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Thong Kong #51

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/14/2010 02:58:27Copy HTML

If you've got access to your building's roof, it would definitely be fine, though it seems there is always a taller building around. With today's DSLRs and zoom lenses you could bet someone would post something on Facebook/Youtube.

As I've mentioned about Kowloon Park Swimming Pool, some of the public swimming pools in HK have sun decks that are not visible from the pool area. Besides Kowloon Park, one that I know about is Sham Shui Po Park Swimming Pool. You could easily wear a thong under a pair of shorts and go up to the sun deck and slip off the shorts for sunbathing.
notherbigr #52

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/14/2010 01:59:38Copy HTML

Thong Kong, LOL!  That is definately the truth!  I was in Hong Kong last summer and stayed at the W hotel.  The pool is on the 76th floor and would be a great spot to try to thong.  But rising up next door is the 118 storey International Commerce Centre.  So there you are by the pool at the W looking up at yet another 40 stories above you!!!  So no thong for me!
catinabox #53

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/15/2010 07:57:08Copy HTML

It's very true that many roofs in HK are private properties...and so it's almost impossible to have a roof to so sunbath in HK..unless you are rich enough to own a house with a roof. But still, even you own a roof the place of your house must be in remote area otherwise there is no privacy at all.

So my choice is: own a house in remote area where no one can see you at all~ haha..day dreaming~
Golden Bay #54

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/16/2010 12:04:31Copy HTML

how about cheung sha beach? anyone been there recently? thanks
JM_Runs #55

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/16/2010 01:14:01Copy HTML

Not entirely relevent, coz I didn't Thong.

But I was in Novotel Citygate (Tung Chung), and wore a Joe Snyder Capri under my swimshorts.
I wanted to take the shorts off, but there were 2 hotel staff employed to be lifeguards. I don't have quite the guts to do it. So i did a couple of laps at the pool.

Then went to the sun deck, which was rather private. And found a nice place, and strip off my shorts and just lay there for a while in my JS Capri. We all know the Capri is like a rio back, not yet a thong but close :)

First time.. but good experience for me.
foxcreek #56

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/24/2010 11:30:11Copy HTML

Golden Bay,

Me and my wife went to mid-Cheung Sha Beach two weeks ago on a weekday morning.  It was very quiet, with a couple of philipinos walking their dogs along the long beach side.   My wife was wearing a sheer orange ww405.  After taking some pictrures of her, she went topless and eventually took off everything and so did I.   We saw a guy swimming alone in nude and we asked him to take a few pictures for us, in our birthday suits offfffff coooourse.  It was great fun.  My wife enjoys  showing off her body to stranger men under such a natural envioronment.  We are planning to go there again   
Thong Kong #57

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/24/2010 12:41:37Copy HTML

Wow, very interested in your experience, foxcreek. Seems I'll have to go back to Cheung Sha with my wife very soon.

We did have one experience at Cheung Sha a while ago where I unclipped her clip-side bottoms and took a few photos, but we both would like to take more photos like those we took in Thailand. Would also love to have someone willing to photograph us together. Perhaps we should meet you and your wife.

Meanwhile, we've got a boat trip tomorrow, which will unfortunately be among many of the more conservative type, so I am not planning on wearing a thong (I'm leaning toward wearing my favorite Hom micro -- made in Thailand and a bit lower waist than other Homs) but my wife will probably wear either her more conservative Tartan WW 212 or possibly her matt red 414 with tie sides, though she said she's bored with those 2... seems she wants to wear something sexier.
foxcreek #58

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/26/2010 03:18:10Copy HTML

Thong, Kong,

how's your boat trip?  am sure it will be good fun if we can take pictures for each other.  We used to go to beach early in the morning to avoid the crowd, so if you want to meet us, you have to get up very early.  In which part of HK do you live?   we live in somewhere between cwb and happy valley, so it takes about 1.5 hours to reach cheung sha beach form our home.      
Thong Kong #59

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/27/2010 02:36:54Copy HTML

The boat trip was great. Unfortunately I got plastered. Fortunately, it didn't really kick in until I was off the boat. With more suddenness than an Arizona thunderstorm, I passed out cold right at the pier.

I wore my blue Thai Hom micro, as I planned, and my wife wore her cobalt blue WW 459, which was not sheer, but sexier than the other two I mentioned (we counted and she currently has 10 WW tops and 12 bottoms).

It's the same bikini she posted in her first WW contribution (June 2007, Manyee).

