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Date Posted:06/14/2005 08:23:48Copy HTML

Just wanted to pass this on to the board. While staying at a hotel in the Indy area I decided to head to the hot tub for a soak. When I got there, there were two older ladies in the pool and nobody else. I told them I was wearing a skimpy swimsuit asked if I would offend them by wearing it in front of them. One asked how tiny it was and I said tiny then the other said is it a thong? I said yes and she asked to see it. They said they were not offended by the thong and to have at the pool. As I was taking my shirt off I heard one ask the other so do you still want to go back to the room? That made me feel good. I talked with them for a while and soaked in the tub. They stayed until I left. Just wanted to show that as long as you ask most people would not care. Thong on!!
shs92645 #1

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:06/14/2005 07:44:37Copy HTML

Good to hear....I agree that if you ask, particularly in places like that, you will rarely have a problem...in fact, you will become welcome and will make someone's day...as it sounds like you did!
Mako Hawaii #2

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:11/17/2005 01:23:59Copy HTML

I once had a similar instance happen to me when I stayed at a Maimi Hotel for 2 months on business. While there I was getting up early and going to work then I was off work before noon. When I first got there I had my room cleaned before I got back. I would come into the room change into my G-string and wear a towel around my waist and walk down to the pool, but after I was there a few days and the hotel was French owned one of the maids passing in the hall informed me that the room towels needed to stay in the room. I told her I was just using it to cover-up while going to the pool. She said not to worry about the cover up because the entire maid crew has already watched me laying out by the pool...lol Apparently they would take breaks and see who was at the pool laying out. So after that I would just walk down from my room to the pool in my G-string which the hotel didn't seem to mind. The part that was awkward was when I came in from nude sunning on my private balcony and had a maid was in my room with the hall door open.
jn9195 #3

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:11/26/2005 10:43:48Copy HTML

Recently, I was staying at a hotel where thongs definitely would not be accepted.   The pool was closed due to the pump system or something being broken down.   Upon checking in, the clerk stated that the pool across the street could be used.   After a couple of days, it was obvious that these two hotels were under the same ownership/management as the maintenance and housekeeping people were also sometimes crossing the street to the opposite hotel.  Anyway, since thongs were out, I wore a prevail "capri" bikini (less rear coverage than their string bikini; their string bikini/capri bikini have the smallest sides of any non-thong suit they offer).    I crossed the street in this suit and took a swim and enjoyed the hot tub a few times; each time walking back in the front door of my hotel.  The same female clerk as when I checked in was there each time.   About the third time, there were two young ladies behind the counter, one was the one I had seen each previous time.

Anyway, since I was there for only three nights and the room was supplied with four full sets of towels, I just kept the do not disturb sign on the door.    The familiar clerk came to my door immediately after that third visit to the pool; she knocked on the door as soon as my door closed behind me.     She brought me some fresh towels.  She said, "I've noticed that you've been using the pool a lot, so I thought you might need some clean towels."  I thanked her for the towels, then she said: "I really wish OUR pool wasn't broken down right now.  Maybe it will be open the next time you are here."   She had taken several looks at my suit during the conversation.  She just smiled and walked away.

thongbutt1 #4

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:11/27/2005 02:23:02Copy HTML

that's exactly what happens to me. last summer i stayed at  a motel, and when i checked in i asked the extremely friendly front desk girl if it was ok to where thongs in the pool.  she said " absolutely!, it's not problem, i lay out there all the time!" so i'm like, ok, let's give it a whirl!  the rest of the trip i'm constantly being asked if i'm going to lay out today, gee you sure are getting brown, and one time the front desk clerk came out to the pool and asked me if i was going to spend another night with them.  Since i was laying on my stomach in a undergear g-string, I felt sort of  trapped, and here she is talking to me for what seemed like 10 minutes!   I have always had a great time thonging in hotels, and always get good responses...

yogabutt #5

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:11/30/2005 02:02:26Copy HTML

That reminds me a little of a short stay I had at a Holiday Inn Express in Anaheim, CA, about 6 years ago.  I asked if thongs were okay at the pool.  The woman at the front desk said yes, so I spent quite a few hours over the next few days swimming and sunning at the (tiny) pool.  Funny how the maids seemed to keep walking around the pool while I was there!
thongbutt1 #6

