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JM_Runs #51

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:01/11/2016 12:11:12Copy HTML

 Cool NudeArizona. Wish I could experience that.
thonglife #52

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:01/11/2016 04:48:08Copy HTML

I've been lucky enough to be able to go for night runs and long morning beach runs in a thong, I've also done some nude racing and running on wooded trails. It's always a rush and quite enjoyable. However it was only this past summer that I got to so some hiking in a thong. 
There is an old rock quarry in my town that's a popular summer swimming hole. It's on state park property where thongs are allowed and legal; To get there, it's a couple miles hike from parking. In the summer, I usually wear running shorts over bikini swimwear for the hike without a shirt and then strip off my shorts for swimming. 
This year, I started wearing a thong to the quarry for swimming and would lay on a raft in the sun to tan. No one ever made negative comments, and were usually friendly. 
It's quite common to see young college girls make the hike in their bikinis, especially back to the car. So on a hot day, I did the same, walking from the water back to my car on the wooded trail in just my thong, towel over my shoulder and shorts folded in hand. It was such a thrill, I did it several more times and even took the long way back once which was nearly 4 miles of hiking. 

JM_Runs #53

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:01/12/2016 04:40:51Copy HTML

 Several years ago I stayed at Shangri La Ranch and did the nude hike up the mountain one weekday morning.  Just wore hiking boots and socks, sunglasses, and a hat.  I was done by 9am and only encountered one other hiker, a nudist who was heading up as I was heading down.  Awesome hike!
thong_jock #54

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:02/27/2016 02:03:51Copy HTML

 I was just in Costa Rica at Christmas and hiked in the jungle in my thong. I posted a couple pics and a short video clip on my tumblr. 
Http://thong-jock.tumblr.com and search for keyword hike or video. I've got a few thong hiking clips up there. Would love to meet.another fit guy who likes to hike in thongs and plan a trip somewhere for thong hiking and camping. 
The Swan #55

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:04/23/2016 12:48:57Copy HTML

 I was in a pretty bad car accident at the end of last summer I was stopped while waiting for the guy in front of me to turn left, when I was rear ended and pushed about 140feet. This accident resulted in some substantial damage to my body. I am now trying to get back to my old self and walking is one of the ways I am rehabilitating myself.

I decided to go for a hike up at Caesar Creek wearing a thong and let me tell you it was great. The reason I thought of hiking in a thong was this thread.

Thanks lauren1, for starting this thread.
pikeman #56

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:04/23/2016 07:56:54Copy HTML

 I wouldn't hesitate to hike in a thong, or even nude. But if I have gear on my back I'd want a top of some sort between my body and the load. A thong might be a good defensive measure against getting the goodies burned.
pikeman #57

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:04/23/2016 08:25:21Copy HTML

 I wouldn't hesitate to hike in a thong, or even nude. But if I have gear on my back I'd want a top of some sort between my body and the load. A thong might be a good defensive measure against getting the goodies burned.
Nuwalket #58

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:04/23/2016 02:23:04Copy HTML

 I never thought of hiking in a thong mostly because of the preference to hike nude. Besides it is hard enough to get sun in the woods. What I'd like is a Tarzan type loincloth with a thong liner for those times that it is almost impossible to hike without meeting people on the trail. In the meantime we just have to wait for summer.
JM_Runs #59

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:07/26/2016 07:53:37Copy HTML

 Apologies in advance for bumping an old thread but I just wanted to add my few cents here. I've been an avid hiker since my childhood years, but I've never considered hiking in a thong. However, reading this thread has made me curious and eager to try it out myself. The only issue that deters me is that this sort of activity just doesn't happen where I'm from, which means that I might cause quite a stir if I'm discovered. I'm currently trying to find a trail that will definitely be empty when I attempt this, and depending on how it goes, it might become a permanent part of my hiking endeavours :)
turkishboy #60

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:07/27/2016 04:46:05Copy HTML

 I've hiked numerous times in a thong and often naked. If you're off the main paths anyone you meet probably won't be phased anyway. You  won't see them again anyway, just literally seeing them for a few moments. They might not even notice you're thonging until you've gone past anyway, then it's too late to comment, other than shouting compliments. Other people have been tempted to do the same as me when they've seen me and have said what a good idea. It's so much cooler and comfier when you're hot. Just make sure you have sunscreen on if out for a long time. It's the best way to get an even tan to be moving around in the sun.
JM_Runs #61

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:07/27/2016 08:40:10Copy HTML

