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Date Posted:04/18/2004 06:16:29Copy HTML

Anyone had any experience with hiking in a thong?I love to walk the beach in a micro-g-string and partial nudity by the sea always seems acceptable but on holiday this year I took a day out to explore some of the mountain tracks on Gran Canaria. Anyway it was clear and sunny and having set off in a bikini top and shorts (which seemed quite OK) I was soon out of sight of any houses in a wonderful mountain landscape. My shorts were chaffing a little, so it occurred to me tohike just in a bikini - more forcomfort that anything else at this stage. So after about half an hour it was clear that I was going to have the tracks to myself - and maybe spurred on by the exercise - I stripped off my top and got into one of my smaller WW G-strings (just a narrow string side and back with a 3 cm wide low cut front). I only had a small ruck-sack so I was able to carry it in my hand to get the Sun all over my back too.Wow! whata great feeling to be so close to nature. It felt so bad too - although I couldn't see any logical reason why! I mean, what is the difference between hiking trails and walking the beach. It was so exhilarating coming to the crest of a hill or a bind corner, not knowing if there would be anyone there. Only at one point did I spot two ramblers coming towards me, and as they got closer I kept thinking 'I should stop and get dressed', but of course I delayed and delayed until they were so close that to cover up would have been pointless as they would have been close enough to have seen what I was wearing (or not!) anyway. So my path crossed withthe middleaged German couple who simply smiled and passed a comment aboutthe lovely sunshine!So I just wondered if anyone else had moved their tanning away from the beach to the hills and how they had got along? Maybe it could become a new sport!Krissy ;-)(Sorry I seem to be be hogging the forum tonight - been away on holidayand I've got withdrawal symptoms. 
dayne #1

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:04/18/2004 11:52:52Copy HTML

I have hiked all over Arizona and parts of California wearing a thong.  From time to time, I have gotten second looks but never had anyone say anything.  I think one of the reasons is because of my own attitude.  I am comfortable in what I am wearing and don't think twice about it.  I guess people react to that.  About the only exception I make is when I see a group with young children, then I will put on shorts.  I think it is a courtesy to let the parents have the option of introducing children to varying amounts of nudity.


lauren1 #2

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:04/18/2004 05:20:45Copy HTML

You are so right when you say it's all about attitude. I'd have covered up too if there were kids to save their giggles and my blushes. When the other hikers came towards me I kept saying to myself "Just be cool and act like its them that is is doing something unusual by wearing their clothes in such a warm and sunny place"

I'd definitely wear a thong whenever hiking in the sun again, but I think I'll start with the more remote areas and build up my confidence before using any popular trails.

K ;-) 

Ex_Member #3

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:04/18/2004 07:16:09Copy HTML

You're very right, Krissy, in saying it makes you feel so close to nature and free! In Australia, if you want to hike in a thong or nude, you just need to do a little driving to one of our National Parks or State Forests to find an appropriate trail. There is one in particular I have done in a thong, and twice in just a pair of shoes. Week days are definately the time, outside of school holiday periods (no crowds).

My walks along and over to the beach in just my thong are getting longer, as I enjoy them heaps! I'm also getting a lot more confident in the places I'll go, and more relaxed about who sees me. Attitude really does count!

nicthong #4

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:04/19/2004 12:50:39Copy HTML

This is something I've wanted to try for quite a while. Have discussed visiting various thongers in Canada and the States and including thong hiking as part of the trip but it's never actually come to pass. Great to know that some opportunities exist a little closer to home... and encouraging to hear that the couple you came across were to accepting of you hiking as you were! Maybe there's hope for us thongers yet!

Btw, did you hike alone or were you vacationing with friends? If the latter, did they join your thonging ventures at all?

lauren1 #5

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:04/19/2004 05:00:20Copy HTML

Noooo! The hiking was a solo effort. My friends are totally used to me on the beach in g-string style thongs (but noting extreme), but they'd think I'd really lost it if they knew I was wandering about like it too! I went with two other girl friends who sunbathe in more modest thongs (rather than g-strings) and even did a little beach walking with me without covering up - which was a first for them.
nicthong #6

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:04/19/2004 08:02:15Copy HTML

Well, it's good that you were with friends that joined you in thonging on the beach... even if you did have to go on the hike alone. Sounds like great fun, I've gotta admit! Definitely something I want to try! (Out of curiosity, from your "Noooo!" response... would you not want company when hiking in a thong?)

