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Date Posted:09/14/2009 06:58:16Copy HTML

I was wondering how many other Parents encourage or let there kids under 13 to have the freedom to wear thongs when with them or on there own? 

As a mom of 2 daughters who are all avid fans of thongs I like to poll the following: 
  • Do you allow your kids to wear thongs only around the house?
  • Do you allow allow them only to wear underneath clothing, if so what are your rules on outfits?
  • Do you allow your kids to wear thong bikinis out to the public beach?
Only intrested if your kids are like mine, under the age of 13.  Please include your own kids thong experiences and there age.  I will share mine and maybe we can help bring about more awareness and openness among them.
DavyJ #1

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/15/2009 02:53:55Copy HTML

This is a great idea.  My kids are all over 13 now, but when they were under 13 my wife would never have allowed this even to be discussed.  Had I been on my own I would not have had a problem in situations where we were all together.
288988 #2

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/15/2009 03:26:47Copy HTML

FamBotmns    The booty thong that your daughter has on in your pictures is very adorable. That is appropriate at her age, and we see the older girls wearing them now.
tangathong #3

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/15/2009 08:01:14Copy HTML

 i think thongs are good to start wearing at young ages, i dont see any harm in it, even at the beach or pool, it just allows kids to be comfortable and open minded at an earlier age. I would think that finding kids thongs would be easier if more people requested it.
Hazell1602 #4

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/15/2009 10:00:09Copy HTML

 I dont remember ever being "encouraged" to wear thongs growing up. Until i was maybe five or six I don't even remember being aware of what I had on. My mom has pictures of me running around at the beach naked when I was that young. I had normal suits from when I can remember until I was maybe 11 or 12. Although we skinny dipped a lot at home in private, and my mom wore thongs. I just wore what my friends wore when we at the beach. Then one year I went with my mom to get new suits and saw one I liked. She approved and let me get it. I wore both thongs and regular suits after that.
JM_Runs #5

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/16/2009 01:12:45Copy HTML

 SkinzWear.com will make any style down to any size xxs or smaller on a custom order.

Sounds like you have the normal problem with kids growing when you say "unfortunately they grow out of them quickly".  This can be handled if you get ones with sliding fronts and backs that have one string around the waist that ties on one side.  A tie side suit allows for growth and one where the back and front both slide allows for even more flexibility.  They can also be spread out or scrunched up depending on their personal comfort with the place and people they are with.

Some custom makers like Dore can also do custom sizes.  She started out doing thong swimsuits for dancers long before she specialized in custom men's thongs. If you have something they liked and grew out of it should be easy to send it along and say just like this but only xxx in the waist and built with a sliding tie side waist band.  Or if you have thong underware and just want the same size and cut made into a swimsuit send it along as a pattern and ask for it to be done in spandex with a matching one in your size.  But you will find that custom suits tend to be priced closer to adult pricing rather than the kids section of Walmart.
JM_Runs #6

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/16/2009 03:35:12Copy HTML

The standard ssx size at skinzwear is a 19" waist but with a tie side suit I suspect the suit would adapt to a much smaller person.
12 wheels #7

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/16/2009 06:12:47Copy HTML

I would start with Ujena - they have a good selection of thongs & g-strings in various styles...

Another good site is BodyBody - huge selection - both 1 & 2-pc. thongs

You could also try Brigite - although she markets her suits for "mature" thong wearers, the styles are good for younger wearers too. Lots of 1 & 2-pc. thongs to choose from. Some of her thongs are not so "racy" & might be good for your girls.

Good luck!
Navel Nine #8

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/16/2009 09:18:17Copy HTML

I like your idea of making thong-wearing the normality not the exception.  I don't have a family so I can't make any proposals or any experience.
I'd think of giving Irini at Alhpamoda a call for a suit to suit.  If you measured up your wife's thong and the wasit/hips for the girls I'm sure she could scale it down to suit.  Also the use of tie-sides will simplify the fit.

Wishing you the best


Thongsc #9

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/16/2009 09:56:03Copy HTML

OK, am I the only one creeped out the longer this post goes on? 

These are kids/children and you are encouraging them to have thong tanline contests with rewards.  Most parents of children are slathering their kids with SPF 50 sunblock or higher, but I guess its never too early to start the process of getting skin cancer.

And then others are incouraging you to seek out manufactures like Skinz and Alphamoda, as well as other manufacturers of adult themed provacative thongs.  Yes they are adult manufacturers, Alphamoda states they have "Hot beach fashions for the daring women and men."
nicksthong #10

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/16/2009 10:02:56Copy HTML

 I second the Alphamoda suggestion, she's fantastic!

As far as being inappropriate, have you ever seen a Victoria's Secret commercial?
JM_Runs #11

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/17/2009 05:42:07Copy HTML

 Thongsc  I understand you may find kids in thongs strange but in other parts of the world kids are allowed to run naked on the beach and only start to cover up when they hit puberty. 

You think it strange that she contacted Dore, who you point out now makes good money making thongs for men, but I know Dore personally and I knew her 20 years ago when she almost exclusively made swimsuits and costumes for women. Back then the few mens suits she made were made of the off cuts from the womens swimsuits. 

The same vendors who make 'hot suits' also make more conservative suits as well.  Skinz even did a line of complete body suits, coverage from ankle to neck.

Since I live in a beach town I know teens who regularly wear thong swimsuits, and at the beach I see many more teens in thongs that I don't personally know. Having had quite a bit of contact with kids and teens I think I can safely say that in the end most of them want the opportunity and freedom to wear what they want, and the ability do do so without a bunch of boys or men criticizing them for it.

Tomorrow two teen girls I know will stop by my house after they have spend the afternoon at the beach, stopping in "for coffee and some babbling" (Their worlds not mine).  Knowing the two of them they probably won't be wearing thongs on the beach tomorrow, but the important thing is that they could do if they wanted too.  I will ask them.  I suspect the one who is often packed off to France for periods of living with her dad will say "O please, cant these guys just get over it?"  

I also know nudists who find they have to work hard to try and keep their kids comfortable going nude as they turn into teenagers and start to get peer pressure from their school friends to dress just like them and do just as they do.  There is nothing wrong with being a nudist, or a nudist family or a nudist teen.  Neither is there anything wrong with being a family who wears thongs instead of going nude. Thonging, as most of us have discovered, is just more socially acceptable in more places.

