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matchingthongs #51

Re:Has becoming a parent changed your thong wearing habits

Date Posted:12/26/2016 10:58:48Copy HTML

 As the person who started this thread I felt the need to return to it now that my daughter is nearly 5 years old, because I have concluded that being a father has changed my habits. Strangely, she sees thongs as daddy clothes and normal for men. She was surprised that the thong swimsuits she found the other day were her mum's! Anyway, the reason why I think I've changed in my attitudes are the following:Fewer opportunities to visit more thong friendly beaches.When at a beach it's hard to just sunbathe, instead I have to run around and play with her so some crowded beaches are a bit more of a challenge!My dad body is less buff than it was - to my shame!She's noticing differences more and mixes more with other children and teachers and I don't want misunderstandings.
I dug out my snyder bulge thong for fun last night and my wife said - in jest- to be careful not to frighten our daughter who was getting ready for bed at the time, and I agreed. Somehow it no longer felt right to wear a suit like that, except for my wife's pleasure, in private. Even reading about the  more extreme and exhibitionist activities on the forum no longer feels so enticing anymore although I'm fine if people want to in the right situations and im fine about wearing any of my other "standard" thongs in public with her, but nothing deliberately designed to emphasise my privates. I have worn the Joe Snyder capri bikini around her in public and that is also a pretty standard beach suit for me with family.Let's see if my thonging days will last many more years. 
bodimuscle #52

Re:Has becoming a parent changed your thong wearing habits

Date Posted:03/16/2017 08:36:34Copy HTML

I guess I am in a unique situation that may or may not shed some light on this discussion. I've been wearing thongs to tan on the beach and at home for 30 years, and I've been competing in bodybuilding for about that same length of time. When our children were pre-teens, I opted like most of you to go to more of a squarecut or shorts style of swimsuit, just for the practicality of chasing kids up and down the beach, digging in the sand, playing ball and all that goes with it. Now my children are both grown adults in their mid-20s; the son is married. With my daughter, it was never an issue that I can remember, with her or any of her friends, even when I did get back to thonging more regularly once they established more social independence. With my son, it was different. As a teenager, he had a large number of friends and baseball buddies that regularly hung out at our house. I never paraded in front of any of them, but they were all accustomed to seeing pictures of me in my contest posers (which are rio cut) and most of them had actually seen me on-stage in contests. It was never an issue with any of them, and in that context, I guess I never got tagged with the teenage "gay" thing just because I wore bikini posers. On numerous occasions, I have been "caught" laying out sunning in our backyard in my thong or g-string suits, and friends of my children show up unexpectedly. I have never heard a word said about it, other than my favorite of my son's friends (he has always hit the weights hard and also now competes bb), in front of four other teen boys said I had a damn nice looking, tanned ass. It has never been an issue for me with them.
The one uncertainty that I recently crossed was with my new daughter-in-law. She had seen plenty of my contest pictures and had been to the beach a few times with me when I wore a fuller poser style bikini. So, I was unsure what she would think about me laying out in a thong at home or the beach, but I didn't want to make her uncomfortable. She surprised me couple years ago, one summer afternoon when I had come home early and decided to lay out for awhile, when she showed up at our house much earlier than I anticipated. When I greeted her, I did not hug her as I always do only because I was drenched in sweat; she gave me a long and thorough look up and down, then said she was gonna put on her bikini and join me. Never said a word specifically about my suit, or lack of one, and I took her willingness to lay out with me as acceptance. I have not been able to get her hot little self into a thong yet, but we have laid out together frequently, and the one time I did not wear one of my thongs, she said she was disappointed.
Being a parent in and of itself has not changed my thong habits, other than for purely practical considerations while they were little, and I have found that my kids and even their friends have been very accepting of it.
LakeLife #53

Re:Has becoming a parent changed your thong wearing habits

Date Posted:03/19/2017 03:18:12Copy HTML

 matchingthongs nailed it: it's fine as long as you're not pushing the envelope. I do admit that my kids are still elementary age so it's no big deal. I assume it's a different conversation once they're older and more "socially vulnerable." 
What I have noticed is that my kids are a lot more tolerant of differences than the average kid. 
nicksthong #54

Re:Has becoming a parent changed your thong wearing habits

Date Posted:03/21/2017 02:05:30Copy HTML

 Its been four years since I first responded to this. We have two kids now, they are still very young, but no, my kids havent changed my thongs. To be honest, its really affected my occasional crossdressing. There is a fair bit of casual nudity, and are also often dressed in little bit our underwear. Im sure it will get a bit weirdwhen they get older, but its no big deal so far.
LoveMyThongs #55