 Thanks for the encouragement, I really appreciate it! Actually, I ended up making the impromptu decision to go for it today. The original plan was to scout the trail to determine how popular it was and figure out the time period when the trail would be most deserted, since it was going to be my first time and I didn't think I had the confidence yet. However, since I had gone on the trail on a weekday afternoon (when most people from my place would most likely be working), I decided that it was safe enough to give it a shot there and then. What occurred after was the most exhilarating experience I have ever felt in my life, being outdoors in only enough fabric to cover my genitals (not to mention the high amount of comfort it provides). Along the way, I only encountered an old lady; unfortunately, I chickened out on getting her reaction and put on a pair of knee-length pants before she could observe my almost-naked figure. After she passed on, I stripped down to my g-string again until I had almost reached the top, whereupon I put on my pants again since I expected that there would be many people there and I wasn't quite ready to reveal myself to such a crowd yet. My only regret was not owning a camera good enough to take a picture of myself on the path to commemorate not only my first hike in a g-string, but also my first time being dressed in mere underwear outdoors. Definitely an experience I would like to replicate in the near future.
The Swan #62

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:11/04/2016 02:21:10Copy HTML

 I've been hiking in a thong or g-string this past summer and it has been great. What surprised me is several times I would be at the trail head. getting my Camelback on or changing shoes or something and another hiker or hikers would show up. I would ask if they mind if I hiked in a skimpy little bikini. They indicated they would not mind and upon seeing my thong, suggested I hike naked. I didn't hike naked, but thought it was pretty cool that someone would try to put me at ease to hike naked.
Nuwalket #63

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:11/04/2016 02:39:55Copy HTML

 I usually hike naked but the thought of a thong is intriguing. My attire is a running kilt to start and stripping naked once away from the trailhead. Since thongs are legal on Ohio State Park beaches I assume they are legal through out the park? Just as a buffer in case I meet families with children.
The Swan #64

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:11/05/2016 12:03:11Copy HTML


Yes, thongs are legal throughout the park. I even came upon some Park Rangers one time while thong hiking and they said, "Go for it, you got to do, what you got to do." You got to love young people and their attitudes.

I'm not sure I would hike naked. I have suddenly come upon people in what I thought was the middle of nowhere and there would have been no way to cover up in time for them not to see me naked. Hell a skimpy gstring is right next to naked and no one calls the cops when wearing one.
Nuwalket #65

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:11/05/2016 03:29:58Copy HTML

 It might be hard to break the habit of hiking naked but there are times (Fourth of July for example) where finding enough seclusion to hike naked is difficult! Over the years I have hiked naked there have never been any negative comments other than was I afraid of tics, bugs, poison ivy or other woodland hazards. My only encounter with children was no problem as they made enough noise well ahead of their arrival so I could cover up. Back to the point however, I would like to find an affordable Tarzan type loincloth that had a thong or pouch underneath for a more comfortable hike. Oh, I'd like to give a shout out to Scott at runningkilts.com for the design of a comfortable running or hiking cover. He even provides a pattern on his website for those inclined to try to sew their own. A plus is the tag that says it's a running kilt so as not to be confused with anything else!
The Swan #66

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:11/20/2016 06:56:11Copy HTML


I have used a chamois purchased from the auto parts store and made a loincloth out of it. I got the leather waist string from a craft shop. I did not use a pouch under the loin cloth.
Nuwalket #67

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:11/21/2016 04:07:25Copy HTML

 I made a loincloth of chamois as a teen using leather shoelaces as a waist band. I had thought of that again but in this case I want to prevent accidental exposure if the conditions require it (example children with parents) on the trail. You have brought up a point Mr. Swan and maybe I'll think this through again, or maybe try to make the loincloths both ways (to cover the genitals and be legal) go with what strikes my fancy on any given day. 
JM_Runs #68

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:12/10/2016 02:19:24Copy HTML

Anyone know a place in South Florida were you can hike in a thong? I know Florida is 99% flat to hike anywere but are there any places?
sailor250 #69

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:12/10/2016 01:43:49Copy HTML

 Can't help you with a place- but one thing to consider is the mosquitos- need sun screen and insect repellent.   thank goodness the Zika stuff seems over!! I say this because most of the isolated places are near water.  You can hike for hours nude or in a thong at Playalinda beach- walk all the way to Apollo Beach in the Canaveral National Seashore .  I think you can even camp on the beach in that section with a permit- nude the whole time- legally!
modelnude4u #70

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/08/2017 01:47:32Copy HTML

 Now that I know Iowa is thong friendly, there is a park nearby with miles of walking trails.  Some through the fields and prairie, some through the woods, but I've been walking them all in just a thong this summer.  Yesterday, I didn't even take my shorts with me on the walk.  Left them in the car, and went out for a couple miles with no cover.  Such a rush knowing that even if you do run into someone, you CAN'T cover up, even if you want to!
JM_Runs #71