Once you understand that being nude is not a sin, be you old, young or somewhere in between, then you realize that covering up so you are not totally nude is not a sin either.

You may not have thought much about this but people of all ages go to nude beaches and nudist camps. At a nudist resort it is normal to see nudist families with kids of all ages playing in the pool and running around. In France there is even a full size town where it is perfectly normal to see nude kids waking the streets or in the shops and restaurants.

Kids who grow up with experience of nudist venues don't have the same sort of hangups that most other people have. To them being nude is just not having cloths on, it is not, in and of it's self, a sexual enterprise.
In the same way most of us believe that thongs are just a swimsuit and not a sex toy. You have to relax and come to this simple truth just like some Muslim men have to come to the same understanding about a pair of shorts. 

Thong swimsuits are not something that you have to turn 18 to be able to wear.  Thongs are appropriate at any age for any person who would rather not be nude or who is somewhere you are not allowed to be nude.  

We see many men and women on this board looking for thongs that are just like this, or just like that, but when it comes to smaller sizes for kids and teens the choices are quite limited.  The moron minority has been so vocal in their opposition to any thongs for teens that the few people who specialized in teen and kid swimwear, and who previously advertized thong swimsuits in teen and kids sizes have been almost all driven off the net.
So it really is difficult for people to find thong or Brazil backed swimsuits in smaller sizes, that look normal.   Suits that are modern in design and don't look like scaled down adult suits from the 1952 Sears and Robuck catalog, or on the other hand look like they came from the WickedWiesel website.

In the end, the right suit for the kids is ones they feel comfortable wearing and want to wear that day.
Thongsc #12

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/17/2009 07:47:57Copy HTML

Thanks JM for yet another long winded BS analyzing post... 

First, thanks for schooling me on world culture, I didn't know that there were places in the world were naturalism was freely practiced by families.  Can you tell me why the sky is blue next?  But you sort of missed the mark on your analysis of my post.  I don't think its odd that kids would wear thongs on the beach, I heard a rumor that some times a kid might not wear a top at a topless beach, can you confirm if this is true for me?  I do think its creepy that a parent would be looking for swimwear that is provacative and daring for thier children.

Your last sentence pretty much sums up missing the whole mark of my post, "In the end, the right suit for the kids is ones they feel comfortable wearing and want to wear that day."  First these are kids (13 and younger) and they don't get to choose, its the parents choice to make the apporpriate choice for the child. 

You are right, thongs in general are swimwear and not sex toys, we can agree on that.  But the manufacturers that are mentioned in the post are designed to make the wearer appear and feel sexier, the cuts and fabrics are more revealing,daring and provacative, more adult oriented, not designed for children hence why they don't market to children or offer child sizes.  And dare I say not appropriate for children.  Even dore wouldn't modify one of her few womens designs for a child.  I didn't know she was a Muslim also...     I don't know about you, but I find it disturbing to know that a parent is not looking for an appropriate childs thong, but looking for smaller versions of adult suits.

Ex_Member #13

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/17/2009 01:55:41Copy HTML

I am a married guy with 2 children, boy & girl. I have been wearing thongs since before i met my wife, and had kids. I have been more bold, so to speak, in the last 6 years with wearing thong swim suits. I wear them whenever in our yard by our small pool. I wear them to the beach. I have been wearing them around my kids all the time. They are now ages 7 & 4. They some times ask me why i wear the kinds of suits i do, and i always tell them it's because it's what i like, and is the most comfortable style suit. They just say..ok. They have not yet asked about suits for them, and i figure they wouldn't yet either. But if they do at some point, I would not encourage them to wear one, but would probubly let them. I would start slow, in private, and move on from there. To get to the point more, beeing a dad and not a mom, i wouldn't push or promote it, but i would incrimentally support it. The topic is more of a culture issue as well. It depends on where you are too i think. Over seas in japan, they make pre-teen thongs in swim styles and undies. They have pre-teens on covers of magazines sporting thongs. I think you are just going to run into culture closed mindedness in the USA. Make any sense?
JM_Runs #14

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/17/2009 03:09:16Copy HTML

Thongsc, I have a serious problem with your statement that "these are kids (13 and younger) and they don't get to choose, its the parents choice to make the apporpriate choice for the child". 
The whole point of raising children is to bring them up to make good decisions in life.  They gain experience in making decisions "by making there own decisions", both good and bad, and hopefully learning from them.
The job of a parent is to make sure they don't poke out their eye or lose a limb in the process.

By the age of 13 teens are making a lot of their own decisions in life, including how they will dress, at least when not in school uniform.

If you are still making choices about what they will wear then they are 13 they will be totally unprepared a year later when, at the age of 14 and 15 they are deciding who they will or will not have sex with.  Trust me, all kids that age are figuring out who they want to kiss and how far they want to go when messing around.
I suspect you have not worked with young teenagers.  On the whole they are a lot smarter and more competent than you would suspect.  They are constantly trying out the process of making decisions for themselves.  Some times they make good choices and sometimes they don't, but this is part of the process of becoming a teen.

Parents who have got them to move beyond just doing what their friends are doing, or who explore the world and how far they can go in that world are generally better adjusted than parents who are over protective.

I would suggest you read a book called "Raising Children who Think for Themselves" to get an insight into how to teach children to make good choices and why parents should not be dictating what kids wear, especially once they are over 10 years old.  You may also want to google raising "free range kids".

Teaching kids how to make decisions and letting them MAKE them starts early in life.  If parents go through life believing that "it's the parents choice to make the appropriate choices for the child", when exactly will they ever learn to make decisions on their own? You think sensible decision making happens suddenly at the age of 18?  No this starts very early in life with kids making choices about what they want to wear when they get up in the morning.
Ex_Member #15

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/17/2009 07:01:40Copy HTML

First of all I want to thank and commend JM_Runs and I also thank Thongs_on_me.  It’s unfortunate that the preconceived notions from Thongsc exist even here in a board dedicated to the general subject, although everyone is free to have there own opinion. I think that Thongsc does provide a good example of the problem America has associating anything they can with sex. Wearing thongs or being naked at any age has nothing to do with sex or being 18, almost every other modern/progressive country understands that.

I would also suggest that others educate themselves in a variety of cultures and lifestyles in an effort to be more  open-minded without prosecuting others just because they are different. Perhaps Thongsc does not agree with it, but just because he personally doesn’t approve, or has not been exposed to a more liberal lifestyle, does not automatically make it wrong for others.