Anyway, I wasn't really drunk, but a very amiable Aussie guy wearing board shorts, like every other guy on the boat, was (in the friendliest way, not to be mean at all) mocking my "budgie smugglers" and dared me to strip down and jump off the top deck of the boat with him in the nude. Being the person I am, I agreed, shrinkage and all, after he stripped of his shorts to show he was serious, and I pulled them off and dove in. I was fortunate that I didn't hit too hard, having had a pretty fair dive, but it still smacked the chestnuts a little. He said you have to hold them, but I don't think I could have dived properly without extending both my arms, and I might have hit much harder!

I think very few people on the boat actually saw what happened.

Some girls chatting with my wife about her bikini (no one seemed in the least critical of either of us) asked me why I didn't wear a thong. I told them I had one in my bag and maybe next time, though I think that might be next year with this particular group. Next time I won't hesitate.

We live in Kennedy Town, so it's about the same distance as it is for you. Unfortunately my wife doesn't get any weekends off with her current job, so it'll have to be a weekday when I also happen to have the day off. We'll have to see what happens, I guess.
foxcreek #60

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/30/2010 03:00:42Copy HTML

Thong Kong,

We are planning to go to the beach on Sunday morning.  Haven't decided which beach to go.  Do you wanna join us even if Manyee can't?
Thong Kong #61

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/31/2010 08:45:37Copy HTML

Might be up for that, Fox. Check your PMs for my phone number.
mgb_gt #62

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:08/01/2010 12:46:18Copy HTML

Went to Upper Cheung Sha Beach today,  the smaller one, around 4pm. 
As expected, I was the only one who thong.
Water quality is not good. Quite a few rebbuish floating around.

I have been puzzling. Foxcreek mentioned "mid-cheung sha". But, I can only find Upper Cheung Sha, Lower Cheung Sha and Tong Fuk (terminus for Bux No.4 from Mui Wo).
foxcreek #63

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:08/02/2010 01:06:02Copy HTML

mid-cheung sha refers to the part of the long beach between upper cheung sha and lower cheung sha.  There is a camp site call Palm Beach.  You follow the side way on the right of the camp site and the beach is there. 
mgb_gt #64

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:08/03/2010 12:19:22Copy HTML


Thanks for your detailed direction. I meant to go to the long beach. But, somehow I got off the bus too early. I must try the long beach next time.
hk_gstring #65

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:08/06/2010 06:02:40Copy HTML

Just to add to the list of places.  I regularly wear a g-string at Stanley Beach and have had no problems.  The beach does fill later in the day with families so some may feel uncomfortable.  I've seen a couple of women wearing g-strings topless at Stanley Beach as well.

Chung Hom Kok beach is generally fairly quiet and I've generally had no problems wearing a g-string there.  I did get a older man staring at me for a long time there once though.

I've been a number of times to the pool at Victoria Park in a g-string and again, no problems.

From time to time, in the pools of different places I've lived in, I've encountered women in thongs or g-strings but I've only seen 1 other man once at Repulse Bay beach in a g-string.

Lifeguards in Hong Kong seem not to care about anyone wearing a g-string.

Hope this makes it easier for men and women out there who are scared to try and enjoy the sun in a thong or g-string.
joshuaspain #66

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:08/06/2010 06:10:48Copy HTML

 I agree with HK g-string.... hong kong beaches are thong tolerant!
Keeping thonging!
Josh x
gohjohan #67

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:08/17/2010 04:12:59Copy HTML

 It's true about lifeguards not caring about thonging. As long as we don't do anything life threatening to ourselves and others, they let us be.
mgb_gt #68

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:08/17/2010 04:48:17Copy HTML

I spent a short while thonging at Big Wave Bay (HK Island) yesterday. So relaxed and comfortable. Maybe because there was not much ppl, the water was so clear that I saw fishes swimming around.
catinabox #69

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:09/07/2010 05:44:01Copy HTML

Just to say hi to everyone~let's me this thread up again~
hk_gstring #70

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:09/09/2010 12:59:35Copy HTML

The past 2 mornings have been sunny and I was out at Stanley Beach in my g-string.  I was pleasantly surprised on both occasions to see a man thonging at Stanley Beach.  He was hedging by scrunching up the rear of his speedo briefs into a thong but kudos to him anyways for taking the plunge.  This was the 1st time I've seen another man in a thong at Stanley Beach.  
I've seen a fair number of women in thongs and g-strings in private pools at the Southside.  Perhaps more thong sightings at the beach will encourage them to go from the private pools to the beach.
mgb_gt #71

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:09/28/2010 07:47:08Copy HTML

It is such a lovely and sunny day today. I as usual thong in the pool of the resident club. 10 mins after I arrived, another lady join in and thong. I am so amazed that thongers out-number the traditionals. BTW, I live in mid-level.
Naturalthonger #72

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:09/28/2010 04:13:20Copy HTML

