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Date Posted:04/16/2005 03:25:03Copy HTML

I'm going to Hong Kong in August for vacation.  Any issues wearing thongs on the beach or at hotel pools?  Thanks.
gman1970 #1

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:04/16/2005 10:38:22Copy HTML

Hi mrmartini,

Summer is my favourite season. I like lots of sun on every weekends or holidays. Wearing thongs on the public crowded beach (eg Repulse bay, one of famous beach in Hong Kong Island) is not popular. I did several times over there but I got some negative comments from chinese families. Therefore, I prefer go to some not-crowded beaches:

1) Middle Bay (just 5 mins walk , beside Repulse Bay): Mainly gays, wearing Thong, G-string, or Nude

2) South Bay (Need 15 mins walk, beside Repulse Bay): Half % gays, Half % straight guys, wearing Thong or Speedo 

3) beaches in Lamma Island (take ferry about 1 hr): Couples, gays, straight guys, wearing Thong, G-string, or Nude

Hope you enjoy your trip!

Thong Kong #2

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:04/19/2005 05:49:51Copy HTML

I now have a collection of three Hom thongs and haven't worn them in Hong Kong yet (wore them in Phuket). Where on Lamma is the best beach to wear them? I've only been to the main beach, and it doesn't seem really thong friendly.

I've also heard of a place called Sandy Bay, also near/next to Repulse Bay. Has anyone heard of this?
Thong Kong #3

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:04/19/2005 05:54:36Copy HTML

Also, to the original poster, Hong Kong is a great place to buy Hom thong swimwear. They currently have four styles in stock, in all sizes, at all Hom outlets. One easy-to-reach outlet is in Tsim Sha Tsui, right next to HMV. Expect to pay about US$23-$28 (no tax).
Thong Kong #4

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:04/20/2005 09:27:10Copy HTML

Just wore my bright orange Hom Uni-brillant string to South Bay and Middle Bay.

South bay is gorgeous! There were only about 6 other people there (besides the lifeguard) between 2 and 4 PM today -- 2 mixed couples and 2 single men, none wearing thongs, but men wearing speedos and girls wearing tie-side bikinis. Swam a little (so cold - 22C!), stood out on the platform a little (afraid to go back into the frigid water!), laid out and walked along the beach. No one said anything or stared at all. Tomorrow I think I'll go back and wear the black/gold metallic Hom (don't know the model name).

After I left South Bay, I walked down the road back to Middle Bay to see how it was, still wearing my thong. Along the way I passed two small groups of Filipino ladies, and no one said anything. They were probably familiar with the area and assumed I was gay and heading to Middle Bay, which would have been half right.

Middle Bay is very small and it seems exclusively gay. About 10 guys on the main beach (and one very butch girl in a tank top and shorts) and just about every guy was checking me out, some guys looking kind of gross and a few more normal looking guys, one a huge body builder. No one else was in a thong (almost all in speedos, which is the norm in HK), but north of the beach a little bit I spotted one man lounging in the nude. Be careful, to the north of the main beach it gets a bit raunchy, beyond the nudity. There are little platforms and paths everywhere where various small structures have been torn down. The guys use these spaces to pick eachother up, and, one assumes, to engage in sexual activity. I did witness one man masturbating after I passed him heading up a path (he was kind of gross looking and had his penis out of his otherwise fully clothed outft). So I don't recommend Middle Bay unless that type of attention is what you want. It's not my scene and I don't think I'll go back, since even the main beach at Middle Bay is extremely inferior to South Bay. My curiousity satisfied, I won't be returning.

Changed into my ultra-low Hom bikini and walked back along the street to the busy beach of Repulse Bay. I wasn't comfortable wearing a thong in Repulse Bay yet, though I may become more bold some day. Despite it being a work day and the frigid water, the beach was already very busy this early in the season. Mid season it's a total zoo (and the water quality suffers, of course). While walking to the beach, almost there, I received the only feedback of the day, which was a couple of Mainland Chinese tourists loudly giggling after I passed, presumably because I'm still pretty white (though no where near as white as I was two weeks ago) or it might have been because my legs, arms and chest are a bit hairy, and they are definitely not used to seeing that in PRC. EVERYONE in mainland China wears either Speedos or just white or colored underwear to the beach, so the reason for the giggling wasn't the same as it might be in the US. Ah, well. I'm working on my tan, and hoping to lose 10 pounds this summer, so I should make a better impression next time (though I'm not really looking that out of shape). I can't wait!

