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barklee #51

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:03/06/2012 05:06:37Copy HTML

I'm not one to be shy anymore while at the Las Vegas hotel pools. I usually hit the pool by8:30am and stay until 4:30pm and am usually pretty wiped out because of the alcohol and sun.

I have several hotel pools that I like to stay at and have always have positive experiences over the years so any more I don't think twice about wearing thongs/G-strings at hotel pools.  In addition I have worn them at several pools in Dallas, Houston and in Mexico.

Over the past few years I have been asked to have my picture taken with people that are surprised to see a man in such minimal swimwear. We always have a nice conversation first, then they ask. At the end of the day it's all just a lot of fun.

I enjoy the thrill of walking around in public, ordering drinks, visiting and then just simply relaxing in the sun. To some my thong can be intimidating and those people leave me alone. For others they want to know why on earth I would wear something so minimal and why I’m not afraid of what people will say. What a great conversation starter. I really don’t start the conversations so I’m not forcing myself on anyone that would feel uncomfortable talking with me.

I got “called out” last year by a DJ and everyone at the pool responded with a huge cheer. It was a big thrill and everyone had a good time. I posted a couple of pic’s on my profile to remind me of how much fun it can be being the “guy in the thong”. 

I usually cover up when in the lobbies or hallways and elevators because you come across a lot of people that have other business they are attending to while at the hotel. However while at an “adult resort” I’ll be in nothing but a G-string everywhere but the restaurant. Again all in the spirit of just having fun.
JM_Runs #52

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:03/07/2012 08:01:29Copy HTML

 I last answered this thread back in 2005, and since then I have have quite a few new Hotel Thonging Experiences. 
The most unique experience was in Biloxi, Ms. at the Windmere Suite's if I remember the name right. I was there in January and had not even thought about bringing a bathing suit with me on this particular trip (big mistake, won't happen again) but when I checked into the motel I say from the lobby they had an indoor pool.  I asked the front desk clerk what the pool hours were and she said since it was a business hotel I could use it when ever it was convenient, but they cleaned the pool in the morning and it would be shut-down for about an hour between 8-9 am.  I then asked if thongs were allowed in the pool area, and she said it didn't matter as long as you have something to put on, and were not completely nude if others came into the pool area.
So I went to the Wal-Mart across the street looking for thong underwear, or G-string underwear and had no luck, and being January they didn't have much of a selection of shorts or other swimwear either.  And having been an early adopted to the baggie type suit I went to the pantyhose Isle and bought a 39 cent pait of black footies that I could make into a baggie suit by cutting it down and tying a knot in the end and the wide elastic would make it stay on even in the water, like I had done before tanning on the beach.
By the time I got back to the hotel and had dinner and a few beers it was 10pm on a Monday night and I put my new baggie on under my street clothes and went down to the pool area which was empty. I quickly undressed and went into the pool and swam then went into the hot tub for a while and after an hour decided it was time to come back to my room to go to bed. 
After I took my shower I went to put my watch back on and realized I left it down by the pool, and not wanting someone to take it I put clothes on and went down to retrieve my watch. When I went into the pool area 2 ladies were using the hot tub and one of them pointed out that the front desk clerk had picked up my watch, and had told them they should have been here 30 minutes earlier because there was a guy who was in the pool with nothing on but a black sock for a swimsuit. Then the one lady asked where my suit was because she wanted to see it. I told her it was up in my room, then she asked if I could go put it on and come back down for a while. I went and got my watch from the front desk and saw the girls watching a monitor I had not seen when I checked in. It was the pool camera they were watching and had been watching all night and she said she liked my suit and had never seen one that tiny before.
So I went back to my room and put no my baggie and pulled a long t-shirt on and went back to the pool and the ladies were still there. I took off my t-shirt and dove in the pool and when I got out of the water the ladies said they loved the sock I had on and they asked me to join them in the hot tub.  This is when I realized they were both wearing G-string panties and the one woman was topless. At that point I asked them if they new the front desk had camera'a on the pool area and they said yes that is how they knew about my "sock suit" and that the girl had told them they would be fine in the hot tub in just panties since most people didn't have swimsuit with them this time of year
johnnyaces #53

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:03/17/2012 01:12:29Copy HTML

cool story there Mako, sounds like a good time was had by all.. I too frequent the same Motel on a weekly basis, however im not sure it would go over well with the staff there if i wore just a thong or g-string.  I say this due to the being there on buisness every week and the staff all know me well now.. i do wonder what they might say if i asked them about minimal swim wear policy... sure would be much easier and less to have to repack on my departure... who knows time shall tell..
whitebull #54

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:03/25/2012 01:24:48Copy HTML

 If you got here every week they will look the other way to keep your business.  If they do not I am sure another hotel in the area will.  I never had an issue with a Marriott hotel.  Never seen a camera at a pool either
JM_Runs #55

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:03/27/2012 07:23:20Copy HTML

Depending on where you are, and if the hotel has lots of competitors for business traveler business. You would be surprised how many business hotels which have very few families have no issue with a respectful adult wearing minimal g-strings to use their pools and hot tubs. I have even been encouraged to use the pool at some hotels because very few people use them at certain times of the year and they would rather have someone swim in them to keep the water moving.
I have never had a bad incident and on more than one occasion even had compliments and encouragement.
JM_Runs #56

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:03/29/2012 12:08:44Copy HTML