Any swimming pools in Hongkong that allows thongs?  I have heard about South Bay.
AVBW21 #73

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:09/28/2010 05:23:48Copy HTML

South Bay is not a pool, it is a beach. Never been there, but I heard it is the beach where you can see the most thongs in HK.
hk_gstring #74

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:10/15/2010 04:56:18Copy HTML

Hong Kong swimming pools seem to be thong friendly enough. I've swum in a g-string at the Victoria Park swimming pool on a number of occasions during peak hours with no problems from lifeguards or other swimmers.  I've never had any problems at any private pools at residences, suggesting a good tolerance level.
littleone55555 #75

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:11/15/2010 01:11:52Copy HTML

 I've swam at Kowloon park pool in a blue thong as it was the only thing I had when I noticed the swimming pool on a very hot summer day.  It was quite full 50/50 guys to girls. I mostly did laps, but didn't get any comments.   A group of 4 12 year old chinese girls giggled but that was all.  
There was a female 'guard' or something at the exit of the men's changeroom.  She didn't say anything and I freely went in and out of the change room a few times.  
Naturalthonger #76

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:01/10/2011 02:59:23Copy HTML

Hi there, anyone who has done some thong-swimming in fitness clubs in HK?  Learned some clubs have temp-controled pools. 
poonster #77

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:01/30/2011 05:41:47Copy HTML

 I am visiting HK in early April. Is the weather warm enough for the beach (if it means staying out of the cold water)?Thanks!
hk_gstring #78

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:02/22/2011 05:29:36Copy HTML

Always difficult to predict weather but based on past experience, should be warm enough.
barebutt #79

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:04/11/2011 02:31:53Copy HTML

I wore my thongs at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kowloon.....No complains...only one wearing thongs, was not asked to change only asked to take a shower before swimming. walked all over the pool deck with no issues at all.
hk_gstring #80

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/01/2011 03:59:36Copy HTML

 The sun has finally returned to Hong Kong.  At long last!  Down at Stanley Beach the past couple of mornings in my g-string.  Saw another woman in a thong.  Noted she didn't have one on yesterday morning when I was at the beach.  Nice to see others in a thong.
joshuaspain #81

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/01/2011 04:56:07Copy HTML

Hello hk_gstring...  good to know you go to Stanley Beach.  I go there every Sunday for dragon boat training... what time are you usually there?  
Thong Kong #82

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/29/2011 09:34:32Copy HTML

We went to South Bay this past overcast Sunday, and it was busy. The wife wore a very small red Wicked Weasel. Out of the few hundred people there, my wife was the only one in a g-string, but there was one Western girl there with a thong that was full-fronted (looked just like a regular bikini from the front) and a 3 or 4 inch triangle back.

I really prefer going back to Cheung Sha next time where we can be a little freer.
hk_gstring #83

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/28/2011 04:47:51Copy HTML

 Tropical cyclone signal is up but the morning started great.  Really great.  The sun was shining and I was down at Stanley Beach in my g-string as usual.  A girl whom I had seen before in a thong at the beach was back - once again in a thong.  She brought a friend.  In a black g-string.  Her friend was a little shy - putting a hat over her bum to cover up - but she had nothing to be shy about.  Can we say smoking hot?  Another friend, whom I have also seen before in a thong at Stanley, showed up to make three!  Turns out the third was a mother as she brought her 2 kids.  Not too shabby for a mother.  Unfortunately, I had to leave but assuming the third donned her thong, that would've been a record 4 thongs/gstrings including me at Stanley Beach.
AVBW21 #84

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/30/2011 12:57:17Copy HTML

 Oh lucky you! Three thongs in a row? Do they usually show up in the morning only? Or have you seen them in the afternoon also?

joshuaspain #85

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:08/21/2011 10:04:02Copy HTML

 Was out at Deep Water Bay, Stanley and Repulse Bay this weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) and had a great time enjoying the sun in my thong.  Hong Kong beaches are thong friendly.  There were many guys in thong and g-string alongside all other sunbathers on the beach + lifeguards and no issues at all!  Definitely going out to the beach again next week.
hk_gstring #86

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:06/04/2012 06:39:21Copy HTML

It's been awhile since I posted anything here.  The weather in Hong Kong has been on and off nice.  I've been out at Stanley Beach in my g-string and can report the thongs are back in force.  Today I saw a man in a black thong.  Last week, I saw a woman in a black g-string.  
peterpan2888 #87

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/17/2012 02:46:34Copy HTML

Does anyone know if thonging is allowed in metropark hotel macau? Are the saunas there good? Are they mixed or separed?
hk_gstring #88

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:08/04/2012 05:23:38Copy HTML