Later on I'll see about reporting on experiences on Lamma. Probably two weeks later, since I'm heading for Geneva on Sunday (and no chance of thonging there -- BRRR!)
mrmartini1999 #5

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:04/22/2005 11:14:57Copy HTML

Thanks, for the great feedback everyone.  I appreciate it!!!
benzthong #6

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:05/03/2005 05:14:27Copy HTML

Besides South Bay, Big Wave Bay on the south side of Hong Kong island (next to Shek O) is another possible place to thong.  It is usually not very crowded on a weekday.  The beach is fairly long (although no where as big as Repluse Bay) and the crowd is a good mix of youngsters, couples and families.  Besides myself, I have only seen one other man in thong but there were a few women in thongs.

Thong Kong #7

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:05/05/2005 09:28:46Copy HTML

I went to Big Wave Bay today and wore my gold speckled black Hom thong. I was a bit nervous and almost chickened out because it was the first time I wore a thong in front of one of my friends, beside my girlfriend. He was wearing a Hom speedo with 3" sides (he's a large fellow) and didn't say a word about my thong the whole time. Is that a good sign or a bad sign? The reason I decided to wear it anyway, despite my apprehension, was that I am determined to improve/maintain a thong tan this summer.

Anyway, no one mentioned my thong or reacted to it the whole day. Even the teenagers didn't seem to giggle about it. I noticed quite a few of the men were wearing Hom swimsuits, so they are definitely aware that they can buy thongs in HK. Hopefully they will see my example and consider wearing them at a later time.

Lots of guys wearing small speedos like the Homs mentioned above, many guys in board shorts, a few girls in various styles of bikinis (from tie-side to conservative), and many teenage girls in one piece swimsuits with t-shirts on, even in the water (girls wear that a lot here, because they're very self conscious about their stomachs and breasts). A few of the teenage boys were in board shorts with t-shirts as well. Sad to think that when I was a teenager, I was equally as ashamed of my body as they are now. Glad I'm out of that phase where I worry about the possible negative things people might think or say if I wear a swimsuit ("OMG he's so WHITE/his legs are so SKINNY!"), and instead try to think about the positive things people might think or say if I wear a thong ("Mmm nice ass/he's brave").

There was one young (early 20's) girl in a secluded spot with her boyfriend, wearing a banana yellow thong that could have been a Wicked Weasel, though I didn't get a close enough look. They were laying out for a while, then he took a few snaps of her with his camera, and they quickly left. I couldn't get close at all because of where they were.

Today was my record for crowdedness of a beach when I wore a thong (about 50 people).

Conclusion is that Big Wave Bay is indeed a good place to wear a thong. I could even consider going there on a day that's more crowded.
Thong Kong #8

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:05/15/2005 05:45:04Copy HTML

Spent the weekend at Cheung Sha beach. Lower Cheung Sha, to be exact. I don't think it's a thong friendly beach. Lots of kids and friends and kids of friends there, so I didn't want to cause a "scandal", so I did not wear a thong, and opted for my favorite Hom 1" side speedo style suit (blue one with a white flower on the back). Most of the beachgoers were dressed very conservatively; girls wearing shorts and t-shirts to go swimming, etc. Only a few bikinis. A few guys in Speedos, but mostly 3" or 4" sides. Most guys in board shorts.