Oh, and just to keep things in their proper threads, someone asked in a different thread if there's any reason you didn't just go nude when you stripped down to the thong?

lauren1 #7

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:04/20/2004 05:37:59Copy HTML

I guess its that psychological factor again - just me thinking I must be mad to want to walk about just about nude. My friends are used to me on the beach but I'm sure they'd think me nuts if I told them I was hill walking like it too! Besides I think I got more of a kick out of daring myself to do it alone, but that's not to say that a pair of thong mad hikers would be out of the question!

Oh, yes the 'nude' question. Kind of defeats the object to me. For one I think its far more sexy to be in a thong and there is always that defence, "well I AM wearing a bikini you know!!!" if I was ever challenged (if that makes any sense)

K ;-)

nicthong #8

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:04/20/2004 05:51:41Copy HTML

I totally agree! Although I'd like to try tanning nude some time (simply because I haven't yet) I definitely prefer the idea of a thong: I enjoy wearing them, I can wear them more openly, and - like you - I think thongs are sexier than nudity any day! Plus, as a guy, if I was hiking, I'm fairly sure I'd value the support too! Which brings me to the point that I respect you for hiking alone... don't think I'd likely venture out like that without a friend... so if ever you need a "thong mad hiker" for company...
Maxtlatl #9

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:04/22/2004 05:27:51Copy HTML

I went hiking in a thong on Tuesday.

Here in Ohio, it was about 60 degrees, and I really hadn't
intended at first just to wear a thong, but I had one
on under my shorts, and very quickly warmed up to where
it was most comfortable.

I went hiking at Tar Hollow State Forest. I was also
barefoot [this is a most sensual way to connect with
nature, and the thong contributes to that]. I happen
to call this "Abo-hiking", from Australian aborginies,
though they were completely naked.

It really is the most comfortable way to be hiking.
I didn't meet anybody at all on the trail, and am not
quite sure what I would have done had I done so.

Anyways, thonged hiking doesn't have to be done only at

I might also mention the one hazard: chapped thighs.
I am in no way fat, but I found the insides of my
thighs nonetheless rubbed a bit and got a bit sore.
Folks considering thonged hiking for longer distances in
warmer weather might consider applying some sort of
wax or oily lubricant [lip balm?] to that area before
going too far.
magnus67t #10

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/01/2004 03:36:56Copy HTML

   In California there is Harbins Resort located north of Calistoga.  The resort is clothing optional, with sundecks and with spring water fed soaking and swiming pools.  The resort has one thousand acres of  hiking trails, all of which are clothing optional.  I've hiked the trails wearing only a G string and in the nude.  At Harbins it is tremendously freeing to go anywhere wearing as little as possible.  They have vendors there that sell pareo's which many of the men wear.  The only time one needs to wear any clothing is in the stores and restaurants.   I've hiked in other parks in the U.S. in various states of undress from wearing men's bikinis, to thongs, to G strings to naked but have allways tried to cover up or to duck out of the way in order not to offend anyone. 

Added by modirator  >>> Link >>> http://www.harbin.org/intro.htm

localboi #11

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/02/2004 11:57:37Copy HTML

that sounds like a great place to go..... ive never given a thought to hiking in a thong, but it sounds like somethign fun to do....

the only problem is that im so shy about people knowing that im wearing thongs the only place i really feel fine with being out in the open in my thongs is on my deck where i tan.

dayne #12

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/02/2004 02:29:12Copy HTML

when I do it is usually in a fairly remote place-not your city park.  also, it doesn't  hurt to keep a pair of shorts handy. if you hear or see a fairly large group, or one with kids, you can become quickly discrete.
Ryan Booth #13

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/03/2004 01:30:05Copy HTML

Thong hiking sounds like a great idea. Although I can imagine the straps on a rucksack beginning to irritate on bare shoulders. Don't forget to pack lots of sun cream as your skin can burn very quickly once you are walking out in the open.
localboi #14

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/03/2004 11:36:28Copy HTML

For those of you who do go hiking only in thongs

Do you carry a backpack too?  im just wondering cuz id hate to have backpack strap tanlines just as bad as a farmers tan.... lol

dayne #15

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/03/2004 12:05:58Copy HTML

Wen I hike in a thong I do have a backpack.  When I get to where I am going, I get a big beach towel out and read a book, go skinny dipping, or do some climbing.  I have never had any problems with weird tan lines.  Also, never had a problem with chapped thighs either.  I think liberal use spf 15 suntan lotion must  have solve dtheat problem for me and I didn't know it..
Maxtlatl #16

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/03/2004 09:03:01Copy HTML

When I hike I usually carry a fanny pack, which has a fairly small
container-portion, and a couple of water bottles. My backup
shorts go into the container portion, along with a few other items.