A few years ago I was staying at Orchard Parade Hotel in Singapore where there is a nice pool area surrounded by sunchairs.
After a long day with meetings I returned to the hotel around 9:30 pm and decided for a dip in the pool.
I have a couple of JS thongs in different colors and one black transparent.
I put on the transparent and covered with a towel I went down to the pool.
At that time there was only a couple of guests by the pool.
I slipped out of the towel and dove in the pool and took a few rounds.
I went up and lay on the sunchair to dry.
One of the guests, a chinese lady, smiled at me and I nodded back.
None of the other guests took notice.
After about 15 minutes I wrapped the towel around me and went back to my room.
A nice evening.
johnnyaces #57

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:10/29/2012 05:08:01Copy HTML

i recently stayed at a Ramada Inn in central Ne, they have a small outdoor pool there, anyway after a long day on the road i went to check it out. the place was all but empty that night so i figured no one would mind me taking a dip in a small thong after which i pulled gym shorts back on a returned to room for the night, over all great experiance and hope to get back that way soon.
Zamwell #58

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:11/24/2012 12:15:26Copy HTML

Excepting my post in the Embarrassing Moments thread, not many hotel thong moments come to mind. When I went to New York this past Easter, I left my suitcase open on the bed, thongs visible, when I went out and came back to see that it had been moved slightly by the maid to do the bed up. Not sure which girl did it but wondered what she thought. I'm sure after working in a hotel for a while you see much stranger stuff than that.
Manu1418 #59

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:12/13/2012 06:54:40Copy HTML

  I have always wear thongs at hotels. One of my first experiences when I was 16 years old was at a hotel pool. I was a little shied back then so I just laid on for a wile then toke my shorts sitting down and stayed face up. There were some families, older women and a local pop artist with her crew.  It was a small area so everyone saw me really quick. Some of the hotel staff was going by and no one seems to bothered.

I got comfortable and turned face down to tan my back. I got a lot of stares but no one minded. 

Later a staff member came to me. I though I was in trouble or something and was embarrass because she stared at my butt constantly but she just sat down to told me that they were bringing out a massage chair for clients. I was so relief and decided to try it. I had no choice but to walk half the place wearing nothing else. I got my quick massage in front of everyone at the pool.

After that I was walking all around having nice swims and even had lunch at the pool restaurant wearing just my thong. 

This other time I was in another hotel that only had an indoor pool at the basement. I didn´t know if they were thong friendly so I just removed the towel at pool side. There was only a women swimming some laps. I had this small thong and went to the hot tube that was connected to the pool. As soon as I got in a staff member came to me. I though he would say something for the thong because indoors is not like you are getting a tan. I was nervous again but he was like you can´t go in the water with out a shower cap. I did not have one so he offered me some they have on sale.  I walked all the way to the desk wearing nothing but my thong.

After that I was so comfortable each day I got my morning swim by walking all the way from my room to the pool only wearing a thong. I always wear thongs at hotels and enjoy their pools. The staff is always really open minded and the cleaning ladies often pass by. I agree they like to watch. I don´t really ask for permission and no one have ever said anything to me.
Thonguy4fun #60

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:06/22/2013 11:08:02Copy HTML

Recently stayed at a Residence Inn in the greater Miami area (north) away from the beach. 

The day before I wore a rio back to the pool, a few stares, but not much anyone can say.  There were a lot kids, so decided against the thong.

That evening around 9pm'ish I decided to go the hot tub which is adjacent to the pool.  When I arrived back at the hotel from dinner I noticed no one at the pool or hot tub, so I thought this would be a good time and if people came, they would just be a little shocked when i got out :)

So, I went up to my room and put on my Dore thong, just a basic Dore thong, nothing too risque, but definitely smaller than a traditional thong.

Went down to  pool/hot tub area and two men (mid 30s) had arrived and were sitting with there legs in the hot tub.  They were Hispanic Americans on vacation with their wives/kids and they decided to get out the room for a bit and came down to the hot tub.  They were from the mid-west, you could almost not even detect an accent (just pointing that out to show they were pretty "Americanized", so I was not sure what to do or how they would handle a male thonger.   When I walked up (thong under my shorts) one of the guys said (jokingly) this tub is already taken, the he laughed and said he was joking.  So I then dropped the shorts and got in the tub in my Dore Thong.  Was not sure what the reaction would be, but when I looked up the one guy was smiling ear to ear and nodding his head up and down.   

They were really nice guys, they talked to me a lot and shared about their family vacation.  While I was expecting them to go away when I got in, they actually both ended up getting fully in the hot tub. I was not sure they knew it was a thong since I didn't really turn around when I got in, but when the timer went off, neither of them volunteered to turn it back on, so I got out and turned it on.  They did not seem anymore shocked, so guess they knew it was thong.  After almost two rounds of the timer, i was pretty warm, so when I got out and dried off and they too decided to leave. 

Positive thong experience.

