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Date Posted:09/30/2005 04:02:25Copy HTML

Well, thanks in large part to this board, had the courage to venture out and talk to my two maids (Mary and Leena) this morning in an ABC Underwear purple bong thong. They do my laundry so my thong should come as no surprise to them.

I live in Kuwait and maid service twice a week is included in the rental price of my apartment.

I do on-call work and hence work various hours.

I'm mostly NEVER home when my maid(s) come by. Sometimes there's one (Mary), and sometimes it's Leena. On rare occasion, we are all in my apartment at the same time.

I got up at 0630 the other day and went into my kitchen to make coffee. About halfway there I noticed/realized that the maids were there. I was in my underwear, and Mary came down the hall towards me.

I was in a hurry to make coffee and explain to them about my plants as I'm leaving on vacation soon. I'm leaving for vacation next Friday and will be gone for a month, so had to give them directions on watering the plants etc...

I've lived here and known Mary and Leena for over a year. Neither Mary nor Leena (they're both from Sri Lanka) seemed to care at all what I was wearing.

Quite nice to make a cup of coffee and discuss my plants with them in a thong. No problems whatsoever.



Ex_Member #1

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:10/04/2005 12:01:27Copy HTML

Its just underwear. If you came out with wood or something that would be diffrent. If you have maids, they should expect to see some things, and a thong is pretty tame, especially the bong thong (I have underwear that would probably be inappropriate, but who doesn't?)
matchingthongs #2

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:10/05/2005 12:37:21Copy HTML

I don't know what a bong thong is, but I know what you mean about it being disrespectful to approach them in your underwear. However, if you were really caught unexpected by maids is it best to excuse yourself and get dressed properly, or treat it as "normal" - bearing in mind they are NOT family, probably the former.

Is it different if you are wearing a thong swimsuit? I would say yes, providing it isn't an "exotic" one (subjective I know) because to me it is little different than wearing traditional swimming trunks or a bikini for a woman.

I guess it does boil down to respecting the comfort of others and for some reason underwear pushes the limits more than swimwear.
Ex_Member #3

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:10/14/2005 03:28:58Copy HTML


I think that you did exactly what I would have done:

While on a trip in Miami, I had ordered room service and I answered the door in black joe snyder thong, which I regularly wear as underwear, and the lady didn't react differently at all. To me it seemed like that was a normal thing. (this was a the Hilton by the airport)  I didn't want to put clothes on to answer the door, I had been on an island for two weeks prior to the incident with a bunch of guys from work. I was happy to be alone and comfy.

thongbutt1 #4

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:10/14/2005 11:26:11Copy HTML

i don't think i would be in a hotel room with them, that's for sure, but over the years i've had alot of fun with them. in particular is where a maid followed me out to the pool area and cleaned the area around me for about 15 minutes!- ( it was just a small 10 x 20 area that the hotel had for laying out). she kept looking at me in my g string and talking to me. throughout the trip she would wink and wave and bring her co-workers out there. it was all in good fun. she also had a habit of popping in the room without knocking! i also had a lady that cleaned for me for years and i would routinely layout in my thong/gstring in the backyard. we were friends, that obviously makes a huge difference. but i don't think inviting them into your hotel room is such a good idea!
ed_jackson #5

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:11/08/2005 04:15:22Copy HTML

Well, it happened again this morning with my maid(s).

I just got back to Kuwait after a month in Thailand. Again No problem/shocked reaction nor anything else. Just normal conversation with the maid as I made coffee in my bong thong. It IS after all my apartment after all and I pay thru the nose for it.

Am quite tan now after 3 really good beach days on Ko Lan near Pattaya. Started off w/ my Koala Baby Blue the first day but then went even smaller to a 1/8th inch elastic string and a polyester little pouch the other 2 days. I got lucky with the rain big-time, as it did rain a lot there over the past month. Mostly sunny though.