He should really have expressed his opinions in another manor or context. I like to also mention briefly that piercing are a right of passage for girls in many cultures and again has not nothing to do with sex.  I commend JM_runs again for also bringing up the whole aspect of raising kids, he could not be more right. Education and making choices is a lifelong process starting as a child and extending throughout adulthood. You need to treat your kids with the same respect and freedom you enjoy by allowing them to make choices early in life; otherwise they will grow up to become helpless adults (especially in this day and age).

How can you wake up one day at 14 or 16 or 18 and automatically start making important life decisions if you were never allowed the freedom to do so earlier in life?

Just because they are kids it does not mean they are helpless and unable to make choices for themselves.
Parents can not be making every little decision for there kids and doing so is a big mistake in the long run.
What this world needs are more independent children who can think and choose for themselves.

Sometimes I find myself actually learning from my kids, they have a very unique view on life and respect for other cultures and opinions, this is something that us adults could use a good lesson in. Kids need to be heard and you need to listen to them and provide them with the same freedoms adults enjoy without a long list of limitations and restrictions, while still protect them from any physical danger or harm.
The only thing you do accomplish when you disregard you kids ideas and choices is kill there spirit and any chance they have to really make a difference in the world. It’s our job to expose kids to all the things life has to offer while they are growing, so they don’t become robots.
Ex_Member #16

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/17/2009 07:09:58Copy HTML

Well said Fambotms.. Kids need to make their own decisions as soon as their brain is developing. We are here to teach, protect, and respect our offspring, and as long as it is not hurting them or anyone else, As long as they are not interfering in other people's rights, they have the right to do what they want.

Sometimes it is not such a good decision, but they learn from those. This very topic goes further than thongs, and considering the consequences in other areas, to wear a thong or not to wear a thong at whatever age is by far the least harmful of them.

Back to your original post Fam.. Look up Princess bikinis (aquadress) from Japan. They have some of the nicest bikinis for girls/women i have ever seen. I just can't afford them. You can pick the coverage for the top and bottom, and you can get whatever size you need.

Let your daughters enjoy thongs as much as they like, and if they have a decent (opinion/education) of sex and sex pressure, wearing a thong around other people shouldn't be an issue, accept for the pedifile pervs, but young girls will always have to worry about then weather in a thong or not.
Thongsc #17

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/17/2009 10:49:41Copy HTML

OK, I didn't think this post could go further down hill, but I was wrong.  Thanks JM for that.   Yes JM, we should get 14 year olds ready to make decision on who to have sex with, not to not have sex before they are ready.  Great parenting advise there JM, not...

- "First these are kids (13 and younger) and they don't get to choose, its the parents choice to make the apporpriate choice for the child." - 

You all seem to miss the point of children and choices.  Untimately it is the parents responsiblility to guide the child to make the right choice, and if the child is going to make the wrong choice, its the parents responsibility to say "no".   Such as if a child wants to wear an adult oriented thong suit, its the parents responsibilty to step and and tell the child no, and find a childs thong for them to wear.   
undercover20 #18

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/17/2009 10:57:14Copy HTML

OK, I don't mind the idea of getting children into the idea of wearing thongs, as long as their of an appropriate age, and as long as it's done around the house and not in public just yet, because you don't know who's out there in public and what they may be thinking about if they happen to see a 6 year old running around in a thong, so to protect the kid(s), if you really don't mind them wearing thongs, until they reach an appropriate age to wear them publicly (i.e. the beach, lake, pool, etc,) let it be done around the house in a protected environment.
nicksthong #19

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/18/2009 12:48:29Copy HTML

For clarification, -and excepting the spat between JM and SC;

Are we discussing the propriety of kids wearing any thongs, or simply kids wearing thongs designed for adults?

"Such as if a child wants to wear an adult oriented thong suit, its the parents responsibilty to step and and tell the child no, and find a childs thong for them to wear."
Ex_Member #20

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/18/2009 05:36:21Copy HTML

One simple clarification I like to make When I say kids I am basically referring to Tweens

For those of you who are not familiar with the term Tween:
It means in between a child and teen (Ages 7-12)

We are not speaking about babies or toddlers.   I thank you all for your on going views,opinions and feedback
JM_Runs #21

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/18/2009 06:33:51Copy HTML

OK I think we are getting off on a 'red herring' when we try to divine the difference between an adult and a child swim thong, especially if we are talking about thongs for women and girls,  the only difference is the size of the waist.  There is no real anatomical difference between a girl and a women that would concern the maker of a swim suit, other than the overall dimensions.

I have seen the exact same tie side suit being worn by both mother and daughter, the only difference was it covered more on the daughter because she was smaller so in proportion to her frame it covered up more.

What is at issue here is do you let a kid decide if they want to wear a thong or not?  Either way you are going to keep an eye on them if they are young, and if they are a teens they will be running off with their friends anyway.  The number one most embarrassing thing for a teen is to have their parents hovering around, unless they are providing useful services like transportation or food.

If find the idea that partents should step in and correct a kid when they make a choice the parent does not think is best to be a problem. In fact it is the most common problem with parenting. The job is for us to help them develop a system for weighing the pros and cons of a choice, and letting them work the lists of pro and con out themselves.  As a parent your roll should be to help them structure the thought process, and maybe to suggest something they have not thought off, but not to tell them the pros and cons or which should be which. When they make a reasoned decision you should support it, what ever it is, so long as it does not put them in physical or legal danger.  Then you have to help them live with the consequences of that decision, because that's how people learn.

Letting a kid make their own decision and then telling them NO when you think they have made the wrong choice is not really letting them chose anything.  All you are doing is teaching them to try and read your mind. While you may well think the world would be a better place if everyone thought like you and agreed with you, it's not a very good system for developing kids who think for themselves.

Teaching does not work well when you stand at the front of the class and just read of a list of the correct answers.  Teaching is when you let them discover the solutions, the wonder, the 'oh I get it now' moments when they discover the concept and the light bulb goes on. They will learn what they are intrested in and are very good at shutting out what bores them.

I was lucky.  I come from families where young people were expected to be independent, resourceful and brave. 

