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Date Posted:05/16/2008 10:16:57Copy HTML

Had a morning meeting in Ft. Lauderdale so I stopped at Hollywood beach along the boardwalk north of Hollywood Blvd on my way home.  Spent a glorious afternoon sunning. I walked much of the boardwalk, went shopping in some of the shops, and had lunch outdoors at a place called Toucan's (their Friday special is Fosters draft for $1.50), all in nothing more than a brief g-string and sandals. Got quite a compliment from a shopkeeper and had a great conversation with two girls in thongs who set up near me. At Toucan's the outdoor tables were corwded, so an older resident joined me and we had a great conversation. Learned a lot of the history of the boardwalk and its bars. I did not notice any negative comments or expressions.
I saw two topless girls as well. There does seem to be an increase in the number of young people and the number of thongs and topless women compared to a year or two ago. I was, however, the only man in a thong or g-string, although speedos were in great abundance. This beach is my favorite diversion from South Beach.
shs92645 #1

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/19/2008 10:55:20Copy HTML

I come down to Florida several weeks each winter and use the most northern part of Hollywood Beach....it is wonderful!  Very quiet during the week and a good mix of locals/Canadian tourists on weekends.  Always people in thongs, although not a lot as compared to South Beach.  But very laid back and never a negative compliment.
Pagan-Egyptian #2

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/20/2008 03:19:04Copy HTML

 nice, I should visit Hollywood beach while i am there. I'll be in town June 5-10. just got 2 new suits from Dore I am dying to wear! -Tim
bmicro #3

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:09/15/2008 09:59:54Copy HTML

Been a while since I have had the chance to stop by here. I laid out by the southern section just south of Hollywood Blvd. Beautiful beach and not crowded. Walked to the area of shops up by the bandshell. Got a few nice compliments along the way from some women walking by the other direction. It seemed to me that there was a higher proportion of people in thongs (including two other males) than I have seen in the past. Hopefully this is meaningful and not just an unusual evelt.
onesmallthong #4

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:03/13/2009 02:35:06Copy HTML

Hey everyone,

My wife and I are going to be staying at the Hollywood Towers in June, finally decided on this area due to the closeness to Haulover and our ability to get a week through our travel club.  Anyway, I don't know anything really about this area, so any advice or help regarding the beach in front of this resort would be nice and appreciated.  Can't wait to get to warm weather.
JM_Runs #5

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:03/13/2009 02:48:30Copy HTML

Hollywood Towers is on the north end of Hollywood boardwalk. 
This is not very close to Haulover, but is very close to the beach and Hollywood Beach boardwalk.
If you walk to the North, past the public park, you will soon come to the very quiet section of North Hollywood Beach.  A section where there are just dunes and trees behind the beach.  (About 1/2 to 1 mile north)

To get to Haulover park you need to travel about 8 South by car or bus. It is stright down A1A.

onesmallthong #6

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:03/13/2009 05:36:14Copy HTML

JM, thanks for the info.  The distance to Haulover is not an issue, but I probably won't get my wife to walk anywhere as far as putting our stuff down and enjoying the beach.  How is it right in front of Hollywood Towers?  According to the pictures it looks pretty good, I am assuming thonging there is not an issue, as the area seems pretty laid back and accepting?  Thanks again for your response.
Pagan-Egyptian #7

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:03/26/2009 08:36:26Copy HTML

I will be visiting next week. I am making a point to stop in Hollywood and enjoy the boardwalk like I did last year.
bmicro #8

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/06/2009 09:38:26Copy HTML

 Another beautiful day in paradise! 
Had an afternoon meeting in Ft. L. so I decided to stop at Hollywood Beach for a while on my way. Got there around 10:00 and laid out around Filmore St (just North of Hollywood Beach Hotel) in my Dore blue/grey micro spider string (the one on the first page of her website). Beautiful and fairly calm!
Walked up the boardwalk and looked around some stores. While walking back, a couple stopped me and asked to take a picture. I agreed and the wife told me that I looked great in the suit and her husband told me that he wouldn't wear such a suit but he really admired me for doing so. They were from NJ on vacation. A little later on a woman stopped me and asked me where I had bought the suit (seems she wanted one for her husband). When I told her Dore, mail order on the Internet, she was disappointed. Seems that they didn't know such suits were permitted and wanted to get one right away. The typical thongs in the stores were too big.  Later on a man asked me the same thing with a similar reaction. Hmm, might be a good retail market!
I had lunch sitting out in my suit (only) at Toucans. A great relaxing time.
When I finally had to leave, I rinsed off and a rather down and out young man came by on a bike and yelled at me "put some clothes on, faggot". I chose to ignore him and he rode away. While I considered the source, it bothered me since, in all my years of wearing minimal swimwear, this is only the second time that someone has said something negative to me directly, rather than yelling anonymously from a distance. 
It still didn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying my interlude on the beach and I put on my suit (reluctantly) and went to my meeting.
eimeo #9

