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Date Posted:01/12/2004 01:13:39Copy HTML

Recently someone made a comment about wearning bikinis at Hampton beach and Salisbury beach in New Hampshire. This made me wonder if anyone has worn a thong to either of these beaches? If so then what was your experience? I live up here in the Northeast and I'm hoping that would be another option for beach going in a thong.
Tanned Bum #1

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:01/15/2004 12:18:14Copy HTML

When I use to live in Massachusetts Salisbury beach was the closest place for me. I would camp at the state park and visit the state park. In my younger days I wore a skimpy bikini,then moved up to a thong. You would probable be the only on in a thong though, which was fine by me. I would with a bunch of friends and spent most of the day on the beach to get a decident tan.
Ex_Member #2

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:01/27/2004 02:03:51Copy HTML

   I'll lived in NH all my life, and honestly have never had a positive experience thonging at hampton or salsbury.  Sure its not illeagal, but often it is uncomfortable. Sometimes I'll go mid-week, and thong while lying down on the sand, but its just not very acceptable for walking around. I've often seen ladies catching grief for thonging from other women who are jelous that their men are checking out the girls' bums. Folks around here are bundled up with clothing 10 months out of the year, and frankly seeing people practically naked is something that they just can't handle, even at the beach.
shs92645 #3

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:02/06/2004 01:19:27Copy HTML

I have thonged in this area a few times - expect  to do more this summer as my business will take me to that area every other week.  During midweek days, the best locations for me have been in the state park at the very southern end of Hampton Beach and , just further south of that over the bridge, on the beach that runs along the river.  At the latter site, I have seen other thongers and topless women.  At the state park site, I have not seen other thongers, but have never had any problem or negative comments....in fact, quite the opposite as people seem to go out of their way to walk by.  However....let me add that I don't strut around on the beach if I am the only thonger in sight....I just try to pick a quiet corner where I can sun....and, if need be, I put on swim trunks to go in the water.....which at Hampton Beach is too damn cold to swim in anyway!!
JM_Runs #4

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:02/27/2004 02:37:14Copy HTML

See followups under:

Contacts - Looking for some one to thong with ?
 Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H. 

qqdbqqdb #5

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:04/24/2012 07:56:09Copy HTML

Usually go to north end of  Salisbury Beach State Res (great deal for $35 season pass).  From the first parking lot, take the boardwalk, and then head north at least to where the lifeguard headquarters are behind the dune.  Most families won't make the hike, so good privacy.  Usually sparse enough.  I think I would feel better with thonger company.
kmyr #6

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:06/06/2012 10:53:10Copy HTML

i'm going to try salisbury on monday !
eosinthesun #7

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:04/17/2015 06:21:14Copy HTML

 I agree with qqdbqqdb that the beach part he describes on salisbury state park beach is great for thongs and g strings. My experience is based on summer 2014
islandguy #8

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:05/29/2015 03:05:50Copy HTML

On Wednesday I went to Salisbury State Beach for the first time ever.  Parking was free.  There weren't any lifeguards on duty, and the restrooms near the beach were locked.  However, the restrooms and hot showers in the campground were open.

I parked in the first parking lot and, based on comments from previous posters, went north (left) at the end of the boardwalk - past the last lifeguard chair but not as far as the sign indicating Danger - Unguarded Waterfront.  I set up near the dunes and wore a c-string for sunbathing and walking to the water.  It was too chilly for me to go deeper than my knees.

There were about 100-150 people along about 3/4 mile of beachfront within the boundaries of the state park.  The closest to me were an older gentleman wearing a speedo about 25 feet to the north and a group of college kids (3 girls and 1 guy) about 100 feet to the south.

When walking the beach, I put on a g-string.  I walked about 10 minutes north in front of the houses, and I walked all the way south to the jetty where some work is taking place involving heavy equipment.  I also wore the g-string when walking to my car, driving to the campground, and using the restrooms in the campground.  I didn't notice any special reaction to my swimwear, nor did I see anyone taking pictures as I passed by.  It was a very relaxing summer-like day.

