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SlidingG #51

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/22/2013 03:24:11Copy HTML

I haven't done much on the Halloween scene in years, saving my 'costume party' for San Francisco's Bay-to-Breakers 12k road race mid-May.  
JM_Runs #52

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/23/2013 12:10:38Copy HTML

Time for me to bring out the kilt - bare underneath
SlidingG #53

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/23/2013 12:59:33Copy HTML

Fantastic!  I bought one last year.  
JM_Runs #54

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/24/2013 02:45:49Copy HTML

Here some ideas to get away with wearing a thong and showing it as a Halloween costume:
- Island Warrior: take a small thong and try putting on some leaves over the thong's straps, try to make some body paint tattoos and make a fake sphere.

- Tarzan: Loincloth thong, enough said.

- Adam: works well with a green thong with leaves on the straps and an apple.

- Stripper: this one is too easy it doesn't need explanation, be creative with it. You can even become an actual stripper for the night and dance for people and if you move sensually enough and have an appealing body you will get tips for sure.

- Firefighter: Like an earlier post said the idea of a firefighter with burnt and torn up clothes and wearing, let's say, a yellow thong under the burnt and torn clothes is fantastic, women will go wild over the idea. You can even use some coal to put over and pretend you were actually in a fire. Walk around with the burned up firefighter uniform, showing the yellow thong and holding a fake red ax and you will be the panty dropper of the night.

- Angel or Cupid: For this one a pair of white wings, a golden halo, a white thong and a white sheer cover-up will do the trick and for Cupid add in the bow and arrows.

- Caveman: For those animal print enthusiasts this is your chance to shine with your animal print thong mix it up with a pretend dinosaur femur, let grow your beard and use a wild hair wig and you have yourself a caveman.

- Greek Spartan or Roman Warrior: With this one you need to pay attention to the details, the helm, the cape, the shield and sword is what makes this costume what it is add in a brown thong and you become a thonging Spartan.

- Greek God: For this one the body is a must, white sheets, a leaf crown, golden wrist cuffs and a white thong, oil a little up and people will guess your an actual Greek God roaming the Earth on Halloween.
ministeve #55

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/24/2013 12:58:45Copy HTML

 My wife has been pushing me to be Tarzan for halloween, and that costume, or lackthereof would be pretty out there at our friends halloween party, but if we go to something public with strangers then I would do it. 
JM_Runs #56

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/25/2013 12:23:25Copy HTML

ministeve: If you workout an have a decent body no one will hate you for showing skin. Now if your concerned about your friends reaction, take it as a harmless joke to go as Tarzan (and the wife can be a sexy Jane to your Tarzan) with just a loincloth act normal like you would do with more clothes on. Now if your friends are conservative people who wouldn't take this as a harmless joke, I would understand your position.But if they're not go ahead and be Tarzan this Halloween and ask the wife to be a sexy Jane, so that way it you would be more comfortable not being the only one in a revealing costume.
SlidingG #57

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/25/2013 01:25:30Copy HTML

Just settled on my Halloween costume -- nothing!  But only at home, not out and about.  
Seam_Stress #58

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/27/2013 06:19:55Copy HTML

I bought a snakeskin print catsuit expressly for wearing this hallowe'en, and planned to wear it with a patch.  My costume was going to be a large one eyed python.
My plan was to wear find a party (gay clubs, the BDSM club or whatever seemed appropriate) but ended up not going on the weekend and won't get the chance midweek.  Being sick sucks.
tanlines2thin #59

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/27/2013 10:47:38Copy HTML

wore my floor-length vampire cape with just my parti - G underneath.......my whackie Hungarian date, whom I had not seen since moving outta town, was dressed in DOM attire......incredibly risqué nite........just now recovering...........
JM_Runs #60

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/29/2013 03:46:55Copy HTML

 We went to a party Sat night and I wore a 70's Speedo and my wife went as "Rollergirl" from Boggie Night's with a nude G-string and pasties with a piece of carpet glued on to look like pubes
thongguy2001 #61

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/30/2013 09:13:25Copy HTML

I have two pretty good stories.  The first is what an ex girlfriend wore to a Halloween party.  She dressed as a dipthong which is when two vowels come together in a word.  She had a black lycra bodysuit on with a thong over the outside.  Then she had a bunch of her thongs safety-pinned to the outside of her suit.  She had a little hat that she made out of a plastic dip container (like you would dip chips in).  Then she painted vowels on her suit.  She looked totally hot.

