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Date Posted:05/15/2005 01:28:51Copy HTML

I am a 15 year old guy andI got into thonging abot a year ago. I really enjoy thonging, but so far the only people that know about it are my parents. I'd love to be abble to tell my friends about it, so I wouldnt have to hide it, but im not sure what their reactions would be. Does anyone have any ideas for how to break the ice and get a conversation going about thongs. A way that I might be able to tell them?
packiest #1

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:07/07/2004 11:36:19Copy HTML

Don't worry about it, man. I just got into them a few months ago, and my dad chuckled a bit about it, but overall he didn't say much. Don't worry about what people have to say. You don't have to prove or justify anything to anybody. Feel free to make your own decisions.

Just try to explain to them that it's not like having a wedgie all the time- that it's the exact opposite, and that they're also really supportive and all around just comfortable as hell. Maybe the won't understand, but who says they have to? Just do whatever, and hopefully they'll just leave you alone about it.

Thonglicious #2

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:07/07/2004 11:57:04Copy HTML

My wife knows that I wear thongs but none of my other family does.  They may find out this week coming up as we'll all be on holiday at the beach.  I'm not gonna' volunteer that I wear thongs but if they find out  - oh well.  I genuinely do care what other people think about me but hey, it's not really about them, it's about me.  This is my life - and I only have one of them to live.

Thonglicious #3

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:07/07/2004 11:57:04Copy HTML

My wife knows that I wear thongs but none of my other family does.  They may find out this week coming up as we'll all be on holiday at the beach.  I'm not gonna' volunteer that I wear thongs but if they find out  - oh well.  I genuinely do care what other people think about me but hey, it's not really about them, it's about me.  This is my life - and I only have one of them to live.

Thonglicious #4

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:07/07/2004 11:57:04Copy HTML

My wife knows that I wear thongs but none of my other family does.  They may find out this week coming up as we'll all be on holiday at the beach.  I'm not gonna' volunteer that I wear thongs but if they find out  - oh well.  I genuinely do care what other people think about me but hey, it's not really about them, it's about me.  This is my life - and I only have one of them to live.

Ryan Booth #5

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:07/08/2004 01:27:07Copy HTML

Welcome to the board. Don't be afraid about people finding out you wear thongs. Wear what you like. And don't feel pressured into feeling like you have to keep it a secret. It's only a piece of clothing at the end of the day.
JM_Runs #6

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:05/15/2005 04:37:55Copy HTML

I would try an indirect route. Don't start by telling them that you wear thongs, this only sets you up for possible criticism.

Start by telling them that you read, saw, something about a young guy wearing thongs... some where.... and the girls thought that was hot. Maybe you tell them that you overheard some girls talking about a guy in a thong that they thought was hot. This way you don't have to know all the details of the story, it's just something you overheard.

Then go on to say that you think the guy was brave for having the courage to wear a thong an not care what other people think. Then stop talking. Stop.

They will either let it pass, make some comment or start a conversation. If they let it pass, you can be sure they will think about it later and mull it over. If they start a conversation make your focus on the guy ignoring public opinion and having the courage self confidence. Mention again that the girls thought he was hot.

Most men like to be thought of as independent, courageous and attractive to girls.  Put the thought in their mind.

Don't push it: Your friend may take a week or two to get back to you on the subject.    Wait..... They will say something eventually.

If they ask if  you wear thongs you need a reply that makes sense. If you use a real road bike and actually go biking, in real bike shorts, then you could say "Yes, under by bike shorts, they are comfortable." You don't need to take up bike racing to have an excuse to wear thongs but it's not a bad idea. You could be the next Lance Armstrong.

Another good reply is "Sometimes, If I have a hot date."  This re-enforces the idea that they may be useful in impressing girls.  What ever you do make sure they understand your use of thongs is to impress girls, because they think thongs on guys are hot, not because you are some how weirdly into thongs.

imathonglover #7

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:05/15/2005 11:32:12Copy HTML

Funny that you should mention wearing thongs under bike shorts. I am an avid bike rider and recently started riding in organized charity rides. My ride partner and I being new to the longer routes, discussed every aspect of riding, even what to wear under our shorts. At that time, I admitted to finding a thong to be most comfortable. Much to my surprise, his reaction was not a negative one, but instead he just said that he didn't think he could wear one himself. By the way, I haven't had any of the chaffing problems that most riders have.

Also, I workout regularly at the gym and always wear a Y-back thong from 2(x)ist or RIPS under my workout shorts. I was a bit concerned as to what one may think if they saw me changing in the locker room, but to this point, have never had any negative reactions. To be honest, it is not much different than wearing a jock as far as I am concerned.

Eaglespy, there are as many good reasons for wearing thongs as there are against them. It's all a matter of personal preference. If you are an athlectic person, then as JM suggested, use that as a good excuse. Just be mindful that no matter who we are or what we do, there will always be someone who will be critical of something we do. I learned a long time ago that you can't please everyone. Whatever you decide, do what you feel is best for you and good luck!

thong69 #8

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:06/04/2005 05:51:58Copy HTML

JM is right. Try the indirect route.  When looking around a dept. store, (Macy's I think) 3 guys I would guess in their late teens were walking down the aisle when one stoped when they came to a display table that had thongs in different styles and colors.  He said  "Cool I need to get some more thongs.  Chicks love guys in thongs."  The other two started  looking at them also.  I guess he wanted to see what they would say.  I did'nt hear either of his buddies make any negative comments and I saw him go to the check-out with a few pair.  You never know, one of your friends might wear them too!  There has to be alot  of male thong wearers out there or all the underwear makers would'nt bother making them.
75texasthong #9

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:07/15/2005 04:00:45Copy HTML

I think you should just wear your thongs and not worry about it. If it comes to a point where you will be exposed then just stay firm with the idea that it is just underwear and that your are man enough to wear them. If they horrass you then call them a bunch of pussies and go on.  This will be just another one of those things guys joke about.  Don't take it seriously. Just like they may make fun of your haircut or clothes.

I had a friend that wore them one day and while dressing for Basketball practivce he just said to everyone in the room that we should all get them because they are the most confiortable. Our jaws dropped because it was a surprise but nobody gave him hell. I was glad he did it because i wore them to but not during basketball practice. He did the hatrd part so i just thonged from then on.

Be strong and confident.  When it is out you may be the most popular guy in town because everybody will be interested and curious. I wouldn't besurprised if you miraculously were more popular with the ladies....

