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Date Posted:12/20/2017 10:58:12Copy HTML

Hi, I was recently staying in a hotel in the UK, the hotel had a pool which is always quiet, so I decided to only take thong swimwear with me. At about 8PM I went to the pool, I changed in the changing room and put a towel round me to walk to the pool area. I found a lounger to leave my towel on and went for a swim in my Olaf Benz lined swim thong. I knew there was a CCTV camera in there but didn’t think much of it. I did my laps and then got out the pool and walked to the lounger where my towel was. This meant my thong would of been on full show as my back was to the camera.

No one else was in the pool area so it was quite uneventful. I went back the next morning, again no one else was there. Anyhow after the swim and breakfast I then went to reception to check out, and then I noticed something, there was a monitor behind the reception in full view of the reception staff and customers, which displayed the picture from the CCTV at the pool. So me wearing my swim thong would of been on display at reception.
Nothing was said to me when I checked out, I will be back there next month and will be packing a swim thong again.
sailor250 #1

Re:Hotel pool CCTV

Date Posted:12/20/2017 11:40:09Copy HTML

 With "cameras everywhere" there are monitors everywhere too.  I've found at hotels  there are very rarely any people actively monitoring the cameras unless it happens to be a "hot " area like where there have been thefts etc.  Needless to say when a "crime" or "event" happens they can go back and get the video.  As far as guests standing at the desk watching you walk by??? with so many monitors showing cable news etc they seem to be ignored!
NudeNArizona #2

Re:Hotel pool CCTV

Date Posted:12/22/2017 03:45:17Copy HTML

thonguk,  I understand your concern but really unless you are doing something illegal most hotel staff don't really care if you are swimming in a thong, and I have never been to a hotel where the guests standing at reception could see the hotel security monitors.  But once I was swimming in a hotel pool wearing a very small G-string later in the evening.  Then a few minutes after leaving my towel on a chair and entering the pool I had one of the hotel staff members come walking into the indoor pool area, and said "sorry to bother you, but we don't permit nude swimming" then I turned toward her and pulled at my waist strap and she just smiled and said "enjoy your swim" and left.

As I was walking back to my room I went past the reception desk and she once again apologized for her interruption and said they have had people try to use the pool nude late at night and from the grainy camera she couldn't tell I was wearing a swimsuit.  And the was no other issues.
modelnude4u #3

Re:Hotel pool CCTV

Date Posted:12/23/2017 04:32:30Copy HTML

 I've seen several hotels where the guests could see the pool or whatever else they happened to be monitoring at the front desk.  Sometimes it's 4 or more images on a screen though, so tough to pick out anything from any distance.  For me, it just adds to the exhibitionist angle of it all.  Knowing that someone could always be watching, and maybe even later. 
gnoht #4

Re:Hotel pool CCTV

Date Posted:12/25/2017 08:26:14Copy HTML

To what I understand CCTV are just passive, if they have 1 means they'll have at least 4 others or more and no one has the time to keep monitoring activities. 
Many CCTV's aren't clear enough to identify who anyone is anyway, but they probably can link up with those at the elevators but then if you're not troubling anyone I reckon they'll just let you off. 
ohiothonger #5

Re:Hotel pool CCTV

Date Posted:01/23/2018 05:18:04Copy HTML

 I worked for a few months putting in CCTV system when I was unemployed.  We did several motels -- all big name owned or franchised.  Most new installations have lots of cameras, including one or more in the pool area.  The majority are in the parking lots, at the hotel doors, at the stairs, at emergency exits that are normally not used for everyday business, at the front desk area, at vending areas (especially if they have a hotel "store" where food can be purchased for consumption in the room, etc.  Most newer installations also include cameras that show each hallway and every room door.  All these cameras are set up for the security of the hotel's assets (robberies, petty theft, etc.) and the security of the customers (getting images of trouble makers and "bad guys").  There also sometimes are dummy cameras -- either real cameras that are not hooked up or fake cameras.  These are usually put in prominent locations and are supposed to deter crime passively.  Most people who regularly commit crimes in a motel or hotel will be able to see the difference between a real camera and a fake one, so often real cameras are used for this purpose.  We took a few cameras from one hotels old system and reused them as dummy cameras.  We also left some in place but added a second less obvious camera nearby.  Todays cameras are so cheap and have such high resolution and work in such variable lighting situations, that they can be hidden almost anywhere.  We installed some cameras that required only a 1/4 inch hole for the lens, and the camera body could be placed above the ceiling or in an adjacent closet.  We also had some cameras that were combination cameras and smoke alarms, and which drew the power and sent camera images through the existing smoke alarm wiring.  Some cameras can be rotated, zoomed in and out, etc., so see better what is going on.  In a very very large hotel these might be used if a true security guard is paid to watch the monitors all the time, but at most places, it is easier to simply add more cameras at a few hundred dollars each and have only fixed images of the area.  The most expensive part of a CCTV system now is the wiring and lenses.  Some systems use wireless technology for the images and can draw power from any other power source, such as an outlet or emergency light.  (These will work even if power is off as long as the battery holds out.)