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:11/30/2005 11:50:38Copy HTML

i definitely think the "mid-range" hotels are the best for thonging- the La Quinta's, Best Western type of hotels are usually  pretty friendly. the cheap one's are too nasty and the higher end ones tend to be a little "stiffer" regarding their policies. ( no pun intended). i usually get to know the staff pretty well and it certainly helps your cause when they see you laying out in a g-string! as long as you don't act like a pervert, it should work out ok. i just do the normal bathing suit sort of thing, but just in a thong. i not going parading thru the hotel lobby or anything stupid.
clubthongs #7

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:12/01/2005 10:00:32Copy HTML

I must disagree sith Skipper1 as I have always found the "high end" hotels (Wyndman, Westin, Marriot, Hyatt etc.) to be far more liberal, at least in So CA as they they tend to cater to European tourists and others who do not enjoy our year round nic weather.
Jazz Skirt #8

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:01/02/2006 12:12:35Copy HTML

I was in a thong at a very exclusive resort hotel in Palm Beach.  All around the pool were palm trees and exotic birds in cages.  I should have just stayed on my towel, but in time I ventured to the bar for drinks for my wife and myself.  The bitch laying near me kept looking in my direction and scowling, and suddenly, management appeared and asked that I "get something on".  In this region I would have expected acceptance of thongs, and I'm sure I pushed the envelope by getting up and walking around in mine.  I'm sure what went wrong is that just one person complained, and typically, management feels a need to "make corrections" when there's a complaint.  Rarely does management tell complainers to cool their jets, anywhere.  Damn.
JM_Runs #9

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:01/02/2006 04:20:35Copy HTML

Reply to: Jaz Skirt    West Palm and Palm Beach are NOT as liberal as  Miami or Fort Lauderdale.  Not a recomended thong destination.

Read the case of the man who had to fight all the way to the StartFragment UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE ELEVENTH CIRCUIT  to overturn his conviction for jogging with out a shirt on.  >> http://home.att.net/~saran/deweese.htm

Appellant Allen DeWeese is a male lawyer who lives in the Town of Palm Beach, Florida. He likes to run, and during the hot, humid Florida summers he runs without a shirt on. This activity offended the town fathers of Palm Beach so they passed a law against it, Ordinance 21-48.

DeWeese was stopped by a police officer and charged with violating the .. ordinance for running on a public jogging trail without a shirt.

More on the subject here >> http://www.angelfire.com/zine2/mrtogs/

showoffmark #10

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:01/03/2006 08:39:41Copy HTML

I was recently in South Beach at the Courtyard hotel on Washington. Their pool was on the roof and it was a beautiful day. Stripped off to my Hom thong swimsuit and enjoyed the sun. Three families around the pool with kids running everywhere but no comments and no problems. South beach is clearly a world away from Palm Beach.  
sailor250 #11

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:01/04/2006 07:09:27Copy HTML

I've been most comfortable at small and medium sized hotels and also some B&B type places.

At the hotels you should seek places that have fewer kids, more Europeans.

Also hotels that cater to younger people- like those with music themes.

At the small guest houses the hosts are often eager to please the guests, and depending on the locale the guests may be easy going too---for instance in Key West or Palm Springs vs. Hot Springs.

shaved_thong_lover #12

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:01/21/2006 09:57:21Copy HTML

I wear my g-strings at every hotel I stay at regardless of what anyone thinks.  If ther are adults then they can just not look if they do not want to.  I don't obviously flaunt it in front of them, but I just go about my business tanning of swimming.   If there are children however then I will be more conservative (micro bikini or string bikini) however often I can move to a section where children can not see anything.  Of the probably 50 hotels I have stayed at and worn my gstrings, I was never personally asked to cover up.  However I am sure that if I was pracing around offending people then I would have been asked to leave.  Most of the time they are just concerned that someone is nude inappropriately in the jacuzzi of something.  And if that is the case you can get out and walk down the pool so that they can see you have at least a g-string on.  Actually, in my experience, I think people are somewhat intrigued, some giggle, some blurt out offending phrases at times, but mostly if they dont like it they leave and if they do (which is more often than not) they stare.  Any comments?
mythong #13

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:02/02/2006 08:40:05Copy HTML