Note for European readers: American "fanny" does not mean what you
think it does; in English it means "bum". A "fanny pack" in America
is mostly a belt with a small pouch that hangs just above your bum.
lauren1 #17

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/11/2004 06:24:37Copy HTML

The back pack thing.

Yes of course it'll give tan lines over the shoulders, but I travel light and I carried my small rucksack just in my hand to avoid this and keep my lines to the absolute minimum  


stanpuppy #18

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:01/10/2010 01:37:00Copy HTML

Oddly enough, while i have never hiked in a thong, I have hiked nude.  I was working in vermont many years ago and was told by some locals that the state was very liberal with nudity and it was tolerated in many places.  At the end of my work day, I went to a local mountian range that i knew led to lake champlain (where i had tanned nude previously).  When i got there, as soon as i got into the woods and i removed my clothes and hiked nude to the lake.  I passed several people (one was nude, most were clothed).  Funny thing was the reaction....there was none.  Most people walked by like I was wearing street clothes.  It was aweome.  Vermont is a great state!!!
matchingthongs #19

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:08/22/2011 03:15:17Copy HTML

 I have done it once in the Lake District about 3 years ago. It was a rare, warm, dry and sunny summer's day and we were coming down into a quiet valley and I thought I would strip down to my thong to treat my wife! Not planned, but I was wearing a thong anyway, so I thought why not! Just my boots, rucksack, thong and a hat for a couple of miles was great. For those unfamiliar with the region, it isn't wooded in most areas, so you can be seen for miles around potentially and there is nowhere to hide if you need to - which adds to the thrill. It's also a notoriously wet part of the country! We didn't meet anyone, but when I saw a group we were catching in the distance, my trousers and shirt went on reluctantly.
It's very rare to get those opportunities, but it was fun. Doing it nude would be a thrill too - in a different sense.
oregonbeach #20

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:08/22/2011 05:45:54Copy HTML

I do most of my hiking in a national park where lots of families are seen so I would never go thong only.  Just recently I started wearing a thong under my shorts instead of compression shorts under them.  I did the compression thing because I was wrorried about possible skin iritation.  Now I am totally sold on the thong under scheme.  Last hike I got caught in a shower and my light weight shorts became almost transparent clearly indicating that I had a thong underneath.
thong_jock #21

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:08/23/2011 02:26:55Copy HTML

 I've hiked in thongs and skinzwear bikinis a few times. I find it really erotic and love the look of a thong with sneakers, a backoack, and a baseball hat.
hiker2 #22

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:08/26/2011 01:15:21Copy HTML

I did some hiking in a 'conservative' thong in a wilderness area in the Adirondacks when I was there this summer.  The first trail on the way in had some people, I said hi quietly when we met on the trail and about 2/3 responded, which is about the same rate of response I get when wearing normal clothes.  I spent just over 48 hours in the interior of the area and hiked on several trails without seeing anyone at all.  I wear hiking sandals, and on the way in I was wearing a frame backpack with my camping stuff.  Thong or swim trunks and sandals is a great way to hike on rainy days(which they were) as I can get as wet as necessary and it doesn't matter.  I was glad to know that thongs are legal in NY state, otherwise I would have had to be more cautious.
stanpuppy #23

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:08/29/2011 02:24:27Copy HTML

I guess I have done this once.  I was in vermont on business and had some spare time so I went to red rock beach in burlington.  It is a pretty long trak through the woods to get there so I got out of my car and walked in only my thong and sneakers to the beach.  Since it was probably about 3/4 to a mile in the woods...i say it counts as hiking.  I did encounter another group of hikers along the way (who said absolutely nothing about my attire). Vermont is a pretty "live and let live" state!!!
JM_Runs #24

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:09/14/2011 10:47:11Copy HTML

It's not hiking, but I usually do my spring time "hobby" farming on our tractor in my thong. The tracts that i farm are back in the woods pretty good. I never have hiked though.
nicksthong #25

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:09/17/2011 05:13:20Copy HTML