By mid-afternoon the wind had picked up and people began leaving.  Those departing included the people nearest to me.  I took the opportunity to go nude for the rest of the afternoon - until it got too windy for me. I sunbathed, walked to the water, and took short strolls nude.  I put on a g-string for the walk back to the car.

Where I was set up, there are high dunes that prevent anyone from seeing onto the beach.  Furthermore, the topography is such that people walking along the shoreline cannot see anyone who is lying near the dunes.  I liked the peace and quite.  Shy thongers might also appreciate the restricted sight lines.

Salisbury State Beach is just across the Merrimack river from Plum Island.  Based on my experience, the former is the better choice.  Whereas all but around 100 yeards of the Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island is roped off for bird nesting until late August, all of Salisbury State Beach is open. Furthermore, there are no showers at the Wildlife Refuge.  Thong swimsuits are legal and acceptable at both beaches, and I felt equally comfortable at both.  But the conditions at Salisbury State Beach make it my new favorite beach north of Boston.
iluvthongs582 #9

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:05/30/2015 11:37:38Copy HTML

 nice. i'll have to start thonging there.
tnline #10

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:05/31/2015 12:40:51Copy HTML

 Thank for the update on Salisbury Beach.   I have not been there for a few years and always had no issues wearing a thong there.
islandguy #11

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:05/31/2015 03:15:27Copy HTML

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day at Salisbury State Beach.  The parking fee was being collected, the restrooms near the beach were open, and there were life guards on the beach.

There were already more people on the beach at 9:30 AM than there were at any time on Wednesday.  Most were families with kids of varying ages.  There were also some large groups of high school girls.  The beach got quite crowded as the day wore on.  The girls' bikini bottoms exposed very little or no cheek.  I saw no one of either gender wearing anything close to a thong, although there were a couple of men in speedos.

I set up in the same area as before and wore the same c-string for sunbathing and walking to the water.  There were plenty of people fairly near me, and several people walked close by (not near the water line). 

After about an hour and a half a pair of park employees in an ATV pulled up and said that there had been complaints about my swimsuit.  They didn't dispute my assertion that it covered everything that needs to be covered, but asked me to put on something with more coverage.  They were very polite and apologetic, saying that my swimsuit would be OK if it weren't so crowded.  They implied that they didn't want to be bothered with more complaints.  When I tried to get clarity on what would satisfy them, they said that anything with more coverage would be good.  I assumed that the issue was that I looked naked from behind.  I agreed to change, and they left.  I put on shorts, walked to the changing room, and put on the g-string that I had worn on Wednesday (a solid black Skinz M1R2).  I had no problems for the rest of the day. At one point when I was lying on my stomach, two state troopers on horseback went right past me without stopping or saying a word.

I walked to the pavilion area a few times during the day to use the rest rooms or to refill my bottle from the water fountain.  I also walked up and down the beach several times - going south almost all the way to the jetty and going north for about 20 minutes.  Several times I saw young women point cell phones in my direction, but no one asked for a photo.  The only relevant comment I heard was from one person to another saying "he's probably European."

One young man stopped and asked me where I got my swimsuit and why I wore that style.  He seemed genuinely interested.  His girlfriend commented that he was wearing way too much clothing (board shorts with boxers underneath).

As on Wedneday, I felt comfortable everywhere in my g-string.  I would like to think that acceptance of, or at least non-negative reaction to, a man in a thong is attributable to the fact that public schools and parents are teaching children to respect people who are different from them.  The message might be linked to promoting tolerance for gay people, but the message is more general.  I was happy to provide an opportunity for children (and their parents) to demonstrate their acceptance of differences.

There are outdoor showers between the men's and women's changing rooms, but they seemed suited merely for rinsing off.  When it was time to leave I chose to drive over to the campground and use the indoor hot showers where I could use shampoo and soap.

Overall, my expereince re-affirmed my assessment that Salisbury State Beach is the best beach I've found north of Boston for wearing skimpy swimwear.
JM_Runs #12

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:05/31/2015 06:27:56Copy HTML

The problem with suits like a "c-string" is you look naked from a distance. 
This is why I advocate for thongs with visible side straps.