However, I did walk over the rocks to upper Cheung Sha Beach, which is Hong Kong's longest beach. From my observations, this beach can be further separated into two halves. The top half, near the lifeguard tower, is very similar in style to lower Cheung Sha Beach. The bottom half, however, was very secluded when I was there at about noon. This beach is in fact known as a "gay" beach. When I was there, I saw three guys by themselves, separate from one-another. One of those guys was sunbathing nude, but covered up as I passed. As evidence of the reputation of this beach, there was a sign posted specifically stating that indecent exposure on the beach was a crime subject to prosecution by the Hong Kong Police.

But even though it does look like a gay "pick up" beach, it also looks like a perfect beach for thonging, if you want a beach thats more secluded than South Bay or Big Wave Bay and not as sleazy as Middle Bay. It would especially be a good thonging beach for women, as it's less likely that there would be lots of unwelcome oglers (on the other hand, if you want oglers, go to South Bay, Big Wave Bay, or the nearerr of the two beaches on Lamma Island).

This lower half of Upper Cheung Sha Beach is really a lovely beach, with one of the most picturesque, clean views of any beach I've been to in Hong Kong. The water quality is very good (comparitively) and the horizon is lovely and long. The beach itself is very short from shore to the greenery bordering the back of the beach, so there might not be much beach for sunbathing, depending on the season and the time of the day. But at the right time, this must be one of the best beaches in Hong Kong.

For swimming, there is no lifeguard anywhere near, and I didn't really venture far into the water, so I don't know how shallow the incline is. But I think as long as you're there with a friend, swimming should be pretty safe. In fact there were a couple of surfers testing the 3 foot waves near the rocks at the far lowest end of the beach.

So personally, if I'm thonging by myself, it wouldn't be my first choice of where to go, as I like a little more public exposure. But for someone who might be alittle more reluctant to wear a thong, I think it's a perfect place.
Thong Kong #9

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:05/15/2005 05:53:43Copy HTML

One thing I haven't mentioned so far is water quality. This is a huge issue in Hong Kong, as there's almost always a sick amount of debris floating in the water at any beach. This is on top of the bacteria count, which is tested regularly and reported to the public very clearly. You can check bacteria levels at the following link: http://www.epd.gov.hk/epd/english/environmentinhk/water/beach_quality/bwq_current.html.

So far of the beaches I've been to this early summer, South Bay was by far the cleanest in terms of floating debris. There were lots of black specks - ash and dead leaves - at Lower Cheung Sha. Upper Cheung Sha, lower half, seemed very clean. Big Wave Bay had a lot of large pieces of debris like plastic bags and pieces of foam. Still, I prefer such debris to the small debris like that at Lower Chaung Sha.
Thong Kong #10

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:05/21/2005 12:44:25Copy HTML

Okay. Went to Kowloon Park Swimming Pool today. Didn't wear a thong, obviously, but I did wear my 1" side bikini, and I certainly wasn't the only one. The pool is about half-half for men between Speedos and board shorts. As for women, my 6 year-old daughter was the only girl in a tie-side, triangle top bikini. I didn't even see any other girls or women in bikini bottoms at all, even though there must have been 200 girls there. Every one of them was either wearing shorts (the most common) or conservatively cut one- or high waist two-pieces.

I might consider thonging there on a weekday during the early morning. But I would also definitely consider thonging up top at the sunbathing area, which cannot be seen by anyone in any of the pools or outside of the pool complex. Only sunbathers should go up there, so it's nearly impossible that I would "offend" anyone. I'll report later my experience if I decide to try it.
mrmartini1999 #11

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:05/21/2005 06:29:37Copy HTML

Would like to hear more about the sunbathing area.  Thanks.
Thong Kong #12

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:05/22/2005 12:01:43Copy HTML

Kowloon Park Swimming Pool is a large complex of indoor and outdoor pools at one end of the park. All of the oudoor pools are in view of the general public strolling in different parts of the park. The indoor pools are more for swimming laps or training, and for families who want to stay out of the sun.