The second story took place a few years ago with my wife.  She dressed as a 90's aerobic instructor for halloween.  She had a silver bodysuit on with a purple thong leotard over it.  She looked totally hot.  I dressed as an Indian and wore a loincloth, leather leggings, and a vest.  The loincloth was pretty much a thong with a flap of material over a lether belt.  It didn't cover much.  Anyways, we hit a bar/pizza restaurant in town where we were going to meet some friends.  We walked in an no one in the entire bar was dressed up.  They were all in their regular clothes like it wasn't Halloween.  Needless to say, every head turned when we walked in.  You could have heard a pin drop.  It was remotely embarrassing but then I realized that I was with the hottest girl in the whole place so I didn't much mind.  We wound up staying there a little longer but then we went bar hopping and found a really good Halloween party.    
leo40 #62

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/02/2013 12:49:49Copy HTML

I just now went to a nudist Halloween party where a thong would really have been too much.  My Tarzan "outfit" was literally postage stamp in size, and there was a girl there with nothing on but a big white bandage patch over one eye.  She was "This Year's Newest iPad" !!
sailor250 #63

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/02/2013 03:31:02Copy HTML

Some celebrity thong costumes

First of course - Coco in her "catholic school girl costume"  She goes to "Our Lady of Assumption" I ASSume"


Joanna   Krupa   shows some ass and her friend there has a partially exposed G string too


Micaela Schaefer in a topless and thong costume in Germany
Also a cool G string like thing for her calendar shoot

SlidingG #64

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/29/2013 04:47:17Copy HTML

Halloween's over, but this seems the best thread to report on Injun Joe.  I ran the Manchester Road Race today, which many run in costume, as a crazy Irishman in St. Patrick's tartan kilt, knee socks and white dress shirt.  A few Pilgrims and Indians always show up, but today was the best sighting ever -- a lithe young chap in a mohawk, a very brief breechclout, and nothing else, save some body paint.  No chicken-shit speedo for this guy.  When the wind flipped his rear flap, we saw totally exposed bare buns.  So it must have been just flaps hanging off his rawhide waistband, not a long length of suede drawn up between his legs.  I figured he must have just a g-string on underneath.  Then again, do you suppose he was free-balling?  Would loved to have checked closer, like from the front, but the crowds prevented.

Why do I care?  Because I've always wanted to run a race dressed as an Indian, especially this one in my neighboring town, on Thanksgiving Day. Perfect excuse to don a few rags and whoop it up.  Add to that how my wife joked a few days ago, when I tried running in my moccasins, "You might as well wear a loin cloth".  Hmmmm.  She stayed home and watched the race on TV.  Would she ever have been surprised if the cameras homed in on this old dude dressed like young Injun Joe!  Next year for sure.  
johny_b #65

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:04/23/2014 01:20:30Copy HTML

i just found this thread so im gonna share my story.

i had bought a couple black thong back leotards from ebay awhile back, one solid black long sleeve and the other is a tank version with sparkles all over it, i decided to used that one for my halloween cotume last year. i topped it off with a black cape, goth make up and knee high platform boots. i am not the type to go to halloween parties so i just usually hand out candy to the local kids. i never had many kids come to the door years prior but last year i had about 100 or so kids come to my door.

i had so many nice compliments on my costume that half of them i couldn't keep track of. this year i might just wear the black long sleeve leotard with the cape and boots.
RapidBlue #66

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:04/23/2014 08:17:33Copy HTML