If they are skinny they should be be a bright or contrasting color,
so people look can tell you have a thong on, no matter from what direction they view.
JM_Runs #13

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:06/13/2015 07:22:39Copy HTML

 Great day at hampton. .wearing my white cover male swimsuit.  Water still cold. 
rickvt #14

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:09/08/2015 07:28:18Copy HTML

Not a thong, but a lady lifeguard at Hampton Beach wore a nice two piece lifeguard suit for Labor Day Weekend.
rickvt #15

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:12/12/2015 03:05:34Copy HTML

In response to the "Free the Nipple" Campaign last summer at Hampton Beach and elsewhere, a bill has been introduced for the State Legislativ session beginning in Jamuary to expand the states's indecency law.  Note that in addition to adding breasts to the law, it also adds anus to the law.
"Sponsored by Republicans from Gilford, Sanbornton, Winnisquam and Merrimack, House Bill 1525 would amend the state’s indecent exposure and lewdness law, punishable by a misdemeanor. It prohibits exposing the genitals, having sex “or any other act of gross lewdness . . . likely to cause affront or alarm.”

New language would criminalize when a person exposes his or her anus, or, for a woman specifically, who “purposely exposes the areola or nipple of her breast or breasts in a public place and in the presence of another person with reckless disregard for whether a reasonable person would be offended or alarmed by such act.”Full story here from the Concord Monitor
JM_Runs #16

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:12/12/2015 10:07:36Copy HTML

 Probably a good time to add comments to the page on the link above. 

Let's not make this about men/women equality, that has been said.

Let's make this about the fact that it is 2015 and a women's breast is beautiful, something they should not be ashamed of, and something the government should not be legislating. 

Time to get with it. Most of Europe allows women to go top free, if they wish. Women in America should be just as free.
islandguy #17

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:09/14/2017 04:01:13Copy HTML

After spending two days in Maine, we had to get home because my wife had some commitments.  However, since the weather was still great, I took a day trip to Hampton Beach on Wednesday.  I wore the same American flag g-string and USA hat.

I set up on the beach near the southern end of the boardwalk, close to the restrooms.  I walked almost the entire length of the beach – down to the river that separates Hampton Beach from Seabrook, and up to the jetty at the northern end.

There were hundreds of people on the beach, but it didn’t seem crowded because the beach is very long and wide.  I saw several women wearing cheeky bikinis, including a handful that were essentially thongs.  The numbers increased as the afternoon went on, and college and high school kids showed up.

Many women took my picture while I was walking.  Five stopped me and asked if I would pose for/with them.  All were polite, so I agreed.  They all commented favorably on the patriotic motif, and one said that I had a great body.  I’m sure it was mostly flattery to get me to pose, but I like to think that there’s a kernel of truth there as well.

I saw one man in a speedo and two in very short, tight square cuts.  Otherwise, all the men wore board shorts down to their knees.  I didn’t hear any negative comments.  I felt very comfortable walking around in my swimsuit, including going to the restroom and walking along the boardwalk.  Why not?  No negative vibe, and lots of positive feedback – verbal and non-verbal.
nicethong82 #18

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:09/16/2017 02:09:55Copy HTML

 oh cool. Maybe I'll go up there in the next week or so and bring a thong or g-string to wear.

islandguy #19

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:09/28/2017 04:23:09Copy HTML

Temps reached the low 80s on several days earlier this week – unusual for this time of year in New England.  I spent Sunday through Tuesday at Hampton Beach.  I set up on the beach towards the southern end of the boardwalk.

The beach was crowded with families on Sunday, but on Monday and Tuesday there were mostly older people and young mothers (or au pairs) with toddlers in the mornings, with college-age kids arriving in the afternoon.  I saw one couple in their late twenties with the man wearing a speedo and the women a true thong bikini.  Many of the college girls wore very cheeky bikinis.

