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bmicro #51

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:01/02/2013 01:10:45Copy HTML

There are places to rent chairs off of the main boardwalk. I like to have lunch in my thong at Toucan's or Jakes.  There is a great place for swimsuits approx two blocks North, but I forget the name at the moment.
gra7y #52

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:01/10/2013 05:49:53Copy HTML

How is Hollywood Beach? Are there good hotels & Condos there? Arethere good Restaurants? Any related info would be helpful.
Tanned Bum #53

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:01/13/2013 02:54:04Copy HTML

Just got back from spending a week in South FLorida at Hollywood and South Beach. We went to the beach near Lee St. and had a great time hang out. A little bit on the old crowd side but never the less everyone was having a good time. There was more than enough room for everyone to spread out. Plenty of street parking at $2.00/hr. Seemed like everyone including ourselves was comfortable wearing anything on that beach.
bmicro #54

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:01/13/2013 09:56:42Copy HTML

Hollywood Beach is a wonderful, laid back area that is filled with older, small motels and has agreat boardwalk filled with mom and pop shops and restaurants. The major tourist trade are Canadians who appreciate the inexpensive motels. For Hotels, there is the Hollywood Beach Hotel, and a Marriott. Further south is the Westin Diplomat, an upscale hotel. While there are condos in Hollywood, just south is Hallandale Beach, which is a concrete canyon of high rise condos.
wild_tiger33 #55

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:02/12/2013 01:35:34Copy HTML

 what are some must-see's  in the hollywood area? we just booked a condo there for the second week in march and I want to see as much as i can1
n2thongsngs #56

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:02/12/2013 02:33:02Copy HTML

 Le Tub has been voted as one of the best Hamburgers in world!  It rely is an amazing meal.   
As for sights, Haulover is just 15 minutes away! 
thongcouplewv #57

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:03/17/2013 09:55:36Copy HTML

Stayed at Hollywood Beach in early May 2012 . Had a great time. Very relaxed place with good food and great beach. We walked the boardwalk every morning for 5 days. Only saw one female in a thong. A few males were wearing speedo style suits. We didn't thong there because we were naked most of the time. We are heading back in a couple of weeks and are taking our thongs. Will post a report.
BeachLover007 #58

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/08/2013 07:44:42Copy HTML

 Saw several women in thongs today at Hollywood Beach near Johnson street.  I saw at Wings they sell men's thongs.  Next time I go back plan on buying a couple from there and try walking around in my thong :)
BeachLover007 #59

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/12/2013 08:20:31Copy HTML

 I'm headed to Hollywood Beach board walk to walk up and down the board walk in my thong :)
thong_jock #60

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/12/2013 01:16:07Copy HTML

 Beachlover007 I would PAY GOOD MONEY to see that! WOOF! How about shooting some video???
2xist #61

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/12/2013 02:05:15Copy HTML

 I would pay also to see that! LOL
BeachLover007 #62

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/13/2013 05:35:16Copy HTML

 I ended up getting to the beach late today so I just laid out by Johnson street.  I walked back to my car in just my thong and had an older lady with me a thumbs up and while I was in the parking lot a group of women in a car drove by and the driver told me that I wore it very well.

I plan on getting to the beach earlier tomorrow and walking up and down the boardwalk in my thong.  I ended up buying a couple thongs from the Wings store there on Johnson street.  They are very comfortable and cheap too.  $12.99-$16.99.  I bought a US flag one for 4th of July and a Navy one to wear this weekend.  Love them!
2xist #63

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/13/2013 11:00:11Copy HTML

 Beachlover007-Awesome tanline my friend!
BeachLover007 #64

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/13/2013 12:57:50Copy HTML

 Thanks 2xist....I'm working on getting it back now.  That was from last summer.
2xist #65

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/13/2013 01:49:05Copy HTML

 Beavlover007-Same here ..., lost mine over the winter. :(
2xist #66

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/15/2013 04:57:35Copy HTML

Does anyone know where there is a good area on Hollywood beach that is not full of sunbathers that you can layout in a thong and parkng close by?  How is the area north of Sheridan street North Hollywood Beach like?  Thanks!
bmicro #67

