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miamifred50 #201

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/02/2015 10:43:35Copy HTML

 The Breakwater is on Ocean Drive. If you can get through the lobby, you will enter Lummus Park, a green area with volleyball players and such. Very G-string friendly on the way to the beach. You will be at Ninth. From there, find your favorite area going south. Models hang between 10th and First. Still, have a pair of shorts to get through the lobby. The National is on Collins Avenue, which is two blocks west of Ocean. You definitely need shorts to get through the lobby, and prolly flips to walk the two blocks to the beach. You would wind up at 16th and Ocean, which is great, but walk north toward 21st where the big public parking is. Columbus Day? Miami Beach has a bacchanal regatta . Google Columbus Day Regatta naked Miami Beach. There will be lotsa party folks on the beach and in the clubs. Please inform the group of your adventures!
sailor250 #202

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/03/2015 01:33:17Copy HTML

Can't speak to the layout at National but if you can get off an elevator at the first floor or basement that's not in the lobby then you can wear swimwear to go out to the pool and walk right out the back gate to the "boardwalk" and across it onto the beach.  Might want to look at galleries on their website, might be able to visualize where the back doors come out to the pool.Stayed at the Breakwater before recent remodel.  As I recall the only elevators did open on the first floor to the lobby.  As you've heard if you can make it to the sidewalk outside on Ocean you're good to go.  In some places there are alternate ways out including getting off elevator at second floor or basement and walking out a "fire exit" door onto side alley which connects to Ocean.Regarding crossing Ocean Drive- it depends on the traffic situation.  In the morning there is little traffic and you can just look both ways, with a pause and cross in the middle of the block.  Only when there is moderate traffic are you going to have to go to the crosswalk at the cross street because cars won't be stopping.  When there's a lot of traffic like in the afternoon it's easier to cross in the middle of the block.  Just wait until the traffic is stopped or nearly stopped and walk between the cars to the ocean side sidewalk then to a walk thru Lumus to a walk to the beach.  When you have to walk thru a sidewalk cafe you may get some cat calls or attention otherwise I've had no trouble.  Once was wearing a thong bikini- bigger than my usual G strings when I had to join heavy foot traffic thru a couple of sidewalk cafes and got some comments....but not negative.  One table of girls started singing "I'm too sexy for my shirt..." song while I walked past. One thing I like about the Congress Hotel is usually I'm in one of the buildings aside from the one with the lobby so I just go down the elevator which goes into a little vestibule then out to the sidewalk then across Ocean to the beach.  Also their room keys are small door key shaped electronic keys that you can attach to a wristband and walk around with that, easier than a card.Many times I'll take a pool towel around my waist to wear out to the street and to the beach.  Then when I get a chair I leave the towel there and walk around.  At these places you usually get a beach chair included so you can do that, or go to the beach hut of that hotel and ask the receptionist to stash your towel or cover until you return....a few bucks of tip will do the trick.  I've done that and even with some comment like "I won't want to wear anything more than this" they say  "yes sir It'll be here when you get back"
sockwaguy #203

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/04/2015 06:07:59Copy HTML

Thanks so much, guys (sailor250 and miamifred50). That was exactly the kind of information I was hoping for.
The Congress looks like a great hotel, but so does the Breakwater, which is pretty close. I may just have to wing it and see how things go. It may be possible for me to convince the manager to move me or upgrade me, or maybe I'll simply relocate to a new hotel if I feel deprived of the experience I'm looking for. Floorplan information isn't available online, as far as I can tell, and the photos I found don't show much. Either way, it's really good to know that crossing Ocean is unlikely to be a problem,
As for the National, I'm hopeful there are passageways from the second floor or basement that lead into the cabana/poolside wing, which does have at least one exit directly into the pool area. In any event, I'm happy to hear that there are some options for stashing my coverup somewhere on the beach, if I have to. I'll do a post to share what I discovered and experienced.
bmicro #204

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/04/2015 12:27:34Copy HTML

 The National is north of the end of Ocean Drive and is directly on the beach. You can walk out the back entrance (past the pool area) and be on the oceanwalk and the beach. Any hotel north of 15th street with an odd address or on Ocean south of fifth will have this same access. These hotels, however, tend to be the fancier and more expensive hotels. Many of the hotels require shirts and shorts in the lobby. If there is no alternative way to get out of the main building, you could get a lounge chair by the pool, stash your stuff, and then walk out the back to the beach.All hotels on Ocean Drive between 5th and 15th are on the other side of the street and, as described above, require walking across the street and through Lummus Park. There will not be any problem doing this in a g-string, nor will there be any problem walking along Ocean in a g, except for the fact that you will probably be the only male walking along the street so attired. I typically carry a small zipper container for keys, phone and money (the pouch for a laptop charger works great) and leave towel, shorts, etc on the beach when I take a long walk. I have never had a problem. The Columbus Day Regatta is a sailboat race on Biscayne Bay that attracts a large number of spectator boats in for a howling good time, frequently involving very brief or no swimwear. You will need a boat and some local knowledge to get to this event.
sailor250 #205