As stated above, most are used passively, although a few might be used interactively such as permitting the front desk to buzz someone in after hours or to unlock the door at the loading docks.  Unless they have reason to watch, little more than passing glances are made at the monitors.  Installations usually include a number of small monitors, as small as 4 or 5 inches which show critical images continuously, to larger monitors which can be turned on to any image from any camera.  Even with the best cameras, the images on the small monitors are very hard to see clearly.  They only show someone is someplace and that's about all.    Some or all camera images are also backed up -- originally on Video Tape (we took some of these systems out) or now digitally.  These recordings normally record only one still image every so often, enough to record what happened but not to show it smoothly.  These are maintained for a short period of time but are eventually erased and re-used. 
If you go to a Walmart or other "big box" store such as Lowes or Macy's, you are under camera monitoring the entire time you are there -- except in the restrooms and dressing rooms (dressing rooms can be monitored in some states legally as long as only people of the same sex are watching or will view the recorded images.  Of course, if someone does shoplift, the judge will permit the imaged to be used in court is necessary.)  If someone goes to one of these stores and for example looses a purse or backpack, they can immediately view the recorded images and see that the lost item was brought into the store, and follow the person's activities and for example see you go into an aisle with the backpack or whatever and leave without it.  They can also monitor that aisle from the moment you entered it until the current time so see if someone leaves with that item, and probably will have a decent image if your purse was stolen to give the police.  At other times, they may send someone out and will find the item where it fell on the floor or where the customer placed it on a shelf and forgot it.  BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING!

Now with this knowledge, how does this affect thonging (or even wearing less) at the motel or hotel?  Probably not at all.  First the motel or hotel has had people do the same things you are doing before, and unless someone complains, they probably don't really care.  Second, even if they do get a complaint, they probably will not do anything unless there is an ongoing situation (ie. nudity in front of others).  Wearing a thong in the hot tub or even skinny dipping in the pool when it is otherwise not in use would not be something they would want to waste their time looking for in the video record.  Having sex on the side of the pool during normally opened hours might cause an issue if they happen to see it happening.)  Even if they happen to see other things live, they probably will do nothing -- just like the way in-person employees normally deal with thongs and a bit of nudity if they stumble across it when bringing out towels, checking water chemicals, or have some other reason to visit the pool area.  (See countless other posts in other area.)  I know that at least one motel we put cameras in uses the pool cameras shortly after pool closing time to make sure everyone left, but this was just used so a real person could go down and kick any stranglers out.  Of course if they stumble across some "entertainment" they might  decide to watch it themselves on the TV screen, without you knowing.  I have visited places that had the camera feeds on one of the TV channels, and anyone could see who was coming or going, who was in the pool, who was hanging out in the parking lot, etc.  This arrangement would be the worst for people who didn't want to be seen in a thong at the pool, since some people might just watch the security cameras for entertainment.  Each new generation of cameras is more clear than those already in use, and so more and more places can get recognizable images of you if they want.  Of course, you can always wear hats, tilt your heads down, etc., to lessen the chances of being recognizable.

So I guess my advice is don't do anything at the pool you wouldn't do with others around.  Wearing at thong -- okay if you are comfortable wearing one with other hotel guests around.   Nudity might be okay after hours or if you get permission from the management.  Having sex in the open -- probably not a good idea at any time.
tbck1000 #6

Re:Hotel pool CCTV

Date Posted:01/23/2018 06:35:04Copy HTML

Many years ago I did some skinny dipping in a hotel pool and hot tub. I was alone and kept my thong close by just in case. I sat nude openly on the side of the pool and all this was out of view of the hotel rooms. Later I stopped at the front desk (wearing cover up shorts) to ask a question. Midway through the conversation the clerk started grinning uncontrollably. She was pleasant but I knew something was going on. Then, I noticed the security monitors on a desk behind the counter.....I’ve tried to locate security cameras at every hotel (or other places) ever since. Now of course, they are everywhere and you can’t spot them. Plus, I catch people sneaking cell phone pics and video fairly often. (Which I actually like sometimes :) )
visa0061 #7

Re:Hotel pool CCTV

Date Posted:02/12/2018 05:30:19Copy HTML

My GF had a CCTV experience at a residential  townhouse complex in Florida. We were staying with someone in the complex who suggested we go to the pool.  She was wearing a thong with a regular top. It was a weekday and the pool was empty.  She was lying on her stomach with her top untied. She asked me to tie her top so she could flip over. I said she could layout topless if she wanted, no one was there. So she did. She laid out for a while. Couple gardeners came around. Then one or two adults. Finally a mother with a child came around and she put her top on. No problems. Next day we went back and she wore a v-string bottom with a skimpy top, same chairs. She was on her stomach, untied her top, and pulled her bottoms down below her cheeks to help eliminate any lines. She asked me to put some oil on her back. I spent about 5 minutes putting oil all over her, All was fine as well. Next day, we were leaving the complex to return home. We stopped at the front gate guard area to return our visitor ID. Low and behold, on the TV screens in the guard house, is ONE full screen camera pointing exactly on the two chairs where we were. Literally, one view. They must have gotten quite the show in the guard house. 
NudeNArizona #8

