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Date Posted:01/31/2015 04:56:30Copy HTML

Does anyone know of any hotels with pools that are thong frendly in the Macomb /Oakland county area?
hotmedic65 #1

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:02/01/2015 11:04:44Copy HTML

Most are thong friendly if you are staying there.  Courtyard Marriott Utica was.  I use to layout on the patio in a gstring and tan.  That was years ago though.   La Quinta in Utica was another nice spot.  Had a great experience at crowns plaza auburn hills a few years ago.  Pool is open 24hrs for adults.  Kids only  till 10pm.  Wore a joe Snyder gstring there.   My pool card didn't consistently work.   I got locked out of pool area so I had to call front desk for assistance.  Girl came down and helped.  I asked if my choice of swimwear wAs okay.  She responded with yeah wear whatever you want.   I had a lot of female hotel workers cut through pool area that night.  Lol.   It's a really nice pool area too.    Over the summer I layed out a lot at baymont inn port Huron to tan.  Never had a problem wearing g string on the patio layI got out.  Good luck and post some experiences 
Ex_Member #2

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:02/03/2015 03:07:49Copy HTML

 Thanks for the reply i guess i never though to just call and ask... fear of what they might say I guess...
hotmedic65 #3

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:02/04/2015 02:55:14Copy HTML

When I call I usually just say I'm making sure it's okay because some places are funny about it and I don't want to cause a problem.   That way when they say it's okay I know I can wear my gstring without worry.  
ithongit #4

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:04/17/2015 04:44:48Copy HTML

 I think most hotels and motels are basically thong friendly -- as long as you don't make too big of a thing about it.  There are posts (somewhere) on this board about hotels and motels in general, and to summarize what I have found, most have no issues with thongs unless someone complains.  I have traveled extensively and only one hotel I have been to had a written "no thong" policy.  Swimming, laying out to get a tan, reading, or whatever should not get you into trouble most places.  Just make sure to follow all the other pool rules!  If they say "no alcohol" or have hours of operation, don't drink or use the pool after hours without checking first.  This of course also means no other "bad" behavior, like having sex, or exposing more than you should.   

At hotels and motels, just like many other places, it is not unusual for people to accept what is going on there before they come out, and they won't complain, but might if you strip down to a thong in front of them without asking them if they mind.  Many pools have closed circuit TV and are monitored from the desk, so don't think that just because nobody is there that nobody is watching.  At the same time, being out in a thong at a motel or hotel and having tolerant if not friendly people around will make you feel good about what you are doing.  Likewise, a motel employee who comes around and doesn't say anything or perhaps even compliments you will also add to your sense that what you are doing is okay -- and will help "prove" to anyone around who questions your choice of swimwear that what you are wearing is acceptable.  Motel and hotels have a lot of things going on, and a lot of things to worry about and most employees are fairly young and have seen it all anyway.  The last thing most employees really want to be is bathing suit police, or have to deal with unfriendly confrontations -- they get enough with messed up reservations, things in rooms not working, cleanliness, etc...
hotmedic65 #5

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:04/19/2015 09:00:37Copy HTML

 Only one time I got a negative reaction that really wasn't bad at all.  It was check in time and the pool was right across from the front desk.   The front desk girl just asked me to cover up a bit because of check in time.   She was nice about it. 
hotmedic65 #6

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:04/19/2015 09:33:33Copy HTML

It was so nice yesterday I layed out at a local hotel pool in this.   Staff could care less.  http://skinzwear.com/product_detail.php?prodID=10711&name=Mens-G-String-Thong-Swimsuit-Stuffit-Pouch-in-Chartreuse-by-Skinz
hotmedic65 #7

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:04/22/2015 01:22:25Copy HTML

