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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:03/19/2010 05:58:27Copy HTML

Hey guys.  It looks like it will be a nice couple of days of sunshine coming up.  Plan to be at Hollywood (FL) beach.  Would love to thong in the sun with other guys.  I am planning to pump-up my tan in my Joe Snyder thongs starting Friday thru the weekend.  Hope some of you guys can join me.  I am usually at the north end of Holllywood beach, at the Allen Street crossover , between Evans and Perry Streets.  Hope you can join me. 
Pagan-Egyptian #1

Re:Hollywood (FL) contacts

Date Posted:06/29/2010 03:13:55Copy HTML

 I am visiting July 9th - 14th. Actually Hallendale Beach.  I guess its a Burb..
wonderingdude #2

Re:Hollywood (FL) contacts

Date Posted:03/21/2011 08:20:04Copy HTML

How did your trip to Hollywood go? I live here, and I was under the impression thongs were frowned upon (some years back I saw a woman told to cover up by a policeman).
Pagan-Egyptian #3

Re:Hollywood (FL) contacts

Date Posted:03/22/2011 04:32:48Copy HTML

 I had no issues except from the one or two tourist from Redneckville.  Other than the those two, I had many good comments, and had absolutely no issues. After all, you are still in Broward County, and they are legal in Broward and Miami Dade County. I will be visiting again soon. Possibly late June.There were also several women there in thongs, and no issues.  That was back in August. Thsi year I have a double Hollywood Beach to go to.. The one in FL, and then in July, the one in Chicago. :D
wonderingdude #4

Re:Hollywood (FL) contacts

Date Posted:04/04/2011 03:19:30Copy HTML

Very cool. I know thongs (on men at least) are not allowed at John U. Lloyd. I'd seen it done before many times, so one day I tried it. About 20 minutes later I was told to cover up. Yet, in subsequent visits, I have seen women in thongs who are never asked to cover up, though thongs on anyone are actually not allowed in Florida state parks (which I found out after hours of internet searching).
eimeo #5

Re:Hollywood (FL) contacts

Date Posted:01/22/2012 12:53:28Copy HTML

Went to the Broadwalk in Hollywood today, wasn't planning to go on the beach just walk the whole thing down and back up. On the way back to the car I felt like going in the water to cool down, I was wearing a black one piece American Apparel thong bodysuit and my skirt, so I just took my skirt off and walked to the water. I also took the top down and rolled the top of my suit on my tummy area once I got in the water. My husband that stayed near the walking area said a LOT of people stopped and took pictures he felt a little uncomfortable when I was walking back to the walking area still topless and told me I should cover up as I got much closer lol, seems like I had attracted quite a crowd. Looks like Hollywood is one of those beaches I will not thong at again ..... but the water was refreshing !
BeachLover007 #6

Re:Hollywood (FL) contacts

Date Posted:01/23/2012 01:01:06Copy HTML

 Hey eimeo. Does your husband ever thong with you as well?
BeachLover007 #7

Re:Hollywood (FL) contacts

Date Posted:01/23/2012 01:14:07Copy HTML

 Any women or couples that thong that would like to hang out at the beach in Southern FL? Always nice to have several people thonging at once!
Ex_Member #8

Re:Hollywood (FL) contacts

Date Posted:01/26/2012 12:57:15Copy HTML

If you're in Hollywood, just a short ride south is Haulover Beach.... where you can wear anything,... or nothing and no one will care. I prefer the nothing... And this weekend is looking good for nothing!
hoff7894 #9

Re:Hollywood (FL) contacts

Date Posted:04/19/2012 10:35:21Copy HTML

Love to hang with someone

PM me

BienDotado #10

Re:Hollywood (FL) contacts

Date Posted:06/22/2016 06:01:09Copy HTML

I need someone (or more than one person ) to thong withPreferably FEMALE thongers (age not important)
I will be visiting Hollywood Beach FL between wednesday June 29th and sunday july3rd 2016No need to be available all 5 days (2-3 days is ok)We will meet at 10-11 am until 3-5 pmBetter bring an unmbrella
I am from venezuela,physically fit,45,down to earth with a a nice sense of humour
If you live the beach ,the ocean and love to laugh please reply ASAP
*hablo espa?ol

MaxHollywood #11

Re:Hollywood (FL) contacts

Date Posted:07/08/2018 04:34:07Copy HTML

 Male thonger here Hollywood looking for other male company. Weather permitting I go to the McClellan St beach entrance on  Tuesdays and Thursdays- usually from 7:30- 9:30am. 
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