I was expected to go out in the world and learn to be independent. By the time I was eleven I had my own boat that I sailed on the ocean, by my self, all day, out of sight, in a quite exciting part of the sea.  The real sea, with big ships coming and going, where I had to get my self out of trouble when I capsized or got stuck.
By the time we were 13 or 14 we were doing our own overnight and weekend expeditions and by the age of 15 not only did we do wilderness expeditions on our own but I was also teaching all summer away from home. Oh and at 15 three of us started a business, not selling lemonade but running night club discos. 

Ok you say, you were a boy, it's diffrent for girls.  No, my Mother and all my aunts could sail at a young age, and regularly did adventures when young teenagers. My mother, amongst her other teen age skills, was working and living away from home on a farm during the summers when she was 15, at 17 she did a solo motorcycle tour of Norway right after World War II just after the Germans left, and amongst her other adventures she was the second engineer on a tall ship.  She thought that normal since her father, an Admril, first went to sea when he was 13.

My cousin Amanda sailed across the Atlantic from England when she was still a teenager, probably following in my footsteps for after teaching sailing on the other side of the country when 15, I soon progressed to working boats in the Caribian when only 19. By the time I was 21 not only had I commanded a fair sized tall ship but also had a US captains license for an unlimited  number of passengers and vessels up to 100 ton. Funny thing is American customers often asked if I was too young and when I had last seen my mother.

No my family are not mad, they just come from a part of the world where teenagers are expected to grow up and being a helicopter parent is found on.  Heck we were allowed to drink when teenagers and I can remember occasions when, at the age of 16 or 17 we left school and took lunch in the pub in town. Was I a juvinile delinquent in the making? No, out of 600+ kids in my year I was #1 in Physics and Engineering Drawing and a little miffed that a girl had beaten me by one point on the national math tests, so I was only #2 in math.

It may have helped that I left home for full time boarding school when only 10. That helps you grow up, to learn how to make your own bed and lie in it too. Sometimes you need to push the kids out from under the apron strings so they discover the world is not so scary after all.

So if you have young teens, send them off to an adventurous summer camp where they cook for themselves and explore the world. If they cant survive in a foreign land with a map, compass and buss time table then you are not doing it right. 

Honestly, I would rather go to sea with a crew of 14 and 15 year olds than most groups of adults. I have done both, and the kids win almost every time. 

Today, as I said earlier in this post, I expect two teenage girls to stop by after they go to the beach.  One will bring me news of her sister who, along with another teen age girls is off backpacking around Europe. They loved Berlin, did not much care for Prague, and now are somewhere in Italy, expecting to head east through Greece to Turkey. What are your teens doing today?  Playing video games? 

If they are in school today, what will be their adventure this weekend?   Will they be seeing how far the buss goes, or exploring the city on their feet, or taking a tent into the wideness, or seeing how far a bicycle will taken them in a day?  Well you let them canoe down the river by themselves once they have demonstrated they have mastered an Eskimo roll?  Will you let them windsurf or sail over the horizon? 

The big question is are you teaching them the skills for navigating the world and the people in it, along with the development of ability to make decisions and evaluate options?  You can't go through life always thinking 'Do What Daddy Says', because one day he will not be there.

I highly recommend people read and comprehend the logic in books like 'Raising Children to Think for Themselves'.  It is not the only good book on the subject.  There are thousands of books on parenting and teaching kids, and a few of them are on the right track, but this book is rather special in that it is about giving them the skills and then having the confidence to let them grow their own wings.  The picture on the cover is worth the price of the book, you will see.

The biggest problem is most parents have never been exposed to good books on parenting teens.  It's often not the teens that are the problem, it's the parents. 

Do as I tell you; Do as I say; Do what I think you should do; Did you not know what I would be thinking?  These are not ways to develop a kids innate ability to figure out the world for themselves.  Not a way to learn the process of making sensible and rational decisions, made after evaluating the pros and cons according to their perception and world view.

Trust me when I say this, the issue of if a teen wears thong underwear or thongs to the beach is NOTHING compared with the real issues of raising teen age girls in today's world.  Issues of how safe they are when riding in their friends cars, who is drinking what at parties, (they are either admitting they are drinking or lying to you), if they are cheating in school, which of their friends is doing drugs and what are they doing, who is sleeping with whom, what crazy ideas they have about sex and AIDS from their school friends, which of their friends steal cloths from the mall, or if they are considering suicide, sex, boys, girls, or cutting themselves. 

The funny thing is most parents are totally unaware of all this underside of teen age life becuase teens spend at least twenty percent of their resources making sure parents don't find out. The stricter and more authoritarian the parents the more they work hard to keep the parents totally in the dark.  No, just becuase you are rich or white, or rich white and send your kids to private boarding school does not change the real problems teens tackle every day, it just makes you more insulated.

Almost any kid of 13 to 15 is more likely than you to know the street price of xanax bars or ritalin, and can probably recognize and correctly identify the pills on sight.  The richer you and the other parents are, the more drugs are avalible.  The only difference between poor and rich kids is rich kids don't get busted because they do pills in their homes and poor kids are out on the street with more visible drugs like grass.  Trust me on this one two, not only do the rich kids have better cloths but they have more and better drugs.

While we are on the subject of the education of teens, I want to point out that there is a vast difference between the skills and methods used in a classroom to keep 30 kids on track and learning and the skills for parenting.  This may seem obvious but to many parents act in authoritarian ways like bosses running a business or teachers trying to lead 30 through punctuation lessons.  Acting like the CEO in your own mind is not an effective way to develop another.

An aside for a moment:  For everyone who has a kid in school I recommend you read, from cover to cover, Fred Jones's very good book for teachers called 'Tools for Teaching'.  This will give you a good idea on what teachers are, (or should be) trying to achieve in the class room.   If you are a teacher and have not read it or taken one of the Tools for Teaching classes I suggest you get your hands on it right away, even if it is your principles pet book of the month.  For the rest of you, once you know why they are using the techniques they do in the classroom you will quickly understand which of them translate to use outside world and why some are just not appropriate when one on one or attempting to parent a child. 

Back to thongs:   Kids can thong, adults can thong, old people can thong, fat people can thong, skinny people can thong and even black people can thong.  Honestly, it is the kids who normally have the best bodies for them.  That's if you let them run around a lot and they grow up skinny and lean. It's just a kid in a swim suit, get over it.
Dr S #22

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/18/2009 01:17:27Copy HTML

Well Said JM.

