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Date Posted:08/15/2003 12:57:20Copy HTML

Folklore has it that Halloween eve is the one night of the year that lost souls walk the earth freely. The one night of the year that crazy people like me walk the earth undressed and find a little mischief.

Before I was married I lived in an apartment building that was in the suburbs of Boston. One summer I became friends with a group people at the apartment pool. They were aware of my preference for small swimwear because I had worn a Parr string bikini every time I went out to swim and sun. With this in mind they invited me to go to an open house Halloween party that would be held at a private home in neighboring town. Implicit in the invitation was the assumption that I would use my bikini in a costume. To spur me on they mentioned that another of their friends was going to dress as Dr. Frank-N-Futer from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Upon hearing that I vowed I would make his costume look like it came from Brooks Brothers. On the night of the party I stripped naked and covered myself from head to toe with green body paint. Then I applied theatrical make-up to blacken and reshape my eyes and lips and glued pointed tips to my ears. I also added some marks and scares to my body with some additional make-up and vinyl attachments. My model for my facial design was the vampire from Stephen King's teleplay. The major difference was that Stephen King's ?arlow?was fully clothed while my ?arlow?would wear only a g-string with green and gold sparkles glued to it, a pair of sandals and a short cape that would just cover my butt.

I dressed in a pair of old jeans and a shirt, and met my friends for the drive to the party. I knew that my face make-up was really effective when I scared the dickens out of a couple of trick-or-treaters on my elevator ride down to the parking lot.

We arrived early, and I slipped off my clothes in the car and put them in the trunk. I did want to chance chickening out and becoming too timid to remove them later. Then I walked up to the house to meet the owner. He loved my costume and thanked me for coming. "You would have won a prize at a bar with your make-up, and it's great that you are wearing something here that you can't wear on the street."

Another early guest, an older woman, could not take her eyes off of me. I walked over and sat on the arm of her chair while she complemented me on my costume and commented about how much she enjoyed seeing a naked man. The role reverse of having woman ogle at me because I was almost nude rather than the other way around was an interesting experience.

Once the party started things really happened fast. The house was unique. It was built into the side of a hill with sliding glass doors that formed a courtyard with three quarters of a rectangle. The rectangle faced away from the street and into the woods, which met that the courtyard was private and the party sounds were shielded from the neighbors. The owner shut off the heat and opened all the doors so that the air could circulate freely though out the rooms. The only heat source was a fireplace, and it was unusually chilly for Halloween.

As promised Dr. Frank-N-Futer was there, he and I were the barest people in the room. There was not even the usual cat woman in a leotard. Despite the fact that I was virtually nude, I barely felt the cold. I danced and flirted with the ladies, and they fed me drinks, which only lowered my inhibitions. They spread the news that there was, 'a naked man over there', and many ladies came over for a closer look. All though the evening ladies would come up behind me, lift my cape, and make comments like "He really doesn't have anything on! Wow, he really IS naked!" or  "Nice butt!"

The only shock I had that evening came when I had to go to the loo. At one end of the bathroom there was a full-length mirror. Since I only had a medicine cabinet and bureau mirrors in my apartment I had never seen a full-length image of myself. Two things struck me. First my make-up was so good that I could hardly recognize myself. In fact I don't think that I would ever get it that perfect again. Second I could not believe how little I was wearing. I knew that my g-string, which only the tiny front section of a Parr string bikini was small, but the size was really daring. I had never worn a suit without a back up that point, but now here I was nothing to cover my butt and only tiny pouch in front. This brief attack of modesty was replaced by the realization that the party had been going for a couple of hours. At this point getting dressed would not do me any good. Everybody had seen me and a couple of people had snapped my picture, so at this point it only made sense to go out and have fun.

Around midnight the owner's daughter came home from another party. She spotted me and came running over to get a closer look. She told me that she belonged to Mensa, which is a group for people with very high IQ, and that she had just come home from the local chapter? Halloween party.  "You are almost an exhibitionist!" she exclaimed. "If I had seen you earlier I would have taken you along as my date. Mensa people always like to meet someone who is really daring and inventive." My mind played a fantasy of what might have happened. Leaving with a strange woman for an undisclosed location to attend a party full of total strangers while I was almost naked and miles away from my clothes!! Perhaps some fantasies are best left at that.

