:27:31Copy HTML

I don't know about hotels, but sometimes the warmest water is the sea.
On a cold windy day in South East Florida, early in the winter, like now, the Sea feels quite warm.
Much warmer than the air. It is just bitter when you get out and the wind gets you. 

During the winter the sea cools off, and is coldest in early February. 
It gets down to somewhere between 72°F and 75°F,  (22 to 24°C) before heating up again.
Still this is often considerably warmer than the wind during a cold spell.

The sea off SE Florida is much warmer than further North or SW Florida.
Amusingly in the summer we have to cool our outdoor competition pools, otherwise the swimmers overheat.
bmicro #182

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:01/09/2014 04:26:19Copy HTML

I am sure that you will find heated pools at all (or most all) of the major hotels on Collins (Victor, Royal Palm, Loews , Ritz-Carlton, Delano, National, SLS, W, Setai, etc.)
Here is a website that lists a bunch.
Always best to call and inquire.
lindros #183

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:02/20/2014 03:02:40Copy HTML

Was in Miami for 5 days and was at 3 different hotels in that time.

Casablanca: Don't stay here unless you get a renovated room. I had one that was old and the bathroom was the size of a porta-john. Hit my head on the rail getting in the shower and hit my head on the overhead cabinets getting off the toilet! I thonged at night with no problem, pool open till 11pm but not heated so water was chilly.

Deauville:  Thonging paradise. Very high ratio of Latina ladies wearing thongs, even saw one in a g-string walking around pool area. Mature crowd too consisting of almost 100% Hispanic/Euro, won't bat an eye or snicker at what you're wearing even though there were families present. Only bad thing is pool & hot tub close at dusk.

Four Points Sheraton:  More family oriented, lots of kids, higher percentage of Americans than hotels above. However I had no issue wearing a g-string at night when the kids cleared out. Pool is heated and is open 24/7 to guests, and there's a hot tub too.

Funny story, at the Sheraton there were about six Amish people that used the hot tub around 10pm. Five women were dressed in nun outfits with black robe and head scarf, and one man also in black robe and beanie. They all went into the tub fully clothed!!! After about an hour I saw a bunch of them leave so I got out of the pool and walked to the hot tub thinking there would be nobody there, but two of the nuns were still sitting in chairs next to the tub. I didn't see them till the last second cause they were blocked by a bush between the tub & pool, but by then it was too late to turn back. I could see their faces drop when I walked into the hot tub wearing a g-string, but I said hello and they were more shocked than offended.
stanpuppy #184

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/05/2014 01:27:31Copy HTML

 Wife and I had a rare opportunity last week to sneak away to the Fontainebleau in Sobe.  We were visiting the in-laws in Boca for the week and they said they would take the grandkids for a night so we could sneak off to Miami.  Awesome!!!  

We booked a room at the Fontainebleau.  We checked in at 11:00AM and immediately hit the beach.  The crowd was definitely different from the National (where we normally stay) and we anticipated such, so Michelle adjusted accordingly.  Instead of her Malibu Strings crystal back teardrop G-string, she wore a sailor stripe (blue) wicked weasel triangle back 449 bottom and matching 312 triangle top (the "classic" ww).  I wore a matching color solid blue muscleskins poser thong.  Even though her suit was big by ww standards, it was still by far the skimpiest amongst the FB crowd.  We really only was a one or two "legitimate" thongs. 

What EVERYBODY had on was those scrunchy/cheeky back rio Brazilian suits.  They were everywhere.  Funny thing is....they show tons of booty.  Almost as much as a normal thong, but for some reason they seem to be very much accepted as the de facto womans suit this year.  They were everywhere on the beach, and very prevalent at the pool as well. 

As for my thong...well.....what do I need to say.  Nothing else was even close on a guy.  Funny thing was the acceptance level.  While I did notice some pokes from guys to their girlfriends essentially saying "look what he has on", the result was usually a glance, maybe a smile or a slight snicker, then back to the book/magazine/or whatever else they were doing.  Nobody really had much of a care what I had on.

For lunch, we went into the pool area.  Michelle put on a wicked weasel tank top and a pair of bia brazil workout shorts.  I put a Greg Homme speedo style bikini on as my coverup.  Both garnished absolutely no attention as we enjoyed an excellent (albeit expensive) lunch around the pool.

We then went back to the beach to finish out the day. I should note that we did not see one bare breast on either the beach or at the pool the entire day. Our plan for the next day was to spend it at the pool the entire time.

