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Date Posted:11/05/2018 07:28:47Copy HTML

I started this process with selective shaving, just to neating things up.  Then I did a full waxing...several times now, each about 3-4 weeks apart.  Love the feel, but the job never really resulted in the expected long-term removal, and I still got a ton of break-offs.  I had regrowth in a week,and sure it's finer, but the time I had as really smooth was entirely too short for the troublel gone through.

The big problem, ingrowns.  Big time.  Real problem, it totally destroys the look.  I tried pulling them out, then after reading up, just lifted them out, but then they're long and ugly.

Research showed me that waxing is actually one of the worst methods for ingrowns, so, I gave up on waxing and went back to shaving with a Bodygroom.  However, I find to keep up I have to shave as often as twice a day.  I get fewer ingrowns than with waxing, but they're still a problem, the big one to solve.  I don't mind shaving that often, but having to go and dig out ingrowns is sometihng I really want to avoid.  Some are invisible, some cause huge bumps, and It's just not working for the look at all.  I've used Tendskin and a hydrocordizone bikini wax cream, the Tendskin after shaving seems to help, but only a tiny bit.

So...to those that have mastered this...what the heck do I do?   How on earth to the porn stars keep it so perfect? 

Beached_Santa_Cruz #1

Re:Hair removal - fail and frustration - help?

Date Posted:11/06/2018 03:10:22Copy HTML

I bought a Silk'n Bella Flash from Costco a few years ago. I've used it about 10 times. I will use it again this winter after my tan fades because it works best on light skin. I used to shave every other day. I'm a cyclist as well as a swimmer and have been shaving my legs and pubic area for about 28 years. After using the Bella Flash now I go without shaving for 4 or 5 days. It grows back much thinner and lighter. https://www.costco.ca/Silk%E2%80%99n-BellaFlash-Pro-Hair-Removal-System.product.100325753.html
tiggerix #2

Re:Hair removal - fail and frustration - help?

Date Posted:11/07/2018 11:34:23Copy HTML

I think some ingrown hairs can be avoided by exfoliating - something you can do in the shower with a loofah either natural or synthetic. There is some concern that these harbour bacteria, but I have never found that - just make sure they are well washed and rinsed after use. Anyway, a good scrub (not too vigorous) on a regular basis can help keep the skin free of ingrowns. The trick for me is to be consistent after hair removal and if I do that, I reduce the problem. It also seems to work on ones that I would be tempted to pick at - a few days of gentle scrubbing seems to work. A little pain is ok, redness isn't.
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