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:09/05/2015 01:48:20Copy HTML

 You could just call the hotels and say- I want to just walk out of my room in only a swimsuit and walk to the beach- do you have a way out of your hotel? Or does one of your buildings have direct access.  Stayed at the Congress several times and you can request one of the buildings with direct access to the street.  BTW there are hundreds of thong photos at their pool male and female you see on the web including bikini contest submission winners from Malibu Strings, ASS etc.  I've worn baggies and baggie strings at the pool many times.  Topless is common at the roof top pool.The Shelborn on 18th and Collins is now a Wyndham but used to be thongs all over- I think it still is- check out the latest Pitbull video shot at the pool there full of thong!
sockwaguy #206

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/14/2015 01:59:24Copy HTML

Well, I"m now in South Beach, 6 days into my 10 day trip.
The National Hotel turned out to be great lodging for minimal swimwear enthusiasts; it even has a lower level (lower lobby) entrance that leads directly to the pool and beach. The staff was super accommodating and seemed completely at ease. I wore g-strings pretty much all day, everyday, at the hotel and on the beach. I even wore a backless at the hotel pool one afternoon and evening. On the down side, I was there over Columbus Day weekend and can't say I saw any thongers at the hotel.
I'm now at the Breakwater Hotel (arrived today), where I took a room in the northern building so I'd have easy, discreet access to the street. Haven't had time to visit the pool yet, but it's a fairly small area and not nearly as impressive as the National's pools, 
Overall, I'm quite underwhelmed by the lack of thongers/stringers on the beach, but I'll provide my remarks in that regard in a separate thread. Thanks again to all the guys/girls who offered their advice. Cheers!
lindros #207

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/14/2015 01:47:12Copy HTML

Thanks for the detailed review. The more hotel reviews in Miami the better.

Did they repair the pool at the National? I read in September the infinity pool was closed.

Breakwater hotel has that pool with the glass edge, so people in the courtyard below will be highly entertained if you wear a baggy to that pool!
sockwaguy #208

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/15/2015 10:37:18Copy HTML

Yes, the infinity pool at the National looked fantastic; I swam there several days. However, on my final day they roped offer a small section of the tile decking and seemed to be doing some regrouting.
Re Breakwater's pool, I'm sitting there right now in a g-string. It's a Thursday nite and the club below (Ocean's Ten) is a bit quiet--unlike last weekend when it looked like the MTV Video Awards! Way too crazy for my tastes.
I hope to visit the Wyndham Shelborne tomorrow and wear a backless; we'll see how that goes. I've no idea what to expect in terms of the crowd.

lindros #209

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/15/2015 11:21:25Copy HTML

Please let us know how it goes at the shelbourne. If you read back a few years of posts that hotel was a favorite of Sailor250.
sockwaguy #210

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/19/2015 08:36:07Copy HTML

I ended up at the Shelborne last Saturday afternoon.  I really like the pool/beachside space, especially the high level diving platform, expansive grounds, split levels, outside bar, etc. They even have a juicer-bar in the front bistro, so you can get fresh juices for cocktails, martini's, etc., and carry them to the bar for a really superb, custom concoction. 

I wore a g-string all day there, and can’t say I received any clearly negative or disparaging attention. On the other hand, I was *definitely* pushing the envelope. Out of 60 or so people, I saw about 3 speedos (on men) and no thongs whatsoever. Female swimwear was fairly conservative also.

Lots of Europeans there, so the tolerance didn’t surprise me as much as the lack of minimal swimwear. The staff feels a bit corporate to me (it’s a Wyndham after all), and in fact, it felt a lot like L.A. None of the staff was unfriendly, and my bartender (Alejandro, if memory serves) was exceptionally cool. 

In general, the lack of thongs/g-strings and the presence of five or six families with tweens and younger kids left me with the sense this hotel is less than ideal for thongers on the average weekend. The notion of wearing a backless ora baggie on that Saturday was positively (in my mind) out of the question, given the presence of so many kids. 
Weekdays this hotel might be a really kewl spot for thongers. That’s probably a theory worth testing, since at various times the Shelbornehas hosted thong-oriented parties and fashion shows. 