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:11/15/2009 12:24:01Copy HTML

went there today, walked the whole boardwalk down and then back up, all in my WW 455 string back with WW triangle top, this boardwalk is awesome, very wide and lots of interesting things to do, I like it better than the South Beach one ! I only saw 2 other girls wearing thongs and one wearing a very small brazilian, smallest I saw on guys were speedos (and I saw quite a bit of them), all in all we had a great day walking the boardwalk, and then went and relaxed on the beach on the North and where I went topless of course (I was the only one) no complaints. I think I'll be going there from now on !
ctmonline #10

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:11/19/2009 11:46:14Copy HTML

Hollywood Beach is cool, we spent an afternoon there during our summer vacation this year, they even had a band playing on stage. We couldn't get over good vibe we felt there, everyone the entire length of the boardwalk seemed to be having a great time, it's hard to find a place like this where we live.
surfguy #11

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:11/20/2009 02:29:43Copy HTML

If possible, could someone provide me with directions to Hollywood beach coming from Ft. Lauderdale.
Thanks in advance.
eimeo #12

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:11/20/2009 02:53:44Copy HTML

US1 or I95 to Sheridan, then go East all the way.  The boardwalk is just South of Sheridan but if you go North you can park in one of the streets perpendicular to A1A and walk south to get on the boardwalk.
bmicro #13

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:11/20/2009 04:28:53Copy HTML

If you go further south (say Pierce, Taylor, Fillmore streets) you will arrive at the commercial center of the boardwalk where you can shop, have lunch, a few drinks etc. next to the beach. I have done this frequently in just a thong (small one at that) with no difficulties (see my posts above).
surfguy #14

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:11/22/2009 01:01:41Copy HTML

Thanks eimeo and bmicro.  After reading all about Hollywood Beach, it seems it might be worth the ride
south and spend the day     Thanks again.
jim1234567 #15

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/30/2010 06:07:10Copy HTML

would u get in trouble if u wore just a thong without shorts or a shirt on the boardwalk or in a shop or at a restaurant?
bmicro #16

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/30/2010 04:57:02Copy HTML

No See my posts above. I regularly go shopping and have lunch along the boardwalk wearing just a thong.
JM_Runs #17

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/31/2010 03:09:20Copy HTML

Instead of the usual $1.75/hr, the parking garage here was only charging $5 for all-day parking.  I went there with my wife and kids today.  It was one of the few beaches left with any parking spaces.  Based upon my experience there, I'll definitely be going back.  It's got a similar atmosphere of South Beach, just not quite so crowded and not so much oriented towards famous people with expensive tastes.
eimeo #18

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/31/2010 09:29:28Copy HTML

bmicro, do you ever see girls topless walking on the boardwalk or would that be a no no there ?
jn9195 #19

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/31/2010 03:07:44Copy HTML

I see girls topless on the beach sometimes, even though it isn't "legal" there. 

But, topless on the boardwalk would not be accepted. :(

JM_Runs #20

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/31/2010 06:38:27Copy HTML

 I think that is right.  If you lay out topless on the beach you are likely to have no problems, unless some one rases a stink with the authorities.  Most of the time the lifeguards are more likely to suggest the complainant move themselves if they don't like the view.
That said, you would be better of  covering up if walking around or going up to the board walk. The board walk is patrolled by cops, not life guards and they are much more likely to give you a hard time or write a ticket. Some of the Hollywood cops are really hard ass and difficult.
A thong on the Hollywood boardwalk is not a problem.

The beach to the north of the Board Walk, (often refereed to as North Hollywood beach), has dunes between the off street parking and the beach, so you can't see the beach from the road. There are no buildings along this stretch that overlook the beach. Along here it is even more laid back. Of all of Hollywood's beach, I would recommended that section for the most likely section for hassle free topless sunning.
bmicro #21

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:06/01/2010 11:39:37Copy HTML


I have seen women topless on the beach off the boardwalk and both north and south of the boardwalk.
However, toplessness is rare and I have not noticed any girls walking topless on the boardwalk.
I have not been able to find any laws in Hollywood Beach forbidding it, however.
With the confident way you carry yourself, I doubt that there would be any problem.
shs92645 #22

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:01/10/2011 03:42:20Copy HTML

This January marks the 6th year that I have vacationed in the North Beach section of Hollywood Beach.  With the exception of last year's extremely cold weather, the beach conditions have been wonderful and this year seems to be the best of any trip down here.  I have come to think that the beach here is one of the very best in Florida as it is generally quiet and very laid back and it is nice not having high rise buildings.