But there is a "sunbather's area" which is in a raised area above the outdoor pools. To go up there you have to climb some steps. There are sets of steps on both ends of the area, so it's possible someone might go "through" the area without the intention to sunbathe, or they might just go up there because they're curious. But it's easier to go around the area rather than through it. There are about 15 or so deck chairs. I don't think there would be a problem sunbathing in a thong up there. I could see the possibility that someone strolls trough and sees the thong, then goes down to the pool to tell their friends, but I don't thing anyone willing to do such a thing would go off and complain to the lifeguards about it. They'd just have a chuckle and that's it.
mrmartini1999 #13

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:05/22/2005 10:02:06Copy HTML

Is the sunbathing area a nudist area or just a place to relax in the sun away from the pools?

Thong Kong #14

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:05/22/2005 10:30:43Copy HTML

No, it's definitely not a nudist area! The same HK laws apply there as well as any other "public" place. Meaning you cannot dress "nude or inappropriate enough to be found offensive". Whatever that means.

As someone on another thread said (I've embellished a little), "If I wore hot pink board shorts with Hello Kitty printed on them, I'm sure someone would find that offensive".

But basically, as long as no one goes out of their way to complain, you're completely protected by the law. And if someone does go out of their way to complain, you could just change clothes and you'd also be safe. In my opinion there is a reasonable expectation that wearing a thong is neither indecent nor offensive.
Thong Kong #15

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:05/23/2005 11:54:17Copy HTML

I went back to Kowloon Park swimming pool today, and, as usual, there were an abundance of men in speedos, some narrow, though I still think my 1" Hom was the smallest, I would only have stood out because my brand new red plaid Hom suit was more stylish than the other basic Speedos and Arena suits etc. No one seemed to pay any notice whatsoever (still not anywhere near comfortable enough to wear a thong to the pool).

Also, I was slightly wrong. The sunbathers' area can be seen from the park, but at a distance. But as the pool is closed Tuesdays until 6 PM, I didn't have any chance to get any sun, so the thong issue didn't come up. I took some photos of the area from the park, and I'll try to post them later.

There was one girl, out of the few hundred, in a tie side bikini. One other girl wore a pseudo triangle top with boy shorts. I can't stand girls' shame about their bodies in this place! I really need to go to the pool with my girlfriend, who always wears very slight tie-side bikinis.

Anyway, the reason I went to the pool today was that I wanted to try on the six suits I bought today. That's right. I bought six Hom suits at a "mega sale" for a total of about $70 (sale is throughout the week at Harbour City 3/F Bazaar, for those in Hong Kong). None of the suits I bought were thongs, unfortunately. Although there were a few nondescript thongs at the sale, they were all size XL, and I wear a small or medium. But all the suits were 1" side minis.

One suit in particular, that I didn't dare wear today, was a reversible yellow suit that really shows off the "equipment" when worn on one side, but is quite opaque when worn on the other side. In addition to that suit and the red plaid (quick dry) suit I wore today, I bought a silver "crinkle" suit (that doesn't look as good as I thought it would), a bright red unlined quick dry suit, a blue fern patterned suit, and a blue and black abstract print suit (looks similar to some Speedo prints). I'm happy with all the suits after trying them on, and I'm thinking about getting a few more tomorrow. Too bad they didn't have any thongs in my size (I'd even have tried an XS if it's stretchy).

Anyway, there's one thing I didn't mention about Hong Kong public swimming pools. I just discovered this last week. Some of the pools have private "family" changing rooms that are lockable and not monitored. This can have certain "advantages" after a relaxing or playful swim with your sweetie.
Thong Kong #16

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:05/30/2005 01:04:26Copy HTML

Thong sighting at Kowloon Park -- and it wasn't me.

I went to Kowloon Park Swimming Pool Today for the afternoon session, and arrived at 2:00, just in time for the sun to disappear behind some clouds for the rest of the day. This was the first sunny morning in three weeks. And I missed it.

Anyway, apparently because of the morning sunshine, the place was packed! On a Monday during working hours. Go figure.

But it was packed with literally 90% guys (a few hundred vs. a couple dozen girls/women), all in speedos, mostly either 1" cut Homs or very low waisted Arenas and Speedos (not the type you can get in the US). My 1" blue plaid Hom was positively Catholic! It was like a "Speedo Boys" convention!