 A few years back I was in Key West for Fantasy Fest. It was one of the best times of my life. One night I dressed in a mask, black big hole fish net pants and a bright red thong. I fit right in with the festivities. The next night I dressed in black chaps, vest, black thong, cowboy boots and cowboy hat. That ended up as an extremely fun night. That costume got more attention than I thought was possible. Living in the cold there is not much opportunity to dress down for Halloween. The only time I get to dress down/up is when I am somewhere warm for the holiday. My last time was in San Diego two years ago where I updated the cowboy outfit in red chaps, red vest and a multi-color thong for a party. 
showoffmark #67

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:04/24/2014 02:03:17Copy HTML

 RapidBlue, you reminded me of a Halloween in Provincetown. It was warm enough to out in full leathers. Chaps, boots, harness, vest, hat and of course thong back, removable front cod piece. Very fun evening. 
JM_Runs #68

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/14/2014 10:36:15Copy HTML

nautirogue #69

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:05/18/2015 07:39:34Copy HTML

 This past December, my wife and I went to Hedo.  They have nightly theme nights, and the most difficult one for me to come up with a costume for was Sexy Schoolgirl Night.  I finally decided to go as a hunky football player.

The costume consisted of a pair of sexy white, sheer runners similar to the N2N style, but I got them from someplace in China to save some money.  I got a cheep football jersey and cut it off at the midriff as some football players do for practices to stay cool, but my purpose was to keep it short so the black thong that I wore under the sheer white runners was plainly visible!
NudeNArizona #70

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:05/29/2015 07:26:38Copy HTML

 A few months ago my wife and I were at a clothing optional resort and they had an "anything but clothes" costume party on Saturday night and this was during college football season, So we both wore a 1" x 1" sticker with the college football team logo and we temporary dyed our hair blue and red. Plus I put a blue with red balls horseshoe in my PA piercing and nothing else but towels to sit on.
Sharon73 #71

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:05/30/2015 01:35:11Copy HTML

 The best Halloween costume I had was just body paint
Beached_Santa_Cruz #72

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:05/30/2015 07:37:00Copy HTML

 I once dressed as Peter Pan.  I got the top,bottoms, and hat as a set from the costume store.  This was in the mid 90's.   I ditched the bottoms and wore a woman's aerobic (lycra spandex) bottom over green tights.   I wore this to work.  Every woman's eyes were on my crotch and butt.
britneyr #73

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:06/09/2015 11:45:54Copy HTML

I have always loved halloween!  I have worn so many costumes...  Last year we went to a rave and I was a fairy.  I had on a green tutu and lacy bootyshorts and a little lacie top with wings.  So much fun!
JM_Runs #74

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:06/11/2015 02:42:58Copy HTML

 I went down to Columbus one year for a concert on High Street. I had just discovered men's thongs and I  found silver sparkly spandex bell bottoms. My girlfriend (at the time) went as 70's disco dancers. I felt soo free in a thong and thin spandex out in public. I loved it...to this day I still love wearing spandex and leggings. I got quite a few comments by straight men...who to say the least were very surprised when they saw my face and saw that I was a guy. 
Seam_Stress #75

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/25/2015 12:04:02Copy HTML

For this year's Hallowe'en, I originally planned to go as the late, great Lux Interior, lead singer of The Cramps.  I had the catsuit, high heels, wig, nail polish and makeup necessary to go the whole hog.  As with many things, sometimes things happen that change your plans - but this time, it's a welcome change.

As I was shopping last week for Hallowe'en decorations for work, I saw a package of "bunny costume" accessories, and instantly decided to go that route.  There's a pair of white and pink ears, a pink bowtie and a tail (a small cloth ball with an elastic loop).  I also found plain white mask that covers most of the face and could be painted with a nose and whiskers.

I still have a pair of white Insport running tights I bought but have never used.  They're too thin and see through (I can see my tattoo through them), made for wearing under loose shorts.  I also have a white thong leotard I bought a few years ago (mock neck collar, long sleeves) which I used to wear under tights for cycling, before I started buying catsuits for workouts.  If I wear the thong leotard **over** the tights, the tail can loop around the back of the thong and stays put.  It's perfect.
JM_Runs #76

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/31/2015 09:05:16Copy HTML

We do a number of costume bicycle rides around Halloween.  Last night we had a Critical Mass ride, with many in costume.