The party lasted until the wee hours, and I did not get home until around 3 o'clock. By then I was so tired that I only had the energy to shower off a layer of body paint and go to bed. Overall it had been a remarkable evening.

How many other members have done something wild and crazy Halloween. Share your experiences with us.
tdelgado #1

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:08/15/2003 02:37:34Copy HTML

Great story Beachlover! I really enjoyed reading it! I have never done something so daring but I love to read of people who do it.


Mauricio Delgado

tbacktom #2

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:08/18/2003 04:59:58Copy HTML

I wear the same costume every year.  I go as a "Flasher."  I put on a thong and wear a full length raincoat over it.  Just like the stereotypical flasher.   Without fail, people (mostly women) ask me to flash them all night.  I throw open my raincoat and show them what's underneath - a brightly colored thong.  I'm usually somewhat aroused from the excitement.  Later, in the evening, I usually end up taking off the raincoat.  A couple of years, caught up in the celebration and dared by friends, I took off the thong and left on the raincoat - people who asked me to flash them got the Full Monty!


PeteSmith2003 #3

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:09/10/2003 11:46:10Copy HTML

>Folklore has it that Halloween eve is the one night of the year that lost souls
>walk the earth freely. For some people it's the one night of the year that crazy
>people like me walk the earth undressed and find a little mischief.

Or it's just a good excuse to party and (without hurting others) be a little more
outrageous than the other 364. The most daring costumes I ever wore on hallowe'en
were, in ascending order of decadence:

1) A skeleton. It was a full body catsuit, totally black, with pieces of white
cloth quik-sewed on (the cloth glue) in the shape of bones, with a mask on top.
Under the catsuit, one could *just* make out the outline of a thong if I bent
down or leaned forward in a chair.

2) A witch doctor/African warrior. With a cheap plastic spear, a painted plastic
mask and "wooden" shield, plus a thong brief under a loincloth of animal-print
fabric and body paint, it was also the coldest costume I ever wore. The big
pain was I was in a semi-conservative town and idiots who kept flipping up the
loincloth for a peek.

3) A leopard. I made a mask (a piece of leopardskin print fabric over one of
those cheap plastic and elastic masks) and a see-through leopardskin catsuit,
with a tiny black print thong underneath. I wore this to a gay party and it
was an incredible hit, women and men (str/gay/bi/lesbian alike) all touching
me and the fabric (the material was a strange stretchy felt-lycra). It was
loads of fun to wear and I got more date offers in one night than I've ever
had in a year. ^_^

Pete Smith
Beachlover492000 #4

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:09/11/2003 12:02:35Copy HTML

The big pain was I was in a semi-conservative town and idiots who kept flipping up the loincloth for a peek.

Flipping up the loincloth just comes with the territory. How many guys, now matter what their age look forward to seeing a cheerleader's skirt fly up? I've learned that a lot of womean have the same interests in men when the opportunity arrises.

JM_Runs #5

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:09/11/2003 01:14:35Copy HTML

I wanted to go to a dress up party. The people holding the party are very serious about dress up. I had received explicit directions that my costume must be medieval. The hosts were rich, cool folks who lived on Key Biscayne, and I wanted to make a good impression.

Fearing that my feeble attempts at a costume would be frowned on I decided to rent a costume from a local store. The store was a cross between a goth, bondage and gay store. Each Halloween it opened up a costume section and did a roaring business. The day of halloween Saturday, two hours before the party is a bad time to be trying to rent a costume. Not much choice left.

The helpful store clerk suggested I take one of the dragon costumes. Dragons, St George is depicted fighting a dragon, wasn? he medieval ? There were two dragon costumes. One where you were the dragon and one where the dragon just wrapped around you like a stuffed snake. The tail started at the foot of one leg, wound up the leg, over the crotch, around the body and reappeared as a second head besides your own. The dragon was white to silver color and I thought it really needed some under garment like a black leotard to make it work well. The other was also elaborate but you were the dragon, webbed feet, wings huge mask and all.