SlidingG #61

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:06/23/2013 11:30:10Copy HTML

Way to go, Thonguy4fun, just shows lots of people couldn't care less, especially when you behave like a thoroughly normal person.  Which most of us are, after all.  I'll remember your example when I stay at a Best Western in Naples late July, the evening before beds are delivered to our new condo nearby.
kawasaki #62

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:06/23/2013 01:24:28Copy HTML

"especially when you behave like a thoroughly normal person.  Which most of us are, after all". I could n't agree more sliding G. Behave normal and they accept you.
SlidingG #63

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:06/23/2013 05:09:44Copy HTML

That, in fact, is what delights me about wearing my strings at the beach, showing folks I'm thoroughly normal, even if my swimwear isn't.  I love contrasts in life, the odd juxtapositions, and stringing in Naples as the only bare-buns guy in sight fills the bill nicely.  Since it'll be evening at the Best Western, I may wear a moderate thong there instead, not startle the folks too much.
jn9195 #64

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:08/22/2014 07:27:01Copy HTML

This week I stayed at a hotel in the midwest while traveling for personal business.  It was one of those that had been a big chain and then rebranded to something that is independent or maybe has just a few locations.  It wasn't so bad at first (more later), it wasn't dirty or trashy or broken down.  It is only two stories and there is a row of rooms with rooms on both sides, the parking lot with the pool at one end and then another row of rooms which only face the parking lot.   I didn't see any cameras and the pool area is covered with a solid wall on two sides and then the sundeck area is between the pool and the end of the parking lot...  I thought the layout was great.  And the office/lobby was beside the pool but separated and not overlooking the pool where they can see you 100% of the time.  Not that I mind them seeing me, but I don't want them to take extra notice if I keep getting in and out of the pool or if I go to the pool several times a day instead of once or twice (or zero) like everyone else.

I wore a skimpy string bikini at first... well a Muscleskins 3/8" waist Classic with half seat.  It is the midwest you know... and this is a LOT (little) for this area.  I did wear a towel to and from the pool at first... just getting adjusted.  A lady saw me near the pool and she just stopped and looked at me. She kept walking different ways around and looked over many times.  I don't know what she was thinking, but she didn't complain. 
Right after that I saw this young woman come into the pool area, she kept coming and going while I was swimming and when I was getting out of the pool, I turned and there she was. Not until she saw my suit did she acknowledge me or speak to me.  She smiled, said hello, and struck up a conversation. 
My towel was across the way on a chair.  Several people saw me standing there while we talked but no one complained or make any nasty remarks.  Again, not a thong yet but barely covered front & back, in the middle of the midwest.  Later, I witnessed this same beautiful young woman handing off little packets to random cars that pulled right up into the parking lot outside the pool fence.  Very disappointing... and maybe this wasn't a good place to stay. 
After leaving the pool, I'd sometimes hang out at the other end.  At the end opposite the pool, there weren't rooms but just a walkway connecting both buildings, this was also two story.  In the middle of the 2nd story part, there were some tables that were secluded from the parking lot.  I'd get a drink and my phone and sit there for a while, taking up some sun.  A few people did walk by but no one said anything negative; I was surprised. 
Later I changed into a thong and went back up there to get some sun; most people were gone by now in the early afternoon.  This was a Muscleskins Classic Thong, Camo.  The old camo material, not the sparkly stuff he has now.  The lighter areas are a little see through when wet if someone really looked.  And it is so soft and very stretchy; unlike the horrible material from Muscleskins now. :(  That new stuff is much less stretchy and is rough on your skin.  The old materials are so much more "form fitting"; every curve & contour is noticeable with some of them.

Anyway... there I am getting comfortable taking in the sun; having a drink; towel on the railing drying.  I was looking out beyond the property across the neighboring businesses (solid wall on the exterior).  No one around, hadn't seen anyone except a couple of housekeeping ladies for a while.  I heard voices and then footsteps. I turned and there were two girls, maybe 18 to 20 years old.  They both had multi-colored hair, a nose ring, and one of them had a tattoo that I could see on her wrist.  They stopped in the same area and leaned up against the wall maybe 8 feet from me.  I turned when I heard them stop.  They had huge smiles and they were looking at my thong.  One of them said, "I really love that suit!" 
I said, thanks, so do I.  They giggled.  I said it was very comfortable and it feels like is barely there with the lightweight material.
The other girl said, it looks like it is barely there and laughed.  She then asked, "Will you get in trouble for wearing that?" 
I said, I don't know and smiled.  
One of them said, see you later and they continued on. 

Later, I went back to the pool... I had to wear the thong now, I had been spotted... and I didn't want to put more on.  So, I'm there swimming for a while and those same two girls show up and tie-side bikinis.  The three of us swam for a while and I got out to leave, so did they.  One of whispered to the other, "I can see everything!". 
I asked, "Sorry, Can you see through this?" 
She seemed to be a little surprised that I heard her and said, "Well, we can't see THROUGH it, but it does show you off very well.  again it was, well, we'll see you later.

The third day, I went to the pool in a different suit, a g-string but just royal blue.  I was close by so I just took myself, my g-string, and my room key, no towel.  I didn't see the two girls again but the drug-dealer girl came by and he jaw dropped when she saw the g-string.  I think she got a picture of me.  Someone came by to "meet" her, another young woman.  They both came to the pool area and sat for a while...  she gave me a little wave and I got out and spoke to her.  Her friend kind of laughed, not at me, I think she was uncomfortable.  We talk for a minute before they leave and I go back to the pool for a while.
I get out of pool, still no towel, and make it to the pool gate.  Four police cars suddenly appear.   Two parked in front of the office and two are right by me, they park along the front of the pool area.  I turn and start walking toward the pool instead of walking through the parking lot to my room.  A couple of the officers go into the office, two are right outside the office door and two are by the cars closest to me.  One of them was a woman.   I step into the pool up to my waist and I hear, "Sir.  Sir."  It is the female cop.  I turn toward her and she asked me to get back out of the pool.  So, there I am, just re-soaked, in a g-string that outlines me and a woman cop is four feet from me.  She asks my name and information, my business there and if I'd participated in any drug sales activity or usage.  I told her that I had seen a girl that might have been handing off drugs but I wasn't sure and I explained what I had seen.  She just said OK and left.  Officers are now banging on one of the guest room doors.  

