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Date Posted:07/10/2004 08:02:42Copy HTML

Having read many posts on shaving, it seems that different techniques work better for some than others. I suppose it depends on density of hair, colour and location. I am fair, not very densely covered.I have been shaving, or rather removing my pubic hair for years. I found that shaving worked and that, after a while, the blisters and ingrowing hairs got less. However, shaving has to be repeated every few days. I tried different chemicals but they always burned and did not work too well.A few years ago I started using an epilator and found that with persistence, it worked very well. Now I remove all my body hair except for my arms; I use differingg methods for different parts.Here is what I have found to work best:Armpits: ShavingLegs and body: EpilatorPubic area: Epilator and plucking with tweezers (time consuming but effective)Cock: Epilator(be careful) and tweezers.Scrotum: Shaving , tweezers and epilator (be very careful)Ass: Shaving. (Tends to itch when growing back)With the epilator and tweezers.hair regrowth gets finer and lighter with time. After removal of hair from my pubic area, cock and scrotum, I use rubbing alcohol and/or Dr Scholl's foot powder (yes!!), this minimizes pimples and other problems.Wearing a thong or small costume on the beach obviously means that people can see that I remove my body hair; so far I have not received any comments either way. This year I have been wearing shorts around town and I suppose that my smooth legs are noticeable.I have a tan and I think that they look OK. Again, no comments either way. Anyway, why should it bother other people? It's my body. I don't like the look of hairy men or dork shorts but I have the manners to respect others' choices and do not make unwarranted assumptions about them based on appearance.Initially I was a litle shy, but now I just do what I want, bearing in mind the sensitivities of others.Hope the tips help.
KathrynG #1

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:07/18/2004 11:23:09Copy HTML

My advise would be to have everything proffessionally waxed, thats what I do and it has the best results of all the methods ive tried (epilator, creme, shaving etc.)
Gstringing #2

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:07/20/2004 12:08:47Copy HTML

I think waxing is the best way to go.  I had a brazilian bikini wax and my legs waxed on 7-6-04 before I went to miami beach.  Today, it is just barely starting to grow back; Im still smooth though, but getting some bumps near pubic area.  I have a product called Tend Skin that greatly reduces bumps ($40.00 though,)  This is the 3rd time I have had this treatment done.
Ex_Member #3

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:07/25/2004 01:37:07Copy HTML

I only used a razor on my arm pits and balls.  Everything else is removed with an epilator------painful, but worth it and is less expensive than waxing.  I'm tempted to try that new stuff called "Nads for Men".  They have a website for more information..  www.nads.com

If anyone here has tried it, let us know.  I'm almost tempted to give it a shot, depending on how much it is.....

KathrynG #4

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:07/25/2004 10:41:28Copy HTML

Waxing is the best method as far as I'm concerned and I agree with a few posts on here that the pain gets less and less every time. I get myself waxed about every 2 to 3 weeks although it will last longer but I do it as I prefer no growth at all as opposed to the fine hairs you start to get after the 3rd week
NCThonger #5

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:07/26/2004 05:05:31Copy HTML

Find me a salon in NC that will wax my bikini area and I am there!  Still looking.



NCThonger #6

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:07/26/2004 05:08:15Copy HTML

Reply to : smootheddie

 EpilatorPubic area:

What brand of epilator do you use?  I may try that method.  How long does the hair have to grow before the epilator is effective?


1Monte #7

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:07/29/2004 08:56:00Copy HTML

I have always epilated the privates and butt, and trimmed everything else about 1/8 inch with clippers. Recently while on a 4 week trip, I forgot to pack the cord for the epilator. I went and got a new Mach 3 since I remembered that was the preferred choice on the Board. Tried to follow the best recommendations for shaving.

Let me tell you, shaving sucks after using an epliator down there. I wound up shaving everyday, sometimes twice a day. I never do that with an epilator. Usually I just tweeze one or two strays out of the way, but otherwise could go almost a week. There isn't anything smoother than epilator plus tweezing.

Godskitchen #8

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:08/10/2004 07:02:50Copy HTML

In reply to an earlier post my wife and I have been using Nads since the start of the year and have been very impressed.

I bought some Nads at the start of the year because we could not find anyone local who did a brazilian wax (she had a couple of brazilian waxes while we were in Austrailia). We both loved the smoothness of waxing compared to  shaving. She gets a bikini line wax and we then finish the job on all the other bits!

Obviously it takes a bit more time than shaving but its good fun doing it together and you stay smooth for longer. I'd say Nads gets rid of 95% of the hair , more if you are determined to keep going! It does a perfect job on my bum, guess these hairs aren't as tough to uproot.