I wore a g-string with an American flag motif along with a hat with USA in big letters on the front.  I sunbathed, went in the water, walked the entire length of the beach, and walked to the restrooms without any concerns.  Several women took pictures as I walked by; a few asked me to pose with them.

Two encounters are worth mentioning in more detail.  One man accosted me as I walked by, saying that his wife wanted a picture with me.  They were around 40 years old, and the wife was wearing a sexy black bikini.  The husband was wearing a square cut.  The wife gushed about how much she loved my swimsuit, and the husband was very accommodating to her wishes.

At another time, a young woman approached me and commented favorably about my attire.  She said that she recently graduated from college, is working on her Master’s degree, and plans to join the Marines after she gets her degree next May.  She is quite an impressive young woman who knows exactly what she wants and is very focused.  She even said that she had no time for a boyfriend!  I couldn’t quite picture her as a Marine.  She seemed too nice and soft-spoken.  Also, the very cheeky, clingy bikini didn’t fit the image I have.  Her bikini wasn’t sheer, but it was so clingy that when she came out of the water, all the features of her anatomy were readily apparent, if you get my meaning.  Overall, it was fun talking to her, and it was good to see a young person so respectful of our country and of those, like me, who have served in the military.
islandguy #20

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:05/26/2018 04:11:37Copy HTML

With great beach weather this past week, I spent Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Hampton Beach in front of the Sea Spray condos.  On Monday and Wednesday, 80% of the people on the beach were college kids.  On Friday, there were also school-age kids, including high-schoolers who apparently decided to skip school to get a head-start on the Memorial Day weekend.  In fact, one of the lifeguards with whom I spoke said that she had talked to some high-schoolers who admitted that they had taken the day off from school.

Generally, the college kids were in groups of 3 to 8, often of the same sex, although there were m/f and f/f couples.  On Wednesday, there was a rainbow flag on the beach towards the southern end of the boardwalk, but there didn’t seem to be any gay male couples.

All the college guys wore board shorts – some a few inches shorter than the knee, but most at least knee-length.  The college girls wore cheeky bikinis with varying amounts of coverage, including a few virtual thongs.

I wore a tan-thru Skinz M77 thong.  I walked the length of the beach at least once each day, and I also walked to the restroom and along the boardwalk.

My swimsuit didn’t elicit many comments the first two days, but the few I heard were neutral or positive.  From guys, things like “Look at the guy in the speedo!” and “Go for it.”  From girls, “I like your speedo” and “My friends asked me to tell you that they like your butt.”  One girl said to her boyfriend as they walked by, “That’s the kind of suit I’d like you to wear.”

On Friday, a group of high-school boys guffawed and said something about a banana hammock after I had walked past them, but why would anyone care what a bunch of immature teenage boys thought?

Toplessness is legal on Hampton Beach, but I saw only one topless woman Monday and Wednesday (not the same one) and none on Friday.  One was sunbathing, and one was walking along the shore late in the day when the beach was quite uncrowded with, I presumed, her husband; they seemed to be in their early thirties.

Go Topless Day is celebrated on or near August 26 each year on Hampton Beach.  I have yet to be there on the appointed day, but my understanding is that hundreds of women go topless then.  Too bad it doesn’t take place earlier in the season, so women could realize that going without tops is legal.

One day, I had an interesting conversation about going topless with a group of five girls and three guys.  I was walking by when one of the girls looked up at me and said how much she liked my speedo.  I mentioned that it’s comfortable and functional, as it’s made for swimming, unlike the huge, loose-fitting board shorts that most guys wear.  The girls asked the guys why they didn’t wear speedos.  The guys made various excuses.  They eventually said that they’d rather go naked than wear a speedo, but nudity is illegal, so they couldn’t.

When I pointed out that going without tops is legal for women, everyone was skeptical.  I told them to google “Go Topless Day Hampton Beach.”  They believed me when the first article that popped up had the sentence “New Hampshire is one of 33 states where women can legally go topless in public every day of the year” and saw pictures of topless women on the beach (not showing nipples, of course).  I suggested that the girls might agree to go without tops if the guys wore speedos.  The girls seemed somewhat willing, but the guys only liked the part about the girls taking their tops off!  One of their excuses was that stores don’t sell speedos like mine.  I pointed out that there are plenty of places on the internet to get them.  Eventually I walked off, without any definitive resolution.