I get back into the pool for a few minutes.  I now see & hear a few of the officers banging on a room door.  I look around like anyone else to see what is going on.  Here comes the woman cop again.  She's in the sun deck area.  "Sir.  Sir."  I get out of the pool and walk over.  She said, "Are you aware that your choice of swimwear is not legal?"   I lied, "No.  I was aware that it is very unusual for this area but I was not aware that it was illegal."  She continued, "In a public pool, this would be a no go.  On private property such as this, we act only upon complains."   I asked, "Was there a complaint?"  She almost gave me a little bit of a smile and glanced down a couple of times at my package, "No, no complaints.  Usually management would handle a complaint and if the situation continues, we'd give a warning before giving any type of citation or further action.  I just wanted to make you fully aware." 

She got a call on the radio and responded that she'd be right there and said, "Have a nice day and enjoy the pool."  I asked, "Are you saying that I need to change swimsuits?"   "I'm not telling you to change out of that!" and gave me a big smile, another very quick look at my crotch before turning to return to the officers who were arresting some guy in a wife-beater shirt.
lindros #65

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:08/22/2014 08:40:00Copy HTML

Wow, great story, thanks for sharing.

If there are any legal experts on here I'd be interested in knowing if laws pertaining to thongs or indecent exposure are applied differently in public vs. hotel (private) property. For example, if a city has an ordinance prohibiting thongs (exposure of buttocks) can a hotel have their own rule that over-rides that local ordinance and allow guests to wear thongs?
BaltoBob #66

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:08/22/2014 09:17:56Copy HTML

 Yes, private property can and often have their own rules. If the pool is near a public street then anything illegal won't go. But, the hotel/motel can empose stricter rules. As the female officer said, they would only respond to a complaint. It seems she wasn't complaining.
mack_back #67

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:08/23/2014 12:06:49Copy HTML

jn9195: Great story made my heart race hearing the TJ Hooker was maybe called for your thonging, by her warning she gave you the heads up. Geez, i would be in your thong i would be anticipating getting the beat it perv talk. Funny that the female cop stared at tour package.

flthongbutt #68

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:08/23/2014 03:01:52Copy HTML

 You got caught up in a drug sting, bro. One time there was lots of very nice, unusually good looking friendly girls at the pool trying to strike up a conversation with me. I later found out they were  bait for the cops for a prostitution sting. Guys be careful
nospam_TN1 #69

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:08/24/2014 10:20:45Copy HTML

I suspect we're seeing an increase in drug-related activity in even the upscale hotels.  We stayed in one in Cincinati last month, and as we exited the elevator on a floor, noticed this large number of strange-looking pills scattered on the floor.  My wife went to the room, did some internet searching and said she believed they were extacy pills.  She's a pharmacy technician, and apparently hadn't seen those pills before.  I decided not to call the police because we had touched them and did not want to risk getting in trouble ourselves due to laws about possession.  Instead, I simply took one to the front desk guy and reported it.  His off-duty friend was there and actually put the pill in his mouth, licked it and said they were breath mints.  I did tell them about the mess of multiple pills scattered on the floor, but they were all still there the next morning.  There were multiple wedding receptions taking place there, and lots of drinking.  I didn't believe the breath mints story, but I did not pursue the matter anymore. 

I still cannot make sense of the situation.  My initial suspicion was that the front desk guy was somehow involved.  If that were true, then the logical thing would have been to at least clean up the mess immediately, recover the "product", and demand that his guests keep things under control.  Nothing like that happened.
sailor250 #70

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:08/25/2014 02:03:33Copy HTML

 If someone spilled dozens of E's on the floor they wouldn't be left there!  If that's their idea of getting rid of them because they were hot that's insane.  Only Snoop Dogg would say "drop it like it's hot"
JM_Runs #71

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:08/25/2014 02:54:56Copy HTML

I agree, very unlikely to be abandoned ecstasy.

Probably breath mints or one of the thousands of different vitamins and supplements that line the shelves of American 'drug' stores.
gstringman01 #72

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:03/28/2015 06:30:45Copy HTML

I have a couple of experiences thonging at hotels both here in Australia, and in one case, overseas. Probably the best experience was while I was in Sydney last year. I was actually there for a work conference with about 25 other colleagues, none of whom know that I enjoy wearing a thong and none of whom I really wanted to know as I don't feel they'd be supportive of it. We were staying at the Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments in Pyrmont. 
I was feeling particularly adventurous one morning and so I went down to the hotel's in door swimming pool at around 7:30am in shorts and t-shirt wearing a brand new sheer red lycra Cocksox thong underneath. It's worth saying that I'd never worn this brand of style of thong before, and until it arrived via mail (the day before) I had no idea just how form-fitting they were in the front and just how much they put your package on display. I liked the feel and fit very much, but I knew it'd be kinda risky wearing one in a public hotel, but I just couldn't resist, so I went for it. As for the swimwear brand/design (Cocksox) - I'd only recommend them if you're fairly confident and not afraid to have your junk out there on display - I wouldn't recommend them in cold weather as the pouch looks a bit strange when not 'filled'. Also, if you were wearing one and got even just a bit excited, you could find yourself getting in big trouble as it'll be very noticeable in these. That probably goes for a lot of minimal swimwear though. Enough said.
Once I got there I noticed there wasn't many people around. Just two people (a guy around 27 and a woman, maybe early 30s) working out in the gym attached to the pool (only a glass wall separating it and the pool area). I moved to the far end of the pool (just out of view of anyone in the gym) and stripped down to my Cocksox before walking over and down the steps into the shallow pool.
I started swimming laps up and down. After doing a few I spotted the CCTV cameras at each end of the pool area, which I hadn't previously seen. I figured what the hell, and kept swimming as the water was warm and I was enjoying myself. None of the staff came to speak to me. I stayed for about 30 minutes swimming. After a while I got bolder and got out of the pool and walked around it in full view of the video cameras and the people in the gym. The guy clearly saw me, took a bit of a double-take, then set about ignoring me as much as possible (which I thought was kinda funny), I don't think the woman saw me. I went in and used the sauna in just my Cocksox thong, for about 10 minutes.
When I came back to the pool, it was still quiet - I was the only one these, so I did a few more laps. Just as I was getting ready to leave a woman in her 40s arrived. She clearly saw me in my bring red thong but didn't bat an eye-lid. I did a few more laps and then got out, got dressed and headed back to my room. As I passed by the front desk, I noticed the young woman working there looking at me, she said good morning and I got the feeling that maybe she'd seen me on the CCTV camera. However she didn't make mention of it.
All in all a fun, positive experience. I didn't ask the hotel staff if they have a dress code for the pool, but on reflection it probably would have been a good idea. Regardless, the inner Sydney hotel I was in didn't seem to care about my choice of swimwear. That said, I think that if families with kids were there and someone complained, I probably would have been asked to cover-up.
Grabeach #73