I was approached quite strongly once, while I was laying out under the clouds in a less populated area. The guy made a clearly deliberate effort to get my attention by standing a few feet next to me, turning around several times, trying to establish eye contact, etc. while I read my book. The guy looked not too bad and if I were gay I probably would have taken the bait. (Actually, I wish I *were* gay because it would make picking someone up a lot easier for me. Girls are just too careful to risk being picked up by strangers.)

There were all kinds of guys swimsuits there, though only one (possible) thong, as I'll explain below. Even a few suits so low they looked similar to what can be seen on some Japanese websites, though the guys didn't really have enough shape in the rear to show much cleavage. There were brightly colored tight, low Speedos and Homs, some with rear center seams; the usual dark-colored 2" Speedos that most guys in Hong Kong wear; and even a few more unusual suits that could have been see-through, though I didn't pay enough attention to tell for sure. This was definitely a gay guys' or even a straight female voyeur's paradise.

Of the few girls there, there were a few standard bikinis, two or three with tie-sides and conservative tops, but there were also many t-shirts in the water. I just don't get it (still). Still, a couple of the girls were cute.

And there was one guy in what I *think* was a t-back. He was one of the only other Western guys besides myself. He was laying out on a deck chair next to a lot of the "speedo boys" and was pretty much left alone. He was much older than everybody else, a standard 40-something bald Western guy surrounded by 20 year-old Chinese Speedo boys. But he was concentrating on the sun (or what was left of it behind the clouds). I couldn't be sure that what he was wearing was a t-back or thong, but it had string sides and a sliding pouch in front. I didn't see him flip over, and I left the area to pay attention to other things. A little later when he came down, he had already put on a conservative Speedo over whatever it was he had been wearing in the sun. I don't think he would have put on a Speedo over a Rio cut, so I'm assuming what he had was a t-back.

The "sunbathers' area" was all guys, and that's where some of the more extreme displays were, though no thongs or nudity. There were, however, guys making every effort to show their bulge, seeming more interested in other guys' attention than they were in the sun (and it was cloudy anyway). I could imagine a thonger there would get a lot of admirers and no-one would complain. I'm considering risking the Speedo boys' attention by wearing a thong on the next sunny day just to get a good tan. Anyway, when other guys give me attention, I'm flattered, even if I'm not wired to be interested in following up on any advances. If only the girls would give me the attention...

I really want to try wearing something a little more risqu?next time. I'll report when I do. But God I'm praying for sunshine. The clouds and rain of the last three weeks has gotten me feeling depressed, and my tan line is fading.
Thong Kong #17

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/02/2005 01:03:21Copy HTML

Went to Kowloon Park pool again for the night session tonight. No thongs, but again, lots of tiny speedos, and not very many girls in bikinis. Better male to female ratio, though, and not super crowded because it was a weekday night and it was cloudy all day today.

I didn't wear a thong, as my only real reason for daring to wear one in front of so many people, when no one else is wearing one, is to sunbathe. I'm not a power swimmer. I don't even like swimming laps (that's why I go to Kowloon Park, as it's more of a leisure pool).

But I did wear my Aussiebum XS Illusion, which is transparent on the upper part, showing a little cleavage in the rear. I didn't really notice any extra attention. They're used to seeing all those guys in their tight speedos.

Still, I got some flirting from two different girls. I wasn't all that interested and didn't chat them up, though. And one guy -- could have been the same guy from the other day -- said "jeng" (great!) out loud after I had swum about 15 metres underwater and came up right next to him (I know 15 metres is not very far, but either he thought it was, or he was responding to my swimsuit or my overall appearance). He was staring at me for a while until I swam away.