Because the costumes were very elaborate the rental was lot more money than normal. But the hour was ticking on so I managed to persuade the sales man that I was the last customer for the day and if he did not rent it they would get no money. So I got a dragon for the night cheep. Quick test to see that it was my size, ran home, took shower, put on dragon and with head under may arm ran out to the car and set off for the party.

I had been warned that the several layers of thick costume, suede leather wings and huge rubber head were hot to wear. Since this was Florida and it was still hot in the evening I had the air on in the car. It was a very long drive and about half way to the party I noticed that my crotch felt cool.

A quick investigation showed I had overlooked something. When trying on the costume I had missed the fact that in the loose folds of the dragon legs, the crotch had been cut out !

Because of the heat, all I had on under the dragon was a small black thong. I could continue or turn around, drive home and put something on under neath. I was already running late and this would have added more than another hour.

So the dragon went to the party hoping that the loose folds of the black legs would hide the missing crotch. I did not realize that rasing the wings, as dragons are want to do, pulled on the leggings and exposed the rear.

It quicky attracted the attention and caused much amusement to some females behind me. They approached the host to have her tell me. My kind and considerate host decided it was much too entertaining to tell me, and swore every one to secret. Stuck inside my dragon? head I had a limited field of view and did not find out until the party was mostly over.

The photos later showed a daunting dragon but with a shinny but poking out with nothing on but a thong.

gstring1 #6

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/17/2003 01:03:05Copy HTML

I live on a small sail boat that I cruise all over in.  Last year I was anchored in Key West for halloween.  I met some friends that knew some people that were having a big halloween party.  We met a guy that happened to be a body painting artest.  I was invited to go to the party with another girl from another sail boat in the harbor.  He suggested that we go as adam and eve.  We were to go over to his house late that affternoon to be paintted naked.  For me this meant a single fig leaf.  This guy painted a perfect fig leaf on me and 3 fig leafs and some vines and ivey on the girl I was to go with.  Since I was anchored in the harbor and I knew i would get wet kaykaeing into the dinky dock all I had worn was a pair of  short skintight cut off levi 501's.  The party was several blocks away so it was decided we would go in the arttest jeep so we would not have to walk nake to the party. Any way me cutoffs got left behind.  This was a hugh party in a small key west sytle buglowe house.  Got lots of complimets on my custome which was only paint on my dick in the form of a fig leaf.  At 4:00Am i was pleaty drunk and ready to go bact to my boat but the guy that took us was no where to be found.  So my date had to walk back to the dighy dock as is.  Thank goodness for the clouk  of darkness.  This ws a long two mile walk. 
JM_Runs #7

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/25/2005 07:36:31Copy HTML

With Halloween less than a week away, I was wondering if people in this forum dress up, and if you use a thong somehow in your costume? I have always wanted to wear a thong as part of a Halloween costume, but don't really have the guts or can't think of a good costume that could involve me in a thong. Any personal experiences? Thoughts?
showoffmark #8

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/25/2005 09:07:41Copy HTML

A couple of years ago I was invited at the last minute to a big halloween party. I didn't have a costume so I borrowed leather gear from a friend. Hat, vest, harness, (i had boots) chaps, and a leather thong with a studded cod piece. For a "mask" I wore mirrored aviator glasses. What a great time! This was  in Chicago with a very mixed crowd. Guys admired my nerve and women brought their girlfriends over and asked me to turn around for them. A bit older now and it's easier to be a leather "Daddy" . That was the start of a beautiful relationship with leather gear.   
tigerthong #9

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/25/2005 07:43:29Copy HTML

I haven't done this, but I was thinking you could dress up as Tarzan. I have seen your pics. I think you could definitely pull it off. Add a small leather loin cloth patch.

Or if you are into humor you could wear a thong under a trench coat and go as a flasher.

Just ideas.  Hope you have fun.

Beachlover492000 #10

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/26/2005 12:20:57Copy HTML

 I've worn g-strings or loincloths to Halloween Parties many times. It actually takes more guts to wear a g-string to a party than wear one on the beach because everyone at the party is usually fully clothed. Being the only "naked person" is both exciting and scary, and I really enjoy it. I have posted my experiences here a couple of times.

I've worn two types of g-string costumes to parties. The first was as a space alien. I covered by body from head to toe with green make-up and and dressed only in a g-string and short cape that just covered my butt. I had women lifting he cape to see what was under it, and they were not disappointed. For the second I covered my body with red make-up and dressed as a g-string clad devil.