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:03/28/2015 09:53:38Copy HTML

I've probably said it before but it's worth repeating. The general staff at city hotels are just small cogs in a big wheel whose main interest is finishing their shift and going home. The manager will probably not even know you're in the pool, let alone what you are wearing, unless another guest complains. Other guests, especially if from 'out of town' have no idea what swimwear is acceptable or not, so are unlikely to complain. I've never noticed if there is CCTV, same way I don't notice it in shops etc.

I've swum and sunned in a g-string at Sydney hotel pools at Manly, Coogee and Paramatta, interstate in Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra and the Gold Coast, as well as three or four in the USA when we were over there. Other than the Gold Coast, which had a few women in thongs and/or sunning topless, I was the only one in very brief swimwear. If there were any derogitory comments I didn't hear them and the only staff comments were along the lines of "nice day for a swim / I like your tan".
lindros #74

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:04/13/2015 04:23:05Copy HTML

So I was at the Warm Mineral Springs Motel in Florida on Sunday. The place actually has a nice pool and hot tub. Today I was on a lounge chair at the pool deck, and the place was fairly empty (only one couple was there, but it sounded like they were from Michigan).

Anyway, they didn't say anything or make any comments, but when the manager/owner of the motel went to check on the pool area I noticed that he saw me wearing a tiny g-string. A few minutes later he disappeared, but then sure enough I hear the pool gate open next to me and it was the manager/owner. He comes up to me and says "Excuse me sir ... " (at this point I figure he's going to tell me to wear a bigger suit) but to my surprise he says "are you driving a red mustang?" I almost busted out laughing but I simply said "no not mine" with a smile.

Enjoyed the rest of the afternoon tanning & swimming, and the cleaning staff saw me as well while on a smoke break and no issues there either.

I think the manager/owner is German, and the Warm Mineral Springs motel tends to attract guests from Russia and other parts of Europe who visit the nearby mineral spring. So for the moment I'd classify this motel as thong friendly. However on weekends during the snowbird season the place also attracts some rednecks from nearby towns who hang outside of their room all day and do nothing but smoke & drink.
mack_back #75

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:04/13/2015 05:52:51Copy HTML

Lindros how could the manager/owner have not assumed your driving the mustang. Your wearing a thong it goes with the lifestyle of what people presume. Just like a soccer mom in a mini-van. I Get it we expect the worst from people suddenly to our surprise someone is asking about something completely different. If i was in your situation i would of walked away having the manager chase me around the pool ignoring them before they said anything.

 Probably same thing happened to me at the pool, while an attractive aqua instructor wanted to get my attention. Thought she was going to enforce rules of me wearing a thong, so i ignored her call towards me and walked off to the locker room. Only much later i found out she and the ladies wanted to invite me to join them in the class. Although did hear about the same instructor sending away a woman wearing a towel going into the sauna. She asked her what she had on under the towel. She replied only a g-string. The instructor told her to go back change into something else. The woman just didn't come back because that is all she had to wear. As you can see i'm a bit shy or hesitant to put on my thong at the pool seeing the instructor sent a woman away. Will try to wear a thong again when i get a nice tan during the summer.  
mack_back #76

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:04/13/2015 06:21:27Copy HTML

Lindros how could the manager/owner have not assumed your driving the mustang. Your wearing a thong it goes with the lifestyle of what people presume. Just like a soccer mom in a mini-van. I Get it we expect the worst from people suddenly to our surprise someone is asking about something completely different. If i was in your situation i would of walked away having the manager chase me around the pool ignoring them before they said anything.