Pretty cool getting a massage and manicure+pedicure on the beach in a nice lounge chair while 99% nude.

shaved4ts #6

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:11/08/2005 09:12:35Copy HTML

ed - glad to hear things are still going good and that it has become somewhat of a norm now.  if you don't mind me asking, where did you get your "1/8th inch elastic string and a polyester little pouch?"  sounds interesting!
thongbutt1 #7

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:11/19/2005 04:10:06Copy HTML

sounds like something i would do....

i always get good responses from the maids, i try not to do anything that would cause a problem or anything. i leave my thongs out in the bathroom when i'm gone to dry out and i know they see them. they've been in the room when i'm getting ready to go to the pool in my thong ( but only when my wife's there) i usually have a good relationship with them. i've heard them come in the room when i'm in the shower. i think if you treat them with respect and are friendly to them you'll get a lot more out of them. it always seems like they're coming to the room a whole lot more!

ed_jackson #8

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:11/27/2005 07:33:22Copy HTML


I think I got the little pouch off of eBay if I remember correctly. It came as the stock Doofus G-string with 1/4 in uncomfortable elastic. I found some TINY elastic in Wal-Mart's craft section and replaced the way too large straps with that.

One thing about a suit like this, is that the strings/elastic are only good for maybe 3 or 4 beach days. UV rays + lotion deteriorate it fast. Good news is that this elastic comes in 25 ft/7M rolls and a polyester pouch is will last forever.

Once you've seen a pouch like this, then they are also easy to make with a thimble, needle & some thread, along with your favorite fabric.

I've been looking at making one from some very thin and nicely patterned dishclothes that are in my local grocer's store

Being in Kuwait at the moment, I tend to order most ingredients online as I can receive them at a domestic US Post office here.

I just ordered some 1/9th" and .5 mm 'clear elastic' from http://www.createforless.com I think I have 75 yards of this clear tiny stuff on its way to me, but it will get here when it gets here, usually with 8-10 days.

I have access to the clean "Grease Rag" barrel here at the mechanical shop I work at in Kuwait, and I just recently grabbed some nice swatches of material out of it that I plan to tack onto some tiny elastic strings and consider a unique swimsuit.

Try a Google search for sewing elastic or go look thru the crafts section of your local Wal-Mart if you're in the US


ed_jackson #9

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:11/27/2005 08:30:32Copy HTML


Yes iId like to echo your thoughts. I've stayed in fully serviced apartments in Bangkok and been caught out completely nude on complete accident by my maids there (basking in the sun on my balcony).

They never batted an eye, though the one time my wife was there during one of these occasions, she quicklly found my bathrobe for me. This was on my apt balcony mind you

When I was staying at that apt. I would often lay out in a g-string at the pool and my wife wore slingshot topless bikinis in the pool. She was pretty shy back then when I'd first met her & especially when it came to public toplessness & thongs. The pool area there was usually vacant, but I never wore more than a g-string and it was fine by all around, even whhen other pool users were there.

Happy to say that my wife is quite comfortable in a g-string and topless in public now, and is confident in a thong mini swimsuit in front of my Western friends.

I'll never forget the day she & I thonged all day in front of 2 of her modestly dressed female cousins on Ko Larn. She & I in tiny, tiny thongs, her topless, and her cousins in shorts and over sized bikini tops, all playing frisbee-catch in waist deep crystal clear water, having an absolute blast on a gorgeous tropical April day in 2002.

That was an A#1fun thonging day for the books. I'll never forget the jiggle of my wife's butt as she walked by a taxi truck, quite topless and tanned/oiled/petite ass-cheeks flippin around, toward the end of that day. I was right behind her in my Koala thong, but I could see much drooling going on in the back of said taxi/pickup truck.

I really enjoy another man drooling over my Wife (what he can't have but I can), and to see her turning heads as she is oft wont to do topless and in a tiny wet paper-thin thong, emerging from the freshwater shower near the beach. all 4'11" and 99lbs of her. Well, that's heaven for me.

Been there,done that & will KEEP on doing that.

thongbutt1 #10

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:11/29/2005 11:04:22Copy HTML

party on, ed!

i think some of the earlier posters were a little harsh on you.  you sound like a hard core thonger, that really likes enjoying himself!   the maids that have worked in my home have all been good friends, so wearing thong swimwear in front of them wasn't like an abusive sort of situation.  i mean, we're talking about having their families over to eat, taking them places, buy xmas presents for them etc. so we tend to get pretty close. one lady worked for me for 10 years and i think she saw me in every conceivable situation. she had her own key, so that led to alot of suprises! wore thongs in the pool, around the house, anad she saw me naked in the shower many times- no big deal, she was just like family.

ed_jackson #11

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:12/05/2005 06:17:34Copy HTML

You bring up an excellent point Skipper.

