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Date Posted:01/14/2013 12:38:43Copy HTML

I've received a few of these in my Inbox lately. So what exactly is a "friend request", what purpose does it serve, what are the implications if I accept or ignore the request?

Thanks in advance!
luvnmythong #1

Re:Help: what is a 'friend request'?

Date Posted:01/14/2013 06:28:23Copy HTML

lindros:   This is the first time I've seen this topic posted.  I think it's a interesting question, but don't read more into it than necessary.    So, I stopped and asked myself what a "friend request" was and what purpose it served.    I am always honored that someone would request me as a friend.  I'm not a hot bod or anything special at all.  I would hope that they wanted me as a friend because my pictures or profile information someway "clicked" with them.   Maybe it was choice of swimwear that they identified with.   Maybe it was something I wrote in my profile that they identified with.   Perhaps I posted something that they thought was interesting or informative.   For whatever reason someone requests you as a friend, just be glad that someone took notice of you on the board.    I can tell you for a fact, that I have made some really great and long-lasting friendships on this board.  I love getting messages and corresponding with others from all over the world.   We all have something in common which brings us together on this board.   This common interest we all have is the first step to meeting others and getting to know people who share your love for minimal swimwear.  If you don't want to develop any friendships, then fine.....just ignore the request.   No problem.  If you do accept a friend request then that's all there is to it.   Should you choose to get to know the new friend through messaging, then that is just another layer to the friendship.    My advice to you lindros is to not worry about accepting a friend request.    I can tell you from experience......it' all good!!!!
Ex_Member #2

Re:Help: what is a 'friend request'?

Date Posted:10/25/2014 11:34:52Copy HTML

 How can I request friendship with someone else?
J_R_365 #3

Re:Help: what is a 'friend request'?

Date Posted:11/13/2014 10:56:21Copy HTML

 I received a notice of a friend request in my inbox, but there isn't any showing in my profile page. I tried adding it per the instructions in the Help, but could only select from the 30 most recent members.

I've added friends in the past; why isn't it working now?
J_R_365 #4

Re:Help: what is a 'friend request'?

Date Posted:11/13/2014 11:12:49Copy HTML

 Oh, I see that said friend is now "Ex-member".
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