I then started using it on myself, much to my wifes displeasure, but now she loves my smooth scrotum and bum.Its quite painful doing the hairs on the base of my penis, but I love the results so its kind of a satisfying pain!

As I said it takes a bit of time, say 10 mins for my bum but maybe a hour to do all my scrotum. I use a tweezer on any hairs it hasn't removed. 

If you can get a decent brazilian wax locally then they will of course do a better job, but for a home product it is superb. It can be fun for a couple and we experience no soreness after use at all. Hope this helps.

flossy_e #9

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:12/20/2004 05:52:51Copy HTML

Hi there,

I also find that waxing is the best way to remove hair.  I have been waxing my legs for the past two years and never had any bad experience with it, except for some ingrown hairs on my thighs.  These appear roundabout on the third week after the waxing session.  This is however minimised by exfoliating (I use an exfoliating glove) regularly. 

Unfortunately my ass and especially the crack (how can I put that more eloquently??? ) is way too hairy for my liking (and for thonging)!   I have considered and is still considering going for laser hair removal in this area, but the cost involved is a bit too much for the budget at present!  So imagine my relief when my regular waxing professionals agreed to wax it for me.  (Being male, the idea of having women wax there made me a bit uncomfortable!) And so, it is with glee that I can sit here and type this, wearing my favourite thong, knowing that my derriere I was waxed smooth this morning (very professionally I might add!).

Now I can't  wait to get some sun on those buns!

As for the pubes, I shave everything about every fourth day, which suit me just fine for now.  (Laser hair removal in this area is even more expensive!)  The rest of my body hair is minimal enough to go almost unnoticed.

Anyway, just thought I would add my two cents.  Have nice Christmas everybody ! And all the best for 2005!


redraider55 #10

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:12/22/2004 10:23:59Copy HTML

As a Xmas present to myself, I plan on getting an epilator.  I'm going to remove my body hair in preparation for the summer. I'm looking into the Braun or Emjoi.
Ryan Booth #11

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:12/23/2004 02:56:38Copy HTML

In general I wax the hair on my body. A little pain for a really good smooth hairless body. And when the hair does grow back it doesn't come back as stubble so for me it's worth the pain when it's coming off. For the genital area (shaft and sack) I use a regular razor which gives the best results. It's also worth noting that when shaving the sack it's far easier to perform when it's "tight". A splash of cold water should solve it!  
lucasgrey #12

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:12/26/2004 02:02:25Copy HTML

I'm sure this sounds dumb, but I'm new to all of this, and I was wondering what an epilator is.  Thanks!
Beachlover492000 #13

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:12/27/2004 12:04:58Copy HTML

I'm not that familiar with epilators, but from what I know they are hair removal devices that pull the hair out rather than shave it. They were briefly popular for a while, but too many people complained about the pain. Like most things however I suppose that one could get used to it, and some people might even find it enjoyable.

They usually get a bad rap here, but I have had great success with chemical depilatories. They don't smell nearly as much as they did years ago, and I've never had a problem with my skin reacting badly to them. The main thing you have to keep in mind is that you MUST avoid them on your genitals and breast nipples. Those areas will burn, and it hurts like the dickens when they do.

I don't mind the mess. I know that I'm different, but I find it exciting to be covered in make-up, oil or grease so I actually application and waiting peroid.

Ex_Member #14

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:01/06/2005 05:44:58Copy HTML

i've been trying this stuff called "Moom" which you can find on-line or maybe in the drug store too which i guess is similar to "Nads", it falls into the category of sugaring/waxing. from the reviews at drugstore.com it sounds like it works better. the hard part was letting the hair grow to the 1/4" - 1/3" or so that it needs to be in order to remove it. took a few tries to get the technique right and there's a bit of "OW!" involved, but it's not bad. i'll see how long it lasts, but it's been 4 days now and still as smooth as can be.
Ex_Member #15

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:01/12/2005 05:48:07Copy HTML

wow, 10+ days now and i haven't had to take a razor to anything! a few very tiny, soft hairs are starting to show up, but no rough stubble.
Ex_Member #16

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:01/12/2005 07:03:04Copy HTML

Where do we get this stuff!!??!!
Ex_Member #17

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:01/24/2005 01:15:55Copy HTML

Do a search for "Moom" on the net. You can get it at amazon.com/drugstore.com. I did a little every day for 3-4 days until it was all gone. So far almost no re-growth & I feel really smooth. A big change after shaving daily and dealing with stubble. I few spots are awkward to get at with the goop and fabric strips, so a little plucking/shaving might be in order once in a while.
stringpe #18