As far as discreet accessibility to the pool, I guess I’d give that hotel a B+. The elevator bank in the main tower/building is situated far from the hotel’s front doors; i.e., a long corridor separates the elevators from the main (front)lobby, and the entrance to the pool/beach is adjacent to the elevators. Thus,I’d say thongers can pretty easily get by with wearing minimal swimwear inside the hotel, in the elevators, and while exiting to the pool/beach without cover-ups—with one proviso: there’s a small interior lounge/bar area tucked into a corner, not far from the main floor elevators and the doorways leading out to the pool/beach. So hotel-interior thongers have to take a short walk past that little lounge. (That’s a negative for some people, but others might find it a huge plus!) Having said all that, there may be other ways of accessing the pool area which I didn’t discover during my short visit.

The upper deck over looking the pool has doorways leading into the hotel’s buildings, but I found them locked.  Liningone side of the pool itself are cabana-like rooms (at least I think that’s what they are); I couldn’t tell if they were actual hotel rooms, or something else entirely. The pool area (like the other hotels in that area) has exits directly to the boardwalk/beach. If you’re looking for ideal, super-discrete pool-beach access, then the exterior cabana wing would be the place to lodge, assuming that’s possible.  The National has basically an identical setup, and I think numerous other hotels have layouts like this too. 

As a brief followup note re the Breakwater Hotel: the northern building will soon lose its discreet, direct-to-the-street access, via the small “lobby” area, unless I’m mistaken. That little lobby is being converted to a gelato shop, which I think means that if there’s any street access at all, it will be mean a jaunt into/through the gelato shop. That’s my overall impression; I could be wrong, and it may be too early to tell. The southern building (with the front desk & main lobby) has discreet *exits* to the street via a little alley, but none of those exits (as far as I could tell) had any key-card admission/entry.  Thus, if you’re relying on those doors, you’ll have to make your thong-g-string reentry into the hotel via the often bustling, rowdy street-front restaurants (Ocean’s Ten and Paparazzi). If you’re that bold, my hat’s off to you!  
sailor250 #211

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/22/2015 09:03:20Copy HTML

 I haven't been there during the day for a few years now and haven't stayed there for several years now but sorry to hear the now Wyndam Shelborne is more corporate- like I expected.  They've shot some music videos there in the last year with thongs but that's not the guests!   I can only remember the good times when there was a "nudie" deck in the back lawn as the pool boy called it where you could lay out nude.  I can only remember the roof top nude deck.  Then the vibe that was when the only five people including me at the pool were in thongs! Speaking of South Beach and walking into and out of hotels in thongs - I thought it would be cool to get some guys and girls together and do a little Faux Celeb act!  This would mean getting a couple of girls in thongs or g strings topless bonus if one looked anything like a current music celeb) then maybe three guys involved.  Have the girls strutting in from the beach in heels only wearing the thong with the guys dressed in black suits running beside them like body guards.  This would be a lot of fun to watch play out-  It wouldn't take 5 seconds for cell phone paparazzi to start following and less than 3 min and 100m to get a big crowd built up!  Set up a couple in the crowd to say  " didn't you hear her song yet?" and then see how fast the internet absorbs the spectacle! 
Baguio #212

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/25/2015 01:40:06Copy HTML

 Looking for a good hotel but all that are mentioned here have no rooms available on my dates in December. Booked at Bestwestern on the Bay for now unless someone can point me to something better. Paying 500$ for 2 nights for 3 ppl that includes airport and cruise shuttles and breakfasts. Ocean Surf looks cheeper in alot of ways. Any1 with any experience there?
lindros #213

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/25/2015 10:35:33Copy HTML

Ocean Surf appears to be a dump and they don't have a pool. Better off at Best Western Bay. I searched for hotels on the beach that had both an airport shuttle and a port shuttle but couldn't find any that had both. The Catalina on 18th & Collins has a free airport shuttle but none to cruise port.
lindros #214

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/31/2015 02:52:57Copy HTML

I'm in Miami for the week and will be trying out a different hotel every couple of days. First off was Miami beach resort on 48th and Collins, which is my old reliable. This hotel is very thong friendly. I always see st least a few ladies in thongs. Because I spent the day on south beache my g-trings were limited to night swimming here with no problems. The good thing with this hotel is the pool is heated very warm and it stays open until at least 10pm. The hotel also had a good price quality ratio. Tomorrow I check into hotel sofitel by the airport.
lindros #215