Re:Hotel pool CCTV

Date Posted:10/10/2018 06:42:38Copy HTML

Yesterday while soaking in the hot tub a staff member was putting pool towels around the pool and as she walked past the hot tub she stared really hard at me. Then she left and a few minutes later her another cleaning lady and the GM came back, and the GM asked “Are you wearing a swimsuit?” And I said yes, why? Because it looks like you are naked when you laid your towel down. So I stood up and showed her the front of my suit before climbing out and drying off.
Sun4me #9

Re:Hotel pool CCTV

Date Posted:02/27/2019 05:39:22Copy HTML

I wonder if there is a difference as to the gender of the person monitoring the camera system. I stayed at a hotel with a relatively large pool and a Jacuzzi for two nights. The hotel was not crowded. Both nights, I had the pool and jacuzzi all to myself.  The front desk was in a totally different area  separate from the pool. I wore a small thong. There was a CCTV camera between the jacuzzi and the pool so whenever i switched, my back was in full View to the camera. No problems the first night. But the second night, the hotel front desk clerk came in and told me I have to wear something that covers the back side, stating that children use this pool. The clerk must have seen me through the camera system as I was sitting in the jacuzzi when the clerk came in. I mentioned that swimsuit is legal in the state, and it is 10:15 p.m. so unlikely that any children will come. I asked if there had been any complaints. The clerk responded that there has been no complaints but it is their policy and that I will have to change.  So I got out and called it a night as I had already been there 40 minutes. The interesting part is that on the first night, the front desk was staffed by a female Clerk.  The second night when I was told to cover up, it was a male clerk. I wonder if the gender of the clerk makes any difference.

NudeNArizona #10

Re:Hotel pool CCTV

Date Posted:02/27/2019 06:00:40Copy HTML

Sun4Me, I absolutely believe it depends on the gender or even sexual orientation of the staff members I have had many conflicting situations where one person doesn’t have an issue where the next one does but remarkably when my wife has been in the same situation nothing is ever said
Mary0826 #11

Re:Hotel pool CCTV

Date Posted:02/28/2019 03:16:16Copy HTML

I think a woman is more acceptable in a thong in almost any situation. I also believe that men "have the deck stacked against them". Just like in playing cards, this does not mean you can't win, but it is a lot harder. My experiences and the stories my men tell me is that if there are both men and women observing thongers, the men are most likely to compain about the males who wear thongs. Women are probably 2 to 5 times more likely to accept guys in thongs. Even when both a man and a woman wear thongs together, men seem more likely to complain and sometimes will even complain about both the male and female thongers in order perhaps to appear more "fair". In any business environment, it becomes a bit more complicated. First if the business is owned by others, and has both male and female employees, the females will generally be a bit more cautious and will do more to assure that they do not get into trouble with the boss for upsetting a customer. If the boss has made it clear, "No thongs!" then they will insist that thongs not be worn. At a private lake or pool, this is more likely. The message could be in the form of written employee instructions or simply a verbal command if the owner has issues with thongs. At a place where there are no specific rules about thongs, then the female employee is more likely to go with the customer, simply to please them and (hopefully) make themselves look good to management. They might suggest after hours pool use. But the customer sometimes tips off the thong hating management about what happened at the pool. This is one reason we don't mention thonging on any survey forms, but state that the employee was friendly, a lot of help, etc. Had we said on a survey "we loved that fact that we could wear our thongs ..." or worse yet, "Pamala (or John or whoever) let us wear our thongs ..." we run the risk of tipping the management off to our little secret. While this may never affect us again, it might make things worse for others who come along later and want to thong -- with or without permission. Men at the front desk are more likely to use their own discression and base thier decisions about thonging on what they "think" the management might like, or perhaps what they want. A highly trusted (by management) male or even female employee of many years could probably get away with shutting down thonging activities with or without management approval, and their employer would be more likely to forgive them if they made the wrong decision. A perceived threat to children would probably be an acceptable excuse to make such a decision at least once. All this being said, it is likely that a man in a thong would be more likely to be challenged and that a male employee would be more likely to have a confrontation with a single male thonger than a female thonger. As is the case of authorities at public beaches, there is power in numbers. Things might be different for a male thonger who is a part of a large wedding party who have rented many sleeping rooms and perhaps a place to have a reception at the motel/hotel. Even a man there for a business conference might find the same difference. And that difference is that the motel/hotel is not as likely to get upset by a group who is spending so much. A lot of other potential customers are there as well for the event, and pushing issues, even if the rules are well established in the owner's favor coule hurt future business. The more people from the group that are at the pool when the thonger is there, the less likely a confrontation will happen -- at least in front of the others. This is the type situation where an employee might pull the thonger asside as he/she leaves the pool to explain the rules but preferences this with some line like "You probably didn't know this" or "I didn't want to bother you when you were with your friends" or even simply "Even though we let you wear a thong earlier". Mary
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