On the one hand, thonging is and always will be erotic, yet, at the same time we hope and expect that it will be appreciated, or at the very least, accepted.

Accepted is fine by me, but I really enoy it when it's appreciated.

My wife likes it, and I'm sure her cousins and friends do as well. Whilst quite a straight guy, I'm always happy to see another male thonger, and I will never, ever grow tired of female thongers at the beach. I just wish they'd all wear them as small as I do........


thong bassist #12

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:01/01/2006 09:54:48Copy HTML

I agree with Nixit & Travis. If you are aware of non-family guests in your residence, common sense would dictate, that if you are "suprised", you should make an effort to put pants on. I find it inconsiderate and presumptuous for you to think that your maids wouldn't mind seeing your "goods". Just because they didn't say anything, doesn't mean that your maids don't feel uncomfortable about the situation. The whole thing is sleezy. Actions like this is why men in thongs get such a bad rep. Maybe it's not an issue, but I choose to exercise some consideration when thonging around non-family.
jocstudad9 #13

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:04/30/2006 06:13:03Copy HTML

Hey, Ed, I am going to comment on this.  I had this nutty maid in the desert.  I work from home offices and am fairly successful, therefore I can work by the pool.  I rarely go into any of my offices.  I just become unprofuctive because my staff seems to be needing too much of me.  This is strange to me, because all goes smoothly.  I have offices that are up and ruling 24 hours a day in different time zones; so I have a fragmented work day.  My maid just happened to be a lesbian, but that had nothing to do with me deciding to ly by the pool, get some rays, go over paperwork, etc.  She would bring out drinks, towels, etc.  At first I was nervous about it, but she did all of my laundy.  I do not own a pair of briefs, jockeys, boxers, etc.  I just wear thongs.  She puts them in the washng machine and folds them and puts them in the correct drawers in the dressing room.

She is history, a lousy maid and, ultimately, had a life out of control.  I am now looking to hire a houseman/driver/admin exc guy friday to do the aforementioned things, and also travel with me.  I have offices and homes scattered around the world.  I have a home wherever I have an office.  I hate paying hotels bills, eating hotel food, paying hotels to do my laundry, etc.  Most of these places are fairly small, although all have quarters for help.  I have maids at two of them.  My challenge is finding a qualified man to do this work that does not have issues with thongs. 

So, I disagree with the postings that this is creepy stuff.  If one wears thongs and one's house staff do the laundry, then what is the big deal of being seen wearing a thong, or underwear for that matter by house staff.  It might seem creapy to those who have never had live in help.  It is beyond possible to never have people who live and work in one's homes to avoid being seen in underwear.  My present challenege in hiring a staff member is that it extends beyond domestic employment.  That is my challenege.  Otherwise, I do not care who sees me in a thong, speedo, or boxers or a tuxedo.  That is what this board is all about.  Good luck guy.  Don't worry.

thong bassist #14

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:05/14/2006 02:20:00Copy HTML

I can understand that if you have live-in help that you may occasionally be caught without decent attire. I can even understand that you have your help serve you towels and drinks if you're in a small swim suit. However, reading Ed's post, you could tell his intentions were anything but unassuming. Yeah, Ed is within his rights to do whatever he wants in his own home, but I think consideration for those around him was my big complaint. Being a dude, I could tell that he secretly wanted some sort of sexual interaction. Call me crazy, but that's my 2 cents.
stanpuppy #15

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:01/03/2010 11:31:27Copy HTML

Honestly, i think maid probably encounter stuff like this on an almost daily basis.  I have been walked in on twice in my life (completely not "on purpose").  I was legitimately in the shower each time, and I could not hear the door open when she came in.  I walked out (in the nude) and got 2 seperate reactions.  One time, the maid covered her eyes, looked away and said "I'm sorry" as she quickly walked out of the room.  The other time, the maid just stayed in the room, didnt apologize of anything, just went about her business.  I got dressed in front of her (putting on a pair of thong underwear), and walked out of the room.  She didnt seem to mind at all
NudeNArizona #16