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/01/2015 03:38:20Copy HTML

This evening I checked into the Sofitel hotel near Miami airport. The Sofitel was mentioned in another thread/post by NudeNarizona as being a thong friendly hotel, and possibly even nude friendly based upon comments by a security guard his last stay. So I set out to see just how nude friendly it is.
So after checking in this evening I headed to the pool. There was nobody there until the exact moment I strip to my birthday suit. At that point an elderly guy steps onto the pool patio from the lounge area just as I was about to step into the pool. He sees me neekid and turns right around back into the hotel. The lower level of the hotel is all glass, so it was able to still see him. I then see him go up one of the workers wearing a suit and obviously says something to him. So I figured that would be the end of that in a hurry. However I kept swimming for an hour and no one from management or security came out to say anything which was a plus. In that hour there were a bunch of other people who came out to the pool deck to take a picture, smoke a cigarette, or to test the water. So other people saw me too. After taking a short break I went back in and out of the water several more times over the course of the evening with no issues or visits from management. The sofitel is a big hotel with a lot of people hanging out, or maybe its like that on Saturday nights. Night skinny dipping seems to be a possibility, but even then its not that comfortable of a setup, and I think the thong will be needed for daytime.
The good thing is the pool is open till 11pm but the bad part is the water is ice cold. Also keep in mind the hotel was rebranded so instead of sofitel, the hotel is now called Pullmon. However it is still owned by the same french-based parent group (Accor).
lindros #216

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/02/2015 09:42:01Copy HTML

The hotel was much more quiet Sunday night vs. Saturday night, so I was able to swim au naturele several times during the evening. The pool water is fairly chilly, like 72*, which is bizzare considering temperatures lately have averaged much higher. So no more than 20 minutes swimming at a time at night. I guess during the day the water might seem more refreshing.
Today (Monday) I'll be hanging out at the pool instead of the beach. Will report on how it goes.
sailor250 #217

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/02/2015 10:13:46Copy HTML

 The chilly hotel pool water could be from a chiller??  Some of the rooftop hotel pools on Southbeach are actually cooled with AC chiller water in the summer otherwise they get over 90 degrees up there.  But I don't know why a ground level pool would need that??  Is the pool a dark floor pool?  They may chill it in the summer and never turned it off?  I was talking to a friend in S Fla last night who has a pool in his back yard, blue bottom, sometimes shaded and he said his pool is 80 this weekend without the heater turned on !The acceptance of bare skin in Miami seems proportional to the degree of S. Americans or Europeans, because the US southerners from Georgia etc are not tolerant!
lindros #218

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/02/2015 10:22:54Copy HTML

Well today was checkout day at the Sofitel hotel (rebranded as Pullman). So while I had some success at night time skinny dipping, today I figured to try bathing au naturele during the day time. I started wearing a skinz roman black g-string and tanned on my back for about 45 minutes. There were three other people at the pool ... an elderly French couple and a younger athletic looking lady with tattoos all over. 
When it was time to flip over and tan my butt I slipped the g-string off and basically laid on my stomach nude. About 15 minutes later one of the managers came out and asked me to cover up and that they don't allow nude bathing. So the info from the other thread regarding what the security guard said is likely outdated.
So I slipped the g-string back on and didn't have any issues. In summary, the Sofitel/Pullman is g-string friendly but nude is out. The bartender came out later after hearing what happened and apologized and said he couldn't care less personally that I was nude (he goes to haulover himself), its just the hotels policy. One thing for sure nobody at the pool complained and there were no kids around, but the pool is highly visible from the lounge and restaraunt.
Interestingly, the clientele was totally different than your typical Miami beach hotel. Everyone was dressed up in suits and there were no screaming families. Clearly a business hotel, and as a result the swimwear of the guests at the pool was uber conservative. So in summary I see no reason to choose this hotel over ones closer to the beach where you're more likely to see others in thongs.
lindros #219

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/02/2015 11:43:19Copy HTML

Just as a follow-up to my last post, for those who are international travelers definitely be on the lookout for any of the hotels in the Accor parent group (Sofitel, Pullman, Mercure, Ibis, etc). After doing some simple google searches many of these hotels offer co-ed clothing optional (or even mandatory nude) swimming, bathing, sauna ... unfortunately not in Miami.
Baguio #220

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/07/2015 12:10:20Copy HTML

 Anyone know anything about the Castle Beach Apartments, right there at the Turkish Baths? Might have a line on getting a room there. but I need to know what it is like. Website looks pretty good, but leary of front desks that close so early (7pm). Would like some first hand experiences there. And what resturants are nearby, within walking distances? Thx
lindros #221

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/07/2015 12:36:42Copy HTML

I've stayed at the castle beach suites a couple of times. Didn't like it for a couple of reasons. One is they are strict about closing the pool at sunset and in the room the a/c vent blows the air right over the bed and there's no way to deflect the air so you get a draft when in bed. There are no restaurants nearby but there is a cafe within the Russian baths and there's a deli just down the hall from the baths. If you like pizza call up Venezias for delivery 305-868-2267.
Baguio #222