It was cold here in southeast Michigan so I couldn't get outside.  I did manage to buy a day pass at a hotel near me and use the pool/jacuzzi.    I wore a skinz gstring .   Several people used the pool as well.  Everyone was nice and struck up conversations.   No mentions of my suit.   I was a little surprised though cause the yellow is a little clingy and transparent when wet.   I did catch several ladies staring though when I used the pool side shower to rinse off.  .  Lol
hotmedic65 #8

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:04/22/2015 01:28:11Copy HTML

 ithongit I wonder if more places are more tolerant with you wearing one because your female.   I almost feel like it would be more acceptable for a woman to wear one.   I wonder if thongs are going to start being more acceptable here in the midwest since Victoria's secret is making cheeky bikini bottoms almost thing like 
hotmedic65 #9

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:04/22/2015 01:00:34Copy HTML

I just called the hotel I use the indoor pool and outdoor patio to see if they were busy today.  The same girl answered the phone that was there the other day.  She recognized my voice and said too bad it's not hot out today for you to lay out.   She then said there was only a few people staying there today who are probably going to be gone the whole day so I can wear what I want.  She then said she's there till 4 so come before then.  Lol.  I definitely going to stop by today.  Lol.  Plan on wearing my yellow tie side g along with my @@@@@@ ring and prostate massager.  Lol.  
RapidBlue #10

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:04/22/2015 03:07:22Copy HTML

 Ok now you got me interested... What hotel do you stay at in Michigan, hotmedic? I may have to check it out one of these days. Right now being in Michigan is awful, snowing today. I cann wait for warmth and sun to get my tan lines defined.
hotmedic65 #11

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:04/22/2015 06:11:32Copy HTML

Had a great experience at a local hotel this afternoon.  Got another guy to try a gstring and the front desk chick helped out.   Was pretty hot. 
Ex_Member #12

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:04/24/2015 02:41:17Copy HTML

 Now you have got my curiosity going.... PM me what hotel you go to that is that tolerant, i might me interested in trying it out.
hotmedic65 #13

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:04/24/2015 08:02:00Copy HTML

 I just pm you
newthongwearer #14

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:04/27/2015 02:00:57Copy HTML

 You got another guy to try on a g string? Sounds hot. Explain more please. PM or post.
hotmedic65 #15

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:04/30/2015 01:43:17Copy HTML

 Was warm enough earlier today to get some sun.   I managed to layout at the same hotel on their patio.    Only wore my tie side pouch gstring and had another guy join me wearing the same.  
nautirogue #16

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:05/03/2015 12:13:10Copy HTML

My wife wears thong bikinis to the Marina Grand hotel pool all the time.  The only time anyone said anything was when she had ditched her top in the hot tub and a hotel worker walked in to work on the pool.  He asked her to put her top on.
hotmedic65 #17

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:05/04/2015 10:34:20Copy HTML

 Yeah I've never really had a problem wearing a gstring at any hotels.  I generally keep it low key.   Most times I go during the week when most are the least busy.   One place in particular is a large chain that is kinda out in the middle of nowhere so they are generally not busy.  Most times during the week there are at most a couple of people staying there.  Usually the staff could care less.  I'm usually told that if somebody complains I'll have to put something else on but other wise they usually could care less.  Sometimes I get a little more attention from the staff when I do wear one.    I layed out at one yesterday and the staff could care less.  Nobody else staying at the hotel so I had it all to myself.  
lindros #18

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:05/05/2015 01:09:54Copy HTML

Hotmedic:  Are you actually staying as a guest in these hotels or do you live locally and "crash" them each time? If it's the latter case, do the staff know you're not a paying customer or do they just not care? Just curious.
hotmedic65 #19

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:05/05/2015 01:40:39Copy HTML

 They have a daily pool pass     Usually the cost is 5 dollars.   
Ex_Member #20

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:05/23/2015 08:25:48Copy HTML

 Well i found a hotel near my house that allowed thongs. Spent most of the morning in the pool enoying my new siwm thong I ordered. Was a quiet morning just me in the place for the few hours i was there surprisingly. After i had gotten out and dried off two younger women came in with some kids. Overall was an enjoyable experience.  
hotmedic65 #21

