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thong1 #101

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:08/30/2017 06:27:40Copy HTML

 Never considered it, but would love to.
modelnude4u #102

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:09/09/2017 12:52:22Copy HTML

 Posted this in another thread as well, but it fits here:
Back on the walking trails today, and decided it was time for a door to door thong hike.  I parked my car, got out in only a thong.  Carried my Soffe shorts, and walked across the parking lots, and on the 1 mile loop of the trail in a thong the whole time.  On the last leg, came face to face with a man in his late 30's maybe.  I said "Hello there", and made eye contact, but just kept walking like I was.  He seemed a bit flustered, but just said "hello" back and kept walking in the opposite direction.  I didn't turn around to see, but when I made the last turn out to the parking lot, he was a ways behind me, following me out.  I went to my car, and was in it before he was even close the parking lot, so all was well.

JM_Runs #103

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:09/09/2017 07:51:21Copy HTML

 Hey Modelnude4u, I did also push that limit this morning for my late AM walk. My car park is in an attached garage, so I went from my patio into the car wearing only my thing but with shorts in hand, just in case. I drove to the spot where I would walk/hike. Left the shorts in the car and walked the full 3 mile loop in my thong, shirtless. I only crossed paths with 3 sets of other hikers on this path.  1 couple, male / female, both said Hi with an enthusiastic wave.  When we got close enough, the male asked me, "is there something going on here that I don't know about?"  I replied, "nope. Just walking and working on my tan at the same time.". The other sets were 2 females chatting and walking who were so absorbed in their conversations that they didn't seem to notice me till we passed each other.  Then it was just brief glance and nobody broke a stride. I think what motivates me to keep on hiking in thongs when the weather permits is that the area I have found are both sparsely populated and the few I meet are not bothered.  I'm sure it's not that way everywhere.  I did take exceptional joy in driving the whole way and walking thru the parking while thonging.
modelnude4u #104

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:09/12/2017 12:11:14Copy HTML

 I went back out today, a few more people around, but I only ran into one, which was a young lady & her dog, but I still had shorts on, having not stripped right from the car.  I had quite a whale tale showing, but I don't know if she ever noticed or not.
The Swan #105

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:09/15/2017 03:35:54Copy HTML

I've been hiking a lot in a thong or a bikini and so far no complaints. In fact in the month of August I only ran into four people. Two of the people twice on the second time they suggested I hike naked. It was a female couple and I just don't want to get into trouble.
modelnude4u #106

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:09/21/2017 01:34:20Copy HTML

 It's been unusually warm & dry here still, so I've been hitting the trails damn near every day.  Amazing how little traffic there really is at this park, and definitely on the trails.  I get a little bummed sometimes, wishing that there was at least someone around to potentially run into.  Kind of like the pushing the limits discussion, I like the little rush I get from knowing that I might "get caught".  I've only run into a few folks, but absolutely nothing bad happened any of the times, which makes me think I've been overly cautious.  The first part of the summer, I'd take another path, or put shorts back on quick if I saw or heard someone coming towards me.  I should have just kept the damn shorts in my hand and continued on like it was no big deal, because it really isn't a big deal! 
modelnude4u #107

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:09/25/2017 09:23:30Copy HTML

 Made most of the loop today totally nude!  I wore my thong & carried my shorts from the parking lot to the trails, but then stripped even the thong off once I was basically out of possible sight.  There was absolutely no one in the whole park today, so I figured, why not?  I put the thong back on just before leaving the trail for the parking lot again.  So wonderful, even if no one was there!
Thongereveryday #108

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:01/10/2018 05:20:49Copy HTML

 As a resident of Arizona, all of my thonging has been done while hiking or exploring in the desert! Never have I gotten the opportunity to tan on the beach but I look forward to that day! I usually just hike in my 1/2" good devil poser pouch and just carry all my essentials in a small backpack. I have never been caught either ,except for one time when I crossed a young couples path walking opposite directions. Nothing but a smile and head nod, I'm sure they understand a young guy like me wanting to feel the sun on my cheeks 
modelnude4u #109

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:01/11/2018 03:35:33Copy HTML

 Once I found moved back to Iowa, and determined that it was indeed legal to wear only a thong, I put on plenty of miles, and loved it!  I am SO looking forward to the warmer weather, but we are months away from that unfortunately!  After the generally positive experiences I had last year, I'll start this year out a bit bolder I think.
yunghustla82 #110