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:02/21/2005 04:09:31Copy HTML

20-20 did a news show on 10 myths.  One of the myths was that it is better to shave that wax.  This was geared to women but also applies to men.  Shaving caused to hair to be cut diagonally and results in a larger surface area of the hair that is exposed.  This larger surface area makes the hair feel larger that it actually is.  Waxing last between 3-4 weeks and the hair comes back finer that before.  So waxing has benefits that out weigh shaving.
Ex_Member #19

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:02/24/2005 03:16:50Copy HTML

As someone who's had his whole body waxed twice, let me tell you shaving is the way to go. The first time I remainded stubble free for about 4 days. Then had to wait weeks for it to grow out to about 1/2 inch before I could be waxed again, and even then some hairs were too short and were not removed. This left me a bit stubbly immediately. The hair did not grow back finer at all.

Waxing is painful, costly, and lasts only a few days longer than shaving.

Gstringing #20

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:02/24/2005 06:37:29Copy HTML

I disagree.  From my experience being brazilian bikini waxed twice; waxing is where its at!  lasts for about 2 weeks, skin is baby soft smooth, and looks awesome.  The pain isn't too bad, and wasn't fairly expensive.  Im planning on doing it again before I goto south beach in a few months.
sailhoopsbare #21

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:02/24/2005 11:31:50Copy HTML

Have been getting waxed off and on for several years. I agree with gstringing waxing is definately the way to go. In the past I would always leave a little just above my cock. This last time I had it all removed. I really like it. By the way, I'm 61, married, wife doesn't remove hers but doesn't really care if I do, same with wearing g strings.
Ex_Member #22

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:02/24/2005 10:24:58Copy HTML

Well, good for you to still be taking care of yourself at 61, I hope to be doing the same in 30 years.

I generally shave a brazilian (leave the landing strip) and occassionally wax the same thing at home.  I recently found a salon locally that does men's brazilians, so I think I will be going there soon.

NCThonger #23

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:02/27/2005 10:38:26Copy HTML

Wish I could find a place here in central NC that I could get a brazillian.....Called ALL of the salons in the phone book, asked around....Nobody does men's brazillians, not even the oriental salons. 

Still searching....Bryan


sailhoopsbare #24

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:02/28/2005 11:00:39Copy HTML

I'm in Norhtern VA, so if you are ever up this way, let me know and I can give you tha name of the salon I go to. The lady there has a number of male clients.

By the way, thanks Blt 941 for your comment. Somtimes I wonder why I sitll enjoy wearing a thong or g string and getting waxed. It's not to attract women (although I wish it did) or impress anyone, but it does provide some sort of gratification.
B0ardr84 #25

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:04/15/2005 06:07:29Copy HTML

Just wondering, how much does a was job on the privates and ass cost? How long is the hair generally gone as well. I could probably find a salon up here in MA, but will be going to either OH, PA, or MI for college next year. If anyone knows any salons around there and their prices, let me know. Thanks.
stringpe #26

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:11/08/2005 01:48:21Copy HTML

Over the years I noticed that I was getting more unwanted hair over all parts of my body.  Hair was sprouting up in the ears, on the back, shoulders and on the butt.  I decided to start a program to permanently reduce the excess hair.  To me waxing was going to be too expensive over 20 or 30 years.  Shaving works but takes alot of time and its almost impossible to remove back hair by yourself.  Lazer removal didn't work on light hair and costs alot.  I decided to give electrolysis a try.  Over time its reduced the hair quite effectively.  In one hour they can remove around 540 hairs.  Aprroximately 1/3 of those hairs will be permanently removed.  I had the hair on my chest and abs thinned.  Over time I found that the hairs in the chest area and the butt only involve one treatment to be 100 percent effective.  I didn't have all the hair removed, but the remaining hairs on my abs and bikini line are now easily cleaned up with a scissor or razor.  My ears, back, shouldersand butt are fairly clean.  You can see definition in my abs that was not visible before.  The bikini line justs needs to be touched up with a razor every 3 or 4 weeks to look good.  The girl that worked on me said that alot of women start with lazer treatment in the bikini and crack area, but it doesn't get all the hairs and they have to finish up with electrolysis to get the remaining hairs.  She also said more men doing there bikini areas, butt and crack.  She said there are alot of women and men who have excess hair than can be easily removed by electrolysis if you can take a little pain.  It worked for me but it took along time.  Having the hair permanently removed to me is cheeper to me than paying for a wax every two or three weeks.  No more burn or bumps associated with shaving.  To me electrolysis worked better and cheeper than lazor or waxing methods and is easier than shaving.   