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:09/27/2018 12:44:15Copy HTML

yesterday around 11:00Am while staying in my hotel room my maids got an eyefull... This room I am staying in is right next to the maids storage closet, so I heard them coming and going all morning long. So to try to get some rest I put on my sound cancelling headphones. So when the maid finally knocked on my door to clean my room I did not hear her knock. The maids must have been working as a team, because as I walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but headphones. I find my room door propped open and two maids making my bed as I enter the main part of my room. I guess my movement must have caught their eyes through side vision because BOTH turned and looked straight at me before I even made it into the room. The one said we will be finished in just a minute as the other smiled
Mary0826 #17

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:10/20/2018 08:40:57Copy HTML

I have had maids walk in on be many times over the years. Usually I am at least partly dressed, but occationally I am not. One time, my boyfriend and I had been out to the pool to soak up some sun in our thongs in the humid, 100 plus degree day Houston was getting. That's one thing I like about the Galleria part of town -- it is upscale and thongs and G-strings are quite acceptable in every high-end hotel we have ever stayed at. We had planned a night out in the Galleria district, where there are some nice restaurants and a also some cool bars. Brad let me shower first, since it takes me longer to get ready, and so I disappeared into the bathroom in our hotel room. Before I left, Brad had stripped off his black G-string and was watching some soccer match on TV. When I was done in the bath, I headed out to the main part of the room, and Brad is sitting there on the edge of the bed, watching the soccer tournament, and there was also a young man, probably barely old enough to legally work, standing there next to him. Brad was still in his birthday suit, and the other guy, who had on a hotel uniform, were watching and cheering one of the teams on the TV. They both turned their heads as I came into the room, and Brad got back to the show, but the hotel employee spent a little longer checking me out. I am used to nudity sometime at the beach or even occationally in other situations where others can see me, so I didn't really care about being checked out by this cute young man. Surprisingly, he only looked my way for a few seconds before returning to the game on the TV. I guess even I could not compete with a major soccer match when the men who were watching it were two soccer nuts. When the game ended a minute or so later, the hotel employee introduced himself and I found out he was the guy who took care of interent and TV issues for customers. We needed a cable to go between the jack on the wall and my computer, and naturally did not have one with us, so he had brought one up for us which he used to hook up my computer. He even checked out the connections for us. He then went over and put some funny codes in the TV with a remote he brought with him and told us that he had just enabled the various pay-per-view movies offered by the hotel so we could watch them for free. The hotel man said they see everything, and as the TV guy, he often is called on to fix or adjust the TVs and remotes, and it is not unusual for men to call him to fix something while they are watching an adult movie on TV. He said he has also had women who obviously wanted to be seen naked, and waited for him to arrive in the buff. He said he had seen us out by the pool and thought our swimsuits, especially Brad's we were "cool" and told us that the hotel would not make us cover up as long as we kept our "goodies" covered. In addition to fixing my computer connection, he also told us about a great steak house and bar, and a movie theater we could go to, all in walking distance. The next day, we went out to the pool again, and this time, he came out and joined us. We wore our G-strings again (I had on a sort-of like suspender's G-string) and this time he joined us, but wore very short board-shorts. He explained that while customers were permitted to wear thongs and G-strings, hotel employees were expected to dress more conservatively.
thongman8 #18

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:11/08/2018 06:41:17Copy HTML

While staying at Disney World one year, the cleaning lady saw me in my thong. She had come by to clean the cabin we were staying in. When she knocked, I was near the door wearing only a Jockey thong. I opened the door and told her we were good and asked if we could just have some extra towels and coffee. She said that would be fine, then asked if I could get the dirty towels and that she wanted to see how much coffee we needed. I invited her in to check on the coffee then turned and headed down the hall toward the bathroom to get the dirty towels. When I came back with the dirty towels, she was all smiles and said the she would get clean towels and coffee and be right back. She came back the to the cabin with the clean towels then went to put them away in the BR. I followed her the entire time and we chatted. She was all smiles and she would occasionally look down at my thong. She then left to get coffee and came into the kitchen to put it away. I had turned and was watching the TV so my backside was to her when she came back in. I stayed there a few more seconds than I needed to, just to be sure she saw me. When she asked if I needed anything else, I turned and said no, and thanked her for the towels and coffee. She just smiled again, gave me an eye brow raise, and said ok and left. Ok, so the exhibitionist in me wanted her to see me, but it did all happen innocently and accidentally.
ohiothonger #19