 I have found that the rainy days are some of the best times to go for a hike or, as I prefer- a run, in the woods.  There are rarely any other hikers, and the rain feels good, as long as its warm out. 
svqergo1 #26

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/03/2013 09:59:03Copy HTML

I recently hiked alone about half of the 'Awa-'awapuhi and part of Nu'alolo Cliff trails in Kauai's Waimea Canyon in a thong.  I was the second car to the trailhead in the morning and hiked (in regular clothes) to the end of 'Awa-'awapuhi, where I met up with the owners of the first car.  They were just leaving but had hiked these trails before and suggested that I detour about a mile (one-way) on the Nu'alolo Cliff trail for another amazing view.  It was a warm, gorgeous day so I decided to do that.  I had read in one of the island's guide books that "you may be surprised at how few people you see along the way" on this set of trails, so I stripped to my thong and, after finishing admiring the view, started back and took the detour (about 1/4 mile up the trail I had come down).

On the two-mile (round-trip) detour, I didn't encounter anyone else (and the trip was worth it for the view).  Once I turned back onto the main trail ('Awa-'awapuhi), I learned that the guide book was wrong (at least on this day) as I came across about 25 people (in groups of 2-4) in the 3 miles back to my car.  Some of people said hello or smiled, but that was about it. 
krazyhippo #27

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/12/2013 12:55:28Copy HTML

 do you really need to do this??
JM_Runs #28

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/12/2013 04:32:32Copy HTML

 What is wrong with that ?  If thongs are legal in that state, why is hiking in a thong any worse than sunning in a thong ?  I run for miles on the beach in a thong, what is the big difference ? 
JM_Runs #29

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/13/2013 03:00:46Copy HTML

 I agree as long as it isn't against the law, and most may not know what the law is! I do believe you should be able to hike in what you want
JM_Runs #30

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/14/2013 10:46:25Copy HTML

I think thongs and g-strings are best for hiking and camping. 

I say that for the following reasons:

They provide better support for the twig and berries than briefs
They keep you cooler in the summer
They won't "ride up" giving you a wedgie feeling, because they are already there (hardly noticeable due to very little, but stretchy material)
They pack down much smaller than regular underwear
They are much lighter than normal underwear (my Gregg Homme Torrid thong almost feels weightless)

These are important factors to figure in what trying to pack small and light for hikes and camping trips.  I am really in to the survivalist / prepping stuff and I took the above factors into consideration when building my Bug Out Bag / Bail Out Bag.  My goal was to pack light and small and be able to move quickly.  With that said, it took me all of 2 seconds to decide between briefs or thongs/g-strings... needless to say, the thong/g-string option won.
pkthong #31

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/15/2013 02:13:31Copy HTML

 Just goes to show: I always thought of survivalist types a right wing types who would frown on thongers, guess I' m wrong.Hiking in a thong( or any other activity for that matter) sounds like fun and getting back to nature if you will!
JM_Runs #32

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/15/2013 10:36:33Copy HTML

pkthong, you're absolutely right, sir!  You can never really judge a book by its cover.  Some of survivalist (mainly the ones with the biggest mouth) are exactly what you have always thought of them... right wingers that would frown upon thongers. :(  I don't really consider myself right wing or left wing.  While most of my views are conservative, others are liberal.  I would honestly define myself as a libertarian, with strong support of the Second Amendment (I guess you could say I lean more right than left).  However, I am still maintain a logical mindset and am open to all ideas and beliefs. 

Now, setting politics aside (Sorry I talked about it, JM_runs).  I believe it is only logical to pack thongs and strings for activities such as hiking, camping, prepping, survivalist stuff, etc, where weight savings is a huge issue.  The law of averages says that there HAS to be other people with my mindset about survival / prepping that have also packed thongs for the same reason as me.  I can't be the only one. 