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:01/11/2018 09:08:53Copy HTML

 I live in Az as well and there are plenty of trails to go hiking.  One thing I started last year was hiking in a thong at one of the state parks.  My wife even joined me one day.  She will usually go with me but I leave my shorts in the car and wear a camelbak.   We usually cross paths with people but nobody has said anything.  Couple of smiles and giggles but thats about it.  Good way to enjoy nature and exercise.
fordrs #111

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:02/25/2018 02:59:26Copy HTML

 heard of nude hiking not thong hiking will give it a try ;)
Sharon73 #112

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:02/25/2018 04:57:26Copy HTML

 Hiking in a thong is great
TBSJ_03 #113

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:02/25/2018 07:25:00Copy HTML

 I've hiked multiple times in a thong on the trails along the cliffs near Baker Beach. Each time was on a day that I was out at the beach anyway so it was essentially just an extension of a walk on the beach, just up that huge flight of log stairs. For any of you who have been to Baker, you know exactly what I'm talking about. ;) Since it's so close to the beach, a fair amount of people on the trails are in swimwear. However, there are many also in regular clothing. It's pretty high trafficked but never once did I feel out of place or uncomfortable in any way. I feel like those who are out for a hike in the outdoors are out there for exactly that. I've had many casual conversations struck up along the way but it's never about my attire because frankly speaking, I don't think people really care. We're out in a beautiful spot in California, looking over the opening of the San Francisco Bay, gorgeous views of the Golden Gate, there's just so much more to take in than what other people are wearing.
modelnude4u #114

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:02/25/2018 10:52:04Copy HTML

 I am SO ready for the weather to get decent enough here (Iowa) to get back out on some thonged hikes!  I miss those times terribly by now.  Probably still a couple more months though.
thong_jock #115

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:02/28/2018 06:37:06Copy HTML

 I'm a big fan of thong hiking and have done it many times to and from beaches, in local parks and in the jungle when on holidays. There are many pics of myself and others thong hiking on my tumblr. Just check out http://thong-jock.tumblr.com And search for the keyword: hike
JM_Runs #116

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:03/04/2018 02:45:02Copy HTML

 Been awhile since I last hiked in a thong. Now I feel I should get into the habit again :)
ohiothonger #117

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:03/05/2018 01:26:04Copy HTML

I used to do this with my first thongs at the state park.  They had a pool that was thong friendly and about 2.5 miles of trails each way to it from one of the parking lots.  I would park my car and hike to the pool.  Take in the pool for a few hours and then hike back to my car.  They got rid of the pool when it leaked and it was too expensive to fix, and they claimed that they could not find people to work as life guards either.   They kept the restrooms and change room (why I don't know) and people used to lay out in the sun there.  Then they got rid of the change rooms and rest rooms and there really wasn't any practical end of my hike. 

I changed to another park where they did not have a pool, but they did have some nice hiking trails -- through the woods, in a meadow, etc.  There was some up and down requirements which were good for a workout.  The way I took the loop, the meadow was the last place before a short hike to the parking lot along an abandoned road.  The only issue was that the meadow had ticks and if you didn't get to them they would get to you.  This resulted in me doing a full-body tick check in the parking lot at my car.  Occasionally someone would come along and ask what I was doing using a hand-held mirror and the driver's door car mirror.  When I explained, they always offered to help!  This was not just women, but men also seemed to understand that getting a tick bite was not too much fun. 

This was before the West Niles Virus came and since then I have stopped going to this park.  My most recent thong hiking place was in the Smoky Mountains on the Abram's falls trail.  This trail is at the end of Cades Cove, and consists of three major hills of several hundred feet each you must cross in about a two mile hike.  At the place where most people turn around, there is a swimming hole and besides me, there have been other thongers here sometimes. 

The weather in the Smokys is often very hot and humid (the humidity creates the "smoke" that the park is named for).  It just seems natural to wear a thong going to and from the falls.  I have never had any bad reactions, and see many others who obviously are going swimming based on the fact they have towels with them.  I have had people tell me I was smart to wear so little in the heat, that it really was sort of silly to wear more than your swimsuit on the trail and other similar things. 

I have also had the usual (usually girls) wanting to take my picture or have their picture taken with me, etc.  I have twice seen women wearing thongs returning to their cars from the falls.  I once came upon another male who was going my way, and we hiked to the falls, and swum together, but he continued on along another trail. 