Here is a link within the Thong Wears board about my experiecnes as THE DEVIL


Jazz Skirt #11

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/27/2005 10:22:48Copy HTML

My wife and I always look for "adult" Halloween parties, and we dress down for the occasion.  Personally, I wouldn't dream of going to these parties with my butt hidden!  And a lot of people take a lot of pictures, as though no one had ever seen a naked butt before!  This year we'll attend a ball and I expect it to draw many "scantily dressed" folks, since it's being billed as an "exotic erotic" adult party.  This is what adults do at adult parties.  And my wife takes her digital camera, because she has a thing for butts and she plans on snapping a lot of pix of them!  We'll both wear g-strings, of course.

This year we'll find these adult parties Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights.  We'll be tuckered out and flashed out by Tuesday, having been the object of probably hundreds of snapshots all weekend.  And if we run into anyone we know, we won't worry about what they see because they'll be there to show off, too.

JM_Runs #12

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/29/2005 08:22:42Copy HTML

Well - looks like I'm going to slightly chicken out. I'm going to a party in Orlando in a roman tunic (basically a Toga). I was going to wear just a thong underneath, but my situation has changed. I'm going now with some coworkers (some I hardly know), and considering the nature of my job - that I work for a branch of the government that, lets say, has some rather archaic rules regarding sexuality (in my case, the appearance of homosexuality, even though I'm not). I've decided not to risk it, and put on a pair of boxers (over my thong of course). We'll see next year if my situation is different (ie, if I'm not going with coworkers).
don85259 #13

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/30/2005 12:02:14Copy HTML

Last year, I went as a Roman gladiator, with a rather short red skirt and only a red leather thong underneath.  I was definitely one of the more skimpily dressed people at the party, and several ladies (and one man) were more than just curious as to what I was wearing underneath the skirt, actually lifting it up at various times to see. 

Here's a pic (mods - this is a very innocent photo - nothing indecent) of my outfit last year:


This year (last night, in fact), I went as a Egyptian pharaoh, again wearing a scandilously short white, almost see-through skirt with a black thong underneath, and yes, I was quite popular.  This is definitely a lot of fun if you've never done it before, and I'll be wearing it to the office Halloween party tomorrow (Monday).  I'll have those pics up later. 



thonglover2005 #14

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/30/2005 11:28:04Copy HTML

Went as a biker with a teist. I had on all the garb that a biker would wear, but chaps with only a thong on under them. Got lots of remarks and quite a few compliments.

My backup idea was either Bin Laudin or a pregnant Nun.

othellomn #15

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/30/2005 07:12:01Copy HTML

I went to a late night halloween party in a art studio.  I was alittle nervous.  See I told everyone for month before I was going to the party dressed as ADAM(and eve).  My outfit was a international-male swimsuit g-string with the thin Y-back, and two leaves, one in front and one in back.  This party s a huge production $20 at the door and a couple hundred people. 

I was nervous approaching the front door in next to nothing.  But, the minute i hit the door i knew it would be alright.  he host greeted us at the door.  Due to my outfit being so outragous we didn't have to pay a cover charge.   My girl got off on the experince more then I did.  Every women at the party had thier eyes glued on me.  I felt like a celebrity.  Guys were commenting that i have to be the bravest man in the world and women wanted thier pictures taken with me l night.  I can't believe the positive feedback I got alnight long.  I ran into one of my guy friends that was kind of freaked out, in a fun way.. trust me more people need to take it off!!!!

sailor250 #16

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/01/2005 07:28:13Copy HTML

I saw Paris Hilton had a costume with an exposed white g string at the Hefner's Halloween party the other night.
Jazz Skirt #17

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/04/2005 07:42:58Copy HTML

Roman Gladiator, I'm surprised your party hosts let you in with a "weapon"!  I've carried even rubber knives and plastic swords in years past, only to have them confiscated at the door.  Oh, you bet they were glad to have my bare butt at the party, but no weapons of any sort!
cottong #18

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:12/08/2005 09:34:22Copy HTML