Ex_Member #10

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:07/15/2005 06:07:35Copy HTML

If you like wearing a thong then go for it. Life is too short to worry unduly about what others might think. My guess is that if your friends see you in a thong then some of them will want to try a thong. Just go for it.
Rhodesthong #11

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:07/17/2005 03:34:21Copy HTML

This is a very appropriate topic for me today. My girlfriend has known for about 4 years that I enjoy wearing thongs both as underwear and swimwear, and she really appreciates my wearing them too. However, I have never told anyone else (whom I know) about this - the only people that have seen me in a thong are the strangers on the beach in Rhodes a couple of years ago.

This weekend I bought a swimming pool from a local DIY store and put it up in my back garden. I was really excited by the prospect of sitting in the cool water, but what I really wanted to do was sit in it in my thong. However, I have a female lodger, and she has no idea about my thonging. I wondered what to do. I thought that a) she's a very good friend b) she's a reasonable open-minded person and c) trustworthy. Yesterday and this morning I sat in the pool in a normal Speedo, and she said nothing. I got out of the pool at lunchtime and changed into one of my dry Hom swim thongs under a pair of shorts. I had lunch and went back outside to sunbathe on the hammock, and decided to remove my shorts. My lodger was sunbathing on the other side of the garden and didn't see that I was wearing a thong, even when she got up to make her lunch. This made me feel better as I was obviously being subtle about it. After lunch my lodger got into the pool in front of the hammock. I now had no option - I couldn't put my shorts back on without showing her the thong when I got off the hammock, so I decided to get in the pool with her. As I didn't turn around to do so, she still wasn't aware of what I was wearing, as I sat in the pool next to her. I decided to explain to her carefully what I was wearing so that she would not be surprised. When I did she was totally cool about it and very supportive - I wish I had told her long ago now! When the time came to get out of the pool I wasn't afraid to stand up and get out in full view of her and I didn't care if she did get to see everything! All in all the whole experience was totally calm, and although she did giggle a bit I think she enjoyed it too.

I think the lesson in here is that if your friends are reasonable and you approach the situation in the right way they will be cool. Don't surprise them with it, and explain that you wear them because you like to wear them and you feel comfortable. Don't walk around shamelessly all the time in a thong - this will wind them up. Remember, they may not mind catching a glimpse of your bare backside, but they probably wouldn't appreciate you being totally in their face with it. If you don't think your friends will handle it in a mature and grown up fashion, my advice would be not to tell them. A secret fondness for thongs is probably not worth fighting with your good mates over. You never know - maybe one or two might join you in future!
billthong #12

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:08/02/2005 05:42:52Copy HTML

I was visiting a friend of mine in France recently. We were in a shopping centre when he commented that a particular shop sold male thongs but he could not stand all that material in his butt. I just that Next sell them. He said you don't wear them do you? and I just showed him the waist band. He was quite surprised although he knows I don't wear boxers. He asked about the material "up your bum" which I said I did not really notice. He will never wear one himself but is not bothered about mine and just takes the view that if your underwear is comfortable then wear what you like.
Tanned Bum #13

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:12/09/2005 09:18:22Copy HTML

The subject " How to tell your friends and/or family you wear a thong swimsuit or underwear" comes up often on this board. I think I found the answer, you really don't even have to try or worry about it. During the earlier years I use to wear SKINZ rio back  bikinis , most some of my friends call them thongs and some said you minus as well wear a thong. Like most I would only wear a thong with the friends I would feel comfortable with and a bikini with the rest or shorts with others. This has happen a numerous and on many occasions. If a subject of swimwear,underwear or almost anything on the beach,somebody in the crowd most of the time a female would tell everyone in general conversation that I wear a thong.  It feels like when your on the beach in a thong  and a friend shows up unexpectedly.

This past weekend while we were playing poker, A girl back from vacation mentioned she saw a guy wearing a Banana Hammock on the beach. At this point I start to cringe, because I know  what is coming next. This girl Sue whom went on a cruise with us (14 people) said to the rest of the table said I wore a Banana Hammock too. Only  3 people knew at the time that I wore Rio bikini (called it a thong).The stories on how I was just walking around in a thong on the cruise ship came out. Sue did say I had a nicer butt than half the girls on the boat. Well now 9 more people that didn't know I wore a thong now know. After the game a girl I know just from playing poker with asked me If I really wore a thong on the beach. I replied yes and underwear too. She replied nice and slapped my butt and said Sue was right, see you next weekend.

My suggestion is if you don't want ANYONE to find out about you wearing a thong keep them hidden. If you want people to find out wear one in front of an out going friend and it will spread like wildfire.

MNThongFreak #14

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:08/18/2006 02:49:39Copy HTML

After getting a TON of crap from my father when he found my first thong at age 16, I have been very cautious about letting other friends or family members know of my habit.  Up until Monday only my wife knew directly but no one else.  


Tthe day the whole world seemed to find out. I was in a small horse accident, which involved a trip to the emergency room.  There was concern of spinal injuries so the staff decided that removing my clothes down to my underwear was the best course of action for exam purposes.  Laying in a thong in the ER wasn't the worst part (I knew the ER staff has seen worse than a fat guy in a thong), it was when they decided to roll me on my side to examine my back...  One of my best female friends happened to be in the room at the time and she got to see everything.


Now that my friend knows of my habit, my wife feels free to discuss my choice of underwear with others in her family.  It's not like she's calling everyone and saying "he wears thongs" but the way she phrases things makes it pretty obvious.


Maybe they already know (my wife tends to tell her mom and sisters everything) and they just don't care, but I'm paranoid that the "manly" men the family are going to treat me differently...


I just had to get that off my chest...