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:11/09/2018 01:10:18Copy HTML

I used to travel a lot for work being away from home 200 nights or more some years. Some times I took a companion. I have had many nude or near nude encounters with maids and others at hotels and motels. Sometimes I would stay a week or more the same place, and becuase of my work schedule (often having to work of things when the normal work force was not there) I often saw or met the hotel's staff members. I often used room service. The last thing I wanted to screw around with after a 10-12 hour day was finding some place to eat, and then eating alone. At most places, the maid would knock first, but often they did this gently as not to disturb other rooms. They would then use their pass key to come in. What surprised me most was that once inside, they often appologized for barging in, but if you didn't ask them to come back, they would proceed to do their cleaning, vacuuming, and bed making as you hung around in a thong or less. The maid would often say "nice body" or "Cute swimsuit" or whatever. I have also had them come in when I had to change. I am fully dressed when they enter, but I would tell them I had to dress, and they would say something like "go ahead, it won't bother me any". If I asked they usually would say that they see it all -- including couples humping almost every day. It didn't seem to matter if I was at an up-scale hotel or a less prostegious motel chain -- nudity and near-nudity are something all hotel staff seem to see all the time at larger places. The staffs admitted they also ran into a dead person every year or two. Room service, and restaurant food delivery people seem to get an eyefull almost as often as maids. Then come maintenance people who have to fix broken lights, air conditioning, or other things. They are particularly random in their visits, sometimes responding to issues previous patrons had. Maids seem to be the most indifferent and the least appologetic or surprised when they run into thongers or someone stepping out of the shower nude. This seems to be true of both the female and male maids (there are a few male maids) and neither seem to care if the room is opcupied by a man or woman. They virtually always appologize for the intrusion, but if you give them permission to come in, that maid will rarely ask if they stumble across you a second time. "Legitimate" encounters sometimes happen at the pool area. Most hotel staff members who check the water quality, bring out towels, straighen things up, or act as pool boys/girls seem don't mind customers wearing less than the norm. It seems that you can almost always get by at least one level below any rule you are told applies to the area. If you are told Speedo's are okay, a Rio will normally be accepted. If you are told thongs are okay, a G-string is hardly noticed. If you are told G-strings are okay (or "as long as it's a swimsuit") you often can get away with total nudity. This is especially true in off-hours such as mid-day or after hours in the evening or before hours in the morning. Thongs and nudity are usually acceptable by room service staff as well. In the morning, people are getting ready for a day of work or whatever, and often choose room service so they can snack on their breakfasts as they get ready. In the evening, people are trying to relax and don't want to wear too much then either. One employee told me that the staff especially likes newly weds since they usually are young, feeling particularly good looking or perhaps elegant, and actually don't mind showing off a little skin -- perhaps as something to remember as part of their honeymoon. A bigger hotel will have things like chocolate covered fruit, cheese plates, and inespensive wine sitting around in the kitchen, and the room service people will sometimes take something they have in abundance to the room as a "gift of the management". Nobody will slam the door on someone bringing them a bottle of wine or other goodies.
NudeNArizona #20

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:12/06/2018 12:50:58Copy HTML

While staying on my most recent hotel stay, I was put up in a suite style room with a separate bedroom door from the rest of the suite. So when the maid knocked on the door for cleaning I never heard anything, so I was in the bathroom nude when the maid entered the bedroom portion of the suite, and this was the day they stripped the beds and replaced the sheets. As I walked out of the bathroom two maids had already stripped my bed as they heard the toilet flush and I walked out. Then they offered to come back later, but my bed was stripped. I said they were welcome to finish doing the bed as I needed to get some sleep. They both seemed surprised when I offered to let them finish without grabbing for a cover-up, then I went to the other room to get a drink while a third maid was cleaning that room all the while still remaining naked. Then one of the maids replacing the sheets offered me a towel as a cover-up, which I said "what's the point, you all have seen everything already" then I picked up 2 dollars off the counter and walked to the vending machine down the hall to get a soda as they finished.
tbck1000 #21

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:12/06/2018 02:22:39Copy HTML

Naturally, it is frowned upon in the hospitality industry for people to ambush the staff being naked when they enter the room, etc.  however, sometimes things happen accidentally and there are pleasant surprises.