Re:Has becoming a parent changed your thong wearing habits

Date Posted:09/01/2018 11:09:34Copy HTML

We didn’t change our habits and t worked out fine. Both kids started thong underwear at 12 and my daughter got a thong swimsuit at 14. My son got his at 12 because he’s well endowed. We were in Costa Rica all in our thongs and this local couple wore thongs as well. In South America it’s not uncommon or kids younger to wear them and it’s fine. My friend from high school married a Brazilian guy and went all thongs and their daughters wear them. He’s a speedo guy but she likes them and didn’t want to hide them.
MarkThongLines #56

Re:Has becoming a parent changed your thong wearing habits

Date Posted:09/01/2018 12:02:04Copy HTML

Prior to having our daughter my wife and I would frequently enjoy sunning in our thongs/Gs at some of our local beaches. My wife has continued wearing thong underwear however is a little less confident in her appearance since giving birth, despite my encouragement and telling her she is beautiful, so hasn’t sunbathed in a thong in public since then. I haven’t really changed my thonging at all, still get out to the beach as often as I can. Hopefully she’ll join again in the future.

John Howard #57

Re:Has becoming a parent changed your thong wearing habits

Date Posted:09/02/2018 12:46:50Copy HTML

@ MarkThonhLines, just wondering if the people you spotted as locals were actually forreigners. Ive lived in South America and the proportion of South american men wearing thongs is below minimal. Most men would rather prefer to be killed than be seen wearing a speedo let alone a thong. @ minute 1'25", the video below proves my point. And this happened in Brazil which is by far the Southamerican country where you would find men wearing less than any other country in the region. https://youtu.be/HXQMYwT-Ssc Regarding the topic of young people or kids wearing thongs over there, thats even less likely; actually and this is my very personal opinion. kids wearing thongs is an idea that comes across as a bit creepy to me.
matchingthongs #58

Re:Has becoming a parent changed your thong wearing habits

Date Posted:09/03/2018 08:17:49Copy HTML

@John Howard The idea of South American men wearing thongs as a norm sounds like a fantasy to me too. The numbers are probably lower than amongst men of almost every other continent. Their women are encouraged to, but any man who dares to step out of line will be mocked publically. The video is full of fear. Fear of being different; fear of trying something outside the herd; fear of upsetting other people's fragile sensibilities; fear of men's anatomy. Perhaps more people should try being different in Brazil. However, if you watch the reaction and look on the girl's face at the end of that pathetic modelling show by her boyfriend I think betrays a deeper liking for what she's seeing. She's been so conditioned to think that what he is wearing is strange, comical or gross that her mind is in turmoil. I bet he wouldn't dare laugh at her if she wore a too small bikini that showed her bumps or expressed disgust at her body in a small swimsuit. It's the usual double standards and social conditioning at play. As for young people wearing thongs over there, I cannot comment, but in Europe, in my recent experience, it's mostly teen and sometimes pre-teen girls who are wearing them. It isn't creepy at all to me.
JM_Runs #59

Re:Has becoming a parent changed your thong wearing habits

Date Posted:09/03/2018 09:58:22Copy HTML

It is incorrect to assume Central and South America is homogeneous. There are a large number of very distinct nationalities and thousands of beaches. I have found very different attitudes to thongs in people from different places. Some of the people most open to men in thongs and me in particular come from Columbia, Costa Rica and Argentina. When the Argentinian teen girls come to Fort Lauderdale on their annual spring trip, they are in all in thongs or cheeky swimsuits, and have been very friendly to me, an older male thonger. I often see mothers and younger daughters out thonging together on our beach. Seems to be common with South Americans living here, but think it is even more common in Dade County which has more South Americans. I only know the county of origin if they have become friends and the subject came up. Or in the case of some of the Columbian's, if it is football season and they are wearing caps in Colombian colors. Undoubtedly in some places there is prejudice towards men in thongs. I think it is often driven by religious homophobia. Observations that thongs on men are not that common in South America are just as applicable to North America too. But more young fit South American men wear speedos or sunga than in the USA. This is a good start. It seems to me that, if one can generalize across many nations and people, South Americans in general start treating their teen age kids as adults sooner than we do. More free-range-kid style of parenting than US helicopter parents, with the exception of the chastity of their teen age girls.
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