leo40 #27

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:01/24/2006 08:40:36Copy HTML

I am a nudist a lot and a g-stringer on occasion (my club doesn't allow g-strings), and I shave by a variety of methods.  Among them is an electric shaver.  Wal*Mart has a new product on the shelves called a "Manshave."  It is a battery operated electric shaver and works well.  The main feature is its VERY low cost.  They first appeared a few weeks ago at $3.84.  They worked so well I went back and found them tagged for $3.00, bought three, and they scanned at the counter for $2.00 each.  Batteries are included (and would cost almost that alone).  They shelve them away from the regular electric shavers, evidently so they won't kill off all those sales of much costlier, and not all that much better, regular shavers.  I am a happy buyer.  This situation probably won't last all that long.
magnus67t #28

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:02/02/2006 06:55:05Copy HTML

  I have very sensitive skin, I used to shave my face with different kinds of shaving cream - all the results were the same of having my face break out.  I tried shaving with Dial soap and no more breakouts.  With shaving cream I could only shave every 3 days, with bar soap I can shave every day with no problems.  All comercial gels and shaving foams have alcohol in them.  The alcohol reacts badly to my skin.  Shampoos kill my scalp, so I wash it with bar soap and no problem.  I use Dial soap to shave my body, the only problem I have with breakouts is right around my privates.
Spikeyorkie #29

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:03/07/2006 05:37:39Copy HTML

I've never tried waxing or an epilator, but I do shave down there - pubic area, balls and tops of legs.   At first I used to get nasty, itchy, red bumps, but a buddy turned me on to Coochy Rash Free Shave Cream.   Use Coochy and then, after shaving, rub a little in after as a moisturiser and it works a treat.   Now I never have any adverse reaction.   (Jeez - this sounds like a cheesy TV ad!).  Joking apart, I wouldn't go back to anything else.  I think Coochy uses lanolin (sp) rather than being alcohol based, so it's really smooth and kind.   You can usually get a good deal on a bottle of Coochy from ebay.   Hope this helps.
elp_gr #30

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:03/21/2006 11:15:04Copy HTML

Myself, I just shave: first with an electric shaver, to cut the longer hair, then with a normal razor for the shorter stuff. However, we all know that shaving causes irritations and, when the hair grows back, itching. I've also proven to be rather intolerant to hair removal creams (really nasty rashes), so I decided to ask a stripper friend of mine what she does to prevent herself from getting irritated. The advice she gave me was absolutely unlikely, but I thought "what the heck" and gave it a shot: apply toothpaste after the shaving! You know what? It worked!
mack_back #31

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:04/16/2006 01:53:52Copy HTML

I use a electric trimmer first then a razor for legs but thinking now to go and get my back and shoulders done to a professional with electrolysis.
 I hope nothing will happen to my head and have it spread and have a bold spot on top of my head.
What are the best shavers or manual or electric? Heard that Braun 8585 is good is it worth it with the foil replacement at $40?
Should i stick with my razor Gillettes track 2 fairly cheap good for leg shaving 5 blades last me a month shaving my legs every 2 or 3 days.
 Now i heard from others that Shick quattro blows away Mach 3 out cold. Gillettes Fusion with 5 blades is it worth the cost of new blades?
Bit of news of Gillette users if interested of ways they use there Radio frequency product tags to spy on you, taking your picture once you take the product of the store selves. Boycotte Gillette also they own Braun - Duracell - Oral B then the world. Whats next?
I will probably buy there products but hope they don't take away my Track 2 blades away or make them obsolite, but i buy mine from a no name brand cheaper then Gillettes original product. Gotta save some cash then just keeping up with there marketing department. Who knows maybe i will get a sharp knife like barbers use.
abczyxabczyx #32

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:04/16/2006 09:15:04Copy HTML

I am in the process of getting electrolysis done to my whole body.  It is the best decision I made.  Once the hare is gone, I will never have to worry about it again.
616 #33

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:04/24/2006 11:14:34Copy HTML


I wax already and looking to the next step, how much is it? for electrolsis?

abczyxabczyx #34

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:04/24/2006 09:55:51Copy HTML

It costs about $55 per hour (one hour each week) and requires a one year commitment to ensure that everything is removed permanently.
Ex_Member #35

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:05/21/2006 06:03:26Copy HTML