All in all I thought it was a much better environment. But I still miss the sun.
Thong Kong #18

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/03/2005 02:59:16Copy HTML

Had a "miscalculation" at Kowloon Park today. I carry with me a selection of five or so swim trunks to choose from when I go to the pool, so that I can change depending on my mood. Well, today, I picked out the green/yellow reversible Hom micro. I put it on in the changing room green side out, and I thought, "geez, it's more transparent than I thought". Still, I walked over to the shower, and wet the suit and my body. It was totally see-through! It didn't hide ANYTHING. I remembered that with the yellow side out, it was opaque, so I flipped it around. Not opaque when wet. Still shows everything. By this time I was having an unwanted effect on the body part in question, and it got even worse. So I took off the wet, see-through suit and waited for my nude body to look a little more "decent" before I walked back to the locker to pick out a different suit.

There is no way I'm wearing that suit to a public pool. I'd much rather wear a thong. The suit was honestly as transparent as a sheer Wicked Weasel. Wearing that goes beyond mild exhibitionism or sunworshipping, and seems more like deliberate flashing. Not what I want.

Still lots of gay guys at the pool today, but not quite as many as Monday, and more women. It seems like Monday has been designated the pick-up day.

And I lost my swim goggles (again) so I'm pissed.
Thong Kong #19

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/10/2005 05:16:57Copy HTML

Well, I did it. I wore a thong at the sunbathers' area at Kowloon Park. No problems. Guys didn't really stare. There probably were about ten guys who saw me up close, and the (female) lifeguard could see me from about 25m away. People in the park could theoretically see me about 50m away.

Best news is that I restored my fading thong tan line, and you can barely see the Speedo line!

But I put on my Aussiebum suit over my thong when I went down to the pool. Interesting, though, because the top of the Aussiebum suit (XS Illusion) is see-through, so people could see that I was wearing a thong underneath. It didn't seem that anyone noticed, though.

I also went to a different pool on Friday. I went to the Jordan Valley Pool, which is a fantastic pool to take kids because they have an awesome shallow leisure pool with fountains and floats and water slides. There's also a 25m pool, but it's also pretty shallow (1.0-1.4m deep). I did swim laps at that pool (swam about 1km in total - 500m the longest run non-stop, which is probably the farthest I've done since I was 10) and got some more sun, but not in my thong.

I'm really starting to enjoy swimming laps, which I thought I would never do. I can also swim 25m underwater now. I did the "dead man's float" for a minute and a half as well. I hope to double everything by the end of the summer. Well maybe not holding my breath for three minutes, but two minutes would be okay. But I do want to swim 50m underwater. That would be an accomplishment!
Thong Kong #20

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/16/2005 02:30:05Copy HTML

I've added information on my website about where to buy thongs and swimming suits in Hong Kong and on the internet. I'll also be adding information about where to wear thongs in Hong Kong soon.

Thong Kong

My Swimwear Page
babyarmi #21

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/21/2005 11:35:44Copy HTML

are there any hongkong locals, male or female who wears thongs in the beach?
Thong Kong #22

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/21/2005 05:21:07Copy HTML

I saw a local girl wearing a Wicked Weasel style thong (at a distance) at Big Wave Bay.

Hom sells lots of thong swimsuits here, so some men besides myself must be wearing them.
mrmartini1999 #23

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/22/2005 12:16:08Copy HTML

I'm looking forward to my trip to HK in August.  Can't wait.  Still unsure if I should wear my thong or not, but I'll bring it.
babyarmi #24

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/22/2005 01:16:52Copy HTML

do you guys have any pictures of local men/women in thongs in hongkong? pictures are worth a thousand words...
Thong Kong #25

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/22/2005 03:39:54Copy HTML

Just me.

Thong Kong at South Bay:

Each time I've worn a thong in Hong Kong, I was the only one, except the one girl I saw at Big Wave Bay that I mentioned.

But I've seen pictures on Voyeurweb of women in thongs in Repulse Bay, though they seemed to be old photos.
babyarmi #26

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/22/2005 04:05:48Copy HTML

nice pic.. who took the picture?
Thong Kong #27

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/22/2005 04:23:45Copy HTML

Nope, I was thonging alone that day. That pic was taken with the self-timer.

