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Date Posted:10/08/2018 02:42:31Copy HTML

NPR has a program called "Hidden Brain". 

This last week the program as about "How a fear of appearing feminine restricts MEN, and affects us all."

Here is a link to the podcast:


ithongit #1

Re:Hidden Brain: How a fear of appearing feminine restricts MEN

Date Posted:10/13/2018 03:31:52Copy HTML

I have not listened to this show or read a transcript, but think this is very true. It is/was true when many sports were "boy" sports and the easier things like archery and batmitten were "girl" sports. I see it in even "liberated" parents who do not encourage boys who are interested in art or cooking or other "girl" activiites. At the same time, it seems that girls/women are more accepted in many areas that used to be male oriented. There are countless female police, some female fire fighters, airplane pilots, race car drivers, lawyers, doctors, etc. Many of these women are fairly well respected in their profession, but there are still some men who shy away from them. Males seem to have it harder getting into traditionally female professions. There are a fair number of male nurses, and elemetary teachers. Men are often considered to be the best chefs, but an average cook is more likely to be a woman. But other things like secretaries, phone operators, etc. are still dominated by women. I believe men are more scared of appearing female (whimpy, gay, indecisive, or even plain stupid) while women like the thought of being more powerful, more respected, etc. that is a signs sent when women take on traditionally male jobs.
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