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/28/2013 12:32:28Copy HTML

Went up to Hollywood Beach last Thursday and laid out in a yellow crochet G-string with a solid center and slightly open weave sides. Went shopping in a few stores and noticed a rotund old man talking intently to one of the lifeguards as I passed. When I got back to my spot, he walked in front of me and looked disapprovingly and went to the next lifeguard stand and talked to that lifeguard. The lifeguards did nothing but, about five minutes later as I was walking to get lunch, two policemen on four wheelers obviously on their regular patrol checked me out closely but didn't say anything and continued to drive north. I felt like going up to the old guy who obviously felt that he was the "morals police" and giving him a raspberry, but resisted the temptation. Sat outside at one of the restaurants and enjoyed lunch in the sun with only my g-string on. Later, on a walk down the beach, a young lady in a thong came up to me and told me how much she liked my suit and asked for a picture. I posted one taken with my camera in my Friends set on Flickr.
rickl454 #68

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/28/2013 01:36:59Copy HTML

bmicro - congratulations on your maturity and self-control.  I don't think there is any way I could have resisted giving that guy the rasberry that you thought about.  But on second thought the non-action of the lifeguards and cops constituted a rasberry on a higher level.  
BeachLover007 #69

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/30/2013 05:12:20Copy HTML

 I was there last Thursday in a navy blue thong I bought from Wings store. I was set up just south of Johnson street.
2xist #70

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/30/2013 10:35:44Copy HTML

 beachlover7-was it crowded?  few times ive been there it has been packed on the weekends.  thinking of going further north??thought that wings store stopped selling men's thongs?
thong_jock #71

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/30/2013 01:45:03Copy HTML

Please take more amazing beach fotos in your thongs!.

Your #1 fan!
jn9195 #72

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/01/2013 06:31:55Copy HTML

I've walked the entire length of the Hollywood Broadwalk in my thong before.  Actually, I've done it several times, but in the mornings, not in the busy afternoon.  I haven't had the nerve to do it the last few years, I used to be in better shape.  I need to get a workout plan again, but my job drains me of all energy.

I've seen the thongs in Wing's and I wanted to buy one there from one of those hot girls and I would have except those thongs just cover way too much! :)  
20897 #73

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/01/2013 09:05:41Copy HTML

I agree with jn9195 about the thongs at Wings. I went to the Wings in Sunny Isles and one in SOBE and the style is just too big for my taste. I prefer smaller thongs or g-strings.
BeachLover007 #74

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/02/2013 04:45:56Copy HTML

2xist...Wings still sells men's thongs.  I bought 3 pairs.  Navy, Pink, and Flag print.  It was fairly crowded there.  I saw about 9-10 women in thongs and 2 other men in thongs.  There were some gorgeous women out in thongs that day.  I walked up and down the beach in mine.  Loved it!
BeachLover007 #75

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/02/2013 04:46:19Copy HTML

 I like the way my ass looks in the thongs from Wings :P
2xist #76

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/02/2013 12:16:16Copy HTML

 Beachlover007-Dude, from your pictures, I think a few of us appreciate the way your ass looks in a thong from Wings :P~~~BTW, have you posted a picture in a Wing's thong!?!?! LOL
BeachLover007 #77

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/02/2013 02:12:02Copy HTML

 I haven't yet but I will get some photos in them and post.
nightgoat75 #78

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/09/2013 04:35:57Copy HTML

i read this board a few weeks ago before i came to hollywood to do some work training and so i thought i would sqeeze in a day to checkout the boardwalk. I was there this past tuesday. I had planned on finding a shop that sold mens thongs but didnt find one. "Wings" had some but they were quite ugly. So i decided to walk a bit of the boardwalk in my tulio square cut bathing suit. I was disappointed not to see any other guys or girls wearing thongs. in fact i got quite a few strange looks, and a fat redneck guy sitting on the beach yelled "Hey underwear man, your walking in the bike path". I made fun of his beer gut, and then decided to leave. I went up the street a little bit to a secluded area off custer street and laid out next to two girls who seemed amused by my skimpy attire. I plan on trying the boardwalk again when i come on vacation in late may or june. hopefully it wont be a another negative experience.
jn9195 #79