I have thonged at hotel pools in both Las vegas and in Dallas.  Both times were after the pool had closed and just decided to relax in the hot tub.  Being in meetings all day, i wasnt able to enjoy the pools during the day and they tend to close WAY early.  Both times I saw people look out their window and stare after they saw me in my thong.  I would peropidically look up at them and they would quickly turn away but most would come back and stare.  I dont care much that people stare, but having my picture taken is not cool.

thongerman200 #14

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:02/06/2006 12:37:03Copy HTML

when i thong at hotels i find it very stange. one time i was the only one wearing one at the pool. then the very next day 6 people turned up with thongs or gstrins on very happy indeed.even the manager commented that i had an effect on the pool
Ex_Member #15

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:02/06/2006 02:33:55Copy HTML

That sounds good Mr Thongerman! Would that hotel be in England and if so where?
sunman #16

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:03/23/2006 12:34:55Copy HTML

I stayed in the Queens Hotel in Lockerbie last feb and took my hom string with me, unsure if i could wear it in the pool i asked the girl at the reception if they sold swimwear as my wife has only packed my thong, she said no swimwear for sale but the thong was fine as there was nobody in the pool.

I went to get changed and the place was deserted apart from the cleaner who looked a me and said good morning! I spent half hour in the pool ,sauna, jacuzzi when three woman came in to the pool they said not one thing about my string. but i think my red face said it all. 

Ex_Member #17

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:03/23/2006 03:24:14Copy HTML

good on you for doing that. I like the idea of saying my thong not packed and may I swim in a thong. Encouraging that you got a sensible response from the staff member. good one
rt34ge #18

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:03/28/2006 10:24:55Copy HTML

Last fall I stayed at a Motel Six in the San Francisco Bay area and on both days I went for a swim in a Hom Thong with no complaints or nasty looks. A couple of other Women on the second day showed up in skimpy string bikinis. Keep Thonging.
matchingthongs #19

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:05/08/2006 02:29:45Copy HTML

Just stayed at the Scandic Europa Hotel in Goteborg, Sweden. They have a nice little indoor pool and sauna looking out over the rooftops. I wore my Alphamoda Seriphos with Rio back the first day and my wife wore her one piece. However she complained that stripping for the sauna was difficult. The next day she wore her wicked weasel and I wore a thong too. Didn't bother to ask staff before as I don't see a problem with normal thongs.

There were more people in the pool the second time (all the females wore fairly modest bikinis and the men and boys in dork shorts. I was a bit worried by the number of teenage boys in there. Had no problems. One woman quickly checked out my wife but no comments or stares; just got on with whatever they were doing. One boy (about 13) was nude in the sauna when I came in, but covered up and his friends went in the pool in long shorts. A bit disgusted that the boy in the sauna changed into his underpants to swim after the sauna....yuk!! Most didn't see me as I didn't make a show of my thong, nor did I try to hide or look embarrased.
bmicro #20

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:05/22/2006 12:55:56Copy HTML

I was just at the Collonade in Baltimore and had a great experience. I discovered that they had a pool enclosed in a glass structure with an outside sunning area fairly protected from the wind on the second floor (it was in the low 70's, cool in the breeze). I wore a very brief bikini over my Dore very low g-string to do laps in the pool. When I got out, I asked the lifeguard if thongs and g-strings were allowed. She said that some women wore them, but topless was not allowed. We talked about how I didn't have to worry about that. I went outside to the sunning area and took off the bikini to reveal the g-string. I laid out there for a few hours, surrounded by the high rise condos in the area. I noticed an interesting prenomenon. Within 30 minutes, there were three women around me. Within another 20 minutes, one had received a phone call from her husband/boyfriend and the other two were joined by their male companions. Small sample, but it was interesting to watch. No one made any comments either way.

The next day, in the two hours I had prior to checkout, I just wore the g-string doing laps and sunning. I would never have guessed the acceptance I enjoyed if I hadn't inquired.

ithongit #21

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:05/22/2006 10:06:51Copy HTML