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/10/2017 07:47:07Copy HTML

 I recently started taking walks on the local soccer field and the local bike trail.  These are areas populated by others in activewear or casual wear but nobody would expect or attempt to walk these areas in a thong or g-string.  I have tried areas that are more accustomed to hiking but find the natural brush and plants to be bothersome with more recent rains and healthier plants. They are more secluded but literally a pain.  I have not had any negative reactions on the field or on the trail.  Just some double takes, a couple of wolf whistles from the ladies, and horn-honking from cars passing from the distance.  Those I pass on foot more nearby, such as you would pass on a sidewalk, seem to be so caught off guard the best thing for them to do is act like nothing is different about my attire.  My tan is already becoming one of the best seasons yet.
The Swan #72

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/11/2017 05:54:32Copy HTML

 I've been hiking in a thong and it has been great. No complaints from anyone one, the encouragement from other hikers to hike nude has been ongoing. While I don't hike nude it is interesting that folks would be so encouraging to suggest one hike naked.
modelnude4u #73

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/11/2017 03:38:06Copy HTML

 I got out again this morning already, and got a couple miles in on the trails.  I think this was an old farm field that the county took over.  It's just acres of rolling hills, basically a wide open prairie at this point, but the mow a winding set of trails around and through it, about 8 feet wide.  Anyway, I agree with First_On_Naked that my tan is really doing nicely this year.  Being able to walk & run about in full sunlight, from all angles, really beats any kind of laying out, or tanning bed for all around tan.  Much of these trails are remote enough that I could walk them nude, but I don't want to mess up some really solid tanlines!
thong_jock #74

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/11/2017 04:33:21Copy HTML

 Im a big fan of thong hiking too and also enjoy other activities in just a thong, often driving to the beach in just my thong too. I have it as a foto feature on my tumblr today. 
thong_jock #75

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/11/2017 04:34:15Copy HTML

 Im a big fan of thong hiking too and also enjoy other activities in just a thong, often driving to the beach in just my thong too. I have it as a foto feature on my tumblr today. 
abczyxabczyx #76

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/16/2017 07:04:14Copy HTML

 I have hiked in a thong in the past.  Now I like to just be nude. 
modelnude4u #77

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/22/2017 09:31:29Copy HTML

 I can get away with a thonged hike, but not nude, at least not right around here, and legally!  I did a nice hike again today though, completing my first full hike where I stripped to my thong at my vehicle, and made the full loop back to the vehicle in nothing but the thong.  I still carried some shorts, just in case, so I guess leaving those in the vehicle is the next frontier!
NWGirl #78

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/23/2017 02:28:38Copy HTML

My husband and I went hiking with my parents for Father's Day. My dad's been getting into photography and took some really nice photos of me on a recent trip. I'd been hoping to hike in a thong, but the weather wasn't the best. Nevertheless, I wore one underneath in case we came across any good photo opportunities.

We hiked a few miles to some small falls as it started to rain. It wasn't terribly cold, so I figured what the hell and stripped to my thong so my husband and dad could take a few photos of me by the falls. It started to rain harder, so we didn't stay long.

The trail was a loop, so we went down another path. The trees mostly protected us from the rain. We came across this huge old tree. My dad is mostly a nature photographer, but he didn't mind me stripping down inserting myself into the frame again. We hand't seen anyone else on the trail, so I even braved a few shots fully nude.

We weren't far from the trail head, so I hiked the last half mile or so in my thong. Overall a super fun day.
electric #79

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/23/2017 01:22:05Copy HTML

Fully nude with your dad there??
JM_Runs #80

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/23/2017 11:47:59Copy HTML

 Went out on a long walk today, felt like a hike but On the bike trails again.  I'm really getting taking advantage of the opportunities available on the sparsely populated bike/walking/jogging trail in a neighboring town. Each time I go out in a thong I get more comfortable among others, take longer walks and not once have I tried to cover up when crossing paths with others or a passing car.  Today was no different, as you can see cars in the background of my recentphotos pulled from video. I got a couple of horn honks and one neighbor who I know from the grocery store stopped me to chat about my attire.  All good.  A beautiful sunny day and my tan is getting better with every hike.
NWGirl #81

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/24/2017 08:21:12Copy HTML

He photographed me nude once before, electric, so it wasn't very awkward. Kinda fun in fact.
Mineralguy #82