Some men were wearing thongs.  One fit young man was wearing a very bold stars and stripes thong.

I was not quite that brave.  (Being one of the organizers I have to maintain some decorum.)
I had on a thong, but over the top was wearing a light white, almost transparent Roman style short toga, with splits up the side to the waist.  Sort of a light cheese-cloth type affair with a 'Friar Tuck' style rope as a belt.  (Short because you can't wear anything too long on a bike as it tends to gets caught.) 

I thought the gold thong would not show up much, being somewhat close to body color. Apparently this was not so. I got a lot of complements from the ladies, some high fives from the guys, and comments on FB this morning were that more women wish men would dress like those guys and me.
Pomegranates #77

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/01/2015 03:28:51Copy HTML

After a visit to Crane Beach several years ago on Halloween afternoon, I stopped into downtown Salem, Massachusetts. I wasn't fully aware it was Halloween, and was surprised to find the streets full of costumed people. Apparently, Salem has maintained a witchy/goth vibe because of the trials there centuries ago, and Halloween provides a great opportunity to let it all out. There were quite a few skimpily dressed women, including one in a minimal cat outfit perched on a bollard, licking her hands (paws). I went into a bookstore, and saw an attractive young woman at the end of the aisle in a bikini bottom. I don't remember what she was wearing on top, because when she turned around...thong! She browsed un-selfconsciously for quite a while. Wow. One rarely sees thongs at the beach in Massachusetts, let alone in the middle of a city in the middle of the day.
thonger_in_oz #78

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/01/2015 10:44:49Copy HTML

 pomegranates, further proof more people want to wear and are looking to do so, but use an event to help with their inhibitions!!
matchingthongs #79

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/02/2015 10:58:04Copy HTML

 Pomegranates - A thong in Salem! Last time we were there, my wife was teased for owning a skimpy bikini (not a thong). Being used to European beaches I was surprised by the differences in behaviour on these beaches (probably not typical of other areas of the States); people bring so much stuff to the beach and wear so much - I don't know why they bothered as the tans would be at the bodily extremities only!
Trip_Fontaine #80

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/22/2015 05:11:03Copy HTML

 A little late, but I just posted a photo of myself from a Halloween party I danced for last month, I decided to wear one of my Body Language Fashions large pouch thongs for obvious reasons. It's the only one I find that lets things hang and swing naturally, and leaves very little to the imagination. Went with orange and black!
Seam_Stress #81

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/30/2016 09:22:08Copy HTML

I went to a Hallowe'en party last night dressed as Cammy White, the character from the Street Fighter game.  Yes, it was a green thong leotard with bare legs and butt hanging out.  At first people were shocked and some getting the usual anti-trans/homophobic response, but I won over the crowd by carrying it with confidence and being a frenetic (if untalented) dancer.

I don't like buying from China, but one seller was offering thong bikinis made with neoprene, the first one I've seen offering them.  Neoprene is a wonderful thing, comfortable and flexible enough to wear for hours, strong and tight enough to "tuck" without tape or other painful techniques some trans girls use.  And it can be pulled down and up for bathroom breaks, which trans girls can't do with tape.

Tonight is another party at the same place.  I'm going back as Cammy White, but this time in the blue thong bodysuit.  I'm sure it will be equally shocking.

lindros #82

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/30/2016 09:01:19Copy HTML

I haven't worn a Halloween costume since I was a kid, but the most outrageous one I've ever seen was on South Beach either last year or two years ago. I was taking a walk down the beach and round 15th street I saw this guy wearing angel wings and nothing else except orange body paint on his private parts. Amazingly there was a group of guys and girls taking his picture, certainly nobody was complaining.
Peck34 #83

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/31/2016 01:07:06Copy HTML

  I just got back from Fantasy Fest. The costumes were unreal!
SlidingG #84

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:10/31/2016 03:31:59Copy HTML

Hey Peck34, just back from Fantasy Fest this morning myself, just in time for church.  First time attendee.  Friday's Masquerade March from the cemetery to Duval was a blast, costumed as a Calusa Indian in body paint and a breechclout.  Later strolling up and down Duval, with the black rum taking full effect, I switched to some much briefer gear.