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:07/19/2015 07:13:33Copy HTML

I managed to lay out today. Was really hot here in southeast Michigan so I ventured to a hotel by me that has allowed me to thong.  I ended up wearing my skinz gstring without any problems.  Was the only one in the pool.  Most of the time I was able to untie the side while tanning.  Was a great day.  
thereal_matt #22

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:09/24/2017 10:14:00Copy HTML

I know the idea of a gym traditionally comes with a sexual connotation, and I know a gym is not a hotel, but I've been a member of Great Lakes Athletic Club (Baldwin Rd in Lake Orion) for over a year.  While there are rules for the pool areas the mens locker has a wonderful steam sauna.  Though I am usually nude, I occasionally don something small for a relaxing early morning steam. 
Anyone else a part of this club?
LakeThong88 #23

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:01/17/2018 04:20:26Copy HTML

 Matt that sounds awesome im not a member but i might look into it...
anemicscarecrow #24

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:01/23/2018 01:08:48Copy HTML

Last week I spent three days at the Hampton Inn in Michigan and one day at the Hilton O'Hare.
I got progressively braver. In the Hampton hot tub, I wore (all Dubio) the opaque dark blue dolphin, the sheer yellow dolphin, the sheer nude-color viper, and the green large hole mesh dolphin. There were others in the hot tub each time; all male except one time there were two high school seniors (one female, one male) - I was wearing the sheer yellow dolphin on that occasion.
At the Hilton, in the steam room and dry sauna, I wore the opaque dark blue dolphin, the sheer yellow dolphin, the sheer nude-color viper. Again people were there, all male. I did wrap a towel around when not in the steam room or sauna as the area is visible from outside the fitness center.
ralange #25

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:11/23/2018 01:15:17Copy HTML

Today I emailed one of the casino/resorts in Southwest Michigan. I asked them what the policy was on thong swimwear in the pool area. The reply was we prefer men to wear "boxer" type suits. The key word here is "MEN" even though they have adult hours from 9:00pm to 12:00am. If I even  stay here I guess I'll wear the smallest non-thong suit I own, because I perfer to wear less then most men. Semi sheer!

RapidBlue #26

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:11/24/2018 02:41:08Copy HTML

I am not surprised by the casino’s response. The three casinos in southeastern Michigan are all a bit more conservative. They also tend to have different standards for men and women when it come to attire.
ithongit #27

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:11/25/2018 10:55:30Copy HTML

Years ago, Randy and I went to Detroit on I-75.  We had time so we stopped at the Sterling State park.  It is actually on the West end of Lake Erie.  The park was okay, but the beach sand was pretty course, and in places was more like rocks.  I think they are building land here, just like they do in the Netherlands, by building a barrier to the sea (or lake in this case) and then filling in the newly formed ponds with dirt.  I Detroit's case, it seems to be trash and land-fill materials like old pieces of concrete.  Once the area is done, a new barrier is built and more land developed.

In any case, most of this park and all the beach is in this area.  We ask when we went in about thongs and the guy was very curt and said no way.  We did lay out for an hour or so and some dude came along and we chatted for a while.  Randy was in a Rio that he had let slip way up into his butt, creating an almost thong.  I wore the tiniest non-thong bikini I had which today would be called cheeky.  Anyway, the guy said there was a water park a few miles North that was part of the Detroit Metro Parks..  We decided to check it out since we thought it might be a fun place to stop.  It is called the Lake Erie Metro Park (creative name).  