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:11/07/2015 02:47:49Copy HTML

 Thx Lindros, that explains why it is so cheep there.
sockwaguy #223

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/13/2015 02:29:03Copy HTML

RED SOUTH BEACH at 30th & Collins
I spent the past four nites there. Their pool area is fairly small, and unfortunately they close it after dark. 
I'd say the staff is totally fine with thong and g-string swimwear on the premises--which is no surprise. Since I really didn't spend much time at their little pool, I can't offer too much about how the other guests felt about my minimal swimwear. Reactions ran the gamut, and as usual, the least tolerant reactions came from the Americans. There were lots of Europeans at the hotel who seemed unfazed.
On this trip to SoBe, I brought my inline skates. At Red, I skated into and out of the hotel wearing my g-strings and thongs everyday. And of course, I'm skating on the Boardwalk (where wheels are permitted), which is proving to be a super-kewl past-time.
Now, I'm at the run-down little deco hotel in South Pointe called Century Hotel SoBe. I wanted to have the South Pointe experience without paying a premium, so I'm slumming it til Tuesday. Then I move up to North Beach, where I'll stay at Deauville, 

Baguio #224

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/09/2016 01:49:19Copy HTML

Heading back to South beach this summer. The National and Miami Beach still good places for thong friendly?What's the latest reports on any thong friendly place along the beach. I love choices.
Camloser #225

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/15/2016 08:01:34Copy HTML

 Going first time this summer. Looking for a hotel, ideally on beach/Collins. Want:

South Beach Central...Near Deco district. 5th...but am looking at National to north, (so I would go up to around 20th)
Thong friendly/tolerant (Don't need everyone in one, I often am lone guy in thong, but don't want to be told to cover up)
Pool & Jacuzzi Open late. Many of the hotels don't seem to have jacuzzi's...is that normal?

Don't mind paying for nice...
sailor250 #226

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:03/15/2016 12:12:54Copy HTML

 Recently tried the Bentley Hotel on Ocean at 5th, have rooftop pool and a small Jacuzzi avail at late hours.  This is not the "Bentley Hilton" near 1st St though you use their beach club for the beach chair service- it's a ten min walk down there, but they have food service etc, and saw many female thongs and TNT at their place, thongs no prob!Lots of places don't have hot tubs because it's usually too hot anyway.  Try the Congress Hotel at 10th and Ocean, roof top pool and bar, stayed many times with many adventures.  Thongs common at pool, have worn baggies with no prob
lindros #227

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/07/2016 12:19:03Copy HTML

OK had an interesting experience after checking into my hotel Saturday late afternoon after spending the day on the beach. I'm staying at the Collins motel on 66th & Collins which Sailor250 notes is thong friendly. So I go down to the pool where a mother was swimming with presumably her four daughters aged 12-16 roughly. They were speaking either Spanish or Italian. I noticed two other (rather large) unrelated women on their loung chairs and saw they were wearing thongs.
So I  walked into the pool wearing a g-string and all the girls started giggling/laughing. So OK they never saw a guy in a g-strings before, I get that. But here's what's interesting. The mom gets out of the pool and she's wearing a thong. Then the grandmother walks down to the pool area from her room and she's wearing a one piece thong. (meanwhile a few other unrelated people enter the pool area). Then the oldest daughter gets out of the pool and shes sporting a thong. Then the three youngest daughter's get out of the pool and one of them is wearing a thong.
So my first question is why all the giggling and laughter at my suit given that they clearly accept thong style swimwear? Second question, after I got out of the pool a couple of the unrelated people bursted out in laughter, why laugh at me and not the family of girls in thongs or the two other ladies with huge butts in thongs?
I just don't get the double standard.
mack_back #228

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/07/2016 02:06:30Copy HTML

Lindros your asking why the double standard you are convinced of it because of females giggling....? 
Don't be so sure. 
Don't know how you look in a thong but in many ways women and teens can't accept male in a thong as normal swimwear no matter your physique.
Everyone including yourself had gotten the grins, giggles being seen in skimpy swimwear to be sure, be it from both genders if you wear it often enough that is inevitable. 
It's all about how you handle it once the criticism or giggling response happens. Are you ashamed, embarrassed, shy, disappointed, nervous this all is observed by everyone once fingers are pointed towards your direction. 
In many ways giggles or grins being pointed out isn't a double standard of dislike or criticism of what you're wearing. In many cases it's news to many people seeing a rare male adorned in what is considered by society women sexy fashions (lingerie), a thong, g-string... 
We will never change social constructs, what is considered binary male and female clothing. People believe in black and white, like the logos on restroom doors male and female gender, pants for a man, skirt for a woman. 
So their is no double standard but we as males have to fit in a box what society deems what we guys need to wear. Deviating of that guideline wearing a thong for example to name only a few gender bias clothing only a woman should wear. 