It infuriatetes me how many parents are scared to let their children grow up. I know parents who don't let their 13 & 14 year-old kids play out because they're scared to death of paedophyles and violence. I personally think they believe too much of what they see on TV and read in the tabloid newspapers. There seems to be no objecive analysis of the world they live in. The same people are quite happy to drive their kids down the motorway at 90MPH, 20ft from the car in front without wearing seatbelts. They never stop to ask themselves where the bigger danger lies. They are petrified that "little Johnie" might try a bit of weed yet see no problem with them going to a night-club and getting blind drunk the minute they are 18.

Kids will always push the boundaries and try stuff we don't feel comfortable with, but how else will they find out? Are we supposed to wrap them up as children and then release them into the world when they're old enough and suddenly let them drink, smoke, drive fast cars, go anywhere they like, have sex etc. They would be as vulnerable then as they would have been at 12 or 13. We all learn by experience and following examples.

If you really want to protect your children in the long term, set a good example. Live like you would like them to live as adults. They will follow your lead. You can't expect to smoke, swear, drink excessively, behave violently etc. and tell your children it's wrong. Your hypocracy is clear to them. If you wear skimpy swimwear or underwear, you are telling your kids that it's OK, and don't be surprised if they want to follow your example. Nudists don't expect their kids to wear clothes at nudist resorts, so why do you feel your kids should be more covered up than you??

I understand the need to let kids into the adult world gradually. I would be alarmed if I found my 13 year old smoking, for instance, but I don't quite get what is so harmful about wearing a thong. Yes it has some sexual connertations, but then so does wearing make-up and shoes with heels and almost every adult fashion choice. No-ones suggesting it signifies sexual maturity, its just a rung on the ladder of growing up and it's up to you when you feel comfortable letting your child climb that ladder.

Fambotms: I think your daughter looks great in her thong on your photo. I remember seeing a family with two young girls wearing very similar swimsuits at the hotel we stayed at on our honeymoon in Aruba, and I thought then that they looked like some of the happiest kids at the resort. I thought they stood out from the crowds of 'cloney' girls in their regulation tankinis and one-pieces. I visited Portugal on my holidays this year and the beaches and waterparks had women and girls of all ages in brazilian-style bikinis and sometimes thongs. It was great. I wish my kids had some interest in wearing anything more adventurous, but I have two boys and the peer-police dictate that boys wear shorts!
JM_Runs #23

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/18/2009 03:54:16Copy HTML

Folks, when we do get obvious trolls or pedos on the board they normally get shut down or shot down in short order.  I don't think this is the case with this thread. While you may think the user and their family is fictional, it does not mean that the question it's self is not valid and not worth discussion.   Ad hominem attack on the user is neither productive or an advancement of debate.
Ex_Member #24

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/18/2009 07:01:08Copy HTML

Wow I would have never imagined that there would be this much negativity and debate over anyone’s personal freedom and choice.

I am almost compelled now to really put ourselves out there just to be seen and enforce our American right to freedom. 

Perhaps this is to be expected from conservative areas of the US but I mistakenly assumed that everyone here would have a much more liberal view. Although the majority of you do, it’s just sad that some of you are making an issue of this. People from other countries wouldn’t believe that anyone would make an issue of something so trivial.

I am sure that some of you who disagree are also strong believes in the right to bare arms, along with other civil liberties and there is nothing wrong with that. The general point here is that kids kill eacother every year on accidental shootings. A thong itself doesn’t cause injury or death.
Sure there are deviant people out there but they are everywhere, at church, at school, all around us. You can’t just let all these bad apples rule your life by fearing all the hazards in the world. At that point what freedom do you really have? In essence all the bad apples would be ruling the world around you by placing limits on us based on our fears.  
DavyJ #25

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/19/2009 01:36:22Copy HTML

Wow, this topic touched off a nerve in many people.  I am going to weigh in with FamBotms and JM on this one.  We in the USA have many strange ideas about children when it comes to stuff like this.  On one hand we get all upset if they seem to be dresssing too provatively or acting too "grown -up" at too early an age.  On the other hand we ignore them through much of their formative years because we are too busy "doing our own thing". 

In Europe it is common for children not to wear suits at all on the regular beaches.  I don't know if there is any official or unofficial upper age limit to this, but I have seen some obvious tweens without suits.  Families go to nude beaches together and think nothing of it.  Interestingly they also have way lower rates of child molestation, rape, and other similar crimes than here in the US.  So our attitudes certainly aren't protecting children from anything except our own insecurities. 

So, I applaud your attitude, FamBotms, and wish it were more the norm than it is.  And I certainly wish my parents (and) had thought more like you.  Don't be discouraged by the negative comments here (and probably elsewhere as well).
Ex_Member #26

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/19/2009 07:08:01Copy HTML

I want to thank everyone who has sent me personal messages of support along with everyone else.

My kids were saying that there should be a bumper sticker and T-Shirts (for all ages) that says:
"Wearing a thong is not a crime."

 The came up with that after seeing some skateboard ones that said: Skateboarding is not a crime.
ithongit #27

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/19/2009 08:42:57Copy HTML

Positive Reinforcement is what Behavior Scientists call it -- Make people think about things in a positive way.  I have often challenged people at popular thonging destinations to put up a ten or twenty to purchase a week or two on a billboard seen by most beach goers upon visiting the park they are at.  A simple text message "Thong Swimwear Is Legal at (Name of park).  Wear a Thong swimsuit if you want!".  I beleive such a billboard would gain nothing but positive reactions.  First, some of the people who actually see it may want to wear thongs, and try the look out at later swims.  Second, even if rented for only one week (or one day) the message will generate local talk -- the type of talk that used to occur around the "water cooler".  The News Media will surely put the sign on their news shows -- perhaps in a humorous way, but that will let more people will still see it.  If the billboard is rented for a week, and vandals mess it up the first night, people will ask "why" and the "why" question will get on the news.  Do self appointed zelots really have the power to mess up such a message?  Even if the message is legal?  I have seen similar reports of signs for "Adult Super Stores/Toy Stores" being erected and while the local communities doen't want the sign, or the store, the local people still stand up for the rights of the store.  The news will catch up with this.  The only trouble seems to be who will sign the paperwork for such a sign and how much would such a sign cost? 
ithongit #28

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/19/2009 08:58:21Copy HTML

I can't talk first hand about being a thonging parent.  I can talk about being a thonging child...