Thongs on this trail are not common, but the Ranger told me that he guesses that they get a few a week, and that it is usually about the same number of men as women.  He told me this was based on pictures from a bear camera.  They can put these almost anywhere in the park to monitor if bears are in the area.  Some bears are known to be hostile to people, and they will catch them and put them deep in the wilderness if they hang out along a popular trail.  The cameras are battery powered, take digital pictures, and are triggered by a motion sensor.  He said they even caught a few people taking the trail -- usually early in the morning -- in their birthday suits.  The camera systems are run by the naturalists and do are not used by the rangers in any type of law enforcement of humans.
Maxtlatl #118

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:04/15/2018 01:20:08Copy HTML

Ohio is in the throes of trying to decide whether it is Spring or Winter. Fortunately, Friday was gorgeous and warm, so I decided to go take a hike on the bicycle trails north of Lake Hope. While they are officially bicycle trails, hikers use them, too. I like Lake Hope because, while the trails do get a bit of use, they are not super crowded the way most trails a Hocking Hills are.

I've pretty much given up caring if others see me hiking in a thong (at least with the occasional passer-by). I figured I'd probably see more people than normal though--it was our first decent warm day, and it was a Friday. From past experiences, those trails get more use on Fridays as some bicyclists decide to take along weekend. Unlike others here, I'm not out for any thrill--I'd almost prefer not meeting anybody (true whether wearing a thong or more). But I decided just not to care.

I was right--there were more people there than user, all guys. I met a lone hiker, a lone cyclist, a pair of cyclists, and a triplet. The triplet was right near the end of my hike (4.5 miles) and they'd stopped to look at the map at the intersection. As I approached, one of the exclaimed, "We've got Naked and Afraid!". I replied with, "If you've never hiked with a breeze on your butt, you've never really hiked." To which one of the guys mentioned a similar feeling peeing off his deck naked in the mornings. I also mentioned that this was just part of my liking being out as a part of nature So we just talked a while, about the day, mountain biking, and some recent injuries (one of the cyclists was bleeding from a fall), etc.. They had no trouble accepting me as a mostly naked man. After a bit of talking, we just parted ways. No drama; just the way it should be.
modelnude4u #119

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/01/2018 01:27:27Copy HTML

 I've made 3 rounds of the nature trails in only a thong for about 90% of the trip so far.  The weather finally broke, and today was 82f and wonderful.  I haven't actually run into anyone up close yet this year, but I've seen other folks in the park, and in the trails areas, but never on the trail I've been on.  I thought today I was going to have a meeting for sure, because I saw 2 different single girls, 1 walking a dog, heading out to the trails in different directions.  I was looking forward to meeting up with one or the other, but our paths never crossed. 
NudeNArizona #120

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/02/2018 12:12:28Copy HTML

 As other members have said about Az state parks and federal land thonging and nudity is tolerated as long as you are not in crowded areas drawing attention to yourself or causing an issue with others. My wife and I have taken hikes with friends in less populated state parks and rarely run into another sole along the way. We are usually nude with some sort of coverup available if needed for the occasional encounter with others. Once we were hiking a regular trail and before we noticed Border Patrol was coming down on ATVs at a high rate of speed and before we even had a change to coverup they were right upon us. They stopped asked if we had encountered others on the trail and we said no and they went on about their business a little while later we heard a helicopter over head circling around and a little ways down the path the agents had apprehended a group of illegal border crossers and when we stopped to turn the other way an agent came up to us and asked for our ID to verify who we were. We were all a little worried but once he saw we were legit he said enjoy your hike and we went about our way
The Swan #121

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/23/2018 03:05:10Copy HTML

 6.6 miles last Saturday. Met three people, a really nice guy wearing full camouflage print clothing that was one of the most jovial guys I had met in a while and a couple that seemed almost afraid of me. The couple and I did pass in an awkward  part of the trail that was very narrow and required them to step off the trail while I passed by about  three feet from them.

 4.8 miles on Monday, ran into a college aged couple judging by their t-shirts. They suggested I just hike naked. I told them their trail ahead was clear as far as knew and suggested they hike naked. We passed on a straight away, I hiked on awhile and looked  back at the couple and the woman was already hiking topless.