Michelle said she would not be comfortable in either her ww thong or the zebra print MS crystal back teardrop I packed for her for the entire time at the pool.  I admitted that there was no way I was going to wear my zebra print skinzwear Spartan G-string (the other micro suit I packed), so I told here I would wear my other speedo style bikini that I packed (some Euro brand solid white with a black band...I forget the name at the moment).  We headed down to the Lincoln Road Mall where we hit bikini village to buy her a suit for tomorrow.  We settled on two. Both were luli fama cheeky backs, the same style we noted all day long at the beach and pool.  I was happy because the suits had about 10% more in the back than a ww thong.  She was happy because the suit had about 10% more in the back than a ww thong!!  Even though her butt was hanging out almost everywhere...she couldn't have been more thrilled.  She thanked me for buying her  the suits (in several different ways...LoL) and she proudly strutted about the pool all day the following day without a care. 

I have to admit, it was nice to be able to wear a skimpy suit (by most peoples standards) and not have to worry about any backlash because, while my suit was still not the "standard" male attire, it seemed to fall firmly in the "highly acceptable" category by Fontainebleau standards.

To finish up, we did go for a short walk on the beach around lunchtime. This was the only time we left the pool all day.  We headed south towards the main strip. It was when we got just a bit south of the FB (which is on 44th st) but before we got the the National/Sagamore/Delano/etc, area (high teens) that we went through a very sparsely populated area.  On the street area, there was a ton of new construction going on with what I presume are new hotel developments.  The beach had very few people on it, but those who were on it were very minimally dressed.  Every girl in this area was wearing a thong or even a g, a lot of the guys had speedos or squarecuts (didn't notice any thongs), and this was the only place we saw topless women. 

I guess everybody had the same idea as us, it is best not to flaunt your nakedness around others who are not like minded.  Michelle said when we come back, that she would don her typical attire (teardrop G-string/topless) if we hung out in this area.  I would be very comfortable in my matching skinzwear G-strings (just like we do at Gunnison beach). All in all, a great couple days!!!
JM_Runs #185

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/05/2014 03:22:57Copy HTML

I am glad you posted about the scrunchy back suits a lot of the girls and women are wearing this year.
For those who have not seen them they have a gathered elastic seam running up the crack of the back, which pulls the sides in.  Also a lot of them have the lose frilly edges, since the seam in the middle takes the strain. Like this http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/111016761272?lpid=82
Back in fashion in a big way !!
One of the reasons that scrunch bikini bottoms are catching on so fast is girls don't need to buy a new bikini, they can very easily add a scrunch back to an existing bikini. There are a bunch of DYI tutorials on Youtube.  The most common suit bottom on the beach this year appears to be a small orange or peach scrunchy back bottom with frilly,  'puckered', edges that only half covers the middle 1/2 or 1/3 of the buttocks.

One has to remember that hotels are where tourists stay, locals have their own houses. Your experience with more conservative suits around the hotel pool, or directly in front of the hotel, compared with what the locals further down the beach were wearing should be expected. Therefore at the hotel you will see swimsuits that people from the Northern states think they should wear to the Beach.

Just like the March snow in Montana, in March you should expect SPRING BREAK in South Florida. There will be hordes of collage kids on the beach, in the hotels and as the sun goes down in the beach bars. During Spring Break the locals tend to avoid the parts of the beach where the collage kids congregate.

Since I always wear a thong, until recently I too tended to avoid dense crowds of spring break kids. I found they tended to bring rather juvenile mid-western Beavis and Butthead attitudes.  BUT during the last few years I have found their reactions and attitude has changed, A LOT.

I find the current generation of Spring Breakers are considerably more thong tolerant, even supportive. The young women often wave and smile, cheer, or run over to say hi. The guys who only a few years ago would say rude things, or break out a cackling derisionary laugh, now cheer or give me high fives. It is the young men from the current generation who's attitudes seem so different.
stanpuppy #186

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/05/2014 09:21:35Copy HTML

 Thanks for your additional comments JM.  I good to confirm my observations.  Just an FYI however...they suit my wife wore was much briefer than the one you showed in your link.  It took a while to search, but I found the exact Luli Fama suit she wore....here is the link

I was pretty happy with it.  Also, since her butt is a tad bigger than the model wearing it in the runway show, it was even "cheekier" on her.
bodimuscle #187