We don't celebrate Halloween here in Australia, but last new years my friends threw a "power gay" party: dress as something which is more powerful than gay. (Don't worry, it's quite hard to explain precisely but it was not offensive and there are actually several gay members in our group) My girlfriend and I turned up as superheros (ala the Incredibles) and we each wore thongs on the outside of our clothes, and we had matching logos on our shirts.
And in fact that spurred a few other people to do likewise (ie people who came without a costume) and there was another thong wearer there too!
Invisible T #19

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:01/04/2006 06:01:44Copy HTML

For Halloween 06, I'm planning on being a skeleton. I want to order a black spandex full bodysuit with the bones sewn on in white spandex from spandexwear.com. When it's time to dress up and go out, I'm going to wear a regular thong underneath my bodysuit so if anyone looks close enough they can see my thong outline. I'm really excited to wear a skin tight spandex full bodysuit out in public for the spirit of Halloween.

JM_Runs #20

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/28/2006 08:34:30Copy HTML

 I spent last night in Downtown Orlando on Church St and Wall St - all I can say is wow. There were skirts/thongs everywhere, and most girls were not afraid to show them off a little. I saw one girl that had on a skimpy Indian outfit that was a leather thong bikini with a 3/4 coverage flap on the back! I also saw one dude that was wearing only a stars & stripes thong with a funky wig.

I myself was dressed up in a sort of caveman outfit - and I had on a prevail sport sheer micro-thong underneath (tarzan style of course). I ordered the caveman costume online, and when it arrived, it was literally a gown on me. I'm only 5'9" tall - so I had to pull the sides in and cut over a foot off the bottom. The edge had triangles cut out to give that caveman look - and I made sure to mimic them again when I cut the new bottom. The skirt fell to just above my knees, but the triangles were 6" deep so the top cuts were to about mid-thigh. If I tried to touch my toes, you could definetly see my thong. It was a little cold last night (low 60's) and breezy! I have to say that I am now incredibly jealous of women. I've said it before that I'm not a cross-dresser...however, if American society were to ever allow men in skirts, I'd do it. The breeze made it feel like I was standing in just my thong!
Cheekpeeker #21

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/10/2006 04:32:06Copy HTML

One Halloween night years ago I bent coat hangers into a cube and wrapped very thin plastic around it and hung it over my head and below wearing ONLY a black trenchcoat. (at a packed nightclub in Denve)r. Those ( many) that were curious and bit the bait asked..........What are you supposed to be?.... My answer... A  flashcube!....with the appropriate action... I had no idea so many women (and men) would ask me to "take their picture". I got best costume. Great memory. Very exciting for all.

Some random ideas off the top of my head...

Hows about paint youself green, wear a teeny g string and be a string bean? Or ...carry a can of Cheeze whiz, wear your fav g string and go as .......G Whiz.. make sure you give em a squirt. Get a bottle of blow bubbles, wear your g string and  be Tiny Bubbles....or....wear a very short "medical uniform with g string holding some sort of spit bowl (dentist) and be ...dental floss.          KIng thong...Human tripod...crackhead...

Any thoughts.... this might be fun.


Beachlover492000 #22

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/10/2006 11:17:34Copy HTML

When I was single and living in an apartment, some of my apartment friends invited me to a Halloween party that was to be held at house several towns over from where I lived. My friends had seen me at the apartment pool and knew about my fetish for sexy swimwear. They told me that it would be neat if I could incorporate one of my string bikini swimsuits into my costume. I decided that if I had the courage it would be fun to surprise them as well.

On the night of the party I stripped naked and covered my body from head to toe in green make-up. Then using some greasepaint and latex I made up my face and body with scares and marks that made me look like a monster. Then it was time to put on my costume, which consisted of a g-string with green and gold sparkles and a short cape that barely covered my bare butt. I did put on some clothes to drive to the party with my friends since I didn't want to be busted before I arrived. I knew that my face make-up was pretty good when I scared a couple of trick 'n treaters on the elevator on my way to apartment parking lot.

When I got to the house I discovered that it was a unique structure in the shape of a U that was built into the side of a hill. The rooms encircled an open air courtyard that faced a woods. The party was going to be held in the rooms and on the courtyard with sliders open. It was chilly that night, and the only source of heat was a fireplace, Everyone was wearing costumes that took that into account. I immediately saw that I would not only be the barest person there, but also the coldest. Still I had been planning this moment for a couple of weeks, and I didn't want to chicken out and regret it later. I put my mind on autopilot; I stepped into a bedroom; removed my clothes; tied on my cape and walked into the main room.

