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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:05/27/2005 03:19:46Copy HTML

Just looking for another guy to hang out with in Honolulu or anywhere on Oahu.
sheluvsmythong #1

Re:Hawaii - Contacts

Date Posted:12/05/2005 03:49:29Copy HTML

hey thong man wassup...
tighthong #2

Re:Hawaii - Contacts

Date Posted:12/12/2005 02:22:16Copy HTML

Hey man,

I thong all the time in Hawaii.  Sometimes I go to Lanaki or Kailua beach.  I always wear a thong with my wife on the north shore.  Just let us know where and when and we will be the others in thongs at the beach.  Of course if you go to Lanikai or Kailua, there are almost always a few guys and gals in thongs.


sheluvsmythong #3

Re:Hawaii - Contacts

Date Posted:01/03/2006 02:45:47Copy HTML

Hey Tightthong, I've been trying to get my girl to thong at the beach but she's too modest.  Then again so am I.  Went to Kaimana Beach yesterday and saw a few thongs but none on a guy.  I had a thong under my shorts and had it peek over my shorts but that's about as far as it's gone on Oahu.  Maybe one day we'll join you!
Pagan-Egyptian #4

Re:Hawaii - Contacts

Date Posted:03/19/2008 05:00:57Copy HTML

  I know this is an old thread, but my wife has applied for a civil engineering job for the Hawaiian govt. IF she gets it, I will be moving there with her and will stock up on thongs before I come. Wish her luck, because I would love to live there. Just wanted to give a heads up.-Tim
rockys01 #5

Re:Hawaii - Contacts

Date Posted:09/11/2008 12:20:00Copy HTML

I'm oahu & usually thong at home in the back yard.  Anyone thong a the beach? If so where & when do you go. Im a male & possibably looking for somone to thong with.
m2mfun #6

Re:Hawaii - Contacts

Date Posted:02/12/2011 06:21:25Copy HTML

going to Kauai at end of feb. any recommendations on hot beaches to hang out at for some gay and thong fun?
thong_jock #7

Re:Hawaii - Contacts

Date Posted:02/12/2011 07:26:56Copy HTML

 Mmmm wish I was going with you - going to the Big Island this year in April and bringing the kids. :-)

Was there last year. You gotta check out Secret Beach and Barking Sands Beach...both are gorgeous with not a lot of people. I thonged in my Muscleskins thongs last year at both.

m2mfun #8

Re:Hawaii - Contacts

Date Posted:02/13/2011 08:01:07Copy HTML

thanks man. would have loved to have seen you in that tight, tiny gear of yours. would have been so damn hot with both of us rolling around on the beach in our little thongs. getting wet in the sand.
thong_jock #9

Re:Hawaii - Contacts

Date Posted:03/08/2011 02:33:46Copy HTML

 I'm going to be on the Kona area the week of April 4th. I'll be wearing mostly bikinis as I'll be with my kids, but was wondering if there might be other guys there around the same time who would like to slip away from some quiet thonging or early morning thong hikes along the beach.
thong_jock #10

Re:Hawaii - Contacts

Date Posted:03/27/2011 03:20:05Copy HTML

 Will be on the Big Island from April 5-12. I'll have some alone time here and there to wear my new 3/8 Muscleskins thongs. Looking for other male thongers to hit the beach with and lay out in micros.
JM_Runs #11

Re:Hawaii - Contacts

Date Posted:07/16/2012 09:35:34Copy HTML

I love wearing a thong or very skimpy swimwear on Maui, not just little beach, that gets old after a while. I like west maui, south maui, Baldwin.... anyone like to join me? 
orlspeedo #12

Re:Hawaii - Contacts

Date Posted:10/14/2014 10:23:39Copy HTML

I will be in Maui at the Grand Waileah the week of November 16 for a Conference and would love to find others to thong or hang out with in the late evenings/afternoon.  
botoboi #13

Re:Hawaii - Contacts

Date Posted:03/31/2018 12:25:30Copy HTML

Be glad to chill out!
svqergo1 #14

Re:Hawaii - Contacts

Date Posted:05/02/2018 03:43:51Copy HTML

I'll be in the Kona area on the Big Island from 3-10 May and am looking for others to thong with.
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