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Date Posted:11/24/2015 09:16:01Copy HTML

My wife has been talking about going to Hedonism II in Jamaica for our anniversary this upcoming April. I was a little shocked because we've never really gotten into public nudity, and out of the two of us I'm definitely the one more comfortable thonging in public. But she seems to be really into going! 
Was just curious what others' experiences have been wearing thongs and other gear at Hedo? If I were to wear a thong or a speedo on the beach or at the pool would I be judged? I've read something about the "nude" side and the "prude" side - what's that all about?
We're big into costumes and dress up, so the Theme Nights are what really excite me. Do a lot of husbands get into the themes, or is it mostly the wives? For example, for the School Girl Night I'm thinking sexy football player with tight football pants and an exposed jock, and for Leather & Lingerie I'm thinking leather harness and leather thong. 
Any input and tips would be appreciated! 
Ex_Member #1

Re:Hedonism II

Date Posted:11/25/2015 02:56:19Copy HTML

Hedo used to be merely a naughty place.  My wife and I love nude beaches and resorts, so public nudity is no big deal to us.  In fact, I had gone to Hedo several times in the early 90s and it was just naked and fun.  About two years ago I decided to bring my wife to Hedo, and discovered that times have changed dramatically.  Hedo isn't about mere nudity, it's about SEX.  The nude side is primarily swingers and people who come to Hedo to watch the swingers.  You will see public sex right there in broad daylight in the "nude pool."  Hedo maintains a float out on the water to have sex on.  At the party one night, they were running porn movies on a big-screen TV.  There is a daily parade of boaters driving slowly by to see what they can see.  Hardly anyone goes to the "prude" side (which is really clothing optional), but the swingers will invade the prude side if it's too crowded on "their" side.  While I was out diving, my wife was sunbathing on the "prude" side and was "hit on" by swingers.  They also started having sex on the prude side until I complained and they took that business back to the nude side.  That wasn't the first time we were hit on, but ordinarily it's as a couple, and usually the swingers will leave you alone after being rebuffed, but the idea of being approached for sex is unnerving enough, let alone to have my wife be hit on while I was away.  As far as wearing a thong or Speedo, you can certainly do it on the "prude" side but you'll be overdressed, and they won't even LET you wear anything on the nude side.  Don't worry about being judged.  Nobody will be "judging" you unless you are competing in the naked body shot contest or seeing how many people you can have sex with at the pool in a week.
As you can tell, I was not happy with our trip to Hedo and I was embarrassed to have brought my wife there.  However, there are obviously a lot of people for whom this place is wonderful, and for those people -- more power to them (BTW, shortly after our trip, the place was bought out by a group that is into swinging so I don't see things changing).  If you aren't into swinging and open sex, you would be far better off and happier at one of the Couples resorts or other resorts in Jamaica that has a nude beach.  For example, Couples Sans Souci has the same amenities as Hedo, plus a nude beach, and an atmosphere that is much more relaxed and non-sexual.  
MBthong #2

Re:Hedonism II

Date Posted:03/17/2019 09:00:48Copy HTML

Just got back from Hedo. You can be nude everywhere there now except for the restaurant and shops which ask that some clothing is worn. A thong will be fine and I was able to wear a different one each day and out at night too. A great place for thong/nude holiday
bogbody #3

Re:Hedonism II

Date Posted:03/20/2019 02:52:49Copy HTML

we are going in december this year. i have packed a few thongs and speedos and the wife will be wearing thong bikinis when we arnt naked. we also have two sexy school girl outfits to wear on theme night.
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