Thonging at hotels and motels is easy.  So far my BF and I have been doing it for almost 15 years each (we have been together 7 years and meet on a thong friendly beach, but that's another story).  Anyway, we find that very few motels/hotels care what you wear swimming, as long as you don't go too far.  We do make sure to check the little hotel/motel amenities book to see if there are any pool rules listed (usually only pool hours and ages).  We also check out the signs around the pools before taking our coverups off.  So far, we have encountered only one pool at one motel in Louisville KY that actually had a sign restricting thongs.  A few years back, when thongs were more popular on women and just starting on men, the upper class world travelers were the people who wore them, and we found the atmosphere at the expensive hotels more relaxed.  In fact, it seemed that the more expensive the more tollerant of thongs they were!  Now, however, nobody seems to mind except the really little "mom and pop" or "Norman Bates" type motels.  We generally don't stay at these places, but if we do, we check at the desk or ask some other employee before hitting the pool.  Randy (my BF) got to the point of taking one of his thongs into the front office when we checked in, laying it out on the table so it was obviously a tiny suit, then asking about thong rules before signing the registration.  When a motel manager is faced with loosing a customer -- especially when things are slow -- he/she will usually do the thing that makes money.  When he had done this, he often got comments like "we don't usually see that type of suit" or "Most of our customers don't wear those" or "if you are brave enough to wear one, I guess it's okay.".  In any event, by showing the thong first, and getting management "approval" before wearing it -- it becomes difficult (but not impossible) for them to say "No Thongs" later.

Several things mentioned in previous posts we have found true.  First is the fact that thongers -- especially men -- tend to gain a lot of attention from maids and other female staff.  Randy (my BF) travels a lot on work and often is at the motel during the day since some of the work he does needs to be done when businesses are closed.  His stays are offen a week or two, and he usually sets up a schedule -- morning dip as early as the pool opens,  breakfast, back to the room for some sleep, back to the pool for afternoon sun and swimming, etc.  In a few days, the maids often start bringing out towels to the pool for him, or come out to take a smoke break and use the excuse to check him out.  He even stayed at one motel where the (female) afternoon and evening desk clerk started leaving 6-packs in his mini fridge every day that she got a chance to venture by the pool and strike up a conversation.

Another thing is that people at motels and hotels are like people everywhere and some are shy.  Once they see one thonger they are more likely to join in later or the next day.  Both Randy and I have thonged when we get into the motel in the afternoon or evening, and then been joined by more skimpy swimwear the next day.

We do not use our extreme suits -- nothing too skimpy, no G-strings, no see thru, etc.  We can find other places to wear these.  The fastest way to turn people off to thongs is to push the limits too fast. 

Another thing you can try if you do find a place that is stongly anti-thong -- Ask if you can swim after hours.  Most places have said thongs would be okay then when we have ask.


DavyJ #22

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:05/23/2006 05:31:37Copy HTML

I have also found it best to ask first.  Usually I will ask at a strange time, like 10 AM, figuring the desk clerk will be more likely to say yes if nobody else is using the pool.  I then take it as blanket pemission to wear the thong anytime, even in the evening when the pool is more crowded.  Have never had a problem.
publicgirluk #23

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:05/24/2006 04:01:04Copy HTML

I don't ask and rarely have a problem
ithongit #24

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:05/24/2006 10:41:26Copy HTML

Sorry, I may not have made myself clear when I posted a few days ago.  We only bother to check any more at the small motels.  Nobody in a major hotel or national chain has said a word, and with the exception of the motel in Louisville, nobody has any rules posted in either in the motels guide or at the pool restricting thongs.
4X #25

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:05/28/2006 09:14:32Copy HTML

I actually don't swim in hotel pools that much but usually confine myself to the hot tub when I am at one.  I do, however, regularly go lap swimming in a thong, and I've noticed a couple of things from that and using the hotel hot tubs.  First, people in general are less observant than we might think.  If you just go about your business in a normal fashion, it's likely that the majority of people simply will never notice what you're wearing.  Most people are so wrapped up in whatever they're doing that, unless you act in a way so as to draw attention to yourself, they'll pay only the slightest attention to you and certainly not enough to notice what you're wearing.  The water will help, too;  objects under water appear fuzzy when seen from above water, so you can't tell if someone is wearing a thong if the water is above one's waist with a casual glance (which is the type of glance you'll get from most people).