On a side note, I am planning to eventually make a youtube video showing the contents of my kit.  In the video, I plan to highlight and explain my reasonings behind my underwear choice.  I just wish thongs for men were more socially acceptable.  Somehow, men's thongs and g-strings got stuck with a "gay" stigma, which I think is absolutely ridiculous because last I checked underwear didn't determined your sexuality (why does sexuality matter anyway?).  Showing a video like that would be like dropping a bomb shell on the prepping community... but you know what?  They will either accept it as a good idea, or simply get over it.
abczyxabczyx #33

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/16/2013 06:22:49Copy HTML

 I have hiked in a thong many times.  Mostly positive reactions. 
darksmooth #34

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/17/2013 02:23:10Copy HTML

To answer the question asked, I don't really need to do this, but I want and enjoy doing this when possible.  I just happen to be a thonger who lives 500 - 600 miles from the nearest beach.  Trust me, if you were a thonger in the same situation, you'd be tempted to find other options as well.  I might make it to Tampa (Treasure Island) this year, but likely not.  So I'll take the opportunity when it avails itself to drive 2.5-3.0 hours to Carlsbad and hit the canyons again.  When I visited Arizona, did the same thing, as evidenced in my pics.  Can't beat the desert heat for thonging.
thong_jock #35

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:01/24/2014 03:15:13Copy HTML

 I've hiked in a thong before too when in the tropics. It's awesome!
RapidBlue #36

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:03/04/2014 11:19:04Copy HTML

 I always hike with a thong on under my pants or shorts. I have hiked in just a thong in national parks in the southwest (U.S.). The parks were great. It was above 90 degrees. It was the most comfortable way to hike in the mid day sun.
kimififi #37

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:03/17/2014 12:48:13Copy HTML

As it is a bit of a walk to my favorite beach (A-Bay in Noosa National Park) it's always fun to hike it wearing just a thong like my black Lorna Jane stretchy cotton sports thong and a tank top. Summer gets quite warm here, so it becomes more of a practical necessity.... ~winks~ I do like the idea of a good bush walk in a cute bikini bottom only though... :)
Maxtlatl #38

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/18/2014 01:47:19Copy HTML

 It's a good day when you spend the entire day wearing nothing more than a thong, and that day includes an 8.5 mile hike in the woods.
johny_b #39

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/18/2014 06:49:13Copy HTML

i did that once, word of advice, mosquitos and bees are not a good thing to run into when your in minimal clothing. i ended up looking like i had chicken pox when that day was over. itchy too. ill remember to take some clothes and bug spray with me next time.
TonyR #40

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/18/2014 08:32:11Copy HTML

 Weather in Scotland , nice at the moments so have been cycling in my thong in the forest tracks , great day out 
Maxtlatl #41

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/18/2014 12:05:17Copy HTML

I've found that high doses of Vitamin B before going out keeps most bugs away.

I did find a few ticks on me as I went, but when wearing a thong, they are really easy to see! There's no clothing for them to hide under.
pjmodel2002 #42

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:07/27/2014 01:13:28Copy HTML

I have also hiked in my thong.  Found it to be a very comfortable experience, but I found myself watching for others so much that it detracted from the hike.  However, I probably need to just better time it and think less about it.  Most people are pretty chill and you exercise some degree of common sense.
johny_b #43

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:12/11/2014 03:16:46Copy HTML

i hike in a thong all the time in the spring and summer. i usually take my backpack with water, a towel, shorts and tshirt. i have never had a problem with people seeing me but one time in the middle of summer, i put on a bathing suit, packed my backpack and set out for a hike. i had no idea the mosquitos were out in swarms that day. by the time i realized this, i was pretty chewed up. when i got home and looked in the mirror, it looked like i had chicken pox. i had gotten a tan to so when i took of my bathing suit, all you could see is 2 red spotted cheeks and a triangle were my bathing suit was.

Be sure to take bug spray if you go hiking in the woods, forest or bush.
32189 #44

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:12/14/2014 04:03:07Copy HTML

 I have never thought about hiking in a thong but it sure sounds interesting.  I would like to try that sometime!
thong_jock #45

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:12/16/2014 02:51:36Copy HTML

 I have hiked in a thong a couple times and find it really erotic. Love to meet other guys for thonged hikes!
tswim #46

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:09/17/2015 08:14:50Copy HTML

 I've never hiked in a thong so far.  I have swam in various Texas state parks lakes and river wearing only a thong with good results so far.  Next week, Im planning on spending the entire day at one of the local state parks hiking, mountain biking and swimming in one of my California muscle gripper swim thongs or Male Power wonder swim thongs.  I cant wait.
nudeintx #47

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:10/06/2015 12:40:05Copy HTML