Thanks for letting me vent.


pkthong #15

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/29/2008 06:29:33Copy HTML

My brother who is the same age as my wife (31) saw our vacation pics from our various trips over the last several years and of course made the snyde "speedo comments". To my surprise my wife actually defended my choice of swimwear something like "Helooks good in speedos!". My brother did not pursue the conversation. We (wife,kids,brother and my parents will be going on a Mexican Riviera cruise this March, I will probably wear speedos maybe a rio can't wait to see how my brother will handle it.
JM_Runs #16

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:02/02/2008 12:37:11Copy HTML

Personally I don't feel the need to tell the world that I wear thongs and only a few people know (both by accident and because I told them). Personally I got into them when my girlfriend wanted me to wear them for sex, and then eventually outside the house and then I finally got so use to them I just began to wear them as my primary underwear. So recently when me and one of my friends were talking about sex I showed him one of my thongs and told him how my ex got me into them. He was cool with it and hey, what better way to break the ice then when you are talking about sex? Just about everyone likes to talk about sex :p
ediwearsthongs #17

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/22/2008 02:52:19Copy HTML

i wear thongs in secret. im to scared to tell my family. i want them to know then i dont have to hide them and do my own washing. i just think it may help getting it off my chest. Anybody got any ideas, has this happened to any1 else?
ThongLoverOBX #18

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:04/04/2008 08:39:24Copy HTML

"eaglespy009: I am a 15 year old guy and I got into thonging about a year ago. I really enjoy thonging, but so far the only people that know about it are my parents. I'd love to be able to tell my friends about it, so I wouldnt have to hide it, but im not sure what their reactions would be. Does anyone have any ideas for how to break the ice and get a conversation going about thongs. A way that I might be able to tell them?"

I'm having a similar problem right now. I just got married to a woman who for the past few years has being giving me grief about wearing thongs to the beach. However, to my surprise she was very encouraging of my thong wearing on our honeymoon in Punta Cana. She mentioned to me that it would be fun to go on a trip with another couple, however I'm fairly certain that none of her friends would understand why a man would prefer to wear a thong. For me wearing thongs is simply a personal preference. Speedo's are uncomfortable and I can't stand board shorts (they always fall down or get in the way when bodyboarding). Thongs are comfortable and when doing water activities just makes sense (when they fit well). The only drawback is that a man wearing a thong is typically stereotyped as being "gay", and sometimes people will snicker or make rude comments. I'd like to vacation with some friends but know that they would probably have "exposure" issues. Unfortunately hailing from the prudish town of Greenville, SC that's just the way it is.
sarasotajt #19

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:04/05/2008 01:01:16Copy HTML

 I symphathise with you in Greenville. I used to live in Anderson. Occasionally I'd take the boat out on the lake by myself and get some sun in my thong. Once I got stalked by some creep in a pick-up truck driving around the county park. (I was in my boat just offshore.) Occasionally I'd thong at the lake parks up around Clemson - I don't recall ever seeing anyone else wearing one - though some of those Clemson coeds wore some pretty small bikinis.
My wife doesn't like me wearing them either. We wore them together on our honeymoon in Mexico but she hasn't worn one since. After childbirth I suppose there's good reason for that.

JM_Runs #20

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:04/05/2008 03:44:54Copy HTML

ThongLoverOBX, if your wife was encouraging with the thongs on honeymoon, you might want to see what she thinks about what you wear on a trip with friends.  She'd probably be ok with you in a speedo (you should be able to find one that's comfortable, even though you prefer thongs) and pack the thong anyway, you never know.    If one of the other wives comments favorably on your speedo your wife may say "you should see his thong!"    I wouldn't worry about the whole thong/speedo = gay perception, since obviously you're not.  (not that there's anything wrong with that lol)      As you get older in life you may find yourself wondering why you wasted so much of your youth worrying about what other people thought.  I know I do. 
ThongLoverOBX #21

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:04/08/2008 01:41:00Copy HTML

Hey guy... I was very shocked on the honeymoon. I was sunbathing in my thong when she mentioned she wanted to go into the water. I know she likes me to wear my board shorts when we frolic in the waves so I automatically reached for my shorts. Then she said, "You're not going to wear your thong in the water?" Well, hell yea! I was very surprised. As for thonging with friends I told her that I would feel bad if we went to the beach and I had to wear board shorts (what she calls "modest swimwear"). I just don't like them. As for a speedo, I think here along the Carolina beaches the same "gay" stereotype would exist so you might as well just wear the thong (I like your Seinfeld reference!). Even though I generally don't care about what people think about me wearing a thong, I'm still sensitive to the matter and show respect for other beach goers. I typically go to more isolated parts of the beach and if I see people coming to settle nearby will stand up and walk around to give them a "thong warning". Some people don't care however I have seen some families go to other spots. I think a mutual respect environment would be ideal (although difficult to come by). I only know of one of my wife's friends that probably wouldn't care about the thong. The others are somewhat prudish or have small children, and I'm sure her Bob Jones friends (unfortunately she went to school at BJU) would definately have a problem with "exposure". I guess we'll just see what unfolds.
7423080 #22

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:04/09/2008 02:44:13Copy HTML

i would not purposefully go to a pool party wearing a thong or gstring in front of a bunch of friends but if i were at a beach or hotel pool somewhere and ran into friends i would have on a thong or gstring and would not think a thing about it.  it is what i wear on vacation 100% of the time.  my neigbhor has a pool and i walk over there frequently and have never worn anything bigger than a thong.  he and she wear thongs and strings so why shouldn't i?  actually i usually wear a mesh print gstring.  once in a while, someone will stop by or come over while i am there and it dosen't bother me to have on a string.  i mean, what do i have to hide and what else am i going to do at that point in time.  simply wear what you want, in the proper setting...no young kids. if they are 16 or over...who cares.
Maxtlatl #23

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:04/09/2008 12:20:22Copy HTML

 "i mean, what do i have to hide and what else am i going to do at that point in time.  simply wear what you want, in the proper setting...no young kids. if they are 16 or over...who cares."

Statements like these drive me nuts. Why keep perpetuating a stupid myth? Just what is it about a bare bottom that is a problem for young kids? They've got one of their own that looks pretty much like yours or mine. There is absolutely no evidence that the sight of one causes any problems, one way or another, and if there really was something horribly debilitating, then native tribes (and humans) would have gone extinct long ago.

So, let's not unreasonably limit ourselves.
TheSilentOne #24

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:06/17/2008 12:55:35Copy HTML

Hello all, I never thought I would actually post something, so let me introduce myself. I'm 26 years old (27 in a few weeks), and I live at home with my parents. I'm also Indian (born and raised and lived in the US my whole life). I started getting into thongs when I was about 12. At the time of course, thongs for men were literally impossible to find at an normal department store. Frederick's of Hollywood was the only place I could find that had a wide selection of thongs for men. I still remember vividly going to the Frederick's at my local mall when I was 12 and 13. It really took some guts to walk in there that first time, let me tell you. The first time I went there and saw the wide selection of thongs for men, it was like I had hit the motherload. After that first time, I started going there on a regular basis in my early teens. I still have every thong I ever bought there. Now I've worn them around the house now and then when my parents were asleep, and I've occassionally worn them as underwear. But I've never worn them on a regular basis as underwear, and I've ALWAYS wanted to.