First, I am limiting my comments to wearing thongs as beachwear.  I was brought up in a thong friendly family.  My dad thonged all the time, and my mom would have too, if she wasn't disabled.  We also grew up in an age when thongs were more accepted as beach-wear. 

I personnally think there is something wrong with people who automatically assume that the person asking a question like this indicates that the question asker is a pervert or whatever.  Perverts come in all types and sizes.  I know many women who were sexually abused by their fathers, or other men in atthority.  Men and women who are perverts could indeed be "turned on" by a beach full of kiddy thongers -- but would it be any more than a beach full of speedo clad kids?  Some yes, some no.  The real issue if we are worried about sexual perversion is to train our children (and our adults) to detect perverted activities long before they go too far.  A person who is age inappropriate for a child and takes innappropriate actions -- tries to see them changing or in the bathroom, tries to spend inappropriate time with the child, etc. should be suspect.  The child should not be trained that a pervert dresses this way or that, but to watch our for the true signs of perverted actions.  And the list of possible perverts includes parents, aunts and uncles, neighbors, scout leaders, ministers, etc.  Children are taught that people who try to do something that makes them "feel funny" should be on the alert.  Children should not be taught that specific clothing should make them "feel funny" unless there are other activites which make them feel bad too.  A man who is alone at the beach is not automatically a pervert.  A man who is on the same beach wearing a thong swimsuit (or skinny dipping if legal) should also not be automatically labeled a pervert.  If he wants to play one-on-one with a child he does not know well, or wants to show them some new "game" that is the time to panic.  On the other hand, a single man who joins in a little frisbee throwning WITH THE PARENTS INVOLVED should not be considered a pervert on the face of things.   Basically, there is little we can do but teach our children well.

But this is not a thread about how to identify perverts.  For every pervert, there are many characteristics which do and do not meet any list.  Our children must THINK, not be taught lists of activities to identify perverts.

Where I a trying to go is that Nikki and I were exposed (no pun intended) to thong swimwear on men AND women at a young age.  That some of these people were positive role models, and some not so positive.  We were given the opportunity to wear thongs when we wanted, but did not become thongers until 15 (me) and 14 (Nikki).  We were told and trained by our parents and other thongers that wearing thongs is not appropriate for all places.  Neither of us even thought much about the tradition to thongs, but later realized that for some people thongs are worn when nudity is not appropriate.  We had both also been exposed to male and female nudity from an early age, and understood that in certain settings, nudity was acceptable, but not mandatory.  We both understood that there were "Bad" men and women out there who might try to take advantage of us as children -- sexually, but also in other ways -- ie. "Can you tell me when your Mommy or Daddy will come back home?"

I think the wearing of thongs by kids should include --
1.  The freedom of the kid to make his or her own choice about when to start wearing thongs -- or any other type of swimwear.  If the kid was brought up right, they will ask and not sneak around.  Likewise, all other friends or other children have the rights to not wear thongs unless they want too.  No child is "better" or "worse" because of simply their swimwear choice.
2.  The understanding that others -- especially older people -- might try to take advantage of them at any time, and that wearing thongs in some situations could increase this vulnerability with certain groups of people.  
  That the child should be educated sufficiently to recognise a sexual preditor's attacks if they were to come and similarly understand that as youth thongers, some people will try to dictate what they should or shouldn't wear based on unrealistic fears that sexual preditors abound only at beaches to only attack kids who wear skimpier swimwear.
3.  That wearing thongs might not be appropriate in all situations, and that parents should be able to explain why in a logical and reasonable ways when they are not appropriate.  That No-Thong rules should be obeyed even if non-youth are not following such rules.
4.  That wearing thongs could cause them to stand out from others as objects of attention -- even among their friends -- and that they should considerer this before asking to wear thongs in a specific situation.

Please excuse me for not completing my comments earlier.  I accidentally posted my respose before it was completed.


Ex_Member #29

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/20/2009 02:59:00Copy HTML

 I can not speak about parenting. Or having a kid wearing or wanting to wear a thong.

The problem is like all other post people affiliate thongs with sexual activity. Americans only see thongs as something sexual so young kids are not suppose to wear them because it makes them involved with sexual activity at young age. It was also said they maybe trying to grow up to fast and wanting to wear adult underwear. Who says thongs have to be adult underwear. Another label society has put on thongs Adult and sexual.

If people would see them as clothing instead of sexual clothing we wouldn't have this problem. In the picture the mom is taking daughter out to the water not like they are in stores or going down streets where they would really stand out. Kids in thongs all have to deal with environment and how people around them act.

You need to look at why you wear thongs. Most will say because of comfort, you don't think kids that age like comfort. I wore whittie tightites most of my life until I discovered thongs. And no matter what my age they were uncomfortable but I needed the support. I would have worn thongs a lot younger if I would have known about them. I know for females it slightly different but there is still a comfort zone that regular briefs can't give them.

So as for kids wearing thongs, it is up to the parents to make them understand why it is ok for them to wear thongs and where it is ok for them to wear thongs. So if you daughter likes wearing thongs let her and just keep in mind there a bunch of prud people out there that will think thongs only have to deal with sexual activity.

Don't let todays prud society, keep you or your family back from enjoying themselves or wearing what they want.

There has been many remarks on this subject, so I thought I would be my two cents in.
Ex_Member #30

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/22/2009 08:02:07Copy HTML

I thank ithongit and ULRCajun for their feed back   I love wearing thongs and my kids grew up around it so it was very natural for them to do the same. No one should be judged on what they are wearing but sometimes it naturally occurs if you’re engaging in bad behavior at the time.