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/06/2014 02:08:59Copy HTML

Great info and updates guys. As much as I love the traditional thongs and g-strings, particularly on women, I have to say that I have learned to really appreciate the "scrunchy" style suits - they are very sexy and the same ladies who look so hot in thongs pull these scrunchies off just as well. For what it matters, I have noticed this is the most popular style of suit on beaches up our way also. A true thong sighting has been a rare and most delicious treat in recent years on the beaches in Georgia and north Florida, even down to Daytona where thongs are no where near as numerous as they were several years ago, but in their place, these scrunchy suits are THE standard for the late teens to late twenties crowd. It's a beautiful thing - so let us enjoy!!
As for guys...fellas, we can't pull these off, so please don't try. Put that tight butt in a rio-cut poser or string it and sun all your buns. There is something supremely feminine about that scrunchy style, and I am happy to cede them to the fairer sex...some of the hottest, most macho and muscled up dudes I've beached with have tried, and that kind of style just doesn't work for some reason.
stanpuppy #188

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/06/2014 01:08:56Copy HTML

 I agree bodi....some things are just better left to the ladies.  I am finding that as far as mainstream acceptance goes, I am a lot better off in a squarecut or bikini style suit than a thong.  For whatever reason, the general public seems be think that mens butts should be covered. 
Like I said above, my thong generated some conversations on the beach, my speedo style suits (even though they did not exactly disguise what I had up front) did not raise an eyelash, even at the Fontainebleau pool.  And everyone seems to be in agreement about the scrunchy backs.....that is what the "kids" are wearing these days.
dobbybeach #189

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/06/2014 02:04:24Copy HTML

Wow! are you the guy on the muscleskins site w the pink torpedo, who frequents Gunnison in a tear drop skinz with a matching wife? i thought you were a die hard thong/string wearer. It make me feel good to know i share the same opinion with someone of you're minimal suit/beach experience. after 4 years of experimenting, i too think men look better in square cut or bikini.
lindros #190

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/06/2014 02:47:56Copy HTML

Stanpuppy:  I find the Fontainebleau area (42nd to 46th street) to be relatively conservative in terms of swimwear, primarily because I think this area seems to have a higher percentage of American visitors. For a guy to pull off a thong on North Miami Beach there are sections where the chances of acceptance would be higher. Here are several:  Deauville Hotel on 67th (a definite thong hot spot), Grand Beach Hotel 48th, RIU Hotel on 32nd, and the beach area around 55th-57th. These are places where not many speak English and the % of thong wearers (at least among women) is high.
1Tinysuit #191

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/06/2014 03:31:26Copy HTML

 Maybe I am in the minority on this board when it comes to this topic. All i know is that if my wife and I are fortunate enough to have a weekend away from our kids in a tropical place I know I am not going to let the opinions of others dictate what I wear. If I like to wear thongs while on these types of vacations and am paying my hard earned money for my room, I am going to wear what I want to wear. Last summer while in Vegas I was well aware that thongs were very uncommon at there pools. But I like the tan lines I get and love the way I look on me so I decided to wear what I wanted to wear. Even though there were only a hand full of people wearing them, I had a great time, got the tan I wanted and truthfully no one really gave a shit what I was wearing. I even got a couple of thumbs ups and one chick even gave me a crack on my butt and said nice suit. On a side note, i am glad to hear that more rio backed suits are more popular, I only hope that it will lead to the progression of seeing more thongs in the future and not less.
stanpuppy #192

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/06/2014 04:00:19Copy HTML

 Dobby....yes, that is me on the muscleskins site in the pink torpedo thong.  That pic was taken at Gunnison beach which is clothing optional ergo the thong is not that risqué.lindos....I figured as much regarding the Fontainebleau.  I was pretty much aware of the dynamics and we have had much more thong company even at the National.  I think the area I was referring to in my initial post was that area around 32nd st you are referring totinysuit...I hear ya, but I just don't need the hassle of trying to make a statement when all I really want to do is relax and be left alone.  I was fine in my speedos.  They were comfortable, my wife thought I looked sexy in them, and they were perfectly acceptable for the locale.  I will carry the banner another day....
bodimuscle #193

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/07/2014 12:28:48Copy HTML

Stanpuppy...you're last post seems to indicate you are a mature, wise and most sensible gentleman. I tip my hat to you, sir. Let's pick our battles, and win the ones we can, that are worth winning.
pkthong #194

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/07/2014 03:19:14Copy HTML

 Well said bodi, how does it go ? "...and the wisdom to know the difference"
Gboy69 #195

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/07/2014 04:13:58Copy HTML

 South Beach and Key West help. The wife and I are headed to South Beach in late April for a week of tanning our buns. I would like to stay on South Beach right on the beach with a nice pool. We are going to stay two or 3 week nights on SB then head down to Key West for a long weekend before returning to SB for two more days of sun. I would really  appreciate some hotel suggestions. Of course we are thongers and I am more of the gstringer and really don't give a sh_ _ what others think of my swim attire but I am in need of some hotel ideas and they could be from 1st Street on up. Also need some ideas for a simple place in Key West. Tanning in we will do when we rent jet skis and Hobie cats.Thanks in advance for any suggestions.G
lindros #196

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/20/2014 11:27:07Copy HTML

Interesting review of the W-hotel in South Beach on Trip Advisor:

"...the pool was great at night when the beach was a no-go, and the location was terrific as it was basically attached to the beach (perfect for late night skinny dips hehehe)."