Now what you have to understand is this, I normally wear jeans around the house with no shirt, and my jeans are loose enough to sag slightly and expose the waistband of my underwear. No I don't like saggy pants, but it's the result of my body proportions, I have a dis-proportionately large lower body (made for thongs!), so I have to wear 31 waist jeans even though my waist is 30, otherwise they're too tight. So if I were to wear a thong under my jeans, it would be clearly evident to my parents, especially my mother, who always notices things like this. And then there's that bulge in the pants that most thongs make. Now, if any of you know anything about the Indian culture, it, like most other Asian cultures, is very conservative. That being said however, my mother is an operating room nurse, and in her 25+ years of doing it, she's seen more body parts, tattoos, and all the rest, than most other people. So there's little that will freak her out. If she found out I wore thongs, I'm sure she'd find it cute, after the initial surprise. She's commented before on my underwear and how she liked it (I normally wear a wide variety of boxer briefs and trunks). Now my dad, he's a mechanic by trade, as am I (like father like son as far as that goes). I really can't say how he'd react for sure, but I think he'd get over it eventually, after all the laughing subsided. But still, I'm too scared to reveal my secret, it would feel very uncomfortable and awkward. It totally goes against my nature, I'm a very low key kind of guy, and I always dress pretty bland, except when it comes to underwear. So what do you all think I should do? Should I just wait till my dad's not around, drop my pants in front of my mother, and say "mom I wear thongs, what do you think"? The shock and awe strategy, it's what I'm considering. I often jump into new things like that. Just get it done in one fell swoop. Of course then I'd stil have to worry about my dad. So please give me your suggestions on how to handle this.
JM_Runs #25

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:06/17/2008 03:24:09Copy HTML

You're old enough to do what you want, let the chips fall where they may.  If I were you, I'd wear the thongs under my jeans and let my mother catch sight of them.  If she comments, offer to drop your jeans and model them for her.  Sounds like you have a great rapport.  I can't speak to your parents' communications dynamics, but maybe you could enlist her help, if she's willing, to spread the word to your father.  Or just let him catch you shaving in the bathroom sometime in your underwear.  Does that sort of thing happen now?  Just be natural, it's really no big deal.  I remember when I lived in India some years ago (Peace Corps volunteer) noting some youths in thong-type underwear, in a train station, no less, so it shouldn't be anything new to them.  I know baggy boxers were common, even in public, like bathing at the village well.  These thong garments were very simple, probably very common, too, just a triangular piece of cotton with a string at each corner.  The two on top were tied behind the waist, and the bottom one drawn between the legs, up between the cheeks and tied to the waist.  Very practical, and I thought of making some up for myself, should probably have simply checked in the bazaar.  But all that was before I got into thongs big time, which started as g-string beachwear years ago.  Got to thank International Male for that, bless 'em.  Thik hai aur bahut achcha!   
dayne #26

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:06/18/2008 04:53:45Copy HTML

 Just wear them and eventually they will find out.  If you don't say anything, they probably won't either.
itanng #27

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:06/18/2008 06:09:55Copy HTML

Hey TheSilentOne.

I get the impression that you WANT your parents to know that you wear thongs.  I concur that is a good idea.  It takes away all the thoughts you have of "what will they do if they find out?".  Instead of "hiding", you can be "open".

If you've been wearing thongs since age 12, your mother probably already knows!

When the two of you are together, tell her since it's summer, you want to be more comfortable around the house and wear just your underwear.  Ask if that will offend her.  Since she probably knows you wear thongs, she may bring up the thongs. Even if she doesn't tell her you also plan to stop wearing boxer briefs and trunks and switch completely to thongs.  Ask if that change will offend her.  If appropriate, tell her you might be wearing your thong outside while you sunbathe.  Or you plan to get thong swimwear for the beach.  Whatever if good for you.

Mothers always support their sons; she's going to tell you its OK.

As long as your mother knows first, your father isn't going to give you a hard time past the first day, because your mother will "correct" any bad attitude problems he has.

tbck1000 #28

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:06/18/2008 10:04:33Copy HTML

 Why do you want your family to know?

As for your friends, just wait for them to find out naturally.   I went through the same sort of thing.  Most of my friends have never known, but over the years a few have "caught" me at the pool, beach, park, etc, in a thong or other skimpy swimwear.  Sometimes, it was awkward, sometimes it was fun (with girls!), sometimes not even acknowledged.  I'm sure the word has gotten out to friends who now know.
TheSilentOne #29

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:06/20/2008 03:10:41Copy HTML

Well, I finally did it! Today I wore my bright red cotton Frederick's of Hollywood thong under my usual pair of black jeans I wear around the house. Even with all the newer thongs in my collection today, this one is still my all time favorite, it is so comfortable and it looks awesome on me. The color is so vivid, it really stands out against my naturally tan skin. I figured if my mother was going to notice I started wearing thongs, this would be the one she couldn't miss, so I could just get the awkardness done with the first time. I wanted to get my mother alone, so if she said something I wouldn't be embarassed in front of my father. I was pacing back and forth upstairs for about an hour waiting for him to leave, and contemplating whether I should just take a deep breath and go downstairs anyway, where they both were. It didn't look like he was leaving anytime soon, so I finally did just that and went downstairs. I kind of whisked by them and headed for the garage, thinking oh man what have I gotten myself into. I was in the garage looking over a few things on my project car, and then pacing back and forth again for about 20 minutes trying to build up the courage to go back in. Finally I told myself, you've gotta do it, just go in there and see what happens.