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/24/2017 02:55:01Copy HTML

 In the mid Atlantic I would be more worried about the blasted deer ticks than what anyone thought. They are horrible.
rickl454 #83

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/24/2017 04:22:00Copy HTML

Miineralguy - Good point.  That's how I got Lyme.  Even though it was caught early and successfully treated it was still three days of total misery.  And I was lucky.
modelnude4u #84

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:07/06/2017 09:55:27Copy HTML

 I've been making it an almost daily thing to get a couple miles in on the trails in the park near me.  I've finally run into others on the trail, and not covered up.  I had been paying enough attention to cover up before I met up with anyone, but I got caught off guard the other day, and the guy didn't skip a beat in his phone conversation as we passed.  Today, ran across a middle aged lady & her dog.  She said hello and kept on going, not sure she even looked back. 
modelnude4u #85

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:07/12/2017 02:30:39Copy HTML

 Out a few times since, nothing notable, but yesterday crossed paths ( literally, right where 2 paths cross!) with a young lady, and even though we were less than 20 feet apart at one point, I'm not sure she paid enough attention to know that I was wearing only a thong.  Crazy!
nicksthong #86

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:07/15/2017 01:39:14Copy HTML

 Oh come on, they noticed.I have hiked in my thong  a few times, but usually after swimming . I used to go to a great swimming hole and water fall up in Vermont with a girlfriend,. We used to hike in in shorts, and hoke out in our  bikinis and thongs.
modelnude4u #87

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:07/15/2017 02:19:06Copy HTML

 Anymore, people are so self absorbed ( or phone absorbed), that they really don't notice much of anything.  At least a couple of them I met head on, so they saw the front of the suit for sure, but I don't know that they saw the backside.  The 3rd girl crossed in front of me about 20 feet, and I don't know that she ever actually looked up, so I'm sure she knew there was another person near, but not much more. 

Makes me wonder why I've been so concerned for so long!  I will say that having it in writing that hiking in a thong is legal has surely helped my confidence level!
Thonict #88

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:07/19/2017 12:58:31Copy HTML

 I wear one under my running tights or Lycra shorts I go hiking in but have never tried just a thong. Not yet.
modelnude4u #89

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:07/19/2017 02:03:40Copy HTML

 If it's legal there, I say go for it!  The spot I'm hiking is pretty low traffic, so that surely makes it easier.
TennStud #90

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:07/24/2017 02:49:16Copy HTML

 Is it legal to hike in a thong?
If anyone knows where it is LEGAL, could you please post the locations
modelnude4u #91

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:07/24/2017 09:28:44Copy HTML

 Each state has their own laws on what exactly constitutes indecent exposure, or public indecency, etc.  I lived in TN for the last 10 years, moving back to Iowa just a year ago.  I found TN to be less accepting than here in IA, but I don't know for a fact what the laws actually were down there.  Beyond that, in many cases, there could be another layer of rules beyond just the laws.  Parks or private property for example.  I wrote to my local police, and asked point blank if wearing a thong swim suit in a park was legal.  I put it as in my backyard, or in a secluded area of a park, but once you're in the park, who's to say exactly.  Anyway, I've got it in writing that I'm legal here, but I still generally throw shorts back on when I run into anyone else, just to keep it from being an issue.  It's legal now, but if someone gets all worked up, you just never know!
Matt37 #92

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:07/25/2017 11:32:47Copy HTML

 > but I don't know for a fact what the laws actually were down there.

Thongs are illegal in Tennessee. TN is one of three(?) states that make baring of the cleft of the butt a crime.
ARThongLover #93

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:08/07/2017 07:46:12Copy HTML

 I've recently developed the desire to go hiking in a thong. Here in Arkansas, there is no state law against it, or top freedom for that matter. Indecent exposure requires display of the genitals. Other laws, such as sexual indecency, state “genitals,breasts, or buttocks” which in my mind completely separates the latter two. 

My biggest concern is the catchall code for "disorderly conduct" which includes "(9) In a public place, exposes his or her private parts." but does NOT define "private parts" anywhere in state code. How is THAT for nebulous?  I've spent a lot of time on Municode.com, searching for laws which would apply directly to thong exposure andhave found very little that forbid it. I know from other users of this forum that the Corps of Engineers parks in the state are okay with thongs and now I've sent an email to the state park system, asking them for their view onthis. Their ordinance for disorderly conduct forbids inadequate or indecent clothing which leaves room for a wide latitude of opinion. I also asked, if forbidden, how do they justify their regulation when considering state law on indecency.Hopefully I will hear something positive as there are many more adequate hikingtrails available in state parks than those of the Corps. 