 Probably same thing happened to me at the pool, while an attractive aqua instructor wanted to get my attention. Thought she was going to enforce rules of me wearing a thong, so i ignored her call towards me and walked off to the locker room. Only much later i found out she and the ladies wanted to invite me to join them in the class. 
Although did hear about the same instructor sending away a woman wearing a towel going into the sauna. She asked her what she had on under the towel. She replied only a g-string. The instructor told her to go back change into something else. The woman just didn't come back because that is all she had to wear. 
As you can see i'm a bit shy or hesitant to put on my thong at the pool seeing the conservative beautiful instructor sent a woman away. Will try to wear a thong again when i get a nice tan during the summer. Might be a first that a woman gets told to turn back wearing a g-string to a pool sauna while a guy like myself is left alone in a thong without any problem.
Seeing the hot instructor using the pool facilities after the class alone, she wears conservative bikini bottoms. Assuming she is very conservative what she wears makes me think she isn't to fond anyone showing their bodies off even their butt cheeks. The way the instructor looks upon me and choosing sitting beside me in the whirlpool and later provocatively stretching her long sexy legs in the sauna beside me, tells me something, am i wrong?

lindros #77

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:04/13/2015 06:22:58Copy HTML

Mack: I think that would have been an over-reaction on my part to ignore and walk away from the owner/manager in that situation. The red mustang was probably illegally parked at the motel or not registered with a paying guest and the owner/manager may have been just trying to find the owner. At least that's my best guess. No biggy, and at least the g-string passed the test for my next visit.
mack_back #78

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:04/13/2015 06:40:45Copy HTML

Lindros did the manager-owner go to everyone around the pool asking? If they choose to go to you first might say if the car was parked illegally they presume a guy in a thong doesn't care or follow civil or fashion rules. Anyway you take it your being singled out as someone who breaks the rules, it shows what people think of thongers if you follow my train of thought.
Good luck to you because the day you went, none was literally around the pool, just a couple minding their business. Wait till a full crowd of people show and some who enjoy to complain. Hope for your sake and other thongers like me, you can wear what you want without told not to. Being a pessimist i always wait for the other shoe to drop. Anyway you cut it a complainer almost always gets her way or his way. Unless their constantly a pest towards management and they ignore her rants and wishes. 

Same is true at my pool some old lady loves to complain about the whirlpool water being to cold and yes me wearing a thong. Once i heard her complain about looking upon through a window overlooking the pool seeing me in a thong. Her complaint was that she almost tripped falling down a flight of stairs seeing me in a thong. Yes, i can witness it did happen to my laughter.. Yet the same woman basically calls me stupid turning up the sauna temperature angry but months later smiles saying hello as having no problem with me. 
JM_Runs #79

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:04/13/2015 06:49:59Copy HTML

 Reading the posts immediately above, it seems to me that although there are some people intolerant of thongs, in many cases the problem is in the mind of the wearer. they expect criticism, and act defensively.

The experience of Lindros is a case in point. Some people suggested he should have shown offence at the manager choosing to ask him about the car. I would say the manager was clearly accepting of his thong, so why should he create a problem where there is none?
mack_back #80

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:04/13/2015 07:21:00Copy HTML

 Maybe it's just me but i'm overly sensitive towards peoples demeanours or the way they treat others assuming the worst.  Some people just like to comment about the obvious giggling or laughing just acting like themselves without any problem with what i wear.  While i find way to many others afraid to wear or look upon someone daring or bold appearance. 
Had  a situation where a young male asked me a question not meaning any ill will or teasing me just polite conversation purposes. I took it as a slap in the face getting defensive asking him a question. While a female who seen me before and sort of knew me stepped in before a argument would take place. Saving his ass while knowing i'm touchy and don't have sense of humor what i wear taking things like my appearance seriously. 
lindros #81

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:04/13/2015 07:33:58Copy HTML

Mack:  There was only the one other couple at the pool at the other end. I did not hear or look to see whether he asked them if they were the owners of the car. Like SweatyAussie said above, it was apparent the owner/manager accepted the g-string so I wasn't about to start a problem when none seemed to exist.
Grabeach #82

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:04/13/2015 09:01:47Copy HTML

Not at a hotel, but I had a 'targeting' experience at a small but crowded National Park beach. A guy had illegally ridden a jet ski up to the beach then wandered off into the park at the back of the beach. Someone must have reported him to the ranger (this was the first I knew of there being a ranger there). When he came to investigate, the first person he asked was g-string clad me, despite there being dozens of guys closer to both the ski and closer to where he stepped onto the sand.
sandrhymes #83

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:04/14/2015 12:50:23Copy HTML

Wow, I never would have thought it possible to read so many different negative connotations into a simple act.  To me the guy came out, got a brief glimpse and then decided he wanted a closer and longer look :-) but needed a reason other than just making another quick fly-by walk-around.  He came up with (invented) the red mustang issue, and got close enough the next time to both talk and look.  Think of it as a compliment, smile about it and move on.  Who here has not seen someone in a small suit, and would have loved to or did invent a reason to get a closer look... I know i have.  Enjoy it....get over it.  No need to write a dozen paragraphs about all the crappy weird things he might have been thinking.
ozarkG #84

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:04/14/2015 05:18:30Copy HTML

 I had completely forgotten a summer visit a few years ago to SouthCarolina that i thonged in a hotel pool. We stayed at a Hampton Inn in Beaufort, SC. Two nights we were there after finishing some family events, we took the kids to the pool late those nights. The pool was near closing but the people at the desk said not to worry about it as long as we didnt make too much noise. The family and I were in the pool for about 45 minutes, me in just a thong. Then another small family, a mother and two young boys, came out to the pool as well. I was very discrete, the pool was spotily lit. Lights on the back of the hotel, and side walk lights every 20 or 30 feet, left some darker areas. I used those areas to enter and exit the pool. I also managed to keep to the opposit side of the pool that the other family was in.  I caught a couple of sly glances as we walked back by the front desk after using the pool. I think i was seen entering and exiting the pool by one of the female front desk clerks on a security monitor behind the front desk. 
  Another time the family and i were spending the weekend in Kansas City, MO, I had the chance to wear just a thong. The hotel we were staying at had a pool that was in an odd location. It was sub-level, solid walls all the way around. Only one entrance door. And a very odd, disabled/handi capped elevator. Any way, I hadnt realy planed on swiming that particular weekend, so i didnt pack any "regular swim trunks" that are public freindly. I decided to chance it any way. The pool didnt have any swimsuit restrictioons other than "no cut offs, or stret clothes" I knew I'd be seen by security cameras but didnt worry about it. The kids were in and out of the pool for about an hour. I got in and out a few times retreving a thrown ball. Never heard a word from hotel manahe,ent or security.  I dont recall what hotel that was.
ozarkG #85