We were just going to do a quick look around, but Randy ask about thong swimwear.  The girl said they were fine.  This really surprised me.  He had one of his conservative Speedo sized thongs, and a G-string in is pockets that he planned to wear at the first place we stopped.  He pulled out the more conservative suit, held it up for her inspection and turned it around to show her the thong strap back.  She looked at it and said something like "Oh, I expected since you ask that you wanted to wear something really revealing.  That suit isn't much smaller than a Speedo."  He then pulled out his yellow G-string and showed it to her.  "Now thats more like it," she said.  We went back to the car and got my thong and somre other beach stuff.  Then spent a couple of hours at the park.  A female lifeguard came around and talked with us for a while, not mentioning what we had on, and later a male lifeguard came over and said he liked my suit but wanted to know where he could get a swimsuit like Randy was wearing.  Others were pretty much indifferent, although we did have a few people take our picture

The next day on our way back, we stopped at the water park again, and didn't ask about swimwear.  While there were no other thonger at the water park that day, we did think the positive reactions of the park employees was pretty cool.  We took off our street cloths and were setting out our towels when a female lifeguard we had not see the day before came over and told Randy to cover up -- that thongs were not permitted.  He showed her his Rio type swimsuit but even that was not enough coverage to make her happy.  She also told me that thongs on women were okay of course, since the Metro park required 'gender appropriate" swimwear.

We stopped again at the State Park, and "just for fum" Randy ask about thongs, and the man who was at the entry place said something like "Of course they are permitted here.  This is a State park after all."

The reason I tell this story is that it is obvious that either these parks have no rules, or the rules are not followed.  Now hotels (especially Casino places) generally take the most conservative stand they can in order not to offend anyone.  A person who is offended might be more likely to leave.  But my point is that it does not hurt to ask a different person what the rules and -- you might get a different answer.


ohiothonger #28

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:11/30/2018 06:29:28Copy HTML

If you want to ask, do it by e-mail. Be sure not to use an address that idicates your name and be as non-specific as possible about when you are going to be there. This prevents a place with anti-thong tendencies from knowing who you are. If they say it's OK, take a copy of the e-mail just as back up. It probably wouldn't stand up in a court, but might help you in the sense that at least you attempted to find out what was permitted. At the same time, if you get a "NO" you still could chance it, playing dumb, saying you wear them other places, saying they are permitted at public parks, or whatever defenses you can come up with. You might want to keep things pretty conservative and not make a spectacle of yourself. If the answer is something like "as long as nobody complains" then wear the thong and just try to judge if anyone is likely to complain before you get to the pool. Asking in person could shut-down the issue once and for all. The desk person might say "NO" and if you try, they could get hostile or have other negative reactions if you do as you want. They probably could even kick you out or have the police get involved. I have heard of this happenig once to a thonger. They ask, they were told "no" they did it any way, the police were told they were "trouble makers" and the poor fellow was kicked out in the middle of the night with the police standing by to enforce things if he didn't follow the orders of the motel management.
NudeNArizona #29

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:11/30/2018 10:37:19Copy HTML

ohiothonger, I agree with the generic e-mail address and taking a printed conformation if you received that from the hotel, along with not asking permission at the front desk because this could very easily initiate a problem. One other thing I have found out is the hotels are less likely to give you problems when the hotel employees are at their busiest times of day like morning when they are checking people out and early evenings when they are checking people in. Times when the hotel isn't busy is times when hotel staff are more likely to monitor cameras or come into the pool area which could become an issue.
hotmedic65 #30

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:12/07/2018 02:03:56Copy HTML

It’s definitely that time of the year to use those indoor hotel pools here in Michigan. Went to one yesterday afternoon. Good thing is typically only business people and never really busy during the week. Wore a skinz StuffIt yesterday without a problem. Miss the sun and getting those tiny tan lines though.
hotmedic65 #31

Re:Hotel Pools in Michigan

Date Posted:04/06/2019 03:17:25Copy HTML

Went to a local hotel indoor pool/jacuzzi today.  It was really nice being that it’s been a bit since I’ve been there.  It wasn’t busy and the front desk girl didn’t care what I wore so I went with a skinz stuff it gstring.  Had a few middle aged women come in the pool area and they seemed to really like the view.  I’m really looking forward to the local beaches in the area to layout at.  

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