  To us wearing thongs is about choice, it’s what we prefer. We love all types and styles

  Just the other day we had a wonderful time at the beach, all of us in our thongs. We all headed to a nice quite cove along the ocean and enjoyed the entire day running around, playing Frisbee and volleyball, just enjoying ourselves. There we not too many people there that day, but the few that were had no problem with me or daughters. They played freely with a few other kids on the beach and their parents could not have been more understanding of our attire. One of the other mothers said that she wished she felt comfortable enough to do the same or to allow her own kids to be as free as mine. By the end of they day her kids had tried copying mine by hiking up there bottoms while sunning. It was a fun day without incident. Driving home my daughters could not stop talking about how happy they were to wear their thongs all day, proudly showing off the tan line it left behind after an entire day in the sun.
It made me feel proud to see them make there own decisions and then see how happy they were with it. They were so confident in themselves that they insisted on wearing them for the remainder of the day.
John Howard #31

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/22/2009 10:11:43Copy HTML

I might sound too conservative, but in this time and age, with so many perverted people around looking to molest young kids every day and everywhere, I don't think is a very good idea to encourage young kids to wear swimwear which unfortunately is primarily categorised as 'sexy' for the majority of people.
Kids have plenty of time ahead in their lives, to wear anything they want as adults. 
The same applies to piercings and tattoos.
I know some kids would want to wear the same swimwear style as their parents, but it is up to us the parents, to decide if this is something convenient or not to the child safety.

John Howard
JM_Runs #32

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/22/2009 03:07:05Copy HTML

 "but in this time and age, with so many perverted people around looking to molest young kids every day and everywhere" 

You have been watching too much TV.  TV is not real life. The real FBI statistics show violent crimes against kids have been steadily going down.  Children are just as safe now as back in the 'Leave it to Bever' days of the 1960's when we all walked or road our bicycles to school.  Yes there are dramatic incidents now and again, and if there are not they will drag out cold cases from past years and tell you the details in deep scary voices, but get real, you kid is more likely to be struck by lightning than be abducted by strangers.

This 'stranger danger' paranoia is not a fear that is productive.  Almost no kids get abducted and if it happens at all , over 98%, are by a family member, not strangers. The belief in hordes of marauding child molesters out to kidnap your children is almost as stupid as a belief in zombies, ghosts, or people who can talk to the dead, but unfortunately the belief is even more pervasive.  While such people do exist, the risk to a kid is so small you should be worried far more worried about developing more mature kids by focusing on independence, social support, and traffic safety.

In the top 50 ways your kid is likely to suffer harm,  assault from strange adults does not even make the list. The funny thing is #1 on the list is death by riding in the parents car because the parent is protectively shepherding them around in the SUV and #2 is being struck by another parent in their car.

"in this day and age" we have TV paranoia and TV celebrity gossip, and people solving crimes by talking with ghosts, and this crap is on every night in prime time, but none of it is real life. 

Please do a little google on the growing movement of common sense, spearheaded by groups like the book "Free Range Kids". Here is a link to get you started http://freerangekids.wordpress.com/2008/04/06/why-i-let-my-9-year-old-ride-the-subway-alone/

Today kids are safer than they ever were.  The problem is some groups and business make money out of paranoia and others are just living in an unreal world of paranoia.  Maybe it is the same people who believe that god might reach down and smite them but who do not see the threat from environmental destruction. 

There are real threats in the world but they all have a diffrent level of probability.  It's this inability of many to understand basic probability that has MILLIONS of people gambling or playing the lottery.  Hay kid, "The lesson for today is any time you see someone telling you that by giving them money you will get rich just keep your money in your pocket and run the other way."

Yet governments not only allow gambling but run their own lotteries, to fleece the mathematically inept.  So while they are involved in that con game do you think they are going to tell you the real odds of the real and perceived dangers? 

The real danger to kids is the parents, who often abuse the kids both physically and mentally.  Most parents are not very good at being parents, not because they let the kids explore the world or run naked, but in their direct interaction with the children.

If one actually bothers to look at rates of assault and abuse (sexual or otherwise) of children, you find that most cases occur in the home, usually at the hands of their parents or another close relative. Perceived risk and actual risk are two very different things.

It is often safer for kids to be outside in the neighborhood where they play with other kids and freely come and go to each other's houses.  This way when a situation feels uncomfortable they can just go over to a friends house, and by having a friend come over when their parents are having an argument you kid learns empathy and support of others. 

If you want to make children safer teach bicycle road safety lessons to kids, put helmets on them and get them out bicycling around the town.  By becoming bicycle riders they are more aware of pedestrians, other bicycles and cars, so when they grow up they become better drivers who are much more aware of the other road users. This improves safety for all.  A side benefit is the exercise is good for them and the independence is excellent.

If you think helping society be safer by growing better drivers is a bit to collective for your individual centered universe then directly help kids one on one, teach them independence. Teach them how to use public transportation, how to read a time table and how to read a map.  Teach them better ways to make friends and disarm confrontational situations.  The more people they know in the community the more resources the have and the safer they are.

Ex_Member #33

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/22/2009 05:21:00Copy HTML

I appreciate everyone’s feedback but I don’t think that many of you have really answered the actual question.
We have veered well away from the original subject. I love to see some more responses from members who actually have kids, especially Tweens (Under 13) like mine.
  1. Do you only allow thongs to be worn underneath clothing, if so what are the rules
  2. Do you allow your kids to wear thongs around the house
  3. Do you allow your kids to wear thong bikinis on the public beach 

Ex_Member #34

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/22/2009 08:03:54Copy HTML

I don't really consider myself a really conservative person, but I do feel there is a time and place for everything. I don't agree with letting children wear thong swimsuits. To me it's the same as a girl who want's to wear an ultra deep v shirt, a skirt that barely covers her stuff and so forth. These are things that parents generally would not let their children wear when they are so young.

delnoire #35

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/22/2009 08:23:23Copy HTML

To answer fambottoms questions.
1. My ten year old is allowed to wear thongs and g-strings beneath her clothes. The rules are boyshorts if she is wearing a dress or skirt. No showing them off needlessly. Thats about it.
2. Yes, she is allowed to wear it around the house. especially in the summer when its hotter. its no big deal. I also wear my thongs around the house. Its just comfort wear to us. Nothing adult or sexual about it.
3. No. we have never been to a beach that allowed thongs as swimsuits. If we ever did go....I don't konw the answer to that one. I guess we'd just have to decide then.
Gluteus #36

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:09/23/2009 01:40:20Copy HTML

My daughter asked to wear thongs in 5th grade and I helped her pick out some appropriate ones.  We talked about the difference between thongs as practical underwear and thongs riding out of pants to tease/attract boys.  The women who tease with the ridiculously exposed thong have given them the bad connotation. I've worn them since she's been little but they never show, which is the whole idea: no panty lines. 
sailor250 #37

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:12/09/2009 02:00:44Copy HTML

Here's an article about young ladies buying thong underwear.  From San Diego!
missrebecca #38

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:12/10/2009 02:48:20Copy HTML

That's an interesting article. I recently went thong shopping with my 10 year old charge (you can read about it on my blog) and if someone said something about to me about her wearing a thong I would have ripped them a new one. I dont see anything wrong with young girls wearing thong underwear if they know when it's appropriate to wear it.