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/09/2013 08:09:43Copy HTML

Just don't walk in the bike path. :)

I love that area.  I wish I could find decent employment in the area to allow me to move... so far, I've never found anything close to providing me with a reasonable income.

BeachLover007 #80

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/09/2013 08:33:08Copy HTML

I uploaded 3 photos in Wings thongs.  Let me know what you think.  I don't think they look that bad.
DoreFan #81

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/09/2013 08:54:43Copy HTML

I don`t think those Wings thongs look that bad. From what some people were saying, I thought they`d be ugly. They look like standard everyday thongs, much like the ones I wore to Cuba and Mexico recently. 
2xist #82

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/10/2013 11:38:46Copy HTML

 Beachlover007-Looking good! The sides look a little thick?  Will it mess up your tanline?
BeachLover007 #83

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/10/2013 11:30:49Copy HTML

 I'm kinda liking the tan lines from it.  It def gives more noticeable tan lines.
2xist #84

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/11/2013 12:10:00Copy HTML

 @ beachlover007-Let us be the judge of that! Lol
All kidding aside, anyone know how busy Hollywood beach may get north of Sheridan on Memorial Day?!  I was planning on haulover beach but I know that's going to be a mad house!
kevinb959 #85

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/12/2013 10:32:02Copy HTML

 I went to North Hollywood Beach to check it out. I really didn't find any opportunity or good location to thong. I only stayed about an hour. If there is a particular section to go, I'd appreciate any info. Thanks!
2xist #86

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/12/2013 10:35:57Copy HTML

 Kevin-Me too! 
sailor250 #87

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:05/13/2013 01:05:03Copy HTML

Recently got a chance to check out Hollywood.  Walked all around the north end after parking at Custer St. in a thong bikini, no problems.

Walked down the beach around where the boardwalk is and wearing the same suit didn't get a good vibe.  No problems though.  It seemed the fewer chicks on the northend were way hotter looking too!

It's not SouthBeach that's for sure!
JM_Runs #88

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:09/18/2013 05:03:59Copy HTML

Hey all staying at the Ocean Inn in Hollywood in Oct. Like to thong on the beack before heading to Haulover. How the beach. any udated issues in your thong!
stringthong #89

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:10/02/2013 02:24:31Copy HTML

Great day at Hollywood Beach yesterday.  I set up at the northern end of the boardwalk from 10-1pm wearing a red California Muscle Teaser g-string (photos have been uploaded).  I highly recommend the Teaser with a little generous, baggy pouch and g-string back for a near all over tan.  Fun for sunbathing and nearly nude swimming.

It was relatively quiet but I did see 3 women in thongs and one topless/g-string during my walk.  No issues with minimal swimwear.  I heard no comments, only a few stares.  I'll be going back either tomorrow or Friday.
bunzaird #90

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:10/01/2014 05:37:21Copy HTML

 We are going to stay at the Rooftop for a night or two before they finish that Margaritaville monstrosity.  Do you think walking to the beach from A1A down, say, Minnesota St in our thongs would be OK? 