I purchased two new thongs for this year's vacation and I must admit that I took a gamble with one of them - a Joe Snyder Bulge Thong in sheer white - as I knew it would be very small and perhaps not suitable for the beach, even though they are marketed as both underwear and swimwear.  But I have worn it on the beach this past week and I am happy to say that in terms of passerbys and others coming to the beach it seems to be a non-event.  I am from New England and I certainly wish that the population there could be so laid back about wearing so little on the beach!

I am here all of this week as well before returning home to the frozen tundra....and I do look forward to enjoying these sunny days in next to nothing.
SlidingG #23

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:01/14/2011 04:26:47Copy HTML

Hey Shs, can you recommend a hotel there at North Beach?  The wife and I are headed to Ft Lauderdale in early March and haven't chosen a place to stay yet.  Your description sounds great, like I could wear there what I do at East Beach in RI.  Thanks.
shs92645 #24

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:01/14/2011 01:07:00Copy HTML

Hey Sliding G....

Look up DeSoto Inn on the internet...it is by far the best place to stay in this neighborhood.  I did not stay there this year as I was here alone and frankly wanted a somewhat less expensive spot, but that is where I stay when I am here with my wife.  This neighborhood is 5-10 minutes from the airport and 10-15 minutes from downtown Ft. Lauderdale.  DeSoto has full kitchens, so if you are into that it works out well with supermarkets about a 3 minute drive away.

As far as the beach is concerned, just about anything flies.  North Beach neighborhood is comprised of about 6 blocks, then, heading south, is Hollywood North Beach Park, which means beautiful beach and zero buildings, which makes it very nice for Florida.  (In that respect very similar to East Beach, which gains its beauty because of the 2+ miles of no buildings).  During the past 10 days (I'm back to Rhode Island this afternoon), I have seen thongs, g-strings, and one topless woman.  Weekdays there is almost noone on the beach - much busier on the weekends as locals come. 

At age 65, while I like to wear as little as possible, I am also a bit hesitant and need to feel comfortable with where I am at....and this beach does provide that comfort.  I had many nice swims and felt at home with this suit that is absolutely the closest thing to nothing.

SlidingG #25

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:01/15/2011 02:06:03Copy HTML

Thanks, Shs.  DeSoto looks like a nice option.  Which do you stay at, Ocean Spray or Oceanview?  Does it make much difference?  Are they next to each other?  Thanks.  BTW, welcome back to the snowy north!
nuparrthongs #26

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/11/2011 07:05:33Copy HTML

 I lived in Hollywood for a year, and as bet as I can the City of Hollywood loves their tourist dollars enough that thongs are "accepted" as part of the tourist trade.  While just north of Hollywood beach on John Lloyd State Park beach (State Operated) you will be arrested for wearing a thong.  I have seen women on the boardwalk on Hollywood beach wearing true G-String Bikinis  that  barely cover the genitalia and nipples and they were never bothered.  As best I can tell the only thing that will get you arrested for nudity on Hollywood beach is exposing two specific anatomical areas, genitalia and anus. 
Hollywood beach is truly a thong lovers delight.
shs92645 #27

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/11/2011 06:42:55Copy HTML

I have not thonged down by the boardwalk since I stay at the north end of the beach park (just south of Dania Pier), but based on my experiences there on both what I have seen and what I have worn, I would agree that pretty much anything goes.  That is why I have vacationed there 6 Januarys in a row.
sailor250 #28

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/03/2011 10:09:57Copy HTML

Though I haven't stayed on that beach for a while topless maybe difficult...it's not legal like southbeach, but could be tolerated at some pools .  There are a lot of europeans and french canadians there in the winter.  Others might have some pool or sundeck recommendations.

There is a nude hotel and pool on Dania Beach called Rooftop Resort with a rooftop nude pool- I hear it's also a swinger hangout- couples only.

Yes Haulover  and Southbeach would require a car rental to reach.
happycouplemb #29

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/04/2011 04:17:19Copy HTML

Hubby & wife going to the Hollywood Beach Towers Resort the end of July, are there any good areas there that wife can go topless & thong & not feel out of place? Showing off the body is not a problem, just don't want to get stopped or have trouble because of it. Would love to know if there is a topless or nude pool around there, or do we need to get a car to travel to Miami/Haulover Beach to do that? Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks.

