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Date Posted:07/17/2018 03:49:18Copy HTML

I have been thonging for years and recently started thonging around friends. I now have a male friend that has been asking a lot of questions about thongs and has mentioned he would like to try, but I don't know if he would start by himself.

Would it be ok to give him a thong one day we are out and tell him to try it, or should I let him figure it out himself?
cmp304 #1

Re:Helping influance others

Date Posted:07/17/2018 04:09:49Copy HTML

next time have a couple extra suits with you and offer a loaner if he wants to try it.
NudeNArizona #2

Re:Helping influance others

Date Posted:07/17/2018 10:11:38Copy HTML

 We had friends who we met when we first moved to Oahu and both of the wives wore thongs and the husbands wore Speedo’s so after our first time meeting one of the wives commented to her husband he should get a suit like mine which was an N2N G-string. Then the husbands said he would if she went topless like my wife
LakeThong88 #3

Re:Helping influance others

Date Posted:07/19/2018 01:58:27Copy HTML

 Well we went out today and i offered him a thong and a speedo, he went for the thong and rocked it all day. At the end he asked if he could keep it to which i said yes! Thanks for the input
JM_Runs #4

Re:Helping influance others

Date Posted:07/20/2018 01:51:42Copy HTML

 Good job LakeThong !!
NudeNArizona #5

Re:Helping influance others

Date Posted:08/31/2018 01:48:33Copy HTML

My wife had a friend who she would work out with, one day her friend commented on her lack of tan lines and asked which salon she tanned in and she laughed and said my backyard and invited her to sunbathe. Her friend was hesitant to tan naked so she offered her a G-string which she accepted while Michelle went nude. They continued their routine for a few days until one afternoon her friend decided to go nude which happened to be Friday when I came home early. Michelle warned me they would be in our pool so when I came home I saw them outside and stripped and walked out back which shocked her friend but when she saw me naked she just smiled and said “I caught them “ and I said I won’t tell her husband if she didn’t want him to know but I’m sure he would not mind. As she stayed in the pool eventually she got more comfortable and came and laid next to Michelle and everybody just relaxed and the next weekend we invited her and her husband over for a swim and initially she wore her G-string then after she got out of the pool to lay out she removed her suit which surprised her husband who did the same before we walked out back in our G-strings
mack_back #6

Re:Helping influance others

Date Posted:01/12/2019 07:41:06Copy HTML

While thonging mainly in the gym pool facilities i've been seen from large outside bay windows. Members walking to and from the gym floor, changing room could tell i'm wearing a thong in whirlpool pool and swimming laps. Often looking up at the large window from the pool i see many people pause reacting to me. Usually it's females smirking pointing me out to there accompanied friends while making there way to the gym floor. Never really know wearing my thong swimwear in the pool influences  the ladies that do notice. Or know the numbers of how many truly pass by the pool seeing me in my thong swimming. Very rare to see anyone thong in the gym pool if they do indeed wear one most likely being a beautiful woman accompanied by her dork short boyfriend. Often few woman wearing towel walking along the pool deck then taking it off showing off their thong string bikini. Only seen maybe one or two woman boldly thong in calendar year, which is rare indeed.. So as i go my daily visits to the gym pool using all the facilities sitting in the whirlpool one day. One heavy set young lady walks along the entire length of the pool from woman locker room. She appeared to be wearing a burgundy string bikini as i watched her from the front. Although the bikini looked very narrow bottoms in the front i had no idea what she had on. As she came to the pool deck shower in the middle i observed her closely seeing her turn around showering. To my shock she had on string thong and wasn't shy flaunting it as she made her way into the whirlpool with me. She was new to the pool never seen her before. Yet didn't want to be creepy discussing her thong comparing mine. She didn't stay long in the whirlpool and left the pool deck back towards the ladies locker room forgetting her towel. As i was leaving the whirlpool she came entering  walking along the deck again discovering me relatively unfazed showering in a thong. She  walked back to whirlpool area retrieving her towel and  slowly exiting back to the locker room uncovered as i watched her backside entire time. Concluding she had to notice me thonging before in my many visits from the pool bay windows as other woman waiting for there zumba studio class to begin nearby the pool window. One bold woman deciding to thong herself thinking it wouldn't create a fuss seeing me often in a thong swimsuit. Only reaction i discovered was her disappointment of me not chatting her up. Guess it's common for others trying to mimic, copy our swimwear feeling a bond or desire to wear essentially same style of swimwear. Her thinking if that man can wear a thong to the pool why can't i try it also. Only problem i acted like i cared less of her thong not at all  friendly enough to this heavy set young woman. Which could lead her to believe or self doubt with her body image wearing a thong. Yet do strongly believe this young lady purposely sought me out to try to thong thinking we could spark up a conversation or some friendship just because of our bold swimwear. Yet my thinking is whenever someone wears a thong treat it as any other swimwear. So no special reactions nor conversations only because someone decides to wear a thong like myself. 

 Also had male covered up dressed in a towel telling me he wears one also. Asking him what? He then pulled down his towel exposing his hip pulling on his g-string. Telling me loves to thong also asking me if the pool had regulation of thong swimwear. Knew the way he appeared many would deem it as underwear rather then swimwear which is disallowed. Few weeks later noticed signs posted around the pool facilities proper swimwear is required no underwear or nudity.

 Guess some spoil the fun for others because of there love for thonging.

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