ENB #39

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:12/14/2009 09:12:49Copy HTML

My kids don't wear thongs and that is their choice.  My wife and I respect their choice and would never push the issue.  On the other hand if my boys or daughter came to me and said I want to wear a thong then I would let them wear a thong. 

As noted in my other posts we are mostly a naturist family and the kids are totally comfortable being nude at home, in our pool and every summer when we go to a naturist resort where ALL the kids and adults for that matter are nude as well. 

We go for 2 weeks and my kids dont wear a stitch of clothing form the moment we drive through the resort gate to the moment we have to leave for the airport at the end of the vacation.  We have never had a probem at any of these resorts we go to and the kids spend huge amounts of time with their buddies out or range of our view. 

Everyone watches out for everyone elses kids but I guess that is why we love Europe so much...so many fewer body issues to deal with.  I think our kids also do well because we have always been totally open with them and told them that there are good as well as bad people in the world and how to tell the difference.  Like I said we have NEVER had a problem but the kids know what to do if there ever should be one...yell, run and tell an adult.

Nude or clothed there are nasty people in the world.  We approach that reality by providing our kids with the tools they need to identify bad situations and avoid them.  What we DONT do is allow a few wackos to ruin a lifestyle that has truly brought or family closer together and which we all absolutely LOVE. 

The kids always say that the fact that we are naturists is one of the things they love best about our family and its not really the fact that they like to be nude, it is more due to the fact that being naturalists has made all of us better, more loving, accepting and far less judgmental than the majority of textile families that we know.
stanpuppy #40

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:12/21/2009 12:45:36Copy HTML

I am fairly certain my daughters will want to wear thongs when they are older.  My wife has owned nothing but g-strings since they have been born (they are 8 and 10).  They have seen their mother wear backless underwear every single day of their lives.  When they ask about it, we simply answer "Its grownn-up underwear".  They think nothing of it and I am sure they just assume that is what bigger girls wear (which is pretty much true these days).   I am sure they will ask fairly soon to wear it....why would we say no?  that would be hypocritical.   Thong bikinis are a different story, since they have never seen their mother or father wear them.  Society has a play here....we save the skimpy swimwear for when it is just the two of us.
thonger2005 #41

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:03/10/2011 08:07:08Copy HTML

 wow,can yoy tell i  am bored at work.....
we talked things over as our daughtter was growing up because are a nudist family and only wear thongs.  so when she approached us about wearing thongs, we talked loooong and hard abiut it before allowing her to try them and see for herself if they were her cup of tea. it took a while for she got used to them but i have hesitated about letting people know just how young she was when she tarted wearing thongs. we have always wondered if people would scream bloody murder when we said she was eight years old when she started trying thongs. she didnt do it right away or everyday. it was rare until she was almost nine, but by then she was wearing thongs almmost all the time.
now, she monitored her thong wearing very  clsoely and she never wore them to school or away from us, only when she was with us.n 
godf4ther #42

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:05/26/2011 12:00:53Copy HTML

 My niece is now 11 1/2 and wears thongs. My g/f at the time bought about 5 size small g-strings but was way to small for her so my niece tried them on just to be when she was 8 and she liked them. She said they felt kinda funny but she liked the strings on the side and small triangle in front that dipped low. so she kinda started wearing them and actually wanted me to buy her some when she was 9. so she picked out probably 6 of them and tried them on at home and said she loved them. If girls want to start wearing g-string or regular thongs we should let them as long as they don't try to openly show them off to people. They make all kinds of preteen girly thongs with bows and hearts on them and I see nothing wrong with them. She had a sleepover with 5 other girls and when they put there sleepwear on most wore t-shirt with thong on and they were all 10-11 so I think girls kinda choose nice pretty thongs than brief or just regular bikini panties. I had a 9 yr old step daughter before and her mom and me were buying my g/f some thongs at Gilly Hicks and her daughter asked me to buy her some also and I helped her pick some out with her mom and we all 3 picked out some silk type thongs and plain g-strings for her first time. up until then she wore string bikini type from like limited too. She tried her 3-4 thongs she got that day and now she 10 is all she wears.

JM_Runs #43

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:08/22/2012 02:45:54Copy HTML

 I think its great! where do i even buy one for my very small daughter?
ENB11937 #44

Re:How many other Parents let their kids (under 13) wear a thong?

Date Posted:12/10/2018 08:00:05Copy HTML

Wow...Guess we are in minority.

We were naturist whenever possible and thong wearers before our kids were born, and we stayed exactly the same after they were born, right up to the present.  We wore our thongs on beaches where nudity was not allowed, and were nude on clothing optional vacations.  

When they were little little our kids were nude with us. When they got old enough to interact with us verbally We told them that they were free to be nude or not, their choice.

When they asked us about our preference for thongs where suits were required we took same approach, telling them "This is what WE like to wear, you guys are free to wear whatever suit you like. As you know mom and dad prefer to go without clothes but when we have to wear bathing suits we like to wear this style. You guys have that same freedom.

Oddly enough it was our son who first asked about a thong suit in his size when he was about 9-10.  We found a place that made thong suits in his size and let him order a couple of suits.  He wore them and still wears thongs albeit now in larger sizes given that he is teenager now.

Our daughter NEVER expressed a desire to wear thongs and we never pressed her. She would however vigorously defend our, and her brothers, swimwear choices when challenged (infrequently).  

Its just a question of being fair to your kids and not imposing your ideals on them in silly situations: Like what sort of bathing suit they prefer, if they prefer to wear one at all. 

We always took the position that mom and dad were always naturists and we loved to be nude on the beach, so many of your family vacations would be at clothing optional naturist resorts. That being said we also let the kids pick places to go irrespective of whether they were naturist spots or not.  

Same with thong suits. Our son has been nude, in a thong, in speedos and rarely in boardies.  Our daughter loves to be nude and to wear a traditional bikini.  Treat your kids like people not pets.  They have opinions and preferences that should be respected by their parents.  If they want thongs suits then respect that, if not then respect that too.

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