As long as you don't go around trying to draw attention to yourself, it's unlikely that you'll run into problems thonging.  A lot of people won't notice, and the ones that do notice generally won't care enough to bother you.  Of course, there's always the chance you'll run into someone who is annoyed by your choice of swimwear, but even then they generally won't want to waste the time to complain.  The ones who do complain are typically people who get annoyed at nearly anything anyway, so there's not much you can do about that.  Fortunately, those types are far and few between.

whitebull #26

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:12/17/2006 01:43:23Copy HTML

I also have thonged at many hotel pool/hot tubs.  It seems that as long as there are no children around there is no problem.  Most hotels just are happy for the business as long as no one complains.  Common sense usually dictates the when and where to thong.  One must not overpush the limits.
modelnude4u #27

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:12/27/2006 09:49:08Copy HTML

Hotel pools are some of my favorite thonging locations.  The freedom of not having anyone you know around is wonderful.  I think in many cases they've seen it all in these hotels, so just a guy in a thong is not going to stir them up.   I do ask if the desk clerk is female and attractive, but otherwise I just take my chances and wear a thong anyway.   At the worst, if the hotel staff says something about it, you can just claim ignorance and agreee not to wear it again.
jn9195 #28

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:12/29/2006 09:59:24Copy HTML


If you're in a pool in a thong, people do see it... you can't "hide". Unless they don't look in your direction when they walk around the pool, they can tell.
beachfolks #29

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:12/29/2006 12:10:48Copy HTML

You won't be alone thonging in France-maybe overdressed
modelnude4u #30

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:01/10/2007 05:36:46Copy HTML

I'm heading off on vacation in 2 weeks to Miami Beach.  I will certainly do lots of thonging, on the beach and in and about the hotel.  I've been to this same spot 3 times before.  The hotel is right on the beach, and has a great pool and hot tub.  I've walked down to get ice in only a thong many times.  Had a few giggles and a few positive comments, but nothing at all negative.
beachfolks #31

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:01/10/2007 09:04:32Copy HTML

Model-Don't keep us in suspense What is the Miami Beach hotel name?
modelnude4u #32

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:01/10/2007 09:27:31Copy HTML

Didn't think anyone would care!  It's the Dezerland Resort & Spa.

Not a 5 star place by any means, but it's fairly clean, and was undergoing some remodeling when I was last there about 2 years ago.   Very thong friendly place, I"ve seen people (men & women) walk through the lobby in only a thong, and lots of them at the pool area.  Right next to a nature area/park, so you've got busier and quieter sections of beach handy too.   It's only about 5 miles south of Haulover beach as well. (clothing optional)

sailor250 #33

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:02/07/2007 08:11:04Copy HTML

For some conservative hotel pools I like to use "bikini" type thongs, so when the rear isn't in view they look like a bikini.  I have some that are thongs and one that's a bikini with a g string back.

Remember to consider where you are in the country and what type of setting.

thongbutt1 #34

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:03/17/2007 04:03:29Copy HTML

ok, so i'm at holiday inn hotel recently, and i felt like laying out, so i asked the front desk people (women and men) if it was ok to layout in a thong.  they were like, sure there's nobody out there, go ahead.  so i put on a light colored gstring, oiled up, and laid out on my back.  after about 30 minutes, i went back inside to get something to drink and the front desk person (male) said " so,isn't it about time you turned over?"  i was sort of shocked by comment, so i said "maybe in a little while."  so when i got back out i noticed there was a window  on the back of the office that overlooked the pool, so i was like, ok, its "show time."  so i moved the chaise lounge around and positioned it so the office people could get a good look.  then i oiled up my butt and laid down on my stomach.  it probably wasn't 5 minutes until i saw him looking out the window at me. then i noticed he got one of his coworkers to check me out too.. the rest of the visit they kept asking me when i was going to layout again... a real different response from what you would usually expect, huh?. 
sailor250 #35

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:05/15/2010 07:18:02Copy HTML

Has anyone else been on the lookout for private or semiprivate sunning locations at hotels where they stay?  I always scope out balconies of my room and other balconies or beachside outdoor areas too.  There are only a few hotels in the US with sanctioned nude sundecks but there are some places you can sun nude or nearly nude without offending anyone.

Recently while on SouthBeach I wanted to do away with the G string tanlines I was getting by wearing a baggie suit but I thought I'd get unwanted attention or offend someone who might think I'm nude while on my stomach.  So I spotted a big deck on the level down from  the rooftop pool where they had two large daybeds and a few chairs, it was around the corner from a hall and only someone coming to the women's restroom would see you other than a couple of buildings nearby. No one ever seemed to use this even when the pool area was full. 