The reaction was great! The host commented that I had probably given up a chance to win a prize at a bar if I wasn't arrested first, and the ladies were totally fascinated by costume. I spent the evening dancing and flirting and came home with several phone numbers. All though the night women would come up behind me and lift my cape. Quite often I heard, "He really IS naked," and "Oh my God!" In fact I had so much fun that I never felt the cold.

Part way through the evening I saw myself in a full length mirror. It was tuly amazing, but I could hardly recognize myself under all of the body paint and make-up. It was definitely a situation where the muse had been guiding me in my preprarations.

At the end of the night the host's daughter came home from a party that had been held by Menza, which is an organization for people with high IQs. "My friends would have loved your costume," she told me. "I'm sorry that I didn't see you at the beginning of the night. I would have taken you with me."

My mind started racing about how it would have been if I had gone with her. Imagine going on an impromptu date, almost naked with a women I had not met before. Still some fantasies are best left at that I suppose.

ithongit #23

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/11/2006 02:22:58Copy HTML

Sorry -- this reply is a little late, but there may be other oportunities for costumes before next Halloween.

My BF/Husband went to a street party about 5 years ago as a roman gladiator with leather harness and leather thong, and those leather sandles that strap up the legs to the knees.   At some point in the night he "lost" the thong.  Randy has gone as a Tarzan with a (fake) leopord skin thong..

Last year (2005) he and my sister went as Adam & Eve.  This was a private party with a very restricted guest list who had all been around when we skinny dipped and layed out in the buff before.  I expected thongs, but they decided for the pre-apple look instead going totally nude.  Nikki as Eve wore only a rubber snake.   After "Adam" amd "Eve" went apple bobbing, they "saw the light" and put on previously prepared leaf covered thongs and spent the rest of the evening covered.

Randy sometimes dresses up as a Natrive American for "historical re-enactments" in the area.  He has chaps, vests, pants, shoes, etc.  If it is really hot, he leaves most of the costume at home and wears just a fringed leather thong and a bit of "war paint".  The big shows locally are the New Boston one near Springfield Ohio each fall, and the Ceaser's Creek Pioneer Village one earlier in the summer.  Most of the "players" dress up as pioneers, but "Friendly Indians" are also welcomed.  They get into character, barter for goods with each other, show off their skills (Randy can shoot a bow and arrow) and basically put on an un-planned, un-correographed performance for those who show up.  There are always a few musicians around playing surprisingly well.  Randy can pull the look off since he always has a dark tan, has long straight black hair, and has inherited some looks from ancestors who actually were American Indians

Another non-halloween costume involving thongs was when Nikki and I were going to be on a float one year in Xenia Ohio's "Old Fashion Days" when they had the theme "75 years of sports in  Xenia" or something like that.  We found an ancient women's wool swimsuit -- the type that covers you from neck to thighs and is not flattering at all,  which fit me and she was going to wear one of her thong bikinis and go topfree.  We checked with the sheriff and Xenia police and they both said they couldn't stop her if she chose to dress this way, since it would not break any laws.  The parade leadership was a little un-easy about what we were going to do, but agreed as long as Nikki didn't go topfree as she had planned and wore a conservative thong on the float instead of the swimsuit she originally chose that was more of a g-string.  We made up a sign that said "70 years of swimming in Ceaser's Creek".  Unfortunately, a tornado went though about a week before the parade, damaging parts of the fair grounds and killing a person there, and the parade and festivities were canceled that year.  The next year, they were not too happy about Nikki being on a float in a bikini.  They said it was because the old and new swimsuits did not tie into the theme, but I will always suspect that the parade management may not have wanted to deal with thongs and g-strings after all, so we never got to do it.