What's real interesting is the response from the General Manager of the hotel:

"... I imagine there are many guests like yourself that enjoy the convenience of the beach being attached to the hotel for "late night skinny dipping" especially on a Friday or Saturday night! LOL We hope to see you soon!"
Best Regards,

Another good hotel I've found for this is the Four Points Sheraton on 43rd. Pool is heated, not lighted and open 24/7.
lindros #197

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:06/27/2014 08:19:27Copy HTML

For anyone interested, the Z Ocean Hotel on 14th allows fully nude sunbathing at their main pool. I first became aware of this in a tripadvisor search (see review below along with manager's response), but then I emailed management directly today and got confirmation. However, the one caveat the GM did state was that if there are kids around and the other guests are uncomfortable they may ask you to cover.



Reviewer comment:
"... But make no mistake, like all of South Beach this hotel is geared toward adults. We happened to walk up to the pool one evening just to have a look around and found two men and one woman swimming au naturale. If you bring children, I would just use a little caution..."

Management response:
"... We are delighted you enjoy your stay, you are correct, we do allow European bathing in the hotel; however, we always monitor all areas with our security team to ensure all guests are provided with the best experience in South Beach! We look forward to your return!"

islandguy #198

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/19/2015 12:11:17Copy HTML

My wife and I spent a week recently at the Westgate Resort South Beach.  It’s a small, older facility located on the beach at Collins Ave and 36th street.  Accommodations consist of one- and two-bedroom units with full kitchens and separate dining/living areas.  The resort is a member of the Interval International timeshare exchange.  It also rents rooms like a hotel.

The clientele consisted mostly of older couples along with a few families with school-aged children.  Swimwear at the pool and on the beach was conservative.  However, I wore a sheer, teardrop g-string swimsuit without incurring any negative responses.  In fact, people simply ignored me.  Such behavior appeared to be the norm; people did not interact with others outside their own families.

I often skinny-dip in hotel pools after dark when the lights are low and fewer people are around.  However, the pool area remained brightly lit all night long, thereby making it less appealing for such activity.  Nevertheless, I did swim naked in the pool at night a couple of times.

However, the pool hours of 7 am to 10 pm were strictly enforced.  I was in the pool when 10 pm came and a resort staff member asked me to leave due to the time.  One morning I woke up early and went to the pool around 6 am.  A few minutes later, I was asked to leave until the formal opening time.  My lack of swimsuit must have been obvious, but was not mentioned on either occasion. The pool rules made no mention of swimwear requirements.

Bottom line:  I would describe the resort not as thong-friendly but rather as thong-tolerant.  Resort staff also seemed to be nude-tolerant, although what might happen if another guest were to complain is open to speculation.
lindros #199

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:04/07/2015 02:37:37Copy HTML

FWIW, The Sense Beach House on 4th an Collins is NOT thong friendly. Best to stay at another hotel. This is a shame since nobody ever uses the rooftop pool because it is only 3 feet deep. In fact when the hotel manager asked me to cover I was in a gstring (same skinz roman I wear at the beach without issue) and I was alone at the pool in the late afternoon.
sockwaguy #200

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/02/2015 08:15:17Copy HTML

Some discretion/modesty questions re THE NATIONAL HOTEL and HOTEL BREAKWATER:
I'm visiting these two SoBe hotels for the first time (my 1st trip to SoBe) around Columbus Day, and I'm hoping some members can answer a few questions.
In general, after breakfast, I like to put on a thong or g-string, and go straight to the beach, carrying nothing else. (I have a plastic doc case for credit cards, room key, cash, which I strap to my waistband). 
1. If I'm staying in the main building at the National (I don't think I want to pay the premium price for the cabana/pool adjacent rooms), can I walk down the hallway, into the elevator, and thru the lobby (out to the beach) wearing nothing but a g-string? 
Does the floorplan of this hotel allow for a private/discrete exit to the beach or pool area? 
2. Same question regarding the Breakwater. Does their floorplan make possible an inconspicuous exit to the beach? Or will I have to venture through the lobby?
A related question here: is crossing Ocean Drive directly from Breakwater's main entrance going to be a problem? I.e., is traffic such that I can avoid walking the sidewalks and crosswalk? Or will I be forced to use the sidewalk and crosswalk in order to cross the street?
Thanks to all for their input. 
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