So I went back in, still very nervous and uneasy. I kind of hid out of their view by walking around for a few minutes, then finally my father left. Suddenly I felt a lot more comfortable, but still uneasy. I was walking around and sat down and got up off the couch in front of where my mother was sitting a number of times, and my back was to her each time, with my jeans sagging enough to make it visible that I was wearing a thong. She didn't say anything about it, she just talked like she hadn't even noticed it. I found this very surprising, because as I said, she always notices and comments on things like this. Finally, to make absolutely sure that she noticed, I stood right in front of her, off to the side, as we were watching tv. This is nothing out of the ordinary for me, as I stand around her like this often when watching tv. I stood like that for a few minutes, and she said nothing the whole time. I was fully expecting her to say something after standing in front of her, so I was actually a little apalled by this point that she said nothing about it. She got more clear views of my backside through the rest of the day, and still not a word. I'm almost a little disappointed now that she didn't seem to notice. On the plus side anyway, I've already started to become more easy going about wearing thongs around my mother at least. I feel somewhat liberated. I think it will be easier to be around my father now, since I've already tested the waters with my mother. Although there is still the issue of my sister. She lives in the next city, and visits every weekend. I actually can't wait for her to visit, because I know she will probably be shocked to find out. I would find her reaction very amusing, because she comes here often wearing very skimpy clothing that makes me a little uneasy. Now it's my turn to make her uneasy, hah!

So anyway, it seems that you all were right, it didn't turn out to be a big deal. SlidingG I must thank you, as your advice gave me the initial courage to go for it. It's amazing how you can do things like this when you have someone backing you up, even if it's over the internet. Thanks to all who responded, it just reinforced the fact that I should do it.
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Re:How to tell friends or family

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Congratulations, SilentOne, that's fantastic!  I'm really glad to have helped.  I can say I've benefited greatly from the examples and advice from other members of this board over time.  It's helped make me so much more comfortable wearing my thongs and strings without embarrassment most anywhere, in the locker room, on the beach, around my wife at home.  Your detailed description of what you went thru was fun to read and really struck a cord.  I'm sure we've all been there, I surely have, and I saw myself so much in your tale.  To move out of the closet and into the light of day is so refreshing and uplifting, knowing you can be honest and proud to be yourself without apology to anyone.  That's the kind of confidence that can carry you thru life, spilling over into all your endeavors.  May Lakshmi smile on you. 
Hey, let us know how it goes with your father and sister.  Pretty soon you'll be out sunning your buns in the backyard.  Who knows, maybe they'll join you!  By the way, how was my Hindi?  Did I get it right?  It's been 41 years since I left Meerut!  
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Re:How to tell friends or family

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Well, I've been around my father a number of times now, and he hasn't said anything either. So today I figured it was time to go for the kill. Earlier today, my father wasn't home, but my mother was. So I wore a very skimpy slim jim thong swimsuit I got off ebay around 2 years ago from a place called Xposure Swimwear. It is bright lime green with with a white flower print and tiny sparkling silver dots. It just barely covers the goods. So I appeared before her and said, "What do you think, does it look good?" It didn't startle her one bit, she just calmly said yes. She asked me if it was my workout wear, and I said no it's a swimsuit. So she said, "You're going swimming?", I said nah I'm just going out in the backyard to get a little sun. Even that got no reaction from her, she just calmly said ok again, and I went outside and got some sun for a few minutes. It was great being outside with the sun shining directly on my body. I live in a neighborhood that is on a slight slope, with mostly 2-story houses, and all the houses behind ours are built on a higher level, so even with the fence, some of them could see into our backyard. That's why I was so surprised that my mother had no reaction when I told her I was going outside in that little thong. I must say I am shocked that the whole event was no big deal to her. But now I am finally completely liberated, at least in my own house! It's a great feeling to know that I no longer have to hide it and can be totally open about it now.

To anyone contemplating revealing their thong wearing secret to friends or family, I hope you will find some inspiration in my example. I can't tell you how low key of a guy I've always been, and how huge a step this was for me. So as long as your family members are not some fundamentalist, looking-at-your-naked-body-in-the-mirror-is-a-sin people, I say don't put it off any longer. Friends, if they are true friends, will also have no problem accepting it. My problem is that I always over-analyze everything, especially something like this, thinking about all the possible reactions/consequences/fallout. To take that first step I did a few days ago in my last post, I just stopped thinking altogether and just went for it. Don't think, just do it, and you'll feel so liberated.

SlidingG, I was hoping you wouldn't notice that I hadn't commented on your Hindi. I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but I know very little Hindi. I do however, speak decent Malayalam, which is my parents' native language. They come from a state called Kerala, a narrow strip of land at the southern tip of India, all along the Arabian Sea. Beaches abound. Hmm you know come to think of it, with that background, maybe thong wearing is in my genes! I may be biased, but I think it's the best state in India. Have you by any chance been there? Regarding your statement about Lakshmi, my family is actually not Hindu, but Catholic. I am a practicing Catholic, actually even an usher at my church. Need I say more about conservatism and my low key nature?! Thonging is a way for me to get my kicks while still keeping to my faith, although I might be in kind of a gray area here as far as public thonging goes. But I believe sometimes it's good to push the limits/bend the rules a little in life. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs, never been a womanizer, and I am celibate, mostly by choice. That's why I'm really looking forward to the next step, thonging at the beach. If I can get some nice comments from women, that's all I want, good clean fun without getting into trouble. Whew this post has gotten a little long, anyway I hope my story and example will encourage others to do what I did. Oh and my sister is stopping by tomorrow, I'm gonna get such a kick out of this. I think I'm gonna wear a g-string under my jeans for maximum shock value. I'm sure her reaction will be priceless, I'll let you know how it goes.
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Re:How to tell friends or family

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 Glad to hear it worked out for you. I personally do not see the need to tell family myself... but my situation was different. When I lived home I wore thongs but most of my time was spent with my ex girlfriend so it was never too much of an issue. Then when I moved out I always had my own privacy anyways so I could thong whenever I wanted ;)  Being on my own I never felt the need to tell my family about my preference, although a good friend knows and doesn't care.

Let us know if they say anything about it... but it sounds like they choose not to bring the issue up :p
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Re:How to tell friends or family

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SilentOne, I'm amazed to realize how much of myself I see in your description of yourself, even our styles of writing.  You're very lucid and your thoughts flow beautifully, giving a sense of where you're going and, sure enough, that's just where we arrive.  It's a pleasure to read your posts.  I, too, am low key, fairly conservative (believe it or not!), and tend to over-analyze things. 