I have seen men at the  Dayton Ohio  Oregon District Halloween party who went as male strippers -- sporting only thongs and a few dollar bills through their waist band.  I think they never ran out of money for beers and drinks since people kept stuffing more into their suits all the time.  I have also seen the  flasher with thong and overcoat costume.  If it's warm, there usually is a group of young women who go as Bikini Models wearing little else but bikinis -- some wear thongs or g-strings, but it has been cool and rainy the last few years.  They had some pictures from the Oregon thing at one of the bars last year and a man and women went as extreme teen dressers --  The man had baggy pants with the waist below the knees and boxer shorts while the woman had low-rise jeans low enough they showed off her entire thong undies -- front and back.  Another man went that year as Michaelangelo's "David" statue -- covered in white makeup and a fig-leaf thong.


sailor250 #24

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:12/03/2006 05:57:45Copy HTML

Costume for a pumpkin...thong tanline!



sebastianspencer #25

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:12/22/2006 04:07:57Copy HTML

This is a late addition to this topic, but as above, maybe someone can do it in the future.

Go as a baseball player.  Wear a skintight uniform in a light color with a darker-colored thong underneath.

NoVAThonger #26

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:09/21/2008 09:27:30Copy HTML

 Any early costume plans for this coming Halloween?
JM_Runs #27

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:09/26/2009 09:50:15Copy HTML

My wife this year is planning on going as lady Godiva and only wearing a wig and glue spray 
JM_Runs #28

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/27/2009 11:30:13Copy HTML

Bare minimum Halloween costumes for ballsy men.  With pictures.
Some are some fun thongs.

modelnude4u #29

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/29/2009 12:52:32Copy HTML

 Some good stuff there, I like the pizza box.
leo40 #30

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/31/2009 12:26:08Copy HTML

I'm on my way now to a nudist club Halloween party where such costumes prevail.  Lots of fun, and at a nudist club your picture doesn't go anywhere without your permission.  Any aanr affiliated club will see to proper photograph regulation.
JM_Runs #31

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/01/2009 12:37:38Copy HTML

Some good ideas here.  My wife and I go to a nudist club for Halloween - we enjoy it and there are some creative costumes there too - but we typically have gone as the adam & eve pair, using painted on leaves  - I did like the pumkin picture in this though, we may give that a try this year.  We always have so much fun at these parties but the paint on our bodies is always gone by midnight - and everyone else is generally completely nude by then too
smoothtantush #32

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:03/22/2010 03:49:47Copy HTML

This past halloween, I visited the Halloween Carnival in West Hollywood, CA. I strolled Santa Monica Boulevard, from Doheny to La Cienega for 4 hours wearing a Koala Adrenaline Rush teardrop g-string and a smile. It was am amazing evening!
abczyxabczyx #33

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:03/26/2010 11:50:26Copy HTML

 I was there in a yellow skinzwear gstring and it was fun.
smoothtantush #34

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:03/31/2010 05:30:20Copy HTML

yeah abc?
sorry i missed you!
abczyxabczyx #35

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:04/04/2010 04:11:17Copy HTML

You should go to flickr.com and type West hollywood Halloween Carnival.  You will see that there are many people in g-strings and thongs.  There some topless women also.
smoothtantush #36

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:04/06/2010 01:14:17Copy HTML

i know!! a lot of the pics are of me!
DavyJ #37

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:06/14/2011 12:40:18Copy HTML

Wow, these all sound like great ideas.  My most daring costume is a "court jester" outfit which is basically just a tunic and crazy hat designed to be worn over jeans or whatever.  My "whatever" usually consists of just my underwear, which is fine at the start, but if there is dancing or any other activity, the tunic is nowhere near long enough to keep me covered.  I haven't had the guts to wear thong underwear yet.  

My other idea which I am considering for this year is to get a ballerina's tutu, which is way too short to cover up anything and then get creative with the undergarments.
rock1212 #38

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:09/21/2011 11:43:58Copy HTML

Beachlover, wearing nothing but body paint, a cape, sandals and a g-string at a halloween party must have been the ultimate rush! I know I'd have been feeling on top of the world! When you were slipping into the g-string, did you worry about the body paint messing up the g-string, or did it not matter?

Have you ever worn that costume at another halloween party? 
Beachlover492000 #39

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/27/2011 02:21:50Copy HTML

Actually I did wear it again and had some more fun, but that was years ago.