I once came back to my hotel room mid to late afternoon. It was well past the time for housekeeping to change the linens. I was looking forward to a pleasant dip in the swimming pool on that hot afternoon. So I was trying on a few thong swimsuits. I finally chose a red Skinz tanga, and was getting ready to leave my room. 

Just then, a knock at came at the door. I was not expecting anyone, but I just opened the door without putting on a shirt or shorts. After all, I was just about to go outside in my thong.

The visitor was the housekeeping supervisor and she was dressed in the standard uniform holding a clipboard. She said she was not expecting anyone to be in the room and that she could come back later. All she needed was to check my room to make sure everything was in order. I asked her to please come in and check the room.

As she entered, I noticed a wide grin and an up and down glance at me. I assumed what she was thinking, and mentioned that I was just about to go downstairs to the pool. With a smile, I asked if she thought my bathing suit was inappropriate. She replied, “No, not at all. A lot of the gentlemen who stay here wear ‘speedos’.”

She walked around the room making marks on her checklist. I pretended to be busy, but I was watching her as she worked and caught her sneaking glances at me in the mirror. I decided to break the silence with more conversation, and told her that I was enjoy my stay and the tidy condition of my room. She thanked me and asked if there was anything I needed. I requested a couple more towels. She smiled and said she would be right back while taking another quick glance at my swimwear.

She returned with two fresh towels and a new mini-bottle of lotion (which I wasn’t sure what to make of), and asked once more if there was anything else I needed. I suggested a bottle of water and anything else she thought I might need. (more lotion?)

I sat on the bed with my legs spread as I waited for her to return from the maid’s cart. She walked right up to me and handed me the water and a few toiletries. She wasn’t shy about looking me over and I was responding in the same way. There was definite tension in the air and I was feeling a tinge of arousal to say the least.

Finally, she told me she hoped I would enjoy swimming, and asked how much longer I would be staying. I told her all week, and she said she would make sure I had extra towels each day and hoped she would see me again.

When I returned each afternoon after that, a different one of my bathing suits was laid out in the middle of my bed waiting for me.

NudeNArizona #22

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:12/06/2018 08:04:11Copy HTML

tbck1000, I agree with you on maids not rushing into the room, but earlier today around 11AM I saw the maids cart outside of my room when I went to the pool. So she saw me leave, but a few minutes later I received an important call so I had to go back to my room and get on my laptop. I'm guessing the maid didn't see me return so soon. So knowing I had to get a quick shower before going into work while on the phone with my earbuds in and on my laptop the maid came into my suite and since she had seem me walking to the pool shirtless and I was sitting in a chair with my back too her I assume she thought I was still wearing my shorts I had on a few minutes earlier, this was until she walked past me and saw the shorts lying on my bed and when she picked them up she turned toward me seeing me naked as I took my ear piece out. She said I'm so sorry and I said "it's not your fault" then I told her don't worry it doesn't bother me, and if I didn't have to wear shorts I would have went to the pool nude. She laughed and said "you wouldn't be the first, we see people skinny dipping all the time on the cameras" So I ask what do you do? Normally nothing unless they are bothering others, but if it's a couple or alone just let them have their space, and if they are cute "watch them on the CCTV"
tbck1000 #23

Re:Hotel Maids got an eyefull today

Date Posted:12/06/2018 09:07:03Copy HTML

Hey  NudeNaz  I completely understand. I didn’t mean to infer anything negative about your experience. I’m nude or in a thong the entire time I spend in my hotel rooms. The same sort of thing has happened to me when I have been nude in a hotel bathroom, Room service came early, forgot to close the curtains, thought I could pick up my newspaperetc

 It has even happened to me in dressing rooms next fitness centers or swimming pools, not just in my room. I think the lesson is as long as you were not setting the person up to see you nude or in some sort of sexual act, It is really no big deal. These housekeepers like any other adult have seen it all, and there’s no point in pretending that something shocking happened.

 Funny what you mentioned about CC TV. I was once caught on security cameras skinny dipping in a hotel pool when no one was around. I never would have known that I was caught except that one of the front desk clerks told me. Luckily, she was not the least bit upset about it. I got the idea from the way she told me to “be more careful next time,” that it was pretty amusing to her.

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