We're hoping that we can find some good places, the Rooftop sounds really good. Is that near Hollywood Beach?
sailor250 #30

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/04/2011 10:28:52Copy HTML

Dania Beach adjoins Hollywood Beach to the north  The place is right on A1A one block from the beach across the street from ICW.  Google it!  Only been there once maybe 8 years ago.
bmicro #31

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/04/2011 12:22:00Copy HTML


You will be in the middle of the beachwalk section which is the area that I have described in posts upthread. I have shopped and had lunch on the beachwalk wearing only a g-string with no problems. I have seen women topless on that section of the beach. You  will, however, be in a small minority (you may or may not see other thongers) so not feeling out of place is up to you. Just go out wearing what you want and act normally and the mostly older crowd will not disturb you.
The only nude beach in the area is Haulover and it is a car (or bus) ride away. Since Hollywood is in Broward County and Haulover is Miami-Dace County, you need to check on bus routes if you choose to go that route (buss systems are county run). 
2xist #32

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/07/2011 12:02:25Copy HTML

You must be lucky!!! I live in Hollywood and walk up and down the beach sometimes and have never seen anyone ina thong (male or female) like my old hang out at Haulover Beach... Went to Lloyd park one time and I was told that i had to cover up, no thongs allowed on the State park... :(
bmicro #33

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/07/2011 07:40:55Copy HTML

 You are lucky that you were warned! See my previous posts regarding state parks in Florida. The rangers rarely warn and the park police only give citations!
happycouplemb #34

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/19/2011 03:41:01Copy HTML

Hoping that the summer heat will bring out more thongs than just us! Did find a reasonable car rental so we will be travelling up & down the coast a bit, sounds like we're better off going south than north. Rooftop sounds like a good alternative, wonder if anyone has had any experiences there. Just in case the thongs are not out this July, picked up a brazillian cut for her and a speedo type brief for him, any problems anywhere in those? Any input is greatly appreciated, we want to have a great vaca, not spending time getting chased and filling in citations, lol.
JM_Runs #35

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/19/2011 02:57:21Copy HTML

 happycouple,  You should have no problems in thongs on Fort Lauderdale beach, nor Hollywood Beach, although you may get second looks and possibly silly comments from teen age boys if they are around.  Staying clear of the sections where there are picnick and BBQ setups will decrease the redneck quotient. You will have no trouble from authorities if in thongs, but need to be more descreate with going topless, covering up to walk around.  Traveling south to Miami Beach means you will be able to go topless too without a problem, both when laying down and when walking around.  Just don't thong in the State Parks like the one at the north end of Dania. 
bmicro #36

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/23/2011 03:31:07Copy HTML

 Anywhere in S Fla with the exception of the State Parks (not local, only official State Parks) is fine for brief thongs, g-strings and topless.
Haulover is the one true, officially sanctioned nude beach.
 The only difference is how much of a minority will you be in?  You will find some other thongers most everywhere. If you want a large number of topless women and thongers around, go to South Beach.
soyboy- #37

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/30/2011 07:43:08Copy HTML

if i were parking in the streets perpendicular to A1A just N. or north hollywood beach park, would there be any issues going from the car to the beach in a gstring without covering up?   would there be any concerns from other patrons in the parking lot/street or from police that may patrol? 
shs92645 #38

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/30/2011 09:36:01Copy HTML

no problem at all to all of your concerns
beachfolks #39

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/30/2011 09:52:18Copy HTML

Take everything out of the car. Our rental car was broken in to on the Hollywood beach parking, fortunately not much in the car, but the rear window broken. Insurance hassle.
JM_Runs #40

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:06/09/2011 12:38:58Copy HTML

I did a run in a basic Greg Homme thong this morning on Hollywood Beach.  I started at the main part of the beach next to the parking garage, ran south for 40 minutes (probably about 4 miles because I walked some too), then turned around.  The bad thing was the significant number of people who seem surprised to see a guy wearing a thong, like a kid saying "look at that guy", even as I ran a wide path around him and his father.  It's Hollywood for God's sake, not Myrtle Beach.  No real nasty comments or anything, but at the end, I had about 30 minutes left on the parking meter (which charges $1.50 per hour), so I decided to lay on the beach at about 10:30 at a fairly random spot.  I ended up uncomfortably close to some loud, obnoxious guys with Jersey shore / mafia accent.  They didn't comment to me directly, but I could tell they noticed me and did not feel comfortable around them so I headed up the beach a little.  Only thing there was some spanish-speaking lady snapping pics of me in the shower as I was getting ready to leave. That didn't bother me, but I probably should have composed myself better.  On the run, I also encountered a group of asian girls snapping pictures of each other so they could have me in the background as I passed.  I didn't really have the nerve to stop and pose for them or ask questions, so I just pretended not to notice and ran on.  For the whole morning, I did not encounter a single other person wearing a thong, which was a bit dissapointing, considering how common they are just 15 or 20 miles south of there.  I really don't mind the pics, I just don't want to find them on some malicious website like beach creeps.  When I get the sense that people are shooting with malicious purposes, as was the case the other day in Ft. Lauderdale, I hide my face from their cameras so they will end up with only back photos or poorly-composed ones. 