The majority of people in Kerala are educated, Christian, Communist and rioting!  That was our joke back in the mid-sixties, though I understand things have calmed down a lot.  Your faith is right in line with that, so no surprise.  Kerala is a very special place, really great to visit.  Boating the backwater canals past tropical villages was fascinating, as was Cochin, with its Jew Town remnants of migrants who came at King Solomon's time.  The Trivandrum zoo was outstanding, as was Kovalam Beach.  I wasn't into thongs then, but I'd surely wear them there now.  The people are so gracious that I'm sure there would be no problem.  Though it is south of Kerala's bounds in Madras (whoops, Tamil Nadu), Cape Comorin at sunset was the most beautiful place I've ever been.  Smoke from cooking fires wafted up thru the palms in the fishing village down below, where the fishing boats were drawn up on the beach for the night.  As the sun set over the Indian Ocean, I was mesmerized.

I currently work with a number of bright, young Indian chaps at my company, IT consultants, and they're handsome, too.  Real go-getters, a pleasure to work with.  My Hindi fell flat on Jis James' ears -- his mother tongue is Malayalam, which I had learned none of.  His English is flawless, of course.  Though we haven't discussed it, I assume he is Christian. 

I admire your strong set of values and dedication to clean living.  I hear where you're coming from with this 'gray area', getting your kicks by wearing your thongs out in public.  I hope you learn to color the area white.  Such urges are normal and natural and nothing to be ashamed of.  I used to harbor similar concerns, worried my behavior was base and low.  But this is part of being human, and there's nothing incompatible with satisfying visceral pleasures with living a decent, honorable life.  Employ fair guidelines, such as dress appropriate to the location, respect other people's space, be responsible in your behavior, then go sun your buns, go skinny dipping, even go run a race naked, you're okay, you're celebrating life!  You're doing so responsibly, and I've got to believe God is smiling down.  After all, he made us naked, it's our natural state.  If instead your goal is to shock and offend, and it's needed to get your kicks, then that's not gray, it's black! 

Your mom sounds like a real cool lady, and seems to have her head on straight about what really matters.  Her son wears a tiny thong out sunning in the backyard?  So what?  He comes home drunk at 3 am after crashing the car and injuring his girlfriend?  "Well, son, I think we need to talk."  I think she knows you get a thrill there sunning your buns.  And she's glad you're living a little, loosening up.  She also hopes you'll find a nice girl to settle down with.  At the beach while thonging?  Heck, why not?  When the urge comes to go roll in the hay, you'll know what is right for you, how to apply your values.  

Meanwhile, you've had a great start to thonging openly and honestly.  I admire your guts in boldly modelling for your mom.  Your comfort will grow huge over time, and you'll hit the beach with nary a care about some gray area, because you'll be dressed decently and acting decently, according to your new understanding of decency.  Your 'kicks' may turn into a natural sensation of freedom and liberation, just a pleasure at being alive.  Mine is a more extreme example, but that's what I found when I ran Bay to Breakers 12k roadrace naked.  This was to be my streaking adventure, something 'to get my rocks off', as they say.  Liberal San Francisco community standards and a friendly crowd eased my 'shock and offend' concerns -- I'm a nice guy, I don't want to do that -- so it was just the intense thrill of being naked in public that I expected to feel, sort of a mild sexual gratification.  It didn't work out that way.  There was nothing sexual -- that has its proper place elsewhere with loved ones -- but rather intense sensuality, feelings I'm sure God intends us to enjoy.  I felt an overwhelming exhilaration, a sense of freedom and liberation, a gut celebration at being alive.  All this while pursuing athletic excellence in a world-class race.  It blew my mind!  It was the same natural feeling of openness, though much more intense, that I regularly feel everytime I step out onto our patio in my g-string to work on my overall tan, or drop my shorts at the beach, doing the same.  It's just natural and pleasant, no 'kicks' anymore.  I like that, because I feel 'clean'.  Thonging at the beach and enjoying it immensely can be fully consistent with your strong moral values.  You control your motivations and how you conduct yourself.  If doing it 'to get your rocks off' is abhorrent, you can still do it to celebrate life! 

One thing I would add, something that's helped me along on my journey, has been my realization that the human body is a God-given work of art, to be admired and celebrated.  I think that's why I can admire beautiful bikini- or thong-clad women on the beach and not feel lust in my heart -- it's art appreciation.  Same for the guys, whatever they're wearing.  If they've taken God's gift and worked hard to make it look good, I can admire them in the same way.  I work hard to stay fit and look good myself, and I think it is this art-oriented attitude that allows me to enjoy my day at the beach in a g-string and not worry that I'm offending people.  Add an air of confidence and just acting normal, and people treat me fine. 

SilentOne, I just reread JM's post at the top of this thread, dated 5/14/2005.  He makes so much sense.  He said:  "What ever you do make sure they understand your use of thongs is to impress girls, because they think thongs on guys are hot, not because you are some how weirdly into thongs."  Let's face it, you were weirdly into thongs.  Now you've broken free, thanks to your open-minded family.  You may or may not have an interest in impressing the young ladies (though your statement, "If I can get some nice comments from women, that's all I want, good clean fun without getting into trouble", suggests you are!), but you're in a position to gain so much more healthy an outlook on life, an opportunity I hope you embrace.  Enjoy!   
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Re:How to tell friends or family

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 You wore them, your family found out, and they didn't say anything.  Glad it worked out well for you!
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Re:How to tell friends or family

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    Congrats silentone, way to go! I still don't know if my parents know about my thonging but I am fairly certain they know about the "speedos". I still get concerned about what my parents or my brother would think if they found out, pretty silly for a guy of 36 w/wife and 2 kids. My mother in law knows I wear them because she was helping my wife fold laundry one day a long time ago and noted a different looking undergarment with male specs. My wife related the puzzled look on her face for half of a second and then she went on folding the clothes , not a word was said.     Kerala's state motto is "God's own country".Indeed it is. I am originally from Andhra Pradesha(another state in the south of India)but I went to medical school in the city of Bangalore. During my studies we made several trips to Kerala, mainly for boogie boarding at Kovalam.It is truly my favorite place in India. I have worn a thong there w/o hassle. Haven't been there in 10 years but I don't think it would be much of a problem now either.      Sliding, although my Hindi leaves something to be desired; yours appears to be spot on.
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Re:How to tell friends or family