In the meanwhile, I am searching for trails that are suitable for my first journey, looking for aone that stays in the forest, doesn’t cut though developed areas of a park, does not follow roads, and is lightly used. I don't want to push too far until I get used to it. As easy as it is for me to wear a thong on the beach, wearing one where it is not expected will be a bit more difficult but very exciting. Hopefully, AllTrails.com will lead me to a great trail whether on state or federal property. Wish me luck and the courage to do this! :)

Camloser #94

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:08/09/2017 04:01:02Copy HTML

 One of my favorite things! Love wearing just heavy duty hiking shoes and a g-string. I leave everything else behind, no other clothes or cover up. I sometimes bring a camera since it's fun to take pictures in secluded places, with minimal (or zero) clothes on. If you encounter others, there is no chance to do anything other than keep walking and be normal.

Love exploring in my G!
Nuwalket #95

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:08/10/2017 02:55:17Copy HTML

 I started by walking the beach at Alum Creek the other day and being kind of overcast few people were out. Mostly the cleaning crew at the bathhouse i assume. When I got to the north end of the beach I took a path that led to another trail. I stripped off the thong and  walked toward the  yacht club and kayak/canoe launch before returning to the beach parking lot. I just wonder how the railing on the east side of the bridge broke? Anyway, I hope to return soon and try out the Skinz suit that hasn't been seen in public yet.
modelnude4u #96

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:08/13/2017 02:35:17Copy HTML

 I went out to my normal walking trails - a couple miles of mowed paths through acres of prairie, surrounded by trees, right at the edge of town.  I've been walking the big loop in just a thong probably 5 days a week, and seldom run into anyone, but not Wednesday!

There were only a couple cars in the park at all, and they could be anywhere.  I heard the sound of a mower, and found it working on the trails.  It was being driven by the female park worker I've seen before.  I got the edge of the treeline starting the trails, and took off my shorts, leaving only a thong swimsuit.  Headed up to a intersection with a bench & as I got up the hill, there was the young lady, working around the bench and intersection.  I decided not to put my shorts back on, as I might have in the same situation in the past.  I turned left, and she only caught maybe a glimpse, if she was paying attention.   The trails are mowed in wiggly lines, that connect in various places, letting you cut through the middle, or go around the edge of the field.  I was on a middle path, and she started mowing paths again, and we came back together at the other end of the field.  I came to a T, and she was coming from the right side, and we both stopped.  I motioned which way was she going, and she waved towards me, so I jogged off to the left, leaving her 20ft away, watching my bouncing ass.  She waved and kind of giggled, and headed on down her path.  We didn't cross again, so she wasn't making a point of coming back to me, but she didn't seem upset by it either.
NudeNArizona #97

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:08/13/2017 04:15:22Copy HTML

 This morning we were planning on going on a hike with friends and we had done this same hike a few years ago, and the last time we went on the hike My wife and I went nude.  This morning when our friends showed up surprisingly they were dressed in thongs even though last time they also ended up going nude, so I asked why they got dressed this time? And was told that they were a little leery about running into others on the trail because we had seen others last time. So for fun I went and put on one of my Good Devil extra mini G-strings which is a Zero Coverage exposure G-string, and my wife wore one of her Pasteaze on bottom only.

As we were walking out the door our friends realized we were sorta making fun at them deciding to wear thongs, but after hiking I did realize the X-posure suit did have a purpose and it actually did provide support
modelnude4u #98

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:08/24/2017 01:46:49Copy HTML

 Back out on the trails today, and it was one of the few times there were other people out on them.  Saw a couple other folks from a distance, but did come face to face with a single young lady on one of the trails.  I had my shorts in my hand, and was wearing only sunglasses, shoes & a thong.  She had headphones in, and was absorbed in her phone, even while on a nature trail!  She looked up as was got close to each other, said hello, and was right back to what she was doing.  I turned around after about 10 seconds, and she was turned around looking also, so at least I know she paid enough attention to look!
thong_jock #99

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:08/25/2017 12:56:35Copy HTML

 I am a big fan of hiking in a thong. I usually do it to and from beaches that are more secluded, but have also done it at several parks and while on vacation at various tropical locations at busy beaches too. Regardless I find it very exciting and live to hear from other men who also enjoy thong hiking. I have posted a few fotos and gifs on my tumblr of some of my thong hikes. Http://thong-jock.tumblr.com  and just search for the keyword "hike". 
abczyxabczyx #100

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:08/25/2017 02:31:26Copy HTML

 I went for a naked hike in Joshua Tree last weekend.  One young woman turned to her friends and said "that guy is naked".  Other than that, nothing unusual.
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