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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:09/25/2008 09:10:08Copy HTML

Would like to know if anyone has experience of wearing a g-string or thong in hotel pools in the Netherlands.  Some pools seem to have times for nude only swimming so presumably minimal swimwear would be tolerated.  would the same go for hotel pools?
SPR #1

Re:Hotel pools in Amsterdam

Date Posted:09/26/2008 10:53:35Copy HTML

 I just came back from the Netherlands.

I went to Thermae 2000 in Valkenburg in the south of the country. This is an excellent spa and welleness centre.
It was nude of course in the sauna and steam room section but the main pool area required the wearing of swimsuits.
I wore a HOM ressac thong with no problems. I even saw another man wearing somthing heading towards a g string style swimsuit without problems.

I understand that a thong is OK in most if not all Netherlands swiming pools. But perhaps someone local could comment more.

I also wore a thong in the hotel pool without problems.

I would say ask if you are not sure, when I asked a few years ago I got a very cheerful "but of course you can" as if I needn't have asked.

kawasaki #2

Re:Hotel pools in Amsterdam

Date Posted:09/27/2008 03:15:39Copy HTML


I agree with you. I went in hotel pools in a thong at Germany, Italy, Austria. Never had a bad comment. In Germany, the female owner of the hotel made even a compliment to my friend and me when swimming in her pool at 07.00 am! Behave yourself and everyone will allow you to swim in a thong. Grtz, Chris
txnudist #3

Re:Hotel pools in Amsterdam

Date Posted:11/01/2009 02:05:15Copy HTML

I just returned from Amsterdam. My wife and I both wore our thongs in the sauna and steam room at the Barbizon Palace Hotel. Several attendants saw us and made no comments. I did find out later, nudity would have also been acceptable.
7423080 #4

Re:Hotel pools in Amsterdam

Date Posted:07/16/2010 09:58:05Copy HTML

I just returned this month. I wore a yellow g-string to hotel pool.  No problems whatsoever.  The men were mostly in speedos and a few dork shorts.  Some of the children were in speedos and some in long shorts.  I never felt out of place at all.
beachfolks #5

Re:Hotel pools in Amsterdam

Date Posted:07/21/2010 02:07:24Copy HTML

We will be traveling and staying in Amsterdam soon. Do the pools and hot tub at the Amsterdam Schipohl airport hotels also allow thongs or nude?
shavedman #6

Re:Hotel pools in Amsterdam

Date Posted:09/15/2018 04:50:48Copy HTML

I recently stayed in Hotel Okura. I was daily swimming in a thong at the pool. Very relaxed athmosphere. No comments or staring. Very nice hotel, saunas, pool, spa, etc.
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