You will be assured to get a response like you had Lindros and so have i and many here. Until we wear something more masculine in nature we as males will be smirked upon and laughed, giggled to no end. Until people begin to condition themselves seeing occurrences of male thongers then it only will help reduce the, hey look, he's wearing a girly thong OMG! giggles...

Do sympathize with your plight thinking they are wearing thongs  no reactions, then you come out of the water or myself sudden hilarious laughter. Been their myself in various conditions wearing running tights, skinny jeans, leggings, heel booties, thongs, bikini swimwear, short shorts, nude. Not a pleasant feeling to be sure and bitterness towards these people always grows secluding myself from social behaviour just in case, the next one... Often it can confuse us thinking their thonging it's not possible for any ridicule or mockery towards me... Often i look for people with a better understanding by clues like tattoo's, thongs, piercings, compressed clothing, skin colour or tanning ability, obesity more intune with freedom to wear without being judged...

Bet anything if you confronted the unrelated people in their thongs they would tell you why they laugh. One is they find it strange, odd seeing a male in what they believe is female swimwear even it's not true we all know the truth but they don't care or want to know any different. Sounds hypocritical for them to laugh out-loud wearing thongs themselves they don't believe it like we do. 
Just as females may laugh seeing me in female colourful crop yoga leggings and hot pink tank top. They too maybe wearing similar dark black styles themselves but find "me" in it just plain wrong! Laughing, uncontrollably  seeing me wear it. 
Secondly they believe you don't look good in it which makes them believe it's funnier on top of what i first mentioned, (unrelated strangers thinking you're delusional on how it appears as hot or sexy).  While those people didn't laugh upon the fat thonging older grandma and mom because for their gender and young children the thong is acceptable and rude to critique outloud, while not for any single solo male to wear something wrong because he deserves it.

Had that happen to me on nude beach and only solace to take is wait it out ignoring them and realize people surrounding me will feel pity on my situation. Either berate the group of strangers laughing with larger numbers making them feel unwelcome and wrong or bigot. 
Makes for unpleasant afternoon which could of been a fun enjoyable time for you at the pool. Goes to show you not every thonger is pleasant and understanding appreciating  male plight wearing thongs. 

For unrelated topic had a female friend who drools looking upon me trying to get my attention at work. She knows about my unique attire thonging no doubt. Working alongside my male counterparts the hottie female admirer sat down in her leggings back towards us guys. One colleague noticed her obvious whaletail red thong getting my attention to look. Soon as i noticed the other co-workers were trying to look also but i kept blocking their view purposely telling to look away from my friend protecting her virtue..Every co-worker knew it was no accident showing off the thong whaletail way to obvious but effective.. Yet i kept ignoring her at work while all my co-workers knew her attraction for me, telling them time and place for everything. Just imagined if i did the exact same situation showing my whale tail in tight jeans to my hottie co-worker friends that the reaction would be the same. Definitely laughter would be present while we as guys just grinned and smiled... While i just rolled my eyes thinking big deal she wears a thong i knew that long time before...

sailor250 #229

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/07/2016 11:57:59Copy HTML

 It is a double standard I suppose because they believe female is normal, male is- unusual.  That said (and I wasn't there) but they may have been having fun with you rather than being "repulsed" as some Americans would be , they thought it was funny.  Sometimes people find things funny when they're unusual and aren't really seeing them as negative.Another reason can be the G string effect.  As we've discussed before a thong bikini can be thought of as another style.  A G string is often seen as a "I'd rather be naked" suit- that could have been a reason they thought it was funny.That said there's another example of very high thong density at the pool in Miami Beach.  I had an experience maybe 10 years ago with 100 percent density when I was in a g string, two other women in thongs, one topless, and two other guys in thongs all at the same time.
clubthongs #230

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/08/2016 02:10:29Copy HTML

 Not South Beach but I have an upcoming business trip to Miami and I am wondering if men's g strings are acceptable at hotel pools near the airport? Specifically, I will be staying at the Marriott Courtyard Miami Airport. Thanks in advance for any information.
lindros #231

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/08/2016 06:23:58Copy HTML

Yeah, stay at the Pullman hotel next to the airport. They are a European-owned hotel. I tried going nude there last year based on a report from years ago when it was named Sofitel, however a manager asked me to cover but was fine with the g-string.
lindros #232

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/08/2016 06:29:56Copy HTML

Sailor250 ... that's a good point you raise ... that the laughing may not have been a negative thing or something they were repulsed by. On a follow-up I spent this morning at the same pool in a g-string and had no issues, and that family came down to the poolside to eat their breakfast together but they didn't stay for a swim. This time no giggling or reaction from them, but I did hear a loud "bueno" from one of the girls as they walked through the pool gate next to where I was laying out. Not sure if that bueno was for me or to her sister about something unrelated. Also had another family from Canada stop down at the pool around lunch and there was no reaction from them either. So all in all a better experience.
John Howard #233

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/08/2016 12:15:02Copy HTML

 I believe a loud "bueno" in this context  is short for "el esta bueno"which means "he looks good"....    

