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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:08/12/2018 06:25:39Copy HTML

Had buy Herren missle thong from boy strings. 

Have to say wearing a thong at c/o beach I almost never do. This time I walked through to textile beach area. Amused at how people noticed me rather seeing me nude. 

As I walked along in shallow water had three young woman newbies notice me standing at the shoreline overlooking me passing by. The most attractive one stood staring upon me with her pearly whites showing. Don’t know if it was the y back thong which I loved. Overall pleased with the swimsuit, low upfront, not entirely a missle but between poser and classic as muscleskins makes. Wish they made them in other colours. 

hotbunz1969 #1

Re:Herren, from boy strings missile thong

Date Posted:08/12/2018 03:12:20Copy HTML

Thanks for bringing my attention to ‘boy-strings.com’ mack_back, its not a vendor we’ve come across before. They certainly offer some very daring designs!!! As my GF and I looked through their site she pointed out a lot of their suits were very similar to the ones offered by ‘beachkini.com’ so we are guessing they have set up a new online company dedicated to offering micro swimwear for men..... and good on them!!! Our assumption aside, and even though their prices are a little high, as we looked through what they had to offer a good many suits caught our eye, but one in particular had my GF reaching for my credit card and INSISTING I place an order.... so thanks to you I am now over a £100 light...... on the up side though, in a few days time I’ll be the proud owner of 2 ‘monster bulge’ suits!!! One in yellow, size medium, the other (under strict instructions from the OH) in white, size small! Both have the triangle back and the smaller 11cm pouch size....... wish me luck! Not sure I’m going to fit into the white one!
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