Put me in the electrolysis ranks. I tried the shaving and waxing (myself) and
it was just too labor intensive. I was very lucky to find a female electrolo-
gist who takes male clients. I started out with just reducing the width of the
hair in the bikini area so I could wear a narrower cut suit. With time my
electrologist and I became more comfortable with each other and went with
eliminating it all. It is expensive, but it is permanent. It also takes a long
time to completely eliminate an area, as there is almost always some regrowth.
However, there are new electrolysis machines out that are much better at
killing the root of the hair. I don't have to deal with the stubble of shaving
regrowth or the weekly pain and trouble of waxing. The smooth and clean feeling
is great!

jerbare #36

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:08/30/2006 02:39:49Copy HTML

I have bought an epilapor this summer and will never go back to shaving. I used to shave once a day and now go for more than a week or to. The first several times it does take some getting used to the pain I would be lying if i said that it does not have pain. but after the first month its not bad and it leves a person real smooth.
JM_Runs #37

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:03/18/2015 08:52:25Copy HTML

 Hey guys I have a question my butt skin seems to be very sensitive because regardless of the method I use to remove the hair back there it always creates red bumps that later scar. I've tried shaving and hair removal creams and still the same bumps. I've investigated and I have folliculitis but I don't know how to treat it.
abadonmi #38

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:03/20/2015 04:55:22Copy HTML

Some people simply can't shave (like myself) or use hair removal creams. I have also sensitive skin (or it has something to do with abnormal keratinization), and I just use hair trimmers exclusively. Previous attempts of shaving or using hair removal creams always caused problems, especially when shaved skin was in contact with fabric/clothing rubbing against it. Painful bumps that took time to heal. So never never again. If you do have folliculitis, you should contact a dermatologist. If your folliculitis is caused by bacteria a cream with antibiotic may help, but folliculitis can be caused by viruses, so antibiotic in that case is not going to work... And it takes a specialist (and probably tests) to tell what is the real cause of your folliculitis and how to treat it.
NudeNArizona #39

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:03/22/2015 06:56:32Copy HTML

 I have shaved for years and now recently started getting laser hair removal.  I wish I had started it years ago!!
Thongzforever #40

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:06/06/2015 02:00:42Copy HTML

 Last night I got my butt and crack waxed for the first time (i usually shave). It was an amazing experience and my butt feels great. I was so nervous about the pain, but it wasn't unbearable. The spa technician was very nice and he made me relax by explaining each step as he waxed me. From now on it's waxing for me!
bear_collector #41

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:06/06/2015 06:18:36Copy HTML

Has anyone tried one of the home laser units?  If so did they work.
2xist #42

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:06/06/2015 08:46:55Copy HTML

Did my legs and arms three weeks ago.  Crack, sack and shaft in two weeks along with the legs again.  Feels awesome and looks fantastic!
Thongzforever #43

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:06/07/2015 10:54:27Copy HTML

 2xist: I think I'll man up and get the sack done next time.
2xist #44

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:06/07/2015 02:20:17Copy HTML

 Thongzforever-Let's compare notes next week! Lol
Thongzforever #45

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:06/07/2015 02:39:27Copy HTML

 Deal, 2xist! Hehe :-)
Thongzforever #46

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:06/16/2015 02:15:09Copy HTML

 How long should I wait between waxes? Is there a recommended period/length?
jprob50 #47

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:06/19/2015 04:09:43Copy HTML

I have recently undergone laser hair removal from waist to toe. I'm shocked at how well it has worked. After the first treatment 6weeks ago, I would say about 50-60% of the hair has not grown back. I'm now due to have the second treatment and looking forward to more progress.  I only wish I had done it earlier in life. 
2xist #48

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:06/22/2015 06:19:31Copy HTML

 Thongzforever-So?! How did it go? Got the wax and feels awesome! Looks awesome!!!! :)
Thongzforever #49

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:06/24/2015 05:46:55Copy HTML

 2xist: I decided to wait a bit longer since not much hair growth since my first waxing 3 weeks ago....will probably wait one more week or so; close enough to my trip, but not too close that the area stays too sensitive while im at the beach/pool! 
Im sure it feels and looks great! Cant wait until i go for it myself!
Thongzforever #50

Re:How best to remove hair.

Date Posted:07/16/2015 08:59:01Copy HTML

 so i went for my second waxing session this afternoon - it was a different guy who did it this time and it was a bit painful, but the results are awesome. Does anyone know if applying cocoa butter on the waxed areas is ok so soon after getting waxed? whats the best way to moisturize?
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