Back on Duval Saturday from about 1:30, got some more paint professionally applied, then found a great parade viewing spot on the CVS steps at the corner of Front and Duval.  Stayed there in my Calusa outfit till the end of the parade, chatting with folks (Juan from Peru took my photo on my cell, I'll try to post it), people watching (gorgeous young woman wearing only paint parked down in front, posing for lots of photos), and finishing my supply of Dark n' Stormies (black rum and ginger beer).  The Caribbean crew brought up the rear of the parade, when we all piled into the street and followed along.  I downshifted into a black thong that worked well with my paint and black head wrap, getting several kudos.

Great plans already forming for next year, with various costumes in mind, and now that I know the ropes to some extent, it should be even better.
JM_Runs #85

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/01/2016 05:29:40Copy HTML

Commonly when leading bike rides I try to set a good example by wearing bright visible colors, and frequently dress in short shorts. It's what I wear.

A couple of years ago, with the help of a fellow board member, I did Thong Batman for one of our Super Heros costume bike rides.
On the Halloween rides I lead or help manage the ride, so I am a bit more conservative when we have advertised it kid friendly. 

This Halloween a friend in our bicycle community dressed up as me.  Bright colors, short shorts, even had the orange flag on the back of the bike. Had a name tag too just in case someone did not realize he was dressed up as me. 

He borrowed the shorts from one of the smaller women. Which others thought were still a little large on him as he is a very small skinny guy.  He was surprised at how comfortable they were, how many leg complements, and how much action he was getting. 
He said he now understands why I wear short shorts. Got more action in one night than he gets in a month. When I left the bicycle bar some women had pulled him onto her lap and they were getting along rather well.

Apparently I'm famous enough to be a Halloween costume.... but it still might scare the kids.
johny_b #86

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/01/2016 07:32:38Copy HTML

 i have a black glittery thong leotard that i wore one year with black tights underneath and a black mesh cape, i even handed out candy wearing that, i might wear that again one hallowween. was a good homemade costume.
maozer2003 #87

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/01/2016 10:11:01Copy HTML

 @JMRuns, that's a good story
poonster #88

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/02/2016 03:43:24Copy HTML

 lol JM. 
thongmom #89

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/03/2016 07:32:09Copy HTML

Some friends of ours host a party on the weekend closest to Halloween every year. Seeing that my preference for minimal swimwear is now know to my friends and neighbors, I decided to go all out. It's a bit of a cliche, but I went as a naughty nurse. I wore a lab coat that didn't quite go past my bottom, a white thong, and a nurse's hat. It was a big hit.
1Monte #90

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:11/03/2016 05:52:19Copy HTML

Fantastic Thongmom!  I wish you would move to our neighborhood  lol.
Nuwalket #91

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:12/23/2016 03:03:36Copy HTML

 Here I go again, bringing old threads back to life but just wanted to tell this story. And please excuse the fact that it's not Halloween but is a costume story.

A number of years ago the wife and I attended a murder mystery weekend and there was a costume ball where we were asked to dress as a legend. At a costume rental place we found Robin Hood and Maid Marion costumes. Her's was fantastic, showing off her bountiful cleavage, but mine was more than a little disappointing: All I had were shoe coverings to look like boots and a tunic like top.

My wife suggested wearing her black tights or pantyhose instead of regular pants. Well the tights didn't fit quite well enough as they tended to roll down, and the pantyhose were quite sheer, so I wore a black thong with them.