A compliment in my opinion.
sailor250 #234

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/08/2016 01:01:20Copy HTML

 As I said in another post in the "mid beach " section for Miami Beach  the Collins Hotel seems to meet the needs of thongers.  The rooms and the building are very plain but clean and fairly modern, and everything works. The beach at 66th st. isn't SouthBeach but found lots of thongs and south American tourists. The beach is far narrower.  They have their own gate controlled parking lot and when I stayed there parking was included with the room.  That makes getting in your rental car easy to drive up to Haulover or down to SouthBeach easy. There are two blocks near by with a few restaurants etc.For parking on southbeach I've found the municipal garage at Collins and 7th, the one with the plants growing on the sides of it, is a bargain.  $20 for 24hr is way less than $55 for valet at the hotels and many times they just take your car to the municipal garage, so you're paying for just their labor.
clubthongs #235

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/08/2016 11:47:17Copy HTML

 Thanks Lindros but since it is a business trip, I am limited to a Marriott or a Hyatt. I am hoping that one of my Skinz micro adjustable g strings will be acceptable at the Marriott Courtyard Airport Miami.
Martylouie #236

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/09/2016 12:14:50Copy HTML

 Hey Lindros, Since your gigglers all seem to be from the same group, perhaps they had a bet going on that they wouldn't see a male thonger at the pool and you caused somebody to lose.  Maybe Grandma had to put the one piece thong suit on because you showed up in a G.  So they weren't giggling at you, but because of you.  Greetings from Sunset BeachLester
lindros #237

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/09/2016 06:03:58Copy HTML

Hey Lester, yeah I guess in the end it was OK, and the giggling is certainly better than a sword-carrying paranoid redneck, LOL. BTW, I never did get to Bird Island last year when I moved back to Myrtle, and now I'm back in south Florida again.
Baguio #238

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/12/2016 12:28:33Copy HTML

 Ummm Headed to the area, end of July, Collins or National. Both sound great for thongers.
I just ignore ppl laughing, you dont know if its a joke one of them said or at you or something else. I am there to enjoy my time.
lindros #239

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/13/2016 12:07:49Copy HTML

I think you'd have more fun overall if you stayed in South Beach. So I'd stay at the National over Collins, the latter being located in the north part of "mid-beach". Also check out South Seas hotel & the Catalina. Both are across the street from each other on 18th & Collins, and both are thong/top-free friendly. The pool @ South Seas is open until midnight, however the Catalina is about 33% less price.
Baguio #240

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/14/2016 05:14:10Copy HTML

 Ok, thx. Catalina looks interesting. Reading reviews on both, appears South Seas is having issues lately, only 1 or 2 stars, so i would choose Catalina over SS. Whats the hours on the other pool, since rooftop closes at 7pm, and how T friendly is it with families? How friendly is Catalina about going from your room to either pool in just a thong?
So between Catalina and National, which is better for living in a thong 24/7?
BadonkadonkGirl #241

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/15/2016 12:45:47Copy HTML

My boyfriend and I stay at the Catalina every time we go to south beach.
The rooftop pool has never had any kids when we've been to here and
No one has any problem with me or any other women in thongs (and I wear
some tiny string thongs).  I have seen a girl or two walk right into the lobby
in just a thong bikini and sandals, but never men.  I have no idea how and man
in a thong would be received at the pool, but my guess is that he would be
met with quite a few gasps and shocked stares.  With that said, the pool is never
that crowded, and if you just laid out on a day bed, no one would bother you.
This is designed to be a hotel for young people/spring breakers, so just take
that into consideration.
lindros #242

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/15/2016 02:46:06Copy HTML

Baguio:  the Catalina is a party hotel and consists of three separate buildings. One of them has the ground-level bamboo pool, another has the rooftop pool. So it will depend which building you are in whether you can go from room to pool in a thong. The roof pool and bar are open to the public, so on weekends may draw a higher crowd. The roof pool is small and only like 3 feet deep, so it doesn't take a lot of people for it to feel crowded. Even though kids are not allowed at the rooftop pool, the last two times I crashed their pool inevitably one of the parents would bring their kid(s) there, but they were very quiet. The bamboo pool hardly gets any use and it also doesn't get any sunshine but it is much bigger. This time of year both pools are open until sunset (after 8pm). G-strings & thongs are no problem at either. They also have a sunning deck behind the rooftop pool where discreet nude bathing is *possible*. I went nude (stomach-down only) for about 30 minutes yesterday, and there have been a couple of tripadvisor reports indicating such possibility.