Last year I went as "Borat" wearing the over the shoulder green sling that Sasha Cohen wore for a brief time in the film. I had a pareo as a cover-up, but I was getting requests from the women half my age or less all night long to take it off for pictures. It was a blast!
Makyccs #40

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/14/2012 11:49:44Copy HTML

Hey guys Halloween is coming any ideas of costumes or outfits that show off the thong we love to wear? I'm thinking the playboy bunny black ears a waistcoat bow tie and a thong with some commando boot. What do u think
SQRL #41

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/05/2012 11:14:26Copy HTML

 isnt the playboy bunny more of a chick thing to do.
what about something like mabye a fireman with maybe the pants having 'burnt' or ripped holes and tears in them as to show off what your wearing underneath. or maybe have the pants sitting low on the hips with the waistband of the thong sitting above...

now in writing this ive realised that the reply is now too late but maybe it will help for next year. or any costume party.

if your a guy, stick with the more typicaly blokie type costumes.
ardvarken #42

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/06/2012 02:37:53Copy HTML

Again, this is a little late for Halloween, but if you have the body and the confidence for it, you'd be surprised at the kind of response you get from women by wearing something typically only women would wear for halloween.   I sure as hell was.    So many women saying they only wish they had the butt and legs to wear something like that.   I had a heck of a lot of fun with it.
sxmthonger #43

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/06/2012 03:50:42Copy HTML

I wore a caveman suit with an animal print thong underneath.

BtW, I like your bunny idea.
fitfreak823 #44

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/07/2012 06:07:16Copy HTML

The Rocky Horror Picture Show theme while wearing a thong works great.

A Scottish warrior works good too.  The ladies always seem to ask whats under the kilt, it is a fun one to show them.

A cowboy wearing assless chaps is always funny.

A horny devil could be worked a bunch of different ways.
JM_Runs #45

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/07/2012 11:56:13Copy HTML

 I read this to late but this Island Man costume sure shows off a lot. Even it's main bottom half is a g-stringhttp://www.galabrands.com/p/Island-Man-Bedroom-Costume__GB0785.aspx?ref=ct-f04d_gr_1_1
You can also go as a cave man, they make those in thongs too and cover it up a little with a buttflap, speaking of buttflap Tarzan is a pro-thonger too, just have a brown thong or leopard print thong put on a tropical necklace and there you have Tarzan.
barenow #46

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/11/2012 08:09:36Copy HTML

I had planned on wearing a tuxedo thong (includes back flaps), dress shoes, collar/bow tie, cuffs, and a sportscoat.  I live near a major city so that is what helps to make it possible.  It would have been great except that the temperature got down to pretty cold.  Darn that weather.
fitfreak823 #47

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/13/2012 03:14:50Copy HTML

 Barenow I wore something like that before for a party stripper session except I started off in pants and a coat and wore suspenders(with my thong)
Beachlover492000 #48

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:12/23/2012 05:27:52Copy HTML

One Halloween I wore the sling shot thong that Sasha Cohen wore in "Borat." The women loved it, and I had a wonderful time. The suit is available on-line, but you have to be prepared to be the barest and boldest person a the party. Another time I was dressed a Dr. Frank-en-flutor from the "Rocky Horror Picture Show." I wore a black g-string with the fishnet stockings. Once me it was a lot fun, but it takes some guts.
b21 #49

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/21/2013 05:13:52Copy HTML

Cutting it a bit fine but if you're going to a Halloween party this year, tell us what your costume consists of. (Or doesn't consist of ;)

I'm still trying to make up my mind!!
tanlines2thin #50

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/22/2013 01:12:04Copy HTML

I got invited to a Saturday nite parti outta da blue by a foxie voice from the past.......I got the distinct impression that it's gonna be one of 'those' kinda halloween parties........I ain't kicked up my heels in ages, so not gonna overdress too much.........feeling sooooo tempted to just wear my little 'parti G' and my ole floor-length vampire cape from yesteryear, which I gotta dig outta mothballs.........Halloween is the time ya can get away with just about everything and anything, so go for it......the cape covers everything, so not much is required underneath.........I been back hitting the gym, so I look pretty good.......for anyone who wants to go 'minimal,' use my cape idea.........no royalty payments required........just have a hoot, and we'll compare notes when we recover.......
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