BTW, one thing I noticed that others have commented on elsewhere is that in today’s terminology, the word “speedo” seems to be used to refer to any brief men’s swimsuit including traditional Speedo swim briefs, thongs, and g-strings.  Similarly, any women’s swimsuit that reveals any amount of butt cheek – all the way down to thongs and g-strings – is referred to as a cheeky swimsuit.  This is probably a favorable development, since the words “thong” and “g-string” have negative (sexual) connotations for many people.  A swimsuit might show everything that a thong shows, but if it’s not called a thong, then the person wearing it is not slutty or gay.
thongguy2001 #21

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:07/11/2018 01:12:20Copy HTML

 I'm at Hampton today if anyone wants to come out.  It's a perfect day.   I'm down at the state park end.
thongguy2001 #22

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:07/12/2018 12:40:16Copy HTML

 Well, all I can say is you all were right.  No problem wearing a thong at Hampton but I was the only one out of all of the people there.  It's a great beach.  Just no one wears anything remotely small there.  I didn't have any problems and the lifegaurds walked right past me on the way to their posts.  But it's not a very popular place to wear a thong or g string.  I left around 11:30 and went north to Pine Point in Maine. 
islandguy #23

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:08/09/2018 04:07:01Copy HTML

To get relief from the heat and humidity, I spent two days this week in my tan-thru thong at Hampton Beach. It was crowded with loads of families with kids as well as groups of teens and twenty-somethings. Almost all the girls and women from early teens upward wore some type of cheeky bikini. The most prevalent style revealed 1/3 to ½ of the buttocks. Several wore suits that would have been called thongs in days gone by. One day I saw two young women sunbathing topfree together on the beach in front of the Sea Spray condos not far from where I was set up. They put their tops on before getting off their blanket. Once when they walked by me, I could hear them speaking French. The other day, I walked past a woman sunning topfree with her male companion. I saw two men (not together) wearing square-cuts. Each was with a thong bikini-clad woman. Those were the briefest men’s swimsuits besides mine. I walked the beach all the way south to the river. I walked along much of the boardwalk, and I crossed the street each day to buy a cold drink at one of the shops. I never heard a discouraging word about my swimsuit. Lots of women took pictures of me when my back was turned. One time, I was standing knee-high in the water looking out to sea, and then turned around and saw three women side by side about 50 feet away with their camera phones pointing in my direction. They quickly dispersed back to their husbands or kids. Often I’ll have women ask me to pose with them for pictures. Not this time – probably not cool to do in front of the husband or kids! On one of the days, there was a group of about a dozen boys ages 8 – 15 with four adults set up not far from me. One of the boys (about 12 years old) came over and said he liked my suit and wanted to know where he could get one like it. He and one of his friends came over a second time to ask more questions. Later on, the boys invited me to join them playing wiffle ball. All the boys were wearing baggy board shorts down to their knees or below. Not exactly quick-drying in the high humidity. Perhaps they hadn’t seen a wearing speedo-type swimsuit before and thought that it looked more practical. Even as the only guy wearing a thong, I always feel very comfortable at Hampton Beach. No one seems to have any problems with bare butts – female or male. I forgot to mention that the topfree female sunbathers whom I saw were set up in the midst of families with kids; no problem. Sunday, August 26, 2018 is Go Topless Day at Hampton Beach (http://www.seacoastonline.com/news/20180807/go-topless-day-returning-to-hampton-beach-in-2018). That should be a particularly good day for wearing minimal swimsuits on the beach.
islandguy #24

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:08/27/2018 10:25:06Copy HTML