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Pkthong, great to hear about Kovalam.  Wish I'd been into swim thongs back then, but speedos were about all I could handle at the time.  Still, that was progress for a guy who, as a kid, was embarrassed if his belly button showed above his swim trunks. I think I've come a long way!  Talking about thongs -- what the farmers wear, or at least wore 40 years ago, in Goa is pretty audacious, just a handerchief draped over strings around their waists.  That really tickled my fancy, and I wanted to try it.  Of course, what excuse could I drag out to justify it!  The men, and especially the women, were much more circumspect in UP, where I worked with poultry farmers.  AP was a great place to visit, too.  On a trip back to the sub-continent six years after my Peace Corps days, I went trekking in Nepal, then met up with my father and sister in Kathmandu, and we set off on a five weeks tour all around India, visiting many family friends along the way that we'd gotten to know in various ways over the years.  We enjoyed our stay in Hyderabad, guests of an old Mughal family.  Nowadays, I'm trying to convince my wife how great a trip to India would be, no doubt one of those fancy jaunts around the golden triangle.  Your and SilentOne's posts make me want to add a side trip to Goa and Kerala, too.  I'd sure be packing my thongs.  Yeh bardi sundar hain.      
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Re:How to tell friends or family

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 I recently took a trip to the Outer Banks (Duck, specifically) with my wife and a group of friends and I wanted to share with the board the discussions leading up to the trip and what I finally ended up doing.

The friends were mostly people that my wife works with (a mix of guys and girls).  Her best friend who lives out of state also came along for the trip.  The latter woman knows that I wear thongs and approves of it. I have been to the beach once before with her and my wife and she had no objections whatsoever.  We are pretty open with her about all things which is great.

The work friends, on the other hand, are very gossipy, and more socially conservative. The concern raised by my wife, which I recognize, is that they would take the story of my thonging back to the office and share it with anyone and everyone.  She was uncomfortable with this so we ultimately decided to settle on me wearing squarecuts for the trip. I chose the Speedo Shoreline Square leg suit, in black and navy.

The first time the friends saw me in the Speedo was at the pool that came with the rental house.  There were definitely some eyebrows raised amongst the group, but nobody said anything.  We ended up enjoying the week, split between the pool and the beach, and I wore the squarecut suits the entire time, including back and forth to the beach, in the house, in the hot tub, etc.  They are pretty tight so you could definitely see the outline of my package when the suits were wet.

Since we got back, there hasn't been any gossip to my knowledge, although that doesn't mean it hasn't occurred.  I guess all in all it was a fine trip, but a little sad that I had to hold back on the thong front.  Perhaps next year I'll try for a skimpy bikini as the next step.

One positive story to share. One day we were sitting on the beach - my wife, her best friend, and myself.  We had were discussing the thong issue and my wife's friend mentioned that she had a desire to go topless, and was frustrated with the same limitations that I was encountering.  I mentioned I had read about Ocracoke and that it seemed like a pretty open place to go.  She suggested we take a day trip.  I hadn't even considered this (how do you ditch the friends?), but we ended up just saying we were taking a "road trip" and managed to get away for a glorious day on Ocracoke (you can read about it on the Ocracoke thread).  That was really awesome.  Need to find more friends like her.
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Re:How to tell friends or family

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I went through this a year ago when my family and I took a trip to Key west and chartered a sail boat that we took to the islands west of KW...Dry Tortugas, etc..  My mother was the only one who didnt go so it was my dad, two younger brothers and younger sister.  I wore a speedo the entire time, or square cuts, which is nothing out of the ordinary due to the fact that we all swam competively growing up.  My issue was introducing them to the thong...with me in it. 

There are actually several stories from this trip that I'd like share on this board but I'll limit this one to the introduction of my family to me wearing a thong.  This was about 5 days into the voyage and we'd anchored at Marqueasas Key, in between Tortugas and KW, which has a very nice beach.  We had been there one night and the following day spent time exploring the area.  Around lunch we went back to the boat for lunch.  Afterward, I took the windsurfer back to the beach (away from the fam) with intentions of laying out thong clad.  However, my youngest brother was going take the dinghy and catch up with me later.  I'd been laying out for about 30 minutes when he pulled up and I put my speedo on over my thong and went and met him and took him around to wear I had set up.  We were talking and, I cant remember exactly how I said it but, I think it was something like, "well I'm wearing a thong out here," and pulled the speedo off and laid down.  This was not really THAT big of a deal because my youngest brother and I are close and generally can openly discuss most anything...so he didnt care.  After all we were in the middle of no where. 

Later, he went back to the boat and to get something and my dad came back with him.  And this was what was going to be tricky...but I did pull it off.  When they got back I put my speedo back on and we decided to try and explore a little more of the island.  My dad and brother took the dinghy and I took the windsurfer.  But before we set off, we were talking about how secluded the area was and I mention that we could go naked and no one would be the wiser. To my shock my dad says, "well, yeah, thats what I would do."  So I see this as a sign that my thong will be easily recepted.  Since they started off ahead of me, I pull off the speedo throw it down with my stuff and take off behind them with nothing on but my thong and no "extra clothing" in hand.  Now THAT was liberating!  No abiltiy to cover up.  No recourse if we should run into some other folks. And now at least two members of my family know about me wearing a thong.  

I spent the rest of the day wearing a thong and walking up and down the beach and all around the island with my dad and younger brother.  It was while were doing this that I acquired my first thong tanline.  The next couple of days I took every opportunity to wear it, now that it was known.  The primary restraint was on the boat, mainly because my sister...my dad didnt want me to wear it around her and since the boat is closer quarters..I could understand.  But I wore it around my other brother as well and no one seemed to care at all.  In fact, my youngest brother said to me later, "you know I was watching you walk around on the beach wearing it and I thought, 'yeah I could wear one of those.'"   I told him having the fabric between your cheeks not nearly as bad as you may think...in fact it is a great sense of freedom. 
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Re:How to tell friends or family

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 Sonic-Why do you want to confess? What business of theirs is it? If you are of age, you should wear (or not wear)whatever you decide to wear. Do you have some great guilt feeling for some reason?
stanpuppy #40

Re:How to tell friends or family

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It is not a topic of normal conversation for me.  Why would i tell anybody anything about my underwear or swimsuit preferences?
JM_Runs #41

Re:How to tell friends or family

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 I'm with stanpuppy as well.  It's just underwear for me, and it hasn't come up in conversation in any circle of my friends.  If someone else finds out for some reason, it's fine.  I wear thong underwear, no big deal.  I guess under some circumstances, swimwear in public could provide more of an issue though.
JM_Runs #42

Re:How to tell friends or family

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Regarding thong underwear, I agree with Stanpuppy and Artromantic, there's little reason to discuss one's choice -- just do it and let folks learn of it naturally
Shyguava #43