We will, of course, enjoy a pilgrimage to Le Tub.  Great burgers...and almost worth the 45 minute wait!  Hey...if you're seated on the waterfront, who cares about the wait. Gotta wear clothes there, but Elle will hopefully give you a peek at her thong. ;)  It's pretty laid back there.
minimalist75 #91

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:02/01/2017 05:29:16Copy HTML

 Any recent experience with thongs or other brief swimwear on Hollywood Beach? Will be there for a week in March and was wondering what to expect.
visa0061 #92

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:02/01/2017 10:17:23Copy HTML

 Was there in October. Saw a few thongs and one micro g-string on women. My girlfriend wore a thong. No problems. Didn't see any men though.  
jn9195 #93

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:02/07/2017 06:12:46Copy HTML

 You won't have any problems walking to the beach from A1A in Hollywood Beach in thongs
Indydjc #94

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:02/10/2017 01:23:32Copy HTML

 No problem at all wearing a thong on Hollywood Beach. My wife and I both wore our thongs last summer with no problem. Saw more thongs last year than the year before.
speedosrule #95

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:03/11/2017 08:15:36Copy HTML

 Has anyone thonged on the Southern section of Hollywood Beach? I will be staying at a timeshare, Enchanted Isle Resort and want to get out the thongs for a good tan
20897 #96

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:03/12/2017 05:56:40Copy HTML

 We have stayed at that timeshare 3 times and will be there again next month. Never had a problem wearing my Skinz  stuffit G-strings there and my wife wearing her Wicked Weasel's. The staff is very friendly and don't have a problem with what you wear. You may have another guest complain but that can happen anywhere. You can PM me if you want more info.
jn9195 #97

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:06/02/2017 10:06:43Copy HTML

Oh my god... I haven't been to Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood in about 4 years...     Wow, the parking rates have skyrocketed....    Along the north part of Hollywood beach, it's $3.00/hour for non-residents...  and it asks if you are a resident and for you to enter your license plate number...   I wonder what the resident rate is because in this area, the meters don't tell you at all how much it is per hour - you just have to wait until you put in money to see.  I don't know how much the big parking lot is, the last time I was here, it was $10.00. 

And the cameras and cops at every turn.  It's intimidating...   I'm not doing anything "wrong" but many people make me feel like I am when I wear a thong or g-string...  and it feels weird to know that you are on camera just about the entire time...     And when I'd go to the beach, I might check out a few areas first... I'd move on if it was too crowded... That might look suspicious if they are actually watching.  And I'd walk the path, like others would do, along North Hollywood Beach...   well, that just isn't doable (for me) with the hundreds and hundreds of cameras...

And at the big parking lot at the south end of Fort Lauderdale Beach, there are hundreds of cameras all over the area.  Some posts have four or five cameras.  And the cops, you can't go 20 feet without running into a cop or seeing a cop in a car...

I understand that they need to patrol, etc... but it isn't "fun" anymore... not at all.  

JM_Runs #98

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:06/05/2017 04:20:39Copy HTML

The answer is don't hang around parking lots. The cameras are there to protect cars from being broken into.

Just go out on the main beach. 
Endo_Rowe #99

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/18/2019 06:50:33Copy HTML

Have spent the past three days here in a g-string. I haven't had any problems, even walking along the beach from the south end to the middle.

That said, women in thongs don't bat an eye, but even a squarecut on a man is a rarity. Apparently I was quite the spectacle. Suffice to say I am in Instagram feeds around the world.

Edit: Unfortunately, my experience later in the day, about 4pm, was not so pleasant with bros yelling from the broadwalk, and even shouting for nearby strangers to look. I do my best to ignore them, but I'll probably be sticking to mornings.

JM_Runs #100

Re:Hollywood Beach, FL.

Date Posted:04/19/2019 02:02:15Copy HTML

Endo_Rowe, Good to know you thonged with confidence for a few days, and had the courage to walk around. A little rain this morning, but should clear up: We are meant to get some sun this afternoon. Sorry about the "bros on the boardwalk". A simple solution, just go for a swim and they will probably wonder off. It is strange how one or two bad comments can taint all the positive smiles and encouragement from others. If they happen I tend to pretend I did not hear them. Another approach is to smile and wave. This often causes the most homophobic one in the group to turn to another and say "He is waving at YOU", replied with "No bro, he is waving at YOU." Now they are uncomfortably laughing at each other, and since none of them wants to be accused, or continue the subject, they move on.
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