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:04/16/2015 02:34:10Copy HTML

 please excuse my horible grammer. I submit from my tablet and dont always catch my spelling errors. 
krampop1 #86

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:04/24/2015 03:44:32Copy HTML

 Anyone know of any friendly Chicago hotels for thonging ??
sailor250 #87

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:05/08/2015 12:59:45Copy HTML

 OK this is not how to do the discreet hotel skinny dip!
Sharon73 #88

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:08/05/2015 02:41:54Copy HTML

 While staying a hotel that had a free breakfast, I decided to wait until it was almost time to close the breakfast bar, figuring there would not be that many people there.  I put on my robe over my thong and was topless.  I was surprised to see there were still about four guys there talking over their coffee.  I sat so they all could see me and crossed my legs so that the robe would fall open all the way up my thigh.  I also let my tie on my robe come loose a bit so they could see I wasn't wearing a bra either.  I loved when they looked at me the way they did.  They stayed until I got up and walked right by them again, my robe halfway open.  It was so exciting to do
krampop1 #89

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:08/05/2015 03:50:18Copy HTML

 Sharon73.. Let us know the next time you are at a hotel !  Lol :) 
JM_Runs #90

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:08/05/2015 04:53:55Copy HTML

 Sharon73 that reminds me of me. I've been known to walk the hall of the hotel on the way to our room in just a see through g string. More than one housekeeper has rather excitedly spoken Spanish with a smile on her face as I walked by with my wife next to me. Or "accidentally" come up the steps from the pool or spa a little to quickly so my suit almost comes off. Another thing I'll do is be standing in the door of the house naked or in a g when she comes home from work. She likes to get to the beach and have me strip down to whatever little thing I'm wearing and "accidentally" pull it down to far when she rubs sunblock on. Fun. 
thongalactic #91

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:09/03/2015 08:53:29Copy HTML

C_thru-G, your post disturbs me. It's important to me that people don't associate "male thong wearing" with "exhibitionism"—with guys in hotels getting off on exposing themselves to others. It creeps me out. Please be more respectful to other people.
Grabeach #92

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:09/03/2015 10:36:30Copy HTML

Agree with thongalactic. Maybe you should do the 'flashing' wearing dork shorts, then you would give them a bad name rather than us.
seohioguy #93

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:09/03/2015 10:47:25Copy HTML

 Well stated Grabeach an thongalactic.   I personally try to wear only 'moderate' or tasteful thongs. No enhancer or sheer types in public. The point of all of this is to be good examples of the freedom we all have. I enjoy swimming in a thong because of the freedom of movement, the feel of the water, the absence of 12 inches of speedo but between the cheeks every lap. Before lycra and all the stretch fabrics most men wore thongs to the pool or beach, the assumption being comfort and functionality.  - just look at beach and pool photos from 100 years ago.   - If you want to be promiscuous then go to a swingers club, nudist society, or a private area of a beach. Keep thonging responsibly.
JM_Runs #94

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:09/04/2015 07:54:53Copy HTML

 I can assure you I am careful about when and where I might do things like this but it's nice to know that you guys can jump to conclusions. 
Grabeach #95

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:09/05/2015 06:39:20Copy HTML

That's the nature of message boards. People write what they do or think. Others read it, come to a conclusion and comment. Obviously some people here think your "accidental(ly)" (the intended indication being that it is not accidental) exposure while wearing a thong is not a good idea. If your not happy with some people coming to that conclusion, better not to submit in the first place.
tangathong #96

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:09/06/2015 03:49:56Copy HTML

 I will be in Albequerque, New Mexico for a few weeks.  anybody know of a good hotel to stay that would be thong friendly? If anyone would like to join let me know.
tangathong #97

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:09/08/2015 07:51:06Copy HTML

 Well I'm here, thonged at the pool.  Anybody in Albuquerque that wants to come visit the pool let me know!
HermesOrange #98

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:05/25/2016 05:11:28Copy HTML

I agree with earlier thoughts shared by member 'shaved_thong_lover.'  I have thonged at quite a few hotels whether at the pool or beach. I usually check the scene going on and if it feels cool to do so...great. If not, I wear a bikini. I find in my experiences that higher-end/luxury hotels and resorts are the easier ones, as usually there are few families/kids and the mood is more nonchalant. That being said I don't wear my racier cut thongs, and keep it to a more 'standard' cut in a bright color.  More than once I sensed after being the first, others follow. For example, one time at the Phoenician Hotel pool in Scottsdale, AZ, after sunbathing in my thong, I noticed thru the afternoon, a few others did, too. One guy came up to me to say hi, and said seeing me in mine made him more comfortable to thong, too. For me, I enjoy thonging when the mood of the place I'm at is right.
 <!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE /* Style Definitions */table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:12.0pt; font-family:Cambria; mso-ascii-font-family:Cambria; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-hansi-font-family:Cambria; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;}I agree with earlier thoughts shared bymember 'shaved_thong_lover.' ?I've thonged at quite a few hotels whetherat the pool or beach. I usually check the scene going on and if it feels coolto do so...great. If not, I wear a bikini. I find in my experiences thathigher-end/luxury hotels and resorts are the easier ones, as usually there arefew families/kids and the mood is more nonchalant. That being said I don't wearmy racier cut thongs, and keep it to a more 'standard' cut in a bright color. More than once I sensed after being the first, others follow. For example,one time at the Phoenician pool in Scottsdale, AZ, after sunbathing in mythong, I noticed thru the afternoon, a few others did, too. One guy came up tome to say hi, and said seeing me in mine made him more comfortable to thong,too. For me, I enjoy thonging when the mood of the place I'm at is right.?<!--EndFragment-->
NudeNArizona #99