Re:How to tell friends or family

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Its a bit like my wife. I only found out 3 month ago she is a willing beach thong lady. As I didnt ask. She didnt think it necessary to advertise the fact till i did. Thats even after I told her I like such costumes for myself. So with family or friends unless they open the topic (which usually means you are safe to break the ice without getting struck off the Will lol in the more puritan cases) or you really want to test the water then just keep going the way you are. Its obviously a bit harder if you live with mum at home. Mums know all the hiding places (once found a male bikini left at the pool as a teen and thought if fit so nice and snug but was a bit shy to show that though I wore it at quiet beaches near my country town). But mum found it and I was like "oh....its good for school camps...as you can wash it unlike regular underwear and wear again and again without changing...honest...thats why i kept it" (Eesh!)
JM_Runs #44

Re:How to tell friends or family

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your bikini story reminds me of the time my mom found my tiny new black bikini drying on the outdoor clothes line.  She first thought it must be my little nephew's, But no, she was told.  So I had to own up.  My 'cover' was more sound, and actually very true.  This was back in the days when short, reversible trunks were somewhat popular, and I felt daring to wear one.  Most guys wore jocks under them (no liner, of course), but I was too shy to even own a jock.  Somehow I'd learned about Parr of Arizona, had their catalog, and ordered (very discreetly, in a plain, brown wrapper) a black bikini to wear under it instead.  It was a delicious, vicarious pleasure to wear such a suit, albeit covered up by the black/green plaid reversible suit. 
dayne #45

Re:How to tell friends or family

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This reminds me of years ago when I was at my parent's house cleaning their pool.  I had pair of shorts on with a speedo under it when I got there.  To clean the pool I took the shorts off.  I guess that was the first time they saw what I wore to swim in since I had returned from college for the summer.  (I had started wearing speedos almost exclusively while there.)  My Uncle and Aunt called to say they were coming over.  My Mom asked me if I'd put my shorts on before they got there. She thought the speedo was a bit much.  I said I thought I'd be done with the pool by the time they arrived.  I needed to get going anyway and I'd have the jean shorts on by then..  As it turned out they got there sooner than I expected.  They saw me in the speedo.  The subject of what I wore out by the pool when I was over there was never brought up again.
Shyguava #46

Re:How to tell friends or family

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SlidingG. It was true that swim bikini's are better than regular cotton undies for travelling in. When on camp or holidays who wants bags of washing that never get washed till you are crying for some clean underwear. But swimmers be it bikini or thongs just wear under the shower or clean with shampoo and dry in minutes are great. But I was about 14 at that time. Damn woman, she was just to thorough at cleaning. I used to hide this by taking out the lower clothes drawer, wrapping in a paper bag and replacing the drawer. Works great if you mum doesnt pull all the drawer all the way out once every 12 months to get at the dust that builds up in odd corners. Of course I was a bit slack in not moving the bag too but when Spring cleaning is fast forwarded to mid Winter (our winters are really like 20C) then its to be expected.
JM_Runs #47

Re:How to tell friends or family

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I save tired old stretched-out speedos for use on trips, as underwear and/or swimwear, then throw them out along the way.  Easier to do with old favorites on the road than at home!  My wife does the same with her old underwear, and it frees up space for all those new purchases.    
JM_Runs #48

Re:How to tell friends or family

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  Since I just wear rag thongs, I can just use them and throw away at will. Most of my friends or family that see them when doing laundry or such, think that i am too poor or embarrased to buy underwear, and I end up getting all kinds of "presents' of undershorts, boxers, etc. If anyone ever cares enough to ask, I tell the the benefits; support, ease of movement, and if they take issue, i ask them what are they looking as my ass or privates anyway? Go pick up a National Geographic and call them...
paddyirishman #49

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Well, I suppose I am jumping the gun a little as I have not told my family or friends yet. The thing is I have been a part time thonger for over ten years. I secretly build up a collection and wear them as and when I wish. But I suppose it is always this secret and I do have a fear of what friends or family would say. Always at somepoint during the year I think, hey, this is ridiculas and I get rid of all of them. This has been the cycle for years and years and I know that it has to end. The fact is that I always regret binnig them and I start buying again because I like to wear them. I have had girlfriends that I wore them in front of and after the initial surprise (if any, I had a german girlfriend and she didn't bat and eyelid) they had no problem. I am fortunate to travel a lot and I have have worn them to many beaches but usually in the quiter areas. I have also thonged in Miami Beach and I just loved the freedom of it. But it always takes some bravery to go OK, shorts off and walk around but I never regret it. Well, to get back on track, it is the start of a new year and as always I look at the things I have done and what I would like to get done during the year. So I finally want to get this thing issue sorted out once and for all. I am in south america right now but I am planning a trip back to Miami and to get my thonging back in the open. I would really like any positive advice or comments that will help me make this year the start of my full time, out in the open, I wear thongs and like it and you can take your closed mindedness elsewhere, life. Thank you in advance for any comments.
As I normally live in europe I have to promote spain as a good destination but I personally avoid the tourist traps. Too many gawking holiday makers but the spanish and germans( lots of germans have homes on the coast) don't pay much attention to anybody.
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Re:How to tell friends or family

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In reply to PaddyIrishMan,   Likking thongs is not ridicules, but getting rid of all of them and then buying them again is.

You have managed to wear them in front of girlfriends and found no negative repercussions after the initial surprise, "if any".

You have worn them on quiet beaches and Maim Beach (far from quiet) and "loved the freedom" and "never regretted it".

It's not like you are secretly a closet gay, wearing a thong does not make you gay, (just ask one of your girlfriends), it just makes you brave and liberated.

I think it sounds like you don't currently have a girlfriend and need a new girlfriend for the new year.  Someone with whom you can plan a summer holiday, going somewhere quiet and laid back so you can both thong in the summer sunshine. 

Tell your fiends and co-workers that you are looking for a liberated women to spend time with you at a nudist resort this summer.  None of your fiends or co-workers are going to question a man looking for such a liberated women, and you never know, they may set you up with someone sutable.
Wanting to be running round with nude nubile women in the costa de sol is a very red blood male thing to do and no one is going to look down on you for such an abition. Once they have it in their mind that you are off to the nude beaches of Spain they will not blink if they hear that you were spotted in a thong.

Good luck, keep thonging, but for god skake give your self a break and stop throwing them out just because you have a panic attack.

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