 Twice in the last week I have gone for hikes in my thong. First hike occurred on the Barton Greenbelt Trail in Austin. I love that town! I spent over an hour hiking the area with the least traffic( From Spyglass south and back) During my time, I encountered maybe a dozen people, all of whom were friendly or at least non-judgmental. Two people even stopped me to ask questions about the trail. I really enjoyed my hike and will no doubt thong hike there again. FYI to those interested in hiking, no issues with chafing or such, so try it out yourself.My second thong hike of the week happened today as I visited a local state park. I spent 40 minutes hiking in only my thong through their various trails. Given it was a weekday evening, there weren't many people there. I passed only one person, an older gentleman, who didn't mind one bit. It was the hike I needed, a quiet stroll with nature. The deer, armadillos, and birds accepted my attire :)
thong_jock #48

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:10/08/2015 01:10:31Copy HTML

 I enjoy thong hiking sometimes too and have even shot a couple short video clips of me hiking in my muscleskins thongs. I have them posted on my tumblr. Http://thong-jock.tumblr.com . U can just search the Blog for "hike". There are a couple pics of other guys hiking in thongs too. :-)
NudeNArizona #49

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:01/07/2016 07:25:23Copy HTML

 While staying at Shangri La Ranch they have a BLM land mountain area that backs upto the resort and there are lots of hiking trails on Daisy Mountain.  So on our first visit the morning after arriving we woke up early and put on G-strings and boots and went for a hike while on the trails we didn't encounter any other hikers, so when we hit the summit and could see over the other side of the mountain and didn't see another sole for miles we stripped our G-strings off and carried them on our way back down the mountain.  We made the entire trip back without seeing another sole.

So that day we met some others while hanging by the pool and talked about our hike and they asked if we would like to go hiking the next morning, but we failed to mention that we hiked back nude.  So the next morning when they came over to meet us at our camper we came out both nude with hiking boots, and they were both fully clothed. So they asked if we were still going hiking this morning and we said yes, and they said we will wait here til you get ready, and my wife turned around and grabbed our camelbaks off the counter and said were ready!! Then they said I thought the trails are off the resort grounds as we were walking to the trail head and we said they are!! Then they asked aren't you worried someone will see you and say something? Then I said it is so far away from anything that unless there is a bored park ranger nothing is going to happen and the BLM land it isn't illegal to be nude on.  Then as we walked they asked if we had gone nude last time and we said no but we should have, we wore G-strings and not have a slight tan line....lol  Our friends did stay clothed in bikini bottoms but did remove their shirts. And as we climbed they both said that with how hot it was getting they wish they had went nude as well because the bikinis were starting to chaff them, so I said then remove them!!  But how will we carry them? I told them I have a pouch in my camelbak and will put them in there, then the wife said what if someone sees us?  I said well they will see all of us nude and not just the two of us!!

A short while later while climbing around a big rock we heard voices on the other side and I asked if they wanted there bottom to put back on? and they said what the use, you two are nude. So as we came around and crossed paths with the voices we heard we saw a couple fully clothed and they just smiled and then too a second look and smiled and said we saw you last night at the pool party!! Then they said that up ahead on the summit there were a few people who had come up the other side so if we didn't want to them to see us we should turn around and head back down. I said we didn't climb 90% of the mountain not to get to the top and continued up the trail. The last part of the trial gets a little steep and you have to pull yourself up with your hand and feet bracing the rocks So I went up first then my wife, the other lady, and finally the husband!  When we all reached the top he smiled and said it was the best view he had seen all day! So I said it is pretty nice up here! then he said he was talking about the last rock to climb because standing at the bottom and watching the ladies climbing up the rock he got a great view!!!  Then my wife said "I'm glad I took a shower and shave this morning! And how did you like my jewelry? He blushed and smiled then his wife said I didn't see your jewelry?  Her husband said trust me she is wearing a gold barbell!!! then the wife asked where? so My wife spread her lips to show the gold barbell!!

While at the top of the mountain resting for our return down the mountain we saw the people we had been warned about but figured what are they going to do anyways.  So as they walked our way we smiled and said hello to each other then they asked how our trip up the trail was and we chatted nothing about our nudity was mentioned until we were ready to head down, the woman said have fun at the Ranch!! We said we will and walked back down and by this time of day it was now around 9am there were a few other hikers encountered along the trail but no issues because most people who came up the side we did knew of the nudist resort and we werent the first to hike nude from it!
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Re:Hiking in a Thong?

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 Lauren is right with the feeling of being close to nature. 
Bug spray is a must before going!
And not carrying anything is ideal - seems to encapsulate the being close to nature more than if I was carrying a backpack. 
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