 Does anyone know where to buy a gstring swimsuit in Hong Kong?  I used to buy Hom but they don't sell them anymore at the Hom outlet in Sogo in Causeway Bay or at the Hom in the outlets near the airport.  I know that Yata department store in Tai Po and Shatin carry the iSwim brand which is like a Joy Synder type of thong (small pouch, thong but not a real string back) and the Groovin brand.  I'm looking for a black gstring with a full size front.  The closest I can find is Skinzwear M2R online.
mgb_gt #89

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:08/21/2012 08:49:05Copy HTML

To: hk_gstring
I suggest you buy online. I have been doing so since last year. HOM is no hope now.
hk_gstring #90

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:03/06/2013 02:46:24Copy HTML

 The weather today was great so I took the opportunity to get some sun at the outdoor pool in Morrison Hill.  I wore a black g-string swim suit and was approached by a man who quietly told me that t-back swim suits were not allowed.  I was surprised to hear this since I've worn g-strings and thong bathing suits to this pool and other pools run by the Leisure Department before and neither the lifeguards nor anyone else has ever complained.  In fact, he spoke to me whilst I was under the lifeguard chair and I had been swimming in the lane directly below the lifeguard for about 15 minutes before. Perhaps some time ago there was an incident at the pool?
For those interestd in the lay of the land, I was the only one in a g-string and there were about 10 guys at the pool, all in speedos.  No women.  
mgb_gt #91

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:03/12/2013 09:19:22Copy HTML

 Moderate sun-shine today. So, g-string myself in South Bay.
Air is warm but water is cold.
ChingChing #92

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:05/08/2013 11:00:40Copy HTML

Back in 2008 summer when I were working in HK, I were swimming in Victoria Swimming Pool which is managed by Leisure Department.  i were surprised seeing an abc teenage lady swimming in her sexy bikini with a Brazilian bottom.  She was one of the spot in the practise pool that day.  Then the other day I made up my mind went to do laps in the same pool with my navy blue Hom swim thong.  It was so free that you can never imagine if you never try once in the practise pool with other Asian face.  I also had once in Kennedy Town in Western Suburb but it's now been re-located and changed over into an indoor pool.  Hopefully I'll be back there soon. I miss Repluse Bay, South Bay and Middle Bay as well.  They are no doubt a thong friendly place you can go.
joshuaspain #93

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/11/2013 04:22:13Copy HTML

 Just arrived home in Hong Kong... Heading out to Cheung Sa beach to enjoy the sun this afternoon... I will be in the middle section of the beach in a yellow muscleskins thong. Hope to see some thonger there 
joshuaspain #94

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/11/2013 08:24:12Copy HTML

 Beautiful sunny day at Cheung Sa beach. There were lots if people on the beach on a Thursday afternoon. Great atmosphere on the beach. There were 4 other male thonger on the beach. Had a very nice relaxing afternoon after an overnight flight back from Delhi. 
joshuaspain #95

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:07/11/2013 11:37:40Copy HTML

 Uploaded some photos from the beach today in Cheung Sa, Hong Kong. 
joshuaspain #96

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:09/07/2013 11:55:16Copy HTML

 Beautiful day in Hong Kong... Went to repulse bay and had a great time enjoying the sun. There were 2 ladies and 2 guys in thong. There is absolutely no problem wearing thong on the beaches in Hong Kong. Just uploaded my pic at the beach today. 
joshuaspain #97

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:09/08/2013 04:20:36Copy HTML

 Another beautiful day in HK! Anyone from HK on this board wanna go to the beach this afternoon? Let me know:-)
soyouthong #98

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:09/10/2013 01:36:45Copy HTML

was in hk last week for business n leisure. Stayed at city gardens hotel at fortress hill. I was given a room facing the private apartments. Hotel room was a full glass panels, any modesty is only seperated by the curtains. Needless to say, i moved the curtains to one side n my room was in full view of the private apartments. They could see into my room n they whole time i was there, i was basically in my txm gstrings all the time! At times even nude. I bet they must had seen everything. : )
definitely a thrilling experience
joshuaspain #99

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:10/14/2013 03:15:03Copy HTML

 Beautiful fall day in Hong Kong... Sun is out. Decided to go to repulse bay beach to catch some last bit of sun before the weather turns too cold. Couple of guys and women in thong... Beaches in Hong Kong are thong friendly:-) no issues with anyone on the beach. I posted some photo of the trip to the beach :-) it is the best time of the year to be in Hong Kong and to enjoy the beach! 
thongguy39 #100

Re:Hong Kong Thongs?

Date Posted:10/14/2013 06:26:25Copy HTML

nice photos that you have posted.
Never been to thong in Hong Kong and thought maybe I should try it some time..
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