One thing I am doing is lifting my legs while walking so my quad muscles are horizontal. This seems to maintain muscle mass. I can only do it for a  a couple of hundred yards but every little bit helps.
ithongit #122

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:05/24/2018 08:11:29Copy HTML

 Hiking in a thong ?  Why not?  If it is legal and guys can wear board shorts (a swimsuit) why can't I wear a swimsuit too.  Some of my favorite swimming holes are a mile or more from parking.  I like them partly since the type of person who complains usually won't walk more than a quarter mile or so.  This means that only serious people go the full distance.  Some places I cover up with shorts or a long T-shirt until I am past the normal turn around place, then strip down for the final distance.  On the way back, I have plenty of time to dry off naturally before I put my street cloths back on.  The only problem is I have to either lug around my street cloths or try to find a place to hide them, and if I hide them, I have to check for spiders and bugs and stuff before I put them on.

Now, there are places where the hike does not include a swimming hole, but I still will thong, especially if someone else in my group is wearing a thong or I know the hike is popular with thongers.  And there are also places where the street cloths come off in the parking lot and my whole hiking experience regardless of the ultimate destination is done wearing just a thong and perhaps going topfree too.  The terrain and weather also can have an influence.  If I am taking a hike in sand dunes or a desert, the cloths are more likely to come off.  If there is a high likelihood for rain, especially heavy rain, a thong is a more sensible hiking outfit than more traditional swimwear or street cloths might be.  I also am likely to thong if there are people hiking in the nude and I am not fully comfortable with emulating them for some reason.

modelnude4u #123

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/04/2018 01:08:44Copy HTML

 First time on the trails today that I ran into anyone else up close.  Up 'til now, I'd tossed shorts on over my thong, or just took a turn to a trail away from others, but today, the park was darn near empty, so I was feeling a bit bolder I guess.  I saw a 20 something young lady walking a dog, and decided that I wasn't going to cover up no matter what.  I made sure that we ended up meeting face to face on a main trail.  We made eye contact early, her dog wanted to play, and I said something about the ungodly wind today.  She gave some brief response, and kept right on going, like it was no big deal.  It was a big long stretch, so if she turned around to get a look, it was surely there for her!
JM_Runs #124

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:06/04/2018 04:31:09Copy HTML

 modelnude4u - You said you made SURE you crossed paths with a single young women, who was walking alone in the woods. At this end of the internet it sounds like you were deliberately were trying to surprise her.  

Nude hiking or skinny-dipping is one thing, but deliberately crossing paths with young women, on a trail where there is nobody else, even though you might be wearing a thong, sounds like it is getting a bit creepy. From her point of view, alone, with you making eye contact and trying to interact with her, it might have been a bit scary. 

If you were innocently lying out in a public part of the park, with other people around, a women would not be scared.  One of the secrets to being accepted and not being seen as a creep is being very public. NOT hiding in the dunes, hanging out at the bathrooms or creeping round in the bushes. 

Elsewhere you said you have already been arrested for public indecency. I think you are again cruising for a bruisin.   

If you are going to hike nude or in a thong and meet someone coming the other way, just nod or say hi, divert your eyes and move on. Act like you would prefer it if they were not there and you just want to get on with your hike. Don't try to interact with them because that will often come of creepy. 
NudeNArizona #125

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:07/05/2018 10:36:07Copy HTML

 Yesterday at my neighbors 4th of July party I was talking to a couple who was visiting from out of town and during our talk they mentioned about wanting to go hiking up the mountain which is BLM land. I told them I knew the trails well and would be willing to take them but only early in the morning since it get hot early here. Then they ask what they needed to bring and I told them water, sunscreen, hat and sturdy shoes. I also told them I usually leave the house around 5AM. Later on after it started to get dark and the prudes left the party the remaining 4 couples we all went skinny dipping and then hung around the remainder of the evening hanging out nude watching fireworks from Tucson in the distance.
5AM We up and grabbed our camelbacks and walked out thru the garage surprised to see our new friends standing in our driveway with water, sunblock , hat and sturdy shoes then they informed us Nick told them we hike nude and they were on vacation and wanted to give it a try.
thong1 #126

Re:Hiking in a Thong?

Date Posted:07/21/2018 08:44:21Copy HTML

Technically, I did it in Albania, in the Tomorri Massif near Berat, but only for a short distance. I'd joined a trip organised by the hostel to the waterfall, and was wearing my Sunup/Sundown thong in the water. I then decided to climb up the hill as far as I could get, adding only my boots and socks. It wasn't too far until I encountered a fence and barking dog, but there, something new done.
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