The best thing about this trip was that south of Hollywood, the beach was really great for running in shoes as I do.  By that, I mean there was a lot of hard packed sand at low tide.  I did run some on both the beach and the long sidewalk of Hollywood, but I purposefully avoided running by any restaurants that were open.
eimeo #41

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:01/22/2012 12:56:28Copy HTML

Went to the Broadwalk in Hollywood today, wasn't planning to go on the beach just walk the whole thing down and back up. On the way back to the car I felt like going in the water to cool down, I was wearing a black one piece American Apparel thong bodysuit and my skirt, so I just took my skirt off and walked to the water. I also took the top down and rolled the top of my suit on my tummy area once I got in the water. My husband that stayed near the walking area said a LOT of people stopped and took pictures he felt a little uncomfortable when I was walking back to the walking area still topless and told me I should cover up as I got much closer lol, seems like I had attracted quite a crowd. Looks like Hollywood is one of those beaches I will not thong at again ..... but the water was refreshing !
stanpuppy #42

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:01/24/2012 04:20:32Copy HTML

eimeo....are you sure it was the thong and not the toplessness that had everybody talking.   Thongs on women on many of the beaches in florida are almost a non-event.  It seems to me that toplessness is a little more uncommon outside of sobe.  Once you get away from the beach (even in sobe) toplessness takes on a whole new dimension.   I have seen women topless on the beach in sobe go almost unnoticed.  If they walk to the showers in lummus park, the whole dynamic changes.
bmicro #43

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:01/26/2012 09:14:36Copy HTML


I am sure that it was your outstanding body and good looks that attracted a crowd. While not common, I have seen women at Hollywood in thongs walking the boardwalk or topless laying out on the beach without any commotion.
2xist #44

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:07/03/2012 01:46:56Copy HTML

 I didn't know there where areas on Hollywood beach that one could thong?  I've never laid out there and have only walked the boardwalk.  I go out sometimes on Sunday's to the farmers market and get a smoothie.  Crowd can sometimes be a little bizarre...
Tanned Bum #45

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:12/31/2012 01:30:10Copy HTML

I'm heading down to Hollywood beach next week with my 2 female cousins. What part of the beach is best to hang out at? They would like to try jetskiing and some beach activities. Neither one of them has worn a thong in public and also might need a less traveled part of the beach too.

thanks for the information.
JM_Runs #46

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:12/31/2012 06:41:18Copy HTML

Beyond the North end of the board walk that runs town the central part of Hollywood beach there is a stretch where there is only dunes and trees between the service road and the beach. This gives a lot more privacy.  Along that 1/2 mile is no amenities but plenty of parking on the back streets where the lots remain undeveloped, therefore less tourists and more locals. Locals who are probably ambivalent about thongs.

I don't know about jetski's on Hollywood beach but the JetSki rental on Fort Lauderdale beach is just north of Sebastian St where the gay men hang out. Neither the men or the jetski operators will say boo about your thongs but you will need confidence, the beach there is quite close to the road.
sailor250 #47

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:12/31/2012 08:28:47Copy HTML

This is the dunes section of Hollywood Beach where someone was recently run over by the beach patrol vehicle.  How does this keep happening.  This has happened on Southbeach and now only the lifeguards are allowed to drive on the beach and very slowly.

Tanned Bum #48

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:01/01/2013 02:08:20Copy HTML

Thanks for the information. Are there places that rent chairs? Also there any recommended swimsuit shoping on the boardwalk and a couple recommend places for lunch?
bigswells #49

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:01/01/2013 09:59:16Copy HTML

Just spent the week on Dania beach in a thong and had a great time. Rode the bike path in my thong and never heard any complaints. Nice spot, enjoy yhr beach
2xist #50

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:01/01/2013 10:55:40Copy HTML

 Big wells where on dania?
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