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JM_Runs #101

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:05/28/2016 12:10:48Copy HTML

You can definitely thong there. 
CKWonderer #102

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:09/06/2018 02:42:12Copy HTML

I travel around the US and the world and in the last three weeks I’ve been in three different states and been able to thong at the hotel pools several times. It’s always after work and Later in the day so there’s not much crowd or sun. I make it habit to ask it is OK to wear thong swimwear at the pool when I check in front desk. Even if I don’t plan on swimming in a thong I still ask just to see what kind of answer I will get. In almost every case the answer has always been yes even if I have to re-ask my questions since they didn’t quite grasp it the first time. I think it catches most people off guard. I have asked at times if others have thonged there and in some cases the answer is no or very infrequently. In most cases I don’t get any reaction other than a smile and a very enthusiastic affirmation that it’s OK in most cases. Last week I got a little chuckle from the lady who checked me in at the hotel. She said it was fine with me if that’s what I wanted to wear. Tonight was no different when I checked in and after dinner I came back and had a good swim even though the pool was 3 to 4 1/2 feet deep at the Max. It was long enough to get some decent laps in but not anything else. It would’ve been great for a water volleyball game! That would be fun. When I went out there were a couple young ladies having some drinks and chatting at the pool’s edge. I went over and got a towel, lay down all my stuff and strip down to my Joe Snyder thong in purple. I swim a couple times for about 15 minutes each and laid out on the lounger in between. Not a word was said. I let them have their discussion and I enjoyed myself as well. Looking forward to doing something similar tomorrow night.
32189 #103

Re:Hotel Thonging

Date Posted:09/09/2018 03:40:24Copy HTML

That's awesome man! Sounds like a great experience. Keep it up and enjoy!!
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