Moving on to the night of the dance. In the dimly lit room my wife was the belle of the ball as all the guys were asking her to dance as she said "boobs attract boobs!".  Then they brought the house lights up to judge the "costumes" which almost made the pantyhose disappear. It looked as if I just had a codpiece according to one of the cast members. Naturally we had the two best: My wife took second and I won.

As the dance resumed I had quite a few of the females danced closely to get a rise out of me. We also got invited to the after hours cast party which almost became one of Thongmom's parties! The room was small and overheated so I ended up with just the thong, most of the other cast members stripped to their underwear also and the wife lowered the velvet dress enough to show off her decollete bra!

There was an invitation to a summer pool party but we were unable to attend and we've lost contact since.
Beachlover492000 #92

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:12/30/2016 02:04:34Copy HTML

 Years ago one of the couples in my neighborhood gave the best Halloween parties I ever attended. It was sort of an open house where people were invited but others showed up who knew about it. The costume choices were pretty much open, and I made it a point to be among the most radical.The first year I went as a Native American. My costume consisted of a real headdress I had purchased from an Indian craftsman years ago, a deer skin loinclth and sandals. I covered my body from head to toe with Indian make-up. As an asside there is something sentual about applying make-up like that all over you body and wearing it. The only downside is getting it off after the fact. My outfit shocked the neighborhood previous to that my wife and I had been regarded as quite, reserved conservative people who blended in and were never "the life of the party." To be honest I was very happy to shed that image. I met a lot people, and they took a lot of pictures. You can see a couple of them in my profile. A couple of years later I went has Borate from the movie, but I'll save that story for later.
tbck1000 #93

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:03/01/2019 01:39:40Copy HTML

I thought I would re-visit this topic with Mardi Gras approaching. I have worn thongs as a Halloween costume several times and will be wearing one on Mardi Gras. Has anyone else done this? It's a great way to wear things in new and different places or situations.
tobias5711 #94

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:03/01/2019 04:24:15Copy HTML

Would be so hot to go to a halloween party, or just walk the streets in just body paint. Love how Brazil celebrates the human body with body paint on both men and women like in this youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcFzCbP3tqw
tbck1000 #95

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:03/01/2019 12:22:47Copy HTML

Absolutely Tobias. Great video. I tried body paint once and it felt incredible. Unfortunately it does not disguise/camouflage the critical area on a man as well as it does a woman! After a thrilling ten minutes I had to put on a g string... But the feeling of walking among crowds of people in a mask and a thong or g string is incredible. After several experiences, it’s still every bit as exciting. The only times I have actually worn a costume in addition to a thong, I was a “flasher.” I wore a long rain coat with a nude color thong underneath. People would come up and ask me to flash them.
tobias5711 #96

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:03/01/2019 03:10:08Copy HTML

The models in the video all have on tiny g-strings under their paint- But I have seen some in body paint in public that do not.
MrFalcon #97

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:03/01/2019 08:12:31Copy HTML

I've been to two nudist Halloween parties. The first I was a butler, and wore only a bowtie and dress socks. The second time I was Flea from the red hot chili peppers. I wore a bass guitar and a sock over my unmentionables. Of course, it being a nudist party, the sock came off. I would love to wear a barely-there costume on Halloween and walk around my town. There's an area that gets really crowded and crazy with everyone walking around in their costumes. It would be exciting to do it, not sure I could get my wife on board though...
abczyxabczyx #98

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:03/04/2019 09:44:17Copy HTML

When I was in college, I was approached by a group to be a butler at their party. I had to wear only cuffs and a bow tie. I was pinched, slapped and grabbed all night. It was an interesting experience.
NudeNArizona #99

Re:Halloween costumes. Tell us your stories!

Date Posted:03/06/2019 04:24:31Copy HTML

A few years ago when the show "Naked and Afraid" had just started my wife and I watched ever episode, so that Halloween we were invited to an "adult themed" costume party so I ask her if she would be willing to go a contestants on "naked and Afraid" in which she agreed and she made us both canvas satchels to wear over our shoulder and it also provided for a barrier when sitting down.
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