I've got a waterproof case for my digital camera, so I could take lots more interesting pictures if I had a photographer.
Thong Kong #28

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/28/2005 11:20:14Copy HTML

Wore my thong sunbathing at Kowloon Park swimming pool again today. Today it was a little bit busier, and the sunbathers area didn't have any available deck chairs. So eventually I found a free chair in the far back of the side section next to the indoor pools (which open for the summer tomorrow). Lots of people got a good look at me, but I couldn't judge their reactions. The sunshine wasn't very strong (partially cloudy), so it was kind of a wasted effort.

Also, I completed a milestone swimming underwater today. I swam 25m, did a turn without surfacing, and swam another 10m before coming up. I feel I could have gone farther, but the pool was too crowded, and that affected my concentration. My goal is still 50m on one breath, either 2 laps in a 25m pool or the full length of a 50m pool. I'm sure I will be able to do it by the end of the summer.
strepsils #29

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/26/2006 04:43:10Copy HTML

I wore a pair of striking colour thongs in Sheik-O beach and barbequeing. So far, no problem. ! Trust me!

Thong Kong #30

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:05/25/2007 01:38:46Copy HTML

Well it's been a long time since I've posted here.

But on May 13th and again on Buddha's birthday, May 24, my girlfriend and I ended up at Middle Cheung Sha Beach. She in her Wicked Weasels, and I in my Hom thongs, as well as my hot pink string!

I took loads of WW photos of her, and we even submitted to the WW site. Didn't make it this week, but we're still hoping to be chosen for the next update.

Middle Cheung Sha is a great beach to thong!!! I won't hesitate to thong there every time in the future.

My GF also wore a WW at South Bay a few weeks back, and I wore my favorite black and gold Hom Thailand (never sold in other markets) thong.
strepsils #31

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:05/27/2007 09:40:31Copy HTML

Thong Kong, would you able to load some pictures into your homepage? Love to see your girlfriend in those WW pictures.

Thong Kong #32

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/02/2007 03:49:19Copy HTML

If anyone of you is a member of Adult Friend Finder, there are some pictures of my girlfriend there... some in Wicked Weasel, but most not... we'll post more ww photos later. Her handle is w1ckedangel, with a number "1" instead of an "i".

We sent our photos to WW for their contest three weeks ago, she wasn't chosen so far... looks like maybe they've taken a pass... too bad, we were kind of excited. And an additional AU$200 to spend on WW gear would have been nice.
strepsils #33

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

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Thong Kong, I managed to see one picture. A faceless lady in black bikini. ...Slim figure.
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Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

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Happy as a clam... my GF "Manyee" was chosen for the Wicked Weasel contributor's site.

Hope JM allows the link...
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Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

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I have ever been to the beach Cheung Sha years ago, and saw two asian girls in thong and g-string bikini, one even topless there, very nice beach, but some gays there.

You ever seen any other girl in g-string there, and any ppl look at your gf when she wearing ww there?


Nice post, very sexy ~~~

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Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

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Bagapon, were you also thonging with g-string at that time ? Have the gays approached to you, haha ? You may say to them 'I am a straight'.
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Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

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I really don't think the guys approach people much. Hong Kong is a very passive place. They typically set up, lay out, usually in pairs, but sometimes solo, and wait for other guys to make contact. If they're particularly impatient, they'll stand up and walk around their nearby "Area" not to look at others, but to give others the chance to look at them.

If they don't see interest in your eyes, they won't say anything. It's an unspoken exchange.

The only exception are the occasional weirdos.
strepsils #38

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

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Hi Thong Kong! I've saw ur gf, Manyee's WW photo album!

Didn't know you are a great photography shooter! Do you do touch up on those submitted pitcures or WW did the photo touch up for you?

Can I comment a little bit? It looks good on you as her bf and may win her a prize in WW competition.  

  1. Advise her to tie her hair neatly next time.
  2. Need not put on spectacles. This spoilt her beautiful image.
  3. Trim her eye-brows that suit her face shape so that she looks gorgeous.
  4. Courage her to put on some mild make-up. Asians are diffierent from cacausians.
  5. she can go for indoor-tanning to have even tanned colour.