For example:

"I didn't have a chance to sit by the small pool on the roof but my wife spent an afternoon sitting out along with the nude german tourists which she said was very comical."

lindros #243

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/23/2016 02:47:22Copy HTML

Baguio ... Just a follow up from the Catalina hotel. I spent the last day and a half here and am currently typing this from their rooftop sunning deck.
After experiencing this hotel you may be better off at the national for two reasons. One is the roof pool at the Catalina doesn't open till noon surprisingly. A major drawback, IMO. Second reason is the clientele, which seems to be more urban America rather than sophisticated international tourists to put it in a politically correct manner.
G-strings are acceptable, however, it's just a matter of the company you feel more comfortable around. As an aside. I did sunbathe nude on the sunning deck this morning for 2.5 hours, both sides. After about an hour three maids and I guess the head of the cleaning staff (who barked out all the orders) stopped out at the sunning deck to straighten chairs and clean up. So they saw me but didn't say anything. Then about 90 minutes later a manager asked that I cover up but said g-strings are OK. I think someone other than staff complained cause there were others who saw me after the cleaning staff. However it at least reinforces that g-strings are fine.
Peck34 #244

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/26/2016 02:20:01Copy HTML

 I'm at Zocean now. Love it!
lindros #245

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/26/2016 06:18:24Copy HTML

Please let us know how it goes, including whether the hotel is still thong/topfree friendly.

I stayed at the Z-Ocean a couple years ago after the general manager emailed that nude bathing was OK (but had the right to ask me to cover if there were complaints). The security guard had a different impression and gave me a hassle. Then the night manager said it was OK and sent an email to all employees/security informing them as such, but then I get a letter from the general manager the next day saying it only pertained to topless. At least I got in 1.5 days of au naturale swimming/tanning.
Peck34 #246

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:05/26/2016 10:16:43Copy HTML

 It is thong friendly. Hung out at pool all day yesterday.  
lindros #247

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:10/10/2016 11:25:32Copy HTML

I stayed Sunday night & Monday at the Richmond hotel on 18th & Collins and really enjoyed the place. Although the rooms are small and don't have many standard amenities (fridge, coffee maker, etc...), what I enjoyed the most was the laid-back atmosphere. Had absolutely no issues wearing the g-string at the pool area today (too windy for the beach). Unlike other hotels there are no pool managers, towel attendants, security staff or drink servants walking by every five seconds like at other hotels, which I actually prefer. Better yet the hours for their pool and oversized hot tub are very generous 6:30am to midnight. In the evening I had the run of the place, so I went skinny dipping on three trips down (before the football game, at halftime and after the game). In the early morning when the pool re-opens it's still dark outside but now all the pool lights are off so it makes the skinny dipping a no brainer. Perhaps I got lucky since there weren't many people staying at the hotel (presumably due to the recent hurricane and the zika virus). However the hotel next door at the South Seas seemed to be pretty busy judging by the kids screaming in the pool. Out of the hotels in that immediate area that I've tried (National, Raleigh, South Seas, and Catalina) I prefer the Richmond the most for best thonging experience.
dagreat1_87 #248

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/07/2016 08:07:18Copy HTML

 whats everyones thoughts on the congress hotel? will be staying there at the end of january
sailor250 #249

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/07/2016 09:58:23Copy HTML

 Congress Hotel?  Have stayed there many times, most recently in April '16.  The pool is variably attended and more people seem to be there after dark now that the bar is settled in up there.  I've worn some small suits up there, shouldn't have any trouble with anything you wear out on the beach.  The doors were locked up after midnight so no late night swimming in the last few years.  See above posts for others opinions. Regarding the hotel itself, it's a group of buildings you have to walk on Ocean Drive between them, so going to the pool means going on the street.  The management lately has vastly improved....it's no more dysfunctional than any other Miami Beach hotel now.  The pool gets good sun in the morning-- I've been known to head up there before 10 am and found few people around have been able to wear baggies and B strings.
dagreat1_87 #250

Re:HOTELS in South Beach , Miami Beach, SOBE

Date Posted:12/09/2016 08:07:57Copy HTML

 thanks for the feedback sailor250. my wife just wants to test her comfortableness in a thong at the pool first before the beach. still wanted to be sure we were somewhere thong friendly 
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