For Go Topless Day on Sunday, August 26 there were plenty of topfree women on Hampton Beach. A large contingent was set up at the southern end of the boardwalk on the beach in front of the restrooms. This group included young mothers with school-age children, with their daughters also going without tops. To the north from there, a small group set up just south of the Hampton Beach State Park building that juts out on the beach. In between, there were several instances of m/f couples where the woman was topfree. Most were in their 30s or 40s. However, one such couple looked to be in their late twenties and could have stepped off the pages of a skimpy swimsuit ad. Both wore very tiny g-strings that clung to their gorgeous bodies. They kept to themselves and tried not to attract attention, but they were too attractive to ignore. In all, I observed about two dozen topfree women, many of whom wore cheeky bottoms or thongs. The women sunned, swam, stood around talking, and walked the beach without any issues. Even in the midst of hundreds of beachgoers in regular swimwear, and with the usual huge number of families with kids, there were no complaints that I saw. People ignored or took the topfree women in stride. Late in the afternoon, I saw three women walking topfree along the boardwalk. Not a big deal. I wore a thong swimsuit from Skinz. I saw two men wearing conservative speedos, but no other male wearing a thong. I had a few positive encounters. One early teen boy walking with two of his buddies wanted to know exactly where I bought my swimsuit. That’s the second time this summer that a boy in the 12-14 year-old range expressed interest in my suit. I wonder what that’s all about. The husband of a woman who was celebrating her “28th birthday” came over and asked me to wave to her because she thought I was the sexiest man on the beach! No matter how old she really was, that sentiment provided a nice ego boost. Once when walking the beach, a young woman was standing up and very obviously tracking me with her phone camera as I walked by. When I looked at her, she pretended to be doing something else with her phone. When I looked away, she reverted to her previous behavior. I decided to turn around and ask her pleasantly if she wanted a picture. She hesitated and acted surprised: “A picture??? No.” Perhaps, she already had what she wanted. Too bad, because I would have happily posed for her or with her. It’s true that men in thongs are extremely rare on Hampton Beach. However, it’s equally true that no one makes you feel uncomfortable wearing a thong or g-string. On many days, I am apparently ignored. On some days, I receive compliments. On no days have I been ridiculed or made to feel uncomfortable in any way. It seems to be similar for women going topfree. Thongs and topfree on both sexes are legal and socially acceptable on Hampton Beach. Too bad that peer pressure or puritanical hang-ups prevent more people from experiencing the joys of wearing minimal swimwear.
islandguy #25

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:08/31/2018 03:41:06Copy HTML

Tuesday and Wednesday were beach days for me at Hampton Beach. On Tuesday I wore a g-string with an American flag motif, and on Wednesday I wore navy blue g-string with a narrow, red pouch made of a thin, almost sheer material. I set up as usual in front of the Sea Spray condos. The beach was much less crowded than on Sunday, and there weren’t many kids, as school has started in many districts in the area. I did not see a single topfree woman on either day. There were plenty of women wearing cheeky bikinis, but no men in anything other than boardshorts. No one objected to my swimsuits. On the contrary, the cell phone cameras were out in force when I walked down to the water or strolled the beach. When I was standing by the river, taking a break before heading back to my spot, an 11- or 12- year-old boy offered to take my picture with my camera. After he did so, he walked away back to his family. I don’t know what the fascination is with pre-teen boys regarding my swimsuits. This is the third time that a boy around that age has showed interest in my swimsuit. Wishful thinking would be that there’s a cadre of boys on the way who are going to rebel against boardshorts. In mid-afternoon on each day, I walked down the sidewalk to a crosswalk and crossed the street to buy a cold drink at one of the storefronts. I got a few honks and supportive hoots and waves from passing cars. On Tuesday, a police car stopped to let me cross the street. The young woman who was the cashier said my swimsuit on Tuesday was very cute; the one on Wednesday she called really sexy. When a man over 60 gets favorable comments about his appearance from a woman under 25 – two days in a row – he must look pretty good. My wife claims that the cashier was simply being polite to a customer. I prefer my explanation. Regardless, I must say that it felt great to walk around in such tiny swimsuits. It’s really very liberating.
Da6772 #26