So one afternoon I went there and put out my towel and sunned for a couple of hours.  No one seemed to care.  I did get a cat call from an adjacent hotel when a guy and a girl on their balcony yelled "culo" down to me.  The deck was out of the wind which was good at first but got a little hot that day.

At another southbeach hotel I've tanned nude on the balcony several times, been spotted a couple of times with no problems.  I've seen women nude on other penthouse decks on southbeach before. I've sunned on balconies of other hotels in exposure suits to even my tan out before.

So does anyone else use opportunities to wear less than a thong suits in semiprivate places at hotels and resorts?
gnoht #36

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:05/16/2010 07:03:04Copy HTML

 i got adventurous with thongs for quite a while, recently got my g-string.

earlier this year i tried the g-string at a hotel. once day in broad day light no one at the pool. another time wee hours in the morning when it was dark. even got naked a while.

and recently i went to another hotel. swim at night, this time in my g-string as well. managed to hide well. :P day time i took less risky, wearing my adjustable back.

i only do it when the pool around the hotel is rather secluded or where I have means of escaping. :P
sailor250 #37

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:01/02/2011 03:05:22Copy HTML

Has anyone gotten any surprise good news while at a hotel or inn regarding thong wearing or ability to tan the way you want?

I've been staying at small inns around the country and though I haven't had any bad experiences, and some very good opportunities I've not been encouraged openly.

I've always thought it would be cool to hear one of the innkeepers comment on my thong and take it up a notch.  Been waiting to here things like this:

 "Wait until my wife sees you out here in a thong, she'll get here's on and be right out"  "We like to wear thongs or less when there aren't any guests around, but that won't be a problem now that you're here"  "You're the only one here today and tomorrow- you can wear what you want at the pool, we've had some go without suits- no problem with us if you do we'll join you"  "Don't ruin that little suit in the spa, you don't have to wear it in there"  "The only others here are this one Italian couple in room 4 and she asked if she could go topless, I said yes, you don't mind do you?"
nicksthong #38

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:01/02/2011 07:54:24Copy HTML

That would be a fun experience.
You make me laugh sometimes Sailor.
whitebull #39

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:04/04/2011 04:14:13Copy HTML

  I usually test the waters first.  With the economy like it is I have not had issues.  I usually can tell if it going to be ok or not.  The older the women are the better the reception is.
DavyJ #40

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:06/20/2011 03:55:59Copy HTML

It is true that the staff is often quite amused by your thong.  Even if the desk is way away and it is not obvious that anyone can see you, many hotels have cameras monitoring the grounds so you never know.  One time I was thonging (by myself, I thought), but the next morning I had quite an interesting conversation with a very giggly young female desk clerk.  That evening when I returned she had several friends with her and they all asked if I was going to swim that evening.
gnoht #41

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:06/20/2011 06:50:35Copy HTML

 " One time I was thonging (by myself, I thought), but the next morning I had quite an interesting conversation with a very giggly young female desk clerk. " you mean she saw you or something? :)

yes, apparently some hotels have camera but depending on angle - some couldn't actually see you that clearly. in some places, the camera is so awkwardly positioned (eg downwards) that you know it's not a functional camera. :D
ithongit #42

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:06/21/2011 12:23:52Copy HTML

One hotel we went to had cameras in the pool with very high resolution pictures, and they could be viewed on one of the motel's TV channels.  We thought it was great -- being able to see when those screaming kids and their mom left the pool area.  Others might not like being so easily observed.

The Swan #43

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:10/02/2011 05:47:26Copy HTML

I was in Oklahoma a few years ago on a motorbike ride. I got a hotel for the night and when checking in about 10pm I noticed that the parking lot was almost empty. This was in July. I got I up in the morning for a coffee and bagel. I got dressed and walked towards the hotel lobby. I could feel the sun beating down on me and saw at the temperature sign on the bank across the street it was already in the upper 70's at 8:00 in the morning. When in the lobby getting coffee I asked the hotel clerk if it would be alright to get layout by the pool in a skimpy tanning suit before I checked out. She said in a thick foriegn accent as long as I wore something it would be alright. Checking the parking lot I saw there were no cars in the parking lot.