You will be amazed when you do comparision.


Thong Kong #39

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:05/30/2008 07:46:42Copy HTML

Man Yee is now my wife. We posted another WW contribution in January from our honeymoon in Boracay, published on the WW site Jan 31.

We recently went to South Bay Beach in Hong Kong with friends, and she wore a red WW 414 with tie-sides. There must have been over 300 people there on the beach, and she was the only one in a thong, but we were still very comfortable. I did notice a guy with a 500mm lens on his DSLR snap a few shots. I told my wife from his position 25m away on the beach he could fill the frame with just one breast, but she didn't mind...

Next sunny Sunday we'll head back to Middle Cheung Sha to take some naughtier pics.

A few weeks ago, I went to Cheung Sha on a weekday, and did some tanning and swimming myself in a favorite black and white leopard print underwear. A few passers-by while I was lying there, including someone I know, but of course, no hassle.
togo44 #40

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

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Thong Kong - is the Hom boutique in TST still open? - passing through towards the end of August
AVBW21 #41

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

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Yes, the HOM boutique in TST is still open
gohjohan #42

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

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I wore my Joe Snyder bikini at my apartment's swimming pool the past few days. The lifeguards did stare at me longer than the rest of the swimmers but they didn't say anything.
strepsils #43

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

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Quote from gohjohan [I wore my Joe Snyder bikini at my apartment's swimming pool the past few days. ]

This is a thong topic. Not bikini!
gohjohan #44

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

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 Quote from strepsils [This is a thong topic. Not bikini!]

The bikini can be converted into a thong especially from swimming when it rides up. Forgot to mention that. My bad.
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Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

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hi first time to be here~ nice to meet you everyone!~
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Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

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Hi again everyone. Still thonging in Hong Kong.

One thing that should be mentioned is that it's probably better not to thong at the main beaches of Repulse Bay and Shek O. In Repulse Bay, hordes of Mainland tourists snap photos of girls in bikinis every single day, and in Shek O, you'll get a lot of odd looks from the conservative Hong Kongers.

Recently took a fantastic trip to Phuket, which I will write about in another thread.

I am very badly burned, but I still want to hit the beach in Hong Kong again before my holiday is over.

The last couple of times my wife and I went to the beach in HK, it has been to Lo So Shing on Lamma, which has been great, no hassle and a fun experience.
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Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

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I am a local HK'er but a devoted thonger.

I am also amazed how conservative both guys and girls are in HK.

Guys in beach not even wear swimsuit as "small" as Speedo brief, they wear board-short covering their kneel. Girls in beach are a bit more open-minded. They wear bikini.

But, when they see a thonging guy, they just view him as a monster.

Big Wave Bay in HK island, just off shek O, used to be a good place. But, after some local actresses and actors being caught by paparazzi, ppl flocks to there. The beach were packed with ppl, especially those conservatives mentioned above, every weekend.

From Thong Kong's post, Lo So Shing in Lamma island seems to be a good place to thong and enjoy. Must try it later.
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Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

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Actually, during the 15 years I've been in Hong Kong, I've watched men's swimwear becoming much more conservative, and women's swimwear becoming much more revealing.

Where 90% of Hong Kong Chinese used to wear Speedos to the beach, the percentage is now more like 20%, depending on what beach you go to. Meanwhile, you'd be lucky to see one girl in a bikini out of twenty wearing shorts over one-piece suits 15 years ago, while now I'd say about half the girls wear bikinis and again half of those with shorts on over the bottom. Still not great, but an improvement.

Yes, Lo So Shing is a great beach, as is South Bay, but for the best experience if you don't need a lifeguard, I'd still choose Middle Cheung Sha. Easiest way if you don't know how to get there is to walk from Upper Cheung Sha.
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Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

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Is wearing thong only suitable in the beach?? is there any place we can do it? like the roof of a building?

I'd never heard of any place except beaches in HK...funny
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Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/14/2010 01:28:55Copy HTML


Property developers in HK quite often charge a much higher price in selling the top floor together with the roof. So, most likely the roof will be private property.
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