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:08/31/2018 06:08:51Copy HTML

islandguy, The "cute" swimsuit comment could be politeness or it could be mild flirting (depending on the young woman's tendency to flirt), but calling Wednesday's suit "sexy" is definitely a very good compliment -- not mere politeness, if you want my two cents. (Maybe your wife just didn't want you to expect those comments from every young gal, reading between the lines.) Pretty gutsy to cross the street in such little suits, even if the beach area is accepting of almost anything. For me, on the beach is quite different from off the beach in terms of acceptance. I remember walking to my car in the parking lot next to the beach and people really swiveled their heads as if they didn't expect to see a skimpy swimsuit in the parking lot. In fact, I heard one lady in a group say she would have packed something skimpier if she had known what people wore to this beach. I take it they were from out of state, perhaps from Florida, visiting friends or relatives during Ohio's summer season. That "visiting group" definitely saw a bunch of thongs at that beach.
Martylouie #27

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

Date Posted:09/01/2018 12:52:16Copy HTML

Sometimes we seasoned citizens can get away with stuff you young whippersnapers can’t.
islandguy #28

Re:Hampton and Salisbury Beaches in N.H.??

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Last Wednesday was a sunny, warm day with temps in the low 80s – undoubtedly the last chance to enjoy the beach until next year. I wore my navy blue g-string with the narrow, red, semi-sheer pouch – by far the tiniest swimsuit on the beach. There were hundreds of people, but hardly anyone under 30 – understandable because it was a school day. However, I did get a chance to chat with two young women who caught my eye as I walked the beach. One was with a girlfriend in the area in front of the large state beach parking lot. She was topfree, wearing a red thong. The friend was wearing a very cheeky bikini. Both were in their late 20s. They happened to be coming out of the water as I walked by, so I stopped to ask how the water felt. It was a trite ice-breaker, especially since the answer was obvious based on her hard nipples. But it did lead to an interesting conversation. It seems that she grew up in Hollywood, FL and spent a lot of time topfree at the beach with her friends. Although most of the girls in high school wore tops most of the time, it wasn’t a big deal for anyone who didn’t. With or without tops, many girls wore thongs or what are now called cheeky bikinis. The boys wouldn’t be caught dead wearing speedos or thongs, although they had no problem going nude at Haulover Beach. She chuckled when I suggested that nipples probably weren’t the only things hard at Haulover. She said that, in general, people weren’t as hung-up on body parts as they are around here. She met her boyfriend in college and followed him to the Boston area after graduating. She hates the short beach season, but she’s happy that at least there’s one beach in the area where bare buns and bare breasts are legal and socially acceptable. Later in the afternoon, I walked past a beautiful, blond college girl sunbathing alone wearing a not-very-cheeky bikini in an American flag motif. When she glanced at me, I smiled and gave her a thumbs-up. She took her earbuds out and I told her how glad I was to see such a patriotic college kid. Her story was also interesting. She’s majoring in biochemistry and minoring in dance. I asked if she had ever considered modeling on the side because she has such a gorgeous body. She said that she was in some catalogs for children’s clothes when she was younger, but she was told that she didn't have the cheekbones to go far in the modeling world! However, she was doing some figure modeling for art classes, including posing nude a few times. That led me to ask why, if she’s so comfortable with her body, she was wearing a relatively modest bikini. The answer was because she couldn’t find anyone to go with her (she has no classes on Wednesday afternoons). She said that she wears a thong and goes topless when she’s with her friends. She claimed to be too busy to have a boyfriend! She needed to resume reading for one of her courses, but before I left, I asked her to take a few pictures of me with my camera. She directed me to strike various poses that had the right sun angle and appropriate background to create a composition that emphasized my “good features.” She used terms like anatomical definition and focal perspective or some such things. She flattered me by suggesting that I would make a good figure model with the snug swimsuit I was wearing. All in all, I had a fun time wearing a comfortable, barely legal g-string that was taken in stride or viewed in a favorable light (ha-ha). Now it’s time to wait ‘till next year.
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