I changed into a very thin white adjustable g-string. I grabbed my towel, my coffee and bagel and headed to the pool.  The pool was across the walkway from my room. The pool was also right by the front office and actually had a sliding glass door connecting the two areas. I dove in to the pool to cool off and climbed out and settled in to drink my coffee and eat my bagel. With no one at the hotel I wasn't worried about what I was wearing. In a bit, two maids, smiling at me, came through the pool area with their carts on the way to start their day.

Finishing my coffee and bagel I wanted one more cup of coffee. I got up and threw my towel over my shoulder and went into the lobby  to get another cup of coffee. The clerk commented on the skimpiness of suit. I said I liked an all over tan, and she said she could see that. Teasing her I said I choose this one thinking Oklahoma was a bit prudish. She laughed and asked if I had  another skimpier suit. I said sure. She said wear what you want.  Now other suit is a sheer white thong that I had never wore in public, I wear it as underwear. I dropped my coffee off at the pool went and changed into it. I walked back out to the pool, dove back into the pool got out and settled in to finish my breakfast.

Later the maids came back through the pool area and brought me another towel. I came out of the water one time and saw the clerk looking me through the glass doors. I waved and she waved back. Later I got up, went back to the room changed into my riding clothes to go load the motorbike and check out. By then another clerk was at the desk. The clerk said nothing about my attire just asked me to come back soon...

The thing is that all this seemed so natural and normal. I was never uncomfortable.
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Re:Hotel Thonging

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 It would be nice to know the name & location of this hotel.  Oklahoma is between me and where I want to be. :D

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Re:Hotel Thonging

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I could not tell you the name of the hotel. I've been back through the area a few times since then and I cannot figure out which hotel it was. I've wanted to stay there but all the hotels seem to be different than how I remembered the one from the story.  I can tell you this, it was near Oklahoma City. Maybe it was torn down?
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Re:Hotel Thonging

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I've stayed at several hotels where I had good experiences as I've traveled cross-country many times.  I thought I'd remember them, but there are a few good ones that I don't remember exactly where they are located.  I guess it is time to take notes. :D   They probably are gone, too, or renamed/remodeled.

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Re:Hotel Thonging

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I've done quite a bit of hotel thonging this year. I've stayed in 3 hotels during the summer and fall and I have thonged at each one of them. Most of the time, the hotel pools are very lightly used, often just ourselves there. At least 2 of these hotels had cameras so the staff could probably see me thonging if they were watching. We were even able to change out of our suits by the pool back into our clothes since the pool was so sparsely used.

On our most recent trip, the hotel pool/sauna/jacuzzi were more heavily used. On the 3 visits we made to use their facilities, maybe about 10+ people shared the facilities with us. Most of these people saw me in my thong, I was the only one thonging, but no one said a single thing, as I wouldn't expect anyone to. I never ever bother asking the hotel if I can wear a thong as I just assume I can, since I live in Canada. I found that the older females are more interested in my thong as I see them sneaking peeks whenever I'm not looking. There was a very friendly 30 something girl who was very talkative, wearing a one piece black suit, that seemed to watch me whenever I walked between the pool, sauna, and jacuzzi. I ran into a couple in their late 30's to mid 40's who were there with a teenage daughter. The mother I think sneaked some peaks, but the teenage daughter seemed too embarrassed to look with her mother right beside her. Then there was a late 40 something couple, the wife was very interested when I had my back to her drying off. The men didn't seem to bat their eyes, seemingly not at all interested. A couple may have glanced my way, but didn't portray any interest at all.

All in all, it was a very nice thonging year which I enjoyed immensely.

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 none of these hotels had cams in the pool area, but we thonged at the Town and Country Inn in Charleston, the Marriott in Cambridge Mass. and the days Inn in Mt Pleasant/Patriots Point area in Charleston.

No probs anywhere.
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Re:Hotel Thonging

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 Thank you to all that shared your experiences. I lay out in thongs at home, but I have never done it at a motel. After reading you comments. I may give it a try.
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Re:Hotel Thonging

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I went skiing a couple of weekends ago at Whitetail in PA. We stayed at a new Sleep Inn Hotel near there. After skiing we swam in the pool and the hot tub. Our family was the only one using the pool area. My family went back to the room and I stayed. I was wearing a thong suit under my other swim suit for support so I stripped down to the thong and soaked in the hot tub. I could see there were cameras and also they had windows in the wall to the hallway. A couple of people walked past in the hallway but that was it. It was enjoyable.

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