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:05/27/2016 05:05:19Copy HTML

 I have found out over the years that as long as no one complains to the front office no one is going to say anything.  And If you are staying for an extended stay  they will be more helpful in reducing the complaints. I once stayed in an extended stay motel for 6 weeks with an indoor pool and hot-tub area. The first night staying there I introduced myself to the staff and asked what there swimwear policy was and they said they really didn't have one and as long as no one complained they really didn't care what anyone wore in the pool area. I asked what if someone complained?  They said unless the person was naked and lewd most issues were handled in-house.

So I asked the hotel staff where I could buy a swimsuit since it was January and I did not know that the hotel I would be staying in for the next 6 weeks had an indoor pool and hot-tub and I was completely unprepared? I was told about the Wal-Mart down the street but they didn't have anything I would wear, mostly overly long board shorts or boxer briefs. So I had read about others on the forum who had made baggie type swimsuits out of stocking footies. So I bought a pair of black and nude footies to improvise my minimal swimsuits. 

I got back to the hotel and as I walked in the girl at the front desk asked if I found a swimsuit at Wal-Mart and I said NO but I found an option that I think will work!  Then she said I am interested to see what you come up with?  So I made my baggie suit out of a black footie nylon first to give me color coverage before I tried the nude version. So about 30 minutes after I returned from the store I changed clothes and put on my baggie with a pair of gym shorts and  t-shirt and went to the pool. As I walked past the front desk the girl said that it's nice to see you found some shorts to wear! I said thanks and went to the pool. when I arrived I was the only person in the pool area, so I found a lounger and laid my towel down, removed my shirt and shorts.  Just when I went to shower off and get into the pool the girl from the front desk came walking into the pool area to let me know that the restaurant in the motel delivers pool side.  Her not knowing what I was wearing and my surprise that she came to the pool area while I just showered off caught me off guard and her off guard as well!!

She Gasp! and said Oh! I so sorry! I didn't mean to bother you, but I just wanted to let you know we deliver food pool side until 10 pm and I know you have been busy and wasn't sure if you got dinner.  Then she said "the motel doesn't allow nude swimming, but I can see you are covered so if I get any complaints I can verify you are not naked!"  The I said that's good, is everything OK and she said everything is just FINE! and you are welcome to wear your swimsuit anytime you like!! Then she said, my co-worker said you were going to have a hard time finding a swimsuit this time of year, but I said shorts should be available at Wal-Mart! She then said He isn't looking for Gym shorts he's looking for a swimsuit, because if he was looking to just swim he would have wore boxers! She also told me to come to the pool a few minutes after you got here, I expected to see you in a speedo! I never expected to see THIS! What do you call your cover? I said I call it a baggie! then she informed me that it was completely ILLEGAL in the state of Mississippi, since it not only didn't have a strap to cover my anus and a waist strap. The material was not opaque and which by-law was not legal. then I asked are you calling the Cops? Then she giggled and said no I'm calling my girlfriends and bragging about what I saw!

She then said don't worry about complaints from other guests, or the police. We are a private motel and if a guest complains we handle the issue and as I see things we have no issues!!

So the next night around 9 pm I went down to the pool area knowing the pool closes at 10 pm wanting to get an hour of swim time before going to bed. When I arrived the pool was empty, so I undressed and rinsed off and went for a swim.  But within 5 minute of being in the pool 4 women who were staying in the motel were now sitting in the hotel. As I got out of the pool trying to cover myself and not make a scene. One of the women commented as I wrapped my towel around my waist.  "You Don't have to Be Shy around Us" I said I didn't want to offend them, and they said offend us?  We were told by the girl at the front desk that there was a guy who swims naked except for a sock on his @@@@@@!

I laughed and said It's not a sock it a nylon!

Just then the girl from the front desk walked into the pool area and being professional she asked if everything was alright and if anyone needed anything and also reminded us that they deliver to the pool area if we wanted food or drinks!

So this made me think if I need a beer I could bring a cooler from my room, so as I got out of the pool the ladies made a few cat calls as I put my clothes on, but I promised I'll be back.!!

I went to my room to get my cooler, changed to my sheer baggie and went back down to the hot-tub.  It was after hours when I got back to the hot-tub and the lights were already off but the ladies were still sitting in the hot-tub and the one who commented on my sock! asked if I would like to join them in the hot-tub? Then I said sure if you don't mind. When I removed my towel the first girl I met said that isn't what you had on earlier!  I said I know "now I'm going to wear something a little risque!"

Then they said I don't think you could wear anything more risque! but we aren't complaining!!
Peck34 #100

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:05/27/2016 10:59:25Copy HTML

 Staying at la te da in Key West. Anyone have prior experience  here? 
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